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InDesign: Color & Type Essentials + Paragraph Styles

teacher avatar Benjamin Halsall, Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Overview


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      Change Character Colour Essentials


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      Changing Paragraph Style Colour


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      Changing Type Colour in Templates


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About This Class

In this lesson you will learn the essentials of working with Type & Color in Adobe InDesign.

This class covers:

  • Selecting & Modifying Type Colour
  • Working with RGB & CMYK
  • Creating Swatches for Design & Brand Consistency
  • Working with Paragraph Styles
  • Identifying and Modifying Paragraphs Styles in Templates
  • Working with Type Colour in Templates

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Meet Your Teacher

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Benjamin Halsall

Final Cut Pro X & Adobe Courses


For the designer in you I create fun short lessons in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Adobe InDesign. I include some creative and technical tips in all my lessons which are always easy to follow. Check out my popular Banksy Yourself Photoshop Class, how to create Polygonal Patterns in Adobe Illustrator or my Photoshop Drawing & Painting Fundamentals.

For Final Cut Pro X editors check out my course Learn Final Cut Pro X in 25 Minutes or learn how to put video inside type, create grunge style text or my basic and advanced split screen tutorials.

I look forward to seeing your projects and am always happy to answer your questions.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Class Overview: how that's been household here, this in design natural. We're gonna be having a look at how we work with color and type in a couple different ways . We have a look at how we change the color of our basic type, using some of the character tools how we set up specific swatches and then also how we begin to work with color in paragraph styles, which will also include looking at how we work with color and type. We're opening up from pre existing templates. If you're brand new to Debian design, then this Utah's great few. It's going to show you some of the real fundamentals off work with color things like weapon with red, green and blue. The screen on working with C N y que for print On also the key ways in which you can change color. Also save color swatches that you want to use throughout your documents. So died in the strike on I look forward to that senior class 2. Change Character Colour Essentials: So in this quick to troll, I want to run through a couple of important things to note when you're changing color or the color of your type in adobe in design. So the first thing is that when we select our text frame, let this on. We have the blue boxes around the outside. We don't actually have the text itself on selected. So at this point in time, we have the frame selected on If we come to the appearance and change the color here, we're actually gonna change the color of the box that the type is within which we don't want to do. So. Whenever you're editing your type in in design, you need to make sure you double click into the tight box. And actually with the basic editing tools that you select the type that you want to change the color also in this box on the left, with the black heading, we're going to change the color of this type using the color box in the toolbar on the left hand side. So if we double click on this box down here, we can select a different color here. We can type in a c M Y k value Onda. We can also had a see in my case, watch if we're wanting to generate that on and keep our colors consistent throughout a document. The way that this RGB callouses based few works is that we can move out, pointer around the box, and then this slider will change whichever value red, green or blue is set up here, so you can see when I'm sliding this up and down. At the moment, it's changing the red value. If I change that green, then we're modifying the green value and so on. If we're changing the blue value, were increasing him out blue in our color. Here I'm using the vertical slider on the box allows us to change the other two colors in relation to that. So if we move across the blue here we have an RGB value of 44 red, 150 green and 207 blue. And those numbers are always important toe. Learn about because those the colors that we see on any screen that we're working on, So whether you're working on displaying stuff on a phone or on a computer, desktop computer on a laptop and those colors. Other colors that being used toe make all the cars on our screen. C N y que colors a little bit different thes the colors that are used in print. So So I am magenta, yellow and black on any desktop inkjet printer or laser printer, those with colors that are being used so we'll click. OK, here on we will see that we've changed the color of the text that we've highlighted, and if we select another block of text here, we can do the same thing. Could double click on our T here, and we can select a different color and format that area of type. We can also, if we select another block of type here, come across the rights, and we have the color options here as well, and they're listed slightly differently in the properties panel under appearance here. Basically, we have a list of the swatches that we've created, and so you can see I've got the defaults watches that cyan, magenta, yellow. We've got red there as well on Black, and we've also got some greens and blues on some other pinks that I've made as I've been working in adobe in design. So here, if we select any one of these colors on, then it's gonna change those colors to the car that we want. If we want to create great surface, we might want a tent this. Then we would select black and actually dropped down the tent here to create a gray color in outside. So graze attends a black when we're selecting it from our colors here, if we move across, you can see we've got this tent slider so we can change the tent of a selection that we have. So if I select this type again, you can see that in this second corruption, we've got a tent of 62% for our black. Um, and if we want to change the color with its later in the appearance section, we can bring up this little drop down menu to change this to C N Y Que. And we can perform the same functions that we did in our color box on the left hand side of the toolbar. But we have thes c n y que sliders for modifying the color and also the color spectrum. But picking out particular colors that we want. If we pick a color here or into the values, we can come up to the small menu at the top right here and add it to us watches as well. So once it's added to us watches, then we'll see that in this first list down at the bottom. And that's when we can choose it here and also, more importantly, when we can choose it in our paragraph styles, which is what we're gonna look at next. 3. Changing Paragraph Style Colour: So if you're working a document that someone else has made on your brand new twin design, then they mess up paragraph styles for managing type, color and font color and also type style throughout your document on the way to know that is, if you come to the type menu and come down to paragraph styles in that paragraph Stars panel, you'll see either just the basic paragraph options here, or if you see a list of one or two or more paragraphs stars here, they'll be listed below that basic paragraph formatting on. If I grab my selection tool, I move across this box on the right. You can see that this stop heading has been formatted with the main heading Paragraph Formatting actually got a lot of extra formatting in there as well, which I just removed by clicking this clear overrides button. So in my paragraph as well, I'm also using this main paragraph to format the paragraphs in this text frame. So these paragraph styles where we can manage the color of our type globally and there's lots of other things to talk about paragraph styles. But for the moment where folks on color so when we click here. If we jump into the main heading paragraph style, then you'll see underneath character color on the left hand side. Here we have the SWAT selected that is, coloring that type. And if we changes color here, we can change between any one of those swatches. Or we can use a tent of one of those watches toe Add the color. We can't pick out a color in our paragraph styles unless we actually had a swatch, which is important toe note as it begin working with Adobe in design so we can select any color that's here. But we have to have it in us watches. What's also cool about this is that if we have changed the color of us, watch in our main heading, we come to another page where that was being used. Then we'll see that those other headings have changed, and this is where you can begin to control the color of headings, the color of any type elements or any graphic elements globally throughout your document by actually using these paragraph styles. So if I change my character color here again, you'll see these two headings will change color to because I'm using my paragraph styles. There's two ways of kind of modifying Carla on your time here. One is changing that locally. That's actually formatting the type color and changing it just in one of the color boxes on either here on the tool bar on the left or is in the fill option across here on the right, and then the other option is using the paragraph stars to form at the color of your type. So, for instance, if we go back in here and I'm deliberately be selecting everything, so coming back to my selection tool on then clicking away in the gray area so I don't have any text boxes selected. If I come into my main paragraph, you'll see on the right hand side. If I wanted toe, give this a little bit of a tent of grey. I can tent that text and it's gonna 10 throughout my entire document, not just on one page. So whether it's a couple of pages like we have here or 1000 pages, then will be formatting that document globally. 4. Changing Type Colour in Templates: and definitely if you're coming to in design documents that you haven't created, So some of the templates that you see when you go to file new document in in design, some of those print templates. If you open these up, we'll see paragraph styles in those documents. So if I open up, a document here will quickly download this and open it up. Once it's downloaded, we can open up this document on. We've got some missing funds in here, will replace those but actually in the paragraph styles and will just close this panel for the moment. And so you can see here we have paragraph styles for all these different elements, and we have some some missing funds in those elements as well. So if we go to section header, we'll double click in here. And I deliberately don't have anything selected here. Will see under the basic character formats that we're using this Allegre, which I don't have installed. So I'm just going to change that to myriad pro. Now you can see my main section headings have changed. So if we don't want this gold character color, it's being used. Then we can come in here and we can select that. Modify it, we can click. OK, we could create a new character color. So let's just pick out on orange or something. Andi will also click. Add CM, my case watching here we'll click. OK, and then we'll come back into our section header on now when we change the character color to that, he read will see that change throughout documents. If you're working with templates and using them, then you can change those corruptions throughout document And we also have some other gold elements in the background so we could go through and change this upto match our own restaurants style as we're developing things so you can see on both pages and all these pages when we change that in the front paragraph styles have changed it throughout. So this another item where the fun is missing. So the meal name of price And so again, if we go in here on change the basic character for us here, we'll just use very odd pro again to keep it simple and weaken again, change the character color so we might put red in there and have a slight tint of that new color to change up with his idol, Elbit. So when you're opening up documents, always jump in and have a look at the paragraph Styles work with the swatches or change this watches as you see fit on. And if you have any questions about working with type or character stars in Adobe in design , Tender has take toe. Leave a message below. Andi, I look forward to seeing you on the next tutorial.