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Instagram Masterclass: Grow Your Audience In 2022

teacher avatar Josh Ryan, Helping you master Instagram

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      How The Instagram Algorithm Works


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      Simple & Effective Hashtags


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      Instagrams Guide To Reels


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      How The Reels Algorithm Works


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      How The Story Algorithm Works


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      How To Hit The Explore Page


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      Algorithm Secrets


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      How To Create Story Highlights


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      Creating Content With Canva


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About This Class

After gaining millions of followers on Instagram, working with some of the top entrepreneurs on the platform and creating countless transformations over the past 7 years on Instagram Ive put together all the best tips, tricks, strategies and secrets to help you build a following on Instagram.

Inside this class you'll learn

  • Exactly how the Instagram algorithm works
  • Why you aren't growing on Instagram and how to fix it
  • The strategies I use to create content that builds true fans
  • My simple but effective hashtag research strategy
  • How to use Instagram stories

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Josh Ryan

Helping you master Instagram

Level: All Levels

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my Skillshare class. And this class I'm going to be walking you through the roof strategies that we use to grow out Instagram accounts. My name is Josh shrine and over the past seven years I've grown many different accounts across many different niches with my biggest current account, millionaire dot drain, which is currently sitting at 630 thousand followers and grows anywhere from 10000 to 20000 new followers every single week entirely organically. Now, I've also use these strategies I'm going to teach you to help clients like Russell and he be also grow their personal brands. That's enough about me. What am I going to teach it? Well, firstly, we'll start off with exactly how the Instagram algorithm works based on what the Instagram team have told us. And that's going to allow you to fix any mistakes you've made and have a really solid understanding of how it works so you can get better results. They're not going to dive into my super simple hashtag strategy that saves hours and hours of time every single week and gets exponentially better results and anything else? I'll even show you the simple tricks that I use to gain 10 thousand plus followers awake using Instagram Reels and how one of my roles even got to 900 thousand likes. Then keeping up with the viral theme, I'll show you how you can have the Explore page using your content and the fade, which again, how she again, highly targeted followers, grow your audience and generate new customers. Then we'll dive into how to create beautiful, effective content for Instagram, even if you're like me and you will horrible at graphic design, not my thing. I will show you how I do it very easily there. So for me, I look forward to helping you inside my class talk soon. 2. How The Instagram Algorithm Works: Did you know that without the Instagram algorithm and place, you would not see over 50 percent of the content posted by your favorite creators and closest frames on Instagram. At least that was the case in 2016 when the algorithm didn't exist. And considering there are so many more users since in, and so much more content on the platform, this number is probably closer to 80%, meaning you'd be missing 80% of the content posted by your closest friends and favorite creators that you want to say. And that is why the Instagram algorithm is in place to be able to sort through this massive amount of content and show users content that I really want to say. All of this information comes thanks to a blog article posted on the Instagram blog by Adam Missouri himself. Who, for those of you who don't know is the CEO on Instagram. And it's titled, shedding more light on how the Instagram algorithm works. Instagram, I should probably learn how to say that with hat stumbling. Now as tough as this news maybe to here, the Instagram algorithm is there to show uses continent, I want to say there to improve the experience we have on the app. Even though I know I've seen millions of you are not quite millions, but hundreds, if not thousands of you in the comments complaining about the algorithm hurting your range. I know it's a tough pill to swallow, but it is actually there to help. And it does this by showing people content that they really want to see, which is going to keep them on the platform for longer and make everyone happy. Users get to see better content creators who are creating that content get way more views and engagement. Instagram can run more ads on the platform. Businesses have got more ad space to advertise on, and Iran wins. And the way they do this is by using a ton of really, really fancy intricate technology, such as algorithms, as we're talking about today, which allow Instagram to categorize all the content, find what people want, and put it in front of them. Now, one massive misconception people have about the Instagram algorithm as zeta is just that one algorithm that determines how your content performance and that is simply not true. And Instagram combine a variety of different algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with their own purpose. For example, there is a specific algorithm that rank stories and fade posts and Instagram know that when it comes to this format of content, people prefer to see content from people they know like and trust. So in the feed and stories algorithm, this factor weighs heavily and the ranking of their content. How well has someone interacted with this person's account in the past. And based on that, they will rank stories and feed contents. So if a friend of yours has just made a post and you like the last 30 posts in a row over the space of the last two years. And Instagram are going to rank that piece of content really high. Even if it's a horrendous post, maybe making a joke or posting a funny photo that wouldn't be deemed as quality content. But because you have engaged with that person so often, you will rank considerably higher. However, there is also a separate algorithm which ranks content for the Explore page. And this is quite the opposite. Instagram and found that on the Explore page, people don't care as much who has posted the content and are more interested in the content itself. And the best way they can judge how interesting this content is is by taking a look at how well people have engaged with it, liking, commenting, sharing, saving, and on videos, how long they actually watch it for. So unlike feed and stories, when it comes to ranking content on the Explore page, instagram, heavily, heavily weight the engagement the posters received, as well as what the actual content is about as to how well ranks and are not as worried about who has posted from old. Oh, if you can post some content that someone who is really interested in and they've previously interacted with you, then it will help you in the long run. Now, the reals algorithm is very similar to this top prioritizing engagement and heavily pushing real. So they've got a high watch time percentage and not necessarily based off who you follow and so on. So by now you understand that there are multiple different algorithms on Instagram that each cater to different formats of content and actually provide the users with the most engaging content for that specific place that they are looking on Instagram. And because of this, I think it's worth specifically highlighting the fact that the same format of content. So say for example, an individual image posted into the feed can act differently in the feed and Explore page because of these different algorithms. So for example, if you were to post a photo of just yourself as an individual image into your feed. Chances are you will get a lot of engagement from the people who follow you, but probably not so much engagement from people who don't follow you. As, as we mentioned before. People who are highly interested in the fade as to home-made the post, not so much the content. And so if they see a photo of you, they follow you for you that are more likely to engage, however, probably weren't at the Explore page and reach new people because again, they're more interested in the content on the Explore page. So unless you're extremely attractive and you really show that off on Instagram, it's going to be hard to reach a lot of new people, just posting photos of yourself. On the flip side, by posting educational content or funny content of interesting content, you might get a lot less engagement from the people who follow you because they may follow you to see you. Not necessarily the educational posts about fitness that you're making a post about. However, this content will rank way better on the Explore page and hashtags because I'm not going to be a ton of people who are interested in learning about fitness. Or maybe you're posting about gulf and are really interested in learning about this. You'll get a lot more engagement from people who don't follow you. And this is why often some of you, so coaches are a big culprit of this is your watch my videos. You'll hear me preaching, make interesting content. Stop just posting random photos of yourself. Educate your audience. All of these things you start doing there and you start receiving less. Because your followers aren't engaging as much. However, if you stick with it and you continuously post that, you start working your way into the algorithm and you start growing faster if you stuck it there for a few weeks, a few months and used are reaching new people and new growth would just take off. Your engagement may drop in the short-term, but over the long-term, you grow much faster. And this is why main pages, motivational pages, or even like brand accounts like Barstow sports, where the main content they post is simply re-posted content grow. So far as that content are posting is designed to appeal to not only the people that follow them, but anyone interested in that niche. Someone posting motivational quotes is not only appealing to their followers, but everyone interested in motivational quotes or a main page is not only creating content that only will be enjoyed by their followers, but also anyone on the platform can enjoy it. And that is why these pages grow so fast. Although again, to come back and look at the reverse of that as I've been trying to do it throughout this video. They often don't build that personal rapport because they don't add their personal touch to it. So I would recommend adding some form of branding or your own personal touch to this content. This way your content gets pushed to a ton of new people who don't follow you and can come back to your page. But you also do a good job of branding yourself maybe to a specific niche. So you're posting funny videos and a certain niche. Or maybe you add your own commentary, or maybe you just got a really strong brand. Like for example, the Instagram account at wealth does really well at this. They built a huge following by re-posting teen 2030 motivational pieces of content every single day. But they have a really short username, a one word username. They've got a good logo. They've built the branding of their account well, and so it builds an audience with, and this is why the likes of Trevor Wallace or Gary vanish Jack do so well on Instagram, they have a huge amount of content that is super interesting to people, even if the people don't follow them and don't know who they are. But they also add an, a huge amount of themselves to the content so that people find them and then over time become a true fan that engages with everything they post. So this way they appeal both to non followers and followers. And that's that sweet spot you want to get into. The next part of the algorithm we're going to look at is hashtag. If you have a small account that you're looking to grow the beast hashtag strategy you can use as use eight highly targeted hashtags that really represent what your content and account is all about using only eight hashtags rather than 30 will give the Instagram algorithm a clearer picture of what your content is all about, rather than confusing it with too many off-brand hashtags that you are just using to fill up all 30. This will then lead to Instagram having a better understanding of your content. They can better pair up your content with the right users on Instagram, which should in theory, lead to higher engagement percentages on your posts because these people are better targeted. And in with the additional engagement, instagram will post your content out to more people. Now, after I posted that video about a week ago at the time of filming, I've had a huge amount of people reach out to me that have had small followings and have gone from getting 50 or a 100 reach on hashtags to literally getting thousands of reach from hashtags. It's been crazy. However, I have noticed that on my own larger accounts and on some of the bigger accounts that did reach out to me. Once an account has got like over a 100 thousand followers. This strategy isn't any more effective than having or 30 hashtags. And I think the reason for that is because once you get to a 100 K followers instagram, I've got so much data on your account and who is interested in your content, who is, who is engaging in it, and how long they are engaging with it. That you don't need to specifically talk to the algorithm that much because they've already got such a clear picture. However, with a small following and getting 10 or 50 or a 100 likes per post. Instagram don't have as many data points. And so speaking to them with short sharp hashtags, this is the way to go. Finally, before we wrap up this video, shadow banning and the algorithm, this is a hotly debated topic. Now, Instagram have always denied the idea that a shadow ban exists, which is 3M. People believe that a penalty is placed on your account for doing some sort of action that goes. See Instagram guidelines. As mentioned, Instagram have always denied us. However, they have come out and said that if you post content against the guidelines, then it will restrict the range of the content. This can sometimes be for a day, awake, a couple weeks. Some people have even had this go on for months, which is horrible. And there is so much evidence behind the idea of a shadow ban that I think we can all agree that it does exist. Even if Instagram don't want to officially say it. They also have a whole list of topics where if you talk about these specific ones, usually it comes under massive health claims, massive financial claims. And he vex content, lots of that stuff there, which I guess flows into the health claims. Then they are going to restrict the range of your content. Also, if you post extremely sexual or extremely violent content, this will also fall under that category, which can then get shadow band. Although I know for a fact that many times in the past I've had friends who have been shadow band wrongfully because the content was reported for say for example, sexual content when it wasn't sexual. For example, a friend of mine, Hebei, who was a fitness trainer and post a ton of content based around that, had this happen where she got shut down for two weeks for posting, I believe, and a sports bar and people reported it as sexual content or nudity or something along those lines. The two weeks who reached just dropped off a cliff and then came back. Anyway, let's take a look at what Instagram had to say about this. Because in this recent article, Instagram said the reason behind the shadow band theory is because Instagram have not been very transparent about reach and the past. So when people see a huge drop and reach, they are inclined to come up with a reasoning behind why this has happened. And they tend to fill in the gaps with thanking as a shadow ban. And Instagram had this to say, we can't promise you that you consistently reached the same amount of people when you post. The truth is, most of your followers won't see what you share because most look at less than half of their fade on Minister graph. Another thing worth mentioning is sometimes what can happen is you make a post that your audience doesn't engage with well, which lowers your ranking in the algorithm for future content. And then if this happens a few times in a row, like maybe you post three or four or five sponsored pieces of content that your audience don't really relate with each time your reach of your next post decreases. And then all of a sudden, might your riches dropped in half? Not necessarily because of the shadow ban. You didn't post engaging content multiple times in a row, which leads to your reach dropping. On the flip side, if you have a streak of great posts, your arrangement double in the space of a week because if you post five banging posts in a row that just get a huge amount of engagement in your future content will get more and more and more reach the best fix to this shadow ban, according to the CEO, had a Missouri is to give things a rest for a few days, don't post for 34, maybe even five days, and then come back with an awesome piece of content that you know, your audience will engage with. This is especially true on stories. If you let your stories expire, wait 24 hours, come back with an engaging story, like a story poets or equation. You'll get crazy. 3. Simple & Effective Hashtags: Instagram hashtags of always being confusing it the best of times and ever since the US election, they've been even more sporadic, unpredictable, and sometimes downright weird. However, it is still possible to get insane results with hashtags like this one post here on my Instagram account, which dane me over a thousand followers after reaching over a million people, a 184 thousand of which came directly from Instagram hashtags or this post here, which has only been up on my Instagram account for just who days and has already reached over 293 thousand people from hashtags and another 365 thousand. The Explore page gaining over 35000 likes and 500 new followers in the process. And that's only true days after posting, this could easily double or triple in the next couple of weeks. So in today's video, I'm going to shed some light on her Instagram hashtags work, hey, can make the most of them. The strategies that I use in pretty much pull back the curtain on everything that you need to do to get the absolute best rage. Think of this as my seven years of experience with Instagram hashtags compiled into this one video for you to watch and learn from. Anyway, let's dive into the video. Yeah, hashtags are essentially Instagram's search engine or where to categorize content so that users can easily find content that I love and it becomes easier for Instagram content to people based on the hashtags in it and what people enjoy, what people are engaging with. Because hashtags can actually push you on to the Explore page, which we'll talk about later in this video. If someone wants to find content about tennis, they search hashtag tennis. They want to learn how to grow a YouTube channel. They search hashtag, YouTube marketing tips. And this searchability on Instagram is actually getting bigger and bigger. And Instagram are constantly making updates, pushing the ability to search for content as well as creators to make more long form content. In the past, if you wanted to search for something, you would always go to YouTube or Google. But nowadays, Instagram, I'm making a big push towards having people come to Instagram to search for stuff. So being able to use hashtags correctly and the future will become much more powerful as a growth strategy. Now, with hashtags, there are two main strategies. You've got, outbound and inbound, both of which we'll cover today. But we start with unbound hashtags, which is pretty much when you're putting hashtags onto your content to generate awareness. And this branch is somewhat passive growth because you simply add the hashtags to your posts and to the caption or the first comment. There's really no difference between the toe. I've seen a lot of people run a lot of tests and there is no real difference between first come in and caption. So you don't have to asset below. As I know, a lot of people unsure on the inbound strategy is how I've got posts like this which have reached hundreds of thousands of people on one single post using a set of hashtags and it's entirely passive. Now, what you wanna do is you want to find hyper targeted hashtags that are extremely relevant to your content and the niche of your account. You also want to make sure these hashtags are the right size so that you can actually rank on them. And when you do rank on them, you get enough rage. This way. You've got the absolute best chances of ranking on that hashtag and then generating exposure and growth every time people search for that hashtag. Or sometimes you even Onto the Explore page through using that hashtag and then showing up in front of hyper relevant people. And that way, yeah, Keep in mind your hashtags have to be hyper relevant to your content and niche. Otherwise, they simply will not work regardless of the amount of engagement you're getting or the size of the hashtag. The more niche, the better you can get with your hashtags. However, there is a fine line because you don't want to go for something so niche that no one has actually searching for you want to find that balance. The reason you want to be so niche is because one of the biggest factors that I've noticed for actually ranking on a hashtag as the click-through rate people have on your content, which pretty much determines how relevant your content is. True that hashtag, a high click-through rate is a good indication that your content is relevant. Because if someone searches hashtag, Instagram tips, and you've got a carousel, for example, which is five best ways to grow on Instagram. People are highly likely to click on that post, watch through it. And that seems good indications to the Instagram algorithm to post your content higher up in the hashtag. However, if you will, a post, say a similar carousel, but for YouTube tips and you put hashtag, YouTube tips hashtag, Instagram tips, hashtag, Facebook tips. And you covered off all the social media platforms you probably would not rank for hashtag, Instagram tips or hashtag Facebook Terps, because no one searching for there is going to click on a post about YouTube tips. Instagram within noticed that people weren't clicking on this tag, and they would then take it off their hashtag, Instagram one the most engaging content that people are clicking on to go at the top of the hashtags, similar to how Google or YouTube search algorithm ranks, the content with the highest click-through rates are the ones that rank at the top. Now, here's an example of the perfect process when it comes to a hashtags in a real life situation. So you create an awesome piece of content about home ab workout and someone searches hashtag, abs work out on Instagram. They didn't see your posts pop up and maybe it's something like. Five based exercises to get a rib six back, they click on it, they consume it, they engage with it because it is hyper relevant to what I was searching for him because your content is so relevant to this hashtag. A large proportion of the people searching this hashtag will click through to your content, instagram pick up on this. They noticed that their algorithms track this. They track how people interact with your content and so on. And because of this, they rank your content right at the top. On the other hand, if you were to use hashtag fitness or something bigger and more competitive, you probably would not see the same results. Firstly, because the competition on hashtag fitness would be absolutely insane. And second, because if someone's searching hashtag fitness, they're not necessarily looking for an abs workout, which means only a small proportion of the people looking at that content are looking for your content. And in even a smaller proportion of them will be clicking through to your content, which means your click-through rate is going to be really low. People searching their hashtag are probably looking for something more generic. This dramatically decreases your click-through rate on their hashtag, means you're ranking as likely to be much lower from what I've noticed, the highest ranked post on a hashtag is often the one with the best click-through rate mixed with based retention rate. So when people click on that piece of content, do they get a positive response from it? Do they click on it? Do they watch the video? Do they swiped through the carousel? Do they read the whole caption? And do they just stay on that piece of content for a long amount of time? Or do they click on a, realize it's not for them and then click Off, which is a bad mark and the algorithm, as mentioned, it is also worth noting the competition of hashtags according to the hashtag tool that I use, fleck, which you can get a free trial of link in the description. There are a 176 thousand posts made every single day on hashtag fitness. And this includes post from the likes of Christiana Rinaldo, the world's most followed Instagram user and second base they were football player compared to hashtag abs work out, which has less than 1% of that amount of daily posts with 1700. Now, which hashtag do you think you're more likely to rank on? The one with a 176 thousand daily posts are the one with 1700 that is much more targeted to your niche. That's right. Hashtag fitness as the one you are more likely to rank on. Just kidding, obviously, hashtag ads work out will be much better in this situation. So now that you're aware of the role that competition plays and the importance of having a high click-through rate on your content. How do you actually get there? Like, how do you create content that gets a high click-through right? Now, there are two main ways in which you can increase your click-through rate to rank higher on hashtags and rank higher on Instagram and general. Now the first one is to have better targeted hashtags that are the right size for your account. And I'll show you exactly how to find these later in the video. And in the second one is to have contin, that grabs attention and people just naturally are drawn to it. This is why carousels, rails, and videos are doing so well on Instagram. Not only do they have a great click-through rate, people often spend more time on them compared to a single image. Now, the reason that these three formats of content have a much higher click-through rate than a regular image is if you go on a certain hashtag and you pull it up, you can see the entirety of that post without even having to click on it. So there's less of an incentive. It might be a photo of someone at, might be a post with some tips on it. However, if you see a video and it's like three ways to grow your Instagram. You don't know what those tips are until you actually click on it. Same with a carousel, same with the real. You don't know what the content is until you click on it and consume it, which means you are more likely to click on it and consume that content, which is why content out so well. Also, as mentioned, people spend more time on, and you can use vague, attention-grabbing headlines because you've got more time to give away the content. So it could be a big thing, had again, a 100 thousand followers on Instagram, or how to lose this amount of weight and this amount of time, or how to make this much money and then use a highly targeted hashtag. So people search the hashtag, they see the big headline that drawn to it, they click on it. So bear that in mind when trying to rank on hashtags, you need to have a strong reason for people to click through your content. I would recommend to improve your hashtag ranking as you use other really powerful images that people want to click on or use rows or videos with a good thumbnail or use a carousel with a really popping opening slide that encourages people to click on it. The two posts that I showed at the start of this video, we're actually actually single images which can still rank and hashtags as you saw. But I'm just giving you some other ideas. But how do you actually go ahead and find these hashtags now, the obvious hashtags likely jump into your head at straightaway for fitness coaches at might be hashtag, fitness hashtag, exercise hashtag, weight loss, hashtag muscle. All these big hashtags that anyone thinks or MRSA can work, like we talked about earlier in the competition on these is just ridiculous. At the same time, you don't want to use super niche ones that have only got a few thousand posts on them. No one's actually looking at them or using them, because you might rank number 1 for 30 hashtags, but no one's looking at them. So your hashtag reach might be a 100 or 200 total, which you don't want either. You want to find that nice balance. We've got those medium-sized ones. So let me jump into my screen and I'll show you how to do it. Okay, so diving into my screen, what you're going to want to do first is to create an account with flip that this tool is super safe. I've used it for years and never ever had any issues. And that's because you don't have to login with your password is actually approved by Facebook or that you have to do is simply make your Instagram account a business account, and then connect the connected Facebook account with flux. And then you should be able to bring up a screen like this. We've got the search bar and you're going to activate smart photos. And what this is going to do is it's going to look at your account, look at your average engagement. How many likes you get, how many views, how many comments, how many followers do you have? And that is going to activate smart filters, which means it's going to give you a range where they cut out the hashtags too big for your account and cut out the ones too small. Now, the size of hashtags, too big or too small will vary based on the size of your account. If you've got a million followers, the size of hashtags are we targeting will be different to if you've got 5000, then what you wanna do is put on these big keywords in your niche. Flip will show you a ton of hashtags that are in there, but fit inside your category and then you can select those. So for example, if we're using the fitness niche as an example, we can search fitness. And as you can see here, is automatically pulled up at some filters based on the average engagement of my account. So it's only showing me hashtags that are made between 0746 likes to rank on at the top. And it's only showing me hashtags with posts with 5000 to 4,052,000.2 thousand posts, which are all here. So hashtag fitness, what we're gonna do, we're just going to select the ones that are relevant. So we're going to use strike talk, fitness, edX, fit gram fitness mode. And I'm just going to pretend I'm I'm a personal trainer or something or doing this for a client that has a personal trainer hashtag, a lifetime style. Oh, that's spelled wrong. I wouldn't recommend using hashtags that are spelt wrong. Personal preference, performance, nutrition, mile run. I also wouldn't recommend using hashtags specific to a location unless you are in that location. Fitness fan fitnesses, life, and you're pretty much just going to go through and select the ones that are relevant. Desk given us a live and hashtags. Now we're gonna move onto the next keyword that we had, and I think it was weight loss. So that's going to be the next keyword that will throw in. That was one of the big ones that I think I mentioned before. So fitness progress, eight-week transformation, fat loss, how butt, and we're just gonna go through and again, select any relevant hashtags that healthy way by mainlands, low calorie diet. And we'll just keep going through these leaner weight loss account. My slot blogger. And I'm not, not rigorously looking through these, but I am then going to search another keyword. And then the last keyword will search for this because we've got 21 hashtags. You want to make sure you get up to 30 is health. And what I'm gonna do this time is just sorted by potential reach, the ones with the highest potential reach. And I want to have a look at those. So we use hashtag, health hashtag, mind, body, healthy, active lifestyle health goes health and happiness. Healthy options health blogger, healthy mindset, physical health, and that gives us 30 Instagram hashtags. Then before we finish, you're going to click audit summation. And it was going to go through and make sure that none of the hashtags or band. So sometimes hashtags can be banned, which can negatively affect your account. You want to make sure you got all 30 slots filled. One of the hashtags is a very large hashtag health. That's okay. It's okay to have one or two big ones in there. And then you're simply going to copy that the clipboard. You can also add it to a collection. So I can call this new collection and we'll call this health hashtags. And just like that, there's a set of hashtags Dan is pretty straightforward, pretty simple to use. And then all you have to do is copy collection and use that next time that you go to post on Instagram for additional rich. And if you pair those hashtags with great engaging content, that's got a high click-through rate. You're going to absolutely crush it with hashtags. That you can do this process manually. However, it would take hours computer taking minutes with flock and flickers, so much more efficient. Another feature. Instagram hashtags as are seen as like the gateway to the Explore page. You notice how those screenshots that are seen at the start like this one and this one had, they had not only a lot of hashtag rage, but they also had most of the time even more rich from the Explore page, they would all reach a hundred, two hundred, three hundred thousand people on hashtags, but there will be reaching three hundred, four hundred and five hundred thousand on the Explore page, that's often have Instagram hashtags and the explore fade work together when you tag your content correctly, Instagram display it on those hashtags. And if it performs well on those hashtags and the audience interact with a well instagram, start pushing it to more people who are similar to those who enjoyed it. And I drew this through the explore page or so we are told anyway. And based off experience, this is what happens if your content as well on hashtags. And it gets pushed to explore where it gets considerably better reaching grow. The most important thing for H0 ranking well here is again that making sure your content as hyper relevant to the actual hashtags. Because Instagram's algorithm is extremely smart. And if you use hashtags, that might be trying to be better for growth, but that's unrelated to your content. They will sniff you out right away and you weren't the hashtags or the Explore page at the end of the day, if your content is the best and most relevant to the hashtags that is on your rank at the top, which is often where people go wrong. Because at the end of the day, hashtags are a competition. You are competing for that number one spot on the hashtag, which means your content has to be better than the other people using that hashtag, which is often why you have to use smaller ones because there's less competition and therefore easier to rank on. But look at what's ranking on these hashtags and see how you can do a better job, how you can create better content. And then you learn how to do that. How to create better content than anyone else on their hashtag. You'll do better in your continent. As you grow faster, you'll get more reach not only from hashtags, but also the Explore page. So that's how you use the inbound hashtags to grow your audience and get in front of new people passively to build up your profile. But I quickly want to cover outbound hashtag growth, which is something that I've talked about and a different frame on the channel. Now this has nothing to do with posting content and everything to do with going out there on the offensive and engaging on content, put in the work and grow your audience. What you want to do is go back to those big hashtags and unique, there are too big for you to rank on and then instantly heed to the post there. And you're just going to go and engage, just go nuts on those hashtags. Engaging, liking, reply in the comments, leaving your own comments, liking people's comments and just getting yourself out there. And the idea is if you're using hashtags relevant to your niche, anyon consuming this content is likely also interested in your content. So if you can get in front of them by engaging with them where they already hanging out as a great way to drive targeted profile visits back to your profile within a few content is optimize. Your page looks gray at speaks to those people that gives them value. They will turn into a follower and eventually a loyal fan of your profile, which the end of the day is the goal. 4. Instagrams Guide To Reels: Instagram just went ahead and reveal exactly how to grow using Instagram rules. So let's take a look. So on the account at creators, Instagram went ahead and posted this reals tips for getting discovered and the roast have that in the description they went ahead and added, we're making improvements to how we recommend rails and places like the rules tab to have the best shot at Bain discovered, follow our latest best practices based on what we've learned so far. They then when he'd enlisted, six things that you should be doing to grow with rules as well as for things that you should not be doing and avoid at all costs if you want your content to be discovered in the reals feature, I guess so let's take a look at all 10 of those now and break them down at so you can get the absolute best results. The first thing they see is do post a rail that is entertaining and fun. Idolize people, grabs your attention, makes them laugh, or has a fun surprise or twist, which I've seen many times on this channel, the keto content on social media is gravitation and in give them valuable content. And this value can vary from making them laugh, making them said, teaching them something new, showing them how to do something, even just entertaining them with your music or looks even can be to some degree entertaining. There's all varies from nation to nation. Depends on what, like I said in each year on. Secondly, they say, Do poster real, that is inspiring. Ie starts a train that others can easily participate in. Pretty straightforward and useful to make something fun that can turn into a challenge. And many people can react to or duplicate or add to, try it themselves and keep it entertaining and start that trend, which can potentially help you go viral. Third, they say use creative tools like text filters or camera failings. This again, is something I talk about a lot, not so much filters or camera effects specifically, although I would say that falls into the category that I keep promoting of, make your content as engaging as possible. However, adding text to something I've talked about a lot and it's going to really help you make your content appeal to a 100 percent of the people on the platform regardless of worth that listening with sound on or without sound on. Yeah, with no, without the sound on, they will still be able to enjoy your content. Because if that listening without the sound that they can read the text and say the main points of the post. If they're listening with sound on, I can read it takes and listen to what's going on. So it just makes it appealing to more people. Tip number four is to use vertical video. Horizontal videos are typically in not as easy to recreate. Again, doesn't make sense. Making sure your video is the right size and dimensions for any social media platform is always going to help you do better and just marginally improve your content. It is going to look more native to the platform and perform better because of it. So make sure you're sizing right, and this doesn't matter whether using Instagram, Rio's IGTV, normal posts posting Youtube, tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Make sure that your content first, the right aspects and dimensions. Tip number five is to use music from the Instagram library and or original audio you create or find on Rails. Very simple. Again, something I mentioned in the video, adding trendy music or sounds to your Rails will help make them more engaging and bump up that watch time and therefore get pushed to more people. Lastly, number six is to experiment with Rose, try something new, be yourself and see what works for you. Which is a great tip that I don't think enough people go ahead and use. And hopefully after saying there's Post and there's video, you're going to do more of it yourself. Try different content style is jump on trends. Tried talking about different subjects in ITER and a slightly different way back testing all of these things out, and then look at what's working really well and double down and do more of they're all pretty solid terms, all of which I think I've pretty much covered on the channel previously. So I think they won't be a lot of new stuff, but it's good to get clarification on those six things that you should definitely keep in mind when you're creating ratios if you want to get the absolute best results. But now let's take a look at the four things you want to avoid doing at all costs to maximize your reach. And this is where some new things you're going to come into play. I haven't really talked about so much on the channel before. Fiercely, don't post blurry videos straightforward and should go without saying, make your content as high-quality as possible. If you can improve the visual and audio of your content, is going to perform better. It's as simple as that. When that means that you have to buy a ring light to make nicer videos or a soft box that what I've got here, or maybe a microphone or a camera, or even as simple as just making sure you have good natural lighting and record from your phone, from the Beta camera that you have. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Even like I just say, natural lighting, use your phone. You can create a good piece of content as long as you put in the effort to do so. This is also why re-posted content may not do as well as original content because often it is slightly lower quality. And Instagram, no, it's re-posted. Secondly, on there, No darn post content that is visibly recycled from other apps. I, II, III contains logos or watermarks, which pretty much means don't pose take talks on Instagram, which makes sense content doesn't look as good and it's definitely not beneficial to Instagram of a lot of the content has a big tick tock water markets free advertising for their competitors and. Means people can basically just gotta get, go back to Tech Talk and get the content. So there's no need to use Instagram, so it makes sense they want people to create content for Instagram Reels rather than just re-posting TikToks. Now I'm sure someone in the communist section will point out that there are a lot of videos out there that have gone viral and got a lot of views that do already have the Tech Talk watermark in them. Now I just want to point out that it's still going to be possible to go viral and get a lot of views whilst breaking some of these guidelines. But the chances of you getting the views and the total amount of views you get in general, will be decreased if you are hitting some of these negative things that they are telling you not to do. A blurry video with a tech talk watermark that is really, really engaging, is going to outperform a beautifully lit, nicely recorded reel that has no Tiktok watermark, but it's just boring and plain and no one's interested in. However, if you were to compare two side-by-side, we have got the exact same video, but on one of them you make it really blurry and you add a tech talk watermark. It is not going to do as well as the one that is without it. So I'm not saying and Instagram, I'm not saying in this poster that videos with Tiktok watermarks will get no views, but they are saying that they probably will get less fuse and that does make sense. Now through tip, don't post a real that is uploaded with a border around it. I guess this is just another limitation that putting in place to try and get people to create content inside of the app. As I don't believe you can add borders and salary app. And adding a border might make it lower quality or lower resolution. So sort of along the same line as the last couple. Lastly, don't post rails with the majority of the image covered by text. Once again, very straightforward. If the whole image is covered by text, is not gonna be as engaging as if they can see the person or the subject of the video or the real. And then there's a little bit it takes attitude. You are adding text, make sure that you do it and a responsible like good-looking manner. So there's a little bit it takes a display what the reals about, but it's not all over the screen so that it's taking away from the one interesting thing that they've added to the end of this slide about what not to do on Instagram as this, these types of Rails won't be recommended as often to people who don't follow you and places like Rails have, but they will be shown the way they always have been to your followers. For example, on your profile or in your feed. As long as they meet our community guidelines. So you can propose low quality rows or Roosevelt and breach of these four roles and they will still be pushed to your followers and your audience, which is interesting to see, but I won't be shown to new people. So if you're trying to grow your Instagram, you obviously have to get put in front of new people. And so by doing these four things are saying to avoid, you will not get put in front of new people. So make sure you avoid them at all costs. In general, all of these tin guidelines boil down to the same one that do as many things as you can to increase the watch time whilst avoiding anything that would decrease their specifics of that may slightly change over time and new strategies or pop-up new trends or come along and new styles and content may work better now or in six months run a year's time than others. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to that. 5. How The Reels Algorithm Works: Instagram just revealed exactly how the rules algorithm works. And today I'm gonna explain to you how you can use this information to go viral and build your following. After one of my rails got over 900 thousand likes and gained me tens of thousands of followers from a single pot. Now in this post to Instagram, go over how they determined which reels they show you. Signals are the absolute most important ones inside the algorithm to get your rows pushed out to more people and watch. Signals are the ones that cause them to not show your Rails to anyone and ruin your reach and so that you can avoid those things. So let's dive into this post and have a look. So diving into my screen, you can see I'm on the app creators Instagram account. And if we take a look at their recent post is titled how the ranking algorithm works on rails. And if we scroll across, again, they've made this in a video format, which makes it annoying. But our Instagram use tin slide carousels. Digital video. It's much better videos for Rails. Anyway. In order to determine which really goes to show you, we consider how likely you are to. Then there's going to be a few things will pop up on the next slide upon some videos done. Number one, watch a real all the way through. So if Instagram think that you're really interested in this content and you'll watch it the whole way through. Pretty much based off of other people similar to you watched it a whole way through. That's one of the signals that are used to recommend you content. They want to recommend content and I think you're gonna like, they want to recommend new content that you think is entertaining or funny. I would probably also add educational at the pins, how you use Instagram to how they recommend content to you. If on one of your Instagram accounts, you tend to enjoy entertaining content or funny content. They will push more of that tube if you only consume educational content. That is boring educational content and isn't interesting to other people, but you love it. Instagram will push that to you. They'll look at what you enjoy it and they'll push it out to you. And then the other factor they look at is how likely you are to go onto the audio page and make your own real. This is another cool thing. Instagram, pushing these trendy style videos that are creating trends and that people can then go to the audio and make their own row as it adds more content to Instagram. So it's good to the platform. Now, nothing here really is that mu or groundbreaking. Pretty much I recommend ratios that they think you want to watch the whole way through. High watched on percentage. Something I've been going on about on the channel that you would like, that you enjoy and that you're likely to recreate nothing groundbreaking near. But let's get into the second part. We are actually going to go over the most important factors for ranking your content, which we slide it across, again, a video. The most important signals roughly in order of importance. So number one, your activity will look at things like which really even liked, commented on and engage with a recently. So Instagram will go out there. And if you're a creator and you publish a real, instagram will find people who have liked similar rails to that. Push your real in front of them. And that's a way you can reach new people. The second thing that they are going to be looking at, the second most important factor is your history of interacting with the person who posted. So similar to the Explore page and so on and the hashtag pages, which I have covered in previous videos, they look at how often someone has interacted with you in the past. So if someone has engaged with the to10 your content, they are more likely to see or real because it shows they enjoy your content. Grammar trying to push content out to people who enjoy it. Pretty straightforward. Now the third most important factor and actually ranking Rose has information about the real itself. So looking at the audio track, the video, understanding based on the pixels and the whole frames as well as popularity. So they look at the specific real itself and they work out, you know, what's the audio track? Is it a training audio that people tend to enjoy if you're using a song, that people tend to engage with them more likely to push your reel out to more people. Because people are more likely to engage with it. They've, they've seen that as a train that if you use this Drake song that everyone loves, people, watch it. So Instagram are going to push content with that song more than content. That is what a boring soundtrack, for example. Now the cecum part they say the video understanding based on pixels and whole frames as well as popularity. Now, not sure what I mean by how frames, but with pixels, if you've got a really great low-quality real, it is less likely to get pushed out. On the contrary, if you have a high-quality looking real, you've got a nice bit of lighting. You've got a nice camera, or maybe it's just an iPhone or so on. And you can create nice looking real. You've got more chances of getting pushed out there to more people. And in popularity. So if other people enjoyed this, real chances are other people will enjoy it. Have a large group of people enjoyed it is chances are more people in that niche who also enjoy it. So as a creator looking at this, you're gonna make sure using trending music that people enjoy. You know, make sure that you have high-quality rails, both audio and visually. And then the more engagement you can receive on their reel by making it about an interesting topic, keeping people engaged, having a strong audience and follower base, that it will help you when it comes to eating, your reel is pushed out there to more people. And then finally information about the person who posted it and how others interacted with them. So as a consumer of Instagram, rails have a ton of people similar to you have engaged with a certain rail. Instagram is more likely to push it out to you because it's likely that you will enjoy it. Now, as a creator of Instagram Reels trying to get your content out there in front of more people. It is important that other people interact with you well. And that Instagram looks at your account and equality sort of light and that you have a strong trust score because information about the person could include your history on the platform. So for example, if you keep getting shadow band because you keep breaking the rules of Instagram, that is going to lower your ranking because you'll be seen as less trustworthy to put out in front of more people. Or if people don't really interact with your content because maybe it's just boring or uninspiring or low value or not that interesting. All of these things and people don't interact with you while you're less likely to get shown to more people, is kind of like with a credit card. You start out with a small credit card lemma and your ladder spin $500 and then you pay it back. And over time, you build up trust by paying back every single month, whatever your money. And eventually you might get offered $5 thousand credit limit or $10 thousand credit limit. So on my credit card company recently actually offered me a metal increase on my limit because every single month I pay it back in that builds, that might trust the Instagram algorithm as no different if you consider consistently, not considerably, if you consistently feed the algorithm what it wants to save and you consistently abide by the rules and create interesting content and nurture your audience. Over time, the algorithm will trust you more and more and more and push you out to more and more people. And you'll build and bigger and bigger audience size that can then interact with your content, which can share your content, and then get you in front of more people again. So pretty much a lot of stuff that I've talked about on the channel. And then moving on to the final part of this post is what to avoid when posting Instagram rails. So Instagram and see that we also avoid recommending reals for reasons like and then hopefully they will quickly get into what those reasons are. So low resolution or watermarked rails. So I touched on this before, have nice lighting, use a phone that's got a simple, nice Cameron and I found I use an iPhone tin that is fine by me and works well. And I've seen a lot of people creating good content with it. Don't use watermarked Oreos. I wonder who they are talking about the TikTok. So if you're re-posting Tech Talks, use a watermark remover before someone in the cone, min says that they see rails on tiktok with watermarks. This does not mean that you'll get 0 reach. But if you've got the opportunity to post a Tech Talk with a watermark or removing that watermark, you more like being more views on the one without it. So you might as well do it to improve the chances how real that focuses on political issues. So don't talk about politics on Instagram. They don't like it and hear political issues. I don't know if that extends beyond two issues that are not necessarily politics, but controversial topics as well, potentially. I'm not sure exactly. They haven't elaborated a lot there. But in general, I would I would avoid anything political or that we or any of those major issues, especially if you've got a negative view on them. And so you're gonna, I'm gonna like that, just focus on who your niches for your audiences and create valuable content for them. You don't have to go out there and get polarizing about politics to build an audience. Just focus on understanding who your audiences show up for them. Create interesting content. Leave the politics out of it. If you're trying to grow. If you've already built a massive audience and you've already got a massive income and you're not worried about going viral with reals, then go for a share your opinion. If that's what you value, pushing your opinion out there, overgrowth, then go for it. But if you're trying to grow statewide from a rails that are made by political figures, parties, or government officials. So just send a few watching this. Yeah, you're not gonna get much rage on, on Instagram row sum, sorry about that. But STM sit, it is a bit weird. I guess. I don't know why that is. I can understand why they wouldn't push potentially controversial content made by political figures. But I still would have thought that if a politician wanted to create something, spreading positivity or informing people, or even asking for the opinion of people. I would have thought that Instagram would have let that go out there, but clearly not so, yeah. And that is all of the things that they avoid recommending. So watermarked content posts about politics or political issues. I am sure that extends across a few different industries, as well as any content made by political figures. Now, there are also other things that they don't recommend that like for example, if you are making massive health claims, you swear a lot, there is a lot of nudity. You potentially could get restricted, especially to people who haven't selected, allow under the sensitive content control toolbar, whole range of things that you want to avoid. In general, most of the things to avoid are common since the ones I've added here are ones that might not be so common sense, which I guess makes sense in general, they're not going to recommend rails that are engaging or that aren't getting a high watch time. As we saw on the previous slides about the important signals. Some of the most important signals as just people engage with your content. People who enjoy it, they push it out to more people to break down pretty much everything seed in this Post. It is don't use watermarks, don't talk about political issues. Create content that is as engaging as possible. So good lighting, good audio, interesting topic, valuable insight. Find a makefile will laugh and serves your target audience. And just go and put it up there. And if you can do that, and you can do that in an engaging, captivating manner, you'll get a lot of rich with Instagram. 6. How The Story Algorithm Works: Instagram just revealed exactly how they rank story content and this huge new update they just posted to the blog. Now this section, Kevin, both feed posts and stories. However, in this video, I'll be picking out just stuff relevant to stories so you can get the best understanding of had a bigger increase your story views, ranking and reach. So you'll see, I'm going to walk you through the process of the algorithm. And Dean, we will dive into how to improve your ranking. Now as with any algorithm, there are a couple of different phases. First we have candidate generation and this is where Instagram look at the certain constraints and collect up all of the content they could show to a user. Put this in a big pile really to rank from best to worst, telling me show user and this situation, candidate generation as simple, Instagram, simply create a big pile of Instagram stories posted by people that you follow. Now the second phase is known as ranking. This is where they didn't rank that content that they've collected up from best to worst based on a handful of different signals to the NBA I were to show you so that an ideal world, the front of your Instagram stories, the ones that you are most likely to see as the content you are most likely to enjoy. So you didn't consume it. You spend more time on the platform. And Instagram are happy. You are happy, the creators are happy. Everyone wins. And in the third phase is called rendering with I simply show this content to you so they collect all of the content, they rank all of the content, and then they put it into your feed, your stories fade, et cetera. Now the only real part you need to focus on here is the second phase, which is the ranking of this content so that you can look at what signals you need to rely on to improve your ranking in the system. You can't really change Rendering because it's just simply putting into place the actions of the ranking. And you can't really change the first part because that's just people collecting all the data. So the main part to focus on here is looking at the signals to improve your ranking so that you can show up higher and your followers feed, receive more story views, get more engagement. And in that's going to help you grow your audience and the long run, because people will see your brand more often, that will build a stronger connection with you. And that's all around going to help you with both growth and monetization. And this all comes down to signal, essentially, they are the way that people will react to your content. And in Instagram, track those reactions to justify how much they enjoy your content to then whether they should show it to them future more or less. Now, there are literally thousands of these signals. However, when it comes to stories specifically, there are two really important ones that Instagram talked about now, the first signal that they take into account when ranking stories is information about the story itself. Now when it comes to stories, the main information they are looking at is how recent is the story. The more recent is, the further forward they push it in the FE, another piece of information I look at as the engagement on the store. So for example, if you include a story poll on your story and people vote on it a lot more than usual. We'll see that as a positive indication. And they will push it out to more people and they will rank at high. This also means if you get a lot of story replies or you use a question stuck at and get a lot of people voting on it, or you post a video and people watch the video the whole way through instead of skipping forward on it. Or they watch it, they go back, they watch it again. These sort of little indications that show Instagram people are enjoying the content. That is the first thing they look at as to how high their rank this content. Now, the second major signal they look at is information about the person who posted, and more specifically, the relationship the user has with that person. Basically, this is where Instagram look at a person's account and work out based on a ton of different social signals, how much that person likes your account and in ranks your content and their feed according. So if we step back from being a creator and take a look at this from a user's point of view. If you follow to a 100 people and 100 of them have posted stories, instagram will then work out which of those accounts you like the most and which of those accounts you like the least. And they will likely rank it from favorite account to least favorite account and every single one and 20. And then this will be one of the major factors when ranking stories. So for example, if your number one favorite account posted a highly engaging story that people reacted to, well, that is going to rank number one. And then maybe the second spot might be a piece of content that wasn't very engaging, but it came from your second favorite account. And in the third spot, and your stories might come from an account, you don't really engage with that much, but their recent story was extremely engaging based on the responses from other people. And so you sort of get where I'm going here. It's made up of a combination of these two things as well as a ton of smaller ones, but these are the main toe. Now this second signal of how well a user likes your account is not specifically about stories, but more about your account as a whole. If you improve the quality of the relationship between you and your audience, your stories and failed posts will get ranked higher. And if aid received more engagement and get pushed out to more people, both who are following you and who aren't. One great way to do this is to make sure you always engage back with your audience and spark conversations, whether that be in the comment section or in a DMZ, the more back and forth with your audience. The more signals that seems to Instagram, as well as the bidder, the relationship you have with your true fans and followers. And therefore we high you're going to rank in their feeds according to this social signal. Now, as mentioned, based on how well your content performs on these two main factors will determine where you rank and someone's Instagram story. And obviously, the higher you rank in the fade, the more views you will get from people. Because people may usually works, Let's say the first 10 or 20 stories and then maybe after that, that done. And occasionally they'll watch all of them if they're really bored. But in a general sense, if you're not ranking towards the top, your content may not be saying, which is the whole point for this algorithm. Only going to look at 20 or 30 percent of the stories. Instagram want to show the most interesting or most enjoyable 20 to 30 percent of stories. Now the more positive these factors, the more Reach you'll get on your content, the more negative these factors are. So people not engaging with your content or people who aren't really interested in your profile, the list Rachel, good. So unless case based off of this new information from Instagram, the main two things you can do to improve your rankings is firstly, creating more engaging stories. So create stories that people watch, can show back and then watch again. Create stories that people reply to. Create stories that people vote on a story Paola story quiz, a slider where people can react to it, and so on, as well as improving the relationship with your audience, which generally just comes down to bitter relating to them, better serving them with interesting content and going above and beyond, if you nail those two things, not only will your stories rank high up, but so well at your feed content, instagram has said that in the past they've limited the reach of stories who are sharing other people's content as opposed to creating content on stories. The reason behind this, as I said, that people prefer consuming content from stories there. Credit. So if you take a photo and post it, people prefer that compared to you sharing some analysis part. However, this is supposedly no longer the case as I wanted to make sure their posts that were sharing social issues or current events. We're not limited and rage. However, in general, I would say leaning towards creating more original content on your stories is always going to be beneficial. Now the final part of the story algorithm is what's known as the penalty. Our Instagram recently stated in this, we always want to lean towards living people express themselves, but when someone posts something that may jeopardize and other person's safety, we step and we have community guidelines that apply not only to feed and stories, but to all of Instagram. Most of these roles are focused on keeping people safe. If you post something that goes against our community guidelines and we find it, we take it down. If this happens repeatedly, we may prevent you from sharing and eventually we might suspend your account. They followed it up with this, another important case to call out as misinformation. If you post something that third party fact checkers label is misinformation, we don't take it down, But we do apply a label and show the post lower and feed and stories. If you've posted a mess information multiple times, we may make all of your content harder to find. So read through the terms of service. Don't break the terms of service and don't post absolute waffle or things that could be deemed as wrong, misinformation, exit are, and that there is a bunch of new information on how the Instagram story algorithm works. Focus on improving the response from your audience whilst not breaking terms of service. And you'll improve your rankings over time, increasing your range, improving your engagement and bettering your growth. And the process. 7. How To Hit The Explore Page: Today I'm going to show you exactly how to have the Instagram Explore page and 2021 based on facts we've learned from the Instagram press releases as well as years of experimenting with the algorithm for myself and my agency. Now, according to Instagram, the Explore feed is designed to be similar to the home feed, where they show you creators who post content you might be interested in based off what you're already interacting with. On Instagram. The idea of this being a show users content they're likely to enjoy potential creators that they may discover and the love. And that's going to keep people on the platform for longer, meaning they can show more ads and make more of a profit. Now the Explore system itself is what's known as an unconnected recommendation system, meaning that Instagram are forced to create recommendations from people that you do not follow. So there is no prior connection with the accounts you are being recommended. The wider it works is I first get all of the potential content that a user may be interested in. So if you follow a ton of different Gulf pages on Instagram, and so we're going to go ahead and grab all of the content on Instagram. That's about golf. Now, after the first phase is complete, which is called candidate generation, we move on to the second phase, which is called candidate selection. And this is where Instagram takes a big pile of contin, and I rank it from best to worst. And the way they rank this is based off engagement and the actual content itself. Now, the exact ranking this content from best to worst, is going to vary for each individual user. So you can have all the Gulf content here and it might be ranked slightly differently for different golf fans. For example, let's say one user engages with a lot of Instagram Reels. They're going to be shown more Rails higher up their feet of someone else responds better to carousel posts and program will rank the carousels higher for that person is all individually tailored and no to explore foods are exactly the same. The ones Instagram have grown older content. I've ranked at best to worst for that specific user. They even go ahead and do the third phase, which is known as rendering, where they simply show this content to the end-user. How does all this information help you, a marketer, rank better and show up in the Explorer fate. Now, to best use this information to help you rank, let's take another quick look at those three stages and see what parts of it you can control and what parts you can't control. This will allow us to find out what you can actually use to rank bidder and the Explorer fate. So the third stage rendering, there's nothing you can really do here. This is just the process of Instagram putting the content into people's fades. There's nothing really that you can influence it. A fifth stage candidate generation, again, there's nothing really you can do here. This is just basically means that there is a niche. So as long as there are people interested in your nature, you are posting content about. Again, is nothing that you can really do to positively or even negatively influence this phase, which means the one and only part you can focus on is the second phase, which is known as candidate selection. We're Instagram tags, the big pile of content that they can potentially show a user on the Explore feed and ranks it from best to worst, you will go. And the thing that you can have influenced the over is we're Instagram, rank your content. You should be trying to make your content so good that Instagram rancor right at the top of the pile and push it in front of your target audience for you to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people per week here. But once again, we have to ask ourselves, how do we actually do that? How do we get it to rank right at the top? Well, like I said, and many videos on this channel so far, you need to be focused on creating the absolute best content and your niche better than anyone else. If you can make better content than anyone else in your niche, it will outrank all your competition. And the candidate selection phase, instagram will put it at the top of the pile and anyone who is interested in your niche would likely at some stage would be presented your content, assuming you continue to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And I can get shown to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, if not tens of millions of people every single week bargain what makes great content? Now, according to Instagram and a recent blog post that I published, direct content based both on positive and negative factors. Positive ones being likes, comments and Saljuqs, and negative factors such as not interested or safe your personas. Interestingly, there is no mention whatsoever of shares. Now, maybe she is, she has no impact on the algorithm and are simply a way to get your content in front of more people. So, yes, it might mean that you get sheared to their audience, which is great and will help you grow really fast, but it may not push you inside of the algorithm. And I, she have had some people reach out to me and say that they ran a bunch of tests with I used a bunch of sheers and told the audience to share posts and told them to like other posts and actually found no benefit to the shears. So that would actually mean that this point is actually quite true and interesting. They also didn't mention anything here about watch time, although we know for a fact that Instagram are tracking how much time someone spins on a piece of content, whether it be how long are watching are real? How long are looking at an image or watching an IGTV video. They didn't mention it in his blog, but they have said in the past, so they do track that. So the higher your watch time and the high decision time on that piece of content is also very important for ranking. So the more you increase your engagement and your positive ranking factors whilst simultaneously decreasing the negative ranking factors, the bidder your content will rank and the Explore feed. And eventually if you get very good at this, you will be ranking right at the top. And I know this is much easier said than done. But what this means is you should be doing a lot of testing and a lot of constant improvement and Bitumen of your content. Test certain styles, two topics, certain aesthetics, all of these different things that could potentially lead to creating bidder, more engaging, more enticing content. On top of this, learn from other creators and your nation. Look at what other accounts in your niche or doing well, what's getting them a lot of engagement allure of reach, and see what you can take from that to then add to your content. Then over time, you'll find out what's working really well and what's working not so well. And you can do more of what's working and a list of what isn't. Now, one other factor that we haven't talked about here is Instagram could potentially be limiting your account. So even if you're posting the most engaging content, you could be getting limited, which would avoid you showing up right at the top. 8. Algorithm Secrets: Instagram algorithm as a weird and wonderful thing that can help propel your account forward to massive growth and engagement, reach, and income. But so many people nowadays struggled to understand it and use it to the benefit. These all of these people making videos about how to hack it and had a game and how to do all these little gimmicks and tricks to beat the algorithm and hack the algorithm could get results. And honestly, most of it is just utter Baltics, which is why today I'm gonna go over some tips, tricks and secrets that you can use to work with the algorithm to explode the growth, engagement, and income of your Instagram. Hi, my name is Josh. I've grown a ton of Instagram accounts such as this one, mini clients and many other pages of my ARN which I've been Up. So flipped exedra done pretty much everything you can think of on Instagram over the past seven years. Okay, So the first fundamental thank to the algorithm and one of the most important factors for ranking your content on Instagram is how long do people spend on your content and how can you increase this number? So this is absolutely huge. The longer people spend on your content, that bit of an indication at is to the Instagram algorithm that they are enjoying your content and would like to see more of it in the future. The Instagram algorithm is extremely clever, like cleverer than Elon Musk and all the smart people in the world to give a, although, I'm sure many people don't find them too smart with what he's doing in the crypto world, but we'll leave that other people to talk about. But regardless, they know people are trying to use engagement groups and get a ton of likes and comments on their content to artificially push it and the algorithm, and I don't want this happening. They want a true reflection of what content people enjoy. And in putting it out there to more people and watch time is a great way to do this because it is a really hard thing to sort of gimmick and trick and because of these engagement groups and so on, the Instagram algorithm doesn't fully trust likes and really simple comments as an indication to someone enjoying content. However, the amount of time that people do spin on your content is an amazing indication because think about it. If someone's in an engagement group where a bunch people are liking each other's posts for the sake of it. They're not clicking on that post and reading the whole caption and swiping through and watching the entire video they go across, they like it because that's what they have to do to participate. And then they go off, which isn't a great sign that they've enjoyed that content, even though they did like it. However, on the other hand, someone who comes across your video and watch as the 62nd video, the entirety of it through, but forgets to like it as a much better indication that they enjoyed that content. And, uh, we side note, whilst we're on the topic, avoid engagement groups and fake engagement like the play diary short-term. That'll probably give you a good boast for the first week or two, but in the long run. So creating content that people spend a lot of time consuming as a great indicator inside the algorithm. But how can you actually do that? Who achieve this? It honestly comes down to a lot of trial and era of understanding your audience, understanding what content they are interested in seeing and therefore consuming more. Understanding what they like, understanding all of these different things and then also being able to bid at it at and create content that is captivate. But aside from those skills that you're going to pick out from just consistently putting out content, some instant things you can look at right now to help is firstly, creating really short rails that are short to the point and interesting whether you'd be telling a story, teaching something, or it's just a funny video. If you can make it short and engaging and get people watching it multiple times over, that's an amazing signal and the algorithm, the second thing you can do is tell people stories in your captions, which are going to draw them in and either educate them, entertain them, or just stimulus their storytelling for a moment. This can help get people to read your post longer and spin on it, which Instagram love. The third one is used carousels because you can obviously get a lot more engagement and watch time, people who spend a lot more time on your content. If these tin images or tin videos that are swiping through rather than just a single image. So it's going to allow you to massively improved the amount of time people spend on that content. You probably also be able to, to deliver a lot more Internet content, which will drive more comments, shares, and likes because people will get more out of the post and are more inclined to share that. Because I believe you've gone through all this effort of creating all of us awesome stuff. I've got to share it. So try that out rather than just using a single image next time you post a look at a way that you can create a carousel with multiple images. And in general, just try new things out. Okay, the second secret to winning and the algorithm is to spend more time focused on building true fans who are going to engage with your content more often, regardless of what sort of trying to play and the algorithm that we just engage with you because I love your content and that'll help push it further. Such an underrated thing that so many people gloss over. Too many people focus on tricks and hacks I can use with a focus on getting new followers. But one of the best things you can do to improve your standing in the algorithm is focused on turning your existing followers and to true fans who genuinely love you and your account or your brand or whatever it is you're all about. And then I'm going to engage with you more often, which will propel you onto the Explore page and say hashtags. They'll share your content more often and you'll be able to grow super fast and doing site building this deeper relationship, you get more engagement from them because it will become more like a friendship rather than just like someone I follow that, I don't really know. Now, there are a few ways you can do that. One. To simply create more interesting content. So spend additional time improving the design of what you're creating or do more research into the topic that you're creating a post about so you can fill it with bidder information. And when you do this and you increase the quality of what you're putting out there. You're assuming them a deeper and you are giving them more, which is going to build a stronger relationship with them. Another is to engage back with your audience more so if you see people who are consistently commenting on your post or they're liking all of your posts. Golan cinema DM, or go and check out your account and like some of the content and leave a few comments on this, you'd be surprised about how amazing this will make people feel, especially if they've been following you for a while and I love your content and they almost look up to your page, whether it is a brand that same page or personal brand. And then they go and see that you've liked a bunch of Lear contin and you've commented and maybe you apply to a story. They will really, really appreciate that and build a stronger connection. And don't do this purely with the idea of getting something back, but just to engage with your audience to make their day. And I'm sure you will get a positive benefit from that. And a third way that you can improve your relationship with your audience is to open up and show a bit more personality. Again, it doesn't matter if you're a theme page or business. You can always show a bit more of who you are, but more of your personal side when relevant to build a better connection as when your audience know more about you or more about what your brand stands for or what you stand for. Whether this be taking a polarizing opinion which will potentially annoy some people, but deepen your relationship with others. Or along those lines, There's lots of things you can do. It could even just be sharing interests. What you like, what you don't like. That is not polarizing and just putting it out there. And by doing these things, you will increase the percentage of people who are true fans that are engaging with all of your content. And it's dry and we'll pick up on this and stop pushing you to more people. Now the third tip is to start posting before peak times on Instagram. Now, often people think the best time to post is at the peak time When the most amount of their audience is on the platform. However, that's not always the best way to go about that because from my research I found that the best time to post is just before your peak time. So for example, if I pull out my analytics here on my account millionaire dream and I go to my insights and I go down to my followers and look at what time they are most active. I can see my peak time is at three AM my time. Which means that I can either post that 3M. That's what most people would suggest. However, what I find to be bitter is if I were to post at 12 AM, which is midnight, which again, it captures the entirety of that Paik because then I get 12 I M, which is my second most active time. All three AM which is my most active, and 6 I M, which is my third most active. Rather than just getting to those and only being around for some of my most accurate time, if that makes sense. So if you post just before you're most active time, you get a lot more rich because your post will be live their entirety of that peak traffic time. There's what's worked for me anyway, this way you maximize your early engagement and get as much reach as possible, which has pushed you onto the Explore page. Now, fourth way to do better in the algorithm is the law of reciprocity. I think that's how you said anyway, now I touched on this earlier, but the law of reciprocity is the idea you do something good for others or something nice to others. They have a deep rooted psychological urge to do something good back for you and return with this idea in mind, if you go out and show appreciation to other people on social media and engage in their posts a lot. You'll receive a lot of engagement back, especially when it's genuine engagement. So if you're following a bunch of people in your niche, and every time I post, you leave an interesting comment and start a discussion about what the actual posters about, rather than just saying nice posts loved us and leaving a like, if you start a genuine conversation and you start doing that consistently, you start to build up a tribe of people who everyone's engaging with Iran and it's helping Iran massively different to an engagement group because you're doing it, because you actually care. And it's actually genuine. It's not just lacking for the sake of it, with this increase in people engaging with your content and leaving deep and meaningful engagement such as comments, shares, and saves. You will notice a boast and San of the algorithm pushing your content out there to more people. Now don't do this purely with the intention of receiving something back. You will do it with good intentions to just serve other people. And naturally you'll receive results from doing so will you have to do here is simply make it a habit of engaging with other people every single day. Engage with a handful of people who are bigger than you and have the audience you want, you're going to engage with a handful of people who are at a similar size to you at a similar stage of the journey. And you're not engaged with a handful of people who are on a smaller size and knew who are just getting started. And you're gonna show them some love and appreciation and well, maybe not so many people are as well. And that it will help not only build true fans, but there were people who are going to engage with you. You'll also be able to build some cool friendships with other people who were doing similar stuff to you. And that'll help you learn way more than any YouTube channel. Well, if you can network with other people who are on a similar journey and share ideas, you learn more than any YouTube video or any other YouTuber has asthma. And not only will it drive those connections, but if you're engaging with 50 to a 100 different posts every single day, that means 0 is 1500 to 3 thousand new pieces of content. We, you can be found every single month. Because if you're leaving comments in it and other people discover these posts from the Explore page, from hashtags, from the profile, from all the gross tactics at these other accounts are using. And they see the post and then see your comment. There is another way for you to be discovered and you can reach a ton of new people by doing so. And so both building connections and new ways to be discovered. It's an underwriter growth strategy, and this is, I guess the dollar AD strategy, but probably more of a networking approach to it, which I do have videos for how to do that on my channel as well, like walkthrough tutorials and so on. And in number 5, the last trick you can use is to simply use more of the features on the platform, especially new forms of content. So like rails, like when Instagram TV came out or when carousels came out, or features that drive engagement. So things like in the stories, when you can have story, Paul's story quizzes, people ask you questions, live streams. We've got Q and A's, et cetera. Panelist is because when Instagram roll out a new feature, they want it to become normalized. Seen as just a normal feature that people enjoy really quickly. So usually what they do is they give a big boost in the algorithm. Give a big boost in the algorithm to people who use those features. So by using new features and embodying what Instagram create your knee pushed in the algorithm more for example, when Instagram dropped reals, they'd been trying to bait Tech Talk and trying to get the creators off TikTok and onto Instagram Reels. And so to do that, they pretty much giving people who use Rails a ton of range to try and bring the creators across and squash out their competition. Which means you can take advantage of this and get a ton of town of additional reach entirely free by using real and then as well as us using interactive features, it gives people more of a chance to engage with you. We should just solidifies the fact that they enjoy your content. And it just gives more signals to Instagram's algorithm that they want to see more of what you've got going on. So by adding story pose or quizzes, allows your audience to engage with you more often and just more indication to Instagram and I love what you got going on. It also puts you in front of your audience more so they're more likely to engage. You can also use limited time stickers or gimmicks, but they're not really a long-term strategy. And by following these five main strategies that I've just gone over, you can help build up your engagement, build up your true fans that together is going to help push you on to the Explore page onto hashtags. Get bidder reached and the fade and all around grow your reach following engagement. And therefore, income. 9. How To Create Story Highlights: Beautiful Instagram story highlight covers can make a huge difference to your Instagram profile and how to more people from profile visitors and to follow as leads and customers for your account, which is only going to help you long term when it comes to building an audience and generating an income from the platform. And luckily, it only takes a minute or 20 design experience to be able to create great story highlights with Canva, which is what I'm going to walk you through today, is someone who is horrible at design myself. So let's jump there my screen and I'll show you how to do it. So diving into my screen, I've loaded up my Canva account here. Once you load up your account using your credit design, click logo so it gives you the right dimensions. And then we'll just wait for that to load up. And pretty much remained, you're going to select this and you can choose what color you want the background to be. So you can go with a darker color, you can go with lighter colors. You got your reds blows, yellow, green, whatever sort of fits your theme. On one of my accounts, I've got black ones. On another one I've got this yellow. But for the sake of this example, let's go with an orange. Okay, So now that you've got your colors sorted, you wanna go across two elements. And then you're in a search for something that is relative to what that story highlight is all about. So for example, if you're a coach or an expert in, regardless of whether you help people with a certain sport or if you're a fitness coach or a business coach or you help me with the marketing or whatever it might be. If your coach and you wanna have a story highlight with all of your results and testimonials from students to help get more students and parents in yourself as some form of expert in search, something like results. And that is going to give you, I'll click onto graphics because that's what you want to go with. That'll give you a ton of different things you can use as your highlights. So maybe this is what you want as your highlight. That looks quite cool there. That can be used as a results. We put that in the center. We make it white so it stands out. And just like that you've got like a results highlights. So we might name that results highlight. And from there we've got nothing else, left it done. That's it, right there. So we're going to download that. Very, very simple, straightforward, and then we can get started working on your nixed highlight. So if you're nixed highlight is going to be, let's say, for example, a holiday trip that you want to show. Now personally, if you try to use your instrument for business, I would avoid having like a holiday highlight. Kinda doesn't matter. It kinda doesn't really provide any value to your audience or turn people into customers. But if you want to do that, we have to put Holiday Inn came across to graphics. And then once again, bring that across, settle up to whatever size you want it to be. Put it in the middle, change the color. Very, very easy to do. And then we're going to have this as holiday highlight and hit Download. And so very straightforward, very simple to do. And then I'm gonna do one more and then I'll dive into my phone and show you how to upload them without spamming your audience on your story with a bunch of posts, which mostly we do. So if we're going to now do one last one, and this is great for experts, businesses, et cetera. They want to build a bit of credibility. And if you don't have a highlight where you show media outlets that have posted about you written articles about your business. Hopefully in a positive light, exert someone like PR, bring in someone like this one here and put it in the middle, change it to white, and then that can they pay our highlight? And just like that, we've made three claim, some plastic story highlight covers in a couple minutes while talking to the camera. Realistically is only going to take you 60 to 90 seconds to do this if you're not trying to film a YouTube video, okay, so after saving my story highlights, I've just sent it to my phone. And most people think that to create a story highlight, you have to have posted it on your story. Even Instagram experts, I say all the time I doing this are posting the cameras that have designed on their story that sorry for the spam. They post all their covers so they can use it as a story highlight. That is not the case. We have to do, is go to the highlight that you want. So we're gonna go to the results one. We're going to click Edit Highlight. I'm gonna click Edit cover. And then you're going to hit the Wii landscape photo icon to the lift and select the highlight that you want. So we're going to zoom in, so it looks nice. And we've got that they're done. Then have the spam, anyone on the story. And then we're going to do is repeat that for the other icons. So go across to the holiday icon and we can select the holiday on there. So I'm gonna make it look nice and berm GSI that didn't have to spend it. And they look right. Now. I like I said, I wouldn't use a holiday heart icon, but mostly just doing that for the video. And we've got our last one and press just like that on my personal account within minutes. I've now got interesting looking story highlights. And that's pretty much it. Very, very simple to do with a Canva pro account. Also, if you're not following our personal Joshua and all my business account equilibrate printer, then dive in and go follow those right now. 10. Creating Content With Canva: Over the past year and for graphics have taken over Instagram. And I've been using this style of content to reach millions of people every single week, entirely free of my Occam income notebook post like this, this, and this are just going crazy, viral brain insane amounts of reach and ringing and thousands and thousands of followers, all of which are pretty well targeted to my target audience. Whether you run a niche page, a personal brand or anything else. If you want to teach something, this style of content is by far the best way to do so and reach a huge amount of people and grow your audience for free. And today, I'm gonna show you exactly how to make them at using a free software called camber. Now, there is a provision for this which I actually technically do use. However, you can do all of this entirely free on the free version. So jumping into my camera account, all I've done is clipped creative design and then go ahead and click Instagram posts. So it gives me the right sizes for everything. I'm going to add a hearing. And obviously, obviously US spelling of monetize because most of my audience is us rather than from New Zealand or Australia. I made it yellow so pops out a little bit more. Then I'm gonna go ahead and change the form of the entire title. I quite like this one here, lake spartane. Then the next one I'm gonna do is gonna add the actual content itself. And I make a bullet points and our Omega size of 40. And I'm going to put the capsule icon and then go ahead and do it. Now again, I'm gonna write they're all the same font as before. And I'm going to put it across to the side. I think it looks a little bit nicer that way. The other thing I can do is change a line heights are animate that to 1.8 looks but bidder, i, in my opinion, add my tagged on the bottom. Now I've got the basics of the post down, but you want to make it look a little bit nicer. So you come across here and you can grab just like there's a ton of different elements on there. This is actually entirely free. You can use this one here in user on their RNA uses here. And then the other thing I want to add is a caps off, off as money. That goes with the post-war order is about making some money. It's going to add that on there. And boom, just like that, I've made a nice infographic for Instagram. It's not too fancy, it's not credible. But at the end of the day, that is going to get content out there to a lot of people. And it looks quite nice. It looks visually appealing, so it's going to show up and people fades. They're going to engage with it. And at the same time, you're getting a message across. So I'm showing people how to monetize Instagram. So if someone wants to learn there, they checkout my account, they tag their friends that are interested in monetizing your account. And it's a really, really effective way that you can grow your page. So that's how you can make high-quality and for graphics pretty easily and very quickly using Canva, if you were trying to build a talented, engaged audience that will actually buy from you, regardless of your nation, whether it's fitness, whether it's business with their social media marketing, whether it's an obvious thing, gaming, whatever it might be, I'm certain that you could make viral infographics using this strategy which would help you grow your account very quickly, organically, and do so at a very profitable way.