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Increase your Productivity: Work with Emails and Tasks in Outlook efficiently & Save 1 Hour per Day!

teacher avatar Vivian Edel, Events Manager from Munich, Bavaria

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Who is this Class for


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      Goals of this Class


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      Concept of the Strategy


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      Process of Working with Emails


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      Customizing your MS Outlook


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      Working with Emails


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      Wrap Up: Benefits of Working with MS Outlook


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      Bonus Video: Writing better Emails


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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to make the most out of your working day by working efficiently with Microsoft Outlook! Many working professionals spend a large amount of their time on reading and answering emails, and unfortunately, waste too much time without getting things done. By using the tasks function in MS Outlook, I will show you how to increase your productivity when reading, answering and transferring emails. I personally, save at least one hour per day with this strategy, compared to how I've worked before (with notes and paper)! 

Table of Contents 

After covering the basic concept of working with tasks, as well as the process itself , I will show you how to set up your own Microsoft Outlook account and how to work with it in a way that saves you around one or two hours a day. As a bonus video, I will also give you some tips and tricks on how to write emails that help you and your recipient to work more efficiently. 

Who is this Class for 

This class is for everyone working with Microsoft Outlook, no matter if working freelance/as a entrepreneur or as an employee. You don’t need any wide knowledge of how to work with Outlook, as I will cover all the steps including how to set-up along the way. It helps you to improve your Work Life Balance, by focusing on getting things done rather than remembering every task that's still pending. With this system you will spend less time on reading and archiving emails, but on actually completing the tasks that come from emails. It also helps working professionals with many different projects/clients/teams and heterogenous tasks to stay on track of various requirements and actors.

Please note that the Class Files are uploaded in the "Your Project" section of this class. You will find a small summary of the process, the steps on how to create a task and the slide to priorizing and scheduling for your personal use.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vivian Edel

Events Manager from Munich, Bavaria


My name is Vivian Edel and I live in the beautiful city of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany.

On this page I want to tell you something about myself and my professional background. Follow along and I'll be happy to see you taking one of my classes! 

About me: 

I am a freelance events, exhibitions and congress manager, organising events for corporate clients in Germany, but also in other countries in Europe and around the world. Owning a small events agency called "Edel - EVENTS & KOMMUNIKATION" I work with event agencies as well as with larger companies and support them with their events like annual meetings, product launches, sales conferences and much more.

Additionally, I also provide recommendations for hotels, activities a... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this class. In the next couple of minutes, I want to show you how you can increase your productivity. Working with teammates, My name is Vivian. I am a freelance events manager and I receive a lot of events every day. I guess many of you do to it. If that's the case, this classes for you in today's working environment, most of all my tasks over to a few minutes, I want to teach you how to deal with your day Flood of emits efficiently by using the tasks fighting My first I have worked with notes and paper before to and it took some time to get used to this new workflow. But now I am saving at least one hour per day with it. If you are interested in making the most out of your eye to just fall out of love and I tell you how 2. Who is this Class for: before we start, I quickly want to cover for whom this class might be interesting and the girls off this class merciful. I want to tell you dirty area off business you working doesn't matter at all when it comes to working with Microsoft Outlook, you can be working in the creative business in a planning or consulting business or even in research. It just doesn't matter because nearly everyone off us receives several in as a day. Neither does it matter if you are self employed or owning your own company. What does matter? Indeed, is that you using Microsoft out bogus your email program? Because that is the only professional system I know that includes the tasks function in its service. And I am not a ambassador off Microsoft Outlook o sol. But in my opinion, this is just the most professional email system. You can currently get out there, and, um, yeah, I know that the other tools for working with tasks as, for example, to twist. But as far as I know, you cannot connect your program to your email program, and that is absolutely key for what I am going to explain you in the next few minutes. I also want to say one more thing about working with Microsoft. Outlook on a Mac. Unfortunately, the tasks function and outlook for Mac is not that advanced as it is for Outlook for Windows, But still it works. I read that many people are waiting for a new office 3 65 update for Mac and that it should becoming soon, but I don't know, and nobody knows if it will cover. It detests function as well. However, even if you use a make or even if you don't have access to M s outlook at all, that's seven will have for tips. I'm working more efficiently with immense Pratt rising and scheduling in the next few videos. Then I also want to say something about your breaking routine. There are few jobs that won't have much success applying the system because of the structure and the work floor. This is, for example, when you have a shop where you have to complete tasks right away when you get them or when you have many repetitive Tufts. For instance, if you have to process orders somehow and you have to act directly when you receive an email or get the order, then converting an email into a task which you finished just now would. Well, let's not make a lot of sense in terms of efficiency. So this class is especially helpful if you have the possibility to pry, rise and schedule your test yourself. And if your tests are not always similar but different, Obviously, this applies to most of our jobs today, as many companies have some kind off protect structure or workgroups. 3. Goals of this Class: So let's talk about the girls off this class. The main goal is to improve your productivity with the most important resource you have, which is you and your time. So I want to help you to either achieve more in a given time or the other way around. The chief things in last time, no matter how you take it, just want you to save time. Whether it's to spend more time with your family and friends or just for the sake of productive nous, I simply want you to make the most out of your day. And it's actually a great feeling and give some feel of having achieved something being that set. Another goal aside of saving time, is to reduce or even avoid stress and coming down after you working day. Everyone talks about work, life, balance and avoiding Bernal's. But only few of us know how toe actively do something against it. Being more productive and working with structure and a real system helps so much to avoid that feel of losing control and makes it possible to easily stay on top off things. One key element off this productivity concept is to have everything about everything saved into tests, so you don't have to think about unfinished tasks on your way home or on other important stuff that you might have missed. Another key aspect is that you save time on actually reading and dealing with the mess and use that time to get things done. So when leaving work, you know what you have achieved during your day. But we will talk about that in anti in death concept in the next video. 4. Concept of the Strategy: So let's talk about the concept off productivity system. The main point of artists is getting things done. You can name it however you want. Let's say being productive for a saving time, getting things done. It's just all the same. And there are three main aspects that will help you to achieve this. The 1st 1 was planning the more accurate your plan, be easier and faster. You can complete the task afterwards. Planning in terms off limits and tasks means scheduling and prior Arising ended also means to abstract the question or task that is included in an email and break it down to the basics without any distractions and complicated explain ings, so planning should be pretty straightforward. Studies even proved that you spend 30 to 50% off your wrecking day, were freed ing and organizing emails, and that to reading email in your inbox around 3.8 times per Everest. This is nearly four times reading the exit. Same email. Why should you do this? Why should you read a nimal four times instead of one and right? Should you take so much time to organize tasks? Write them on a paper. Then, when you want to work on the task, opening the email again, searching for the details and the files that correspond to it, then working on that task. Then again searching the email toe, answer your sender and so on. And I did not even talk about prior, arising and rescheduling. So when there's a task that has to be finished in two months, what do you do with it? If you have a donor paper, do you just keep that paper for the whole time? Or do you transfer that tests to your new list off to do it every week or, oh, no matter how you do it, it's just takes you a lot of time to transfer tasks and all just details that correspond to it. And, um, yeah, it just makes no sense in terms off efficiency, and I guess you get what I mean. So planning is absolutely key into productive nous because planning allows you to spend time on what is important now and get things done, and when time has come, spend your time on what is important then another important aspect is for teen, because we all know the more often you practice things the better and more efficient you get. So when you work with you met him. Outlook. We want to implement a routine that can be done fast and easily, which does not include an image reading dries three or even four times. The routine of checking and working with females will be a quick one, and he will only open your out of window three times a day. And when you do this, you will spend your whole attention to dis, and you will be focused, but only at thes third certain times. Which leads to the third aspect, which is focus focusing on what's important and winding distractions. Because when you do just one thing at the time and spend your whole concentration or just that one thing without accepting any distractions, you will complete this task way faster and work mistakes that otherwise would cost you additional time to correct afterwards. So, in my opinion, multitasking is crate for your private life, like talking on the phone and cleaning or watching TV and eating. But even there, on a few things, can really done exactly intimate simultaneously. So when working with, um, it's an outlook, we will prepare the basis for the rest off your working day, which would then be the time when you really focus on your tests and get things done. 5. Process of Working with Emails: after I explained to the basic concept of working productively with emails, I will now show you how this process works during your working day when you started working day, you will read every new email one by one. After reading one email, you will directly decide what to do with it, not reading all the emails and then again reading them to do something with them. So after every email, you will do something with the email, because why should you spend tries after time for it when you don't need to? So but you are going to do is you redeem it. Then you decide for one off the four options. If the email is an information and you just need to read it but don't need to do anything else with it, archive either in your photo structure if you have one or in afforded it, say something like processed emits the search function, and our work is pretty good, and you could easily live with just having one photo off all of your projects, climbs and subject. Personally, I like to keep a simple for the structure with clients or projects and some stuff photos for special projects trips. But that's only preference. If female is unimportant at all, don't bother and don't archive it. Just delete it pretty easy. Then there's some other you mess getting through the tests, but a pretty simple one, like approving something quickly or entering an easy question or using one information off this email and saving it somewhere else. For example, when I'm doing a rough patch, erred for my event, and I just didn't need to know the rental price off some furniture, and I requested debt with my supplier. If you can do the test in under two minutes, don't just threw it right away. Like transfer rate. Transferring a simple price into a batch of cheat. It would not be efficient to create a task. First, put it. If you want to archive that, images are comfort as well. Now let's talk about the Fourth Upton, which is creating a task. So all the mess that include a task that takes more time than two minutes you were transferred the email into a task. Welcome back. I will now show you how to create a task with some dummy examples I made up when transferring an email into a task. You will open a new task by double clicking in the planks base year off your task bar. Then there will be opening a window where you can insert the details on regarding this task . But you don't want to toe is to take the mare and drag and drop it to the task spot, because then the email would become the task and also the subject line off. The task for the title of the task would be the subject line off the email, which is too long for a task title. Furthermore, it would be where we had to find the email again because the email would be gone in your inbox but be saved in your task. And when you check the flag because you have finished the task, you can only find the email in your completed tasks list, which is quite hard to find. It takes just additional time, So what do you want to do is to double click here and to create a new task when you are formulated subject line. I would recommend using the imperative instead exactly what you need to do in as few words as possible. For example, my task would now be sick The budget for security conference plus find saving what? 10 shells. So this is actually to actions doing, But I could complete them at the same time. So that's why I write him together. If the task needs a fire to it, just attach that one too. So you can open a folder here and done. For example, I have few, my even budget, which I want to insert here to have the attachment saved into task. This well, So, for example, if I am working on in the cloud, which I only can access when being at work and I want to work on that, um, on the task from home, the attachment of safety in the task of foie and I can access this file problem on when we start on saving on working with this task, you don't have to start searching for the attachment. You have everything saved in the task. If the if the email, for example, if this task would originate from an email, I will show you this later. If this email would contain some additional details, you need to accomplish the task as For example, there would be an even email from someone telling me additional prices that should be included in this budget for this security conference. Um, I would just copy and paste them from the email in into this tea chest boxes. So let this like saying, um, furniture shall rental for turned out persons. 30 year old pair person makes 3000 euro. So then I don't have to open that email again. I just have toe check shortly. The task. And I could just transfer this information into my budget list that this also sex your lot off time. Um, you don't have toe like manually write it, but you just can copy and paste information from the email into that this details box and you should Onley copy and paste the info in that details box that is relevant for completing the task. Now the whole email. Then you will pry, arise and schedule. So when talking about priority, usually all things have normal priority except tasks that need to be finished today. They problem, for example, when the patch of thing would be that important, that you have to finish it today, Then I would select a high priority. The main rule off high priority tests is that you will not finish your working day until you're finished the high priority tasks. Because of that, it's important to not exaggerate when creating tasks. Not every task is a high priority one, only the ones that really have to be finished today. Actually, this is why you should only have three high priority tests at maximum per day when we are talking about the rest of the process. In the minute, you will see that some tasks gain importance over the days. So it could be that you have not a high priority task from the day before that before was just normal priority. So don't exaggerate number. Priority tasks in comparison don't mean that they cannot be completed today too. But you don't have to. So if there are other things that are more important, then just complete them first. Therefore, the quantity of normal priority tasks is unlimited. It just like a detail, a to do list that you can customize whenever you're wrong and where you can also change priority and scared told them at the end of your working day you would do just that you will go through your tasks list shortly and see if the priority off some tasks has changed for following days. But we will come to that in a minute. The low priority tasks are tasks that are hidden during the whole time when you're working out. Look only when you feel border. When you have a lot of time, your particular priority tests. One test, which is low priority, for example, could be an article that you want to read when you have time, but you want to save it somewhere. It could be something new you want to learn and where you want to do some research on it before you will have no one normal priority task that pops up every month, which is which says re pressurized low priority tasks. And that is what you will do them. So once a month, you open that list off low priority tasks, and you will check if some off these tests gained importance over the days. So let's talk about scheduling now. When creating a task, you select the date when you want to this tough to appear in your daily over you. This has not to be today. It could be in weeks or months, and Ted is the practical thing about working with the Tufts function and outlook. You can't do that when you work of paper, because then you would need, let's say, one paper per week of for every week, and he would would have to keep this the whole time. When you work in the zona, you don't have enough time to include all the details that correspond to it, a task. So this is when the tests function comes in handy. I, for example, know that this week I won't have time for a task and that it's not urgent. So I wanted to pop up. Let's say next Tuesday. Monday is not always the best day to pop up tests if they don't need to, because you have plenty other things off to, in my opinion. But that's just preference. When you think about the time the tasks should put up first, you actually have to think about the time the task has to be finished for us. So what you are going to do then, is to cattle light back from the date by estimating your working time and there you have to time when you should start with the task. What you are going to do then, is to select one or two days earlier if it is a normal priority task. If it is a task, this has to be finished. The day pops up, make a type priority. Also, However, I recommend to do this only when you really have to. This could be something like, I don't know, submitting finance information for tax reasons, which only can be gathered at a certain date because they contain information until the very last dead. And you have to submit it the same day. Um, I hope you know what I mean. I sometimes have these kind of tests, but as I always try to have as few high priority tasks at possible, it doesn't bother me. When one of these tasks pops up, However, you will get a feeling for prior rising and scheduling with time. Now you know how to prior lesson schedule. So let's go back to creating your task. So now you know the basics about prior arising and scheduling to, so you just have to put a date for scheduling now and the priority. And then you can save the task. For example, I will make it. No, I know that this is not too urgent because it's, um well, in the event coming up in 2000 and 19 so I will Maybe because I may be know that this week there's a lot going on. So I will, um, make it stopped on. She was doing next week. Did you? Date is always the same as to stop that. You can manually change that, That But I would recommend to change it because, um, we later will made some customer stations and your outlook. So then when one task is over, you won't even notice because it looks exactly the same as, um just that is not overdo. And I would not work with two days. I would rather recommend working with high priorities, normal priorities and block priorities. As I just explained in, um, the video about prior, arising and scheduling. So you just leave to to take the same. You won't also put any remind us also, and this a priority is normal because it doesn't have to be finished next Tuesday, when I only started then so that's fine. And I will just saving close this task. So now you'll see you that over here, my task spa, that task has not appeared. Which makes sense, because in this task spa, you only see the tests that are relevant today. So you don't have to worry when you will open your tasks. Panics Tuesday this task will appear as one of the mama test for that day. That's for creating and task. I just noted all the stacks of transferring and email into a task here and dislike, and amongst the slide off the process, it is also updated in the about section of this class. We will go only after process off your working day now. So now we're at the step where you have finished your human routine and you have created tusks. The goal is to have an empty inbox now, because the emails, either our craft deleted, done and archived or transferred into a task and archived your test spot should now contain so tests some from the days and weeks before some from today, some did. You don't even see because they start in some days now. You just stopped working and it's literally s simplest that you just get things done. And don't you dare to check back on your email. I would recommend working on the tasks were factory already. First ST's have to be finished today, and you won't leave your work place until you did. But this is up to you. Maybe you prefer mixture off normal and high priority tasks, or you want to work on one project for a longer time before you switch to something else. The important thing is just to get things done and to focus on just that, and when you have done a task, when you have completed it, you were just check it off. So then it disappears from your tests list. Then you'll do your prank and half lands, and I strongly recommend toe, not do dead in front of your computer. I know how it is sometimes, however, if somehow possible, don't spend time working on your computer at all. Draw something, read a magazine. Talk to your colleagues, go outside, do something else, which has nothing to do with work, because only then you can be more productive. Afterwards, After your lunch break, you do another inmate routine and after debt, you will continue to work on your test when you finish your working days. This is around 10 minutes before you want to leave or when you have finished your last high priority tasks. You may be wonder what happens if there will be an email in the afternoon, which is urgent, and to trust you when you are about to leave. In my opinion, someone writing your email after lunch won't expect you to do something the very same day. Or, if so, they would call you. If that is not the case with your business. You can also schedule this last email routine half an hour before you leave for before starting your last task off today, after this last email routine, your inbox should be definitely anti. You will also quickly check your tasks and re prior eyes them. Now, is there some normal priority task that has to be completed tomorrow? You can switch into high priority already. When you open your outlook the next day, you'll directly see what is going to be important this day. You lot priority tasks you will. I'm hide only when you're a port or once per month when finishing your working day, and three prior, arising them. There might be something in there which has gained importance, and you want to change their priority when you shut down your computer. You should also mentally leave work. Stop thinking off tasks that have to be done or things that are coming up for the next few days, because when working with to task something properly, you have everything in their every detail every date. If we contact and every information except in the tasks, and then you don't have to save it again in your brain. If you cannot come to work because some unforeseen circumstances or because you need to work from home, you have everything but you need with your email account. So in your Microsoft outlook and in your aim is also the tasks are saved or even on your phone or if you have to break in the train. This would not be the case when you're working with notes on paper and you leave them at the office. Another example. If you're sick and you need to briefly tell your colleagues if there is something urgent, just check your high priority tests, Everything else can wait. But Dad is west. What has to be done that day? You can even transfer tests to someone else. So if you're prepared them correctly, that person go directly. No. Um whom to answer when the task is completed. Audie information. And that person will even have the attachments and everything they else they need to know. But enough of theoretical talks. Now I will show you how to set up your account and how to work with it. 6. Customizing your MS Outlook: welcome back. So now you know everything about the process on working revetments and out club and on how to create a task. I will now show you how to set up your Microsoft outlook step by step and how to customize it to use the tests function to its full potential. So we finally can get started. First of all, we will doctor tasks Frampton on your image surface. Go to the home screen We already on the home screen over here and then, um, to the navigation options in the left hand corner. This is over here. This is your task symbol rack, take on the test symbol and Dr Peak. Then the test spot will appear on the right hand side off your home screen and you will always have your tough visible when working in our cook. Now, we were customized to ribbon. So you also can click up here to create a new task afterwards. Currently, it is sitting under new items over him to customize it. You will go to file options and customize ribbon over here in the left hand corner or on the left hand side and t underwrite insight. You will go to the selection off. The main task made a best. So you will make sure you have main tap selected Tia and then you will expand home. It's one expanded and then you will extend new. So this section here is exactly what is displayed here in your home screen. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create or at a single command without creating a new group or attack . So you can just at this, um, command between want to add new task. You can just at this task in here, but you have to create a new group for it but doesn't work around. So we will create a new group and then we will insert all these commands and just at the task. Come on, then and then we will delete this group. So what you want to do with created in your group on you will call it you will rename it and you will name it new as well, just like the other one. And then you will at the commands that you will want to have in there So you will add new email s in the other bonus. Wow, You will add new task which we want to have also and you could also cannot New items which you will find here on the all commands. And then you have just go to and new items you cannot these months. So that's it. And then you can tell it or remove this group and track interrupters to the very 1st 1 and just click. OK, so what do you want to see? Yes, that this has likely changed on you can also now creating new task by clicking here. You don't have to double click over here if you need it. Then we were customized. Some options regarding how tasks are shown into task bar. You will go to file options tough and then you want toe uncheck all boxes here mine already on ticked so that you switch and you want to switch the over to task color which will be read at at your outlook if you have the default options to the same task color as the completed task color. Because actually it doesn't matter if this task is over to you, because you won't work with two days, but we will work or if I and normal priorities as already explained. So all the rest is find fine. You won't need and remind us for your task. You won't, um, keep any list update with copies. When you assigned tasks to other people, you won't send any status report. So just I'm check all boxes and change the over your test color. Afterwards, we will create some new tests which, uh, 1st 1 I still double click here in the task bar. Actually, the first task people not create its course, we prior rise low priority tasks. You will select a recurrence button here because that will be a task that, um will pop up every month because once per month, you should treat prior eyes your low priority tasks. You will click monthly year and then you will make it pop up again. I would not select any given date because it could be that this is a like Saturday or Sunday. So I don't recommend choosing this option. And then, like the fourth Mitchell, which means Wednesday in Germany, um, off every month. So like Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday would be credit. He, in my opinion then you also can select when this tough should start on and I would select no insight, okay and safe. So mind starts today and it will come back the last Wednesday. I guess off Every month, every month we nearly finished the customizing. Now, only two more things to do. Being at the home screen here, you would go to the right hand side two your task spot and click on, arranged by and done on view settings. Now you'll go to fit and advanced. And now we will at some new commands. I already edit them over him. This is to customize a task. Bob, we just talked to the right hand side. Um and the goal of this customization is to make this task bar only showing the uncompleted tasks off today. Plus the uncompleted tasks off the days before that Have not bean finished yet because we are not working with the due date system, but with high and low priorities. Oh, high and normal priorities. So this is a customization. You need Teoh show you in this right hand side of tough but to solve you test that are important today. We're all from the days before which have not being finished and which are not completed yet. So to at the command he will go here. We should add you should at date completed, which is under the date feared here. Get completed. Then you will select the condition which is does not exist just the last condition here. And then you will add it to Mr I already edited. So I won't push the button. Then the 2nd 1 is flag completed day. You can also type it in and condition ISS does not exist. Then you will edit took list also. And then the last one sq date. You can also find that under date to date over here and then on or before today on or before. And then you can type in a value to day and you will at this to the list of wall. Then you will kick Okay? No, I won at this criteria as it's already in there that it won't ask you and done your click. Ok, you're gay gun. So now this task partial be customized in a way that you can probably use it. And finally, one tiny thing to customers under file options, male and message arrival over there. You want Owen, check all boxes here, and you will make sure that there's no sound or changing off the mouse porter or showing. And I can in the past bar or displaying a desktop a, um, alert when you receive a new message. This is because we have basically, we don't have to shut off your Microsoft Outlook when you are working on getting things done. But you will have the outlook window minimized so you won't check your men every year. Are but only when you do the Merete. And if you were to receive a desktop alert every time you get a new email, you would for sure check back on your emails because she would already already see a small preview over here and right hand corner. And then you would want to know what this email is about. All you would think. Oh, this is so important. I have to answer. So when you just un check all boxes, you won't even notice that you get a new email, okay? And don't click. OK, so now we finished the customizing, and I will show you some examples off working with the Mets and tasks, and I will now apply everything you have learned in the videos before 7. Working with Emails: So now doing a member team with some damn emails I created to just visualize this process a bit better. And to show you how the email routine breaks and your everyday working life I have some emails over. You know, um and I will just to read them and then decide what to do with it. So, um, I will eat her. It was something with them directly delete them. Archived, um, or created task. Afterwards, I will also show you how my task that looks like when I have finished the minority. So let's get started. They are all from team or from Daniel because I sent them to myself because they are only some damn emails. Just won't be with your email that this is just for demonstration purposes now. So first, the man which IHS contact list for visa requests for a product launch and I will see actually a directly to MSU because that person has sent an update that updated email. So this is already good example why you should start from the beginning, so you should not Okay? You should not medio oldest in the first and then you newest one because it often happens that someone sends an update, or that there's some conversation going back and forth between several people. And when you just read the newest email, you have everything in that email. Usually. So then you already saved yourself some time on reading email by email, by email when you're just usually could also meet one email containing all that information . So you'll see here that person, um, selling me a contact list for a product lanced of with people they want to white. And they are asking me if I can take care off the visa requests for this dis invitations and off the handling off the invitation process, which is like one part off event management and that that they would like to have a offer est one as possible. And then they sent an updated contact list with a few more information. So what I would do one is to create a new task, because that is something I just cannot complete, like inborn or two minutes, and I don't want to delete it either. So I created a task now saying, actually, this immer contains two tasks already. One, um, yes, create, uh, for Daniel Mula extra 2090 year invitation in retention. Helpless. And this is something this is already something I want to do today because it's a client. He's requesting me for a new event. And, um, yeah, I want to serve my client as fast as I can. So I will make this high priority because I won't leave my computer until I didn't send the offer out to So, um, I will include some detest us war. So you, um, let me check saying here, vector to test se invitation handling class visa. Okay. And then I will just I could either now include that image here and attach it so that I can double click it and, um answer Daniel when I created that offer, huh? I could just leave it like that. That's preference. I will not leave it like that. And the second task for me. But this is also, like, way off working. You don't have to, like, copy everything I do, but you can if you find it. Help for what I will do is to open that fire shortly and to check if if there's everything in there, I need to complete this task. Because if it won't be, if there won't be everything in there, I will directly answer him to ask for some more details. Because until he answered me back, I could stop working on this tough. So I would shortly opened this, um, fire and check if there's everything in there. So this is just the contact list with names and email addresses and post addresses in and And let's presume everything. That's fine. So that would be fine. So then I would archive this. You know, I don't have any for a structure here. I just archive it in our by, which means Barack Onda, um, that's it. Secondly, my how long this it'll please find attached the invoice port for us deficit off your booking in October this year. We will charge your credit card in the following days to lose that amount. So, um, that could I could do two things now. I could either created task, um, toe that says transfer money to, um exhibition center and touched the invoice to the task. Or I could with right away Usually I would do it right away, because when I when my stuff, when I start my email routine. I will also have my online banking open. And then it would me take under one minute to complete this task. But I want to work now as I won't share my online banking time with you. So I will just archiving and do that lighter. So next email do your customer, you're delivery will arrive to your efforts provided within the next two business days. Please select one of the options. If you cannot receive the powerful well, I can receive the pasta and there's some informational tracking my pasta. Um so? Well, you could Also here there are two options, depending on preference. I personally would delete this email because where I ordered this, I would also have a account where I could look in the Africa tracked the parcel from there . But maybe also, you want to keep this and then, um, he would just archives it. This is a typical example off not creating a task from him for me email because it contains some basic information and you don't have any additional X, and you need to tour two from the senior next one. Give miss it'll and attachment. You will find our contact lists for this product launch and so wrong. Actually, that's the email I trust Red two minutes before because that person sent nothing. So what I can do with this email? It's just deleted because I have the updated email already with the attachment. So it's time next one is didn't wise for my order stolen. So they're asking me to transfer to the bank accounts. Wa So this would be the same. Um, as before. I would either make it in a task What I, for example, could do. I assure you this I could make a task. We're well sorry. No new test. And, um hey, in Warsaw's and a test could select them or collect them all over here. So I would have one over here, which, which has the bank account details from bet. And then I would totally open the end wise and check for the imam, which is this one. I will check if it's OK. It seems OK. So I would shortly copy the amount. No, Sorry. And then I would copy that information, and then I would also copied the order number. And then if the, uh, several invoices coming in like the other born before I could also copied this and then and then when I would do my when I would open my online banking, I would just have one document. Were all information shortly copied and paste. This can be quick and dirty. It doesn't have to be in a nice fund or anything. Just like I did copy and pasted and then make a divider into the next one and so on. And then just saving close and then some. Sometime today I would open my own line banking and just to all these invoices. So archive it next. Chemo. Hello. Please find a catch. The floor plan off whole sea and connecting areas for your use. Furthermore, we attach different food and beverage menus where you could choose from. Please let us know until one month in that once. So also this American tent toe Actors 1st 1 out of floor plans which are important for me. I would, um oh, I want to print them and hang into my office. So when I'm planning d bend and thinking about something, I always can see the floor plans, which is very helpful when I want to visualize something so I would just open down. Oh, that's many options over here. So then plant, um, that would be action one, which is possible in under two minutes. And then there would be another action, which is shoes, food and beverage options for Odyssey went, Let's say this even takes place end off this year to getting off December, and I need to know one month in advance. So what I would do it's creating in your task and schedule it, Let's say is they need to know what one months in that run. This is not a calculating back from the day I have to deliver as I explained you when I was talking about the scheduling. So one month in at once. So we are, Let's say dis event is on 3rd December, so they need to know until 3rd November. And maybe I need some time to think about this, and I need some time toe check back with my customer so I will make this, like, starting mid October, and them I shortly name it at VIAS Man, you're sores for exhibition center, and I would just let shortly close this and I would track and drop this email to my task over yet so that I exactly know where to answer when I have to make your choice. And I could either also track and corrupt the file in here. Or are the finalists also included in the email so I don't have to double dragon trumpet? So I just say advice, man, you chose onto first no exhibition hole security conference. So I know so that I know what this is about. You could also, if you like, um, market with some color tak categorize over here when you want toe. Yeah, when you want select a category for that task. So when, for example, all my other things concerning the security conference would be arranged, I would make it orange. Okay, so that's fine. Saving close. So and now you see that this task won't appear over here for a very long time, like for eight months now, because it doesn't just bother me for the next eight months, but it is very helpful Then when it just pops happened, I remember it then because off the reminder after tasks and the person off that exhibition centre doesn't have to get back to me again to asking for it. So this is a very professional way of working, in my opinion, so I can't newsletter from Amazon. I don't need it. Give it as easy as that. So this is announcement off the opening off a new conference space, and they like, toe what? Me Tau A open and get together. And please let us know under 14 off march. So I will. I personally won't tell them in the very last second if I attend or not. So I would just make it 10 of marks, which is a Saturday. So I will make it nine off march. Um, answer the sun offenses for, um, let's say opening good to death. Last check with Thank you. So I I see that I can print one additional person. So I directly ride a t and my in my subject line that I should check if I want to bring another person. Yes or no. Um, which is in this case, Daniel. So I just want to save it. And then when I see this task in the task bar on ninth off March, I don't have to react directly because I have time until 14 off march. Maybe I could what time? Two days Like this. Um but maybe I see it docked Friday. And then I already think about it asking Daniel if you want to attend or not. And then I could finished his task on my own before full sitting close and archives and then the industry PS This is some dummy text where nothing happens, but unimportant information that's giving answer one just copied some damning text because I want to show you that not everything in a email always is important. You just can scamper, rid and, um when creating and tasks, you don't have to copy everything. India just the things that are important. So this is a newsletter which contains some interesting information to hotel openings and arable acquitted New. Tough for this as well, which says, uh, get rolling. Are we searching? Opening off hotel eggs on photo tips alone and this is not important at all. I will do this when I have time, and I don't know what to do. So there are two new hotels opening. It would be nice to know more part time to research something about them to know how large their conference spaces off or to schedule, uh, schedule appointment to visit the salt off, and I will make it low priority. So when I have time on my the schedule an appointment to visit one of the totals to know something about him to up ableto, um, at protest them to my customers. But this is not important. It's just nice to have. So I make it low priority and it could start today because anyway, I want you little priority test, and I will also copy and paste this over here. So maybe I want to re read that email when searching something about these hotels because there's some additional information that could be interesting. So our covet and then the very last one have Vivian. Here are the photos off the security conference from yesterday. You can download them here, and the link is available for one week from now. So oh, already there. I should, um, half some, Let's say alarm science, because actually, I either had to download it now because that link some sometimes disappears after on was not available anymore after one week, or I would have to schedule a task which says download photos and it could appear next week . But then I would have to make a typewriter. Our team. I hope you get what I mean. But as I am reading on now, I see that this, um, American tents, some more information that is important. So I don't need to schedule it for next week because of staff. During the conference, Mrs Fleshed, which is the client, told me that she would love to receive a selection off the pictures today. So this is the second a land sign because today means high priority. Always, and she would like to use them for their Web side. She asked for my written approval and a attached it for you. So there I forgot the attachment. But actually there should be an attachment. And then furthermore, I wanted to tell you some dummy text. So some unimportant information blah, blah, blah. And then could you already tell me the date for the conference this year so I can lock it in my schedule. If you don't have the day already, it's sign I can only block the space until end off chewing. So this is also two tasks in one in My 1st 1 is telling the photographer when the next event takes place, like Wonder Secure to you. Conference 2018 takes place when I know it already. I could short the answer, and I don't know where I would have to create a tough and let's say he needs to know until end of June. So I would create a talk like Mitt off tune, tell the except which would be terribly, except dates off security conference to Lucas. But as a noting, I would just answer right away. Then the other test, which is an important one, is ah, high priority one because this has to happen to the Oswal, so I'll make it. Hi. Select protest off SEC conference and sent selection toe must crashed. And then I would, as an information include rip me approval for commerce. Show yours strong, Lucas. And actually there would also be the attachment that I just forgotten that email. But then when I opened us that task later on, when I selected the photos Andi, I want to send them to this day. I remember that I have to include in that email toe misplaced the attachment from Lucas. Say de Mrs Fresh. Hereby, I allow you to use the photos for your commercial use and so on. So this is high priority starting today and well, that's it. And I would actually I would already now click on that length to download the photos because that takes some time. And until that have finished, I would have finished something else, and there could be done two things simultaneously. So our carpet So that's it. I just read and deal with all my cement small. And this took me about, I don't know, 10 minutes, maybe maybe some more, because I explained you everything. And now I'm ready to focus on getting some tasks done. And as I promised, this routine is the Robbie Quick one. And I only had, like, 10 emails to deal with. But if you mentioned that will do this routine three times a day, it would cost you, I don't know, like around half an hour or maybe even one hour off your working day. That compared to what I told you earlier that according to statistics, he would spend at minimum 30% off your working day with reading and answering emails, which is, if you consider working day being eight hours, which is then two or 2.5 hours spending time on reading and answering emails. Um, then even one hours, um, way better and much more time efficient than, um, then 2.5 hours. And actually, even if you need some more time in the beginning to apply this routine, you save a lot of time in comparison to other strategies, like working with not some paper already explained to you. So thank you for following along. And while I customized and showed you the tasks function in Microsoft Outlook and in the next video, I will sum up the benefits of working with the strategy. And I will talk about your class pro checked in the last video, and I will also share my bombers tips on how to ride a mass properly 8. Wrap Up: Benefits of Working with MS Outlook: to some this closer. I want to sort. We talk about the benefits of working with this strategy. I already mentioned during the class that the biggest benefit off working with the tasks function and outlook other weaknesses that working with notes on paper, half working online in the same program as your emails where your to do's come from it is much easier to pry arise. Schedule to include details, touch mints, contact information and website lings. Also copying and pasting information from the email to the task is much faster than writing it manually down somewhere, not only because you are working within the same program, but also because writing by hand simply takes longer than pressing two buttons on your keyboard and just copying and pasting in terms of time efficiency. The fact that you keep your mistakes to a minimum is a huge benefit as well. The tests function does not fail. It doesn't forget any deadline or it doesn't get lost somewhere, and therefore mistakes won't happen often and easy Lear. And if there are no mistakes, you don't need to invest some extra time to correct them. Also, you can access your tests list everywhere because it will synchronize in your outlook on the phone, on your tablet and on your private computer. It's almost wall. So even if you work from home or in the train, in the plane or anywhere else, you have everything you need with you. Another thing I find very helpful as I'm working for different clients and on different projects is that you can, additionally categorize every task by selecting a specific color for it. I mostly select the color off the company logo, so I can easily remember which company this project belongs to. And sometimes this is not even necessary if I only have like three or four projects going on. But if I have several small ones going on at the same time, this can be really helpful. Lastly, I loved the fact that I only see these tests in the task bar that I relevant for me this day in terms of stress and being overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. This is just so helpful to reduce every pressure off, getting things done, because he will just complete one day after another step by step without seeing a list of some hundreds of tasks that have to be finished someday. So now we're nearly at the end of this class. I hope you found that system helpful. And if so, please let me know how you get along referred in the community section or leave a review. I would be very appreciate that if you have any questions, always let me know poster question in the community section, and I'll be happy to help you and, um, one last comment about this system. I know that it's not always easy to follow every single rule I explained to you and to just switch your usual routine to this one. And when I did, it took like a week or so until I automatically opened the task instead of crabbing a posted when someone called, for example. But if you force yourself to stick to the rules, the concept is quite easy to move along worth, and sometimes it's just not possible to follow every single rule completely, and you don't have to. When that is the case, just don't wait when you can follow this reward. This concept should rather be a guideline, helping you to get things done and nothing more, Not some catalogue of rules. You have to strictly follow talking about a class project. Now, if you want to try out this strategy, you should first set up your Microsoft Outlook with the steps I showed you afterwards. You should create tasks from wherever you have toe. May it be notes, first of all, or post IDs and then also from your emails. As a class project. I would love to see a screen shot off your tasks, but it's possible if information that tasks by sensible and you cannot all upload a screenshot off your test spot. You could also upload a screenshot off one specific task you create, created with showing the priority and the scheduling detachment that correspond to it and to detect details. If you have any questions, feel free to post them into community. Septimus. Well, so thank you for following long until the end. I have a small bonus, really, over some tips and tricks on how to actually write emails and what you can do to improve your productivity. In that matter, feel free to watch along 9. Bonus Video: Writing better Emails: so welcome to this very last bonus video, where I explained how to write a proper email. Lastly, I want to share refute these tips because they have me a lot to be more productive. A squirrel. When writing Amos, it's crucial to communicate in a way the recipient can understand you Clearly, you actually might think that this is obvious, but too often someone sitting behind the other computer receiving that email might misinterpret things or understand them in a way you did not even imagine. So. Therefore, you should be as direct as you can run writing an email. You should state clearly what you need or why you're writing this email and also pretty straightforward. Communicate that lines. Sometimes people think being straightforward and direct and being friendly at the same time excludes each other. But in my opinion, both is absolutely possible. You can still start with a friendly sentence, asking how the other person is today or saying something like Hope you and your family are well. But still, you can be direct when talking about business. This applies not only to colleagues but also to customers. Actually, clearer you communicate, the easier it is for other people to understand what you want to say, and they don't have to ask themselves if there is some room for interpretation. If you need zero things, group them into a bullet point list. The second thing, as I already mentioned, is communicating that lines. You should just communicate them directly because they are what they are. If you know that this person won't keep that lens very often, put your deadline like three days earlier and sent a friendly reminder to the person. Then if that person continues to skip that lands, you could also friendly point out which consequence this might have for you personally when you cannot continue working on something because that person missed a deadline most of the time. People just don't realize how important things are for you, and they will take it more seriously that you might get when they know that you will get problems when they miss it. The most helpful tip, in my opinion, is the following. Pay attention to your subject line. The clearer it is easier. You and your recipient know what I have to expect. Actually, the subject line should from be formulated in a way. ASI would also formulate a task. You would, for example, used the imperative or ask the question in the subway subject line, and you want to keep it as simple as you can. But you also want to do is to delete the abbreviations for forwarded or replied that often steak at the beginning. Off the subject line, the more you send emails but can throw off the more appreciate abbreviation state. Stay there, and this is just additional destruction toe what this email release about and also you should delete the company name. If there is one included, is it either euros. Order one off your center. This is because usually you see where the meat comes from, as you're praying, either automatically connects names to the company they work in, and you don't need to have it in the subject. Line us well or if you don't know the sender and your brain does not do this connection automatically. You can also see the name off the company in the email address off the sender or, um, and a signature at the end off the email. Lastly, I want to tell you that the more you applied these tips yourself, the more you train other people to do the same. If you are communicating with some people very often and always have a certain way off doing so, it often happens that this person somehow mirrors your action and starts to, for example, also keep the subject line a simple and s. And as direct as you do in that way, you push other people to work more productive. Um, as well, um, which saves you. End them a lot of time and you didn't even tell them. So that's where my tips on writing an email on how toe end on how to work productively in Microsoft Outlook. I hope you find out system helpful and that every of my explanations have been easy to understand. By the way, this was my very first Hillshire class, and I'm pretty excited about it. So feedback is so much appreciated, and I would love to hear what you would think off it and how I could improve anything in this class. Any questions also feel free to post them in the community section of this class. Thanks for watching and have a great day