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iPad Lettering in Procreate, the very basics to get you started.

teacher avatar Han'made Designs, Lettering & Business

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro Han’made Designs


    • 2.

      Equipment & software


    • 3.

      Upstrokes and downstrokes


    • 4.

      Muscle memory


    • 5.

      Forming letters


    • 6.

      Joining letters


    • 7.



    • 8.

      Next steps


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About This Class

Welcome to my class, my name is Hannah. I am a hand lettering artist and all around creative at Han'made Designs. 

Together in this class, we will be going through drills and exercises to help make you comfortable with using Procreate for iPad lettering. By the end of the class, you will have successfully be able to write any given name, word or phrase, in beautiful digital modern calligraphy. 

This course is aimed at beginners, wishing to try their hand at digital hand lettering. With practice you will soon be on your lettering journey!

We will be exploring the importance of a letter's weight, and how to change the thickness of a letter's upstroke and downstroke. Which will ultimately lead you to building your own style of iPad Lettering. (I will include guides as we go along, to help you become familiar). 

Your lettering journey will be supported and encouraged through my Instagram channel (@hanmade_designs) or by using the #letterwithhan. I can't wait to see your progress!! 

For this class it is recommended that you use a Procreate brush that allows for thickness variation. For example the script and brush pen in the calligraphy section.

However for this video I have used my own procreate brushes, that can be found here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Han'made Designs

Lettering & Business


I'm Hannah, from the UK. You'll usually find me with an Apple Pencil in one hand, and a cup of tea in the other! Passionate about lettering, typography and illustration, together I combine my years of experience and love for letterforms, to create end products that sell world-wide and creative content that captivates. 


My Journey so far...

My Dad was a traditional sigh writer, so from a young age, I have always been intrigued by letterforms. Combine this with a love of creating, painting and some geeky tech know-how...I soon started to pave away my artistic journey. 

Over the years, my formal qualifications lead me to study Fine Art, Graphic Design and Media Studies with a further education of Art & Design (with spe... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro Han’made Designs: the integrated beer and my designs. I specialize in a factory, but on the iPad pro digitally and using photo shop in interest rates as well as by hand using traditional methods, type of souls that is both inspiring fighting in this class today you will be learning what strikes Dad strikes the importance of creating muscle memory, starting to form actors, journey writers and ultimately you will be. It's a beautiful right and given nine phrase full love money on the pro with procreate. Like to see the project see produced. And if you talk me on instagram, time to support encourage you. Included in this class is some free guides. Simply import that into procreate. Created. Begin to trips. Would you feel comfortable with Tracy? Take away that create. It's on your I can't wait to get started on class with that, let's go to the next video on equipment. On what stuff you need 2. Equipment & software: for this class, it is essential that use a knife. Procreate is one of the most yourself. Why, for this video, it is essential that used procreate, you can use a variety of Bush's that give you a style of thickness. I will be used in my mud in calligraphy brush. However, you can use the standard that is included in the calligraphy section, for example, the script pen for the bush. What I recommend most is by turning the streamline to Max. I'll show you example of this set to zero. The bush behaves very different, and the every look is very immature. Just take it back up to Max. We take you to Max. You can see we get those nice straight lines sick and the same the next video. We'll be going through hope, strokes and down strokes. 3. Upstrokes and downstrokes: for a first class. It's understanding the up strokes and the down strokes of the letter. Select your brush, import the guide into procreate and create a new layer on top. We will now begin by trace in the guide provided pinch and zoom in to procreate and begin practicing for the 1st 1 You want a nice light and free flowing line. This will form the basic of our apps trick. Continue deleting that layer and I do not know the one to repeat the process for a next one , we will be doing the down stroke and for this you particularly want to be a lot heavier on the road. As you can see by playing that pressure with pencil, you are now creating ethnic alliance again. Pension zoom traced the guide. I repeat this process. They don't have to be perfect, but just get used to apply in a heavy pressure with the apple pencil. The next step is to combine these two together. So we were gonna light on the upstroke and heavy on the damn straight light on the ups Strike and heavy on the down strike light heavy light, heavy life too heavy light heavy light, heavy light, heavy and repeat the process. Now we want to introduce a curve. So we're going to go light on the sweep and then heavy back down. Light heavy. My heavy liked and repeat life. Heavy light, Heavy light, Heavy. Like again. Repeat these drills. This will form the very basic of a letter for so getting this right is fundamental. It may take hours, weeks, months, practice just to even get this right. But stick Kati on the rest will become easier. In the next lesson, we will be going through muscle memory. 4. Muscle memory: In this next lesson, we will be going through muscle memory. Muscle memory is how our brains remember a certain skill or technique through repetition. The muscles in our hands begin to remember that particular technique, and this is how our handwriting and calligraphy can be very different. Pinch and zoom and start to create that muscle memory. This is allowing the hands to be familiar with holding the pen at different pressures and sweeping at different angles. By doing these simple drills, you'll soon find that the letters become a lot easier. These don't have to be perfect or identical, but making sure you get the correct thickness in the right section is K. For example, this would look very different for us to do thin and thick as opposed to you. Also don't want to get the sickness on the bend or Creighton. Uneven pressure where it's not wanted. Have a light heavy life again with these curves were gonna like heavy, light, heavy, like heavy light. Would you feel comfortable with this process? It is then time to move on to a letter forms 5. Forming letters: in this lesson, we're going to start to put together everything we've learned and to focus on creating the letters. If you feel comfortable, form in the letters on your own. Start by turning on the drawing guide and begin practice in the alphabet. However, if you would feel you'd like guidance on starting, simply download the letter forms guide importing to procreate and create a new layer on top and then begin tracing the letters. Stop by zooming in and just simply tracing the guide light and heavy. - This process will take a lot of hours to get used to and will require some positives. Don't be afraid to change each letter and to bring in your own unique style. There is no right or wrong if you don't like the way you drew a letter, simply double tap of the finger and try again. When you finish your letter in, take away that last layer and you're soon see you've created the alphabet. Keep practicing this until the letters become familiar, and you can do this without the guide. It is fundamental that you can do this without the guide to move onto the next step, which will pay joining letters 6. Joining letters : Now that you have mastered each individual letter, it is time to start connecting the letters. We're going to create a new document and insert a drawing guide. Take the great size dine. Ideally, start with the letter you feel most comfortable with and think about how the to connect. Remember, there is no right and wrong, and all of this builds individual character and create your own unique style. Don't be afraid to experiment. This changes every time each one. I make different, so it may be depending on the word and how it's going to follow. One of the things to remember most is that it needs to be readable. Spacing can have a massive impact. So if we join the left is and we have big spacing, we're going to give it a very mud in feel. Where is if we do the same and its compact, you're gonna want to change the way that the boy ends. When we joined letters, it might mean that the letter changes. For example, I'm going to do the word I in hate. So it might me that we do, but we might want to do the following. This might be my standard, but it might not necessarily look readable. If we start into another letter, you might me that it finishes and then I start with the I explore the different possibilities. And first of all, make sure you're comfortable with the letters are next lesson will be in creating once. 7. Words: it's time to start. Bringing those letters together and creating weren't now. This same word can look very different if I decided to add languages. It's that way. You stop enjoying the letters. The guy that's trying to the might stop there at that I sweep in with that. Each of these words are very different by just changing simple parts of the letter. We've been hunts the world already. When I create separate words, I don't always use the same style. The next word that might contain an hour will only have a simple one just to allow certain words to stand out. Practice just a little each day, and you'll soon start to see a massive improvement in your letter. Don't be afraid to experiment and create different variations to create your own unique style. 8. Next steps: enjoying this. Chrissie Watts last on the road. Several peace in future classes will be learning how to take those basic steps and skills into advanced left me creating are more instructive. Gonna bring color into it had to from shallows corrected masks until next time keep practicing and keep.