Instagram Hashtag Secrets For Organic Community Growth | Benji Wilson | Skillshare

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Instagram Hashtag Secrets For Organic Community Growth

teacher avatar Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Creating Hashtag Traffic


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      Hashtag Relevancy


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      Hashtag Size


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      Number of Hashtags


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      Your Next Steps


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About This Class

In this class we explain Instagrams Hashtag Algorithm.

We show you how to choose the Hashtags you can use for each of your posts.

We explain how many Hashtags you should be using and where to find relevant hashtags that will help you grow your Instagram account to relevant and hyper- targeted followers.

This class gives you the tools and the learning so you will have the skills to work the hashtag strategies to grow your Instagram Account.

Meet Your Teacher

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Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: big welcome to Instagram Hashtags Hashtag on instagram Ah, one of the most underutilized and most underestimated tools. In order to get immediate momentum and growth on your instagram profile, whether it be for your brand or your personal account, we're going to go out there and set up instagram hashtag roads, which is ways for people to discover your content very organically. We're gonna make sure that that stays out there in instagram as long as possible to give people a chance to find your content. Well, after you already posted it, we're gonna make sure you know exactly where to find the perfect hashtag for you, how to keep them relevant and hyper targeted to your business annual niche. And then we're gonna dive into a little bit of an advanced technique called hashtag stacking and how the top influences that using it in order increase the power off the hashtags they put out there. It's all gonna be very simple. It's all working this year on Instagram. So I'm excited for you to start seeing growth and seeing you in the next lecture 2. Creating Hashtag Traffic: awesome. So welcome to doubling your hashtag ranking life expectancy. This is a very, very potent one on one that you can get immediate response an immediate feedback from and stop to double the discovery ability of your medium instagram. Instantly, I'm gonna show you how to get twice the engagement on twice the discovery bility because of these hashtags strategies advanced hashtag strategies. So the long term goal is to get your content discovered. So the content, your person, your instagram, we won't get that discovered by more people and therefore get more followers. And if you have a store, you sell a product info product, get more sales to the product. If you don't sell something, get more traffic to your website to blawg to your page. Whatever it is that you want to promote, that is the long term goal with your instagram. So, for example, now when you put up a pizza content, people are searching by thes hashtags people literally going through typing in these hashtags, looking for content. And here's your poodle. Here's your poppy that you just posted. They click on the hashtag puppy. Yeah, I want to see photos of puppies and there he is. There's you Bootle pops up and they're like all that's a cute dog. Let's click on that. They can read your caption over it, and then they can go back to your rescue poodle love up page and actually follow you. And then from there they could get back to your website or whatever you want to direct that traffic on there. Also, that bonus here is they're going to start to engage in the new content that you post on instagram and therefore give that an even bigger boost in discover ability. So the key here is these Hashtags are where people start. That's where the traffic and traffic, in this sense is obviously the online traffic traffic of people on instagram who are traveling through these hashtags to your photo from your photo to your profile. And this is very, very similar to the old school brick and mortar style thing. So on the far left, we have our roads or footpaths. This is how people travel to your brick and mortar store and then from your brick and mortar store. They go and they make purchases off actual products inside their store, but none of this would be possible unless they had those roads that lead traffic to their store in the first place. And in ALF situation, these roads are out hashtag. But unfortunately, unlike roads which are per minute hashtags fade over time, this is the secret right here. Hashtags. The life expectancy of a hash tag is not very long because you're competing with everybody else who is posting with the hashtag at that moment itself. For example, if we post out brutal and we put the hashtag puppy hashtag poodle hashtag good boy, because he's a very good boy, they're going to fade. The traffic's gonna fade over time as more more relevant and more recent photos from our competitors are going to stop popping up for those hashtags and served them. Seeing our gorgeous little poodle. They're going to start seeing their gorgeous little poodles, and that's not what we want. We want to maintain the roads back to our photo and therefore maintained the traffic coming back to our profile and maintaining the people who are following us and made containing the people who were going to our website or buying out products. So a is what you do If you didn't watch this lecture, you have roads that faded very quickly or the normal amount of time, which, as you can public tell if you're using hashtags already. You don't get too much traffic because they fade away so quickly with B. These roads paid slow up when we implement these strategies, using the three keys to hacking the Instagram hashtag algorithm. 3. Hashtag Relevancy: So key number one and maybe the most important key that we have. Hashtag relevancy now very self explanatory and obvious, but definitely needs to be said because people don't do this. Your hashtags need to be hyper relevant to your content. Don't even know if hyper relevant is an actual word. But they had to be incredibly relevant to your content in order for Instagram to want to thank you for longer and give you that extra traffic. So which hashtags should you be posting with your content? How do you know what is hyper relevant to your content? Firstly, you have to figure out where your audience hangs out, and then you have to also think about your content that you're posting so you can sort of imagine this being like a Venn diagram. What? We have to understand your niche. That what are you a topical authority on? What is that topic that you chose? And then the content were posting specifically? So if it's a dog in the niche and the contents approval, we want to take everything that's in the cross section off that Venn diagram. So the first circle of that is where does your audience hang out. What are they normally doing on Instagram? What they normally searching? We want to make sure we're using these words and these terms inside of our hash tax, for example, things like cats. You have hashtag cats, hashtag kittens, hashtag animals. We don't have hashtag iPhone and hashtag sunset because we can do a hashtag search for these, and there's plenty of APS to do. Hashtag search with you can go through and find the top 50 hashtags that are relevant to your main hashtag or your main topic, and you'll see that things like iPhone and sunset or fortnight, Nike and the dogs example. They have so many people actually searching these hashtags, and a lot of people just include them in random photos. It's not gonna be good for you. Long term. You want to keep your hashtags relevant to your topic and not just go after them because they're really big, because what we'll find out is that the bigger Hashtags does not mean the better. The hashtags 4. Hashtag Size: so size of Hashtags is equally as important as the relevancy of your hashtag. You want to make sure that your hashtag is not out of your reach or under your right. So it's going to be different for everybody, depending on the size of your account, depending on how many competitors you have out there, depending on how much instagram actually value you and your content at the moment on instagram that may give you a little bit bump. Well, that may be restricting at the moment. What we have to do is we have to make sure that you're showing instagram that you're gonna be consistent. You're gonna be a topical authority that it can depend on. And then you're gonna get a bump for every piece of content you put out that you're gonna see these followers stock to come in and you know if you're gonna know where they come from , and that's just the instagram bump, that's just about being consistent and making sure you knowing exactly where you want to slot in as a topical authority and where you want your content to be exposed to. So this is us in the car. This is our INSTAGRAM account, and obviously we want to grow out. Instagram we want to climb and one of the best way to do that is this exact strategy to make sure that our hashtag stay out there and be discovered for as long as possible, especially for working really hard on our content. We don't want to fade away into nothing with a couple of likes, and I'm gonna make sure it's discoverable. A lot of people they jump on the biggest hashtag possible. Say it's got one million posts on there and there's a lot of people, a lot of traffic. They try and jump on it. But as you saw that cool Daniel in animation, you can't get up there because you're not big enough yet. So this is a secret within the secret here and says what you need to know when building your account up. You must start at the size off the hashtag that you can compete in, and it looks like this and what we do is we build to the 1,000,000 post hashtag we build to those bigger hashtags, which have more competitors on, have more traffic is the main thing that have more traffic competitive cause there's more traffic, but we want to tap into the millions of people who are searching for them. But we have to start Small FL accounts are currently small. If we have less than ah 102 100,000 people in our camp, we have to start with Hashtags at the same size. So if you have less than 10,000 followers go after the relevant hashtags, get back to you manifesto on. Look at the ones that have less than 10,000 person 50,000 posts stop in the category that you're in. And therefore, instead of running into a big wall and being like I didn't even get any traffic back through it, stop by just getting one on two people. Test it out for yourself on the next priest content. You got one or two people back to your account. You get more profile visits, you get a couple more followers just because you're going after those smaller hashtags where you're supposed to be starting Now, if you do have a medium size account, go off to the medium size hashtags 100,000 to 200,000. Um, I'm gonna show you exactly what order I would put these in and why you should actually sort of skew your hashtags a little bit, but mainly stay with fuel relevant size. But in this next point in this next lecture, I'm gonna show you why you should mix it up a tiny bit. 5. Number of Hashtags: so number three number off Hashtags. Very simple. How many Hashtags do you put in? You put in 30. You're allowed to put in 30 Hashtag. Do you want to make sure you're using all hashtag? It's like creating a storm. But the metaphor to start and they're like, Oh, how many roads to wanna build to your store that have traffic going down? Then you like. I'll build 12 roads and they're like you're allowed 30 roads and each road is gonna carry trafficking like, yeah, stick with 12. You know you don't want 12 hashtags on 12 roads to still make sure you're using all your hashtags. Don't spam it. If you run out of ideas, go back to your manifesto. Go back to Instagram Search. Go download a hashtag app on this one on Google as well. Google best hashtag app and see what is currently popular. See what is recommended the best hashtags and make sure you fill up those 30 hashtags. That tip alone is going to really increase the size off your account and the size of the amount of people who are following you and visiting your profile just cause we're building those roads. So what? We know we want to make sure we're posting the rats in the right sized hashtag, but you actually don't want to just stay there. So remember the car could not get straight up to the one million hash tag mark. But you want to make sure that you are actually using some of these hashtags because there is a chance that this post, if it's extremely popular, can actually climb that if you give it the ramp necessary. So when I post a piece of content on a brand that we manage or someone like these big celebrities out there who are doing really well and growing from almost nothing to big accounts there making sure that they have an on ramp to these very popular hashtag. So, for example, we want to use five Hashtags out of the 10,000 baskets. So Hashtags branded to your brand, they're going to be very low search. But also, you want to use five hashtags down here that, uh, less than 10 to 100,000 posts in there now, this will give us initial momentum. And if we start ranking and we stopped, um, performing well in that micro test. We're also going to start ranking for the moderately popular Hashtags up to 400 thousands at 100 to 400,000. You won't include five Hashtags here. Now, once again, if we have high quality content, the momentum is picking up with passing a lot Micro tests this is going to then allows to reach that next level of Hashtags very popular up to one million posts and beyond. Hashtags, if you can get up here, your account is famous overnight and you doing extremely well, but we're just gonna give it the chance. So you're gonna make sure you post each of these baskets to give yourself an on ramp and then, of course, don't forget your brand hashtags. Make sure your branding your own content if you're a small business, if your brand create your own hashtags that people can use that you can search and use jet used these user generated stories and content. This is why you want to create your own. Hashtag said that not only instagram can index you correctly and make sure all your content he's recommending all your other content, but also so you can help users find you once your brand groves 6. Your Next Steps: well done. A big congratulations on making it through Instagram Hashtags. But you're learning Doesn't stop here. We have three things for you. The 1st 1 come over to our YouTube channel where? Entrepreneur Academy on YouTube. And we put out 3 to 4 videos every single week to help you further your instagram growth and digital marketing as a whole. What's more, we have a whole course library here on school Shit that you can go over by clicking my name up here and then come and choose the next course that you want to learn from us. We have a wide ranging courses that can further your instagram growth after mastering your hashtag. Such is mastering your content, mastering your profile, mustering the instagram algorithm. In general, all these are very popular choices. But I'll let you choose one for yourself. And finally I would really appreciate if you could leave your feedback on this course for me very much. Helps me out. Help me get this content out to more more people. I'd love to know what you learned on what you enjoyed in this course, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the next one