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Indian Cooking: Making Puri or Roti

teacher avatar Reena Katarya, Simple Indian Vegetarian Cooking

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      Kneading the dough


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      Making Roti and Puri


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About This Class

I have been cooking for over 20 years and started not knowing anything about spices or how certain spices mixed together brought a different flavor to the dish.  Since then, I have learned to use various different vegetables and even use one vegetable in quite few different ways.  In these classes we will be learning various vegetarian Indian dishes.  I will show you how to make wet, dry, and sweet dishes that can be eaten with roti, puri, paratha (stuffed roti), naan, or rice. 

The ingredients I will be using can be found in any store.  I will try to break down the steps so that a beginner can also be successful in creating a great puri or roti.  

Meet Your Teacher

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Reena Katarya

Simple Indian Vegetarian Cooking


I'm Reena and I have been cooking Indian Vegetarian meals for over 20 years. 

I first began learning many little tricks from my grandmother and my mother when I was single.  I then started incorporating techniques to make sure the meals were yummy for my kids.   I also took some courses to make sure I understood the benefits of all the spices and the theory behind why certain spices are added in certain ways. 

I am always in the kitchen trying out different Indian Vegetarian recipes. My family gets tired of the same thing so I see what I can do differently with the same vegetables you find at a grocery shop.  I also add my recipes and fun Indian facts on my website: Life Seen by a Hindu Girl.


My method of teaching:... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: today we're gonna learn how to make how to knead dough. So I know it's very simple, like you wouldn't go far. I would go for pick stuff, but their various different types of royalties speak in Indian cooking. Now, roti and whites are part I mean fortune over a meal So you would eat the wet dishes with Dr dishes Wins other girl. Keep off some story, will and grace. Now there are five different types of you architect issues. If you have, you have to pay duty. You have put on top. It is a stuffed roti. My stuff, Yes, basically a stuffed roti. You have non, you have a batuta and then you have a foodie. Now, from these five, the non and the Batuta are made somewhat difficult for that. Those two, Well, I'll create a different video bar, but a foodie, a plane ot and stuffed current. These three are pretty much me from the sea from similar type of don't. The only difference is how much noting you do for the job and what you put in it. So my husband is he likes a bit of salt in in his routine, so I usually put salt and all three of them, but in vain. Okay, you don't necessarily keep with something, then for Pootie and company making goes for those two with, so it gives it a bit more off soft in texture. When it's actually being made. So does the three types of Rocchi's for which, with our house to keep working. 2. Ingredients: the ingredients to make Pootie order roti are if you we will start read about 1.5 cups. They only use about 1.5 cups of flower. The flower I use is the war wheat flour, and it's from a company called Our Share Bob. I usually find it in an Indian grocery store, but you should be able to find flower in any Kroc store and try one that works well for you . You could try well, wheat, or you could try the standard toe plain white flour. I can see if that works for you, so I wouldn't use what I wouldn't do. 1.5 cups of flour. That's what gives me about 10 to 12 booties, or about 10 roadies. So depending on how big your gonna make those proteins are, Maurice, then I'm gonna have two cups, one cup of lukewarm water. Lukewarm water is best when you're kneading dough because it keeps everything soft and and it keeps your hands warm. Two for one thing. But look, when waters you're good for that, and I also have salt to foretaste. So now salt is not really required to make roti, but it is required from Europe or plead to get that flavor. And but I usually put it involved, wrote before a for kneading dough, for roti or for Pootie, simply because it gives gifts a more better taste when you're eating up. So the air assault is per taste and then this is Joanne or Corum. It's It's gotta Karakorum. It's her. And you should be able to find this in any closest are as well I will distant at I will put the note stone, uh, in this quest. So that way you will be able to read exactly what the ingredients are as well. But I didn't like to put a hand all of this. Hi, Joanne. Been to, um, the door when I'm making it for Pootie because it gives it a certain flavor that makes it a little more yummy, I guess. And then I have oil. Now, the oil that I used is pure canola oil, but you can use pretty much any oil. Uh, I just put a little bit so about half a teaspoon off oil into the mix. So that way it keeps it soft and, uh, good for when you're kneading the dough, so now we will start. So I am going to use basically this old rice bowl that I have. It works well for me because it has enough of from enough of a big circumference so that my head hand fits on and I'm able to need the door. I used to like to meet the door with my hand. Some people use a spoon, but I usually prefer the hand because it gives it a better. It makes it easier to know how much your needing and what you're what you're doing in that respect. So let's get started. 3. Kneading the dough: we're going to start by mixing all the ingredients, so I'm just gonna basically all of the flower in. Then I'm going to put about two tables for two teaspoons uh, a handful. So I used to use the cover of this, so just remove it no more about this much what you want? So teaspoon, somebody just a little bit in here oil. And what I do is then I start by needing slowly. So I basically respects everything up with my hand, and then I put a little bit of water and mix a little bit of water and mix. Wait slowly starts coming together. As you can see, I'm just really mixing it all together. Don't get lots of thumbs from the minute stage where it all comes together, becomes a big boss. And then I'd be to be salmon a crunch the door until it's soft enough for me. Okay, so I have pretty much out of lumps, so I'm gonna put this all together, not one big ball here, and never would've left here so that I could use some more water. So if you need to know before pretty much the same way with slight variation is them its ingredients, like you're mixing with the flower. Make sure you don't put too much water in because then it becomes a little more sticky and harder to manage. Do not dissect everything up together again, - Ready for his? It isn't sticky, but not well. As soon as I start punching it pretty much stop becoming that's like that you fight. It's best for you to find what works best for you and what you're comfortable with when you need to do. And a lot of it comes from experiences. I should do more of this. You get better. So I basically have one big ball that I need. It's often so what I'm gonna do is just what My hands now and start punching the dope from here. Big business. Just doing this. I'm gonna keep doing this. It's quite stuffed. Smooth as possible that make better. Rocchi's Audis and bodies. I'm gonna keep reading my hands. Keep punching good exercise for your biceps so you can see it's really starting to get softer one more time. So this is your job, which is ready now to be used to make at the road or Pooty. So that is what we're gonna do next 4. Making Roti and Puri: Okay. Now, to make roti or Pootie, what you would need is a little bit of flower. So the same power that you used to, uh, make the door just a little bit of the dry flour, and then this is called a billon and just called a clock. So basically a flat board with a rolling pin on. I used to use this when I put this at the bottom of this of the Tekla because and when I'm making the actual roti the circular that it does, this doesn't move around. It makes it gives it friction between the two. And then I'm gonna use this flat pen to make my roti on and then basically oil in a frying pan for oil in order, Teoh, make my booty. So Pootie is basically fried and roti is made on, uh, step in. Okay, so we're going to start. I would take a little bit of So just about this much Uh huh. Dope. And then with my hands, I would make it around like this. I would then So first I'm making roti. I would put it in here that you run out and then we'll now it took me quite a few years to be able to make it circular. The rookie circular Making it square is a lot easier if you're getting so it doesn't matter what shape it comes out as long as it's right enough. Not too not too thin and not that, but just enough so that it's able to be cooked properly. For once I have there his So, as you can see, this is my roti. Once I have this here, So here in my roti is being made. So I'm gonna wait for it to get a little bit brown. No, Brown, it would have. You know what I'm gonna use? You could add other used cotton cloth or you could use it, um, people power and just do this. So what this helps is making it come up a little bit. So if it that's what, you don't want it too thin or too fat. So that way that it. But she bubbles that you see over here. That's actually a good thing on that. You I think it do that. So basically what your goal is to get rid of all this dark stuff and the other goal is to make it become more rounder and for circular, like what you're seeing right now. And then I'm gonna do one more time over, and then I'm going cheap with this here. Close this. This is your routine. Now, what you could do is put a little bit of marijuana another side, and it tastes a lot better with butter, in my opinion. And that's your roti. So never gonna make booty with Pootie again. I'm gonna take so a little bit of dough. But what I want to do is I'm gonna make us a smaller circle so smaller, So just about this big a circle and then I'm gonna take this and dip a little bit of it in the soil Bearden's. So after dipping it a little bit in the all, I'm gonna do so for this You don't need the actual I'm a dry flower. You don't do this again. Whatever shape it comes out. It's good as long as it's not too too thin or too, because if it's too fat, it's not going to You mean as easily taste us good. Too skinny. Make it as round as what we had with lt this is This is what it is. And now we're gonna put this in my oil. Take this with me going quickly. Do this and put this here. And while it's doing this, we would just press a little bit on it. You don't want to make you want me for your old Not too hot, because then it becomes red really fast. That that's how you want it to appear enough. And then you would just take this out and put it on here. And this is the difference between the two. So they're both made out of the same dope. But one was one we used of that pan, the other when we used to be fried. But this is roti, and this is Pootie. Now, both you could eat with any curry row teaches you good with potatoes or to peace. So a potato curry or a chickpea curry. I will show that in my native videos, but both are good, and, uh, they're going to have to eat. So good luck and making these and that, you know, for you have any questions or comments. Thank you. 5. Trailer: I've actually been cooking for over 20 for over 20 years, but it's only the last 10 10 years or so that I've actually really gotten into Indian vegetarian cooking. Before that, I used to live on my own on I didn't really bother really. Experimenting with food or trying are trying out are making sure that I had vegetables in mind in my food intake or anything. So it was like a quick thing are quickly by maker. Pizza are quickly makes him past. Have Mac and cheese Oh my God, but not really focused on Indian food or focused on making it presentable or making it healthy are learning the different spices that go into it. After I got married, one, my husband was raping. He loves Indian food, and he's also by the Turin. So I really had to turn about the different spices that are available and also the different vegetables and what you can make up. So now then I had kids. It was something I wanted to make sure that they knew they had vegetables in there, including take on that they were comfortable with an in food. So now every week we pretty much. There's the same type of vegetables. And now because we've been eating it for so long, act by experimenting and seeing what else can come out of the same vegetables and how we could make it slightly different. So as I progress on these on skills here and share some of the different but to turn dishes , I'm gonna try some dry dishes and some what dishes on some sweet dishes on. All of them were gonna be vegetarian. And I love that we're gonna be agent based and then see how you like it on if you try it, maybe you find out something new that I haven't shown you, or some tricks and tips as well. And if it didn't come up well, just let me know when that maybe I'll share where it might have gone wrong or what. I haven't come about it come about of it. But it should be fun. It should be exciting on something you to learn and try out. So let me know what you think and hopefully you'll have fun