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Improve Your Singing | Breathing exercises!

teacher avatar SINGING COACH Bea DeSousa, Vocal Coach | Professional Singer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Intro. Why start with Breathing?


    • 3.

      Deep Coordinated Breath


    • 4.

      Ribcage Expansion


    • 5.

      Long Sustained Out-Breath


    • 6.



    • 7.

      Consonants Explosion


    • 8.

      Fire Breathing


    • 9.

      From Panting to Singing


    • 10.

      Your Own Voice


    • 11.

      Project! Individual Advice


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      Stay Tuned for the Next Step!


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About This Class

Let's improve your singing! In this class you will learn practical exercises to develop your BREATHING and SUPPORT technique. By the end of this class you will understand your body’s natural coordination and know how to use it in your advantage for singing. I will provide several strategies with each exercise and guide you in a methodic and simple way through everything you need to know to take your voice to the next level. 

With this lesson we will set the basis of our body’s mechanisms regarding singing. Breathing is a fundamental part of singing, so I knew that before a class about actual singing, it was essential to start with breathing exercises and get in touch with the “support” of the voice (where the voice should be coming from). It is natural to have the urge to start singing right away, but later on you will thank yourself for having set the basis first. Do not build the roof of a house before you have set the foundation!

This lesson is divided into two main groups of exercises: the breathing exercises and the support exercises. Singers need to develop their breathing capacity in order to be able to sustain high quality vocal production during long frases (from one breath to the next). It is easier said than done, but if you follow a regular practice of the breathing exercises I’m sharing, you’ll notice a substancial progress in a few weeks. I’ll also give you a few tips to track your progress. The support exercises will help you to engage with your body, promoting a heathy vocal production, free of constriction or blockages. There are many different ways of producing a singing tone, but we should always rely on the natural instincts of our body for a healthier voice production. This includes using our whole body to optimise our singing in its beauty of tone, but also to be also to be able to sing for longer periods of time and embrace, without fear, more challenging music.

To have a complete overview of the lesson content as a cheat sheet and additional short tips, download the Breathing and Support Exercises sheet (PDF) on the Project Section under the video.

I've found teaching to be one of my greatest passions and I'm very exited to launch these series of singing classes. I will be sharing with you the basics of a healthy singing technique that allows anyone to improve their voice in a short time and achieve real and visible progress! I believe singing is a very natural action. We only need to tap into our body's instincts and allow our natural voice to develop. It's an exiting journey and I feel super privileged to help you through yours!

This is my first class with Skillshare. I will be posting more classes on different topics that will help you to keep developing your voice and your singing technique. My next class will be an essential guide for beginners, where we will actually sing and find the natural mechanics of your voice! To stay tuned, make sure you follow my Skillshare profile to be notified when I post a new class or check regularly Skillshare's new singing lessons at

I also work regularly as freelance with several Opera Houses. If you would like to know more about me or check some of my other projects, feel free to visit my website at or follow me on Instagram at

I’m here to help you improve your singing and encourage you to take the most out of these singing classes! So if you have any doubt or question about the exercises we explore in the lessons, make sure to leave a comment on the Discussion section. If you’d like to have an individual piece of advice for your specific needs and development, make sure you take part in this lesson’s PROJECT. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Vocal Coach | Professional Singer


I'm a professional classical singer, working as freelance with several Opera Houses.

I have a great passion for teaching and sharing knowledge and experience with others. I've coached more than 700 singers and speakers over the past 7 years. It's my mission to help others find and develop their voice.

Make sure you follow this channel and stay tuned for the classes' regular uploads.

Professional Biography:

Bea DeSousa appeared this season as Adina in L'Elisir d'amore at - Opera de Tenerife and Tbilisi National Opera and Ballet. Her upcoming projects include Elvira in I Puritani, Amore in Orfe... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hi. My name is didn't cells that I have a professional singer. And today I'm here to help you with breath and support for seekers. These are such important things to start week that I wanted that one of my first lessons. That's Pappas long this old exercises that I chose to share today. Yes, um, personal favorites. I love them on. I didn't more or less on a daily basis, depending also on work or productions activity on that. They have certainly bean a constant during my beginning, an indication periods and something that wrote me very far. So I recommend this to everyone on Let's sauce. 2. Intro. Why start with Breathing?: I hope you make this special video just breath and support because, in my opinion, this is one of the most important things we can work on and that we shoot all developed often students and even singers that already singing professionally can go actually very far without knowing what exactly are they doing with breath on their support. And this is fine. This is actually kind off luck in a way. But on the other hand, I think if we really know what we are doing with our breath in a day that we are not feeling so well, we are exhausted from traveling. We are sick when we are just not in the mood or we don't really have the energy. Then it is very important to know what to do so that we're not left without grounds. With these exercises that I will share with you, you will have the tools that will allow into tapping into the instinct off your body and make it react in the best possible way on Maybe come out in the best way possible. Welcome situation That is not ideal. If you are you to singing. If you're a beginner, this is absolutely essential. I will go step by step so that you don't get lost anyway. If you have a question or an adult, you can always write me the comments. To keep things metallic and easy, I decided to split the lesson into two main groups off three exercises each. The breath exercises will allow us to feel what is the expansion needed for a nice the breath and also how to keep a sustained out breath while we are singing A little phrase on And the support exercises will help us with the coordination between our support muscles on the connection with our boarding and the production off a singing, though without further ado, let's start with our exercises on. Remember, if you have any question or doubt about what we are doing in the lesson, just write me a comments and I will be here to answer you 3. Deep Coordinated Breath: first exercise I want to start with is actually a very simple one, but it will sense the basics for all the exercise that will do next. It was actually given to me by a chiropractic because it has a lot of benefits for other things as well. Such a big pain. If you're having problems with your upholstered, it aligns your posture on, and also it's very, very good for relaxing. And just before sleeping, do lie down on our beds. Place your hands on your Betty and read Decree. Observe your fresh when you breathe. Your very should come up and breathe out. If you notice this coordination is inverted. Keep breathing and relaxing until you observe that your belly comes up. The cats We've been out. You can also use, um, books or other kinds of ways to feel even deeper. The coordination off this natural dive remember that the important part is that you re Max to listen to your body. Do not have the time that you are doing. Just keep doing it for us, long as you feel like or until faults 4. Ribcage Expansion: the second exercise do will allow us to feel the expansion off our rib cage. We'll use a little bit of pressure again between our lips and our time, as if we would be drinking from a stroke. And we'll place our open hands in the sides off our ribs and we will blow all the air out. And slowly we will start bringing in as if through the stroke. So let's just all air out on breathing slowly. You should know this is that as I bring in my hands, go slightly alters with my ribs, and that's the point that they slowly expand. And you feel it because you push with your hands toe toward your ribs and you feel how they expand. That's a really nice feeling, So let's do it again. And once we are full with air, do not over bring All right. So if you would over bridge with the this, you get to a comfortable points and then you want to keep on going to do this and then you're completely stopped with air on the shoulders are up the next distance on it so much that you cannot seem probably with so much impression. So let's do this exercise once more. And this time we will leave beings before we arrived to this expanded position. Why just feels nice and comfortable, and then we will breathe out slowly, also using the pressure and very important. And this is very, very important. We will think that we are keeping these expanded position in our rips and hands. All right, So even though naturally the reaps will come in by the end off the breath and also the hands. The important thing is that you think about this expanded position because these is the position. Where is she seeing when we have a long phrase, we should think about always this expanded position until the end of the phrase animal release and grieving ultimately so it sounds very complicated, but it's not. Let's do it once more from the beginning. So all the air out now breathing slowly, feel their expansion off the cage very good. And now we will bring out and think about the expansion you see, and then when we breathe in ultimate, with Reese coming and that's what we need for singing, finish your phrase. We finished because we sound all that air out and then and we are ready for the next freeze . But for practice, we do this slowly. And also while we're bringing in a while, they're bringing up. We use this pressure in an altars to control that there is a steady flow off air, so it should not sound irregular likes, but like practice. 5. Long Sustained Out-Breath: the third lost exercisable dissection. We'll choose the letter s and we'll do like a snake, for example. Well, think about this expansion that we found before the extension off Greek age. And once you really in hey starts. He's very long and very steady. You don't need to make too much force that you don't like or thes. Also, it's not engaged enough. Find a good middle round where you feel comfortable to go a certain amount of time without having to sounds to irregular, so to irregular with Sal like and once Theo, you practice this with a metal room or watch on, just see how many seconds you can do. And next day how many seconds you can do Onda? Uh, just as if you will be training under a swimming pool and see for whole much time. And for how long can you be other water without? Really, this is the same thing. So, see, how long can you be without breathing and keeping a steady Yes, you can also do it with F. Uh huh. Laurie, I like this one very much because it's actually easier to hear if you are irregular or not . It's it's hard to do in my van 6. Support!: well, we have still three exercises left from the support room, and these ones there will help him immensely, especially in the production off a healthy, full singing top. So let's do it. 7. Consonants Explosion: I would love to share these next exercise with you that we will help you very, very much to feel the support of your balls. If you never heard this term before where you heard it and you get confused because it is explained in so many different ways. The support is the basis of your voice and is where you should think that this sounds starts for never from here to here. This can be quite dangerous, Like green. I e this, um, you might get very tyrant and tight in your throat. It doesn't produce, really, And some. So let's diving into the exercise. I like to think about the letters, Okay? And said so that means K and s orange and then one after the other becomes we don't want to feel any force in your throat. It all this is just a Juve where the air comes through and nothing more on. There is the articulation in the mouth to say the constant. And then there is the support which will make these propulsion off the air. All right, so put your hands here where your genes start and do you wear that it is from here this connection that we saw before from here. That's the sound stuff. So you see, that's when I sakes my there is an engagement. My hands move, but they are not moving them. It's just that this is making my hands move Ultrasound in words with that explosive with the explosion off to customers, so eyes a very good way to notice if you are doing is exercise in the right way or not, is if your hunger ends here and you sex and nothing happens, they're not doing it right. I remember the first exercise when you were lying down and your belly was coming inwards and outwards. We've breathing. This is the second step. So now you are making after your mental on did. Air comes out on the air, comes out right here on the air, comes out. You can also do it with other letters. Santa's F T so would be to 21 after the other, all right, and from here is up, and you can also combine them and go for different speeds. Just play around until you feel like it's coming from here. Automatic. If you're not thinking anymore about let me see these rules are not. When you can go, uh, automatic and play like, then you're not thinking anymore about Allah's me. Think about the connection. If it's working or not, just think that's it is from here. If this exercises that were you working for you or you are having trouble finding the connection between your support on full fare, just let's your hands here and try to push your belly against your head's even without doing any sounds. See. And this is way too hard for singing. It wouldn't be recommended, but it's just as a way so that you feel which muscles should be engaged on. Once you feel them, it will be easier for you on you. Just try to make them start the column off air and not your neck. All right. They haven't tried different continents and see what works best for you. Me personally, I like to use this ship, which, if this sound, this is existing a language you can think about when say this to make someone be quiet. All right, So the same thing. Just let her hands here and feel the engagement off these months. Yeah, 8. Fire Breathing: The second exercise I want you to do to find your support is the fire breathing or breath of fire, which is used a lot in common in younger. I'm a very, very big fun off Delaney Aga. I'd do it on a daily basis on it has changed my life in a lot of ways. I don't want Teoh go on and on about it for too long. I just want to say that is one of the things that had one of the biggest impacts on my singing on my life in general. Mental health on keeping feet. It just helps me so much. But we will just touch likely what is the breath of fire? And you can always search online and even seeing more about it. There are times of resources. Just go to YouTube and search for breath of fire. We'll just do it quickly, and I might even do a video in the future, explaining more about the relation between your grand singing. But for today, let's just give it a light touch. Breath of fire is done through the nose. So with your mouth closed, which means no consequence, we will start again facing our hands in the support areas before. Think about the explosion off the continents. Even if you're not saying that because obviously you are doing to your nails. They wouldn't thing to keep in mind about the breath of fire is that when you bring out, it is active. So you do make a engagement here. Propulsion for an active breeding out. But you're breathing in a passive way. Just allow the breath to come inside. You just allow here space and to do nothing about it. So it would be like this. You see, I just push with my belly for the air to come out and then just released my belly on the air, comes in automatically and then pushing in for air to come out and so on. And so long. Sometimes I don't like to use the words push because some people get very excited about it and get very active about it on. It should not be a force. There should not be forcing the moment. He's any engagement? Not well. It depends on. Everyone has a different approach to this ideas because words are attached to ideas and we all perceive them in different ways. We just have to be very careful. That's I'm not here with you in the same room. Andi, I don't want you to go into something. 200 sent exaggerated s. So just be careful and listen to your body on just you'll. You'll notice what feels right, right? I just want you to be toned on. That's their engagement. Nothing off force, nothing off stiffness. If it's not working, find a different solution or rise me. But do not strike, push in a way that is making you feel tired or in any kind of pain. I will do this once more and you can do it with me at the same time. On Lee, the breathing out is active. Then you just release on the air should come in naturally. It's a little bit tricky to find this secret room in the beginning, as with the other exercise, but it's just a matter of practicing a little bit once in a while, every day on general. Get it? It's not that far. Let's do together. Place your hands here so that you have control of what is happening to the engagement off this area and think about the active, breeding out and industries, and not for video purposes. I love the disk or very much longer, but you can go on for one minutes. You know, people in your sometimes with five minutes Brunelleschi pit, five minutes maximum, but definitely 12 minutes. It's a good time. 9. From Panting to Singing: we've come to the last exercise off the support section and this means we will already English force. So I already for this electrical this exercise from panting dog to barking down or maybe singing the would be more appropriate because it will already produces singing. But what? I don't want you to have any expectations about south. That is not the point. Absolutely knows. And it can ruin the purpose of the exercise. So it might seem a because funny name A. So you will see why it actually works. You will think about your favorite dog. I would choose the German shepherds on and will think that it has run the whole afternoon on. It's just very tired, so it would be pending. We will do it as you mentioned, dog. So you're gonna think that this a little bit the same as the fire reeling but through your mouth on also wants more. You got put my hands here, you see that they move with my belly and when you see adult, just observe adult that hiss panting because he ran so large it it's so hot. You see that the whole body he's engaged on the whole body is in connection with the in breath and out breath. And this is what we want to achieve, All right? Not some people just lost it. Uh, that was also the case when I started seeing I don't know, these automatic connection between the in breath and out breath and right engagements with support. It's just something that I worked on. Let's do it together. You just place your hands and you relax. You don't think about what other people are thinking. Have you take a petting dog? You might be asking, All right, Anything I don't wanted it is it's so embarrassing. Way will go from panting. Go to the scene right, As I promise. So what we will do is, as we are panting, we will bring in the voice is if you would be starting to speak when you speak. You're also bringing your horse the same thing. If you are pending and then you just saying Ah, don't think about anything to special Just you see that in the middle? It was a little bit of it's fine. If that happens, you are in the right way. The voice will come. That's just beginning off off voice coming like vocal cords, joining on the voices coming in. So you just don't want you to think about vocal course joining or joining. That is what is happening, but you don't have to think about it. You just have to think about pending, though, and then starting to say and oh, are whatever sound comes, you can choose just a raw sound. They have seen a ah nice, beautiful, supported and genuine singing toe, and that is what people connect to the for. You will not look like a non car sound like a dog on stage. What people will here. It's a very connected voice. It's a voice. It it's generally and it's a mess. It is your voice you see on, uh, that is one off the richest lessons that you can take from this video. 10. Your Own Voice: please think about knows, imitating anyone and just find your raw sound, find your own sounds and then built up from there. But it's never going against your nature, never going against water body selling you because if you are any taking someone that has a lot of good palate, isn't that such a wonderful voice? You might be missing on some things that your old nature has to offer your own unique me nature has to offer on. This is the most precious thing you can work on. You know, no one else will. Maybe half, that's that. Is that specific? Saying that you have Andi, uh, that is, in the end, what really matters on stage. Using your own voice is a matter of being yourself on. If you're being yourself, you will not be able to express through you're seeing, so I know it. For some people, it might see too much in the air. But just keep it in the back of your mind and go back to eat. Uh, find your role sound friends, your most organic natural sound from the intestines of your body on, Then work from them. That's my number. One advice 11. Project! Individual Advice: I like my lessons to be us directed as possible on the voices of digital lesson, and we are not both in the same room. Off course on I have created this. Pdf with the list off all the exercises that deeds so that you can download it and have it for whenever you don't have access to Internet at some point. And you always have Baker on its for the project for his lesson so that we can make it in directive and we can have an exchange between each other. I'm liking to records and audio or video, and these you can perfectly do with your smartphone and choose the exercise that you left the most or that you have more problems with and just posted in the audio or video form it's on and write me what is wisely chooses exercise on What is the problem that we're having difficulty Or what was the thing that I told you that helped you the most to like make progress in this exercise, and I will give you a feedback on. You know, maybe if you're think it's perfectly already, I will tell you how can you then take it to the next level. I'm here to help you and that's the most important thing. So if you upload that, I'll do you are you with the one or two exercises that you chose, then I will be able to give you specific and individual best lies on hopefully help you to get the next stick with your reading with your sport, and of course we're seeing. 12. Stay Tuned for the Next Step!: we've come to the end of our lesson. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and seeing watching your projects on, uh, keeping mind that it is natural that when we do all these exercises off breathing and so forth, then our body gets into the state of wanting to sing and I will be posting the next lessons you actually singing. Make sure that you following here on skill share. So let's stay tunes. So always free to write me to ask any questions and season.