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Instagram Ads for Business: Step by Step Process to a Successful Instagram Ad Campaign

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Instagram Ads Introduction


    • 2.

      4 types of Instagram Ads


    • 3.

      Knowing the Facebook Ads Manager


    • 4.

      Setting Up your Payment Account for Facebook Ads


    • 5.

      Instagram Ads Settings and Sizes


    • 6.

      Defining your Instagram Target Audience


    • 7.

      Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to know your Target Audience


    • 8.

      Course Project - Define your Facebook Target Audience


    • 9.

      Planning your Instagram Ad


    • 10.

      Creating your Instagram Ad in the Ads Manager


    • 11.

      Creating your Instagram Ad inside the App


    • 12.

      Final Project - Create an Instagram Ad


    • 13.



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About This Class

In this skillshare class, you will learn how to use all the power of Instagram Ads to reach thousands of fans that are passionate about your Instagram content! 

We are going step by step, from beginner to advanced. You will also watch over my shoulder as we create an optimized Instagram Ad. 

You will also have the opportunity to participate in the student assignments to put into practice every topic you are learning. 

I created this class in a way to guarantee that you have real results. 

These are powerful strategies that you can implement right not on your Instagram Account. Strategies that will help you to reach more clients and add more value to your audience.

See you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Instagram Ads Introduction: Hey, guys, working to this model and excited to see you here. I see that you are advancing in the course, and that's fantastic. These model is great. You love it and you will love the results, especially because that's a goal, right? The goal is to give you more clients to increase your sales on toe. Help you help your business to reach more people all over the work. Right on. You'll love these because wall work in this model with the serum ATS, I'll show you how to invest a little bit on you. Reach new clients, new potential clients, new funds for your brand, for your company. Okay, on in here in this model ruler All that on by the end off the model. That's my promise. By the end of the model, you will have at ready to go on promoting your brand your products, toe your potential clients. Okay, Okay. This is one of the most powerful tools that we have to the marketing you see, with your if you are using instagram or Facebook or any social media regularly, you see that big companies are investing money are investing in at reaching new audiences here on Easter Graham. And we have here, let me show you. Here we are on the webpage of east around business dot s aram dot com on Did you see that we have right now 100 more than 100 millions account on the only sternum. Right? So more than 100 million people and businesses are right now on instagram waiting for you. You see that here that 80% of the count follow a business or instagram. That's why it's important also to have your business account hearing surround because 80% of these 800 million people are following a t least one business on Eastern. Okay, so let's start with this model and excited in the next lecture right away we'll start talking about the four acts that you can create an East room and I'll show you in details. Which one is the best for your business? Let's jump to the next video 2. 4 types of Instagram Ads: Let's talk about the four acts that you can create on Instagram. And by the end of this video, the goal is for you to have one off the at to the site in one of that in which one is the best for your artist on which one is the best that you are doing first here on these model . OK, so first, the first step is to go to the store. Um, business page to reach. There you go toe business dot instagram dot com Okay, here is the page. If you're watching this video in the future, this may look a little bit different. That's normal. Instagram change on update their pages very frequently probably you will see different images here, but the main menu is the same. So heat of the tub we have getting to start that advertising success story Inspiration Block and partners we are going here toe advertising Click on that It sees opening here for us on here we have the four type off at that You can create the right now on Instagram. The 1st 1 is a faro at so if you create a photo out basically what you are doing this. You are promoting to your customer one specific e much. One specific for it can be a four like this one. It can be a promotion that Michelle we They wonder where this is the image we're using right now in this in the next model. Actually, when we are going on taking action and creating the at on, you can create any kind of image that you want for your out. And so basically here, what What happen is they will get the phone. They are on the timeline on they will see on at a sponsor at here on their timeline from your company. Probably people that are that don't know you brought people that are not following you yet . They will see these, and they will have the chance to like your for us, your images on also especially to click on the link, which is one of the most important thing we want here, right. We want for them to click on the link so they can go to your website to your YouTube channel, to your landing page or whatever your goal is with the up. Okay. From this case, an example. We see here that they have a shop now button here and use You have this sponsor link here at the top. Also on in the left. On the top left side, we have the name off the eastern patronage of the name of the business. Excellent. This is one option is the most basic one. Most people are using these one right now. The next option is a video. So this is the same idea, guys, The same idea you have your client, they are on on Instagram. They are scrolling on the timeline of the news feed on Go. If you haven't at a video, they will see a video like this one that you are seeing on this example. This is the name of the company is from Volvo USA Actually the sponsor telling you here you have the call to actually learn more on you have the video here, so this is great and it's very powerful because on video you have not only a great image which works in most cases, but you also have a video. It's a moving image, right? It's a video with that it can harm your customers to actually click unduly you will call the attention off your customer off your off your target alleys, and that's what we want. So you have the option. Also took read video Skip. The next option is the car. So at this is exactly the same that the photo are they different? Either you can add multiple for us here, you see, he'd hear the dots. 12345 this gay this case, these examples showing five for us in the car. So at okay, it's a photo up with multiple first. That's the difference. So if you are used to buy your amazon dot com, for example, you may be already saw the ad from Amazon. They are advertising a lot of Facebook on Instagram, so and they are using the car. So Allan works for them because they have a lot of products. So they are using new each picture on this carousel to show to display one parole at the time. So the first picture is one product. Second picture another pro so the customer can slide through the picture, seen all the pros that they may be interested in right. That's one option that you can also use on Instagram on the last one, which is one of the most powerful is right now on a lot of people are using these because people absolutely love he's from stories, right? You can create an ad as you are seeing here from Airbnb in this example on the Eastern I'm stories off your A target out, right. You create a small video, you can use videos, images. You can use a combination off them and create a story. And you can promote that story on Eastern for your your clients or for new clients. Right? This is a very powerful way to reach new people because, Aziz, you see here, let me show you complement your feet. Stories connect with more than 300 milion account using stories daily. So from the 800 million people there on instagram, we have 300 million people were using the instruments stories and the people that use instrument stories. Usually they do it every day because, as you know, in terms, stories is showing the stories off your friends on family right people that you follow any surround, maybe stories of companies that you follow on when you are seeing the stories, this ad will be showing between stories off people that you follow. So if I follow my friend John on my friend Casey between Jones and Cases story, I will see probably an ad in this case for Airbnb this example. So that's how we'll work on your audience. So by now, now that you know the four type off Eastern as that we have for him Video carousel, any stories you need to the site Which one do you like? Which one do you think will work better for your audience, for your business, for the thing that you want to promote if you are not sure which is totally normal, right? If you're starting with these, maybe you're not charged to recreate and at a carousel of video. If you are not sure, I will recommend you to start with a four at create a Great for you can use Canada dot com camera that Khan is a great website. Probably if you are watching my discards from the beginning, you already are familiar with the tool you can use. Couple come to create this at great the image and attacks on all these cool stuff. Call to action on. After that, I'll show you how to actually get this for and posted on the sort of us and at. Okay, So here are the four units aside before this video ends. Which one off? These four you will be doing in the next lectures. Okay, see there. 3. Knowing the Facebook Ads Manager: Hey, guys, welcome again to these Lecter. Now we're ready to start a knowing to know more about the ads, monitor how to access that manager, how that works on all the details that are involved with that he wear on the pets. But bakery What? Facebook page. Now, let's go to facebook dot com. Okay, Facebook that come to go to the main page on Facebook and here on the top right hand side, you have the top menu, and I'll show you two ways to access the ATS manager. Okay, this is one off them, So click on the menu, and here we have the option toe create at or manage at. Not everyone have the same options. That's why I have the Plan B, which is the second option. I'll show you in a minute for each account, depending on how old is your account, depending off. If you already created ads on the past or not, you'll be you may. You may have different options than create at or manage that. So read the options here. If you have something related with advertising, click on that and probably that will forward you to the at manager they want that I will show you the plan B is going toe facebook dot com slash ATS slash monitor on these always work. This is the easy way to go to the ATS monitor because it will forward you straight to the main panel on the actor manager. The home screen. This is the ads monitor right now And you see here that we have the account overview. The Facebook recently changed these. Okay, this is a new interface that is joining now the ATS manager. All the power off the at manager with the power edits or the power eight or isn't of is an advanced way to great acts. But it's a little bit difficult because you need to have more knowledge, marketing, and sometimes program into this sign and create the perfect Facebook at for you. But locally for you one for me, Facebook right now is actually me grading is joining the power editor on the arts manager together in this interface. So if we go to facebook dot com slash ATS slats slash manager, he were OK. If this is the first time you are accessing the ads monitor, probably. Let's see here you will see on interface like this. If you have these interface all unity Louisa's scroll down to the barn and click unclos here on the lower left side corner. Okay, And if you click on close, you are going to the main screen or off. That's manager here at the top. We have the menu click on that on below. We have frequently years, and we have some options. This may change for any user because basically, Facebook shows here, the the links that you use more that you use recently, okay, to in order to see all the islands, all the tools on the menu, you can go here and click on all tools or just put the mouse on top off all tools. And now yes, we see all the five columns, the five main columns off the arts manager again, These men, you can change, but you will always find their riling here. Even if a Facebook changed the order here, Facebook changed these every month. So sometimes let's say, instead of calling assets, they call a different name. So basically you can come here and you will be able to identify all the items because the internal items are are the same. So here we have plan you Can you have the audience inside? We'll talk about that later. They created Hap. We have the Craven Manage menu Business Manager. If you want to create a business account, if you are starting, I recommend you to Don't do it right away. We can do it later. For now, you can just see the ads monitor. Here is where we are right now. The power editor, The page post the power eight or maybe disappearing in the next weeks because they're creating these interface on the arts managers. I told you, which is all integrated up. Dashboards view half if you're a developer out of my other rules. In the measure on reports, this is where we will be analyzing the results off your at later on the course you have at reporting custom conversion analytics assets we have out insist this is important. We're working with these in the next videos. Creating your super optimize started out in for your local business. We have images. Speak source pixels for retargeting. Remember attacking If you don't know what it is East when you goto amazon dot com for example, and you are looking for a product and you decide not to buy. You come back to Facebook and you start seeing advertising off that on your timeline off that product. You know, because, uh, Amazon is using retargeting as well as other big companies like Google, Netflix, Amazon, everybody. Today, the big companies uneven small companies are used in retargeting. The return is open is available to you right now for your local business or for any business for any goals that you have. I have a complete cars also on Facebook retargeting. You can search for that hit on the marketplace and you'll find it, um, offline events. Brother catalogues on. We have the settings where we will be setting your billing and payment metals and all that . So this is the ads manager. I wouldn't give you more details right now because we will learn into their in the practice . In the next. Videos will create an ad will create your target audience on not all that good stuff on. By doing so, you will learn how to use the ATM manager by doing it. That's the best way to do it, I think, because you will actually learn to use it because you will be creating at creating a target audience and we'll start doing that in the next video. See there. 4. Setting Up your Payment Account for Facebook Ads: you can come back to the ads manager at any time by going toe facebook dot com slash ATS slash monitor on. By doing that, you come here to the scream. So in this video, now we need to set. The next step is to set up your payment information. How do that? Basically, we come here at the top on the ads manager. Click on that and we have this menu. If you don't see all these options here, you can go toe. All tools on this option will open for you. The last option is settings and in here we have billing and payment methods. Click on that. And here we have billing summary current balance zero Next building. The X build cycle is in the state, and here we have the second option, which is the one that we want right now, which is the ad payment method. So click on add payment method. Let's see. Is opening here Units like your country enter your credit or debit card information with expiration they security code and billings Ipco Or also, if you prefer, you can add a PayPal account on online back banking or a Facebook at coupon. So if you have a coupon, you can use this one as well. When you're ready, click on. Continue on. By doing that, you completed the second step, which is setting up your payment account easy, right? I hope you completely is this important, guys. Let's complete these so we can go step by step on these cars. 5. Instagram Ads Settings and Sizes: Let's talk about their recommended size on requirements for images and videos on Eastern, especially when you are planning an ad right here we are in the official Facebook article where we have all this information and a link this on the researchers IRA off this elector so you can have access to the link. There are two main site main places where we can pose on Eastern on the eastern feet. Where is where people go to the home. The things from APP. They starts crawling with all the news on the storm. Stories that are two different sizes. Two different requirements for each of these. Okay, let's take a look on the image we have the square, the landscape on the vertical image, the vertical images most used for. He's almost stories. Looks like this. This is the square, right? An example. This video square on here is the vertical e much or vertical video that we're talking about . Okay, let's see. Here we have the minimum on maximum resolution for a square for a landscape on for vertical On. The next thing is the video video size up to four geeks maximum on the expiration should be for square Oneto one landscape 1.9121 on vertical, which is this style here for the stories east 4 to 5. OK, they have information about website Ural in captains Aled their requirements on the policies here on the storm stories. This is the next thing the former, the former East and 9 to 16 full force screen vertical at exactly like this one. Um, let's see here the file type can be an MP forum or M O. V. File for video. Or, if you wanna Faro here on the term stories, you can also do it. You need to be ah, J Pac or P and G for Oh here the maximum size four gigs for video on 30 megabytes for a photo, the viola and maximum 15 seconds on the images will show for five seconds by default. We cannot change these. Okay, so if you want more time or images, you can add as many images as you want on your at game dimensions. Wrestle recommended resolution will be 10 80 by 1920 which is 10. 80 p. Resolution on the minimum will be 600 but by 10 67 And here the support supported Koszics on. That's all you need to know. I hope you like these. If you need more information about this, police come to this article which is in the resources area on Let's move forward to the next video. 6. Defining your Instagram Target Audience: Okay, Now that we know how to use and how to access the arts manager on Facebook, we can create in this video. We'll create your target out. It's okay on target. Outings are very important for you because we now in this video will define the group of people the target out in the group of people that you want to reach with your at on it. Okay, so we'll create at on this at will be shown only to these group of people. That's why it's important to have the right group of people. Because if we're showing your ad to a group of people to somebody that maybe not interested , really on your products and services, we are actually losing money because we're showing them something that they are not interested. So that's why in these video, I want to make sure that we have the best target audience for your business. OK, so let's do that right now. What do you think? Let's do it. Yes. Okay, so let's go first toe the ads manager. You know how to get there. If you don't, you can go to facebook dot com slash at slash monitor. If you were in the top, right? Left inside we have the many, um, asked monetary use you see here the three lines and at the bottom you have all tools. So I goto also all tools on here. We have the complete menu on under assets we have out in says, if you are watching this video in the future, these men, you may be different because Facebook change it every month, every week sometimes. So please take a look on the other ideas off. The many of you are not seen audiences and find out audiences he on the menu. When you find it, just click on it. And here we will be ready to create your first target audience. The perfect target out is for your business. So here we have on the left side, create out in squeak on that and we will create a safe out its game. Wonderful. So now we have the audience name. In this case, we are working on these cars on Diego's bakery, right? So because we're working on Diego's bakery will create a target alley off people that may be interested in bakery products. For example, if you have a different kind of business. That story fine. Facebook will have all the tools you need to find the perfect client for your business. OK, so let's name these name these out is in a way that help you to identify later because the goal here is to set the audience Now. Later you can come back and Kareem or adds, Let's say we create at on that is working. World is converting so later we want Come back here, Corinne New arts and use maybe the same audience. Or maybe we can change a little bit so we can reload the first audience and change some things. Don't worry about that. I'll show you how to this later. For now, let's rename. Let's name these audience on this case, I'll say Diego's bakery out main audience. Okay, one. Their phone. Um, let's see. Custom audience. Don't worry about this right now. Locations. This is important Where your does your audience leave? Are they in a specific camp right there in specific city? Are they all over the war or where are they located? My case? Because an online instructor I have audience. I have students in more than 190 countries. But it's crazy. I mean, we can not great an add on at all these countries. We need to be specifically wanting to target specific people in specific places first to make sure this works. Okay, so if you have a local basis, you can add your address here. So if I let me at a genetic address here, Okay, let's say this one, for example. So let's say this is my address so I can come here at the address right on this world yet. But if this will reach people around my business, let's say I don't have a local business. But I have a business that operate in Canada, for example, my target audience easing Canada. So I can at the country Canada here so I can try to get the whole country, or I can add specific cities. Let's add, for example, Vancouver. Let's see but cover Brit, British Columbia, Canada. This is the one on here again. I have a circle around the center off my I mean, that's the city center in this case, and I can say that I want to reach people are in a in a radius off 10 miles or more miles up to 50 miles. That's up to you. Okay, so this case, let's say I want to read people, um, 20 miles around my business. Okay, Wonderful. I hope you get this idea. This is This is where your target out its leaf. Okay. For example, if I have, I can target more countries. For example. It can target my students that are in U S, Canada and UK, for example. So I cannot I can add the United States, Canada, UK later. I can feel term or to make sure we have a more optimize out. And I'll show you that in one minute here. If we scroll down, we have the next item east the ages. So we need to define the ages off your target out is most people that are doing this in the first time. They said, OK, I will tell everyone from 15 to 65. Plus, for example. I mean, that's not a good idea, especially in the beginning, because we need to show these only two people that will buy your product or service that are that that they have the potential to buy your products right Maybe on this case on the bakery, I don't know. Maybe Ah, an individual of 15 years old is not there. Right Target audience for my business Because I want on my case, for example, and teaching online. I won't teach to somebody that is maybe 15. My talk it out. It is actually from people that are 30 toe 50 years old, right? Maybe you are younger than that or you are older than that That happens. I have people on these ages, but my main audience is between 30 and 50. Right? On their Baker's case, let's say that we want to target here that most people that go to my bakery are from 27 toe 60 for example. On here we have gender, men, women or all. So you can target on Lee Man Onley women or you can target both of them if you are promoting. If your your business is about products for men from Brooks for women, you can select one or the other. Okay, Next we have the languages, any languages I will enter English us on. You have English, UK or English all because we are talking on Canada. I will make sure I enter English are all just in case. Because if these guys here have the Facebook set up on English Canady in English see a Canadian English, probably we will have a problem. So that's why because I'm targeting outside the U. S. I will make sure I have English all here. Okay, before we move forward. And this is one of the more the most important things guy, the detail targeting. Okay, Before we move forward, let's scroll up here and we have the potential target audience, right? We have 1.1 million people on the potential target out is and we have the details here. These are people. But leaving Vancouver, Canada, 20 miles from the city centre, right? Or if you have the address of your business is X miles around your business. They are between 27 60 years old. On the looming language, they speak English. So we have one million and 100,000 people in the started out. It's right now. That's good. So let's move forward here we have the detail targeting. This is one of the most important finger, as I told you, because here we will define the demographics, interest on behaviors off your audience and let me give you an idea here because I were with bakery. I can type the key War Bakery. Let's see, here on we have some eastern information here. You see, this is interest, employers, job titles interest. So in bakery, we have 93 million people that are interested in bakery in the Key World Bakery in the when the bakery. Also, we have 50 more than 54,000 people that our bakery employers OK, these means that lets people who leased their employers as baker in their Facebook profile . So if I were in a bakery, I will say that I work in a bakery on my Facebook profile. So we have 54,000 people that do that. So if I sell bakery products, for example, maybe several radia toe have these to target these specific group of people, right? And here we have more option. Let's speak the 1st 1 just to have an 80 year and you see, when we pick the 1st 1 if we scroll up, you see that the potential target audiences now 52,000 people. Okay, this is great. were. We move from 1.1 million to 52,000. These are 52,000 people that leave in Vancouver 20 miles around. Maybe since there are from 27 to 60 year years old that speak English also are interested in bakery. So we have a very target out is we're showing Onley at only two people that are in this group. OK, you can Atmore things here and I recommend you to spend at least 10 15 20 minutes. Here is a time well spent because this is one of the most difficult part off the whole system here on creating at on Facebook on instagram guys. So it's very important that you spent time here. You search for the keywords for your business, see how it goes at. You can add more categories here, see how your target out in exchange on you can remove if you are not happy with that on after that, you can move forward. So a no option you can do is click on, browse here and you have the demographic interest behaviors and more categories. So if I open demographics, I can also target by education, home life events parent politics relationship, etcetera. So if I go to education, I can target for my ad people only people that have specific level of education. Let's say, Let's see here. Let's expand these that say that I want only to target only people that have a high school graduation degree. So if I select these, this is what is going here. So you see demographic education, education level. These are the categories that we're showing on. You see that the target out exchange here when we add or remove options here on their detail targeting. Okay, let's see what else browse. Let's see interest. You see here all the options we have on this case. Let's see food and drink alcoholic beverage, cooking machine, food, restaurants. So let's say, Let's see cooking on here we have baking again. Came on why this is important. Let me show you here. This is important because here we are targeting people, have the interest in food and ring on their have the interesting cooking on the categories bacon. So we have 154,000 people that said yes, I am personally interest on baking recipes on cooking or learn how to bake and all that. So if that's your business, this is one option. I just want to give you an idea off. The potential off the detail Targeting on again This is important. Police spent time here finding the best categories for you. Sometimes you cannot find their right category, but you can find something that is very similar that will help you to start with your target hours and test your at okay before after that we have here exclude or narrow out in . So I can, for example, at these categories here on, I can exclude people in specific things so I can exclude people that let's see here, Let's add the behaviors. Let's see here. Actually, let's go to demographics. Let's go toe parents. Let's go to a parental. Let's go to relationship and I can exclude anyone. That is, Let's see here. Let's let's speak open relationship. Just as an example, it's not him personally, just to give you our annex. Practical example Here. So what happened here right now? You see that the target audience potential riches now 230,000 people that half the secretaries on leave in this specific area so here we have people that live in Vancouver. This is the age the language on. We will include people that lie that that said that they like Bakery, that they're interested in bakery or on bacon. People that also have high school graduation on from this group will screw the people that have open relationship, which we have all this explanation here. So what? I want to show you here east, that you can have in criterias that you can add for your target outings. And you can remove criterias. You can exclude anyone that have specific behaviors. Um, interest or demographics here for your target out. Okay, Excellent. After that, we have the connection. So we click on add connection. You can target people that already like your Facebook page. You can no target. The students always ask me. OK, can target people that, like that likes my competitors and Facebook page. You know you cannot. You can only target people. If you want to use these, you can target only people that like your page already game. So if you want to do retargeting, let's say you have 1000 people that like your page you can just great and on audience from people that like your page, so they will see your at. But in this case, that's not the goal in this case. For the first at the always to rich new people that don't like your page, people that know don't know your business or that have no knowledge about your product. So we can contact, then have these initial conversation with these potential clients on the start wearing this relationship with them with them so they will become really customers buying your products and services. Okay, so when we are here, we already we can click on create outings. Um, let's see. Great outings. Excellent. And now we have killed the topping out insists we have Diego's bakery main audience. We eat. This is a safe out is the type the size If 230,000 people right on this is ready. So right now the hours is ready and we can just start creating at for these group of people . Excellent. So now you're is your term. Please think about your target audience. Get a piece of paper and dried the interest, the specific interest that you will want to target for them on off course. You can go at any time here on the ads manager. Just create a safe audience on you can come specifically because this is the most important thing on the detail. Targeting and explore all the options you have for your outings here on demographic injures on behavior. 7. Using all the Power of Facebook Insights to know your Target Audience: wonderful. Now you know how to grate an audience. And in this video I'll show you one specific trick that you can use toe Have more insights about your outings to know more If you are not sure is my out. What's my out in size? What do they like? How? How old they are the old woman man Or what's the deal with My art is right, So I will show you here. Ah, one tool that we have on Facebook. It's free and you can use it any time you can use it. Actually, right now, to have a clear idea more clarity about your artists before I show you. Let me tell you, this is the Facebook in sight. If your pages new, you won't have great data right now. But once you once you have more people like in your page. Once you have more people up interacting on on your Facebook page and unlike in engaging with your post, you will have more and more data about your target. Our So here we are on the ago Avila's Facebook page. And here are the top. We have the top menu. The fifth item here is insights Okay, Weekly can incite. Excellent is opening Here. You have this that for the last seven days you see actions on page page views, page previews likes reach. How many people will reach on the seven days on post engagement? I was on vacation. That's what you see. That is, most of them are red because we have a decrease on the on the engagement for the last seven days on also here we have the recent promotions, their recent promotions on Diego tabula. You see how many people interacted with that? You know all the results. That's great. At the at the end of the page, we have the five most recent post and you see what is the type of photos video in this case is far out. This case is a link, and you see how many people engage with these specifically? Okay, so you have the chance to boost the post if you want. If we take a look on the left menu here we have overview videos, followers, promotions, and here we have people. So this is the one that we have to get more idea about your target out. So let's click on people here and take a look. What's going on on my page? Okay, Top menu finds followers. People reach people. Engage. He don't. My fans. You see, these are people that, like my page and people that are usually interacting with the content I post. So we see here that we have 26% women on 74% men on this page. And you see here the ages on why this is important use. Because when we're creating the target hours, remember, we need to select at some point the age of your audience. And we need select men, women or both. Right? If let's say we have a page where we have only 5% of women or let's say we have 1990% off women on 10% off men on that case, your target audience will be mainly women on on. The most smart thing to do is tow select. When you were creating the target out in select only women on that because you will be losing money showing your brother your ads to men because they are not on your target out. I hope you get the idea. This case we have 74 to 26. I mean, off course. We have a lot more. Man's here on this page, but women are still a very strong group on my fans base, so I will still do for both came So analyze for your target audience how these behave after The another thing that we have that I love here on the insight is the ages. Remember, we have also the option to set up the ages off your target audience on and on. And we we have here for example, 18 to 24. We have 3% women on temper. Send men on the biggest group piece from 25 to 34 being 34% men and 8% women on the next. The next one. The next one is 34 to 44 17 a tow A. So probably if I am running an ad for these page for these target audience, I will choose people from 25 to 44 years old. OK, on with that. We're saving money, guys, that this is important. Really? Because people say no, I will. I I will love to contact everybody. I still have 10% here from 18 to 24 Why? I don't content that I agree with you Well off for your clients on you want to be with them You want to add value I know that But in this ad I won t. I want to make sure we have the best optimized at for you because we don't want toe spend money with people that are not buying. Okay, so the first test we're doing here is with the two groups that you have where you have more audience. Okay, so in this case on, I would select from 24 to 44 years old. And remember the location where your target audience leaf right? In this case, we see here that the Mawr most fans here 7700 and 53 fans are from Brazil. And for some reason, I have 255 from Bangladesh. Okay, which is great. I love that on here we have the top cities where people are visiting. Okay, The top languages, remember, we select the language so this information will help you to learn more about your audience on toe, um to heart. More details toe prepare a better target owners to use on your at game. I hope this is helpful. Remember, if you have a new page, you won't have much data here. You will have data. After you have followers on people, start visiting your page. 8. Course Project - Define your Facebook Target Audience: Hey, guys, walk into these assignment. We are ready to take action and put into practice everything that we learn on this model. Actually, in the last two months, OK, so this assignment is very simple, but it's very important because will determine the success off your instagram arts in the following models. Okay, so in this mall, in this assignment to come in order to complete, you need to go ahead on create your target outings on the Facebook at manager, go to facebook dot com slash ATS slash manager on there you follow destructions that I teach you in the last videos and create your target audience doesn't need to be perfect. Okay, you can. If he is the first time you are doing this, you don't need perfection. Just create your target out in the best you can on Let's move forward. After that, police do not move for over the course. If you are not creating your target out of these will literally take you 10 15 minutes maximum. Okay. Please do that. Polls in the next section here a screenshot off your target audience so we can take a look . The community will check that and we'll give you feedback, and after that we move forward the course and I'll see you in the next model. 9. Planning your Instagram Ad: planning your instagram at what we need in order to create this at what elements are necessary. We have three main things. The 1st 1 is a Facebook page. Sitaram required that you have a Facebook page for your brand or for your business before you will be able to create a Facebook at. Okay, probably if you are watching this course in order, you already have a Facebook page. If not, that's fine. I will show you in, like, 10 seconds how to do it here in this video on also, I will add later on the course a complete model, the Facebook page domination model. So that model I go with you step by step, how to create the page, how to optimize it to make sure that is irresistible to your target hours. And when they visit your page, they just click on like and they become your funds on Facebook. Okay, that's later in the course. So we need the Facebook page number one. We also need an e much of this K and e much or a video. Remember, we have four eastern four type of eastern after we can create for a carousel where we have several forest we can create a video at or we can create an instrument story at So you need a video or a four. On this case, we will be working with a sample photo that I got front the Internet from the pixel website on. We will use these to create the at four or business. If you want to find pictures, let me show you. Excels dot com and I have a complete lecture about the top websites, the top morality free image websites here on the course. So if you have not watched that police go uncertain on the curriculum for royalty free, you will learn my four actually, for the four top relatively websites where you can download amazing professional images for used to use on your ads on your Easter Graham on your Facebook, you can use on your Ebo cover on your website on. The good thing is that all these images are royalty free, so you can use it and you can use it even commercially. That's amazing. So I got this picture from pixel dot com, and that's just taken the second thing we need. We need a Facebook page and we need a B and e much a picture that you will use on your at the thirsty. We need east to make sure we have access to the at manager and to make sure that we already configure your Facebook at account. That means that you already enter your credit card or debit card or bank information. Facebook. So Facebook will be able to charge you after we create the at. Okay, don't worry about how much will be. I will talk about that. We will invest very little. You can veer, invest $3 a day or $3 for the whole campaign just to test and see how it goes right When you have the three things you have the Facebook page. You have the image or video, you are one to use and you already have access to the ATS manager and you configure the payment account on your Facebook account. That's all you need. You are ready to move to the next model to the next lecture actually, but let me show you if you don't have a Facebook page, I promise you I will show you how to do it so you can come here on the top. Mania it or top right hand side. We can create page on you. Select here the type of business you have. Let's say we have a local business. You enter your information here and click on get started. After that, you will just follow the instructions on Facebook entering the name of your business and all that, and you will be ready with your Facebook page. Wonderful. Now we have everything we need on. We're ready to move to the next elector and start creating your first instrument at Let's do it. 10. Creating your Instagram Ad in the Ads Manager: Hey, guys, walk into these video. Let's start creating your East Room at right now. First, let's go to the Facebook at manager. Remember that the instrument at we created on the Facebook? That's manager. So go to facebook dot com slash at slash manager And here we are, in the main screen on the top. Right hand cycling can create at excellent and at the top. We have the marketing objectives here. We have awareness consideration on conversion. I won't go in beats house for each one of these because simply because these are very easy to understand. And you can just come to the question, the information bottom here and read about what the dis objected. And also because Facebook changed these very frequently every week, every month they are changing. They are moving things around. Last week we have, like, five options here on awareness. Now we have to. So probably when you are watching decent, I'm sure this will happen to you will have different options here. So the main thing that you need to know guys here is that we have three main objectives, awareness, consideration and conversion. If you are starting on at if you are starting on Instagram, you can select awareness or consideration. I will go with awareness first either brand awareness or reach Okay. And as for another one, that is very good. If you want to drive people to your website to your landing page or even toe another channel of you have let's say you have a Facebook page, our YouTube channel, and you want to drive people there to become subscribers on YouTube, for example. You can use the traffic option here, so drive people. This option is actually to drive people to generate clicks on your at, so they will be forward to specific What page on the Internet that you'll set up right now in this video. Okay, Another thing. Not all these options. Not all these categories are available for instagram on right now. At this time, Facebook is not showing us right now on this in this interface, which one are for instrument and which ones are not ok? The 31 that I recommend to you the brand awareness reach on traffic. They are for the storm right now, but this may change on the future. How do you know if the one is for each room or not, I'll show you right now. So let's go with brand awareness. Select your your go on scroll down here you have the campaign name. So let's say you can name these as you want. So let's say Diego's bakery awareness campaign game con pain perfectly can continue. Wonderful. Now we have here the at said name. You can change the name if you want, or you can just leave it like that. Here we have the owners remember we work in the outing, so you don't need to do this right now because we already create the audience and we saved the hours. Remember? But if you don't have an audience right now on you, or do you want to great one from scratch? That's totally fine. You can come here on a star career in your various right away as I show you in the last videos. Let's speak up the audience that we created a few videos ago. Diego's Bakery main audience. Remember, we have 230,000 people on these people live in Vancouver, Canada. This is the age speak English on all these criteria. So let's select this one excellent here we have, and we can edit this if you want. Click on, Edit on. That's it. Before we move forward, we can take a look on the right side of the screen. We have the out in size and you see that Facebook is saying that this is on the green area and this is where we want to stay. We want Toby. We we don't want to be superb wrote, because if we have, like millions of people in the audience, we will be superb, wrote and showing your ad to people that probably are not the right people to buy your products. They will see that they would maybe engaged with that, but they were. They would end up not buying, and that's not good for us. We want to show that two people that will buy your products right, so keep your audience in the green Ira here. If you are not in the green area, you can click on edit on, Try everything, the location, the ages or Esposito, especially. This is very important. The detail targeting. Okay, let's close these Excellent. Let's move forward now. Remember that I told you, let me show you a cure. That's manager again. Facebook dot com slash at slash manager Remember that I told you that we don't know right now because Facebook is not showing us right in the spate which one are for its own, which were are not so I'll show you right now how you can feel that out. You were in placement. This is where we were a minute ago. We here we have the audience on the next section. Displacement. If you live on Al Automatic, you won't be sure that this will show on your instagram. We want to go on a replacement, so click on that. And here we have all the places where you're at will be shown. Okay, let's remove Facebook. Excellent. Let's remove the messenger. Excellent on remove audiences network. So we have only instagram right now You see that Instagram is selected is gray out but is selected on defeat. Insert on feed. Is axl selected? You can also if you want select in terms stories. Is that off? Insulin feet. Okay, but for these one will do in surround feats to make it easier for us. So if you said like one option here on the consideration of the prior screen that is not compatible with Instagram. What happened is you. When you're here on a on edit placement, you won't have the option to select Eastern. That's how you know. Okay, Excellent. So you make sure we have Easter. I'm here. You remove all there was off course. If you want toe also published on Facebook, let's say on the Facebook feed you can select these on that rate because you will be also on Facebook. But in this case, there always just instagram on the right. We have estimated daily result reach east around the front. 440 people toe almost 3000 people for these specific outings. That's wonderful. It's moved down here and now we have specific mobile devices or operating system. I will leave it for now. Toe all devices off course. If you are promoting an act, for example, that is only for IOS or for Andre. You can select one or the other. But for us on this example, all devices is fine. The next IRA is the logic and schedule. And this is important because now we're talking about money and we will I don't want you to spend a lot of money that I want you to spend. The less money I mean, the smaller the most small amount possible to test the market to see how it goes. And when we are sure that is working, then we can add more toe to grow your at and reach more people. Right? So let's see, we have two options. A weekly going budget. We have the daily budget or the lifetime budget came. So if I am running these for seven days, this ad let, for example, I can set up a daily budget so I can say, OK, $5 for each day. Or I can say it alive time budget saying, Hey, I don't want to spend more than $50 in the seven days, so you figure out how to do it. The Facebook all wearing will, uh, will I locate the specific amount in the seven days If you said that you won't spend that amount on for this test, I will say daily budget and I will run only for 24 hours. Okay, So in a scandal, which is the next option we see here run my acts My heart said continuously for on start day and this is very dangerous. Why? Because if you are new to east a gram and new to Facebook at and you set up like these you say Okay, I like these. Continue. What happen is if you are not checking what's going on, how you're at our converting and you just forget to stop your ad right? Facebook will continually continuously. I start showing your art to people and this will increase your at being a day off the month . So if you live in ladies, you will run off. You will run for the whole month. Spending around you see here not more than $35 per week. If you have an ad that is working and you're retested, you see the people like that is converting is working. That's fine. You can say, man, I will invest $5 a day. That's fine. I engineering team or with the ads. So I happy to that, and I will just run continuously. But if you are starting off course, police do, said a star on Ende. Okay, this is very important. So let's say that we're running these for 24 hours on at the bottom. Here, you see, your ad will run for one day. You will spend no more than $5 because this is the daily budget. If I said that, I will run for two days. You see, these is changing for two days. You will for no more than $10. So here you have all the tools that you need. Game Wonderful Move forward, guys. Optimization at delivery strategy Lower coast impression. You see that this is all gray out Facebook. It's not allowing us to change these right now. If you are running a Facebook, you will have the option to changes. But for Instagram, for now, this is how it goes. Game. If you are coming here in the future and you see the options to change these or if you are selecting another objectives here on the on the campaign when you are selecting an order on their options, maybe you have these enable maybe not dancing. Maybe because right now you don't have any off these options. If Instagram if you are advertising only for external. Okay, But maybe Facebook changed out in the future. So we never know. Right is changing every week, but this is not as important. Especially if you are doing the first specific. The first at on Eastern. Okay, so let's move forward and click on. Continue right now. Wonderful. Here we have the page. Remember I told you that you need a Facebook page to create a storm at here is what the page is set up. You see, here we have the bad air parts Baker, this a page that I already have for testing that I use in other courses on this, the one that we're using here, right now on the Eastern Rim account we're using. You see here the storm account below is connected to the selected Facebook page. We did that in the beginning, off the course. Manage connections in page settings. So if I want to manage, I want to go make another account. I can just go to page settings and change that. So if I click here, he'd have Diego's Baker is the one that we created early in the course. This is perfect. This is the one that we want to use. And now we have the option carousel single image video or slide show. Remember the four type off after we can create on Instagram In this case, we are doing this as a single image game forward. Now we have the images. When you just like the images on we have one image here that he speak up front or Facebook page. I will remove these because this is not the one that I want to use and I will add upload new images, so click on a blow. So let the image you want. This is they wanted a one right now I remember we talk about the right size for the image depending off the goal that you have in prior video. So if you don't know the size of the image also here, Facebook is recommended us there, right, image, size and all that. But you can just go back to the prior lectures on take a look on the much on the much size electoral that we have there explaining everything Okay, so wonderful. Moved. Moved down here you can add more images if you want. We will at only one for now. And here we have the text and we're almost done. Guys is alone video, But let's do it. We're almost there. Way. We have a preview of the off the at here on the right side. You see here at preview on this is the preview off the eastern feet came so wonderful. This is how we look. Like we have the name off the company. Diego's baker. Here. You see, that is a sponsor link. And we have the image. Okay, So the text which what's what's the stakes exactly? These text is the one that is showing below the E. Much you see is the headline you see here below the image we have. Welcome to parts bakery. We prepare fresh breath on sweets for you. This is speaking up for on the Facebook page. Let's change these toe. Let's see. Here, let me change my keyboard here really quick. Excellent. So let's do it. Welcome to Diego's bakery. We prepare fresh breath and sweets for you. For your family. Let's say excellent. Wonderful on right now. We also have here the advanced options. Don't worry about these right now. We're not using these. Whether you want to use yes is the at website. You are because we want to drive people toe to a specific place, right? If you have a landing page, if you have your website, your online store, that's what we want to use here. So my case for these example I will use just my website. Tiago Davila dot com. Excellent. You see that they accept it. The the link on when I add the link here. Now we noticed that we have a call to action below the image That's powerful because now or the customers know that they need to click here in order to learn more. Let's say the next option. Here is the link display. This is where you enter the URL where you are driving people and it's recommend to use the shore you are. This is not exactly your They will click. The one that they will click is this one. But this is that your other they will see. So if I am driving, then for simple to Diego Davila dot com slash answer slash programs Last courses last one. It's a low neural. I don't want them to see all that and they're not seeing right now, so that's why this is optional. So if I want here I cannot just enter my short You're a week, which is the ago the villa dot com. That's it. So with the avila dot com, they will see on that. It's not showing here on the preview, but it will actually show below the description the specific girl where you are driving them game. After that, we have the call to action. We have no bottom book now. Contact asked. Download Get shows on left. Learn more. Listen now send message or see menu If you have a restaurant shop Now sign up. Watch more request time or apply in Now let's see. We selected shop now and you see that the preview change ready to shop now We're doing a black Friday promotion on we have the shop now. Option here. Off course. You will select the one that is best for you if you have. Let's say you have ah, hair saloon, for example. So you can say OK book now. Why not? Right so they can book Uh um a meeting with you Or contact us. Hey, you want to learn more contact? So this is up to you guys. You can select the one that is best for your business. Let's say shut now for now on. That's it. Everything is ready now, you see, that looks great. Off course. This is not, like super optimized for my business. This is we're doing a Diego's bakery. Were supposed to sell Baker products, not black Friday deals. But I want to show you these. So you have an idea of how looks like Okay, you can add text your image. You can add a call to action on your image On The most important thing is to add the great description here at the headlines. Right, that is going below the image is a tax that will go the will richer hours and they will see these. They will the side. After that, they will click on these are not OK if you ask me what's the most important piece off? This whole add things. The most important piece on my opinion is the image. East Durham is a visual platt for people love emerges. People love for so make it brighter may use an image that call that tension off. Your customer uses image that told the heart of your customers to create that emotion inside your customer. They are scrolling on the timeline and they see while what's this? This is a great four of these. A great image or this degree video of your using video. Let me check these on. They click on shop now. Okay, that's the goal is easy to do. Don't overcomplicate. It looks complicated the first time that you see these, but it's not complicated. Just do it. Create your target audience doesn't need to be perfect the first time. It won't be perfect the first time. That's normal. That's how it works. Right on also your image. Find the best image. You can create it higher the signer somebody that can create a great image for your term at if you don't have it or if you don't know how to do it another that you just come here and create your first. Okay, When you are ready with this, you're happy you click on confirmed Facebook will receive your ad requests. They will analyze and they will approve your After that, you will go back to the ads Monitor here on your ad will be here on the first line as an active or maybe in review the pain of What's the state when it's active? Yours here at start showing two people. You'll see the results and all that wonderful things. I hope you like this. I hope you take action, which is the most important thing here. We want to take action, and after that we move forward with the cars. 11. Creating your Instagram Ad inside the App: Hey, guys, welcome to this video. Now we're ready to create on Easter term at inside the app and I'll show you how easy it is You can basically create on instagram at on the fly while you are commuting Where while you are waiting on a line to get a coffee or something and I super fast and super easy to create, let me show you here, Here we are on my profile Go to your profile and right now, by clicking on the lower right hand side off the screen on your picture And here you have your picture you have promote and you have the option to edit profile quicken, promote. And by doing that, we will create up on Eastern add You seen one off your existing Easter imposed so before. If you don't have opposed that you want to promote, I recommend you to first create opposed. Pose that to your instagram followers on. After that, you can follow these steps promoting on creating an at with that post Here we are me on the pool Grade A. It was a weekend amazing, amazing weather hitting soft Florida. I really love going to the pool and hanging out with friends sometimes. So let's promote these specific posts. How do you know which polls do you need to promote? Basically, you need to see what your goal, your goal. East to reach more people. Maybe your goal is to drive people to your website. In that case, you can have a picture, and you can have the links your website on the bottom. Or you can have attacks with the link off your website on the picture. That depends off you. Some people use phrases on pictures that are the people like to share. Users usually like to share great phrases, quotes and stuff like that. So you can. There is no limit off the for ideas that you can use here on your post. That's up to you if you don't know exactly what to create. One option is to go to your competitors instagram account and take a look on what they are producing. What they are posting. Maybe you can get inspired with that, so let's say we want to share on creating at for this post this picture. So I said like that if I want to like another post, I can choose from here at the top. Click on next, and now it's Ramis asking me to choose. What do I want to promote? What's my goal? That what they went up? One option is to get more profile and website visits. So if you want to drive people to your website or you want, you want people to visit your instagram profile, you can use that or you can reach people need near your address specific address that you will set up in the next step. I will say, if you have offline business, let's say you have a bakery or something like that, up a pizza place or any local business. You can use that with the address. The second option. Reach people in need and near and address. So you set up an address. You set up how many miles around your business you want to reach people on. You can create an add on that way, but for this demonstration I'll use the 1st 1 So the objective is good. Destination is my page. You see my user here really or the Villa action bottom. We need to select an action bottom click on that, and we see the options here we have learned more. Watch more shop now Book Now sign up or contact us. I will say for now Watch more. Okay, that's up to you. You can select. They call to action that you want. Next Step East audience East saying automatic. So by doing by signing automatic basically Instagram will automatically select. I don't know how they do it. Nobody knows because it's an automatic and secret Calgary that they use. So if people say if people say to you that they know probably they don't know because instagram keep changes changing these all the time. But my suggestion is not to go with automatic is basically to choose your own audience. So you click on, create your own. You enter an audience name excellent out his name. You entered the locations countries Canada, United States that say here Australia and you can enter all the locations you want. You can enter. See these countries. There is no limit off the locations that you can enter. You can enter us much locations. A few one off course is good to have are very target out. So just concentrate on specific on where you out. It's actually ease. Okay, Next we have the interest. This is very similar to the Facebook at manager. You can search you for interest and you can at for up to 10 interests for your target audience. Okay, So if you my case, for example, let's say I want to promote this course. I will assert for interest, like digital marketing, Facebook market in Eastern marketing, social media marketing. That will be my keywords that I will be using. So, for your business, you need to think about your keywords and used these key words here to find the best interest for I mean the interest that your target audience half on this case. Okay, let's go back here on the age, the age and gender. So you you see here you can change the age. Let's say minimum 1 30 30 years old and maximum. Let's go to 55. Okay. On the gender, you can say all male or female. Let's say all don and now I have an audience unready with this part on this. This is selected. This is the name is the audience name. Actually, I should enter another name because it's confusing like that. But let's leave it like that for now. Go back here and now we have everything ready. We have the objective destination action bottom which will be watch more Estimated reach for this at will be five point a k to 15 k audience. We have the audience here. The budget You can change to the budget that you want. I will say $10 a day. For example This is actually the total budget that I want. I want to spend upto $10 on I will run at for seven days. So you see here that Instagram is already showing me that I will spend an average of $1.43 a day. Okay, You can set your own value if you prefer. I will leave it like that for now. Taken done on When you are ready with this you can preview your at so the second top here. The 1st 1 is details. The second is preview. If you click on preview, you see a preview off your ad You see here, Maria Della Villa, below that you see sponsored. That means that it's an ad. You see the picture here? The beautiful picture of the pool and you see the call to action below the picture immediately. Watch more. OK, so that's the call to action that we have right now. When we are ready, we can click on the blue bottom, create promotion that will send all this information toe Facebook. Facebook will analyze. They have, ah, team that analyze all that's toe pre up toe. Approve that. And if you're at is approved, you will see you at running after a few hours, sometimes a few minutes. The payoff. How long they take to approve your at. Okay on to see details about your ad to see details about how many people click on that and all these specific vetoes about conversions, you can go to the ads manager Facebook at manager, Remember is facebook dot com slash ATS slash manager On there, you'll see all your promotions and even your instagram. Okay, I hope this is helpful and see you in the next video 12. Final Project - Create an Instagram Ad: welcome to this assignment, and happy to see you here. You advancing in the course. And that's amazing. Really. I'm very happy for you. You are almost at the end. We still have a lot of things to learn here on the next model, but now the assignment is nice. Time to take action and create your first instagram at aside told you in the last video doesn't need to be perfect. Just go ahead, create your target out its creator at untested for 24 hours or your view feel Feel confident you can test it for more time if you want, Like, a week or maybe two weeks. We never know right? Investing a little bit or investing a lot in the beginning aside. Told you, I prefer if you invest the lowest amount possible. Okay, so in the next section I invited you to post a screenshot off your Easter room at You can take a screenshot off your phone, or you can go online on your computer and eastern, um dot com and see your at and take a description. Or the third option is when you are building your ad on the arts manager. Take excretion off a screen shot off that came off that screen and pose here on the next section off the assignment area. So you will get feedback from the community. Okay. I hope to see that here on assignment. I hope to see your ad on after that. I'll see you in the next model. 13. Congratulations!: you were at the end of the course. Congratulations. You just finished all these course and I want to thank you very much for investing your time here with me on my skills Course on owner. Because you need that. 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What do we need to do in order to improve the course in orderto add more value to you until more serious. But if you like the course, leave your thumbs up here before you leave. Don't leave with the other of you. That's super important because that's helped the course to grow and to reach more people down like you are looking for ways to grow your business and to improve your life. Also, if you go to the end of the villa dot com slash skills share, you will be able to see all the courses I have for you. And if you are a premium member, excuse so you can go there and take all the courses for free. And they're all these amazing strike, thank you very much. Go to my weapons also to see other products I have for you. Diego Davila dot com on me, I'll be happy to see their on. I'll be owner to see you in my next sculpture cars