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Kawaii Art for Beginners: Basic Shapes & Expressions

teacher avatar Patrizia Diana, Pro Weirdo

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Find Your Own Kind of Cute


    • 3.

      Expressions Are Everything (+ Exercise)


    • 4.

      What About the Body?


    • 5.

      Coloring is Not a Big Deal


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      Basic Shapes are the Best


    • 7.

      Your Turn!


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About This Class

This class is about Kawaii Art from the very beginning so we’re going to start by analyzing basic shapes and expressions. The purpose of this class is to teach you the basics and guide you to find your own style.

At the end of this class you will know how to draw cute stuff by:

  • using simple shapes;
  • experimenting with expressions;
  • coloring flat.

The class will prepare you to do a very simple project: draw at least 3 things from your own imagination or by copying the ones I drew in the class. 

The class is made for beginners but everyone is very welcome and I hope you enjoy it!

Please if you’d like, share your project in the project gallery and follow me for the next lessons about kawaii art! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Patrizia Diana

Pro Weirdo


Hello everyone!

I’m Patrizia and I’m an illustrator and a bullet journalist! 

I was going through an awful moment in my life and I’ve found shelter in the creative process. 

In three years I’ve became a stickers designer and I’m now working hard to extend my field to design. I love animals and kawaii art so everything I draw has the purpose to provoke cuteness overloads 🤪

I’ve always loved to teach and my purpose here is to entertain you and teach you what I’ve learned in the easiest way possible!

You can follow me on Instagram to be part of my loveliest community ;)



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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello. I am Patrizio. I'm an illustrator. And today I'm going to teach you how to draw cowboy stuff. So if you want to learn how to draw super cute stuff, you're definitely in the right place. This class will be the first step into Kowa Yard. Indeed, we're going to start with simple shapes and we're going to explore the most important part off. The Kawai are still the expressions. At the end of this class, you will know how to transform ordinary stuff into super cute stuff. My goal for this class is to teach you how to find your own style through exercises and a very simple project. This class is for everyone. So no pick winners keys are required. You just have to be curious and creative. 2. Find Your Own Kind of Cute: if you're not familiar with the term Cowie is a job on them. That means cute. If you still have no idea off what I'm talking about. I'm going to tell you the most famous characters in Kawa er stuff. And I'm sure you will understand what I mean. They got you. Hello, Kitty. Real A coma, a great school and more. The reason why we like so much Kawai Arte, in my opinion, is that true? Kawai Artur, we embrace our inner child away. Arte doesn't have fixing rules as we may think. And by that I mean that every artist draw his characters We very different characteristics . So you can see big mouth time out, big eyes, tiny eyes or cheeks or no cheeks, nose or no nose. It all depends on our personal taste. That's why it's so important to practice and practice to find our own style that fits better with our soul. So now it's time to connect with our inner child because it's time to make them throw 3. Expressions Are Everything (+ Exercise): I told you that there are no fixed rules, but I can summarize our yard into concepts. The 1st 1 is keep it simple. The second is expressions are everything. So now keeping it a simple assed possible. We're going to explore the expressions area because it's so important in Calais, Artur. Indeed, we tend to focus more on the face than the old body instructor. I'm going to show you what are my favorite expressions. I've made a template, and we're going to analyze it together. So we understand the important us off the expressions in Kawai art just to give you a quick view on my favorite expressions. I've put together all the Hawaii faces or expressions that I like the most, and they are. So as you can see, I really like to keep my eyes simple. So they're just black and ovals. If you're familiar with the Internet off course, you recognize easily this kind of expressions because we can see them almost everywhere and on our phones as well. Also, I really like to keep it simple without drawing the nose, and I usually add the cheeks Onley if I have to accent Wait an expression or a feeling or emotion. I add the cheeks like this. And sometimes I also add three lies like this, so it looks a little bit shy or like it brushes up. What about the mouths? I really like to experiment with mouths, but I can say that when I was a beginner, I really didn't do that. So I really kept it simple. And now we're going to see together out to find your own style and the expressions you like the most. Now that I've shown you my style, it's time for the first exercise. Super simple. I promise. All we need is a paper sheet and the Pacey orphan. All you have to do is to draw as many circles as you want and the experience with different elements. Off course, we are going to do this together. So I've made this template for you. So now you can pose the video and copy them, or you can go go Kawai expressions and experiment with the ones you feel more connected to that are tones of emotions, So feel free to take all the time. You need to find the expressions that make your learning process is enjoyable as possible. My suggestion is to experiment until we find the perfect match and then use always that combination off elements. So now what? I'm taking my template for practicing with you and I made also my circles and I'm going to show you There are some characteristics that we see in every caraway character. And by that I mean proportions proportions in Kabul Yard is everything. A typical realistic proportion will be like this. Now we transform the elements I have here into Kawai elements. So I take the eyes and I transformed them in my typical go away eyes. I want to keep the nose just to show you the example in a better way. So, for example, I may use good nose like this and the mouth like this. Okay, As you can see, if we use human typical proportions, we have something like really weird. So we're going to put this elements into typical Cowie proportions. That means the eyes off course. In this case, we have a big distance between these eyes. But we know that we are old different, so we may have eyes closer like this. Okay. Like this in Hawaii. the eyes are always really the stent. So, like this, I highly recommend to put the mouth first. So in car y e, we have mouth usually in the middle off our figure our face. And then I can put the nose here. And this is definitely more Kawai. Okay, Off course, This is not a rule, but it's something we all do. So off course, you may put them out a little bit. Upper year. Andi, have something like this Put in the nose also like this. Okay, off course. It's all about practicing and find your own way to do your Kawai characters and objects and etcetera. So after analyzing the proportions, we can go to the exercise already to do with this exercise. It's to experiment with expression. So is Italy. Before you can use my template, this one or you can go go for Kawai expressions and find the elements you like the most. I'm going to show you how to do this exercise. You choose the expressions you like the most, and I really like right now, this one Very simple. Ok, be face. Okay. So I'm going to go our off mike over zone for you now, and I'm going to experiment with you with other kind off elements. So, for example, we know that our shoe death ovals, but I want to change a little bit. So I'm going to try this kind of ice like this, Always keeping the proportions and making something like this just change a little bit and the same mouth like this. Okay, I'm going to choose another face like this one, and I'm going to put the elements in the right proportions like this. I haven't choose the perfect man for this. I take it a while, okay? And like this and maybe we may had eyelashes. It's a girl. She is surprised. And maybe we can add some cheeks right to you. I don't think she just so her favorite singer. So she's in a fun girl moment and keep going. I can choose something like and anymore. So, like this soon, keeping the proportion is like this. And if you don't have a white van to draw the eye lights on the eyes, you can drop a circle like this and cooler on around course. I'm making as fast as I can. So it's terrible But forgive me. I'm making it fast for you like this. And maybe he could be of their like this just by hiding a nose year and that we have our bear. So all you have to do now is to practicing as much as you can and try with these expressions. Find the ones you like the most. Find the elements you like the most. So if you like the animal eyes, typical Japanese eyes, it's totally fine. I just want you to know that away is is really simplified. So we usually use black eyes, black circle as eyes. But off course, you can find yourself better drawing man guys, for example. And that's totally fine. You just have to keep the proportions and keep it cute. Now that you know about proportions. And now that you may already have experimented with the expressions and elements and faces , we are ready to analyze the body structure 4. What About the Body?: Now we are able to analyze the you'll figure so, for example, let's take a bath because we are no bears, so it's easier to stay connected. And I show you many different ways to make this bear Kawai. The easiest way is to use just a few lines. For example, you still can use your circles and drove your animals or objects. For example. We want to draw our bare starting with a circle. So all we have to do is to draw the face a little bit higher. Then you did so far. So we need to set the face in this part because we will have the body here. So this is the middle right after the Mito set a line and you will have this kind off proportion. Now that we have these proportions, I'm going to show you how to draw your bath and let's start with the expression So we have the eyes right year. Okay, we set the mouth here. Okay. Like this and years? Yeah, legs. Or maybe they also could be hands like a bear without legs. Who cares? Over. But the ends year like this and we have our back Okay, so you can do almost everything like this for examples. There are brands that makes Kauai stuff using Onley a circle starting on Lee with her circles. So you won't be the 1st 1 I can assure you that. Then we can do an upgrade and still keep the few lines. And this is my suggestion is to draw body like this legs Burnley! This is the spelling right here and face ride here. No hands here and now the face. I put the nose forced because I need to be to have the nose right in the centre off the oval. Here, the mouth like this. And if you do this, you can experiment a lot because you can may have our over eyes or the once you're using right now like this. And we may have a bear off course back this But you may have everything you I want maybe Boney here like this. Or maybe a square? No. Why not? Like this? It's so simple as you can see. So if you're able to do just a few lines, we have three lines. We have the body like this. We have barely very big badly and a novel for the face. You can draw almost every animal with starting with this shape off course we time in practice, you can experiment and find yourself drawing better with more lions. So maybe you will need a bear that I have face like this. You may want the longest body like this and may kill him a little bit Complice with more details like this baby, you can also draw animals more similar to reality. So maybe you may choose to draw a bear. Lewin thinks we different points of view. It all depends on what you want to draw. And it all depends on you on what you want to draw if you want to keep it simple or if you want to make it complex and make it more similar to reality. So I'm not going to talk with you today about bodies in a specific way. I'm going to do that in the other videos that will be available next when I will analyse single categories off animals. But I think that this kind of structure it's really easy and perfect for beginners, and you just have to have fun and draw whatever you want secret time. The most is rounded, the most is cute. Don't be afraid to make your subjects as around. It's possible. Indeed, many Cowie artists love to make the characters as rounded. It's possible, and I'm one of them, for sure. 5. Coloring is Not a Big Deal: mostly the Kawai characters or subjects in general are painted flat, and that means without lights and shadows. And that's what I suggest you to do if you're a beginner. In fact, if you're a beginner, you really don't need great cola. Risky us. And if you're drawing digitally or your coloring with pencils, pens, watercolors, the worry, you can totally stay with flat painting technique. There are many artists that really don't care about having complex coloring skills in their drawings. In case you're not a beginner, I recommend to use just a few. I liked points and just a little bit of shadow. But don't worry, it's not a big deal. Quick tip. Never use strong and dark colors because what you are. He is most known for the past in colors, and I love using bright colors. But I really don't use dark colors except if I have to draw the mentors 6. Basic Shapes are the Best: We all know the basic shapes like triangles, squares, circles and I want to start with them. So let's drop the basic shapes like triangle this a square and a circle. Okay, As I told you before, the more is rounded, the better. So does what I mean when I say around it like this, okay, And like this, it really don't have to be perfect. It's not something possible in Kuwait, after perfectionism and cowboy art are exactly not friends. Now that we understood what I mean with rounded shapes, we take a category like, for example, I can think about through its and, uh, for example, we may use the technique we previously learned and draw oranges like this and maybe Harding the expressions we saw together like this. Or we can upgrade and using other basic shapes to draw through its. So, for example, we may use the triangle around the triangle to draw a strawberry because we have something like this. Okay, And we make this we add in the face I can tell you a quick T Boone. I usually draw over eyes with the human characters, and I drove circle eyes with objects and Pruitt's at seven. So with humans and animals, I usually draw the oval eyes and circle eyes with the rest off stuff in the world. Okay, We have a very happy strawberry like this and is a busy. Let's take another example. We may draw an apple starting from a circle like this, and then I show you with another man. Do something like this, okay? And like this and we have our April and we, uh, a face. Okay, so let's take another example. We may take pineapple and draw a no involved as round as possible. So it's a bit chunky and throw something like this. Okay, I really understood that this burn is not the best, but I have We make a very happy by enable. And maybe with another caller, we can just add soem details like this. And we have our pineapple. Now, I want to show you that by mixing these simple shapes, we can draw almost everything. So, for example, let's take something that we all really love. Let's take ice cream that basically this is, um okay, this is a regular ice cream. Okay? And it's made by a triangle plus circle So we take them around it like this, and we have off course the most. You make it short, the most flukes. Karawaci have some details, and it's done. So now it's time for the next step. So the coloring part and I'm going to prove you that it's really OK if you keep it flat. And, for example, let's take our strawberry, our happy strawberry here and by using pencils because they are really easy to use. I think all of us have been seals. I'm going to color this strawberry and this is the first layer. Now I go for a second layer. This is my very secret technique that now is not so secret anymore because you all heart seeing it on. I make this part a little bit darker. Think that thinking that the light comes from here. So here is the shadow and first layer green. Off course you can just call, or all the same, I'm just making here quickly to show you the result, and we now have to add details. So, for example, can do something like this if you don't have a white bun, don't worry, it's not an essential Let's try another thing we have learned together. So, for example, our bear what do you make a polar bear like this? I want to show you that there's really no need to have extreme cornering skills. So you really can do this by having just two colored conceals. It's not really a big deal off course in mine. Extra videos. I'm going to show you how I colder my cock this because I used mostly what Color and Ben Seals. But I also draw a lot for war digitally, so I really want to show you many different ways to draw. No, just cowboy stuff because Hawaii art. It's like a stallion. My sty. It's really Kuwaiti, but not everything. I drove ISC away so I can teach you many different thanks. As you can see, with just two colors the pink on this grey, it's Ah, warm, agree and ah, white bun. I've made a funny back really so quickly. Choose a subject draw, using simple shapes colored them flat and the work is done. The extra step is adding details, and that's all 7. Your Turn!: Now it's your turn to draw something really cute. As project, I want you to draw at least three elements. You can choose between food subjects on through its whatever you want. You can also just Akopian the ones I've shown you. All you have to do is to follow my guidelines briefly. Use a simple shapes and make them around it. Have fun with expressions and color. Flatter but off course. Feel free to add highlights and shadows if you want. If you're good with that, it's totally fine off course. You don't have to do treat elements you can do just a big one or 10. It's really not a big deal. I just want you to practice because practicing is really important when we practice right the moment after we learned something, you I really would love to see your projects. So if you don't mind and you'd like to share place, post your projects in the project. The gallery and also I'm always here toe answer to your questions or having small talk. That's not a problem. A talk and you can find me also on Instagram as life in a job I opposed. Come way tutorials, so you can also practice with them and contact me there. If you feel better, do we need there? 8. Conclusion: So we've seen together out to draw away stuff in the easiest way possible. By becoming confident with expressions and by keeping the figures and coloring as simple as possible. I totally and grabbed you to do the project and the practice as much as you can. I really hope you enjoy this class and that you will have fun drawing away stuff. It will make me the happiest person in the world to know that even just one person has been inspired by me to draw away stuff. Stay tuned. For more videos about Cowboy Arte, I'll talk about animals, characters and more complex subjects. So if you're interested, follow me and wait for a date. I really hope to see you again and have a lovely day. Have fun with the new skills and by