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Instant Cardistry: The Art of Artistic Card Shuffling

teacher avatar Elisav Bizau, Close Up Magician, Cardist, Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1. Introduction


    • 2.

      2. Playing Cards


    • 3.

      3. The Boomerang Card


    • 4.

      4. The G Fan


    • 5.

      5. The Spread Fang


    • 6.

      6. The Graffle Fan


    • 7.

      7. The Middle Pop


    • 8.

      8. The Cross Production


    • 9.

      9. Rotator


    • 10.

      10. Faro Diamond


    • 11.

      11. Ending Words


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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to cut a deck of cards in an artistic manner, throw playing cards in a beautiful way, basically do things with playing cards that look like ninja skills? 

Welcome to Instant Cardistry. The place where you will learn 8 beautiful flourishes (ways of moving one or more playing cards in an artistic manner) which you'll be able to start doing in just a few minutes of practicing.

Actually, I'm kidding. It'll probably take you a few days hahaha. But it'll be worth it. A LOT. You know how many gurls I got doing this c@rDi$trY? Exactly zero. But that didn't stop me from showing off my skills to every gurl and entertaining her. 

Entertaining people is so beautiful. You know what's even better?! Entertaining yourself. 


Cardistry is so therapeutic because you can do it everywhere, anywhere and it'll take your mind off things. Silence the monkey mind. Senpai-sama gives cardistry an A+ in thoughtfull habbits.

Senpai-sama also recommends me anime to watch. He's very cool, so we should trust him!


- - - - - - - - - - - 



Fontaine Cards:

Riffle Shuffle:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elisav Bizau

Close Up Magician, Cardist, Creator


Yo, my name's Biz and I love magic, cardistry and breathing. Breathing is the best, isn't it?

I've been practicing, playing and studying to become a magician for over 13 years now. I have had shows and lectures in Paris, Stockholm, London, Bratislava and Madrid, sharing with other magicians and enthusiasts my ideas and creations. I have been publishing original material since I was 15. Have worked with companies from Europe and USA (such as PenguinMagic, VanishingInc, Theory11 and more).

From 365 Drawings a Day and 10.000 verses in a month, to 365 Hours of Magic, I love creating projects that test the limits of my creativity and dedication. Born in Baia Mare, ever since I was 17 I have been traveling around Europe teaching card magic to other magicians. I believe that peo... See full profile

Level: Intermediate

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1. 1. Introduction: Hi guys and welcome to SIM card history. In this course, we're going to be looking at eight different flourishes, which are perfect if you're just starting out. And if you're not a beginner and you already know that a card history, these moves are surely going to fit in perfectly inside your repertoire, moons. So rubber deck, and let's get started. 2. 2. Playing Cards: Hi guys. My name is because I've been acquired this for the past 11 years when I picked up the first deck of cards and I tried doing that. Surely cut, which at that point seemed like the most amazing Move I've ever seen in my life. You cannot imagine how much it actually took me to make a shoddily a cut. And now 11 years later, we find ourselves together. And this beautiful course. Isn't it? Wonderful. So, grab a deck of cards, preferably a poker playing cards. If you don't have a poker playing card deck with, but I'm sure you do. But if you don't, let say you don't, any cards work is just going to be a bit, a bit trickier for you because they have different shapes and mostly you do everything with these beautiful poker playing cards. I would advise against using a bicycle DAG, but most of you guys who are going to have a bicycle deck and bicycles are what are used for years. So excuse aliens, you know. But then all these cards showed up, you know, there's Joe is now gets there's AS full turns. Is anyone decks Fanta index, you know, all of these car industry specific decks, law to sin handshakes, co-ownership, Dutch. I'm going to link you guys in the, in the description. Check out all these decks. And these are really nice for car ownership because they help you do packet cuts. They helped you do fans. They look prettier and so on and so forth. But the bottom line is, you just need a deck of cards. So grab a deck of cards and let's get into it. 4. 4. The G Fan: Why? Here it's not that easy. 5. 5. The Spread Fang: Why, you know, why 6. 6. The Graffle Fan: Why? Now it's not that easy. 7. 7. The Middle Pop: Yeah. Not much. 8. 8. The Cross Production: Why? Why not? Why not? So why not? Why? 9. 9. Rotator: Why? Why not? Why? Why? Why not? Why not? Why? Why not? Why not? Why? If not? Why not? If not? Why not? Why? Why not? 10. 10. Faro Diamond: Why? Why? It's not that easy. 11. 11. Ending Words: So we've arrived at the end of this course. Thanks very much for being with me up until the end. If you have any problems doing any of the flourishes, Be sure to drop in all feedback and in the skill share down there. And I'm really looking forward to your guys projects. Hit me up there. And I'll see you in the next course.