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Interior Design: Tips & Top Trends of 2022

teacher avatar Zubair Hoque, Director at DesignbyZH

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Shaker Kitchens


    • 3.

      Power of Two-Tone


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      Media Walls


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      The year of Greige


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      Bathroom Lighting


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About This Class

Hi everyone and welcome to another interior design class.

Today I'll be going through popular interior design trends of 2022, which you can apply to your own homes along with the various do's and don'ts with each of them. I'll be covering things such as:

- shaker kitchens

- tonal contrast

- media walls

- the year of greige

- bathroom lighting

I'll be demonstrating these in action using some of my own designs and a small selection of other examples.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zubair Hoque

Director at DesignbyZH


Hi, my name's Zubair and I'm a 6th Year Architecture student in the UK, currently studying for my Masters Degree.

Alongside my studies I've worked formally in the design & construction industry which is required to become a fully Chartered Architect as well as maintaining 2 YouTube channels (ZH Architecture & Travel + Zubair Hoque Cars) where I've picked up skills in video creating and editing.

I have also been a professional racing driver competing up to an international level and up to categories such as Formula 3.

On this channel I will be sharing with you a lot of the skills I've learnt as a result of doing all of these things.

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1. Introduction: Hi ladies and gents. My name is, and I'm an architectural designer here in the UK over the last year or so, if managed to work on quite a range of different projects, from new build homes to very bespoke residential extensions. And that's both on the external designs and recently a lot more on the interiors. I'm based in the Northwest in Cheshire, bought my projects range from kind of near where I live to kind of follow the way down near London, whales, Scotland, and more recently some very exciting projects across the pond. Over in California. I worked on a range of different spaces for you. You've kind of box standard living room to large open plan kitchen living dining spaces, bedrooms, officers, formal dining areas and so on, from varying scales as well, from really small stuff to really granted stuff. You want to check out various projects that I've worked on last year or so. I'll leave the links either waiving about both overload, linked to my Instagram, where you can see kind of a range of those projects into my website, the, we can get a bit of an idea of the design style that I worked for them. Now having worked on a variety of different projects. And there are a few key design trends and styles that have noticed that I get asked to do quite a lot. I'm noticing becoming more and more popular, especially as we go into 2022. That's enough waffle for me. So let's jump straight into the first design style of 2022. 2. Shaker Kitchens: Number one for me is in the kitchen area, and here's a particular style of kitchen, and that is the shaker kitchen. Now if originally you'd see this more as kind of like a traditional layout rather than, let's say, a contemporary looking kitchen. Depending on how you kind of pair the color schemes, the certain design aspects, and especially the lighting. You can actually blend traditional with modern. And I feel like that's now the sweet spot for 2022. Trying to keep some aspects of traditional which has now those cozy, homely feelings. Then we've got modern twist to kind of keep things looking. 21st century. Love the Open Planning kitchens they've been doing over the last few months have involved and shake her style kitchen. What I actually mean by Shakespeare kitchen. So that's where you've got some intricate detailing on all the cabinet tree, right down to even the type of handles that you've gotten the way that the cocoa rich framed, the type of skirting that you see. And sometimes even the coping as well on the top of the units. Now for me originally these were a bit when it first came into trend as first I'd seen them. It was a bit kind of like farmhouse style, very traditional looking at the floor and was usually kind of like a park head or like I wouldn't hold him fluorine. And personally, that wasn't for me. I didn't really like that. However, when you pair, let us say the traditional detailing book with more modern Florida for example, like a marble or a large format porcelain. And then match that with, let's say the kitchen countertop have like a veined marble for example. Those are two kind of like quite modern design styles. When you pair it with something that's a bit more traditional and blend them together. And they do look quite good. Been asked to do a lot of that quite lately, and I'm not surprised this is kind of a winning combination. Now for me when I designed a lot of Shaker style kitchens, I take my inspiration and approach from Tom Holly. And you may have heard of them. They're quite popular kitchen company here in the UK. And I feel like they were kind of like the OG when it came to kind of blending traditional shaky kitchen, making, really, really contemporary. 3. Power of Two-Tone: Design trend number two. This is still to do with the kitchen area, so it ties in quite nicely. Now previously just talked about pairing the right materials to go with a traditional kind of Shakespeare kitchen to bring it up to more of a contemporary look and feel with the second trend, but it's kind of going with two tone look. Normally the safe option when you do your kitchen, your standard kitchen cabinet tree, and then you most likely going to have breakfast bar and Ireland unit. The cabinet trees usually all in one color. But what I find works quite nicely now is to actually separate the, the island to the rest of the cabinet tree in the kitchen kind of use a different the home of the same color just to differentiate between the two spaces and what that actually does. So let's say for example, you went with a different tone for your eyelid unit. That actually highlights and frames the island away from the rest of the space. And the Dwyer I like to design is when I walk into any room or when I walk into any room or any space, each area should have a focal point or where your eye is drawn towards, and that is your weld factor piece. Usually when doing a kitchen, normally drawn too, That's a really nice wall unit. Usually looking at the island. We want to get as much focus and drive and attention on the island as possible. And I'll show you some examples of kind of where I've done this quite a lot in general, I think I will always do a bit of a two tone. It keeps things a bit more interesting and it just looks so much better. I think. An example where kind of middle of last year I did a Shakespeare kitchen, things like sage green. Don't think I did a tutor. It still looks great, but I'm biased. But I think if we'd gone with kind of let us say a different tone of green or maybe in a different color altogether. I think that would have highlighted the island area a bit better. Now if the space you're working with doesn't actually have space for an island or you don't have an island, you can do a split two term between your base units and you're kind of more units for that kind of blend. I wouldn't go to drastically different. I'd keep it quite subtle. Maybe a few shades lighter, a few shades darker. Depending on what kind of depending on what color you've gone with. 4. Media Walls: Design trend number three. The media will. We're seeing these all over the place now there's so many different ways of doing it. You can go as simple as you want or you can go as crazy with it as you want. I've been fortunate enough to work on completely varying different types of media roles, right? From really small rooms where you don't want something to plotly or something too in your face, because you simply don't have The room to work within. And then on the opposite scale, worked on some really, really big overplan spaces where you do need something a bit more in your face, something that covers an entire kind of like 567 meter long walk to kind of get the desired effect. Let's start with the basics. You're very, very easy, simple meeting wall. It's usually like a studied wall that's kind of built out from wherever wall that you're working with a year living room or you open plan kitchen living space, you'll then punch a hole in it too. How's your TV, however big beak and then usually below what most people are doing and why do quite a lot of is to fit kind of like a flush fitting electric fireplace. I think is if you're doing a medial wall, I think you do need two elements to it. I don't think if you just did the TV, it looks a little bit boring and I feel that's why people aren't doing those electric fireplaces. Boy, he doesn't have to mean electric fireplace and you can have cutouts for either display items, flowers, vases, like a series of candles, and to kind of replace the idea of having a fireplace that if you're working with kind of like a squarish room or rectangular room. So basically, you're not an open plan space if it's in your living room, for example. I do find that if you can do something water walk, that becomes the statement pieces come to the focal point with the room. I've worked to lean towards doing something like that. Again, if you've got kind of again, if you've got the space to work with him, because the last thing you want to do is if you've got small room, then you're building out further into it, you're just going to make them even smaller. For a few minutes, you've got some decent proportions to work with. I'd usually go kind of wall to wall. Inside of your TV, have your wall niches for you to know. Objects, vases, photo frames, or if you don't like you, any members of your family itself. Something else that now you know, the more warming issues and design details you have. And it gives you more scope to kind of play around with some lighting. Which lighting the key part really, when it comes to immediate wall itself back on Moody hotel ambiance which most people wanted to go focus. Who doesn't want to be staying in a nice hotel every single night of the week. And then instead of just painting that studied War, I like to use different materials, different textures materials. What's really popular at the minute, the initial clustering, you're not just limited to that. You've got textured wallpapers now there's look really, really good. Or if you want to be really extra and you've got the cash, go the whole hog and do large format marble slabs. Which kind of create that wow factor in your face, kind of Phi. But if, if that's what you're looking for and you'd be surprised a lot of people are looking for that. Trust me, I know. But the thing with doing really nice Media wall, as I said, it becomes the focal point of the room. And then you don't really need to focus on every little final minute detail of the rest of the room. Because when either you or someone walks into a room, you've only got one pair of eyes. It kind of drawn to the first kind of in your face while thing. And if it's a living room, it should be your media wall. There might be corners of the room that you just don't like. Every single house is different. We don't all get started with a blank canvas. So if you were able to kind of shift focus away from, let us say, the areas of the room that you're not surprised of shifted to the area where you've spent the time to money into designing it and getting it just right and styling it right. You've done a good job. 5. The year of Greige: Now this won't be an interior design video if I didn't talk about color palettes and tones. Now, not going to bore you to death on color theory and things that even I die actually a 100% understand why and we'll talk about is the color palette that is kind of was dominating the tail end of 2021. And I feel like it's gonna go straight into 2022, excel because it looks really, really good. And so this is the year of grayish. What the heck is grayish? Now if you're anything like me, labia, inspiration and you'd get obsessed. It houses in interiors. Probably get your inspiration from Instagram. For other people might be Pinterest or Google images or whenever you have noticed a lot of homework counts kind of had these gray monochrome color schemes running throughout the whole house. And again, I'm not surprised that they did because it looks really, really good for the most part. But now we're getting into that stage where we're trying to add such a kind of earthiness. Can't say that word, earthiness and some warmth into our homes. So the easiest way to do that is to start with the gray. Got some page sprinkled IN, see what the end result is. One thing a lot of it's to do with your base kind of war finish rather than your plain white walls. You'd go with. I work with a lot of foreign born paints and the two that are most common in the last couple of months. I think it's elephants breath and skimming stone. I think it's those time I've made those two names of the dual have funny names, but those are the two wave about, those are the two that I'm seeing quite popular in the minute. The thing with that, like a good basis for any kind of group. And because it's quite neutral still, because it's effectively still a gray. It means that it pairs with different colors. So depend on your cushion of the sofa colors. You can actually introduce a range of other different kind of supporting colors and it wouldn't look weird or a giraffe. 6. Bathroom Lighting: The final interior design trends that I'm noticing a lot of and doing a lot of kind of in my own practice is the power of lighting in bathrooms. I think we've all spent enough time and really nice hotels. And as a no, feel like me put work into really nice fatale sweet. First thing he do is also checkout and bathrooms. See how nice it is. And what we're doing is actually we want to bring that kind of really nice hotel suite bathroom buy into our own homes. Usually the way that these really nice hotels do it, as well as using your high gloss finishes with marble flooring model tiles on the floor, the walls, etc. It's also a writing. This is why you need a very, very good electrician on speed dial. If you get the lighting right in a bathroom, just works wonders, right from all the LED Strip profiling that you might be doing if you've got a false ceiling or edge recessive ceiling, doing real nice, right? Lighting around the perimeter. You might frame elements on the ground, elements on the wall. Even the actual toilet itself, doesn't matter on the size either. You can still achieve the same effect by kind of how you pair those materials with the lighting and how you frame them, because you can have a nice material in the world, but if you're not framing it in light to get up in the correct manner. You've wasted money there because you're not doing that material justice. And it works the other way as well. You don't need to spend an arm and a lake on William materials getting the fanciest, getting a fancies Marvel out there. There's lots of imitation materials out there. Lots and lots of very well-priced materials that look good if you lie them up good. Anyway, there you have it, ladies and gents, my top five interior design trends of 2022.