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Jewelry Making: Let's make a Memory Wire Beaded Bracelet

teacher avatar Joleen Richards, Let's get creative

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Overview


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      Step 1: Cutting and Making the Hook


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      Step 2: Beading your Bracelet


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      Step 3: Adding your Charms


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      Finishing Touch


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About This Class

Add a touch of creativity to your day by making your very own memory beaded memory wire bracelet. I will break down the process step by step to help you start or counties creating your own handmade jewelry. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Joleen Richards

Let's get creative


I love making things from jewelry to home decor. I hope that you find joy in creating as well.

Common themes and influences reflected in my work include bright colors, reminiscent of my childhood in the beautiful St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and abstract Yin and Yang references. I believes experimental pieces are where discovery happens.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: I am Jolene from Julian Creations. Thank you for stopping by checking out this video. I am a jewelry designer and I make all source of jewelry. I'm still kind of finding my style in the world in the jewelry industry, but I'm getting there One of the things I really enjoy making our beaded jewelry. So a lot of times, if you ever check that my website or my instagram page, you will see that look, one of the other something beated. And today's class we will be talking more specifically about how I make my memory wire beaded bracelets, which is so simple, and it matches pretty much everything. It fits everyone. And it's a great gift for someone this burst that specifically is from my birthday box collection. So one of the new products I'm trying out this year is selling a birthday jewelry box. So we're going to get in debt and learn how to make this piece right here. But to show you how much I really like making beaded jewelry, I have a few here to show you have some hearings and more hearings and more hearings because I don't know something about beating jewelry I find so relaxing and it just he stresses you and you're just, like, focused on this one task. And it's just a great activities that I enjoy doing. If this sounds like something you are interested in, head to the next video. See you there. 2. Class Overview: so today's class will be focused on making our I'm making our beated Remember ey bracelet. The reason why I love making bracelets and memory wire is because anyone could wear them and it adjust to the size of your risk without putting in any extra work. You can put the bracelet on yourself, especially if you're a person like me who wakes up really late in the mornings and are like , and you have to rush out the door. I love memory y bracelet because it's a quick 123 and you're out the door. If you're like me and even if you're not and you have a hard time putting jewelry on by yourself, remember, your wire is a very simple and beautiful way to go. So this is one of the reasons why I selected this bracelet because it is so versatile, and once you make your 1st 1 you might not want to stop. So next we'll be going over the materials you will be needing for today's class 3. Materials: I'm so excited that you're taking this class next up our materials so the materials will be using for today's class are the's, so you'll definitely need of suppliers I have to hear one that also serves as a dual purpose. That's one cuts wire I have on extra one just in case. And I have these long nose pliers. These ones are very important for today's class because that's how we get the hook to be able to attach the charms and then to make the bracelet you off course need memory wire. You'll also need jump rings passing here. I have them in both gold silver in a darker silver, and I have an assortment of charms here. I'm not sure which ones I would like to use as yet for the video, but I have quite a few here that we're going to choose from now without any friend that I do. Let's jump right in to making our beaded and Mary Weir bracelet 4. Step 1: Cutting and Making the Hook: Now it is time to get started. So these are all the materials we will need to get started. As promised. We're making gold. So I have my strand of gold beads here. Okay, this front here is all the materials we need is the only thing missing are the terms and I'll be using thes two charms to go for a sweet bracelets. This right here, that's it. That's all the materials you will be needing to make one bracelet. So let's get started. Put these to the side. So the 1st 1st step, this is a leader on this is the last up. The first thing you need to do is measure out how much memory Ryan you would like to use. And once you've stunned that, going to do that right now. One loop, two loops, three loops. I think we'll go in the ring loops like about right here. So once you get there, get to get your players. You have to hold it at the spot you want to cut so you don't lose your mark. Um, you can also use a Sharpie marker to mark the spot. You take your pliers and you hold it and you cut. And then this is the piece will be working with so you can put the rest of it aside. The next step in this process is you will need your long nose pliers with this one. You're going to hold one end off the memory wire, and you're gonna be you're going to need some thumb strength for this one because you're going to grip the very edge and you're gonna make you're gonna use your thumb to push the wire around the pliers to create this hook. So it should be like this once you're finished. If that was a little too fast, just go back and take a look. So you're doing this motion with this hand and in using your thumb to press against the wire with your other, You with your other hand. So it's that takes a little bit of practice to get used to because wire, believe it or not, it works out your thumbs and your fingers. You just your fingers need a workout? Definitely do some wire work. So that is how I get the hook to get started. 5. Step 2: Beading your Bracelet: Now that you have your loop, it's time to go to the next step. And that is the actual beating off the bracelet, the bees. I'm using your thunder polished glass crystals so these air the bees I'll be using to beat this bracelet. The thing with beads. Oh, these are really fun. But as you can see, there are very easy to slip away. I just lost to Yes, So whenever you're taking them off the wire, you should have an enclosed container so they don't go flying everywhere. I usually do, but for the purposes of the videos, you could see what I'm doing. I'm just using a flat surface. Oops, almost lost another one. Now it's time for the most relaxing but longest part off making this bracelet. So for this section, I recommend putting on your favorite music and get beating, so it's very simple. You select the bead and you beat it. Select the bead and you beat it. Select the bead and beat. So you do this until the bracelet is completely full of beans. Sometimes when I get a little creative, I've just you know, I beat it this way. This way, it's a little bit faster, But just make sure you don't let remember why you slip out of your hands or all the bees go finding and you have to start all over again telling you from experience This has happened before. So here I am, finished with the beating. I usually leave. You need to leave some room at the end. So don't. So don't be all the wasted and leave a little bit of room you might find When you try to do this next part you need Teoh, take some beats off and that's okay. So once again, you are going to need your long nosed pliers. You're going to grip the end, and you're going to do the same thing in the beginning. But this time you have to be even more careful because one slip and all the beads go flying all over the place. It has happened to me late night as I'm working on a piece and nothing drives me crazier. So all the relaxing I've done in the actual beating processes now undone. So there I am, halfway through with the hook. So you just keep going until you have made a full loop just like that 6. Step 3: Adding your Charms: So now your beats are secured on the bracelet and you can be as crazy as you want because these bees are not going anywhere. And next step is I put away. I usually put away the attributes so I don't lose them. So we put these away, and last step is adding charms to your bracelet. So that's when you deaf you need the jump rings. So get those out here. We'll final steps you're going to need before jump rings. And you'll need both pliers to do this part, so you'll need soup Liars. First you pick, get one of your jump rings and you open it with the bold pliers like this. So you use one player to grip and the other one to open the jump. Re still. Here we are. And then at that here. So after you've opened your jump ring, you added to the circle on the bracelet and you add your first charm. And then with the bracelet, I mean, and with your pliers, you just close the jumper just like that. Look at this. It's shaping up to be cute already. Okay, Now, for our other one, we do to repeat the same stuff. So you grab your jump ring, get your other pliers. You open it slightly. You added, said a hunk on. Then you add other charm. One thing I recommend one doing so is making sure you have seen your first charm. So you make sure both charms are facing the same direction. So then we put our other charm on hoops. And then once again, you closed the jumping and look at that on. Here we are. It turns out we only used to jump brings for this video. But look at this. Your sweet bracelet, and then you just put it on. 7. Finishing Touch: And there you have it. You have a completed bracelet. Now it's time to show it off to your friends. However you would like. Or if you get really good, you can always gift a bracelet them Happy birthday. Isn't this just the perfect birthday gift? A gift? You can create a gift for someone you created for yourself you could created for anybody. And you had made this. This is your handmade ID bracelet. So now it's your turn. Teoh, give this project try.