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Insta-Worthy in Minutes: How to Perfect Your Instagram Feed

teacher avatar Megs Hollis, #DoDigitalBetter

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Let's Plan our IG Feed Together


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      Trailer for my latest Skillshare Class


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      Teaser for my Social Media Freelancing Course


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About This Class

Want to have a Instagram but not sure where to begin?

Plan your Instagram feed with me using two free tools, each with my own stealable template: 

1. CANVA (the free version is perfect) 

This is for visualising your content in a feed format as well as for creating the individual posts within this. 

My template (as well as all the styles of IG feed) is accessible on Canva here


My template is accessible here. 



NB: Please credit the photographer and the platform when you use stock photography! IG is getting more and more strict about using other people's pictures, plus its the right thing to do. 


Sprout Social or your scheduling software ruining your line spacing on IG? Check out this tool to make sure the spacing remains as you intended it. 

Have any questions? Or make suggestions? I'm all ears! 

Big hug and so much love, 

Meg x 

Please check out my latest Skillshare course - Successful Social Media Side Hustles - I have popped the trailer and first video in here to give you a sneak peak! 

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Megs Hollis


Level: Beginner

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1. Let's Plan our IG Feed Together: Today's course is 85 minutes. Gil, she calls all about how to plan your social media content. There are so many social media software is out there and it's difficult to know which social media software to use for your particular use case, as well as some of your clients. So in today's session, I'm going to be chatting you through to absolutely free sets of software that you can use that allow you to plan your feed no matter which social media software you or your clients was chosen to go with. If we haven't made before, It's an absolute pleasure to meet you. My name is Megan. I'm a freelance social media manager and I have over 10 years of social media marketing experience. So I'm always eager to share things that I have found out along the way and can really save you. A lot of times in today's session, we are going to be chatting about number 1, it Canva and how you can use it to plan your feed. A lot of people do use it to create their creative acids but not meet needs to plan. And then secondly, Google sheets, which is going to help you with clients she doing and client approvals. So if you're interested in those two softwares that you haven't really been sure how to use them for social media. This was going to charge you through it step-by-step. So first of all, let's start with Canvas. And with Canvas, what you're gonna do is actually open and Insta story templates and creates a grid-like format. So this is going to allow you to kind of mimic exactly what Instagram that looks like. Now the reason why I prefer this approach as opposed to plan the plan or any of the other scheduling software, is that things like IG Reels IGTV at Rayleigh throws a lot of the other platforms off. Obviously they are third party developed, which means that once a new functionality from Instagram launches is not necessarily that new functionality on these different platforms. So what I love about the Canvas one is actually whether it's an IGTV cover were a real cover, it actually doesn't make any difference. You're just going to plunk it into this format and it's going to crop it to square it and make it look exactly like Instagram for Canvas, I've actually popped my own templates down below. So you can still my template without having to do these pre-stage, but just so you see how simple it was to create. So now that I have my templates, I'm actually going to go and drag and drop things. I like using a checkerboard flow that I'm going to pop some examples on the screen of other flows that you can implement. And this is really going to help you get that row flow or really dream where the Instagram feed, so gone are the days when this has to be absolutely perfect, but certainly you want some degree of consistency. And you really do wanted to strike you as you land on the Instagram profile in order to encourage people to follow you, then you're going to go and source the photography. So I use Canvas, they actually have their own photography kind of bag sitting in the bath. I use pixels, I use Unsplash. And there's also one called, which is amazing. So you can use any of those four different platforms to get your photos. So you then going to go and design the creative accordingly. Now you may have a designer that's worrisome for you, or you might be doing it yourself, in which case you can use Canvas to actually develop those posts. I like it because obviously there's so many different templates that it really does make coming up with new concepts really easy and it's not like you actually have to start from scratch each time. Also, what's crazy if you do have premium Canvas not that she needed, you can actually save your color palette too. If you haven't got this, then I would suggest just taking a screenshot potentially have your websites and having Jada done potentially your hex codes or your pants phones, the colors that you're looking to use. And this just makes it super simple when you're trying to actually bring that into alignment with your own brand identity. So once you kind of put forward a flow that you're happy with or that your clients happy with. Then we're going to move into the Google sheet side of things for Google Sheets, I've also got an amazing template download alerts. I really helping you guys out with this one. This is going to help you to actually then put it in order in terms of when everything is going out. I know Canada does have its own scheduling platform, but I find it difficult for clients to actually be able to see it in sequential formula that they've approved the mood board. This is really my way around doing it like bads. It runs familiar with Google Sheets, no matter how young or old your client is. I think that this is also great. Because if you do use a party platforms like scheduling tools, hoot, sweet spot social, they do have a way to onboard clients, but the challenge here is that you're going to be paying an additional fee per youth on the platform, which is going to incur unnecessary costs. Whereas if you use something like Google Sheets, you can still use a throught social or HootSuite, but you'd be the end-user because you're the only one that share dealing the content. So then you're literally going to go and plot all the little different bits of collateral that made up your initial feed and you're going to put times and dates against them. And the reason why this is so important as, for example, it's June this month and Father's Day is coming up on the 20th. So it's all well and good to kind of see your flow like bath, but actually you need to make sure that your TAs are collateral is going out in time for Father's Day on the train here and there once you get to your scheduling portion, which as I say, you can literally use any tool. I love the spot social, which you can use HootSuite or Facebook Creator Studio to really set up your whole flow on that side. But this is just going to make sure that actually, you know when to schedule things for and the times and the dates all sorted. So you're literally going to sit there and copy and paste across if you're battling with line spacing on Instagram, I've also pop my favorite tools on below which will help ensure that your line spacing stays consistent. So that's also a really fun hack, and that is it for my five-minute tutorial on making sure your Instagram is I really hope that you enjoyed this quick and sensation if you did, please do let me know in the comment section below so that I can make more of these fan hacks for you guys. 2. Trailer for my latest Skillshare Class: Hey everyone and welcome to my successful social media side, hustles the Skillshare class. I've read waking and social media for over 10 years. As a social media strategist, a digital strategist, and even as a digital marketing managers that I have really kind of finessed what it takes to run social media on behalf of someone else, and also to be in the client seat in terms of having to approve content and really know what is going out in a big brands platforms for every second of every day. So I'm going to be sharing with you a lot of insider tips in terms of exactly how you can do that, which means that you can earn money anywhere using this invaluable skill that not many people actually know about. So actually being a massive opportunity for me, enabling needs to work anywhere. I'm currently self-employed, doing justice. So I really feel like I've learned some really cool tips which I wanted to share with you guys in terms of how you can kind of emulate this business model and really make a decent sum of income working not very many hours in a day. So we're going to be chatting through all the tools that you may need, how you're actually going to go about approaching that client width times to approach and how you're going to run the entire accounts in a seamless fashion so that it's not taking up your whole life. You're not spending every waking second online and you're actually feeling super fulfilled by this all new side hustle. Hopefully in time it can become your full-time gig if that is kind of what you're after. And also, please be sure to check out the next Skillshare course, which is going to be about launching a social media agency. So this is the going up part one. And soon there'll be a more advanced PO2 coming out, which will also include things like paid media. But if you're really looking for that intro spin into social media and hearts be an absolute rock star for your client, then this is absolutely the course for you and I cannot wait to see and the other side. 3. Teaser for my Social Media Freelancing Course: Hey everyone and welcome to MIS successful social media side hustles, Skillshare class. I'm so thrilled to have you joining me today because we're going to be chatting about exactly what you need to land your very first social media client and run the account with great success and confidence. Social media has opened up a world of opportunity for me in my life because it's meant that I have an invaluable skill to teach to other people achieve and which are my clients. I deal with a lot of clients and have a lot of accounts that I've worked with over the years. And so I really want to be sharing with you ten years of agency and direct access to my clients in terms of whatever land and high field that you guys can add value to someone's life by offering social media as a service without further ado, let's jump into the slide share so you can find out exactly how this class is structured and what the learning outcomes will be for you. Suggest that the structure Today's Skillshare class are going to be taking you step-by-step through everything that you need to know in terms of landing that very first social media clients. And to do that, I'm going to be sharing with you a couple of slides. So first off, as I said, lovely, lovely to meet you. My name is makes and I've worked in digital marketing and social media marketing for the last ten years. I started out my journey at a digital agency as an intern. And within about five years I found myself as they hit of strategy and then finally they hit of innovation. And subsequently then changed to a big job at a big brand and became the Digital Marketing Manager, which I absolutely loved and did that for about two years. And now I'm taking on my own freelance of social media clients. And of course, during my online training, It's really a pleasure to be on this journey with you. So I have had many titles as I mentioned, whether it's digital strategist, Head of Strategy, head of innovation, or digital marketing manager. But really social media has been at the core, no matter what my title was, I believe that a lack of passion is absolutely fatal. So I tried to encourage my students to find their purpose. Oftentimes it is doing social media on behalf of other people. Other times it's running your own business and maybe you're just doing this course to learn about how you can up level your social media. Either way, social media is going to give you so many tools to scale your passion. So whether that's just being able to earn money remotely, and that's your passion, that's incredible. And social media will help you do that. If it's about selling more of your services or your products, again, social media is just unlocking a world of opportunity. I would love it if you subscribed to me on YouTube, I make loads of educational content over there. So that's what I do when I'm not working for my clients and on behalf of other people, I really building my own brand on YouTube. So if you could search for MIG talus on YouTube and give me a little subscribe or a lac, I would be so appreciative. And this channel is all about teaching people how to do that better. I really feel like that's my purpose in life and what I use social media in order to scale my business through meat is my absolute most prized possession. He's a little Pekingese Maltese cost. And so the two of us live very happy together in kids sign and South Africa. So just to give you a bit of context there on who I am and what makes me tick and loaded. So here in the comment section and more about USA, please do post a little blurb about where you're joining us from and maybe what your day job is or maybe some of your passions to.