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Intro to Woodburning: Art from Natural Materials

teacher avatar Chamisa Kellogg, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Getting Started


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      Drawing and Transferring Your Design


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      Woodburning Your Design


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      Finishing Touches


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About This Class

Welcome to woodburning! In this class you will learn how to create a small piece of woodburned art for your home. It could be utilitarian like a potholder or a set of coasters, or simply something beautiful to hang on the wall. We will go through the steps of choosing the right tools, selecting an ideal working surface, and drawing and burning a design. You will emerge from the class with a beautiful piece of work, and a valuable creative skill to apply to a diverse array of projects.

Meet Your Teacher

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Chamisa Kellogg

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Artist


Hi there! My name is Chamisa, I am an illustrator, designer and fine artist with a love for stories, nature and that blurry line between reality and imagination. My work is characterized by its dreamy landscapes and whimsical characters. I work out of my studio in Portland, Oregon, USA.

For the latest creative experiments from works-in-progress to finished art, follow along on instagram.

I love drawing and painting in many different mediums, including pen and ink, watercolor, gouache, and digital. My latest personal project is a 5-minute daily iPad drawing.

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1. Welcome!: welcome to wood burning. An incredibly fun and satisfying art form in this class will be learning how to choose a great with burning tool, how to select the right wouldn't service toe work on and the steps between an idea and a finished Whitburn product. What burning is very versatile and has so many possible applications in this class, you'll be focusing on one small project of your choice to get a feel for the craft. I like toe Woodburn things that have practical, daily use, like coasters or wooden boxes. Thing is a fun little time lapse video of a surfboard I would burnt. I hope you enjoy learning this new scale. And I can't wait to see you come up with Let's get started, okay? 2. Getting Started: the first step in starting your journey with wood burning is finding the right wood burning tool. Places like Michael's and Home Depot carry a few models, usually in the 10 to $40 range. As a starter wood burner. I recommend the creative wood burner from Michael's at about $14. If you find you really enjoy the process, you can upgrade to a more expensive, higher quality tool. I like the Coalwood cub, which ends up being about $130 including the tip in hand piece. The benefit of a more expensive wood burner is the ability to control temperature setting, and higher quality products tend to last longer. I have included a list of resource is in the class project description, and you can also feel free any time to ask questions about tools and materials by posting on the discussion board as we continue through the class. Now let's talk about a wood burning surface. What burning works best on soft woods with minimal grain like aspen behind or birch. You want your service to clean and sand it smooth. For this particular project, I recommend choosing something approximately 10 inches by 10 inches bags, so you don't overwhelm yourself. I've chosen a slightly smaller, around piece of bass would which I bought it. Michaels for $8. Whatever wouldn't surface you choose, make sure to get a couple extra scratches is to practice on. You will also need a pencil and a few pieces of paper as well. A something called graphite transfer paper, which will be super helpful and transferring your design to your wooden surface. 3. Drawing and Transferring Your Design: Now it's time to decide what we want. Our Woodburn danged look like it's always helpful to do a few sketches before diving into the design. You can write out a simple word in nice lettering or draw simple shapes or go for something more decorative. Whatever direction you decide to go in, try not to get too ambitious with this first project. A simple design will take last time and allow you to really focus on technique began by tracing around. You wouldn't object on a piece of paper so that you know how large to make your design. If you need to take two pieces of paper together, feel free. If you're going for symmetrical design like I am today, that's helpful to divide of your page and just quadrants. So your design is evenly proportioned, then have fun drawing. Remember, try to keep things pretty simple, since ultimately this will be a wood burned image and not a pencil drawing. Okay, I encourage you to share a picture or scan of your drawing in your class projects so we can all follow along with what you're working on. Once you're happy with your design, use your graphite transfer paper between your drawing and your wooden surface. To transfer your design onto the wood, place the graphite side down, drawing on top and trace over firmly with your pencil. - Okay , now your design is transferred. You've gotten a little practice with your wood burner and you're ready to would burn your design there. 4. Woodburning Your Design: Now that you've practiced on your scrap wood and gotten a feel for your wood burner, you're readyto would burn your design. It's helpful to have an extra piece of scrap wood next to you while you're working in case the tip of the tool needs to be cleaned or you want to quickly practice something or adjust temperature. Begin what burning your design, working slowly and carefully. If you accidentally burn an incorrect line, go with it. Make it a part of your design. All art is in perfect anyway. Be sure to take breaks as needed. It can be tempting to try to get a whole project done in one sitting, but your work will benefit from taking a few minutes away from that now and then. I like to give my whole design one pass over the entire surface. Then, once I have everything laid out and burned once, I can go back and make some areas a little darker, or fill certain areas and enjoy the process and poster in progress and finished would bring pieces in the classes. I look forward to seeing them okay, 5. Practicing: before we get down to our project, I know you're probably itching to break out this new tool. Turn on your wood burner and allow it to heat up for a few minutes. Be sure to carefully read the instructions of the specific wood burner you've chosen as they are all slightly different. Once your wood burner is heated, you can practice making marks with it on your scrap material. You'll notice that the more slowly you draw darker, your marks will be. The quicker you draw, the lighter they will be. Play around. Have fun getting to know the materials, okay? 6. Finishing Touches: thank you so much for taking intro The wood Burning. I hope you've enjoyed learning this new skill. Once you've completed your project, please upload a nice picture of it, so we can all admire it. I also love seeing Woodburn products in their proper function, like a cup holder supporting a coffee mug or a hand lettered sign hanging on the wall. So feel free to share these kinds of images to If you have e, can't wait to see the variety of creative work you'll be sharing. If you're really hooked on this wood burning stuff, and you'll probably enjoy my more advanced class, which covers some more complicated wood burning techniques, I should be posting it in the coming weeks. So go ahead and give me a follow here on skill share and you be able to see when it goes life once again. Thank you so much for Ticketless class on. Look forward to seeing your book