iPad Drawing Series : 5 Beautiful Designs with Adobe Draw - Eraser Technique | Hanny Agustine | Skillshare

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iPad Drawing Series : 5 Beautiful Designs with Adobe Draw - Eraser Technique

teacher avatar Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Adobe Draw is Easy and Fun


    • 3.

      Project 1 - African Motif 1


    • 4.

      Project 1 - African Motif 2


    • 5.

      Change Background & Create Color Palette


    • 6.

      Project 2 - Circle Line and Shape


    • 7.

      Project 3 - Simple Zentangle


    • 8.

      Project 4 - Scenery


    • 9.

      Project 5 - Doodle


    • 10.

      Class Project


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About This Class

This is my first iPad Drawing Series Class and this time I teach drawing with AdobeDraw. Digital drawing is addicted. I remember the first time I hold my iPad and pen, my first drawing apps is Paper53 two years ago. Wondering how brush, pencil, marker or eraser can be so digital but so real like drawing on paper. Once you try it, you will never stop. Trust me :).

AdobeDraw is free and you can install it from AppStore. This apps is very easy and fun to use. Everybody can join this class. Even, if you are a parent, you can ask your children to draw with this Apps and having fun together with me in this class :).

In this class, I will teach you 5 different projects and it's variation will give you about 10 different designs that you can imagine it when you use it as product mock up as I showed it to you in each session of this class.

What you need is only :

  1. iPad
  2. Apple Pencil or any iPad pen (of your finger is enough:))
  3. AdobeDraw apps (install it free from AppStore)

What will you learn ?

  1. Working with AdobeDraw for a very basic drawing (brush, color, eraser, layer)
  2. Drawing with eraser technique
  3. Create Background and Color Palette
  4. Create African Motif 
  5. Create Design using Line and Shape
  6. Create Design with Simple Zentangle
  7. Create Scenery
  8. Create Doodle

After you master this eraser drawing with AdobeDraw, you can be better to imagine your design when it transforms to be mock up like the following as a chair, baby T-Shirt, Greeting Card, Backpack or else.

And after joining this class, I believe you can design that beautiful things like that too .... And then, so what ?Why don't you start selling your design as cute homedecor things or apprels or accesories in a Print On Demand website like Society6 or Redbubble or else ? Yes, why not ?

Enjoy the class and see you inside !

Happy Drawing,




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hanny Agustine

Artist | Designer | Teacher


Hi there, my name is Hanny Agustine. I m an engineer who loves to draw.

I am living in a tropical heaven, Jakarta, Indonesia. In Indonesian, when you call my name Hanny, it sounds perfect as "Honey" in English. So everybody calls me "Hallo, Honey" :).

My background is Electrical Engineering and I have spent my career mostly in the Information Technology world before I established my passion on Education Technology Creativity for children 5-18 years old with www.digikidz.id in 2001.

Life sometimes gives you a surprise, my childhood drawing hobby suddenly was coming back. Then I find myself drawing every single day on my dining table and that's a very good meditation for me, which also helps shooting my busy mind.

Inspired by nature and the beauty of fl... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi there. This is an iPad drawing service class in this class. I did you help to make five beautiful decides with a doc draw and using eraser technique, it means we draw with a razor. This is honey Al Kristin. I'm illustrator, designer and founder. Off two tickets Start I V. It's a learning center for Children to learn about computer multimedia around 40 electron ICS and also our imagine you make a design for a Koshi tear like kiss or this nice greeting card at loose We go, but actually using after draw in, I felt to make this kind of design. It's very easy, it discuss. I will. Did you have to make its design for five projects Rising number What we will make African motive. And then we will draw with line and shapes. I'll take number three symbols entangle and then we also draw scenery from this technique. And finally, brother number five, you make a to do you sing under draw and I bet it's very easy. And also from this is a very easy technique using eraser to draw that I said the razor. Yes, right eraser. So this is an example how you will use your decide because after you designed this with your I bet Met. So what? So here I also shoot to you fumo ups how your descent will look like in a chair or greeting card or teaser or the other mocha. I also did You have to use eraser drawing machinery like this and we can create on acrylic . Our block like this and salad Indirect bubble are a notebook or a below are even talk back like this. It looks a nice, isn't it? For this class, you only need your iPad. You can use your fingers or any pen EPO, Penza or any other. I bet pen and also unit under draw and it's really you can install it from APP store, so let's do it now. 2. Adobe Draw is Easy and Fun: I took drove her. IPad is very good. Application is easy and fun to use. You can install it from ex store. It's free, and after you install it, you can open it and starting to use it. So after you click and to draw, you will see projects and the plus sign on the bottom right. And then, if you plea one new project and you can juice the format size and I just I bet landscape here on the left side, there are process. It's very nice breasts and easy to use on the right side. There isn't a years, and on the right corner you will get some more Icann's four setting like undo shape layer on off and then opened in setting and clear the screen. And then on the left corner, you can close project by click close, and it will be saved. Now we practice with Press Fours. Now I use the precise for 60. You can go up and down to change the brush size in the middle. There is capacity. You also can change the opacity off your troy and then to undo. You can see it from the upper right corner there is a arrow to to undo or you can to undo with two fingers backward. And if you want to move forward, you can use two fingers forward and also for the color you can just seems or library or color pickle. Then you can just your favorite color from the color wheel. You also can pick colors like who color, and then you drink it to the color that you want. You will see the class sign, so please the plus sign. Do the color that you want and the color will be changed as you choose, and you can use it if you click more on the process. There are also a few more type of process life basic Tepper, Basic plant and so on. Just try it. But in this class we will use only the D for press and the normal size, so we wouldn't change that. So we will only practitioner with breast size, opacity and color. Now we learn to use eraser, so it's like common eraser. You can arrange the size, and then you can use two fingers also to zoom in our zoom out. Now we learn to feel color after I troy. Now I just different color or assemble this breath and then, if I hope into the ship, then the will be wrapped and it's the way we color in a doctoral. But remember, you have close drawing or a close line to be able to deal with the color. If the line or you're drawing is not close, then you cannot do feel in color. It will issue the back of this cross. It means you can do it now. We will act and be nimble a year. So on the left side there are two layers, background and drawling here. If I click plus sign, it means I act newly year, and from this layer, you can relate by double click through only here you can see the restructuring name, so if you took, you can rename it and you can give a name for a simple ship. Now we will practice to your ship on the upper right corner. Teressa. Try and go with circle terrorist. I can force you, so if you choose circle, you can hope rests with or read scholar or blue color, and then your circles will be blue, orange, yellow and so on. Use your two fingers to make it bigger or smaller, and also there is a narrow Teoh jails the form off the circle to be offer or and lives are the full circle. Now we learn about layer, the ones you quickly here you have transformed to placate Morristown and the live. The rest want means we can rotate and also change the size below. You also can do flip, horizontal or vertical and do view. So after you done this, then click done and it will be place on your The year Later also can be duplicated. This time I don't care. And then, after duplicate, I transform it to be Baker. And then I place it like that. And then those two layers you also can force down, so I just two layers and then I plead more star. It means Theo upper will most with the layer after that, and it will be one emits in one layer, and then now practice to your square is the same thing. If you click the cross, it means you close it. If you click the arrow, it means you can make it bigger or smaller again. His color picker. So I hold color and then track toe the color that I won't until the last sign is come up. And once you have the press and you hold on the square, it will feel the color. But if you don't protect the color, it will only call at the line off the ship. Now I drive triangles to spray around like me. It will be so far. There are so many ships that we can use that there are. This is only example all ship. The other thing in ship is call me Aikens like them like this I colored with yellow Ahrens blue and so on. You can find also friends, girls and Bali guns and people also undercover weeks. Just try now we want to save emits. So after we finish with our Troy on the upper right corner, you can see there isn't Aiken to open in the nuclear. Okay, because it allows us to access your photo library. Then you can just emits, and then you can do save miss. It means you say what in your photo library in your iPad, Or you can click again open in minutes and then you just mail. Is this what I usually do when I want to end it? My drawing from iPad into for the shop in my computer. So after you create emits you juice mail and as usual, you can send to yourself and it will be in your email. Now we continue to use image layer. There is immense in a year and drawing layer. You could emit layer on my iPad, though after I saved this while. Now I can look at this into my new image in a year, and I click done. And now it's all my bet. In San Ticks, you can see my account, but draw and also differences in preferences. You can juice from a new on the life or on the right. And here I activate the show touches, So I give it. Sure, that is when I touch my I bet you can see the Oran Circle now and then We will continue with brought in a move one. We will make African motive. Let's do it 3. Project 1 - African Motif 1: This is Project One. We will make African motive. I call it African model because I like the color and this color. It just reminds me off something about Africa. This every couple Dave can be seen like this greeting card that I make it up just to give you an idea. That case motive can be a greeting card like this. Let's do it now. Now we will have a new project after I click plus sign and the night to square or to the US and 100 be south and 2100 XL. And then we will make layer one aspect of color. So there is a drawing here and precise. A 60. I create fragrant color. Just make express off color yellow and the blue. And so remember, even just your gather from picker or theme, or why pretty if you already have it, I just use my color picker and then I just blue. I feel in the playing space with color and then it just the job. Do I continue it? Oren's until all the white space is filled so our bigger color now is ready, and then next layer to we make layer to draw. So I click class time to add new earlier. And then I prepare black color to make Black Square. I can use line and then I feel in the line with black color and it will create a black square. And then now I just eraser the precise In 60. I just think a wave and directly. You can see that because we use eraser. It means we arrest the Bleckner here and the background color under the it will comes out. And then I just want a brass size 13 after 60 items 30. And I agreed. Also small were between the big one until Mendis. So again, you can see that because we arrest the plague line. Now we see the background color is comes off. Now we at the details, I make it a sort of precise as four. And then I make lines. If you have been, then you can use your pen it for you. I bet sometimes I just use my fingers because, like Steve, Jobs said, God already give us the best timeless in the world. So sometimes I like and enjoy my fingers on iPad. But sometimes I also use my pen. It's up to you. This is very small press side, so you will often do and lots or zoom in and zoom off your screen by this one. So I believe after you drop as low s yourself, you will feel so good. You look so calm and cool because this is like a meditation for me. I tried to make a very neat lines, but sometimes you see the difference or the distance between two line. It's not to say, but it's okay because after all, this is a practice and you will see the results later on. 4. Project 1 - African Motif 2: Now let's continue our African Modig, Troy. Now we add another details. So after we make lines now, I tried to make, like a seen better to fill in the blank space. So it's up to you this time. I use Eraser for us also to make 23 details like that. But you can also make a circle or another ship, and I will press forward to beat you for this time. So it will take on the is your time to finish this more details and we'll see how it will look like at the This is one and also a very meditative activities. So it's very good for your mind cause you're doing the same thing and very focused on one thing. And then suddenly you will see your African motive stump, and it's so beautiful. You can see here we only have two years. Actually, the 1st 1 is the background color. And then if I open I and that this is the black and wild African motive that you draw with Eraser. So after evenness, your brother you can save into is on the upper right corner. You will see the open in Aiken first you can just emits and then save admits it will be safe in your photo library in your iPad or second, you can just emits and then meal. So this is what I opened. Do I mail to myself so I will be able to edit or can stand to be another design in my computer. So here, after you wait for a while, you will see the email is ready with your emits room. I took trough and then you just tired emails to whom you will send this and type subject and then send. So that is the two ways to save your in minutes. But there are also another waste. If you have a job creative cloud, you can also say with clouds or you just save it and be hands and so on. But in the session, I teach you only two ways. Save in your photo library and save to your email, and then you are free to what? More on photo shop or illustrator in your computer? Finally, I can do a mock up off this emits to be a greeting card like this. You can make it smaller or picker because this is a factor in it, so it will not broken. And that's the beauty off a job draw because you work in factor base, and when you plan to sell this image, you can upload it in society. Six. Like me. So this is, Ah, backpack or makeup approach, and it looks so nice with African or once you change the background to be another one like this. You also can upload it in red bubble to be a fair clogs or triple month. And it looks so dramatic, so colorful, and I loved this. 5. Change Background & Create Color Palette: Now we move to change background and create color ballot after your Penis, Your African motive in section one. Then how about if you change the background color? Oh, that's very easy. So you make a new drawl, they hear again. And then now here I just lines, too. Make a different background color. I just green and paying all rains and so on. And after you finished with your background color. Now I gent with my African motive. I still can see the y space. So I come back to the green color and feel in the flex space until all are done. Then the results from your African motive will be like this. It's nice, isn't it? Next we can use ship to make background, so ships like circle or square or else you can just the color also again. Now we make new drawl a year, and then here I juice a square to create a big round. I start with by green background and create a square one here, two there, three here and so on again. From the Addo, you can make the square rectangle or really square. You can just the size also and Then I put another color the purple, the pain or aeons and so on. And the result? When you apply it to your African motive, it will looks like this. Now we create our own color palette for assemble island days emits problem in Sacra. So I sit with my iPad in my photo library and place it in the midst of the here and now we are ready to make color palette. Plus, I'd create role a year. You just name it a scholar, stretch or color palette wherever. And then I just a square here to put my color palette. And now you can use your color picker. Track it to the color that your life this blue, this nice being and then again for the yellow on the five Purple Koreans ends are so whatever color you like from your admits, you just wreck your color and then becomes color picker with the plus sign and you can save it in a separate player. Now my color palette is ready, so I close. I know intimately here and now the color is ready. Do use. So based on the six colors and I got from the image that I like. Now I make new draw layer to create another big round. And based on those six players now, I started to make a splash off color and then follow with the other color and so on. Later on. If you already have six colors in your drawer layer, you don't need to use your color palette again, so you create the I to close it, and now you can pick the color from your background. I continue with your reins and someone This is the way. If you want to create your own color ballot, you can also find so many color scheme from been dress or other limits in Google, and you can use it as your color Penis. And then I close colored fella player. I closed emits layer and dresses, only the background color, the new one with my you drawing and the results is so different. 6. Project 2 - Circle Line and Shape: we continue with brother number two, line and ship with a simple line and ships, you can make beautiful two signs like this. It looks so complicated. But actually this is very easy. So once we try circular lines for the bake room like this, we may newly your with great last time and then to make a circle, even Project one I did you to fill in the color between four lines to be a square. Now I did you to make a square with ships and then you will in the color with black. And then you use eraser with the size you like a little bit smaller. And then I make a circle movement on my fingers. You can see it from the origins dots here now in the middle, I'm a circle. I just cross each other. It's OK, Maury, because the more grows more beautiful. So please continue until you feel all the blank space with yours. Circular lines and little me will make another drawing the same with a razor and circular lines movement. Now I continue the second throwing, so I'm being shapes and then fill in with black. And then I just 24 e razor size. Now I start the big circular line on the right bottom side. The jury From this circular lines, you can make so many different design because it gives us a freedom How the way we move our hands on our you consume out the screen when you do it under a little space so no one, you cross it neatly. Then after Penis, you can see it with close eye and open I So you made it. This color and the circular lines design. You can see it as a beautiful greeting cards like this or if I tends the big run color to be softer like this pastel color and this baby here and share look so beautiful. So now we continue with free stroke line. Okay, this is a three stroke alliance again. We make a new trolley year great plus sign and then use ship and then feel in with black color. You get player and then use the reserve the same size. I said you don't d marry size off the eraser is up to you, and then I just make a kind off lean shift because this is a free stroke line so it may cross each other. I started wrong. The doc left going down and feel in all the black space. Enjoy as you see it here I made to kind off accounts the soft color and the pride color. The solve one is the pastor one. I like it so much, and sometimes the eraser will be like this. Only black and wife. It's nice or reading, and then when you combine it with your big girls, it will looks so beautiful. So that's only two examples for circular climbs and free stroke lines. And now we continue using ship. And the gradation is also nice to make our beautiful decide when I make the circle I started in the middle, but I still love the white space on it so you can see it. There is no full color, but also there is that. Why spot here and there again? We make a new travel a year and then using square and then feel in with prick color. And now we're ready to drown clicks year, and then you can just circle again from the error. You can engines the form off the circle to be and lips are the food circle. So when you feel in your area several to the Sirico it will be four color. But if you don't protect the circle, the nasal will works only at the lines outside the circle. Now I move around double depth only lions crushed, its other with different sizes. Enjoy. Sometimes you scratch your hand and then you can dio do before you continue. So please watch your works. You don't make any scripts on your side. But if you do it, don't worry. Just two fingers to the left or unto try to make a full ships here in all playing black space. This is my final circles with the background color number. What will be like this? And this is the result with the background color number two with this with purple brown orders and so on so depends on the Bagram. It will creates a different design. And from this design, you can see I don't woke up for chair or you can take one. And the rains in photo show to be a nice wallpaper. One more thing about ships. It also you can make your own ship with your fingers or your pen. So here you see, I make a little circle lines, three lines with lines and then triangle dress or just a free ship. I use it into a moke up for this cute girls and also the baby teaser And I changed in photo shop the big round from drug to be light blue and you can see it like this. So this is recognized Very simple design that you can use it from under control and you can use it. Four kids collection designed and then this one I make a triangles and then I feel in with the smaller press and then create the very trend lines inside triangles and the design will be like this. And if I do it in a more capture, it's so beautiful, isn't it? I'm sure with line and ship you can make more variation and more decides, and you can enjoy it so much 7. Project 3 - Simple Zentangle: Okay, Good. We continue with tragic number three now with simple and sent angle. I love this motive. I love this design because it creates so dramatic results at the end to make this kind off big run color. I already have a color ballot that I did you in the previous session. And then I expressed this color from left to right. Like this just fell in all the white space. And now we make the decides at new trolling Europe and again with the ship square. Well, in with black, I use precise 60 and then I start from the corner of fourth corner. Now I start my fingers move on top left. If you're not happy, just two fingers to the left on Do and you can do it more. I feel in the blank space first. And then I continue and move forward to the center. I tried to make a picker precise first, and the result is so trimming. And then from with this one design, you can also make a different backgrounds year. I make another color. Big rob with lines only from TOB left diagonally. Teoh Better drive and we can make another design off, sending a light kiss, and then you can hold and track your design in front, off background color. And this is the already know the razor throwing black and wife. This is also another color. I make a big run from my color palette. I love this so much and then you can continue to save your inmates. Is that issue in the previous size? You You can click open and you have to click immense. You can sell immense to your iPad course you can mail to yourself and you continue to edit it and for the shop or illustrator in your computer. And this simple send angle result is very beautiful. Look at this. This is the baby deserve that. I woke up. You can make the bidding guards with or without lines and off course, a beautiful backpack that you can sell it in society six or a bubble or other print on demand. This nice is a name. Okay, we continue with the other project now 8. Project 4 - Scenery: But I do remember Fouras Unity is very interesting because I make this acrylic our port and salad in red bubble. And the results surprised me a lot. I just tried Teoh move around my fingers or pen on my butt. But suddenly, bull, this is the already know black and white. And when I combine it with the color and we look so nice so we will start a cantrow layer plus sign, make a square using ships and then I hear in the black color. And now we're ready to travel first I dread to throw the mountain first and the Irizar processes and me 30 and zoom in or zoom open I needed. And if I like it or if they're that it's other, I undo it and Georgian. So after make lines, I combine Admit ship. Oops. I'm express on me dot line there, you see. So I do my undo your fingers to the left and then a circle for the sun. All if night is is the moon and I put also the circle here and there. This is not limited to my sample. You can see that when you make breast size differently. you can make anything on your scenery. So I created this with bra size boarded. This very small. Have you used apple pencil? It will be so. Need I use are open here from just more vile pen. And I will move forward this video and just continue until you witness the thin line on the right side. The process is 15. I make tree on the volley. - And then now I continue on the left. Are I make another circle? I'd like to troll this on my paper to because it's kind office and Dingle Joy. It's soothing our mind so much I use precise then and then now I mean yes, a cynical liked it here and there. It just enjoy now the breast sizes five. And then I tried to make a little and saying lines here and there. And then finally, you can draw birds near the moon or near the sun. And when I combine it with the background color Wow, this is so beautiful. Off course, you still can add another ship. Like what I did here. I make a new drily year above my design. And then I used their CO to make a little purple inside this circle, so just play around with ships and design. July I used this beautifully designed to make up below. I really are poor notebooks. Or even this nice the back and salad in red Purple. So you also can do that like me. This is so nice, right? 9. Project 5 - Doodle: good then now we continue with Project Novel five to Joe. Do Do is so fun. This is my sample from black and white throwing and when you combine it with colors and will create a different effect, this is with my origins. And this is with my blue, yellow and being so now I hope that you have to make this background color like this. So again we make a new draw layer click plus sign, and then this is a sample. You can use your process and then trowel with a close line because we will prevail in with looping and yellow color. So, if not, close this undo and continue again. The important thing you have to close your it is. So I make a lion when the left but my right and on the top so it will be close everywhere, and then it's ready for me to feel in the color. This is not close lines. You cannot feel in Seoul A. Can you just at your breasts? And now it's perfect. No, you can feel in the color. You may just the color form teams or bigger, or if you have your own color palettes. You can use it as I did you in the previous session. Now I feel Reines here and there. And then I continue with blue yellow and being okay here I did. You only have to be the blue yellow ping Oren's Bagram color with free drawing and feel in its sibs. But you also can make this or inspect ground just your color and then try to make diagonally in line with your fingers or your pen. And they're all white. Space is full. And now again, we make a new trial a year and then used ships square to make Black Square and then eraser to draw our to Dio Here I just 45 for the brush size and then I start from the top left. This is a pre dude. Oh, you can draw whatever you like. You drive one by one and fill in the blank space until you're happy with that. And here I draw my to Dio and enjoy. - Now we open eyes and see the result. When you combine it with a Norden scratch movie like that And if I make a more couple, my greeting us will be so nice like this. Just continue our dude. Oh, I'm sure you can do much better than me. And the result will be so different when you're doing to do and to deal again. 10. Class Project: Now we come to class. Roger. I use my judo design year. If I lost it in photo shop or illustrator, you can see this is so good. Not broken. Emits because this is a factor from a doctoral, you can make it bigger, as big as you want. So we have John five beautiful design with a retro and using a raise, our technique, their studio and then the African Motive. And also working with line and ship the same both sending go. And finally, we have made a beautiful cautionary to be like this. So months you have done here with me. So this is your cycle. Draw your amazing emits one or many. You may choose it from Lyon ship to dio scenery, whatever you like. And then you can save it and make greeting card mocha that this is optional. You can download the book of file from my Google drive and you can submit your image or more Captain means in your project here, Down here you can pause it in urine sacra and took me at honey. A Kristen. I do really wait for your words here. I really do want to help your questions here. Your problems if you have. So just do your project. Safe it and send it here so everybody indoor can see your beautiful decide. And if you like the other iPad class, I have also here in the skills here from iPod to home the core you will learn with me using pepper 53 abs and Photoshopped to make this beautiful design for home decor. Thank you for joining this class. Please don't forget to give me lie and then write a review. Pause in your instagram And don't forget to attack me at Handley dot Christine And please go to my website and also follow my instagram honey dot Kristen. Thank you. Bye.