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Instagram Stories 101: How to create your first story!

teacher avatar Sílvia Pinho, Social Media Manager & Online Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How to post


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      What to post


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      Stories "hacks"


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      How to save


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About This Class

Video is a growing trend in marketing.
In 2020 (and beyond) - you gotta be on video. There's no way around it.

But I get you. I know how intimidating it can feel to sit in front of a camera to record a long-form piece of video content - and the good news is: you don't gotta do it!

Instagram stories not only are short and sweet (making them much less intimidating if you ask me), but they can still drastically improve your success on the platform. And bonus points: they auto-destruct themselves after 24h - so if you suck, it won't be for long!

In this class I'm covering IG stories 101 - the ground-level basics you need to know to post your very first IG story!

I actually have another class that goes a bit more in-depth about the benefits of stories, as well as the mindset you need to have, which you can check out right here.

If you have any questions about the class or any requests for future classes, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Meet Your Teacher

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Sílvia Pinho

Social Media Manager & Online Educator

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hey everyone and welcome to my new skill share class. As you can see it, sir, far in it and a very different way from my usual classes that fast because this class is all about story. This again, stories how you can do it. And really the basics of stories, because the last class I upload it, I don't know if you guys saw it. If not, I'll have it in the class description. I uploaded. It was all about stories as well, but it was mostly about why you want to show up on stories and how the types of content that you can pose. And I've gotten requests to actually go over the basic steps before that. So this class is kind of fact that step before the other class. So if you want to take this class and then the other one, again, I'll have it link and the class description. Let me know down below as well, if you have any questions that you'd like to see answered and feature classes and I can make one for you. Yeah, without further ado. Let's get on to how you can actually show up on stories, because that's what you're all here for, right? 2. How to post: All right, so how do you actually get on stories and start recording anyway? So the easiest part would be up top here if you can see it, I'll have my video editor adding a small arrow pointing to it. But up here at the top left corner you can see a camera icon. If you can just click on it, it brings you to the camera. Now let's get back to the feed because there's different options to getting to stories, and it depends on which one you prefer to use. So my favorite one is actually to just drag my finger along the screen and it's slowly chosen. The options you record the stories by weight. There's actually a bonus. Why? If you're inside your Instagram profile, you can come up here again in the top left corner and then click on story, and the stories pops up again. So it's actually pretty simple to get to stories. And now if you want to record, first of all, if you want to take a picture, you just click on this button right here and it takes a picture review. But if you want to record a video instead, you can just click on the same button and hold it while your authority. So now I would talk about something interesting hopefully, and keep on levering about. And then when you release it, you can see the video playback again. And you can see if you like it or not, or if you want to just delete it. If you want to just delete it top left corner and you discard. And now we're back to the recording screen. Now, there is actually different options for you to record. And I'm just going to run over them pretty quickly. If you just don't want you show up on camera, you actually have. You can see right here at the left hand side, you have different options for stories. So the first one is actually good. If you just don't feel like showing up on camera that they can just click on Create, a hold on. You can click here create, and you get brought up to the screen. Now, on this screen, you don't show up at all. You can just write some facts at some icon, some give some stickers, anything you want to add. You can also delete things when you're done with them, you can add donation and ask for donations. You can add your location, you can add various different things, but we'll talk about that in a future lesson. So there's actually different options right here and I'm going to guide you through really quickly through them. So there's Boomerang, which is very fine. You can, If you've probably seen this on Instagram stories, but it's those videos that keep looping. So you can just record something and it keeps on looping itself. And the rings have no sounds. So it's literally just for fun. You can take a layout photo lab is actually just for photos, which if you click on it, you get brought to different layouts and something fun that you can go. I don't know the exact uses. I don't know the exact Use of this, but you can get super creative with this. That's what I love about Instagram stories. Example, let me take a picture and looking down. I can take a picture looking up and I can think of picture printing out there. And now I have like those little storyline. I don't know what I do with it. You can add, and again, you can add different arrows, you can add, I don't know, you can do something fun with it. Basically, you can use you presume, which again, like them boomerang, it's a more fun one. Just click on it. This is the default one. So basically to record a super 0, you just click on this and will the said annual record a video, a short video of you say If I click on it, here, I am surrounded by Hertz and it's very quick. But there's actually, for example, I fight about this before this one bounce one is actually good. Let's say if you have a superior exciting announcement for your audience on Instagram, you can just say super exciting announced. And then until the next story is you can actually talk about the announcement without all of these effects are basically it's something that you can use to spruce up your stories. I don't actually use it a lot, but I just thought if that idea and thought it would be fun to share and my favorite one to use, the one that I use literally every single day is this one hands-free. He can just click on it. Whammy focuses on my face because I'm too bright. And then you can just click on this act up. You don't have to hold it anymore. And you can just stop to the camera, say wherever you want to say this is good if you have like a tripod or if you drop your phone, I usually profit either on it copies like on top of my desk or right now, propped up on my Windows cells. So you can propped it up anywhere that you want as long as you can see a little pretty face. And then you can talk about whatever you want. And once you're done, you click on it. And you brought to the stories and you can watch it again as usual. With this, you can record up to four slides, and each slide is 15 seconds law. So in total, you can record one minute at a time. So make sure you're making a good use of it because once you are done, you have to post it and go ahead and recorded again if you'd like to. Yeah, those are pretty much the basics of the basics of stories. And now let's get onto some ideas on what you get in books. 3. What to post: Alright, now I've already been giving you some ideas before on the previous lesson about different options you have in stories that let me actually give you some more ideas so far all view Instagram stories, new b's. I highly recommend in the beginning to just get appointed to talking to the camera. Because I know for some of you, you may not be used to talking to the camera. Instagram actually has his little filters that you can scroll through. I favorite ones are the ones that give you topics and give you prompts. So she just don't know what to talk about that day. You can just use their prompts and how these work. Let me find one. So this, for example, gives you random question, What should you is? You click here and hold it to record, and then you click on the screen and it will give you a question. And then you get the stories for your audience to see. I'm sorry, I'm so right by the way, I'm just buy a window and I'm his is not working. But basically, you get to record your little stories, VDS froms, and there's like these random ones. There's one about your business. There's these ones that show you what Disney character you are. So if you're empty dots, that's an option to you. You got rent Morin questions. You have this one. And I really like that's guessed the gibberish and try to guess it. I won't even try. I usually get these wrong. Or you have these little options that are unlike a good booster when you don't know what to talk about or you feel a little uncomfortable still getting up on camera. It's guilty how these backup plans to help you guide you through the beginning stages out. Like I said before, you really don't have to show up on camera. It's much, much better for your audience and you get to connect much better, but I kept it. And your first stays may just d like deepen your toes in the water and trying to understand everything you. So I highly recommend you go to the Create option right here. And you can just, and I got the message that you'd like to share with your audience. So let's say, for example, Hey guys, I'm just now getting into stories and unloving me so far. You could share something like this and then maybe ask you, pull, Do you like stories so you can see if your audience even wants to see it from you. You can. I usually what I do is I go to the emojis and I add a thumbs up and thumbs down. I think that's more fun than yes and no. And then what you can do here, remember the writing feature? You can, oops, I'm doing it in white, can do a contrasting color for the background. Let's do it a bit thicker, so it pops up a little. And then you can add hashtags, maybe hashtag stories or something that's more fitting, probably stories is that too big of a hashtag to show up anywhere, but maybe stories, newbie, I don't know if that's a hashtag. Lets figure out stories, newbie C, it's an actual option. So I would post something like this as you first stories and you can even change the color of the background, something that fits your bread a little bit better, or your mood for the day. Actually like this because it kind of matches with the hashtag and the thumbs up, thumbs down behalf very different options inside stories and is literally all up to your creativity. Like the sky is the limit with what you can do in this tool, though, I literally just encourage you to try it out for yourself. If you have little to no followers, you can easily test this out without anyone having to see it. And remember, these only stay out for 24 hours. So no matter how much you make a fool of yourself, if you don't like it. First of all, you can delete it immediately if you really don't like it, but you can't bother to limit, they will delete themselves, so don't worry about it too much. How fun, try out different things, get creative. And yeah, that's what social media is all about. We have to stop taking the pressure out of it, alright, really quickly. I just wanted to share it again, something that you can do. So let's actually go onto someone else's profile because I don't want to have my own posts here. So let's get, let's say this was one of my posts or someone else's posts that I wanted to highlight in my stories. We see right here, I'll add an arrow to it. See this little airplane icon. You can just click on it and appose to your story. And then you can, with two fingers, you can pinch it to make it smaller or bigger. I can add it to a corner. And then remember the arrow option. You get to draw an arrow or event, or the option to add gifts. You can see right here, I'll put up a narrow for it, get added gif, I usually like to search for arrow and I like this one. You can put it here. You get asked some facts, so say check it out or something you may see a lot of people do is you just search on gifts for New Post. And there's plenty of different options. So you can put this over your new posts so people can't read it without clinking and people will still be able to click on it and see the actual posts. So yeah, this is just another idea of how you can use stories to really identify the reach of your feet, bows, or to share Othello person that you follow on Instagram. 4. Stories "hacks": All right, now, I'm not one to usually talk about hacks because I usually just do it the easy way or the most common way. But there are actually some hacks that you can use for your stories, mostly for year asteroids hashtags, if you don't know, you can use hashtags in your stories as well. You can use up to ten Birth Stories. So you see me before, add the little hashtags ticker at the top. But there's actually another option to adding hashtags. So the easy one, I need to take a photo of me, they'll equate the easy line, of course, is to have the hash tag. So let's put skill share, and you can have about hashtag at the top the, let's say you want to add those Stan hashtags. You really can't do that with the hashtag sticker to let me just so that you get actually type in your hashtags x text. So what I need to add the effects, so as I just clicked on the screen and adopt up, but you can, at the top right corner you can click on the a's and it brings you up to the texts feature again. So you just right hashtag and then you add what you want to put. And you can see it's a clickable one and it will still populate right here with the hashtag suggestions. So you can put Skill Share, skill share feature, maybe sculpture class. Let's just add review for the sake of this video gives her project as one looks a bit bad because it breaks it up a bit. But basically, you can like the rest of the things you can bench. And on our approach to zoom in or zoom out, that's put there more or less this side. And right here at the top, it doesn't look that greatest, right? So the first thing you can do is you can come up to the text again. You can go to the colors right up the top and click this little eyedropper tool. And then you can choose a color that kind of blends in with backgrounds. So in this example, I will choose the color of the ceiling. And as you can see, you can't really set tell that they are there. And if I move them to this specific spot, boom, you don't see them anymore, do you? Like only if you look really closely and usually people on stories, let's just be honest, they're not paying that much attention. Let's say you want to keep them. Why would love it if you'd let me keep them white? Alright, so let's say you want to keep them white. You can just pinch them in, make them small, and then go to the gifts and add, let's say this one and it's covered. Now some people do say that this limits the reach of your hashtags, that Instagram limits the reach of your hashtags if there are too small or if they're not visible. I personally haven't found that, but I don't often use hashtags in my stories anyway. But so, so use this caution. If you can keep the hashtags visible, that would probably be best. So in this case, I would probably just keep the hashtags in a corner are down here at the bottom or somewhere where it makes sense and it doesn't look too BZ as you can see right now, there are over my white shirt and they don't really bothered the overall image at all. So yeah, uptake that hack with a grain of salt and let's get on to how you can save your stories. 5. How to save: All right everyone, where are our last lesson? And now I want to talk about when you record a great story and you want to save it for later, or you want to save it in January. So let's say I'm here, I'm recording a story. I'm talking about my business. I'm talking about a super exciting offer then want a lot of people to join our, a lot of people to inquire me about or anything else that I would like to keep living on Instagram for more than 24 hours because like I told you before, Instagram stories just slave for 24 hours. They immediately out of this track after 24 hours. So let's say I took the time to record these stories and now, and had I add this super exciting texts, and I end up spending a lot of time in these stories. I add gifts. It makes so much sense and I'm like, Oh, but now they have to disappear. So all this work goes down the drain basically say, yeah, I added a lot of stuff and it's super exciting, super fun. You can one make right here at the top. Hold on, let me draw you a narrow, you can go right here at the top and Savior stories. So what this will do is it'll save the stories to your phone. It takes awhile, I'm sorry. I should probably upgrade my phone. So now it's saved. But if you don't want it to save on your phone and you want to keep stories alive inside Instagram. But if you save them to your phone, of course you can re-share them tomorrow or sometimes what I'll do is I record the stories. I saved them on my phone and I don't post them immediately, and I'll just post them later. But if you don't want to have to post it every single day for people to see it, you can simply save them as a highlight. Now, I want to do it with this exact same stories because they were just Esther and I don't want anyone to see them outside the sculpture class. Of course, you can just go to your profile after you post those stories, you can go to your profile. And again, right here at the top you see this plus button. You click on it and you'd click story highlights. What this will do is it will pull up the archive of your stories, will actually give you some suggestions right here at the bottom. Why are all mine? Portugal? I don't know. And then let's say I want to select these three to go up on my highlight. Select which ones you want to save and you click Next, you give it a title. So like announcements, for example, announcing because I'm lazy to write it down and you can even edit the cover. You can choose one of the stories highlight, or you can click right here on you little photo icon and you can choose a highlight cover. So for this one, I'll bet me in bed if my coffee, and then once you click Done, I mean, just look this up for a second. So hopefully no one will see this. It takes a little while to load and as you can see, it now shows up and my profile and this highlights section, and that's, that's how you can save your stories for later. So whenever anyone lens on your profile, they'll see right there at the top, even before your feet boats. 6. Outro: All right, I really hope you've learned something from this class. Let me know down in the comments if you enjoyed it or what else you'd like me to do a class on? I can do anything related to Instagram or upward. Those are my two main Nietzsche's or Nietzsche's or however you want to say that word. I really enjoyed having you here. And again, like I said in the beginning, I have a class that's actually a follow-up class to this one. I did the 1 first, but it's the level of from this one. So I'll have that one linked right down in the description so you can go ahead and watch that one after. And again, feel free to request any classes that you'd like to see. I always take your requests into consideration when creating my next class. And oh, I almost forgot for your class project down below, I'd love it. If you could record a stories. It's super simple. I don't wanna make it too complicated for you, but I thought it was fitting. If I'm teaching you how to do stories, why not make the class project record some stories. So yeah, for your class project record your stories. Say hi, here's me, or record a creator stories, we just that and some fun things. And then you want to go ahead and lakes safe, right? That's a tableau. Let me put it back to you, Mike era. So you basically record the stories, you save them to your phone and you share them down in a class project to attach the video to the class frog. And yeah, that's pretty much good and be more sample. And I really look forward to seeing you guys his stories. And that's super simple, right? So you literally have no excuse not to do it. So go ahead and record your stories. Save him up at the top, attach them to the class project. And yeah, I look forward to seeing them and your class project. I'll make sure to watch them all and leave my Collins leave any suggestions that I have. And yeah, I'll see you in my next class.