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Italian recipes : all about ravioli fresh egg pasta filled with ricotta and spinach

teacher avatar AURORA MUTI, COOKANDINE, Cooking school in Milano,It

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      01 Introduction Ravioli


    • 2.

      02 Ingredients


    • 3.

      03 Pasta Dough


    • 4.

      04 roll up your dough


    • 5.

      05 filling and close the ravioli


    • 6.

      06 make the cheese sauce


    • 7.

      07 boil the pasta


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About This Class

Ciao from  Italy ! I am chef Aurora Muti owner of Cookandine, cooking school in Milano, Italy. I will teach a simple way to make fresh egg pasta ravioli. It is not difficult at all if you take the right flour and the correct proportion.  Then I will teach how to thinner the pasta dough with the manual pasta machine. If you do not have you can use a rolling pin and thinner your dough few millimeters tall. We fill the ravioli with ricotta and spinach and we will top with a simple and yummy cheese sauce


  •  Mixer to blend the filling
  •  Pastry bag ( you can use a teaspoon instead)
  •  Weel pasta cutter ( you can use a knife instead)
  •  Plastic bowl
  •  Fork, spoon, knife  and strainer
  •  One pan to boil the water and a saucepan to cook the cheese sauce; 
  •  Pasta machine ( you can use a rolling pin ) 

Some tips if you use the rolling pin instead of pasta machine:

  1. Use your hands to flat like a disk your pasta dough and spread on it one pinch of flour
  2. Roll your rolling pin all over the disk;
  3. every time after passing the rolling pin rotate your dough of half a turn so your dough will be thinner everywhere in the same way.
  4. Remember that in five minutes time your dough is going to dry so you have to be fast to thinner the pasta.

Meet Your Teacher

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COOKANDINE, Cooking school in Milano,It

Level: Beginner

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1. 01 Introduction Ravioli: tell. This is my daughter and the chef. Everybody, we're here. Teacher Recipes from region by region Because it equally everything changes in the range of a few miles. Rigidly board this certain different kind of fresh and passed today. I will teach you how to make really feel it were recorded in spirit. Just top it with cheese sauce anyway. It is possible to feeling with bounty made or fish or cheese. Fresh eggs past That is very super if you have the right flour and record proportion, so let's start this tasty experience. 2. 02 Ingredients: now they ended. Its are for the pastor. We will do to portion off Pastor when under grams are white flour. Mighty pope was flower one media size egg in a leg. For the feeling of our yard we need Look, this is great. This is war dry not my anger is full of flavor and we will great a good change in our feeling then So so 20 grand's off pecorino cheese because you is enough cheese like Parmesan and different from Parmesan is that Macarena is ship milk and Parmesan is counting . Sa pecorino is more sold. Then we're fresh cow milk. Ricotta cheese is 70 grams of comic ricotta cheese, 70 grands off speeches, these beaches. I boil it before and look, they I squeeze a very where with my hands you have to do with your hands. Squeeze very, very where no water in the feeling for the review or less very border. So your speeches drained and squeeze very well. And then we will top our of you only with the source off Gorgonzola cheese. If you don't find opens or a cheesy, you can use blue cheese or another cheese for a flavor that you like, and it's possible Toe met, and this is 30 grands off Gorgonzola cheese. And then we have filthy graphs off heavy creams, reduced heavy cream. I reduced this Harry Crane with a picture so that we have about, let's say, once pull off butter to melt the Google searches. That's it. 3. 03 Pasta Dough: Okay, now this starts to make fresh egg pasta so we think our egg and no leg. We work in a cup with our flower. I break my egg and now I work my egg with flour. Okay, try to collect all the flour is my egg is very important to work in a cap so the egg doesn't go around the table. OK, so the trick is working. Your this is too portion off faster. Okay. I have to work for a why. And then we work with my hands. Okay, Now I'm working on the table. My piece of dough. Okay. And it would be cumber. But if you work in your hand with the color off your hand Now the gloating off the flower starts to work with the weather side with the egg to make a nice smooth. The quite elastic dough, like played Oh, so know little things white. All the same color, yellow and the You have to work for few meals 4. 04 roll up your dough: Now what we have to do in this is a street off pastor. Really? Really think few millimeters told So to do this, I will use this the past, the machine where there are two rolling being working together to figure your pastor. And now I will show you how. First of all, we have to flex a bit our piece of dough like pizza. So I use a rolling bean. Yeah. Yeah, And then we can go through the past. The machine? Yeah, we're with nine number from zero till number nine. Every time I change, I pull and turn Changing number rolling being are getting closer and closer to getting thinner your past. So it is better if you start with numbers. You know, when it's so thick, who do you still have passed? Okay. Stats. The 1st 1 would be to be strong, I think. Okay. And then one and we go to seven times your numbers. Six to my soul. Okay, Now we do five. Do you see this is quite elastic and very nice. No, this is proportion in the last one is number six. Just a minute. Speech. Flower on the table. He's just a change not to match. Okay, this is number six is the last one. Okay, I put it down. I can work along. I put it down my pastor here and they take care of this new house. Be hello? That I stopped my self. And this is never okay. Now, before it's getting dry, we have to Philly and we're toe lease the feeling that you have to set the feeling. 5. 05 filling and close the ravioli: Now you do our feelings. We have to make some together in a successor. I take our speeches. You got that? Ah, good cheese. Hey, beat your soul. That would be to salt and now agreed. Well, dr not make if you will find these not make you can take a powder, not make a good pinch. Depends how much you like is very important that the feeling must be thick. No wet. And I think this is our feeling is really thick. Paste is no wet. Now we can use a second part to feeling so I put the Suffolk a portion of glass so doesn't come out. Then I feel my second Porsche this'll these easy with Glasco like these. Okay, we have enough with them how to use a second bush, would you? Down! Move this and I twist my second bush. And now we are ready to make ravioli do the ravioli. I think I must have in front of me my strip off faster. Then, first of all, I shaped the same goal, so I cut it with the corner. I got the where this is too much to toe something about latelys and then I take my second bush some water, you know, some water. And now you stay while finger. About what? Finger from the bottom and twists your second push and squeeze beat to feeling Europea Ali , I will show you Italian sides of the only one. I stayed there. When you use a capos, don't go around like this. Okay, stay there s on. You can go on to do a lot of ravioli to finish your strip of pastor When you finish to feeling with the second part, what you have to do is what your finger Just a bit Where the boto of you strip off, Pastor, Just the beads Matches like this in between the feeling halfway like these. Like this backpack that you can go. And then when you finish too wet, you can fold now to finger go around the feelings they close to the feeling with your finger and see very well take away the air and sea. Very well. Your of your this way. Thank you with Yeah, Thank you. Yeah, OK. Even though I cut Yeah, If it stick on the table, you can spread some flour. Who helped you to move away Now, look, this reveal is not is not good. You can shape bet like please. Okay, so this and this one is too big so they can weigh these. These okay. And this really already for the barley water to cook few minutes in the boiling water. Or you could take in a fridge for three days. 6. 06 make the cheese sauce: Now, let's do days. Cheese sauce for the ravioli in a little pan terracotta pain or more pain. Anyway, I leave to make the batter. Now the body is mounted and I had my goggles or cheese and they leave when they go. Guns are cheese is melted, do you think? Jesus, You cannot be too Piper, if you like, And then you can switch off the fire. And, uh, your cream with a golden goal is a strong flavour. So if you met with cream, we'd be less strong play. He's our source for their abuse. 7. 07 boil the pasta: Okay, Let me time. The water for the past is boiling where the water is born. We have to think about 1.5 liters of water. A brochure way. Wow! Full spoon of rock salt. Look, the rock salt is less salty than the thing. So people in the past the water at this one. Because with this, you can do mistake, have a little more, little less. There is no problem. So you are a passport. Look, sort even waters. And now I have my ravioli and they live to cook. How much you have to test. There is no rule toe for the past. This is fresh, a pastor. So a few meals will be ready. Okay, Now we put sums Bauer source cheese sauce in the English before to put the past this. And then I taste my of your and I. Dre has which off their water in that range. Really? This kind of pastor is better. Don't true down putting the in the drain there. Okay, but do like this other way is a bit dedicated. They were they feeling Come outside. That's no good. So you see, I'm dropping down on the waters. And then I put my ravioli here and that makes yeah really beautiful. No, really, we cannot. More source charities Our severely record by speeches follows tell from Aurora.