Instagram 101: Believe in Your #Selfie: How to Build Confidence and Community on Instagram | Peg Fitzpatrick | Skillshare

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Instagram 101: Believe in Your #Selfie: How to Build Confidence and Community on Instagram

teacher avatar Peg Fitzpatrick, Social media strategist and author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Believe in your selfie Intro


    • 2.

      What are your goals on Instagram?


    • 3.

      Finding your ideal audience. Who do you want to reach?


    • 4.

      Instagram Terminology


    • 5.

      Go Pro with a Business Account


    • 6.

      Choose your Instagram Six 6️⃣[see PDF]


    • 7.

      Designing your Instagram Aesthetic


    • 8.

      Crafting a Winning Bio


    • 9.

      How to Design your Graphics


    • 10.

      Using Canva for Work [Desktop]


    • 11.

      Using Canva for your phone


    • 12.

      Creating with Adobe Spark [desktop]


    • 13.

      Using Adobe Spark on Mobile


    • 14.

      Filter Love with the VSCO app


    • 15.

      Make great videos with Wave


    • 16.

      My Favorite Planoly app for planning


    • 17.

      Build your Plan with Planoly


    • 18.

      Getting the Goods on Geo-tagging


    • 19.

      How to Use Trello for Projects, Client Work, and to Work Ahead


    • 20.

      Hatching your Hashtag Stragegy


    • 21.

      How to use Instagram Stories


    • 22.

      Instagram Live with a Guest


    • 23.

      Commenting, DMs and sharing Oh, My!


    • 24.

      Using Instagram Insights to Grow


    • 25.

      Analytics in Planoly


    • 26.

      Iconosquare analytics


    • 27.

      InShot app


    • 28.

      A Color Story app


    • 29.

      Take photos at the right time with the Magic Hour app


    • 30.

      YOU MADE IT!


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About This Class

This is the Instagram course you've been waiting for!

Peg Fitzpatrick has built an engaged social media following of over 1.5 million followers starting from exactly zero. Her real-world expertise working with brands like Google, Virgin, Motorola, and T.J.Maxx have given her an unparalleled base of experience and she's going to share it with you.

It's time to invest in your social media by taking Believe in Your Selfie so you can stop guessing what to post on Instagram. Grab Peg's secret playbook and run with it!


  • Bloggers who are ready to start using Instagram for business
  • Small business owners who want to learn how to market their business on Instagram
  • People who want to build an engaged community around their product or idea
  • Bloggers who want to start working with brands as ambassadors
  • You! If you've been struggling to figure out Instagram

What people are saying...

“I learned more about the hands-on nitty gritty of social media from Peg than I did in my from my entire MBA program. I've learned so much from her trainings, webinars, and blog posts. Her normal, day-to-day activities have changed my life for the better in ways you can't begin to imagine.” Krista Liebmann, Head of Social Media and Blog at Get Response

“Peg is a powerhouse of productive creativity. Her talents are only bested by her openness and kindness. Peg is one of those rare individuals who is always full of optimism, who really delivers, and who is not afraid of innovation and collaboration. Peg Fitzpatrick is one of the best. She is not a talker--she is a person of action.” Bryant McGill, co-founder Simple Reminders

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Peg Fitzpatrick

Social media strategist and author


Peg Fitzpatrick is the co-author of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users with Guy Kawasaki the legendary former chief evangelist for Apple and one of the pioneers of business blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, Tumbling, and much, much more. Guy teamed up with Peg as he believes she “is the best social-media person he’s ever met.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick is known for her brand management, social media marketing strategy, and innovating the world of social media marketing. She is the Director of Marketing and Social Media Manager for Kreussler Inc. covering online brand management as well as traditional marketing.

She has spearheaded successful social-media campaigns for Motorola, Audi, Google, and Virgin as well as having been... See full profile

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1. Believe in your selfie Intro : Hi, I'm Peg Fitzpatrick. And welcome to believe in yourself, E. I am so excited about this course that I've put together for you. A lot of people have asked me about how to use different pictures in Instagram and frankly , there too much to answer, like on a on a Facebook, live or even quickly in a comments. So what I've done is I've taken all the things that people have asked about and ruled them in to this awesome new Instagram forest called Believe in your selfie how to build confidence and be on Instagram. There's a lot of people out there that have different classes, and mine will be different because I am going to show you all the things that I have done. I've tried and tested to build my own INSTAGRAM account over the years and grow and engaged following. It's not all about how many followers Havas faras the number count. It's really about the engagement on instagram. So in this class I am going to show you how to build an INSTAGRAM account schedule, how to plan your photos and videos out. How did use instagram stories, how to use direct messages, how did do graphics in different programs like Adobe Spark, Camba. And I'm gonna show you my very favorite tool, which is plan only how to use that. How it actually go in there, create my schedule. They have dragon drought functionalities that you guys are just gonna love. When we're done with this class, you are going to be able to create a fantastic instagram presence without really stressing yourself out. I know that I'll have all the pieces in here that you need to get your instagram going. So I hope that you are as excited as I am, so you can start believing in yourself. Be too 2. What are your goals on Instagram?: Our first step for getting ready to have a great INSTAGRAM account is to figure out what your goals are for your instagram account. What do you want to get from working on your instagram account? Instagram is different than Facebook or Pinterest Pinterest. You just post pictures, they have links and that leads to your block or wherever you're gonna leave people to your Etsy store. Wherever you're gonna go Facebook, you share a title, little bit attacks, and that also can link to somewhere else. Instagram is very different because you just have your photo and you have your description . So you have to figure out ahead. Attend what your goals are for your instagram account, for example, you could be a musician and maybe your goal is to build your social following. So if you're one build your social following, then you need to think about how are you gonna reach people? What kind of post will be interesting to fans of musicians in today's day and age? People who are any type of creative can build big social followings and it helps sell their books, their records, whatever creative thing that you are going to make having a big social following this huge models, any of them. So if your if your goal is a creative like that type of creative, then you want to think about what kinds of things will be behind the scenes, showing people what it's like. So your goals would be to find future fans of your music. You could be a beauty salon, so if you're a salon, you want to have more clients. Come in. So you want to, like show hair appointment. Show people that Aaron do que boomerangs of people getting their hair done, things like that. So you wanted to find what your goals are for your instagram account. What do you want to get from this? And then you want to think about building out your content to reach those goals. So for me, I talk about social media. I talk about marking. I talk about writing, blogging and that sometimes I just shows photos of me behind the scenes, things like that. So you have to define who you are, what you want to get from your instagram to make sure that your structuring all your posts in that when I talk about social media as a whole. I always talk about having three seeds to your brand because if you have too many more people get confused about who you are, so think about what you're three seeds are. Those were gonna be your main tenants for your instagram and your social media. From these three seeds, you want to build out six different things, you're gonna have an instagram six. I'm gonna call it for this class because the grid goes in 333 So in your grade, you always see nine post. If you work in threes or sixes or nines, then your grid will be a variety of these different things that talk about your brand. So if you have your three seeds, we use our musician is an example again, you could be a musician. You could be a songwriter because all musicians or not songwriters, all singers or not songwriters you want to let people. Now I write my own music. I sing and play guitar, and then you could also have the location where you are. Say you're in Boston, so you want to let people know who you are that you're looking for gigs. These were the things that you would talk about over and over again, and you're gonna come up with six different things so you can have your main three seeds and then three booster things that support this to tell a little bit about you, and then you're just gonna repeat these. So this house with the Oh, my gosh, I don't know what to post on instagram, because if you don't have a plan, it's very stressful on you think I haven't posted for a while, Which should I pose? And then that's the thing that you throw up that has nothing else to do with anything else in your instagram. It doesn't do very well because people aren't that excited about it. But when you build the same kind of story because you're telling your story on instagram with your videos in your descriptions and your instagram posts, all these things work together to tell your big story. So when you think about what your goals are, then you're going to tell your story with this instagram six. I had you have a great worksheet for you guys. That you could get is a download with this lesson and I will give you some examples from an instagram account or two in the live tutorial. So before we get started, the other things make sure that you have your three seeds and want your instagram sixes, because that's gonna help you moving forward. 3. Finding your ideal audience. Who do you want to reach?: Now that you have your goal set, you need to define who your target audiences. Who are the people that you're gonna talk? Teoh, if you're just posting content out there and thinking everyone's gonna like this, this is for everyone. It's really not going to reach the right people. So you need to pick one or two target people that you're going to write to so well, user. Same examples that we use before. If you are the musician, your target audience could be one of two people. You could have fans of your music, so you you would make up one fan. The demographics people that like this type of music that like live music in your city, that kind of thing and then your other audience would be people who are booking people who are booking Gettings. So you want to think about both of those things so you can create two separate avatars. They can be called client app retires customer profiles, whichever you want to use. Its the same. So you want to create like, a little persona. You can give that person a name. It could be like Susie Music fan or you could give her real name. And then every time when you're writing out your descriptions, think about writing for that person specifically because it will help all of your information be targeted toward that. My my audience that I write for is people who want to learn about social media, an instagram and Pinterest. So when I rate things, a lot of times, people will tell me this is exactly what I needed. I feel like you're talking right to me, and that's perfect because that means that I am reaching the people who want to learn. Instagram don't understand Pinterest have flawed questions, those kind of things. So what you need to dio is figure out one or two, not You don't want to have a whole bunch of different ones because it could get too confusing. But one or two target people that you will be talking Teoh and then think about every time you write your content when you're creating your content. Think about is that gonna reach this person and how are they gonna like it? Are they going to share it? Are they going to answer my questions when you really have your goals and who you're speaking, Teoh. It makes your storytelling so much better. You're gonna take a lot of the guesswork out of what to post and what to write. So take a minute and you're gonna write down some basics for your customer avatar and who you're speaking to and who you're gonna write to. You can give that person a name and age demographics. You could write a little back story for that. So, to you, it is a real person that you're gonna be speaking. Teoh. It seems like maybe a little bit of a funny concept, But trust me, it will help all of your social get much better when you have defined who you're trying to reach and how you're going to reach them. 4. Instagram Terminology: I wanted to record a quick video with instagram terminology. Just I could show you guys what the different things are in the app. So this is the whole thing we're looking at right now is Winston's profile. If we click on one of these photos, this would be an instagram post. You create a post by clicking on the little plus side down there and see my hair appointment today, we'll just pretend this well, we'll do another one of Winston because we're in his account. So if we're gonna post for Winston, you can click and anything in your camera roll and then hit next. And then you have all these different choices for filters in here. We'll talk more about filters in editing later, but you do have options right in here for doing that. But I really just want to show you guys what an instagram post was. So that is a post. Each one of these is post. This whole thing is called a profile. If you look up at the circle, that little rainbow circle around Winston's cute little photo that is letting you know that there is an instagram story. So if you tap on this, you can see the instagram story and it plays for you. So if you click on that and you really love to this one, you could tap highlight, and you could just type in a name for it and hit ad. And then you can see where that goes. See how that added that little folder right there. That's called a highlight. And those air really awesome, because you could use that to actually highlight things on your instagram profile. So those air super helpful. So now we have opposed That's that little plus sign right there. You can create a new highlight. Um, you can see your photos and it grid or if you want, you can ship that other list and you can see the photos and a bigger in a bigger way on and scroll through that way. That's just looking at all the photos on your instagram feed. I like to look at mine in a grid all the time to see what they look like. I don't use that list very much, but it is a nice view. I'm and then this is showing photos that people have tagged of you so that little thing shows photos where people have tagged you, and then this one is your collections thes air photos that you saved or collections that you've created. Now I don't have any photos on their or collection saved. So we will go over to my profile just so I can show you, cause I do use collections on mine. So this is photos that people have tagged me on. There's photos that I'm in, or sometimes people take me on the artist social media post. And then in my collections, I love collections. Um, that's all collections which I've saved and then thes air things that I've used. So this, for example, is people that have shared the art of social media. And I like the photos. Maybe I would want to re graham that someday. So I could just, you know, click on that and save that and re share it. Um, and that's going to show things that are similar to what I'm looking at. Um, if you want to save something, you can just go right in there and hit that little save mark. That just saves it on your profile. But if you wanted to save it to a collection. You could also do that so you could do that right there. It says Saved collection. You can pick which one you want it to go to. So collections are great because you could use it to sort information. You could highlight things that you wanted to use or say, Um, obviously that showed The little heart is showing that it's flaked. You can click on that and see who liked it by clicking on that the people and then you can scroll, see through to see who the people are that liked it. It's a really good idea to see who is liking your posts. That is not one of my post. That is somebody who re graham this. So I don't know any of this people. I haven't followed any of these people. But if I was this person, I might want to go in there and follow those people because this could be good people that would be interested. I honestly don't even know what language this is. Polish. Maybe I'm not really sure. But, um, I love seeing the cut the different books from different countries. If I wanted to send this say I wanted to send it to Guy, um, so he could see it. I could just type his name in there and hit that and that I could send that. And then that will go to him in a direct message so you can see your direct messages. We'll go back into anything Winston has neighbor. Let's see in direct messages, you can pull up that. Okay, so here's bark box. I love bark box. They talked to Winston on Instagram so that this is an example of bark boxes. A big brand and I mentioned bark box in the story and they said Winston so cute. He loved the goodies that I could double tap that to lake it, and then they get a notification. And then I answered back to them so you could send people pictures and direct messages. You could take a new picture, or you could do all of those different things in there, or you could just like that. So there's a lot of different things you can do in direct messages. Direct messages are a great way to reach people and talk to them directly without it being at a public while. So there's a brand that you wanted to work with or say you were looking at someone's account and they had, like, a typo in a post that they made. You could send them a message and say hi, I just want to let you know you had a typo in there, which would probably be me. So make sure you let me now just getting so that kind of gives you an overview. I want to show you how to tag people. So if you wanted to go on this post and save, for example, Winston had, like, a little toy in there, and we wanted to tag um Burke box on there you can add. Well, you could add the location for one, which is very good about this little button down here. You can tag people so you could tap it, and then you could tag Winston, you could move the little tags around. You could put a whole bunch on there if you want. If that's not the right person, you can tap it and then remove it. And I showed you how you could move those around. So if you do, um, used tag on there. You can also add it in the description you can at mention someone here. And then when you save that, their little at mention will be in there and they'll get a notification. If you're re graham ing from someone, it's a really good idea to add it. So when you tap the photo that it when here You actually do that? That you tag the person not just mentioned them in the comments here, but that you actually hit that tag person to. So they get a notification and they're getting credit for the photo. Um, let's see what else? If if I don't like this photo anymore and I don't want to show, I can archive that, and then I believe archives air down here. You can go back in and see the post that you've archived, so that gives you some ideas on their, um, let's see Instagram live. So when you're in, stories will pull a photo up eso if you're on this foot. If you want to zoom in, you can zoom pinch to zoom when you're in a direct mess up side. This is a story you can add all different kinds of things in here. You can search for Hashtags. You can see your recent things. You can add your location, which helps a lot more people see it. You can add hashtag polls. The temperature there's all. If you don't like that, you could just drag it down and it goes away. You can add stickers like these cool balloons, which I'll definitely be using at some point you can draw. I'll show you some more of that later, but you can draw a right on there with different colors, and you can change this two different kinds of dots or you continue to the size over here. In the color, I change it over there for their You could hold it down. You can get any color if you go. If you drag it up in here and say You want that purple, you can just do that and look at that. That's a custom color, and you can erase using that little eraser, so play around with it. The custom colors air supercool. If you are brand, or if your blog's or something that has a logo and you have a certain color, you should make sure to try to stick with the one or two colors on here to make your stories consistent and looking off them, we're gonna we're gonna say, done. And then I'm gonna click. The X appeared to turn this off because I don't want to use this one. And there's more features in here which I'll do another little section, Um, and how to dio stories. But that was that quickly. So that gives you guys an idea. Oh, wait. I just want to show you a quick instagram lives. So we'll go in here high when you're in here. You could do all different kinds of things, like started live video. This isn't Stories could also go live. You could do normal, which would just take a picture. You could do a boomerang. And when you get that little thing, that's the ones that suit in and out you could do Super Zoom, which is the one that goes Bump, bump, Bob, You could you rewind and you could do hands free, which will just go the whole entire 15 seconds without you having to stop it. You can turn the camera around and see the messy other side of my office, or you can add a filter which will automatically make me look glamorous. There's a whole but different, really cool filters in here. So I will do more on this. I just wanted to show you guys things in the term analogies, so look at that. It goes right back. That's fun. Um, that's another fun one. Okay, so I'm gonna go out of that. So that gives you guys an idea of all the basic term analogies. So we have a post, which is one of these posts, which is the square. Or it could be a video or you could have multiple photos. Here's one with multiple photos that has the little file folders or little stacks of photos up there. When you click on that, you can see I added photos. I believe you can add up to 10 photos or nine photos and a video so you could actually do video on here as well, so you could add multiple posts. When you're doing it, you can go in and just select the ones that you want. And you could just select slept, you know, select a whole bunch and then add them in there to create these bold to pull photo posts. Thes air. Great. If you're an event or say it's Christmas and you took a whole bunch of pictures, you don't want to share all those pictures to have, like, 10 photos of Christmas. But you had some really good ones, like some special ornaments you want to show in your tree. You could make a multiple post photo, and then it would be awesome for people to see it. So that gives you guys an idea, Um, of the instagram term analogy. So you have some better working vocabulary going forward, and I'll explain things, you know, as I'm going through again at this, little as there's a little archive right there, just remind where was once it didn't have any archives before. That little turn back clock is the archive things that I that I put in the back so I could create a highlight for that. Or it could go into settings and save that archive. But you'll see, I just you know, that's just not on there anymore, so that's just an option. If there's something that you wanted to save, but you don't want it to be on your public on your public profile any longer. So I hope that instagram terminology helps you moving forward and gave you some yesterday's two things that maybe you hadn't checked out before. Gonna move on to the next section now. 5. Go Pro with a Business Account: so I just wanted to show you guys quickly. How did create a professional INSTAGRAM account? So I am going Teoh show you a quick tutorial at how to upgrade your camp to a free business account in Instagram in that you get analytics, which are super important. So I'll show you where to do that in your settings, and then we'll go through and I'll just show you some of the instagram analytics that you get when you have a professional account. You only have that analytics in the instagram app when you are a business, so it's important if you're doing any kind of anything with money. If you want to be a block that makes money, if you want to be a brand ambassador or any of those things, you want to make sure that you do have a professional account was you have a professional account. If you're verified, I have a verified account so you'll see this. I have to use the branded content tag on every post that sponsors. So if I am paid to post something, if I'm working with a company, say, for example, I'm working with Will to say Adobe worked with Adobe in the past. So if I'm working with Adobe and they brought me to their big conference in Las Vegas, every pose they did, I had to use the branded content tag on the post and in the instagram stories. You could only do that when you have a professional account, so it's really important. If you're being paid for anything that you are disclosing things properly, it's best to have a business account to do that. The FTC guidelines are super strict. They did come out and they said, If you are using, if you're being paid for anything, if people are sending you free product, you have to disclose that you have to stay in the 1st 2 lines of your description used to be three, but instagram just shortened it. It has to show not for people to click more, so you can't bury it down in the hashtags. But you need to disclose your partnership. You need to say, sponsored by Adobe, paid by Adobe hashtag ad adobe and that always to be in the 1st 2 lines, pick a disclosure that works for you. Don't worry that your post will not do well If you disclose, it doesn't matter. People totally understand. And they will be much more happy. You are honest and up front with them than if you tried to hide it and lie. I mean, you know, when you see post by bloggers, I say its crest white strips and they haven't I haven't seen anybody working with them. I'm just using it as an example. But if I was sharing on instagram story Oh, my gosh, my teeth are so white. These crest strips are amazing. Like, if I was doing all of this and talking about this, but I didn't disclose that, and I was paid the FTC confined lever for that. And it's a very large be per post, so that could be per instagram story. You always want to make sure you're on the right side of all your FTC guidelines, so there's two different pieces to that. When you're a business account, you have the branded content tag. But that brandy content tag adds the little paid by crast. But you still have to in your description, and the 1st 2 lions say, has to expanse erred by cross, so make sure that you use both of those disclosures upgrade to the business account. If you want to be a brand ambassador, get paid to do things on Instagram and who doesn't. So just make sure you're on the up and up there. And in the next video, I'm gonna show you quickly how to upgrade to a business account and what the branded content tag looks like at the Post and in instagram stories. 6. Choose your Instagram Six 6️⃣[see PDF]: So now we're gonna go back to that instagram six that we talked about before. Did you get that all set? Because you need to have six different kinds of post that you're gonna put on Repeat throughout your instagram feed and the next step we're gonna do planning. But in this step, you want to make sure that you have your six different kinds of posts, so those could be you could have quotes. You could have photos of you. You could have photos of your workspace, all different kinds of things that fit into that. And you're just gonna rinse and repeat. 666 Repeat, 666 Repeat. You can see how it's easy to build out your hold monthly calendar when you have that instagram six set. So I want to make sure that you have that ready to go for the next piece. We're not gonna have a tutorial for this lesson. I just wanted to remind you before we went into that next section to make sure that you had your six set so we can get planning 7. Designing your Instagram Aesthetic: Now we're going to talk about the all important Instagram aesthetic. What does that mean? You hear people talk about this a lot. What it means is the overall look and style of your instagram. It has to do the filters, the photos, how you post things, what type of photos that you take. Or you could be an account that totally get pulls in, user generated content and all of those things match. So, for example, GoPro is an account that is almost all user generated content, so they don't have a custom filter custom style. They're pulling from a hash tag, getting permission and posting people all over the world taking these amazing photos with their GoPro. So think about how that works for GoPro. They created a great product. Now it's everywhere. They don't even have to go around and take all the photos there, just gathering them up. It's a very brilliant idea. Four brands to Dio Bark box is another one who I think they're hashtag is bark pack, and they post dogs that get the bark boxes and they have the toys. So there's there is a different kind of aesthetic. Theirs is like user generated content. It doesn't have the custom filters in style. If you look at a brand like target, Target always has. Of course, they're Red Target logo, which everybody knows. So things have read. They use very like white, bright professional photos. There's always looks the same. So if you're a personal blogger, there's a lot of personal bloggers that just they use the same filter. We're gonna get into the filters later. I'm gonna show you guys how to do that. Some of them take professional photos, and they use light room and Photoshopped to edit them the same way they use presets. There's an app that I absolutely love called Disco Cam, and a lot of the professional instagrammers also use that. So there's a couple different ways. Well, there's a 1,000,000 different ways, but I'm gonna show you a couple different ways because another thing that can happen is you could get overwhelmed with too many choices with software and APS. Don't let that happen to you. You're gonna pick a couple and you're gonna stick with them so your instagram aesthetic stays the same in the next tutorial, I'm gonna show you my magic secret way off using Visco Cam on the go and sometimes, but it planned them out to create photos that always look the same. I used to take the photos, is the same filters the same presets in there, and then it cut and copy them for different photos. So they look the same. It's gonna help you create a really cool instagram aesthetic. So this is something that you're gonna sat and your every time you edit your photos, you're going to use the same filters, same settings. It's gonna be awesome. You can also, as they mentioned, have a certain color in your thing you all the time. Whether it's a saffron, yellow or a great pig, whatever your brand color is, you're gonna pull touches of that in through the photos if you'll notice, have a little pink back and pick on today of a pink necklace. But it also have pig in my background. So sometimes maybe I don't have think on me. But even if I just shoot a quick video when I was wearing like all black, which let's face it, who doesn't want to wear all black all the time? Um, I do have a touch of pink back there so you can think about those things. This well, think about ways to get your aesthetic into your photos and into your videos when Maybe it's not all on you, but it could be more subtle. So these were the things that help make in an instagram account. Awesome. Having a set instagram pathetic. If you search on Pinterest, you could find some really cool Visco settings. They have like they'll show photos that are done with them, and they'll show all the viscose settings to create different instagram aesthetics. It's really cool. I've seen trending a couple times. There's like our pencil aesthetic or on aerial ascetic from The Little Mermaid. So some people are taking their themes to the extreme. Guaranteed. There's also Harry Potter aesthetic. So whatever you love, whatever you talk about, whether it's books, music, hair, clothes, whatever it is, think about what your overall instagram aesthetic is gonna be and then fit all of those things in there using your custom filters so you can create an instagram ascetic. There is a worksheet for this so you guys can put in your fonts, your colors and all those things and your settings in the apse so you can create your own filters. I am not very good with light room, so I don't have custom presets in light room. If you're amazing at light room, by all means, take all your photos, put them in a light room and add your filters. If you have Adobe Creative Cloud, they added, a ton of awesome new features in, um, light room. Create late room C. C. I think it's called the new version Super easy to use easier than the other one even. And you can get presets on creative market or create your own process if you want to do them all in your desk up. So there's a couple different ways that you can create your instagram aesthetic, and I'm gonna in the next video show you what I mean by showing you some Instagram accounts and what this that it looks like in action when it's on the feet and then you're gonna create the same thing for your instagram create what your aesthetic is the filters or you're gonna use. If you don't want to get too technical, you could use just the same instagram filter, but you you run the risk of, um, it looking a lot the same like other people's. If you just say using the Mayfair or Willow or whichever once right in the app using Visco cam is Justus easy and it creates a more custom look. So I think that you like that better. But if you don't want to mess with that, feel free to use one of the instagram, um, filters that air in there and you could do some editing and their change, the exposure, the brightness. But I'll show you how I do it in this Go and you can create an awesome instagram pathetic for your account. 8. Crafting a Winning Bio: Now we're gonna talk about how to craft a winning bio Now that you know what you're gonna post and who you're gonna post for creating the perfect bio so people can learn about you. This is kind of your business card, because you're not gonna be there to say, Hey, I'm whoever This is what I do. They're gonna look at your bio. So you wanted to say the right things. We have key words in there so people can find you will go back to the we're going to use. A few examples will go back to the salon. If you're a salon, you would want to reach the local people so you could say, like, I am a, um salon specializing in colors and highlights in beautiful you know, Manchester, New Hampshire. Whatever city here is you want to like, make sure that you're talking specifically to your local people. In your bio, you can say what your specialties are. You could put your phone number when you have a business account. You do have the extra sections where you can have your email directions and you have in a website link, so that gives you some extra real estate down there, and then you have your one important link. There's only one place on your profile that you could put a link. So I like to rotate that link and I used Bentley, which is a service where you can shortened links and you contract them. It's hard to figure out where people are coming from on social media, so you want to make sure you're reaching your goals on Instagram. So you're gonna use a bit Lee link so you can track that in show stats for who is coming to your information from Billy. So if you're the musician and you have a new song out in its on iTunes and you're super excited about it, of course you could make an instagram post saying, Oh my gosh, my new singles out. I hope you guys love this. I wrote it over vacation. It was really special to me, and then you explain a little bit of back story about it, and then you would say in your description, go check out the link in my bio to go to iTunes to grab the song yourself. If you like it, I hope you'll leave a review. Share it with your friends on, and then when people click on that link, it will go to your song. And then when you check back on your Bentley link, it will actually show you how many people came from Instagram, Twitter and all the other places that you shared if it came from your website. So that helps a lot with reaching your goals on instagram when you contract things, so you have that one link in there and you can rotate it throughout. I'll show you another tool later on. Call plan early, and they have a special link where you could do one link. When you click on it, it leads to a beautiful page where you can actually do create an online shop. So if you were a musician, you could have different albums in there. Or you could just have different gigs that people could buy tickets from you. So if you have something that you're selling, if your beauty blogger, if you're fashion blogger or if you wanna work that way and you're doing your outfit of the day Instagrams, you could click on that link, and then people get all the details to create a shop OBL link. That's pretty magical. I love using it. It's fun. There's other ones called styling, and there's a couple different. If you're a fashion blogger, there's a couple different ways that you can do that. But I have to say Planet Lee is my favorite like and and you can do everything in there. So I really like that a lot. Eso In your bio You can use emoji ease if you want to have text in there and have lying breaks. And there you can't do that on your phone. You have to do that on your desktop or notes or something and do a hard return and then cut and paste it in the instagram so you can have things on separate lines with emojis after them. That adds a little bit of color. You want to make it? Sure, it's interesting, so people know what your goals are. If you're trying to book gigs, you could say now booking gigs for February and March or Valentine's Day or, if you really wanted to target it, you could do that. If you're somebody who wants to be a brand ambassador, let people know that they can email you at this email address for brand collaborations. Make sure it's very clear why you're on instagram, who you're trying to reach, how they can get a hold of you to do the things that you want to do. If you want to work with brands like a sad, make sure that you have a good email address in there so people can reach you. If you have the professional business account, you can have it down below. But you could still have that in your tax, because if that's how you want to make your money is working with brands, you need to be super clear, and you need to let people know what kind of things that you talk about so they would know to connect with you. For example, again, we'll go back to the to a musician. You could say that you're looking for, like to partner with music companies or, you know, you're looking for bandmates like let people know what it is you want. If you don't tell people even more than once, because if you think you're telling people things one time and they're going to remember it they won't so let people know you're a musician looking for gigs. You have to be clear about what your goals are in your bio when people look at it so they can know what you're there for and connect with you. Whether it's direct message, you can say, you know, hit me up on the d. M. So if you're looking for a musician, this began. So think about your instagram bio. Go check it out and look at it and make sure that you are explaining who you are, how people can reach you, what you're there for. You don't have a lot of space in there, so it's a lot to ask and you can rotate things throughout if you write a really good bio, cut and paste it and save it. If you're changing it for something different, I think you have 100 60 characters, but I'll check on that. And in the next video I'm gonna show you some examples of good instagram bios why they work and how you can use thes ideas to make yours even better. 9. How to Design your Graphics: Now I'm gonna show you how to create graphics for Instagram. Sometimes you might not want to have a photo. There may be instances where you want to make a quote graphic or maybe a graphic for a blood post. So I'm gonna show you two of my favorite programs that I like to use for my instagram post and that is sparked by Adobe and can vote. And there's just different ways that I use them. They work a little bit differently, so I'm going to do a tutorial for both of them. I'm gonna show you on my desktop how we use them. They both work on the phone as well. I like to use Adobe on my iPhone the best because it just works the best for me. And you can also create little animations in their app. So I like that. So in the next video, I am going to show you guys how you can create great graphics. You could make little tutorials for yourself and use them over and over again. I did actually make some templates for you. For Instagram post that Aaron Camba in adobe. You can't make in share things, but in camera. I designed some templates for you. You guys can click on that. You're gonna save the key of a design. You're gonna make a copy of it and save it. And then that will stay in your own camera account. And then you can customize them 100% with your own colors. Your logo's, your photos, everything that you want to dio. So I just want to give you guys a framework so you could see how easy it is to make a few different things. So if you want to use are examples of a hairstylist for this one, you know you could do every time. If you had a monthly special, you could make one graphic. And then every time you had your monthly special, you could say, like now, booking February specials for blowouts. And you could say, like, $15 you know, from this date to this date. So every monthly special could have the same kind of graphic. So then it would it would really fit nicely in your theme when people were scrolling through which you want to think about that. So creating a cut, a couple custom templates that you re used over and over again will help make your instagram awesome. And also, it makes it easier for you to create things. So first we will look at Camba and I'll show you guys the templates that I designed, that you're gonna have to work with yourself. And then I'll go into Adobe Spark and show you how to make a few things on there. So let's go. 10. Using Canva for Work [Desktop]: hi. Now here are in Canberra for work. We are looking at Gang Kawasaki's account that I have set up for camper for work. And this is how you can use all your Brianna colors on that you create in here. So it makes it super easy to create branded graphics. I'm gonna go in and show you what it looks like. There is a free camera program on, and you just don't get all this brand stuff. So the things that I'm showing you now are the extra things that you get for Campbell for work. So when you're in a brand kit, you can add your colors in here, and I don't know that there's a limit on there, but you can add a whole bunch of colors. You can add a new palette so you could have more than one brand in your brand kit. You can have your bonds in here and you can upload Father. So this is where you can add your custom fights that aren't Google fonts that other people won't have. And it helps make your work look super custom. You would want to just set up. So you have your header font, a sub header and then a body text. So there's three different, uh, fonts that you can set up, and you can change these. You can upload a fun, or you can just click through an ad ones that are already in Kampala. You can customize this. So then, every time you go to that text, it's gonna pull up your bonds so it's awesome, and then you can add a whole bunch of different logo's in here by just adding it. You click on it and get it in, and then a gap. These will be saved in here. So when you are in your designs, you can see a wait, let me show you templates quick. Sorry. So in templates, they actually give you a whole set of templates that match your brand. And then you can also add other things. So these are just some templates that I've added, guy. So if you wanted to go in and to find templates, you can just search for something wake. Maybe I would look at. We'll get an invoice, for example, and then you can click out of this and you can edit the template. And then it's gonna let you add your own colors to it. Now, this is what was already in there. But if you click on this, it's gonna pull up colors and then your brand colors air in here so you can just go ahead and customize this. You could see how easy that is. Now when I go here, you'll see that the bottom is has changed. Also, if I want to just really easily change all the turquoise to the brand color, you just hit that and then he had enter. And then look, everything is customised. And that is so quick. So these are the reasons why I feel like it's worth it to pay for camera for work. If you are going to use Kampe, um, let me show you what else is in here. This'll is another feature, which is the magic resize, which is one of my favorites if I want to make this into a a Facebook post, of course, this isn't employed, so I wouldn't really do that. But if you wanted me, if you make one graphics, they make a square graphic. You can click on a whole bunch of other things, and it automatically resize Is that for you? And then you would have to move around a few things and they're to fit the different size. But that shows you how easy it is. Instead of recreating it for a bunch of different things, you can just resize it. And now we're back in our original design in camp A, there's tons of different ways to customize you could add transparency to things. You can change all the textures of 1,000,000 different ways to customize this. If you wanted to make a PdF with the link you congested that little link you can paste review where, Ellen And then when you download it is Piatt. The link will stay in there. So if you wanted to make leave magnets to give away on, then you can do things that you dio or if you want to add it back, you can redo it and that if you see when you save all your designs, you go back into can buy these air all going to be saved in here. So it saved the original when they made and then the two the two copies that I need you can share designs with other people, which is what we're doing with the designs that I gave you. And then there's also you can a team members and then it has your brand kit in there. Are you getting at folders to see certain things? So if you want to save a folder with social media posts, you can do that, and then you could just save them in there on. And then, if you want to go back later, you can edit this. You can say right here, and you could make this a template. And then when you go back in to your brand, you'll have a template there for that design that you just added eso. It's very cool way to create branded graphics. And then, if you want to start from scratch, you can just click on one and added, and they do have a bunch of free designs in there, and then they also have some that you would pay for, and they have a lot of free images as well. And then again, some that you pay for. So it's possible to you pay for can from for work and do everything else in here for free. So you would just have your monthly fee. Um, if you want to make this match your brand, you can just go in here and he has my brand pot, so I could change that to match your brand. So these funds are the ones that you always use. So then when you share this on instagram or wherever you want to share it, you can just always have it. Look, custom, if you wanted to add, you know, if this was your quote and you wanted to add like photo on there or you wanted to if this was for guys wise guy Facebook page, I can add that up at the top. So if I just wanted to a quick one, a quick little logo on the year you could do that guy would never share. Quote with this picture of this, you will believe that. So this just gives you a few ideas on how to use camera for work to create something that is custom that matches your brand. And, um, when you want to download it, you can just hit download. It will save the design for you, and then you could do a bunch of different things with that. You can, um, at it plan Aly, you could go right to Instagram. You could put it in trouble, bore to save for later. So if you wanted to get ahead and work on all your graphics for the whole month, you could do that. You could make a whole series of quotes and post one everything Monday for motivational Monday or for wordless Wednesday or for whatever fits that instagram six that you design. You could create your graphics and save them ahead of time. What, you save it, you can just pull it up and there you can't see all of it because it's out of my out of my screen, but they it gives you a beautiful download. The one caveat with brand kids is it doesn't carry over everything into, um, can refer camera on your phone on a smartphone, so I'll make a short video there. But I don't have this exact account, so I will be able to show you this. But I go into my camp back out again, and I'll show you guys how you can use can va for mobile. So I hope you enjoyed that quickly quick tutorial can, but does have a YouTube channel that has a lot of tutorials and how to do things. And also their canvas design school website Block has a lot, so I hope that gives you some ideas. And if you want more help with can VA, they have lots of it to help. 11. Using Canva for your phone : here we are in the canvas app, and as I mentioned in the full camp, a tutorial. You don't have all the functions in here that you do with can before work. So this is the AB isn't exactly the same in your designs. You will see all the things that you create, but all the custom features, like uploading your fonts in the custom fonts. All those things aren't like you can add your logo. There's things that get art in here, but it's it's a great It's a great app to find things that you might want to do for something quick, like if you wanted to just create opposed the league. Spartan is, um, a father 30 in here, So that's good. Um, if you want to just look at different things you can do, you can change the alignment. You can make things bold. You could. You could do all different kinds of things. You can go into that. It gives you graphics if you want to add some design elements on there, so there's free things and there's paid things will just say like, I wanted to add a little background down there and then you could make that later. See if I could make good Make that go back so you can add that. Make that element go behind the other. If you wanted to, just make that stand out on a little bit differently or if you don't like it, you can just do undo on do I do to go back to the way you had it before, so you can just change things around. It does save them right in the ab. Um, and that dust, How so you can customize things. I'm just gonna delete that. There we go. So that gives you a little idea of what's in here. They do have tons of different templates in here. So if you wanted to go in to make instagram post, you can just go right in. If you need to find some ideas and then you could customise them for for your brand. You could go in there. If you have your color code, you can add your color code in here so you can get your custom color. It's not gonna be saved for you, but you can add Just add your little code right in there to get your color codes. You can have those saved in notes or somewhere to make it easy to change. The color is to make sure that they match your brand. Exactly. So that's an easy way to create some quick graphics in Camba. They do also have some. They have the photo filters in here. So if you did pick some filters in here that you late, you can just go ahead and use the same can be a filter each time. So there's filters in here that you could pick, um, which are different from the instagram or this Go cam if you haven't gotten to that one yet , So this is a fun way to make some cute things. Um, if you want to change your filter a little bit again, you could just go in and adjust things. He went at it, make the color of it a little different if you wanted to be a little bit blurry and then have, um, you know, if you're putting text over it, So you wanted it to show more If you're gonna move this text up and you just wanted that background picture, you could do that. So there's a lot of different ways that you can create custom things in can, but in this ab and just click around and see what you want to do. If you like that one and you want to make more you when it you can add that little button to make multiple pages. So if you wanted to do an instagram post that had multiple, um, captions, I didn't do a multiple post. You could do that. You could just keep adding, and you could do a little Siri's that you could change the text and build on the text. So when people scroll through and added more, or you could just do multiple in the same, um, different 100% different. So when you were on the first photo is one thing, and then as you went through it would give you other ideas. You could use different templates, or you could stick with the same one and just change the text or the photos to do a little bit of storytelling with a multi photo post. So I hope that gives you some ideas of how you can create fun things in the camera app. It is a free app, and it is for IOS and Android. So if you love can refer desktop, maybe you want to play with us a little bit on your phone. As I mentioned, I love using camera most on the desktop the most because I have all my custom brand features in there. But they both work well. So trying amount with which one you like the best, and I hope you have fun. 12. Creating with Adobe Spark [desktop]: Okay, so now we're gonna look at a Doobie Spark Best cup. This is one of my absolute favorite programs. I use it all the time. It's kind of a lighter version of photo shops. If you aren't a photo shop user or if you want to create something quicker, this is a great place to do it. Adobe has put it all of their magic powers that they have for all of photo shop and all the other great things. And they're tying this in. It is part of the adobe creative cloud. So if you're creative Cloud Member, this is one of the things that you get the brand that I'm going to show you. This is the paper paid part of Adobe Spark, but you can use it for free without this branded section. But if you really, if your business, you want to use it. If you're blawg and you want all your colors and logos and everything in here to make things take last time, this is the place to do it. So this is where you can add your brand to add your brand kit in here, and you can put your logo and you could put you can put a whole bunch. I don't know what the limit is. You can have a primary and a secondary, so those air there, every time you can add your color, you can add more colors in here. Otherwise, you could have your primary color. And then, of course, you can add your funds so you can't right now. Add your own funds. You can't upload funds, but you can add funds that you want to cut. What you do is customize from the ones that they have in here. On day, you could be on every design you pull up. These will be the mean ones that pull up, so it keeps you consistent. But they don't have the ability to end a custom font outside yet. But I think that that's coming without So once you have all that set up, you could go right into your projects. And these are the things that I have already. I've already made. I have hundreds, just like you can buy a hundreds, probably of designs in Adobe Spark. They all stay in here after you save them, and then you can go right in them. You can just click on it to edit if you want to work on it. But you could we name it. So if you want to add that little at a different name on there, you can do that. Um, gonna go back. If you want to go back, you just click on the logo and it saves it and heads back, or you can duplicate it. So if you want to create an instagram story out of what are these, you could just keep duplicating it to make more. They don't have multiple pages per design. There's only one. So if you want to make something a Siris of graphics for instagram stories or multiple posts on instagram, you need to just hit, duplicate, duplicate and then you'll be able to do it. You can download it right from here and save it onto a computer, or you could delete it. So if we end it, we're gonna go in and you have many of the same features that you do on your app. If you want to get different style subjection suggestions that have this wheel and you could just click through and it gives you all kinds of ideas, if you like that one. But you want to change the fund, you can go in here, and it has your brand colors right in there. Keeps you super consistent. Or if you want to add an accent color, you could just go in here and change these to match something in the photo. Um, I'm gonna go back up and get it back on my brand. I know what that one is changing. I don't want that. Great. There we go. Um, you can change the order of things. You can replace the photo. If you want to add a different photo, you can upload your own phone. Oh, you confined free photos. So say we wanted to find a calendar they have in here because we want to tell people this is like has something to do with getting things set from Killinger. You could add that you could. And then once you get a photo, you can change the colors to do these different filters right over it. Or you could make it a solid background. If you wanted to do something solid, I'm gonna go back in and change the photo because that that one's distracting, Uh, you're gonna go into will just add this one. So if you wanted to use this one, But now you're Texas and popping on there, you can just go into a shape and you could try something different this way, and then you can go and change the way it looks. So many differ. There's, like, infinite possibilities as faras editing and changing. I do love in Adobe. See him when I'm dragging and dropping. It keeps my text like aligned. And I like that. You can also change the photo by making it bigger or smaller. Or you can rotate it a little bit depending on what you want to dio So and and then if you didn't really haven't you could add your little go on here, you could add more. Another text box. Um, really, honestly, just unlimited choices in any of these programs, which is sometimes why it's nice to use something like, um, spark versus photo shop. When you go into spark, you have ideas when you go into a photocopy of a blank slate, which can sometimes be great, and sometimes that can be overwhelming and make it take much longer. So sometimes when I'm in here, I just go in and I find something that I really like. I love this, like this. Just change the whole idea of what I was creating, But I like it. If I want to change the design, let me go back in here. If I'm not sure what I want, I can click on this little brand if I button and it will give me different suggestions based on my brand. And then from here, you can change those two. You can still from this change anything around. Move anything around. You know, if you want that to be centered now, but you wanted to be a little smaller, you could do that. You don't like this now because you've changed everything else. You can take that out. So, like I'm saying, almost unlimited choices as faras what you can create and make. There's all these other files, but you do want to kind of keep things so they look similar in the family that you're creating. So you could, but you can play around with things. And as long as you keep the main elements similar, they're gonna look good. Like this one is a pretty good departure from what I've done before, but I actually like it. But if I keep playing with it, I'll be able to make it more on brand for me. See, I could just keep adding more pink. I could change that photo behind there so many different ways that you could make this look different. So give give things a child at shot and play with it and make it look like your brand and stick to your brand aesthetics that you've created. But if you've got your instagram six doubt, you could create six different little templates in here. And then you could update him with photos for your blogged so you could create, like, a little nap. This one necessarily. But you could take something like, Let me find one. We have just a photo in it for something for my blood. So say, for example, like this one, I actually really like this one. Um, this is a recent block post. I did. If I want to take this and use this to make something for my next Instagram post, I could just duplicate it. So I basically have created all these is my own templates than when I go and edit this. I can change the layout, and I can resize it for Instagram. When we get an instagram story, it automatically resize is things. Now, this one. I did have an extra little text group in here, so I can delete that if I don't like it. Um and then I could I wanted to take that little text. Oh, some of us roll that up. I'm gonna take this out. So this is a great way to create a serious. So say, for example, this is away. This is I want to create this a little Siris of instagram tips so I could create this little template. And then every time I wanted to use it, I could just go in and use this little template that I made for myself. This could be one of my instagram six. And make this see if there's like, a just a little rectangle thing. So you can see you can keep playing with this and make it into something really cool. I want to make this just I just want a little rectangle. So what If you want? If you have an idea for something. Just keep playing with it a little bit to get what you want. I want this to be like a little rectangle, and you want to place this at the time so you can see you can just change things so you could make you could take your instagram six and you could just go ahead and you could create a little temple like this, and then you could just update the information every time you want it. You could make really cool instagram stories that would look the same every week. So that will help build your brand. It helps build your story, and it helps make everything look the same. So it really keeps your brand consistent in gorgeous. If I was going to use this for me, I would really make that my brighter pink because I think people know that better. And then maybe I would change the logo to that one, and I would take this one out because it doesn't look is good on this. So just get it playing with them a little bit and then create your custom things, and then every time you want to use it, you can just go back in here and you can update it. So just go in, duplicate it and then make another one for next time. It's a great way to can create really consistent graphics for your brand. You can download these and save them on your computer. You could just spend an hour a week creating your graphics and then save the entr ello or in plant only, or whatever program you want to use to keep your graphics organized. It's really important to have a way to keep things organized rate from the beginning, because otherwise you're gonna end up with a big mess of graphics or you'll be creating things on the go all the time, which is fine except them. It takes longer because you have to come up with your idea and everything. And also things aren't has branded Ah, lot of times when you're creating them on the fly. So if you took the time to create a little time in your schedule, create a bunch of graphics and then get themselves for the week, he will be so far ahead of the game. You won't be stressed. You'll know what you're gonna pose you can still update the photos or text if you want, but having a plan and sticking to it helps your instagram get on brand and be super consistent. So that's a Doobie Spark for best cop. And I hope you guys will give that a shot because, as I mentioned, this is one of my favorite ways to create great graphics for Instagram. 13. Using Adobe Spark on Mobile : Hey, guys, I'm gonna show you Adobe Spark Post. Now the name is a little bit confusing on desktop. It's just spark that adobe dot com But when you're in the afters, actually, three different APs because they have sparked video sparked Page and Spark Post, which are sweet of ABS. And we're going to go into Adobe Spark Post because this is what we used to create social media graphics so we can click on my post. And this is going to show you all the things that you've created on desktop and on mobile because they all sink. They do have a lot of templates in here, and these air these air the ones that they've created for my brand. So based on all the things that I've added into Adobe Spark, it has my color, my logo and the fonts that I like to use that I've uploaded, Um, and then in my posts, you'll see again that these are all just click on this one. This is an instagram story that I had made. If I want to edit this because I liked it, but I want to make it into an instagram post, I could just hit that at a button. Or if I love this instagram story and I want to make another version of it, I could just hit, duplicate. And then when I go back, I'll have to and I love this feature for creating instagram stories. So say I created this and I want to make an INSTAGRAM story using this one. I can take this 2nd 1 and then I can change the text on it so I could double tap that to get the text and then you can save it, and so you can see that just everything stayed the same except for that. So I love this because it keeps my brand palette in here. So there's my brand. There's two sections. This is custom colors. This is my brand suggestions, and then when you tap on it, it just lets you pick different ones so you can just have to change the colors to get other ideas where you can go right into your palate and again get different ideas, or you can just go with select which one you want. It's very easy to change different colors. The color palettes. You can create an adobe color, and then it pulls it over into your adobe spark. And then they also have all these different color palettes. But I don't really use thes because I want everything I create to have that same family of brand colors. So I always stick in my custom, my brand, or I use thes. I go right in, and I just let it all sometimes click through it a couple times to get different ideas. And then I conceive it, um, so and when you when you're in each design, you can add text, photo and logo, so it's gonna pull my logo, and I already have it on there, obviously. But if I wanted to add my girl, I could do that. But I'm gonna cancel that. If you want to get get different suggestions, you could just hit brand and that those air brand suggestions, or you can click on there if you want to get a totally different style for the template you can resize this to. That's an instagram story right now, or you can use any of the other ones. But for Instagram, he would just use the Instagram story or the Instagram Square Social post. If you want to change it, look how easy that is. And then you could just change the photo. You can change the text to be bigger if you're gonna do it as it as opposed. But, um, I'm gonna go back and change that to an instagram story and that so you can see how many different things you can change their apps. There's my little gonna go back appeared. Believe this because it added my girl up there at the top, you could do lay out if you want to just change it to add different photos that gives you photo grids. You can change the spacing to add a border if you wanted to add a little border to match your brand And that effects is where it's very cool for instagram stories. I love this feature a lot and Adobe Spark. I forgot to mention they do have a free app and they do have the paid version which has all the brand information. It is free if you're Adobe Cloud Creative Cloud member authority included in there. So this is where you can add effects to enemy things in your adobe spark app. You can't enemy things on desktop only in the in the app. So sometimes what I'll do is out. Go into desk capital me to make a bunch of things, and then I'll go over to my phone and grab it to do the animations. There's all different kinds. You could do a fade. You could slide it in. You can have it grow so it pulls in. This will animate the image behind there you can pan across, which I think it's nice for instagram stories because it gives you some motion. You can add gray, which takes the color out of the photo, and then it slowly pulls in. You could do focus, which has the picture out of focus, or you can do color, which makes the color disappearing. Makes the top the pot, perhaps the text. So those were some different ways. You can add animations, thes air filters that will just stay on the whole thing. So if you use one of these, that will be on your post the whole time. Or you can add something fun with your animations, which this is a great way to add animations to your graphics. Like I I will tell you the ripple app where they have those as well. So again, what I like is that all my thing sink it pulls it right over in here. And then you can just add it it really easily. This we're in all post right now, but again, you can just click that Teoh create a new design and then he has start with your brand or not. So it'll start with your branded color. Or you can just pull photos in from they have free photo surgeon. Here, you can get adobe stock if you remember light room. If you've edited your photos and light room or from the creative cloud eso there's a lot of different ways. If you want to start with a pattern, you can just go in here and find a cute pattern. Yeah, that in your library. Not sure if that will pull that into the design for you. Well, it doesn't look like the pattern's gonna pull right in, so that will save it in my cloud. And I could do it from the desktop probably. Um, but you can just start from a solid color if you want to make a graphic with just text on it, and then you can get ideas for different worth. My little brand Well, so this little style wheel right here you can just go ahead and click on this, and it will give you a whole bunch of different ways that this can be created so you can just keep going through to get ideas with this wheel and then, when you like one. So you like this one, but you don't like the colors. Then you could just go in and change the colors to see how you like that. So there's a lot of different can't leave that on there. So there's a lot of different ways that you can change the text, and again you can change the color. You can change the font you can scroll through, get different ones. You can change the shape you could make a text cut out. So this is a cutout, Um, and then you could change the font to make it even bolder or whatever you want it to look like that's in the shapes. Or you could just add text around it. There's a lot of different things you could dio, um, I like the little A mode, the little icons for different social platforms. I had this one on the bottom. So if you wanted to create something and then have your, um, instagram name at the bottom, you could do that, and then it adds your logo, and then you can change the colors of that. So that's a fun way to add things to so you can see, you know, it's kind of limitless. All these APS, you know, even if they have templates you can could create an infinite amount of awesome things with your different things. If we're in this one, we could even add layout. We could add different photo grid and there or different elements where you could pull in photos or anything that you wanted to dio. So there's a lot of different things that you guys can do when you hit share. You could do a transparent background or a cellar salad background, so if you were gonna do create like an overly like it, it would be kind of like a geo filter in, um, snap chat. You could create something like that for Instagram, where you had a custom little filter and then you were in there with it so you could do a transparent background or not why you're in here. Um, and there's just so many different ideas, So I hope you guys will give the Adobe Spark app a chance and try it out. It is one of my very favorite ones because I love how the textures days all lined up. It's kind of hard to make something like this one. I don't really love this one, but for the most part I make things that I really love in this AB. And it's easy, so you can just edit infinitely, you know, and make all different kinds of changes duplicate the ones that you like, so you don't ruin your template, and then you can save it to different places. You could save it to your phone or you conceive it to plant only buffer trail. Oh, you could go right to Twitter Instagram Pinterest. So many different choices. I don't know why my instagram over there should be over more, but so that's that's an overview of the Adobe Spark gap. I hope you guys will give it a chance. It's very consistent, and I love it because it works really well for me. Every time I go to make things So give the adobe spark app a shot and see how you like. 14. Filter Love with the VSCO app: Instagram filters Air Super important. So now I'm gonna show you guys my favorite app that I already told you about, which is Visco In the Visco app, there's all different kinds of packages that you can buy that give you different filters. So these filters, they have tons and tons. You could do black and white color. They changed the light that all different kinds things. And then there's other adjustments that you can create in there. What you want to do is create one that you're gonna use all the time, and you can copy that to your other photos. There's also some other APS that have fun things that you might want to add sometimes. Ah, color story is one that I like and these air once it just add special effects thes air, not editing as faras like touch ups go. So I will. I'll show you, Visco Cam, where we can look at how to do the filters. I'll show you a little bit of a color story where you could add fun things like confetti to your photos on. And then I'll also show you Face Tune, which is the one that I like to use. If you have a few touch ups that you want on your photo, you don't want overly edit your photos that something to really think about. For Instagram, you don't want to overly edit your photos so much that if somebody came to see one of your instagram stories that they're like, what happened. Sometimes you do want to just touch up a little bit. If you're having a day, we have a few shadows or if your teeth happened, look a little bit yellow. You can just go in and touch them up a little bit. I use space tune for that. There are a lot of APS, but as I mentioned before, I'll give you guys a list of APS, but pick one or two and stick with them. So don't get bogged down with too many choices. Too many choices. Sometimes it's the things that keeps you from posting at all. So without further Dio, we're gonna look at this tutorial that's going to show you guys me working out my phone and how to actually use a couple of these filters to create awesome things 15. Make great videos with Wave: here we are in waved at video, and I want to show you guys how to make some really cool videos for your instagram posts and instagram stories. That's one of my favorite things to create videos for instagram stories. It is paid, but there's a lot of features in here that if you're not great with shooting your own video or editing video, this is a great out because it's a great software because it's really easy to use. I, um, like tea, even though, like I said, it's paid. There are a lot of things in here that are free, so there's a whole library of, um, show you video. There's 2.5 million royalty free video clips, photos and images. So when you're in here, if you don't have your own video for something, say you're a bakery and you're just going to start selling doughnuts, you can go in here and search for doughnuts and find a video that you like. You can hover over that, and it's gonna show you what it looks like. Look how cool that is. Honestly, I can take good video, but I probably couldn't take this little I would have thought have done this little spending video, so I can use that it pulls it right in for you, and it adds it to the file that I already had. So now you can see this text doesn't look very good on here. This was just one that I was playing with. You can move that down. This is not dragon drop in here, but you can change the text position easily. So if you just put that down somewhere, you can see it better. Um, even yet. Filters in here change the text. There's all different kinds of things. It's kind of like can va but it's for video. So when you're in the video, if you want to have the text show a little bit more you can you can and the dimmer on there . So it makes the video Now show us much and makes the text pop So you could do that. You can also assume in you can rotate and crop the video weren't You can trim it if it's too long, which just gives you this little drag and drop. If you were gonna do an instagram story and you wanted to make this 15 seconds, we could just go right there. We can turn that so we could still use it. So you could also add your little go in the water ranks. You could upload your logos and add that so you can add your little donut logo, which is easy to use. And then they have more than 3000. I'm sorry, 300,000 royalty free auto clip. So if you wanted to add some music to go with your doughnuts, you could just go in here and highlight. You can listen around to find music that will fit. That's kind of fun. So we'll just try this without here, and then you can change the text to match the music. Uh, this is just a really basic one. I'll show you. I love that. At the end of every video, it gives you this little branded box for calls to action. It reminds you every time you can change all the text, you could add another line of text you could add, like at the phone number or the address of your location. And then you could just change colors on their to make it pop to make it look a little different. You can change the little call to action layout. They have three different choices. And I like that. It reminds you every time to do it, which is so you don't forget to do that. You can change the text. You could make the text bigger or smaller again. You could, you could, I don't know if I showed you, you could drag and drop the video a little bit so you can select it, which is great for instagram stories because you record your video horizontally and then you wanted to fit in your stories so you can choose that again. There's your logos. So say that I like this and then I want to publish it. You just hit next and next again. If you had a paid video, you would pay for it right there. But mine is a free video. So even though, um, I am paying for the monthly fee for this, I didn't have to pay anything for the music or the video which conceive you a huge amount of money. If you were doing client work, you could create really great videos for clients in charge. Quite a bit of money for these and they look super professional. I'm just going to show you how fast it is to get your videos. It blew. It renders your videos and then it's available for download. And it also sends you an email. So if you were creating something for INSTAGRAM that would send you an email and then your video would be right on your phone or you can download it and you can upload it to your trouble board or your, um, plan only account into your instagram stories. So if I wanted to go back into this one, I get If I want to create a series of them, I can just hit copy if I want to create a series of instagram stories without ruining my original or if I just wanna edit this, Um, I'm just getting it refreshes say, my internet, this faux someone hit reef fresh. That's my fault. At the APP. It was saying it was me. Oh, close that again. I'm gonna go back to my other one. When you're in here, you could just hit edit, And you can change this, Teoh. I hope this will go. Gonna go in any of them for me. Okay, let me just try different one. This is a different video that I made. Hey, my brother, I'm gonna close. A couple versions have, like, 50 versions of this open right now. So when you're in here, you can change the size of your video to any different size, which is really important. You can change it to mobile. Could changes to a Facebook cover a standard, um, rectangle. You could make it a story. Or you could make this a square video. I'm normally this goes super quick. It looks like like my, um Why, If I had slow. So I'm gonna reload and see if that fixes that for me. Um, this is not the program. This is me right now. For some reason, my wife I is going out on me. So But I just want to show you that you could do change to all these difference. There we go. And I was going. You can changes to square in one click or instagram story in one click, and then if you need Teoh, you can edit it a little bit like now. My, um I'm gonna move that up in my local is down in the corner, so it's super easy to create something for an instagram story, but then later make that into opposed or a video for you tube. So there's a lot of different ways that you can create branded really beautiful content in wave video. I have created Facebook cover videos, which I love. I've created instagram stories. This is my favorite for creating really cool instagram stories that aren't gonna look like everybody else is. And then you just want to go through once you change your sizes like this one doesn't look good now, so you can just go ahead and fix it so easy to use. You can just change the layout there, and it fixes that with what? Quick? Awesome. So I hope they give you a little overview of video. I do believe they have a trial plan so you can try it out to see if it's worth it. There is a monthly fee, but if you're gonna use this, I honestly think that monthly fee is covered with videos that you get in there for free and the music, because if you check, that's very expensive to create video or to shoot your own video. So that is a quick overview off video. They do have a YouTube channel with tutorials, and they do have tutorials and how to use other bloggers. Well, so I hope that gives you some ideas on what types of videos you can create in wave. I hope you have fun and make some really cool things and share them with the believe in your 16. My Favorite Planoly app for planning: here we are in the plant alley app on my phone. I do believe they have IOS and Android, so this will be good for everybody. This is the same grade that we look at before with unscheduled You can see scheduled and you can see all. Um, you can see it by grid like that. You can see your calendar, which looks the same. You can see your analytics and here, Bye week by month and by a year you can do custom dates If you want. You can show your top 10 posts. That's the whole year or by month or by week. It's really helpful toe look back and to see what was popular this month. What did people like Whoa get like the top 10 commented. Look there it's almost all of a lot of my face and they're so obviously people like seeing my face as much as I hate posted pictures and myself, it's just a good idea, because people do like to see that, um, if you hit these little three dots on the side, you can switch accounts just like in the other app secret pull up with since account. So you could pull. You can post things. Oh, gosh. Look at that picture. I even forgot about that. Uh, he's so teeny. Um okay, that was a little Segway of cute puffiness. Sorry. So you can go ahead. You can switch accounts, you can add Hashtags. Winston doesn't have any hashtag groups in here. I do have some of my phone, so I'm gonna add them in here later. And you could just name it. And you can just you in Skopje and paste them from other places that you have it if you have them in your nose or I have some Montrell Oh, and on my notes, I have a couple different places. So it's a good, good way to do things. There's obviously billing, addict profile. History is just things that you've posted. Hashtags. We looked at comments. If Winston had any to comment, um, we added a new feature. Comment reply and manager comments. We're here to get started. We'll need permission. Soldiers hit. Authorized for that. That's going to go to his instagram, so we won't do that right now, But that is very cool. So you can manage multiple accounts right in here without too much work. Well, not a book club for a second. I don't really have too much in there, so this just gives you an idea of how it all works. If you want to add a new post from your phone, you can do that Rape from here. So say you look your phone the best. If you created a graphic, you can just go ahead and pull it, um, anywhere in your phone, or you could pull it from Google drive. It'll show your folders and there you just have to sign in or in your dropbox account, so many different ways to let me go back there. So there's a lot of different ways to pull them and you can add your placeholders and you can add the labels at 12 or three in the different colors. Um, and what was lesson? And then you can also do stock photos from here. So I see that some of these air not square though you don't you can't crap or edit or do any of that in this app, so I wouldn't necessarily use thes. You could do that once you get into Instagram. But I like to have them ready to go by the time I schedule them. So this just gives you a quick overview of all the same things that we looked at on the desktop, and it's just Azizi to use their. So when you add a photo, um, well, just go into the favorites, that one. He could have multiples, so it pulled them all in. You could do that as a multiple photo post. Multiple items uploaded his one post so that could make one of the multi photos. And then you could just keep adding if you wanted Teoh and you can even add a video here. So we went into albums videos. Um, what would I do have? I don't think I have any that are square. Well, I just I'll just do this one. So that's that square. So it's not a great visual example, but it shows you that it pulls them all in, and then you can upload that. And when you posted on Instagram that while post is one. So if I hit, upload and going unscheduled, that's gonna show here and then it shows the multiple photos and you could move them around and look what this does. I'm gonna update that before a change. They want you say that. See, it changed the cover on that so that one will be the one that's Instagram Post. But then if I decide I don't want to like that and I want that picture because it's one of my favorites with Pat Flynn, Darren Rap Ralston were record. He's, um I want that to be the cover so that I could update it. And so that's the cover. So you can see how awesome that is that if I want to tag people, I can add my hashtag groups right in there. There's so many different ways to use this app. I just love it but want to schedule it. I could just put that for January 2nd at 4 45 then I could just update that. Then I'll get a notification for that on my phone when it's ready to go. So now that's not see the these air my unscheduled I've scheduled that now, So there we go, and that shows it right in there. I'm actually gonna delete this because I don't want a notification for that, so that shows you how Those stories I forgot to show you instagram stories on the app. I'll have to show you that the desktop, um on my phone right now. But you could also plan your instagram stories, which is amazing, because this way you can plan them out so they I'll go in there, someone to choose those. I'm gonna add them and it's gonna create. See, It adds them right in that I can upload them and now it has them Allah separate. So now for a caption when you're in your instagram stories, you can't really add text on there because it plays is a video. But what I like to do is add the Lincoln there. So when I'm when I swiping up, I could have that link to swipe up or it just put notes to myself like make sure to add this is branded content tag Or make sure to, you know, use this hashtag whatever things that you might want to add on the graphics. But again, you can schedule that, and then it will just go into your stories, which is different. I wouldn't update this and then I'm gonna go back. And when I want to see my stories. I just click on that ass when I want to post it. And I'll say, Do you want a post? This story this is going to book club. I can hit that. Now I'm gonna pretend them in Book club. But then I would just hit this and then I hit that and then they hit there. It's right in my camera roll, so I don't know if you saw that, but I go into my camera roll and I'll show everything from the last 24 hours. And then I could just hit send, and that will save that as a story. Or I could cut and paste my Lincoln there if it was a if I needed to tag a business partner . This is the branded content tag, someone a tag, a business content. 10 rubles had planet like this were in there. It searches. It adds them. Okay, so they don't want everybody tagging them, which is good. This is part of the reason they have branded content tags. So unless you have permission, you can't tag them. So I'll try to do, because maybe they have me do Adobe Spark and then it will say tag business partner that I had done when I saved that, it will say paid it will say paid by Adobe Spark. So I'm not gonna send this because this isn't sponsored by them. I did make this in their abs. So that shows you how to, um, keep popping in there. That shows you how to post a story. So and then you'll see that one's gone so you can select which ones to do. You could delete one stories that you don't want any more. You can go back and check other things out. Check your drafts. It's very, very easy to use app. I like it a lot, so I hope you guys give that a spin. Like I said in the desktop video, there are a lot of other services that you can try out to see if there's something that you like better. Who sweet does similar things sprout social tailwind. I think all three of those other ones are also Instagram partners. Eso test things out. I will show you quickly. The plan app. Where did I put that? Let's see if I can find it quick. There's the plan at this is Justin App, not desktop. Um, and they and this one is similar. You could just, um, add photos in Go back. We'll just do like the same one. It pulls it in. You can set a reminder you can copy imposed. You can write your text in here, and then you can save it so you can edit the image. Oh, it is nice. You can edit your image, which you can't do. Implant only you could edit. So if you had an image that was needed a little bit of work or if you needed to make that square or change it to any other dimension, you are good. They didn't put instagram stories that would have been in a thing to add, um, you could do filters. You could add stickers, have a little arrow sticker like an arrow sticker because you could put that for, like, the swipe up or something like that. Um, so this is also, you know, they don't have as many features is plan early, but it's pretty good. It's got, um, performance. Best media from the last 30 days. Best time to post, which is always one of my favorites. I used Tailwind for that a lot. Um, I wish that planet we would add that, but these were gonna tell me my best time. Suppose it's around Pender 11 color palette based on my last 12 images because I had a lot of Christmassy ones in there. Follower growth, Um, these air hashtag groups that they're asking me if I want to save them, which is a great feature that I didn't know they had. So say I was going to do more cupcakes. I could save this. And those are my best performing hashtags. Very, very interesting. Um, so that's a great feature right there. So look around and find ones that you like. This is, um, this is not a free up, but I don't think that it's ridiculously expensive. So if you want to do something that's just easy to use, this is it again. They're not gonna post this for you. They're going to send you a notification when it's time to post on, and I will put a link to this app. Um, so you guys can check it out, but it's just p l. A. And plan and its basic, but it's good. So you can add more accounts? Um, one account with 10 post is free. So you could do that little free plan if you want to try that out. Basic $3 account. $3 a month for one account. Very inexpensive. Um, three Castle. This is a pretty affordable plan. Their highest one is $9 for unlimited accounts in unlimited features. That's pretty inexpensive. So if you want to try something else that you just want to try a quick thing on your phone that has some features that plan Italy has. But maybe you don't think you need all of those. This is a good option is an app. But like I said, I like to do a lot of things on desktops. So for me, that was my favorite. So I hope you like that. I hope you'll give those try so you can start working head, creating better content and really zooming along on your instagram account. 17. Build your Plan with Planoly: Now we're gonna really get into the work with plan only. We're gonna build a plan using your instagrams six and your aesthetic to create your grid. And I love this tool called Plan early. It you can use it on your phone and you can use on desktop. I use it on desktop the most because I like to actually write my descriptions out on the computer versus on my phone, where it's easier to miss a little typo or something. I don't like to go back into instagram and edit my descriptions after I hit Publish. You can do it, but I've noticed that my post don't do as well when I go back and edit them. So I'm wondering, note. There's nothing for sure hair. But it's my theory that Instagram doesn't like when people go back and edit the descriptions too much. So I'm trying out to do that, and I battle that by creating everything you can create a whole monthly plan in plan Aly using their dragon drop grid system. I'm gonna show you guys in a tutorial, fully show you how to use that because I've talked about this tool a lot. There's a lot of things in there, but the one that I love the most is that you can put you can create a whole bunch of post. So say, for example, you have your instagram six. We're gonna pretend you're that musician again and you did a photo shoot and you have a whole bunch of photos of different things. You know, you're in different settings, you're in the studio, you're doing a bunch of things. So you have, like, 10 different photos. You edited them all in viscose. So now what do you do with them? So they don't get lost? You're gonna take that and put them into plan early and their little grid, and you could just leave them in there and not do anything with them till later. But they also have little things called placeholders, where you could add different color placeholders and to keep your instagram six, and you can label them in, name them, so they you could just know which things to do next. You could drag. You don't have to do 123456 Always an order. You could mix them up. You want to make sure that your photos always look good next to each other, so you wouldn't want to have one. That was to put dark next to another one that's super dark like you're gonna have your own things. Once you get into this more of designing your pathetic and your plan, you'll understand what I mean by the photos looking good next to each other. So when you're in Planet Lee, you can actually do scheduled unscheduled, and it will show everything so you can see what you already have in there. Once your photos air in there, you can go and edit your descriptions. They have hashtag groups that you can add in there that everything will be done on your desktop, and then you can set a schedule for it. According to Instagram's terms of service, you can't use programs that post automatically for you that breaks Instagram's terms of service, as does any of the services where you know your automating all of your lakes in following and comments. Don't ever do those. You can lose your instagram account because of those very easily. So don't do anything that breaks. Instagram Terms of service plan really is actually a partner of Instagram, so they have some inside information, and I just love using it. There are a couple other services. One is called later. They also have great stuff. Iconic Square does really great analytics, and you could also plan and there and Tailwind does a swell. But Planet Lee is my absolute favorite. Um, you schedule everything in there, and then you get a notification to your phone, and you can post at that time super easy so you can do things on desktop. Or, if you want to do everything on your phone, you can 100% take your pictures, do your editing and upload it and still accept your schedule out. When you have your sexual schedules that ahead of time, it makes your life so much easier. As I mentioned before, when you don't have things planned, that's when you get stressed and you post things that are off brand or don't fit your aesthetic. And as soon as you post it when you go back and look, you're gonna you'll get so you're in such a groove, you'll say this photo does not fit. It won't do a swell. So you want to make sure, once you get your Instagram is that except that you're working with it and plan early is gonna help you do that scheduled things out. So in the next video, I am going to go on my desktop and my phone I'll do due to here so I can show you what it looks like in both. I'll show you how the tools work in there so you guys can really get going. And my friends, that plan only did give me a download. That's a cheat sheet. I had to use their I'm service, and I do have a bonus that came with this for 23 months. You guys can try it out, but I'm telling you, it's super affordable and you can work with teams. I forgot to tell you that you can either work by yourself. If you were a brand that has more than one person managing your INSTAGRAM account, you can easily use Plan Lee to have other people log in without giving them your password. They have their own log in. They could drop things in. Or if you're working with a brand and they're gonna do all the photography, they're going to send you photos. You could let them have a la gin without giving away your log in. There's a lot of different ways to work, to use it to work with other people. I work on my own, so I do mind. But I still like using it. I do. I have worked with the team before, but usually with my instagram photos. I just like It's so like in the moment that's so personal to me. I always feel like I need to do all of them myself because it's more our personal representation than, say, for example, Pinterest, where you're pinning things for certain boards of somebody else was pinning. I feel like that's OK as long as you're hitting your target things but instagram for me personally, it's a very personal feed, So I like to be things that I have chosen and all things that I've written so but that you know, if your brand you can have multiple people. So in the next video I'm gonna show you guys my desktop version of how I use plan only to plan at my grip. I'm gonna show you guys with my book club account because that has a very specific theme. And I'll show you guys the colors and how I created different things in the grid, using their placeholders to create a really great theme. So I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial for Planet Lee. 18. Getting the Goods on Geo-tagging: Now we're a tight bra, geo tagging that's adding the location to your post again, Very important to help your content be found. If you're a local business, or if you have any kind of looking for foot traffic for your store or if you're a salon or , you know, musician, those things are important. So when you are posting on Instagram, it has add location. You can click on that location and you can actually add a location. It's tied to four square, which isn't really used any more, but the address has to be in four square for to pull up. So I used you tanking for my office. Don't ever geo tag your home. If you're somebody who works at home, be smart and don't tag your house because you don't want to get people that much information. So I think about what you're gonna use. Don't use your house. Use your office if it's somewhere that's, you know, populated in a safe place for you to have an address on there. And then when you're traveling when you're somewhere, just make sure that you add your location post that have their location tag. Do I think it's almost 50% more likes than other without, so it does add another level of people and interaction to your posts. If you could also click on the locations and you can see who else has posted there. So say, for example, you were traveling. You were going to New York City. You could click on the different locations and see the photos that people have taken their I found Awesome Ice Cream Place that we visited in New York City from Instagram called Tight Yockey. I believe it's how you say it. They create this really cool. I'm green tea ice cream and they serve it in these fish ice cream cones that are just amazing. I found that because I was looking for things to do in a starting area. I knew I was going to one place. I clicked on Instagram location, and I looked around so you could find places to visit things to do in your own house. It's really cool. There's a lot of different ways toe use locations to get more people to find your post, but also so you can find new things. Suppose if you were that struggling or just turning out musician, you could find a lot of play. Sister Great. Take great photos if you moved to San Francisco is like you're in a new town. Finding restaurants. Find the farmers market. It's so cool just to see, really dig into other people's stories and see where there and you can also add locations onto instagram stories. So I showed you that before in stories. But remember that when you're when you're doing stories, you can also tag things in there. And the stories that I opposed hash with the location on them get like 50% more views, 50% more impressions. So think about using your location on your post when it's safe for you to do it. I know in particular, like obviously I read. Emma Watson, of course, is a superstar. She doesn't take anything, so be smart, like you don't want to tell people where you are. There's issues, you know, if you're out. If you're home by yourself, you know, be safe with how you're using locations. But if it is safe for you to tag where you are or if you left there and you're somewhere else now it's okay to tag there, so be smart when you're tagging, but add your geo tags on their to help your post get more interaction. 19. How to Use Trello for Projects, Client Work, and to Work Ahead: Now I'm gonna show you how I use trail. Oh, Teoh for my instagram. Now, I usually put things in plan early, which I told you. But if you're working on social media campaigns, if you're working with brands, there's a lot of different reasons that you might want to use a trail aboard. So these are all my trail awards. I'm gonna show you this one that I created for the class. I'm gonna share Lee so you guys can load this. This is a public born that I made. So you guys can copy this trial Lewis free. And it's super easy to organize things in here, so I made some. So this this is called a board and then thes air called cards. And you can change the name of the cards there you want to add occurred? I'm sorry, these air lists and then these air card. So when you go in here, you can write Monday post, and then that saves it when you go into their This is where you can add information for each instagram opposed. So, for example, if you want to add, um, a photo so you can just go in here and choose anything. We'll just choose that and that uploads it to trail. Oh, now you can load. If you saw quickly from your computer from Google Drive Dropbox Box one drive so easy or you can put a link in there. So it's super easy, and what I love about this is I can add everything on my desktop, and then it's on my phone when I want to share it on Instagram. It's also awesome to jot down quick ideas. So say, for example, you're out on a trip and you're traveling around or you're in an event. You can take photos of things you can put them in your trailer cards, and you could write some notes on your phone because the APP is the same in the phone so you could write notes, say, like Mary and Bob at the Niagara Falls. You know, global boss, you can write your notes in there to help you remember everything because sometimes you need to know names, places and things like that. You could also right where you want to tank things. If there's hashtags, you want to use it, so it's really easy to do it you can add other people to this. So if you have team members, you can just search for, um, team members in there and add them to your board. You can add labels if you wanted to be a certain type of board and checklists, which I love. It didn't pull in any of my checklist unless you so you can create when So we can just add what we might mind for each each different. Um, instagram posts. And I'm adding a little checklist, and then you can copy this onto other things on the boards. We want a photo. We want hashtags. We want, um, what we're posting will say, What's the story? Why why are you posting this is it that's important for each post to um And then you could just leave it at that. So when you have that, you can, um, use this little checklist and then you copy them off. When you're done, I let you know where you are. So if you're on this post, you could move them from one card to another card by moving it right there, and you could do change it to a different list. So if you're working up photos and graphics, you could move it there and then it just moves it over. Or you can just drag and drop it, which is always easy. So you can add as many lists is you want. You could make this daily. You could have a Monday through Friday, seven days a week. There's so many different ways you can use this, but it's really great for being organized. Well, just rate Tuesday on here. When you go in here, you could do checklist copy items from the Monday pose. See how that's in there. You can hit that checklist and you can do add, and it's gonna add those same things in there so you can create one checklist, and you can just add it to all the different items. You can subscribe to it. So you see when people add things, you can copy the card. You can add a due date. If you want toe. Remind yourself that it's Do you want a certain day or if you want somebody to have it done by a certain day, you can add a description to the different lists, which tells you what they are so There's a lot of different ways you can use this. And as I said, you will get ah linked to this. So you guys could can use this board for your instagram. So I hope you have fun creative, some creating some cool trial awards. You can change the background in there. I have a pro version. So I do have, um I have custom backgrounds. When you guys create boards, you won't have the custom backgrounds right away. But you don't really need them. They're just pretty. So there you have it. This is how you can use trail. Oh, to create an awesome instagram plan, working with a team or just to be more organized. If he wanted, um, work on groups of photos, you could edit your photos and put them all in here. So I hope you guys give this to try it. Super fun. 20. Hatching your Hashtag Stragegy: Now we're gonna talk about the ill important hash tag hatching hashtags strategy is super important because hashtags without a strategy, do not work at all Random hash tagging. Just stop it. So to create a hash tag strategy, you're gonna go back to your instagram six and maybe create instagrams hashtagged strategy for each one of those different types of photos. That may seem like a lot. Maybe you only need one or two different little groups of hashtags. Depending on how many different things you're posting. I tend to use about three different groups that I have. So whether I'm posting about what I'm doing from my blogging, if I'm doing something creative, if I am posting something about books or reading, which I also do, I stick around the author reading, writing like that little theme. So come up with at least three different house check strategies. I'll say three. That might be a lot, even if you just come up with one really solid one. It will help a lot, but you're gonna find that you'll need a couple of different ones. So I'm gonna go back to use our example of a musician. So if you are a musician in a certain city, you're gonna Why use Hashtags? But you need to check them. If hashtags have millions of results, there's no way that you're gonna hit the top nine on them when you're just starting. So you want it. I tend to pick things that are under a 1,000,000 results. To the hashtags, that seems like a lot. But honestly, a lot of them have over a 1,000,000 um, results on them. I don't use anything with insta or instagram in it any longer. Those air too busy and they were part of the ones that kind of got banned by instagram. There are some hash tags that just are You can't even use them anymore. They have all bad stuff on them. Girl boss is an example of a hash tag that was super popular. And now it got too overpopulated, too popular. And there's just stuff in there you don't want to be associated with any more, so it's not a good one to use anymore. So if you are a musician, you want to check to see which ones are going to be good. You want to follow your style of music. You want to do your city, but make sure that you're not using a hashtag that's way too over populated. So, for example, if you check hashtag Boston, it has millions and millions of results too many too big. So you're gonna want to go smaller with that. So if you look when you're on instagram, if you click on hash tag, you'll see suggested other hashtags on there. You're gonna wanna click on Boston, click on the top nine in there and see what groups of Hashtags people have used. Check out to see what ones are related, but not is popular. Anything from like 500,000 to a 1,000,000 be like your super popular hashtags. So those air good. I try to find hashtags that are even lower than that. You don't want them to have so few that no one is there, because then you can see that second help too much either. So anything would like maybe 20,000 up to 500,000 like that's in your middle range. You can come up custom ones with your own name on it, the name of your album, things like that. But using hashtags to connect with other people is super important. So you're gonna come up with your different hashtags strategies for your different groups and then you're gonna stay them. I saved them in trouble. Oh, and I also saved them in the planet Lee app, and you can save them in your notes. I used to save them and short cuts on my phone, which is also helpful because it will replace. But if you pick something that's too popular, then every time you type that word on your phone, the whole thing populates and that I did that for travel. I thought that was a great idea for travel, So I used to hashtag travel on Every time I type travel, I got a whole pig group of hashtag so that is not a good plan. I also like to just find great places to take photos using Instagram hashtags. When I travel, I will check hashtag and see where what's the top nine and I have taken some really amazing photos and visited places that I didn't even know about just because I checked out the hashtags on instagram. So if you're gonna travel someplace new, you would want to create a special little hashtag group for that. I visited keep cod over the summer, and I created some special hashtags for ocean Cape Cod. But I also did research to make sure that I wasn't hitting the ones that were millions of millions of results. Because I want to make sure that I am getting into the top nine. When you create your hashtag groups, then you're gonna want to go back and check these every once in a while to see what ones you are hitting. The top nine. For example, I posted a video instagram post about behind the scenes for this video shoot where I have my camera set up. So you will see this is exactly what you're seeing now. And I use hashtag video day. And on that day in the tutorial show you guys you'll see I'm actually in the top nine for video day, not behind the scene. So I go through and I'll check which ones my post do well because that helps you get more followers. It gets more reach, more views, all of those things on. And while you're just starting out, you want to make sure that you're very smart about your hashtags. So create a couple of groups. I'm gonna say three. If you're traveling or doing extra things, you could do more and say them on your phone and use them in the way that works best for you. I like to put my hashtags into the first comment. I put two or three and the initial description. I don't put them all in the description because when you're on your phone, you'll notice when you're scrolling through. If there's a lot of handshakes, it looks spammy. It's okay to use a lot of hash tags you can use up to 30. I almost never use up to 30 because on my halftime groups I've checked and researched all hashtag. There's really not 30 per type of post that you have, so you really have, like, 10 9 or 10. So put two or three in your initial description and then put the other ones in the first comment totally fine. A lot of people do that, and I think that they will go in the same group so you can only have 30 total. So if you think you're going to get away with like posting 30 up in the description and then another 30 in the comments. Instagram is onto your game and they will not allow the Hashtags to post. If you're trying to put too many hashtags that if you have over 30 and you're trying to post it in the comments, it just won't cut. It won't send like the It'll just keep giving you an error on the comment. So that's one way to now when you're in plant early, doing your descriptions and adding your hashtag, it actually counts how many you've used already. So, like I said, you don't have to use all 30 but you can if you want. If you want to grow your account, it's a great way to do it. You just want oh, really? Come up with a tight strategy. Come up with a plan, come up with different groups and use them consistently and then check them every once a while to make sure they're still good. Hashtag So I hope that helps you think about how to be strategic with your hashtags. I'm gonna show you guys a video of me using Instagram hashtags in the APP show you where to find the discovery ones where to click on them to find new groups. And your instagram strategy is gonna help your INSTAGRAM account grow and you'll get more, likes more reach. That'll be amazing. 21. How to use Instagram Stories : Okay, so here we are, back in Instagram, and we're going to look at instagram stories. So if you get your little home button where you're in your profile pic alehouse down the bottom, you get the little camera on top and then you see lives. I'm gonna flip this around, you see me, everybody. And then when you're in here, you have the choice of the buttons down the mountain. Let's put on a little well, put a little magic on there. So there's all kinds of filters down here at the bottom that you can play with. I haven't played with all these new ones, cause there you just can't go through and click on different ones to try them can and little ears Little there were there trying to, like, compete with Snapchat with this basically. So basically, you're in stories right now. So this is how you can create a story where you want a picture of you. If you don't want to do that, you could go through. That would be We went and started live video, which I have a separate video on how to do that. That is normal. That is boomerang and That's how you can take the ones that go in and out. Super Zoom is super fun. Flip around and do I don't even have anything good here to do a surprising bubble that you my coffee and you can select different super resumes. So you just put what you want in the square, and then you hold this down and it creates a little super zoom can it will replay for you. It makes a little dramatic, uh, thing. And you can also write at me so you could go right in there. Just be great on there. Can do the right and writing is why were in this little section It's really fun to add extra touches when you create video more anything in instagram stories. The rating on things is actually what makes it really fun. So play with the different colors. Play with the different writing. You can change the size. You could make it bigger. You could make it smaller by dragging that around and then, if you don't like it, you could just hit undo. You can erase this one I love. It's a little with me on writing, so if you are gonna you want people to swipe up, you can do a little swipe up if you have and a powers. Or if you want people, Teoh, you don't have soy. But you could do an arrow like up to this corner because that's where people would click on your profile and you could right click out of my click on my profile. So this is where you can kind of make everything awesome. So on this one, I don't like the way that looks, so you could just keep playing with that. You could make it salad or you can't find it again. Makes it opaque. You can drag these two fingers, make a bigger, smaller and an ankle. You can also add a link Here. I have 10,000 followers and a beer for over 10,000 verified so I can do the swipe up, and this is what it looks like. You just put your URL on there, and that lets you swipe up to that link. If I was working with a business partner, meaning, if I was being a brand ambassador that I would need to tag a business partner and I would just search for the business partner and Adam. And then I can hit done and what that does. Now, there's that little link up at the top, and then when I share that, it will actually say branded content. Okay, let me see. Bill. I doubt I'll be able to take the good doughnuts, but let's just try. They probably have it turned off. So you can't. Okay, Just for example, I'm gonna hit. Done, But I'm gonna delete this one immediately because I'm not working with Dunkin Donuts. So you would hit that. And then you have that little link on the new click send to. Then when you want to actually post it, you hit share to your story, and then you have done so that when you hit it, you'll see it says paid partnership with Dunkin Donuts, and it has a little arrows to click up there, Click on the link for my profile. So that's actually pretty cool, but I'm gonna delete this one because I'm not working with Dunkin Donuts, so that would be cool. Let's just delete this one. Make sure that it's gone. There you go. Okay. So now going back into here, we can do Hello again. We could do that would be those were in super zooms. And then that was like a regular story rewind actually reverses the action. Hands free allows you to record and that you don't have to hold the button down when you're in a lot. When you're in regular normal over here, you have to hold the button down and it will record 15 seconds. When you're enhanced free, it will record 15 seconds. But you don't have to hold about dumps. You could just hold it out. Hit that. It'll just time it out and then stop. Motion is super fancy where you can create SAT motion art, which is pretty complicated. So again, I urge you to get in here and play with instagram stories. There's so many different cool things you can dio and I do recommend that you that you always like right on them and and extra touches to your content when you're gonna do it. So if you wanted to do this record, you could say, Hey, instagram, I just wanted to say happy day. And I hope you guys are doing awesome so you could do that. Oh, that's gonna create a sticker group. That's that motion did definitely didn't want that. So when you're in live, that's why we do it. You just hit the live. You hold down a normal do. You're talking records, a little video, and then it will create your story up to 15 seconds. Actually, keep playing here, and then you can go in a year. You can. After you get out, you create your story, we'll add. It gets thicker your video. And then when that. If you don't want the night, that wasn't the one you wanted just down there. Trash. Very. So you just video, and then it will add these little animated GIF stickers. Exact. Pretty cool. You also add the location, which I highly recommend, adding locations you can add a day thing is a little thing and a little stickers of your own. And when you can hash tags, do your talking records a little video. If you could type who you're talking records a little video, and then it will create your story when you and hash and actually physically girls in the hype it in your story up to 15 seconds, you talking for video and then it will create your story up to 15 seconds. And you have that down here that actually stay in line your scream story. You could make it opaque or car. So if you want to show a lot, you know, you could have a weight out. Of course it would worry. Just said it will do you a little feeling what happened down there. I would make that one. If you're working with a partner who are always need Teoh business partner, you always and on their against branded at cash and or hatched takes sponsored. And there's all these other ones that amounted to a criminal story. You can ask a question. You're talking records, a little video, and then it will create your story. Something much more about my talking records, a little video, and then it will create your fat sees that file your time people could cancer A video, you know, wake of this video. 18 seconds. So there we go. So now we have a whole Which is that on their course? I'm not gonna post this, but you could go in here. And you can you Ultimate kinds of writing with all the stickers on all the video, These air Just these aren't enemy that these air just regular your stairs. Really? So there's all different kinds of things you could do on different things. Make it so I really agree, Teoh, to play with values and make things that everybody, because it does add a different level to your instagram stories when your customized zero and that of things. So this one, I don't want to make it live, so I'm gonna discard that. We don't want to do that. So I hope that gives you guys some ideas on how to make cool stuff with stop motion stayed in there so you can go back later. Do that. So I really encourage you guys to try these. If you want to add something from your stories that was in the past 24 hours, you can just click on that. So if you create things, um, on different software programs, you can actually add them to your phone in your camera roll, and it will go anything from the last 24 hours. Opal in Or you can also use plan Aly, I have a section in there where you can do stories, so you can make animated GIFs or videos in the right size, and then you can share them here on INSTAGRAM stories through plan early, or just save it to your camera roll and you can select anything from there. So if you want to save it, if you create a really great instagram story, you can hit that little save button in it. It actually saves it. So I hope that gives you guys a great overview. And also, if you wanted, you could send it to certain people to. So if I wanted to send if I created something, I wanted to send it to people. You could do that, or you could send it to a group. So if you wanted to create a group of people, you could just click on a few people to create group and you could name it. You could hit next, and all those people would get a notification. So if you wanted to create a little group of friends where you, um, got together and all liked each other's things commented on them those air called comment pots. You can do that. I would recommend that you have a small group of less than 10 people and that everybody agrees Teoh liking and commenting on people's posts. But there you go, so that, or you can of course, just share it to your whole story. But that top went to my story. That's gonna go right toe so everybody that follows me can see it. Or if I have a hashtag in there, anybody confined it in that hashtag, even if they're not following me or location so that there's different ways people can see your content, they'll find it by the hashtag by the geo tag or if they're following you. So I hope that helps. And I hope you guys will get in and try some instagram stories. I can't wait to see what you guys make. 22. Instagram Live with a Guest: Okay, so here we are, back in Instagram, and I'm gonna show you guys how to do a live with someone else. So I'm gonna go in here and I'm gonna hit by, and I'm gonna start live video, and I'm gonna pull in one of my besties. It she will she look. Hey, everybody. I'm gonna do a quick live with, and I am recording this for a class. I'm gonna say this here, and I'm gonna pin this. Remember how to do that, and then I'm gonna go here. Rebecca isn't on yet. Seven. Actually. Send this to her. We'll test this little future, and I sent her. So she got a little notification, so that is very cool. So now when you go in here, you can see Go live with, and you could choose someone. So and I pick Rebecca, it says I'm able to join, but that should update. It says I'm able to join, so I'm gonna try again. Maybe Rebecca has setting Rebecca and guessing you might have a setting somewhere in there that you have off because it doesn't have a couple of people that I can add, but your says unable to join. It won't let me touch it. So maybe I know that you're following that. It's the room, but I don't know if you have it turned off so people can't and fight you to join. But that's how it works. I think you can also request Rebecca. See if you can ask to asked to go with me. There's also that little future where you can click the two faces and see if it will ask. You see, there's a couple of people who have taken join and some people say no. So well, wait a second. Why Rebecca's looking at this and see if maybe she requests to join. But what I'm doing is testing an Instagram live, and you could pull a second person with you in here to have a conversation, which is a really great feature. Have you guys tried this? I'd love to know if you guys have tried this. I think it's fun. I'm gonna go back in and check again. Rebecca's off right now. I think she's checking her settings. Um, hello. Hello? Are you guys? I'd love to know where you guys are. It's like in the middle of the day on Saturday where I am and it is super cold and it's snowing. So I bundled up for snow stay because it's super cold. Um, let's see for back. It comes back inches that beckoned yet so, yeah, so Ari Coach says she hasn't tried it, but she saw someone else. So there's different ways you could do it. You can plan to do away with someone, and then you can say, Hey, come out at a certain time and you can pull them in or you could just pick people you are on. You could see his on there right now waiting for Rebecca because I did invite her and to come with me and say hi if you guys don't know Rebecca, Rebecca is my one of my besties were back, ladies, and she is that Mr Gage as well. And Ari said shoes in Miami and she will tell me whether it's OK. I know you probably have great weather there. I'm sure, Sonny, that's okay. Hey, Shayla Joined Wonder Shayla conjoined from Florida. Well, let's see if Shayla will join. Choose a Disney and the Rebecca Pops on will bring here in new Shayla. Join join the Facebook or the Instagram live. She's connecting. Where are you right now? Here. You You can't hear me Kinda loud. Sorry, I can't hear. But it could be because I and have the mike. I'm recording this distressing. I like give us a little 3 60 and where you are. I'm not pizza Original restaurant, but it's a restaurant. Essentially kind of a couple of years and just I can hear Shailagh. Yeah. So you find them making your years. You want it for those special ones that you wanted? My mom Thes are headed. Find special. McTeer's those air? Pretty cute. Too many years. So you're not Francis. I'm plugged in here. I can't hear shale, but you guys can Yeah, so shall I'm gonna let you go because Rebecca was meeting. But I have so much fun. Intel. Jonathan, I said hi. And so Shaler celebrating Graduated from college? Yeah, college went to disease. Grow just like the professional sports people. Okay, Have fun. Taylor, you go. My mom, Everybody OK, but try bringing Rebecca and now. Perfect. It still says unable to join on yours. I'm not sure why, Rebecca, we're gonna have to look at your settings. Um, but, uh, yeah, so that's interesting. So that gives you guys an idea of what it looks like. You pull someone in. I am recording this for a class. So I have things plugged in, which is why I think I can hear the sound. I normally you can hear the other person talking, but you guys said that you could hear both people, but it's a really great feature. It was fun to pull my daughter because I miss her. She just left yesterday. Let's see if I'm a check one more time for a bucket. Still says I cannot bring her in. So I'm sorry we're back where we have to look at your settings and see why. Why you can't come in. So yeah, that stinks. Rebecca will try another one when I'm not recording. Maybe something's messing it up with that. But anyway, I appreciate you guys coming in, and if you're in Florida or Miami or wherever you are enjoying your Saturday and have a really awesome day. Okay, so here we are, back in Instagram, and I'm gonna show you guys how to do a live with someone else. So I'm gonna go in here and I'm gonna hit by and I'm gonna start live video, and I'm gonna pull in one of my besties. It she will she look. Hey, everybody. I'm gonna do a quick live with, and I am recording this for a class. I'm gonna say this here, and I'm gonna pin this. Remember how to do that, and then I'm gonna go here. Rebecca isn't on yet. Seven actually said this to her. We'll test this little future, and I sent her. So she got a little notification, so that is very cool. So now when you go in here, you can see Go live with. And you could choose someone. So and I pick Rebecca, it says I'm able to join, but that should update it. Says unable to join. I'm gonna try again. Maybe Rebecca has setting Rebecca and guessing. You might have a setting somewhere in there that you have off because it doesn't have a couple of people that I can add, but your says unable to join it won't let me touch it. So maybe I know that you're following that. It's the room, but I don't know if you have it turned off so people can't and fight you to join. But that's how it works. I think you can also request Rebecca. See if you can ask to asked to go with me. There's also that little a future where you can click the two faces and see if it will ask . You see, there's a couple of people who have taken join and some people say no. So well, wait a second. Why Rebecca's looking at this and see if maybe she requests to join. But what I'm doing is testing an Instagram live, and you could pull a second person with you in here to have a conversation, which is a really great feature. Have you guys tried this? I'd love to know if you guys have tried this. I think it's fun. I'm gonna go back in and check again. Rebecca's off right now. I think she's checking her settings. Um, hello. Hello, are you guys? I'd love to know where you guys are. It's like in the middle of the day on Saturday where I am and it is super cold and it's snowing. So I bundled up for snow today because it's super cold. Um, let's see for back. It comes back inches that beckoned yet so, yeah. So Ari coach says she hasn't tried it, But you saw someone else. So there's different ways you could do it. You can plan to do away with someone, and then you can say, Hey, come out at a certain time and you can pull them in. Or you could just pick people you are on. You could see his on there right now waiting for Rebecca because I did invite her and to come with me and say hi. If you guys don't know Rebecca. Rebecca is my one of my besties were back, ladies, and she is that Mr Gage as well. And Ari said shoes in Miami issue will tell me whether it's OK. I know you probably have great weather there. I'm sure, Sonny. That's okay. Hey, Shayla Joined Wonder Shayla conjoined from Florida. Well, let's see if Shayla will join. Choose a Disney and the Rebecca Pops on will bring here in new Shayla Join Join the Facebook or the Instagram live She's connecting. Where are you right now? Here You You can't hear me Kinda loud. Sorry, I can't hear. But it could be because I and have the mike. I'm recording this distressing. I like give us a little 3 60 and where you are. I'm not pizza Original restaurant, but it's a restaurant. Essentially kind of a couple of years and just I can hear Shailagh. Yeah. So did you find them making your years? You wanted for those ones that you wanted? My mom thinks show ahead. It will define the special McTeer's those air. Pretty cute many years. Not blood in here. I can't hear sale that you guys can. Yeah, so shall I'm gonna let you go because Rebecca is leading, but and have so much fun until Jonathan I said hi and within. So Shaler celebrating Graduated from college? Yeah, college went to disease, just like the professional sports people. Okay, Have fun. Taylor, you go. Everybody okay? I'm gonna try bringing Rebecca and now for pick. It still says unable to join on yours. I'm not sure why, Rebecca, we're gonna have to look at your settings. Um, but, uh, yeah, so that's interesting. So that gives you guys an idea of what it looks like. You pull someone in. I am recording this for a class. So I have things plugged in, which is why I think I can hear the sound. I normally you can hear the other person talking. But you guys said that you could hear both people, but it's a really great feature. It was fun to pull my daughter because I miss her. She just left yesterday. Let's see if I'm a check one more time for a bucket, still says, I cannot bring her in. So I'm sorry we're back where we have to look at your settings and see why why you can't come in. So yeah, that stinks. Rebecca. We'll try another one when I'm not recording. Maybe something's messing it up with that. But anyway, I appreciate you guys coming in, and if you're in Florida or Miami or wherever, you are enjoying your Saturday and have a really awesome day 23. Commenting, DMs and sharing Oh, My!: Now we want to talk about conversation on Instagram. It's very important that you don't just post something and then run on Instagram. It's all about engagement, and people like to connect with you and your posts on Instagram. So what I'm gonna ask you to do is do a little 15 times to thing which works for me and hopefully will work for you as well, where you go on twice a day for 15 minutes and just respond to comments, check your direct messages and talk to people on your instagram post and also go to other people's posts and comment. And like there's a swell because it's really given a take on instagram you want Teoh, make sure that you're giving as much as you're getting on. Instagram I like to comment on is, you know, pick a group of like five or 10 people and make sure that you're going there all the time. These could be people that your friends will they be people that you want to work with. They could be brands that you want to work with. Make sure that you're engaging authentically with people's content and they will love it so make sure you keep that in mind when you're working on Instagram. If you want to grow your INSTAGRAM account, there's no way to automate these things. There are people who are selling, you know, programs where they're telling you. You just need to go in this app and pay for this and pay for that and never go to Instagram . And I'm telling you that you will not be able to build and engaged Awesome Instagram account By doing that, brands are looking for engagement. They're looking for micro influencers, which are people that have from 5000 to maybe 100,000 followers that have really good conversation happening in their posts. If you're someone who wants to grow your INSTAGRAM account so you can work with brands or maybe get a better book deal or a better record deal, you want to make sure you have engagement, not just number of followers or number of likes per photo, but the conversation that you have actually counts a lot. Your engagement rate is something that you should look at, so if you want to generate conversation, you're gonna start by doing that. In your description, ask questions. Have a conversation with people while you're telling your story and make sure that you're giving people an opportunity to hop into that conversation, ask them a question. Asked them to share some Emojis. Say, What do you think about this? Do you like this or that? Like think of ways that you can use calls to action to draw people into the conversation in a re away that connects with what you're mean conversation and what you're mean. Story is on instagram. It shouldn't feel forced. It shouldn't feel fake. It should really just be part of what you're doing. An instagram. So then you're gonna create that that conversation buzz with your description, and then you're gonna go in here in a responded comments and talk to people in the comments in the direct messages. So make sure that you're giving to get on instagram with your conversation in your instagram account will really be awesome and you'll build your community. So if you want to see how it's done, I'll show a little bit on my instagram tutorial next, and I will talk to you soon 24. Using Instagram Insights to Grow: Now we're gonna look at the analytics in the instagram Act, which is what you only have these if you do a business account, so this is on an individual post, and if you click a few insights, you get great information, and you can drag that up. Cancel that again. If you click that you see a little bit if you just want a little, or you can drag that up and you can see more. So you'll see I posted that I posted this morning and I've had six actions and saying six people visited my profile that didn't even know me from this photo. And then it tells you, Discovery, 14% of the accounts that saw this weren't following me and how they found me with Hashtags . So it has the total reach, the impressions, how many people found me from home? How many came to my profile? So that's interesting. Like only 10% of people came to my actual profile. The other impressions all came from their home, so they saw me in their feed. This is really good information to know where people are finding. You should use it, use more calls to action in your description saying, Hey, if you're new to me, you know, follow me. M a profile. You have to say stuff like that. I don't do it enough myself. And I need to remember to 46 people saw me from Hashtags and other. I don't know that others you click on that. It tells you more information. The number of times your profile was viewed number follows. That started following me. Nobody followed me. So six people came and none of them followed me. But maybe the next people will impressions a number of times. Your post has been seen. So these air super insightful things to know about your posts. Are they popular? Are they doing well? This is how you know if people like your content, another place to find your analytics is right up there on your insights. So it shows your followers how many times you've posted your impressions, your reach, your profile views your website clicks have to say my things were down because I've been working on this class. I make an excuse for myself because I've been working on this and not posting as many things so you can get information about your followers. Um, I'm almost half in half with men and women. I'm always surprised by my age range because I have young people that follow me. Um What, guys? That 18 to 24 following me? Quite a bit, I guess. Um, but anyway, it's interesting to know it tells you what countries. What cities. For some reason, I'm super popular in California. So shout out, tell you can't warn you people. And then this is your followers when these people are online. So click on this and it tells you again average times your followers air on for a typical day and weak. So those are important because that will tell you the best times to post. So it's Saturday. Today. My best time to post was noon. I posted an eight, so I posted to early today. So next week I should post it noon. Um, and then my best days. Tuesdays, my best day. So that's interesting. So then I can go back in here, But Tuesday's my best day. What's my best time on Tuesday noon again? This interesting. And that could be because I'm on the East Coast, but maybe it's because I have all those California people. So maybe West Coast people, you know, that's nine for them. So that's interesting. Let's see. I guess my West Coast population boosted up, so thank you, West Coast people. So these air really good things to know. And if you don't have, you know, business account, you can't see these. Um, we also already looked at stories. But I'll show you that again. If you go to your stories and then you swipe up, you can get thes information impressions, viewers replies. Eight people swept away. I didn't put any stickers and that if you ever have questions again, click on the little What do these mean that never times times people left switch back down has so far 94 views. You can save that. You couldn't make a post from this story. So say I really like that story. I could click right there and turn this into a post if I wanted to show people how cold it waas and then you could do other things from there also. So we go back in there to make sure hit all the things, story settings, those with sendings. Okay, so that's where you get your analytics for stories. And again those air really good things to know our people liking this are people swiping away what's going well, you need to figure these things out, Teoh, get your INSTAGRAM account doing better. So that's where you can find it right up there from that little chart. If you don't have that up there now, that means you do not have set up for a process account. And that's your instagram analytics in the APP. 25. Analytics in Planoly: here we are in plan early, and we're just on this analyzed tab and we could get information per day. It pulls up today. It has week, month and year. You can get your top liked posts, which is really good to know which ones are more popular. It gets better when you look by month because and you'll see in the last month what was the most popular. Um, a lot of people comment on pictures of me, which is interesting, I guess, because people do like to see you. And then on the year there's your top 15 liked and Top 15 commented, and you can just scroll through them. This is so important to help you plan your content and figure out what it is that people liked and what they didn't like. So you can just scroll through here. It's interesting. Most of the commented once have me in the picture. So if I change my instagram style and I did mostly pictures of me, maybe my INSTAGRAM account would do better. So think about things like that, Um, and this is the great information you can get. You could also customize this so you could make it certain time periods. So if you did a social media campaign, you could do it for a certain amount of time. And then you can also see that in your plan you can see you have stepped little quick steps right there. So there you go. You have your analytics in the planet Lee app. 26. Iconosquare analytics: 27. InShot app: I want to show you guys a great way to repurpose some old content using in shot. So when you open an shot, you can choose to start a new video, photo or collage, and I'm gonna go into video. And what I wanted to do was create a new instagram story. I'm sorry, sir. Composed from a from a boomerang, and I didn't want to take a new one right then. So I went in and I found an old boomerang that I had created so that again, But I had it saved from my instagram stories and it was tagged, but I wanted to redo it. So what I'm gonna dio is him to switch this to 1 to 1 canvas and then I'm gonna drag it out , see how you can do that. You can just change the shape of it. Even if I wanted to make it for a square right there square, I could do it for musically, which would be similar. I could change it to any of these different shapes right in this app. But I'm gonna change it to a square right now. And then you just hit Tab and then you could also go in and filter it to change it a little bit if you wanted. If you if you didn't have really good lighting, um, to give it a different feel, you could add different effects on there. I don't know what this will dio Whoa, that's gonna cool. So, um, give things a chance, give things a chance and check it out a little bit and see how you like it. Those were a little bit too funky for me. You can also add some of the funds stickers on here. So if you wanted to add, let's see. But at a little follow on there, we could even put this back into an instagram story size if we wanted. If you wanted, you could just add a little sticker on there, and it makes it more fun. And then, if you want to see that, you can just say that and what I love that I've just found is instead of having to save this to my phone, I can go right into other and Aiken save it into plan only. And then I could just hit upload, and that's going to share that right into my account, so that makes it easy. I could just put it in there for later started to switch of us. Go. So if I go into plan, only it's gonna be right there. The loaded it right in there directly from the app. So I hope that gives you guys some ideas for ways to look into your old content and create something new. 28. A Color Story app: Hi. I wanted to show you a color story, which is a great app that you can use. You can take photos in the app, or you can use it to edit your photos. So I'm going to go in and I'm going to, um Let's see if I can find a good photo to do something fun with this is not a good photo. Let's see. Uh, we'll take Winston. We'll put a little wisdom photo Now in here, you can do all different kinds of editing. You can crop it. You can. I don't even know what that was. You can flip it. You could move it. You can reverse it. But I'm gonna leave it. I'm gonna pull it in. And then in here, you have all different kinds of filters. This is this'll. Pack is the essentials that came in the APP for free. There's a lot of free things in here. You can just go around and click around and see which ones you like best. This isn't the good vibes. Say I like this one. I can take that down a little bit. It can change a little bit. I can also edit it more in here. By changing the brightness, I could make it brighter. I could do clarity if it didn't seem like it was very clear. You could do saturation vibrance temperature. So there's all different kinds of editing tools in this one app. So if you say you like this one the best you can go in here and you can save it. I'm going to save it and finish because I liked it like that. Now I like the way this one was, and I and I say that I added a lot of different things in there. I can save these editing steps, so save your current steps is a custom filter. So I'll name this Winston's filter. So every time I want it at it, Winston for Hiss instagram I could just save that right there. Now if I'm all done with that photo, I can go right to Instagram and send it over there, or I can Web sweet a minute. I can also save it. Let's see if my plan Italy will pull up in here Plan Lee isn't connected to that so I can save that to my phone or I can copy that rate to Instagram or Detroit Low, so there's a lot of different things right now. We're just talking about instagram, but you could also create Pinterest pins and go right to their or you could email it to yourself. You could also text it to yourself or to someone else. So there's a lot of different ways that you can use this app. They have a lot of different filter packs in here. Essentials. Good vibes. Flashes of delay is beautiful. There's all different. Great, um, filters in here. So this is another option for creating some really custom, beautiful things. And then if you like this one, you can just hit favorites and then it's gonna go, and it's gonna be in my favorites when I'm in there. So this is really fun. This is a great way to create a beautiful instagram aesthetic. If you want one that, um, some of these air paid. So in all of these APS, like you get some free. So Essentials is free. Good vibes, this free flashes of delay. And then when he has the plus signs, those are going to be ones that you're gonna pay for. So say you wanted to create, like a really vintage looking feel. You could purchase this pack for 99 cents and then it stays in your phone, Um, in Europe all the time. And here is the different ones in here. So these air really cool. That's a nice, bright, beautiful, very instagram e um, feel, um and they use cute names and stuff. So and then, if you did do that, you would just do the vintage pack for you could. Then it pops up a special so I could get this 99 cents one or get whole story one where I get 74 more filters and 49 effects. These in their own Really cool. So this is a great app. I really love what you can create in a color story. They have a great instagram account called The Color Story, and it's by the sisters who are the beautiful mass blawg. They both are amusing. It's all about instagram and fun and filters and creating cool things. So this is a great app to give a try. And if you forgot your red edits here somewhere, you could do it. You can save you can. That editor saved. But if I want to find my recent ones, I can look through and see other ones that I did. So if I forgot to save it, look at that. They kept They kept it in there for me so I could apply that to my other ones or I could save it. Now what a great future. I mean, they really, really have thought of everything in this app. So try it out. It's called the color story and I really think you're gonna like it. 29. Take photos at the right time with the Magic Hour app: get ready to take even better photos. This'll it'll app is called Magic Hour, and this is going to show you in the best time to take photos that day. The Magic Hour is when everything is golden and beautiful. It's a lot of times when they fill movies. If you saw LA la Land, they filmed exactly the perfect moments when the light was beautiful and you had those gorgeous sunsets. Magic Hour is an app that can help you find the best time to put to take your photos. So if you're planning a trip or you're traveling and you wanted to take the best photos in that area, you would want to go at 3 44 to 4 29 and take your photos. During that time, you'll get a beautiful golden sunset in your photos. It gives you that beautiful light that you really can't recreate with any artificial lighting. So this is a really good app. If you want to take great photos and just have your timing better for natural late, I hope you like it 30. YOU MADE IT! : So there you have it. You have made it through all the videos and tutorials for believe in your selfie. I can't wait to see how you guys put all this into practice and really create an awesome engaged instagram account for yourself. So don't forget to use the hash tag. Believe in your selfie when you share your instagram stories or your instagram post to connect with other people who have taken the class so I can find them to help grow your account. Thank you so much for trusting me. Teoh teach you guys how to use Instagram. You will get lifetime updates for this class. So when I have updates when I update it later in the year, I will send you an email and you'll get all the updates. If I add more bonus worksheets or any other videos, you guys will have access to those for as long as this class is live and thank you again, have fun making your instagram account awesome.