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Increase Your Productivity with Faster Typing - Keyboarding Masterclass

teacher avatar Teagan Johnson, Young Entrepreneur & Productivity Guru

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Advantages of Faster Typing


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      Learning to Type Faster - Learning the Layout


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      Learning to Type Faster - Typing Websites


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      Applying your Typing Skills


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      Keyboard Shortcuts


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      Final Tips + Project


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About This Class

Welcome to my keyboarding course!

I believe that typing is essential for EVERYONE in this day and age, so I think it is very important to increase your typing speed and accuracy as much as possible to make the most out of your typing experience.

In this course, I will share with you the benefits of faster keyboarding, how to type faster by improving your words per minute (wpm), your accuracy, and how to finally apply those skills in your day-to-day life. Spoiler: it can help you A LOT.

I hope that this course leads you to where you want to be with your own typing goals, your own business goals, or even your own productivity goals!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Teagan Johnson

Young Entrepreneur & Productivity Guru


I have always had an obsession with becoming the best possible version of myself in every aspect: from my schooling, to my family, and social life. My goal with the videos I upload onto here are simple. Teach you guys something new in a short time frame, and help you guys improve in some way. I hope to fulfill this with you! 

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1. Intoduction: The world evolves a nearly everything is moving to electronic devices. It has become more important than ever to become a proficient typist. Personally, I have been typing for over ten years, starting in second grade typing class. I knew that this was an important skill to master, and I took the class very seriously. Now, I can achieve a typing speed over 100 words per minute. Here's a quick typing tests done for me. In this course. I will teach you how to increase your productivity and reduce your time working on tasks with the art of typing. This is an often overlooked tool that can help you save a lot of time, both short-term and long-term. 2. Advantages of Faster Typing: Now some of you might be wondering how typing faster or typing at all it can improve your life. So I'll go over some advantages and tie and personal aspects on some of them. Being more productive, typing speeds can increase your productivity by making you achieve tasks faster for messaging friends on social media, to reading out a 2 thousand word essay. Having a faster typing speed dramatically improves the time you spend on everything you do with a keyboard. I would write out countless essays in my college class and I found I had an edge on a lot of other people in this course because I could complete each assignment much easier and quicker, which opened up more time for me to work on other things in a given day. Save time and improve accuracy. With a faster typing speed, comes more time saved on each thing done. Think of someone that can only type 40 words per minute, which is the average typing speed. If they had a typo out of 2 thousand word essay, for example, it would take them 50 minutes nonstop to complete it. On the other hand, if someone with an average speed of 100 words per minute type the same essay, non-stop. They would complete it in 20 minutes. When you turn to type faster, it also gives a trait of being able to type more accurately which internal save even more time because you won't need to go through the process of back spacing and restarting a word. I find myself rarely using the backspace anymore. And if I do, it greatly reduces the words per minute that I am getting. So if you can find a strategy to type as accurately as you can, it can greatly help you become more relevant than ever to the growing technology. Since office jobs and remote jobs are growing faster than anytime I've ever before. It should be a no-brainer that a faster typing speed will give you a headstart with a lot of other people in the remote or authors field, open up more opportunities with a faster typing speed. It opens up more job opportunities for people that would wish to pursue something like this, including transcriptionists, interviewers, virtual assistance, website designers, and the list goes on. I once had an online gig, then involve typing a lot of information, and I found myself to be able to complete the tasks quite easily because of my preexisting typing skills, compliments. I've noticed that a lot of people give me compliments when they see me typing. They almost always ask me how I can type so fast and what they can do to type faster. I think it is quite cool to get compliments on something that is becoming more important in day-to-day life. And it keeps you from hurting yourself. When you learn to type faster, you look down at your keyboard less when regular or inexperienced typists looked down at their keyboard often, this can cause strain in the neck. And I'm sure some of you watching can attest to this as well. It's a real thing when becoming more experienced. You also notice that posture leads to better typing, which can help your back as well. Now that we covered by typing faster is so important, let's learn how to actually type faster. 3. Learning to Type Faster - Learning the Layout: The first step of typing faster is to learn where your fingers are supposed to go on the keyboard, both one-year resting and when you are typing. This rho is called the home row keys. It contains the row they are fingers should be resting on when you begin typing, indicated with these notches on the F and J keys, the placement of your hands is important. This is the starting position for typing. It has called the home row. With your left hand, your Pinker should be on key, a. Ring fingers should be on K0_S, middle fingers should be on key d, index fingers should be on key f. The right hand should focus on the following Home row keys. Index fingers should be on J, middle fingers should be on K, ring fingers should be on L. Pinky fingers should be on semicolon. They're on top of that is called the top row keys. The left index finger should be for R and T. The right index finger should be for Y and U. The left middle finger should be for a key. The right middle fingers should be for key i. The left ring finger will be for key w. The right ring finger will be for key o. And you're right pinky fingers should be for c0, P0. The bottom row is located under the home row. Your index finger should be for v and b, your middle finger should be for a, C During fingers should be for x. And your pinky fingers should be easy. For your right hand. Your index fingers should be for m and n, your middle finger should be four comma. Your ring finger should be for a period and you pinch your fingers should be for forward slash. Please keep the placement of your fingers in mind. Wild training to become a faster typer would the websites that I will show you. But if some of you watched me tie up, however, you will see that I do not always follow these rules. That's why it is important to learn where your fingers are supposed to go. And then later on, find your own strategy that works best for you. The way I type as much more comfortable for me. So I use my way, but I still incorporate a lot of the textbook strategies with my typing style. 4. Learning to Type Faster - Typing Websites: After you learn which fingers are supposed to go where while you type, we can now start to use some websites to strengthen your muscle memory and your speed. Let's start out by going to and creating an account. This is a great starter website because it will give you exercises to use every row of keys and finally combine them to start making words and then full on sentences. First, we will take a one-minute typing tests to see where you are. After doing that, we will work to improve that words per minute. For you to be considered an average typist, you will have to achieve 40 words per minute. For you to be considered a professional typist, you will have to get at least as 65 to 95. Now, you can follow the lessons on this website to get started with typing with each row and get your muscle memory down. These lessons may seem too easy at first, but they are very important in teaching how to type with each individual finger. And each lesson will slowly progress into sentences. The further you go. Once you've finished all of the lessons, I have a set of games that I find very fun to play. These websites will help you improve sentence forming, which is crucial to become a fast typist. The first one is an actual type, which is a pretty casual typing website where your race against other people. He enjoyed typing groups and have a lot of fun. You could even one view one your friends. You joined matches with people that have that same typing skills you. The second website is very similar. It is called type It is basically another nitrile type, but on a more serious level, it contains some of the most competitive typist in the world. But like natural type, you'll be mashed up with people of your same level. There's a bit more challenging than knitr type as it has more strict rules you must follow while typing. I also find that this website has harder passages to type. If you use these Taiping websites for 30 minutes each day, you may find that your typing speed is dramatically increasing and that you are looking down at your keyboard less. 5. Applying your Typing Skills: Once you feel like you have made some progress and typing, Congratulations, This will help you a lot both in the present and in the future. There are some ways you can start using your new skills immediately. One, start typing out your notes. I personally type all my notes for college and I can get multiple pages done in about a half-hour. I find this much more convenient for studying because you can get a lot more typing done than writing. Your hands. Don't fatigue. You don't need to worry about being neat. And you could even go onto another websites, have just Quizlet and study the type notes there. You can put the notes in a flashcards and even make mock tests. You just need to copy and paste the terms into the website. Another thing you can do if you really want to do is take up a side business or a full-time job of typing. If you think that typing is something that you're passionate about, then start applying for online jobs or even in person jobs. I think that these jobs would become bigger and bigger over time. So your chance of getting into one as a side hustle or for a full-time job as high. And another more overlooked one can be with keeping in contact with friends and family. You will now be able to type messages much faster, which will make it easier to keep focused in an online conversation. And you might find that you hold conversations much easier. 6. Keyboard Shortcuts: Knowing some extra shortcuts while you type will also benefit you majorly. I'll start with some basic ones, some of you may know, and then move onto some more advanced ones. There'll be useful to have Control-C, Control-V Copy and Paste. Instead of having to type something else completely, you can copy it from the source and pasted to wherever you please. Control. Z is the undo shortcut. If you accidentally deleted your whole doc, for example, you press those two keys and it all comes back. Speaking of deleting a whole duck, if you want to completely select everything, then control a as a shortcut to use and to remove selected items, Control X. To delete an entire word they you messed up on. You can press Control and backspace. That can come in handy if you find yourself having to press backspace a bunch of times to get to a mistyped word. 7. Final Tips + Project: One final tip I saved for the end is considering upgrading your keyboard. If you find that you are typing so fast that your keyboard is holding you back. I found once I got over 100 words per minute that I needed to upgrade to a higher-quality keyboard. This one is a mechanical keyboard, and I think you should consider looking into buying on if you are starting to take keyboarding seriously. They have higher-quality switches in each key, which gives you a much more responsive feedback when you're typing on them. It also takes much less distance for the C02, register them with irregular or membrane keyboard. Now, I have a project for you. I want you guys to record a video of yourself typing your one minute test from I will leave a link in the project section below for you to find out more about it. Let us know how fast your words per minute was before applying the techniques taught in this video. Then in a week or a month, which you can specify in the project section. Tell us your words per minute after practice. Thank you for watching my skill share course. I hope this will help you to take a step forward in your journey to live a more productive life, Have a good day.