iPhone Photography - From basics to pro tips to make stunning content | Cristina Rodriguez | Skillshare

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iPhone Photography - From basics to pro tips to make stunning content

teacher avatar Cristina Rodriguez, Brand Identity Designer

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction - what you will learn


    • 2.

      What is photography


    • 3.

      Settings: Everything you need to do before starting


    • 4.

      Disadvantages iPhone photography


    • 5.

      Rule of thirds - when to follow it and how to break it


    • 6.

      Editing with lightroom - for free


    • 7.

      Class project


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About This Class

Welcome yo my first class here on Skillshare. 11 minutes - so far -packed with valuable information. 

In this class I cover some of the knowledge I gained through my years of experience using an iPhone as a camera for:

  • Social Media content (photography, boomerangs, loops, stop motion content...)
  • Digital advertising
  • Printed magazines (yes! you don't need an expensive gear to be published)
  • Influencer marketing
  • Small clips for advertising online

The class is divided in:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is photography
  3. Settings
  4. Disadvantages of using an iPhone
  5. Rule of thirds: when to follow it and how to break it
  6. Horizontal vS vertical shot
  7. Editing with lightroom
  8. Class project
  9. Wrap up and thank you

Consider taking this fun class if you are:

  • An absolute beginner to the iPhone camera and want to learn its basics. 
  • Developing your portfolio and improving your technics.
  • A professional who doesn't want to spend hundreds or even thousands dollars in expensive gears - without compromising the results.
  • For anybody really who is a passionate for photography

I hope you enjoy taking this class as much I had building it, please leave your honest review and after watching the full class. All feedback is welcome. Last but not least, let me know what would you like to see on the next class.

Wishing you all the best,

PS. In case you have further questions you can DM me on instagram @cristinabranding

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cristina Rodriguez

Brand Identity Designer


My name is Cristina, 

I am a brand identity designer and food photographer from Barcelona.  

Check out my classes and learn how to elevate your photography, correct light and colour and more to come. When you do, leave a review and tell me your thoughts on it & things you want to see on my Skillshare corner.

If you want to know me a bit more personal you can follow me on Instagram: @cristinabranding or visit my professional portfolio at Behance for business inquires. 



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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction - what you will learn: Hello, guys. Welcome to the iPhone Photography course. My name? Christina. Animal. Other things. I'm a professional photographer. I'm a marketing manager for one of the mayor hospitality brands in the world in a Montebrun identity designer and have four years experience on the foot. Or if you world here, you can see some of the pictures that I have taken with my iPhone. We have having to buy any expensive year or camera, no water. So you don't have an iPhone. However, these waas the sign this course was assigned to be used for on my own. This course is assigned for skilled photographers or beginners. You can develop your portfolio using the techniques they're gonna learn here. In last, but not least, you can create. You can learn how to create your own content for your business or your personal in the scores. You're gonna learn a lot of great techniques and a lot of tips in order. How to optimize the use of your former smartphone are create a better content, but dwarfing and better results. We're gonna start by putting the right settings to take the best for the way I think I know how to be a death in your photography, but also, we're gonna learn how to tell a story for your photo to create an emotional connection with 2. What is photography: let's start at the beginning. What he is. Photography photography is basically, technically is a representation off light seen through the lenses off the footwear for But let's begins. The story behind Shoot Matters is not what you're looking at is what you see. Everyone can click a bottom, but not everybody can tell a story worth sharing. There is thousands off beautiful landscapes, and it's never about the most perfect for trick. It's all about its context. Everything is allowed in photographic well, as long as it's legal. But you need to do the effort. You need to find a good story for sharing. You need to find love and passion without further ado, let's start. 3. Settings: Everything you need to do before starting: Okay. First we're gonna talk about our settings. Before taking any picture, you need to start with the right settings before taking off. Number one. Turn on the HDR. HDR stands for high dynamic range. Basically, what it does is to take multiple exposures on the same picture. It takes a dark image, a neutral image in a right image. This way shadows, metals and highlight are probably exposed. This will be helpful for why you need to edit your picture and led its colors on little more. Any other problem and wait Stone, you open settings you can five come on the search and then you turn on HDR next one, It's number two. We're gonna turn on the great This is going to help us with the rule of thirds level only, Son tells member calls keep all rise up straight incentive this subject. In order to do so, we can go to settings type again. Camera Just slide to the right. Great. In number three, we're gonna cover the turning on court off the life forces A life picture records 1.5 seconds before in one in the health seconds after you press the button if you're taking a picture of something still, I wouldn't recommend turning it on because it can lead to blurred images in your hands if you want to use it for more engaging contents in small videos that, by the way, are really trendy. Now the future, these medias go ahead and turn it on. You've got yourself four options inside the life videos life, look, bonds and long exposure. We're gonna see the four options in this picture I took in the airport of Doha in Qatar. Life option. As we said, it records one second half before in one second and 1/2 after the loop effect turns your life into a continues review look. Once the video ends, it starts playing from the beginning again. Until you stop. It bounces a funny fact that makes your life photo players normal. Then in reverse. This is repeated until you stop to be, and the last option creates a photo with his low shot effect. You can use these for scenes that include movement as it blurs the motion. For instance, flown water, fireworks or a moving car for this effect is better to use a knife tribal, these insurance that the station ready. Parts of the same remains super sharp, while the moving part of the same stays with a soft blur like, for instance, these moving water. Last but not least, probably one of the most important ones toe have sharp pictures is to clean your lenses. The iPhone. It's a government that normally we tend to have in our pockets in or bugs etcetera, so it could have a little bit of dust or fingerprints, so just make sure that when you're about to use it, you clean your lenses and you're really 4. Disadvantages iPhone photography: Let's talk about the disadvantages of taking pictures with an iPhone. Well, not everything is perfect, and it's true that we have some restrictions when it comes to the iPhone authority. 1st 1 is the limited modes and settings. Pretty much everything will be half available when we open. The camera is photo Fabio. Slow motion time lapse. And when we swept the right, we have the portrait mode square and panoramic when it comes to the lighting pretty much everything we can do in two priests. It's very powerful on the iPhone, but again, if you put it in comparison, candidate on camera, it's a piece. And I finished this section by talking about the power of the zone, and I'm going to be completely straight forward on this one you need to avoid. Well, you cannot make pictures with the quality of the iPhone if you start doing it because the soon to is one of the weakest that discover us. As soon as you start to really angel pictures, the quantities gonna drop drastically 5. Rule of thirds - when to follow it and how to break it: we're going to talk about the rule of thirds, went to follow it and have to break us. As you can see here on the screen, we have got agreed that well, you probably have seen before. The frame is divided in nine equal boxes, using two vertical lines into resettles, which livers to this four intersecting points. And when we take a picture, we want to put our focal points in one of these four intersecting points to enhance your picture. Even better, you can always work your picture from left to right from top to bottom. Why? Because this is how we read. A need will facilitate behind to follow along the picture. Believe me, if you prioritize the focal point in this section points, your picture will make more sense if a recent you're taking a picture off a landscape always tried to put the landscape in one of the two Tory central lines. I see a lot of people placing the horizon right in the middle of the picture, and it doesn't work. It's good that if you place it in the forest or something lines by doing this, you're spacing out. Picture another thing or Another technique that you can use is one of the thirds of the picture use. Use it for negative space, some focus or on anything. It will intense the other 2/3. It's not essential to use all the points on the rule of thirds. However. The more you used, the more effective generally your picture will be. We can see these pretty clearly on these two pictures. One of the left drinks are focal point and hand of the man and the picture of the right. We can see clearly to focal point foot starting on the right and on the left. This is how you can effectively use developments. But now let's talk about how to break the rules. This is a bit controversial with other photographers because some of these first cannot spend 80 off the rule of thirds being broken. But some drills are meant to be broken. Sometimes always keep in mind that we need to know one to break this roads because if you don't do it properly, it might look sloppy. Or maybe doesn't make sense in look quite unprofessional unless you break it dramatically. If you break it with passion and there's a definite point that you're looking at, then it's going to work really, really well. 6. Editing with lightroom - for free: in this class. We're gonna learn how to go from this to this. First things first, we're gonna open the up. We're going to search Allied room on the search stuff and then we will download it for free . The first thing we're going to do is to select our picture as I have mentioned before on I from is very important and we used natural light to enhance the colors. I say this because we cannot shoot Inro, meaning we will have more difficulty in correcting the color afterwards, even though like them is very, very powerful. Let's start by everything. The light and increasing, just a little bit exposure. Then I go to contrast and I always like to put it a little wisdom. Then we're gonna increase our highlights off the picture. And I just want to inheritance a little bit. The father This is a sunny day. You can see here that what actually temperature, color temperature, that is to increase the reds or increase the blues. So we want to do this just a little bit. I'm not a big fun off increasing or decreasing saturation unless I want to do a black and white picture. I'm going to increase a little bit the intensity off the columns for me, it has more natural in hence off the court rather than the saturation. And we can already notice some change. Then let's swipe right and go to the effect up here. We have a lot of different options that we can play with. With that texture, you can see on the screen what it makes. I'm not a fund, very trendy. Now, on social media pretending that the this is an old picture, you can increase the grain or decrease it here, we can see all the options that we have, and I'm gonna push it to the max. Anyways, this is not the look and feel that I'm going now, So I'm just gonna put everything that no brains this time. Let's focus on 18 is not very high, but I'm not a fun. We just want to give a little bit of sharpness with this. Now we're gonna go to the divide tone, and we are just gonna highlights a little bit. The blows on the back front. I think we're almost there, but I'm still not 100% happy with the result. I remember I had put contrast quite long. So I'm just gonna bring it back closer to Syria to give a little bit more shop sharpness. They go. I'm gonna hence a little bit whites. And I'm just feeling conference that zero. Remember, Guys, this is about plane with the colors. It's all about the feeling that you want to transmit. Nothing's wrong. All right? Okay, guys. So I think I'm pretty happy with these results. The whites are whiter, the light is more clear. The food, it's more shocked. This'll is exactly what I was going for. One great tool. That lightning is that you can safe the edit that you were doing. And you can taste it in another picture to have the same level Scholars, lights. So this is what we're going to do. I just copied all the presents off this victor, and I'm gonna copy them on onto this one. And now I'm just gonna balance the contrast, the light, just tweak it a little bit in order to be perfect. And I'm gonna show you all the trick. Very, very useful here. Like from seeing what's on the screen. We are just going to change the tone saturation in light. We can pretty much do anything with it. Just keep in mind that it will affect all the reps in the picture. 7. Class project: we are about to finish this class. And I just wanted to thank you to stick with me. Until this point, this class project is gonna be very simple. First, think of a story that you want to share. Plan the scene. Remember everything that we have learned through this class and then just think shot if you don't know where to start, never your options to the minimum. But one good teeth that I can tell you is by starting with your family and friends. Believe me, they're gonna be very patient review. And probably they're the ones giving you the best feedback that you need at this point.