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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Skillshare intro


    • 2.

      2 getting imovie and overview


    • 3.

      3 importing media


    • 4.

      4 creating movie


    • 5.

      5 the imovie timeline


    • 6.

      6 selecting clips


    • 7.

      7 Adding clips to the timeline


    • 8.

      Working with Audio


    • 9.

      Adding Audio files and music


    • 10.

      Splitting clips


    • 11.

      Editing options


    • 12.



    • 13.

      Video olerlay options


    • 14.



    • 15.

      Green screen recording


    • 16.

      Adding photos


    • 17.



    • 18.

      Export skillshare


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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to create the type of videos you see on Facebook or YouTube?

Have you been at at birthday party and seen a movie with pictures and music and wondered how it is done? 

Have you got a new shiny Macbook and have no idea how to use or get the most out of it?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this course is for you. This Course is a complete guide to iMovie. In the course we will look at everything from the basics of iMovie to the more advanced video editing options so that you can take your videos and make something that you are proud of when you watch it back in years to come. 

You can impress family and friends by using iMovie to create a musical photo album for a family birthday party or anniversary.

The iMovie course is explained in simple terms that the non video editor will be able to understand, this course is your gateway into video editing so you are not expected to know all the terms before you start.

In the iMovie course I will take you on a journey through iMovie, starting at the basic layout and finishing when we are hitting the export  button. Using simple terms, i will demonstrate each process and you can follow along using the sample videos that I will provide for you. 

The course will be completed in under two hours and you will have all the tools you need to make your home movie to impress your family and friends. 

The course is laid out in an easy to follow manner, starting with an overview of the iMovie application, then starting to import video clips, either taken by you or the sample ones that I provide. We get into adding videos into our project and editing them so that we can create the movie that we want. 

This course is for anyone who has an interest in creating home movies that they can show their family and friends. It can also be used by someone who would like to make a promotional video for their business or even to create your own


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colin Marks

Certified Microsoft & Apple Trainer


I am an IT Trainer with over 8 years experience in delivering training in both Apple and Microsoft to a large array of clients, in both public training centres and corporate environments.

I have an IT teaching diploma and focus mainly on software training. I hold a current Microsoft Office Master certificate and have been teaching Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook all to an advanced level) for the past 6 years.

The training I deliver ranges from iPad and iPhone training to Office productivity applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I also train in video editing software like Final Cut Pro X and iMovie.

I feel the most important part of training is developing a connection with your students, building trust in both sides.See full profile

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1. Skillshare intro: Hey, guys, My name is Colin Marks. First of all, thanks for taking the time to check out my sculpture. A movie walks up. So in this workshop, what we're going to do is we're gonna lay on exactly how we would make a finished movie using movie for Mac. So when this course we're gonna get sample videos with Giant have taken, we're gonna have a look at Harry with import added, um on then the end, export that finished movie on in the middle. We're going to look at things that color correction, timeline, that all the different things. So I hope you enjoy it. Do make sure if you have any questions, ask them in the question area on. Also, put up your project at the very end so that I can have a look at it in Check on, give you feed by to make sure that you know exactly what you're doing. And I look forward to working with you 2. 2 getting imovie and overview : Okay, guys. So the first thing we're gonna do is make sure that everyone has a movie to be get off to a good start. So if you have the partisan the Mac, it will be done on your dock down at the very bottom, and you can see this small starship here that we have. But if for some reason you don't have it, if it's an older Mike or anything like that, we're gonna go quickly and show you how you would gather. So if you take on the APP store or at the very bottom on type and I'm movie over the top and just hit the enter key on your Mac, it's gonna come up with a movie. You know, you can see that mine says open. So mines is open because it's on my Mac. If you don't have it yours when they get on, if you am have to participate. If it's an older Mac pre 2000 and 13 there may be a chance you may have the partisan, but it's very, very small feet, So go ahead gathered. Once you get in, it's going to appear in your launchpad. Okay, so it'll appear in your loan part with all the rest of your applications and you can see your applications are here. If I may be there on what we can do then, is if we want to put it down on our dock at the very bottom, we can click it, drag it down with our finger. And when we moved into the dark, it's gonna allow space for us, and I have done there beside it. So I'm going to leave it where it waas, okay, it would still remain there anyone? So once you take a movie, we get intel, you movie and open up. This is the latest version of a movie. I'm just gonna go before I start looking at any other things and show you the version that we're using. So I'm gonna click on a movie, appear at the top left hand corner. I'm gonna go to about a movie, and you see it's going to show you the version that were used in. So it's 10.1 point one tree. They are tan 0.1 point 13. So it's the latest version. It only came out two days ago at time of recording here and I always trying Teoh update the versions. Any new bet anywhere video editing as a whole is is the same. It's never gonna change. But some of the features might change to some of the buttons or some of the locations of things. The teary A very wedding will always remain the same. So one of the man changes we have? No. In this version compared to the last versions, is we only have a media and projects button at the very top used to harbor theater option there on the theater optional load us to be able to export our movies to our iCloud, so we can then view them on other devices. They removed out now in the latest one. So we're just gonna take a quick look across the page. I'm going to remove my duck through the doctor at the very bottom. I'm just gonna hold option command and D, and that will remove the dark. And it just gives me a bit more space that I can show you the in movie window in. Okay, so the first thing we have up the top left hand corner we have this I'm movie file menu bar and you can see here. So it's a movie at the minute on because we're dealing with a movie. It's I'm movie. It shown us it's what's called a contact jewel Manu Bar. So as with all of the Apple programs, if I go down to my APP store that I was walking in the area. If I tip on the APP store, you see no, the menu bar, CIA's APP store. If I take back into a movie behind it, it, then it is a movie. So its contractual changes, depending on the context of your screen. Now we won't be using the file menu that much, because there is a lot of things here that we will be using in the man screen. But from time to time, we may need to use that the file menu for certain things. The man thing is to check the version of I movie that you're on on. Also, Sometimes you might need to see what's new and I movie, So if you go to the help section on what's new in a movie and see, it'll bring up in an Italian watching you in this version, so compatibility So that's compatibility. It's going to detect what type of and video file that you're using it. It's new ones in there. They have a new project button the Project Tom Nail. So it shows him a larger thumbnail over Andi. It has fast project creation, so it's quicker that when it creates our project at the very end, so sometimes it's worth a weapon in there and just check in what is new in my movie. Okay, going forward. Then we have these traffic light buttons. So the red, the number on the green or the red, the yellow one on the green. Read with those out of a movie theater, Amber will minimize the paradigm into your bottom dock on. Then the green will put it full screen. You can see it there. It's given us options. This is the import Parton. So this important up here, the very top on this part in here that you can see at the bottom of my screen just they're the exact same button. Two buttons do the exact same thing. It doesn't matter which one that use, and we will look later on when we start important videos on important media into it. We then of this media and project New media is going to be all your media's or your pictures, your videos, your AM audio clips. Anything that you're gonna be using to create your movie projects is going to be projects that you have created previously. So after this project is gonna be one in there, we don't have any there at the minute. The next thing we have then is done on the left hand side. Here is your libraries. So lay breeze is gonna allow you to show all your different things and actually look like in Iran. These are in your library's. You have your photos, your events and then inside your events airport. The media's who say, for example, if you're out of friends about the party, I would also suggest making an event for that matter party and put all the pictures and videos and music and whatever you want into the event, and then it doesn't get mashed up with anything else. It just means it's clean off for you whenever you go to make it on. Making an event couldn't be easier. We just like on the library we go to file new event on we just call it bends party on. Then Once we're invents party, we import all the stuff into Ben's party. So that's how we manage and keep things all in order. Keep the homework right. Okay. The next thing we have then is we looked at the important media section later on. This is going to become, are stepping on what the tip in is. It's all the different clips that we have are going appear here. So we will see that when we start important movies and important steps into it. We have a man preview option, Teoh. So this is where we're gonna be able to preview all the clips that were walking with on again. We look at that in this action on then. These are our editing buttons or are adjustment buttons. So these buttons across the top of zoom in just so you can see them. These are going to allow you to be able to do small fine tuning. So the likes of this is is your wizard. But this allows you to automatically improve the video. So if it detects that maybe the colored we but all for If there's difference in colors, it will do that. Then you have things that color, balance and color correction and cropping on stabilization. All of these are going to be looked at individually, right the way to write the course. But for those lecture here, we just want to make sure we know where they are, This button at the top right hand corner. So if I go up and show you it here, I'm going to zoom into it. This button will become our share, but you can see it's telling us that at the name of it is Shell. It has nothing on at the minute because we have nothing to share. We haven't created anything yet. When we go on, put on movies in and stitch them all together, and we're ready to get something out of the other end. That button will have a share icon into the share right kind of the small box with the our appointment, but so that's a share. That's our export button at the very end. So that's I movie D. The quick overview of it. Once we get in and we get starting to put things into it, we're gonna have a look. Another overview off our timeline that we can see exactly what's on our time pregnant on show you the different areas of it. So what's he is in the next election? 3. 3 importing media: Okay, so once we have everything done here and we had a look round, the next thing we want to do is want to import the videos. Now. I created videos or taking videos, and you can use them for your practice here to be able to practice along with me on If you go to the resource action in this lecture, there's a pdf there on inside our pdf. There's a link in a recon. See, you can download the video so you have a read. So in that I just say it. If you can use your own videos for your practice, it's great. Before the course, you can use these until you take on the link. Once you click on the link, it's going to take you to a Dropbox folder and you can see it Go see up, takes it to Dropbox folder. And it has all the videos and images that I have taken and created. So these are videos that I have taken. Once you am, Go to here. There's a download button up at the top right hand corner. You click on download and you can click on direct download. It's the easiest way to do it. Once you click on the rack download, it's gonna download the videos and you'll see they'll start appear on up here in my downloads so you can see it's downloading the videos here. If I take it, you can see you can show it. So it has the files there. I talked him down early around, too. So we have the videos there. Once they're in order, loads follow. We can then go on import there. If you want, you can put them onto your desktop. You can go to your finder, call your downloads fola, and you could drag the merged onto your desktop. And if you want to complaints them wherever you want, then 30 are there. So we have them. So that just means that when you go to import, um, you know exactly where they are. It's not good practice to store things on the desktop. So then we go to a movie like Mike and Diane movie. Now I'm not gonna put them into bands party cause these are holiday photographs. I'm going to create a new event, So I took on my A movie lately. That's the important thing. If I click on bands party and go to file a new event. It's created within that. I want to make sure I'm clicked on the I movie late because they want to create a new event . Within that Lavery think of the library as being like a box or a filing cabinet, and then the event is a fold or inside that filing cabinets was just making sure that everything is nice and tidy for you. So we go to file new event. Won't you take a new event? I'm going to take on type and holidays or my holiday or whatever you wanna call it Andi, with holidays selected on the left hand side, we're gonna take on this import media button when we take on the import media. But it's gonna take us to wherever we want to find where we have the videos we want to import. So I'm gonna go to import media from this step. You can put them in a number of different places. You can take him for a number of places. You can take them locally, and what I mean by locally is somewhere on your Mac. So on your desktop, your documents your any folder that you have like we're going to do. You know, you could also take them from a USB or an external hard drive. Or, as you can see, you can take them from your fierce time camera. So the camera on your Mac you could report record video straight to, or if you had a knife phone plugged in, it would show up there for you to any pictures or videos that you have in your photos up. We don't need to import them into my movie, because in my movie we're looking in a second. It's going to show us a photo section. You can just actually see it in the background. There, a zoom in, you can see it. So here we have photos, so it allows us to use them directly from photos so we don't have to import another version off them. OK, so I'm going to click on my desktop here on the left hand side, and you can see here I have a name movie folder, and it's the same as you would have if you if you use that link. So if we wanted to import individual photographs, photographs of videos we could double click into this Fuller. I'm just select the ones that we wanted to do. We want to take them all in so I'm going to click on my back button here at the very top. I'm gonna just click on the folder of Once on I'm gonna click Import all. Once I click on Import Off, I'm gonna show you what happens. I'm movie is gonna analyze these videos so it's gonna go when it's going to see what type of videos are. What's the lighting like in them is the people in them. And it's a shaky camera wind noise die paper thing and I'll show you doing that. There's gonna be a small tackle during the very bottom right hand corner. If these videos work for these videos are 10 80 by 1920 by 10 80 resolution. If there were four care videos, it would obviously take longer. So we took on import all It's important men I know. We can see. We we go. I might have even got a quick enough. But you will see it would appear down here at the bottom right corner. There'll be a small clock or small really up. OK, so that's our videos imported into our clip in. So there's a clip in here on the left hand side. It's where all our clips are going to be, and you can see that as I move across from there, it's showing me preview on the right hand side off the video, and I can do things. No, I can. Maybe no part of video. That means you just like it. Okay, if it's one that you think that you might use later on weakened secondary click and secondly, take for anyone that's new to Mac is a two finger click on your track pad, or it's a right tick on your most. So if I two finger flick or right click, it gives me options to select entire. Except I can favor, reject or on rare. So say, for example, if I think this video is one that I imported, then I said, No, I don't want us. I can reject it so I can take it straight out of there so you could go true and you could select different options of it if there was a section of the video that you like so say, for example, this video and I'm just moving my finger over and back on my track paddle. You can see that if I hold or I can select a portion off the video. So the or key. So all for red, I'm holding it down on I'm just selecting an option of it. Okay. Used to be that you could check and drag that. Don't let us do that. Now you need to hold all four range. Okay, so we have it there. If you wanted to view it in full screen once it was playing, you could just like in the full screen button, which has done the very bottom corner here. And you could see you could play it. And it was quite a better when nights on these we looked later, taking them out of it. So I just price the escape. He there to get back out of full screen mode. You could also go in this. And if you wanted her, you could change things like color violence. Or you could change things here. So I'm just going to do this. You can see I'm darker in the photograph for the video on. I'm changing so you could do that here. And we will do a full section on that later on. But I just wanted you to be able to see it. So that's importing videos into our timeline. Now remember, if you are enjoying this course, please do leave a review. Just sort of students are able to see exactly what the courses about on if all the students are liking it. It's something that I constantly look forward to seeing. Every week I look back and see what students reviewed it, who was asked questions on Do use that question an intersection to be ableto maybe get passed out. We sticking point that you have with thanks and I'll see you in the next lecture. 4. 4 creating movie: Okay, so we have all our media imported into our library, and we already know to start going and creating something new. So we have two options. Now we can create a movie, or we can create a trailer there. Apple have trailers there. And what a trailer is it has a pre formatted movie on. What you do is you put your individual bits of movies into it, and I will look at that and one of the later lectures. But for this one, we're going to do a movie on. We're gonna correct on the plot. Eject button up at the very top. Okay, so we wear in media. We were importing a media were no. After moving into project, some people may see it hear about in there. Nothing mentioned down here. That would just be You're still in an older version off. I'm movie. It doesn't make a whole pile a difference. I like having this up today. It and But if you can see theater there, you can just ignore it. It's not gonna do any harm to you. Okay? And as I said, the basics fundamentals off. Very wedding remained exact time, so don't worry if you have theater there at the top. So once you check on Project we have this big plus button here. You can't miss it. So if we click on it, it's going to give us two options movie and trailer, and you can see it turned exactly what it is. There it seeing combined videos, photos and music to create a video of your own or to make a video of Iran on the trailer is follow a template to create a Hollywood style movie trailer. So we have the two options there. We can create the movie of the trailer. We're gonna click on movie. Once we take on movie, it's going to open up for us. You can see because we've made a click the I before I don't I import all these in on. You can see that it already has all the media in the clip in here for us. Okay, The other ones then won't have any ants. Remember earlier on from Bands party, we didn't put any media entered out. So do be aware that you can reuse media, so just because it's in our holidays doesn't mean we can put it in. No, we can't use other ones. I just like Teoh Get the homework right for so make sure that everything is where it should be On a makes everything a whole lot easier at the end. So we have our stuff here. We have our media appear at the top. You can see, then here we have different options. With my media we have, which is the media we've put in. We have any audio files. So these air audio files and apple give you some presets here to give you loads of presets on. These are different things. Like if you wanted maybe a car horn beeping or people clapping in the background, you could get it there. We will have a look at that number to an audio titles. Gives your title section be able put titles into it. We have back runs on. We were lucky backgrounds, putting in jobs or different things across it on transition. Then we'll be doing a false action on transitions. So that is our our film started or are movie started in the next lecture? We're gonna have a look at what's called the a movie timeline. So it's this action down at the very bottom here on its where we're going to create on movie, so we'll speak it without in the next election. 5. 5 the imovie timeline: Okay that once we have everything ready, we have our movie created. We're ready to go. You can see at the top. It's just called my movie here at the very top. We are going to speak about our timeline. Video editing fundamentals always remains the same. Think of this timeline as being a video editors table. And if we had negatives like he used to get out of the video reels, What we're gonna do is we're just going to stitch the different bits of tips that we have one after the other. So we're gonna take our forced movie on. We're gonna put it down at the bottom or our first movie clip. We're then gonna take our next movie clip on. We're gonna play said after us on. We're gonna continue that right. The were true until we have are full thing done. So it says here drag and drop video clips and photos from the browser above to start creating a movie. So this is our movie. If we were to take a videotape, I'm just going to click one video. We're not going to talk of it selecting or anything yet. I'm just gonna pick one video. There's a video you can see. It's 16 point treat seconds long, and I'm just gonna take on it on Weaken Dry. Get down into our timeline at the very bottom that is. Our first video or video clip added. It's our videos showing up now as being 16 seconds long so you can see it there at 16 seconds long on it's in there now. When we wanted Teoh preview the movie back. Always think of the eye movie timeline as a bird's eye view. So if you were aboard your this arrow here, I'm going to zoom in. You can see the arrow I'm speaking about. You can see it here. This is what's called your play head that I'm talking about, not my car. So the arrow death is in behind that handle that are so this is your play head on. Your play had players whatever it sees beneath it. So it's looking directly down at your movie that here on its showing, whatever it can see here. So as I play it now, I'm gonna turn the volume down on this. We talk later, but volumes and how we do that. But for the time being. I don't want it. Massive win nights in these videos. I don't want you t here, so if I take my play head there, you can see the white arrow looking straight down. I'm gonna take on, play it a preview and you can see as it moves on through the video. Here it is, showing you in the preview window up here. Exactly. I mean, up here is in the top right hand corner. It's showing you exactly what it sees. Watch. If I was to go back to here, you can see it doing it. I'm gonna pull a different video. I'm gonna click on that, press the delete button in the keyboard, and I'm gonna put a different video. And then maybe off this one here So you can see it's just a man walking across. And there's a lady down area. Ron, I dragged it down Just Second Reich. You could also click this small plus here. So when we click it, there's applause at the bottom of zoom in again. Something that's hard for people to see. You may be watching it on a phone or a tablet. You can see there is a small plus there. I click on the plus on I drag it. It'll ports trading. Sorry. After I just like that apartment. Me? No. So you can see that as I move across it. That movement that I'm doing there across your video that is called scrubbing. Okay, so we're getting and starting to get into the technical terms. So in this video, if I just zoom in so you can see it. These are called friends down along the bottom here. So each of these friends here is a section of video. So you can see in this frame you can see the Lady Hill. But there's no mine. This one here there's a lady. There's no man dishonors lady and the man has started to come into the video. So we should be able to see Excuse me exactly the same thing on our video. So if I drag across the force for him, you can see there's no man crossed the second frame. There's no money may come into a not very end, and you can see he's just coming in there on by the time right, The third frame. He's in it now. Thes friends can be extended or made smaller by using this sliding bar here. It doesn't do anything to the land of the video. It just shows the amount of time that you see it on your timeline for So if I drag it out to the very end, you'll see, I know have more frames. I'm just pinching on my tripod. If you have a school bar on your most, you can do that. So I drag it out like that and you can see thistles. The Barham speaking of it over here on the right hand side. Okay, I'm after sliding the slide in bar Writer. What it does is it just means that you Seymour off the video on your timeline here. So now if I go back, my friends are here. So if I go across there is the force from there's the second from there's the toward for him. There's the fourth for him. 5th 6th 7th Yet he's only common in here. No. So early on, when we looked us when it was squashed up, he was coming into torpor for him. No, because we can see it here on the bottom. It's the eighth frame. So if we wanted the added it and stop it, Justus, he comes in, we can do it there. So that's for fine adding and find turning. So later on, when we get into things, we will see that and we will be able to use that more. I tend to always make sure that I can see my video on my timelines of the entire video that I'm doing, so it doesn't really make that much difference, but that's what that option there is for. Okay, on our time line as well at the bottom. I'm just gonna assume that it just so we can see that video on our time line. This is the video tab. And as we go on and do things like video overlay if you've ever heard of green screen, we're gonna be doing that. But we're gonna have one million timeline, so we're gonna party. I'm just gonna put a second video in, and you can see there's my second video in there now. And we didn't do any selecting. All right in there. We look later on and how we would do that. So here I go across, you can see we have one video, then we have the next video comin in. And if we were to play out, I'm gonna turn the volume down on that. I'm gonna play it My video just to from the start. It's gonna be 23 seconds on, but I'll be able to speak over if I click on this full screen button here. It plays a force so you can see it started. There is some volume there on a volume. Then if we played, you see the forced bigger club finishes on, then the second video comes in. So we've just done a very makeshift stitch job. We were forced movie. They're created. Okay. And three still audio one that you can see it. So what we want to do is we want have a look at this time line the bottom. So this is our video section where we're going to stitch one video. We will do that later on, but at the bottom here, we then have I'm gonna zoom into you can see it cause it is quite hard to see They have put a gray on gray or black on breath. You can see that there's are small music note there, and that's your audio section. So if you wanted to add any audio to your videos, that's where you do it down at the very bottom. You it Same as we've done with our video. You were just sick and drag it down and place it down on that audience Action Onda. We will be looking at that in a full section there. Okay, so I'm gonna zoom back out just so we can see your video. So that's our or a movie, Tame Ling. As we go on through the course, we're going to see different options like the sad ings here. So settings is hearing the minute we don't have any teams on the project. There's a 10 80 we can do things like the step size on. So once you can change that on the audio, it showed a way of forms. And what this means is I'm gonna put it back up so you can see that audio within with volume later on. You could show that showed the audio or not sure the audio. So we will look at all them settings in time once we get to the section that we're dealing a wet. So far, no. Does the eye movie timeline on We'll see is in the next actual Okay? 6. 6 selecting clips: Okay. So when it comes to selecting clips we have looked briefly at and in one of the other sections, I'm just looking on these ones that I have previously put in. And we're going to go back now and have a look at how we would select X prop clips properly . So when we click on a clip, that is it selected. If we wanted to find June it, I'm going to go go into this clip. We can click and drag from the side in like that, or we can click and drag from the site. And like that on what we're doing there is were selecting a range off that clip. We could also like we seen earlier when we were doing in the tip in We can. And this is the way that I rather using it. So just say, for example, we have this car comin in here on the disc step that we have here. You can see that as I scrubbed my finger across that we have a preview of what's happening so you can see what's happening down in the very bottom here in this preview window over on the right. So I'm gonna do men just assure you the preview window. No, when I scroll across, we might use this one here is battling its brighter. So if I scroll across that you can see that the cars coming into the car doesn't come in until we are maybe that far along that you can see where my orange line is there. No. If I only wanted to select that area off the movie, I hold down on the or key. So all for range. When I click on, I can drag and know you can see it allows me to click and drag the area off movie that I wandered the area of clip that we want and you can see you confined unit for tree seconds or 3.5 or 3.6 seconds on. Then we have a to E only of distant. So by holding down on that are key and allows you to be able to control what you want to do so that selecting a range of a clip if you want to select the fall asleep, it's perfect. Just a click on the step. You don't need to click and drag across or anything. Just take on the trip on it Selects, start full clip. And once you have your clip selected, it's important than that. You know what to do next with it. So we select the portion of the weapon when a click and drag across the portion of the clip , we have two options. We can click on the plus and that will put it down into our timeline of the bottom. Or we can click and drag it as if we would any other file or folder, and that will allow us to do that for us. So that selecting clips, it is important to know that once your clips are in the time right, I'm gonna put a clip in the timeline to select the trip again you can use to see anything. I'm gonna put two clips in here, and we will talk with out in the second. Once we have the two clips in here. If we want to take on one clip, it selects the whole club. If we hold on the r key, we can select a portion off the clip, so you might have to just make sure that your on it on if you're using, like I am one of the force touch track pads, you have to push down hard on that. It won't select that if you just click and school across the to do. Make sure you give that a good push done. And if you're using a most, it's no problem. You just click and drag. But with the force touch, you really have to like, did you feel that lectern and hold? Okay, so that selecting clips, it's gonna be very importantly around whenever you go to start doing things like maybe I'm splitting clips or detaching all you're doing that type of thing to make sure you have the right clip selected. Okay, so we'll see. Isn't an extraction. 7. 7 Adding clips to the timeline: now what it comes to creating your movie and adding all your movie clips or your media clips into your movie. It's just a martyr of selecting the movie. Are selecting the Clipper arrange that you want. I'm dragging it down and placing it in the order that you wanted to appear in your time line at the bottom. So we're gonna go through a couple of enforced of all this is gonna be our our force, adding, So you can see it's kind of it's a time lapse video. It's 16 seconds long. You know what? The time lapse you can see by the way them clothes are moving in the background. So this is just a video where the camera has been set up in time lapse mold and do it. So I'm going to select the portion of the video just maybe 45 seconds. I'm gonna hold or down on my keyboard. I'm gonna click and drag across it like that much maybe 56 seconds long. You can see I'm just holding it until I have six seconds on, then releasing it on. I'm going to drag my video down. I'm gonna play said at the start. I'm not gonna worry about audio or anything at that. You can see the way of forms down at the bottom. There the were forms are all showing up. I'm going to take my movie back away, but I'm just taking this slating bar back just so that I can Seymour of my timeline. So I'm ready now for my second video that I'm gonna put in. So you could really these and you could have them. Number 1 to 2. I'm going to use the second video here, and you can see I'm going to take it just when the car comes into it. So I'm gonna go to where the car is just coming into the clip there. I'm gonna hold or down on the keyboard, I'm gonna click on. I'm gonna drag across it until I get that there. Okay, so again, maybe four or five seconds. Four seconds long on then. Once I have the second video, I'm going to click on, I'm gonna dry. Get down into my timeline like that. So here we have video. One on video too. We know. Have a 12th video. Did you gin? See, hear or a 12th movie on. If we wanted to play a truce, it was gonna be volume. And this I'm gonna turn the volume down just so that you don't get blown out of a deal and we play a true you can see in my preview appear on the right hand side. It gets from one to the other. Onda, we have video. Know what you would do with this Dana's? You would just wash, rinse, repeat. And you would just keep adding the videos that you wanted right the way true. So if we have the next video here, if we click that this is quite a shaky video, I'm gonna put it in because it will give us a chance later on to lock it stabilization and how we would fix shaky videos. So I'm going to click and drag that when during I tend to click and drag him down, you can take the plus. It's exact same. No, You will notice that when you add a video. So can you see on this video All German so you can see it when you add a video. It has this small orange on it. On what that means is that we have used that that portion of the video. So it quickly shows you that you don't need to use it again or that you have used it previously. There's a long video here. I'm gonna put it in. So it's I'm not gonna put it all in. It's very long and maybe put 10 or 15 seconds in the middle of it. Now, your videos would be more maybe ready. I'm going to use this. Plus, when you're using the plus, just make sure you click your play head at the end of the video on little part in their fear. So you can see your party Very when there's quite a lot of noise on this test was off. C Gold's gone, and I'm gonna put in another one. There's another video. I want to put in a bit of that video so you can see you confined unit. Now, what I'll do is I'm gonna speed this up in post production, so I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna add videos in. You can watch it. Don't feel as if you have to add the same videos as me. These are your videos and your practice to do whatever you want with it. But I'm gonna add them in because I don't want to you just to sit here looking to me, doing the same thing over and over again. So I'm gonna put the videos into it. And this is number creating a hardy would masterpiece ranting. It's just about getting the fundamentals off a movie, right? We can worry about what it looks like later on. We're going to put it in. I'm gonna finds forward this later, on and under, so I'll go ahead and put the videos in, not speak tears in a couple of seconds. Okay, so we've imported all of them videos now, and you can see there on the bottom. It's only about a minute and seven seconds long, so this isn't doesn't said earlier, but creating a masterpiece. It's just about creating a short video. Obviously, the longer your video clips, the longer of a movie you'll be able to create our if there's Anel Ament in it. These videos were just taken with an iPhone and videos just off people walking past different bits and pieces off. This is a village in Portugal and you can see right at the very end. So we have ah thing we can even extend it. But this is a good chance to show you this example. I've taken this video when Here this video at the very end, and you can see as I move my play had across the scrub. It's showing me it's ending a wee bit too soon. What I can do is I can just take it the end of it, and I can drag it out. So if I click it, I can drag it out and just show we bet longer off the video. When I got to the end, there might track pad was vibrate. Not me telling me, Stop, You have enough done and you can see it showed me that red line to show me that at the end . But it just give me that. So these videos that are down at the bottom here, these aren't new videos. These are just showing areas from this video appear, so they're just referencing them. You're not doubling up on spares or doubling up on sites or anything, so that is adding videos to your timeline, and you can see how quickly we do it. We just select the video that you want. Drive them down. And if you did your homework previously, if you want an organized your clips properly, it's going to make it a whole lot easier. When you do go toe put your videos and okay, so what, see, is in the next election where we're going to start editing and doing things like that, Okay. 8. Working with Audio: Okay, so now we've put the different videos in and we have the men. And what we want to do is you want to talk about the different options weaken do when it comes to adding the videos in the timeline. So the videos were down at the bottom in the timeline here, I'm just gonna zoom into one of the videos just so you can see it's not only a short four second video, you can see it has the audio that runs right up along year, and it's it's more last background audio. So it's different things like when NYSE and Karen eyes a couple of the options we have, as you can see it as a small ball each side of the timeline and I can click and drag that ball in. If I just click on it, I can take and dragged the ball in like that, and what that's doing is it's ramping the audio up. So instead of the audio just starting flat, it's kind of wrapping up to, So that's what that option there those. So if you want to fade in, order your feet out audio, you can drag it in both left and right. We can also turn dandy audio of a single kep so you can see at the minute it's 100%. I can drag it down to zero, or I can drag it up to 200 or 400 or whatever in between and then leave it at 100 for the time being. Another option. Aiken do what audio is. I can secondary kicks. It is the first time that we've locked. If there's anyone that's new to Mac, you might notice already. If you take two fingers on a track pad, Andi click with two fingers. It gives you it's called a sack electric. It's a right click from a Windows environment or is a right, like from a mouse. Anyone using in my show, it's a two finger click on. There's an option than for e touch audio, so if we detach the audio, you can see what it's afternoon is. It's after leaving the video, and then it has the audio as a separate track. So now I have two different tracks. When we're all your room with the video on the beauty of a daddy's you can take on the audio than if you wanted to, and you could press the delete key on the keyboard on Delete the audio completely from it. So that's two options we have for removing audio. Weaken second, retakes a right click on detach audio and just remove it from afar laid out with all we can just turn the audio down so you can just click on it. I'll do the one next to me and you can drive the audio done. So that's one way of dealing with audio. The other thing we have is sometimes the legs of these videos here and it. These videos have background noise, so there's when noise and there might be noise of cars and different things. If you had people talking and what would happen is it's muffled out with the same, so you can't remove the sound from it without muffler. The A movie has a good noise reduction feature, so what I'm gonna do is in the resume, and just so you can see that this video so just there so you can see, he ordered the noises quite loud. If it players, you might be able to hear just in the background. There so it's just different bits of wind, but you can see the way of form here. And you were trying us on your own with the videos that you have or my videos. Take my videos and try partner matters. Quite a lot of wind noise on these. These videos were taken in a cold war in Portugal. So if I click on them on the video that I want to remove the background nice from on I go up here to the top corner. So I'm just gonna zoom in so you can see it. So it's up above. Above A preview is the ninth Reductions action. If I click on the nice reduction section, there's an option than for reduced background noise. So once I taken, reduce banker and noise, I'm going to just screw it away. But you keep an eye on the way of formed on the very bottom. I'm gonna click on it. Onion C is going to remove the background noise. No, If I scroll down, you're just be able to see it. Has tried to remove a lot of the backer nights you can see here if you just take a mental picture of this area here. So just roughly where that boat it's, you can see that there's nowhere for him at all here and I'm gonna take and I'm gonna turn that that option back on, they're gonna take on it again. I'm gonna turn the noise reduction off. No, I often go Doinel Dream Bank into where the boulders and you can see again They're not. There's the boat and there's the background noise here. So try, if you'll be able to see some videos, will work better than others. I have a video here that if I play a true, this video is off. Um, it's of a restaurant so you can see it's just a restaurant here. If I play a true you, maybe be able to hear in the background there that there's audio common triggers off are nice coming true. Tick on it. So you can see that if I zoom in, it's roughly maybe 1/4 of the way up on the bottom there. So I'm going to click on it. I'm gonna go up to my nice reduction. Once I take in the noise reduction or reduce banker and nice, you can leave it a 50%. If you find that it's very noisy in the background, you can put it up even more on then there's no number. There are no SAT number, that depositor. Now you can see it's a lot smaller, so the amount of noise that in the background is a lot smaller, so you can see it just going across. It was roughly 1/4 of the way appear, so now it's done, so has removed the background. Nice. What a trace to do is it'll trade a filter road people, sones or people's voice from it. So try and get a video that it has people sounds of people's voices in it with wind noise in the background and remove it from, and you'll see it does a pretty good job for you. So that's three things Rafter Looking at their night. We looked at just turning the audio down. So using this small bar on German again, using a small bar to adjust the volume, we also detach the audio, so we second detect them. We detach the audio in the lows is then to do whatever we want with it. We can turn it up or down from there, or we can delete it altogether from it. Or if you want to take it somewhere else, you can take it somewhere else. On the other thing we look, then was noise removal. So we removed the noise folly. So we picked on it on. We were knocked, entered the adjustments over the very top here. We picked in the adjustments and there's reduced background noise. So that's the tree things to do it audio. As we get on, we might see different bits and pieces that we can do it, okay? 9. Adding Audio files and music: So in the last section, we looked at audio and how we will turn audio open down on how we would maybe remove about a backer and nice in this section we want to do is I'm gonna add a bit of audio in. So we're gonna put audio like an audio track or a music track. I'm gonna put it down at the very bottom here. And from this I've obtained a bit of copyright free music. So YouTube gives you copyright free music that you can go on and you can using your videos . Just be careful. If you put a video up on YouTube that you do hold the copyright for it. So I'm gonna put a bit of music in and what I want to do in this I want to I want O import import a bit of music for it. So I have my you do me a movie library here, but I have no music in it. Here at the matter, you can see it's just videos and maybe a paint. The whole picture so I don't want to do is I want to take on the import button up to the very top. That's the we arrow pointing down my take on it. It's gonna ask me again like we did on Iran. Where do we want to take them? The media from? I want to take it from my desktop and I have a song here. It's called Sees now. So the song season like art from from YouTube it's copyright free so we can use it netting like this. I click on it and I go to import and you can see now it has imported the music for me here , and it just shows up like this with a green like the audio that we seen earlier on. So what we do know is, if we want we took on the the songs, you can double click it if you want it. It's Alexey entire song for you, and then I'm going to drag it down. I'm gonna dry. Get to turn here. I'm gonna show your first where I'm gonna drive so you can see here. I have a music notion. That's where you want to put us, then in that audio track, and that's the dedicated audio track in my movie, so I'm going to click it I'm gonna do is I'm gonna dry, get down into the very bottom and I'm just gonna put it into the audio track. It lines up with the start off the movie and it goes right the way through us to the very end. Siegen see here it automatically cut off at the very end. What I could do is if I wanted it rather than just for the music just to stop dead. I could click at the very end. Remember that we evolved from earlier on. I don't like and I can drive the ball. We but in And I'll just show you what that sounds like. I'm not gonna play the music. True. Too much fear. Okay, so you can see one type player. True. Okay, on it goes down. You may or may not be able to hear it up. You can see visually what it's doing. So the music's playing along at this height on them. When it gets to hear, it's going to drop off, down, ready. So that's the music. Pardon? And you can see when I play that video it no play is true on the video. What I did at your own was in between lectures. I removed all the audio instead of having you sit and watch me removing all of the audio. I just turned on the audio on all the videos individually just so that I don't need it. It's all when noise and Caron eyes and boards Nice, but I'm gonna use this music and the background, so I'm not going to use the audio that was captured with. Sometimes you may want a but in this video I wasn't gonna, so that's adding an audio track. So it's the CMAs. Adding a movie demanding is the import of. First of all, you selected the exact same. Where's you select a movie on? Then you drag it down into your tang name just on a side note. You can also see here that it no has this orange lane right across the bottom that indicates that it's being used in the movie so you can see there's a number of the steps here. Have the orange line on them that just shows that it's being moved, mused in the project. And here at the bottom. So that's it. And the next action we're gonna have a look at selecting chips 10. Splitting clips: Okay. So earlier on when we looked at selecting clips, we we looked at how we would select the clip, first of all, and then that allows us to do things to Doctor. We cannot to do what's called splitting. So if we split a clip, so if I just find it appear that we have. So I take this clip here, it's off the the woman walking up the street. What I can do is I can alone play it across until I'm happy with it. Once I get it across to where we want, I can second re click. There's an option, then called split clip on the split step, then gives it. It makes it into two different steps frequency here at the bottom. So that tip was one step. So if I understand, see it's one clip. Now I go to where we want to split it. I write like and go to split clip on without those that just put it into two clips for you . So you may want to do that. If you want. We could then slow down one of the trips so you could do that. You could take into it you could slow down one of them clips. If you want it and you'll see it will be in slow motion. So when I play a true in the background, you see it's going to be in slow motion on. Then it will speed up points against it. An accident on a course. So that might be a reason why you might want to split clips. You could split at the start on at the end of the thing that you want to slow down and just slow down the middle bit or you contract it like we did in the last section. But slipped spending clips is gonna be a thing that's gonna come in handy for you whenever you go to start doing the likes of lectures. If you ever do the likes of what I'm doing here, if you make a mistake, you can split it and split at the end of mistake and just take out the middle bit because we all make mistakes and we all make ours 11. Editing options: Okay, So in the last actually looked at splitting clips in the different things we can do in this section. We want to talk about the different adjustments we can do to a video. So I'm gonna use this video here of just after two people walk and just because of the break video and you'll be able to see the changes that are made to. So the first thing we wanna have a look at here is we have the different color violence, so we can set the different color balance we've on automatic option here. It's a magic wand, and it automatic improves the video clip. So well, it will try to do is it just tries to make it look a week. But battle, sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes it just traced the dark enough, but we can see if it does anything to it. No. Doesn't seem to be doing a whole pile. You can see it when I click it on. It just gives the sky your we but more blue in it. It gives it a wee bit of a darker field. So the other options than we have here you can see we have much color. And what March column means is if you had said to video clips one that was taken a five oclock in the evening and it was taken at six oclock in the evening, providing there were relatively similar sunlight in that you can match the color off the two clips. So what you would do is you would just take on too much color, and then I would ask you to take onto the clip that you want to match the color, too. So if you watch up of the top off this corner here, you'll see where the two people are working once I click. So I'm clicking into where we want to match. The color went on the next step. You see, the two tips will eventually change color. I'm gonna press on to keep your Ryan and you'll see a change in back. So I take on the one that I want to change the color, too. So this one here it's away, but right. I want to match it into this color so you can see there's a good difference in my school from 13 other. There's a good difference in the darkness. What I might do is I might just play from one theater for you just so you can see that the difference at the minute so you can see it goes from one. Once a player is true from one into the next, you can see there's a slight variation of color. So I've checked into the one that I want to dark and I want to match. I take into the much color option on. Then I just take my we drop or you can see it's a week pen drop on German for you to show you. I'm just taking where we want to match the color, too. I go back out and I click on us. Watch this one up in the top, right hand corner. You'll see it just getting a weeping darker. So it works for me there so you can see it. It just puts the saturation of even more so than if you were to play. A true there's not gonna be as much off did not gonna be as much of a difference between the two of them, so that's marching color. The next option that we have then is over the top here. So we've looked at the color violence who looked at March color, the white violence. We can change the different things we can correct colors. And based on 1.2, we will pick one point. It's not really used. I'm not gonna go into too much note. And then skin tone as well isn't really used. We can change the different color so you can see here. I can make it dark or a brighter. I can change the mid tones in the shadows. I can change it here, put it right back to what I want him removing color from it on Brighton, darkening from the right hand. Say to play about with them editing options there and you'll see what you can do with them . We can also add more color on. We can take Colorado. The other option we have here is cropping, so if we want a crop in area out of a video so you can see weaken taken X action out of us so we could only have a video that it's off the two people on. I'm gonna select that so you can see no the videos after going from being over two people from a far distance. It's no just of that small area in there, so I'll undo that and just show you exactly what I'm after doing. So I've picked on the video that I want a crop. I've gone up to the cropping options here at the top, so you can see I'm appeared cropping. I'm what you want to do is click on it. I'm not gonna go into the crop the Feld's action on then we're going to crop the area that we want to. I'm just taking a dragon or I could do it from the other side right back in. It allows me to do it for you. The Ken Burns is more of a picture thing. I'm not gonna do that until we put pictures in and will be able to look and see exactly. Then what can burns us the next option? We have his image stabilization, So if you have a shaky video or a shaky hand, it's going to try and make a battle for, you know, I do want to see it here. If you have a shaky video, if it's stabilizes at what it will do is it will blurry more or less so if it's too shaky, this isn't gonna walk. But if it's just a slight chick, it would take it out of it, so you would just simply took on us. I'm clicking to stabilize shaky video, and it will do it for you there. So it's a quick option, some quick fixes for you to be able to use their. We then have the audio options. So the audio's up at the very top here, so you can see I have the audio switched off in the in the middle of one real actions. I switched them years ago office while those at the bottom just to save it, playing through all the steps for you. So you can see here the audio options we can turn the audio up or down on. We can lower the audio of other caps, so that's if we are using other clips. You can lower them, and I'll show you that later on. Once we get other cups and we have this noise reduction then, so the noise reduction. We looked earlier on how we were removed the noise or back around Nice. We then have the speed to the speeds. Here on again, we look down Iran and how he would change the speed so sounding something to slow motion speeding something up, the next option. Then we have is called filters. So if I click on the filters, it's gonna open up for me at the minute again. See, it's kept felter. There's no filter on the clip. It says none. If I click into it, it's coming up here on the left hand side for me. And I have different filters, knows nuns. The 1st 1 flipped is the other one, so you can see the walking from the other side. Then we've black and wife. We have no are is another black and wife. And then there's all the ones here. So I'm gonna zoom in just so you can see them. We more. So there's all them you can see. There's Camel. There's all them. So there's Maybe if I go in, I'm gonna put it into and on, aged fella. So I'm just gonna put it that it's an aged fillem and I'm gonna zoom at first just a show you. So once we go back, note, we'll play. A true it's an aged phylum so it might take away while it's rendering in the background there. So it's just gonna be we've been chopping. Maybe so if I play a true you'll see its plan of the videos. I know it looks. I get in a just phylum on notice. It's only applied to that one video that I'm dealing with because I only had that one video highlighted. If you wanted to do the more than one, you would just select more than one by if you watch my most when we most is done here at the very bottom, if you can click on drag across the ones that you want to do so I'm just thickened own. I'm dragging across the monitor loan me to select more than one for you. So that's putting the filters on. I'm gonna take that filter off. We don't need a filter on us. Gonna go put it back on None. But do you have a play around with them filters. They've brought in the filters from the IOS, so you may not have made out of hair yet, but a movie for Mac on a movie for iPod and iPhone are very similar. No. So they're trying to make them nearly one with the other one. So you can start editing a movie on a movie for iPod, and you can continue on my movie for Mac on a lot of the pre set of the same. So a lot of filters are the same enough, so it gives you that option to be able to do that. The last section of the very top here is the tip information, and if we click on it just tells you when the clip was added, it says the duration of the clip. So it's only showing 6.4 seconds, all dimensions, so you can see that it's only showing 6.4 seconds over 12th video on it. Just say, Is that the name of its video? 10. That's what I see of the videos Eyes on and 16 to the sample was when I uploaded them to my computer. So that's that's the editing options at the top. We may need to do bits and pieces with the adding options as we go from forward, but I just wanted to show you some of the quick things on us 12. Transitions: Okay, so the next thing we want to speak about is transitions in between each of these videos. I'm just gonna zoom in so I can show you in between the two. These videos you have this small black line here on this small black line is a transition. So this is a court, and it goes from one into the next. So I'm gonna take it out, and I'm gonna just show you exactly what it looks like on the screen. So if you watch the screen in the previous action So it's playing true against Indiana, the first video and content of the second video. So it's just straightforward playing. One consented in action. So it's a caught. It's a jump one into the next. If we want weaken, put a different transition. And so if I go to the transitions up with very top here so you can see where my mouse is up at the very top transitions. If I click on it, there's different options. So we've crossed desired cross blower fear to black Fair to white on. Then we start getting into the gimmicky local months. There's the beauty, but these is if you just scrub your most across it so you can see what I'm doing. I'm just gonna zoom in so you can see exactly what I'm doing. So I'm just gonna scrub my most across that like that, You see, in the preview, that is sure when you what's gonna happen. So I scrubbed across. You can see there is one picture on its scrubbing in together when you see it. So it's picture trees dissolving into pictures of mountains. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on it. I'm gonna dry again. I'm gonna put us down. I'm place it in between us. So now you can see what it looks like. This is a desire of Siegen. See, it's a transition between the two of them, so it looks like indictable on it goes from one on a cane. It dissolves into an actual. So we play it out back and we can see exactly what it looks like. So we click on it. It's gonna play a true now and you'll see it dissolves into an accident. It's a bit choppy there as I'm walking with it because I'm recording my screen on I'm changing the video. The computers just ran during the whole time, so it's constantly getting it ready to try and make sure that it's working on it makes it a wee bit choppy. So you see, I'm playing across on it dissolves in general, you can see no the second or third time I played true, it's ready for me, so it dissolves. In general, you would use transitions at different times, depending on what you want to do. If you're trying to make something that's really finds past, so think of Top Deal car show. They're not going to use transitions that are dissolving from one into the next because it's gonna give you the this relaxed kind of field, whereas if it's a cost like the one that was area it. Buying, buying, buying, buying it keeps your adrenaline going was with these ones here the dissolve on the blower on some of the more silly ones. Then there the ripples. They're very laid back. Very. We're going to create a nice thing. If I was doing this is a holiday resort that I took this video off, so it's gonna be very laid back. It's going to be very quiet. So why you would use something like a dissolve on that you can see it going from one into the next. It's very laid back. You don't have to think too much about it, whereas when it's choppy. So if I removed that transition from there, I just clicked on it impressed the leaky on the keyboard. If I play it, no, just watch. Oh, choppy. It is so it's very fast. It's very in your face. And of course, so, depending on what you're trying to do, you would use different transitions. If you're trying to create something that sleepy or something relaxed, you would use desire lives or blowers, whereas if you're trying to create something fast paced, you don't need to put the minute all you can leave it as a caught. What I find is the 1st 4 are the most popular. The rest of them seem to be gimmicky, but do try them that they may find a use for them, something that you're trying to do on it. But the 1st 4 anyone definitely can be used for the black and fear toe wife. You could put a fair the black in at the very end care. So I'm gonna just scroll to the very end on if I dragged feared the black in and just product to the very end in C. I'm gonna play on my video truth so you can see the video plays true on then s fares to a black. So all them videos I actually talk with an iPhone so you can see the quality of was quite good and the role 10 80 here today under the walkout. While what? I'm moving on the mac. So you can see when you would use the transitions. Fear the black fear toe wife and you could put it in at the very start of very end. You could do a blower on the blower will allow you to do it. So if I put a glory, just put it in there between the last two videos. And if I click and drag across that you can see that it lowers from one end to the next little blower. It's quite choppy there. It'll blow from one into the next. And if so, what you would do is take your time, put in a couple of them and see don't feel as if you always have to put a transition and you only put a transition. And whenever you're thinking native, okay? 13. Video olerlay options: Okay, So in this section we wanna have a look at video options and what's called overlaying videos. So earlier on I told you that I movie this time line at the bottom walks in a bird's eye view. So in other words, what it can see it players So you can see this arrow that I can have point night here. So the arrow is playing exactly what I can see under it Just before I start. What I'm gonna do is this video with seven seconds and you can see appear from the Inspector Familia. Wrong. We still have the inspector open its 7.3 seconds off 21. So what I'm gonna do is I eat could do with having all that out there. So I'm just going to drag it. Because remember, I'm only using a bit of the video and it Daniel, I'm going to drag it out because that video is common from the clip in at the top. It's not as if it copied the video around, and it's only using it. So you're not duplicating these videos. So what I'm gonna do is I'm taking on it, and now I'm used nearly the full amount of the video. So it's right up to the very end on dive right up to the very start. So there are no I'm using the full amount. So even though the video I was going to use not seven seconds, it's still open the clipping. So I just extended it out. Or you could do the opposite. If you're using seven seconds, you could just use four seconds if you're only showing the amount that you want. So this video you can see is going to run right the way it true. So it's a 22nd lung piece on. It's just a sweep that sweeps across this area, so it's very boring. There's not much happening enough. What? I want to have a good long video day because I want to add a things and I'll show you exactly what we do. Later on, I'll take it back down. But for the pain being, I leave it there. So now what I want to do is I want to talk about overlaying So we said that when this arrow is pointing down, it's playing exactly what it sees. So I'm movie on any other video editing application walks on the track bests. So we have the man track here If I put anything above it, it seemed as the man track, so it's gonna be looking down on it. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you exactly what I mean. I'm gonna take a wee bit of video. It doesn't matter what the video's off. It's off this video just over the cow, going up the hell or the dividing up the hell. I'm just going to take a couple of seconds six or seven seconds of it. So I've selected it, just as we normally would. Now, instead of placing it down in between one of the other videos. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna place it on top so you can see I'm just gonna put it on top of the other video. It has latched onto it. I'm gonna zoom in the show. You, What's happening? It has latched ordered. You can see the small magnetic. It's a magnetic timeline is what it's called on. What happened? There's no if I go to move this bottom video, you see, it's moving the top 12 so it latches on like a magnet on top of it. So note. If I play this video back, what's what happens? Remember on your own what I said. It works in a boards, a view. So it's looking down here when it goes down it, seeing this video, this video, this video, then it gets to heal. It sees this video right the way across. I'm gonna get to the end. It goes back down, and it's gonna play on that video. So gonna play. Not true, It might believe a choppy because it's still rendering in the background. But I'm gonna play it watching the preview up the top corner so you can see it's playing the video. It plays right through watch. When it gets to the very end, it goes down onto the other one again so you can see that you can add videos in at the very top on. There's different options that you can do when you add the videos in notice that that video went in with the audio back and I'll have to turn that off. So it just turned out that in just a zwei are as we're doing. Okay, so you can see now that the video is in the top there, and I have different options at the minute it's called overly. What that means is that it just plays it and place the other one, and then it goes back down to it. We can set different options on it, so we just need to select the video that we want to know. You can see that when I selected this video up in my options, so you can see him up the very top of the screen. We have video overly settings that wasn't there earlier because we didn't have a video overly on. The first option we have here is called Cut Away, so it as a cutaway and what that means is that a cut away from one video plays the one above it, and then it cuts away into the one but beneath it then, so it's doing exactly what it's meant to do. The other options. We can have our instead of court away, we can have green or blue screen, which we're going to talk about in a second. We won't do that yet. We have spent screen so split screens here and split screen allows you to be able to put the window half and half so you can see if I go back and I play in my split screen back across it plays half and half on. Then it goes back down into the other one to you've seen at the very end. Okay, so that's spread screen. The next one we have then, is what's called picture and picture on picture and picture. Kind of like what I'm doing here, what with my screen. I'm going to say picture in picture. I'm gonna go, OK, and you can see it here at the bottom. So it's showing picture in picture and I can play it right the way it true. So now I'm going to go back. I'm gonna play it. You see my guest to the other one. It plays the picture in picture on. Then it goes right through on. Okay, There's options there where I can part of picture and picture. I can switch the pictures round on. I can put a border on it and different things like that. So that's picture in picture. In the next action, we're gonna have a look at doing green screen footage 14. Greenscreen: okay. Other overly option that you can do is what's called green screen in order for green screen to go just here, for example. Here, if there's background behind me was green, I could replace it with something else, and I movies very simple to do it with that. So the first thing we need is we need a bit off a green screen movie. I have one on my desktops or just imported into my once we could drag it straight in from the dance stop. But here's a bit of green screen. No, it's just a green background you can see it on. It's only just three cowards, and what to do is to just move across. So it's only something really small, just just to show you. The important thing is that it's a continuous green on that you have good light set up. So I have self box lighting set up here. But just make sure you have good lighting set up. Ideally, if you could have a war that was panted or if you had a green, she's just make sure there's no creases in it. If it was a war that was painted make sure it's not shiny pen because you get the light shining bag of it on. The camera's gonna pick that up is being watched, so it needs to be like a flat, marty type finish. So I've selected the video I'm gonna go to import, so it's gonna import the video and you can see it here. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to select all the video. I'm just gonna dry get in there if I play this across So I'm just gonna play across as no normal video. So just press play. So players you can see it's playing, not background there. Then it sees that video it plays that on. Then it goes back into the video because we haven't put an exciting is in place yet. It's still in us overly so it's still playing this video and play the other one and then go back to the forceful. But what we need to do is you to click on the video first of all time, clicking on it. No, I've selected that video and when I want to do is I want to go up to the overlay of titles or the overlay options. You can see them up with very top here. So once we take on us, we click on the overly options it gives us. There's cutaway option. I'm going to click on the coterie option. I'm going to go to green or blue screen, and that's me telling the computer, Listen, this is a green screen, so we click on us, then what you'll see so you would have seen it happening there. I'll undo that just to let you see it happen. So I click on it. I go the green screen, and now you can see it So the computer sees the green as being invisible. So when it gets to hear, I'll just play it back. So we skipper, weep it. We play it back. Now you can see these things are at the front of the video, and then it goes on to what it does is it removes the green from it. There's different options we can do as well, so we could. We could crop the options then, if we only had a certain amount of green runners or we could am different things like that . So So they're the options we could also, um, crop it in that it only fits. Run the certain areas off the screen, or we could leave it off it. So they're the options there for the green screen. It walks about as we see, if even makes green like the agency. Oh, well, it looks on the screen. It's just showing out the different areas, a totally removes degree, satisfying what I'm trying to put an excitable actresses maybe got a green background on, Put it on there for you so that you can see exactly what it looks like. 15. Green screen recording: Okay, so now that we have the basics of green screen, but to gather what we want to do is you want to have a located in practice. So I'm gonna put in a couple of green screen videos we're gonna do is I'm gonna go from one of these longer sections here. So maybe we have the section here of the one with the to see goals here. I'll be able to put something in there for The first thing we want to do is we want to import a bit of green screen footage, so I even tend some green screen footage. It's copyright free, so it's rightly free. We can use it for this course. Always be careful that stuff for using his copyright free. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna import it into my being here into my media. It's gonna take a down arrow like we did. I have a position on my desktop. So we're going on. I have it here. Green screen video. It's called, So it's just two dinosaurs in front of a green screen background. I'm gonna import that selected one to import this video here, and you can see, it puts it in there at the bottom for me. I can scrub across that I want to scrub across that you can see it's showing me exactly in the preview and a white top window. So I'm gonna do is I'm going to select the better the video. I'm not going to slack too long, but maybe six or seven seconds of it there. We don't need to select all over. I'm gonna take it on. I'm gonna put it down on top of this video here so you can see now it's down on top of that video. Now we know that the video was walking over Liam. Or so when I go to play this video, true, it's gonna play what I can see. Remember the boards A view it's gonna play one aken c And then when it gets to this green screen is going to play that and that's gonna go back there. And I'll run true. Just a show you the way it's like so is gonna play away. It comes to this green screen, it's playing s on. Then when the guests at the end of it, it's gonna go back into the normal video. That's cause we haven't told a movie, did. It is green screen. So we need to do that is what we do is we click on the video and then it gives us thes caught away options here up to the very top. So if we click on it at the minute you can see is caught away, which means it's gonna caught from one video into the other video. What we're gonna do is I'm going to click on it, and I'm going to tell it that it's green and blue screen now when I see a green and blue screen. What that's telling a movie. It sees Green as being invisible, so its able to see directly true So you can see this green area here it's gonna be able to see down true dot into the bottom video to still on. It will play it through with them. So we click in the green and blue screen and you can see it automatically know comes true. So I am. If he does a great job of it straight away, you can see that I'm gonna go back, and now I'm gonna play me video truth and you'll see you have the footage there. Commentary that the footage won't make much sense because it's not in contact. But if you imagine if you had someone speaking in front of a green screen like a weatherman or something like that, you could put them into a background what we can also do, so you can see when that's going to play? A. True if I click the player true, it just it's down straightaway. We could fear the truth. So if I just zoom in for you here, you can see these two balls here. If I just dragged that ball in like that, you can see it's ramping it up there. So do you see the ramp? What that's gonna mean is, instead of a coming and playing straight in its going to ramp up into the video, so what? Do Martin and show you again? We'll go back and you just see the difference. So it's going to do. It's gonna fade in rather than just being there. So if we play it true so you can see it's feared and you know when it gets to the very end , you'll be able to see there, it's going toe drop down to the very end so you can see it fades in and feared that you can see it ramping up on, then ramping back down. So that's good. If you want a bit of video to feed enough theatre, remember, this doesn't have to be green screen video that's on the top. We could put in a bit more video. Just one more on the green screen will just show you. I'm just gonna pick the bit of the video of the two people walking. I'm going to dry get there and on top of this scenic view so you can see at the minute it's an overly mold. So when I click true, it's gonna be there and then it's going to go off. I'm just gonna turn that volume, Dan, so you won't be here. But if I I'm gonna zoom in so you can see what I'm doing. If I drive this in a way but you can see it's going to go into this, it's gonna fade into it. Show it unfair by God. So I'll give you a nice or more relaxed feel. So in planets right there Now you can see in the preview window so it's gonna fit in. Play a bit of it on. Then it'll feared back out again into it. So it gives you just a nicer effect. So the next thing we want to do know is I want to show you green screen That's not entirely green. So in this video here, you can see that it had bean entirely green, so the background was fully green. But if you came to that, you didn't have, Ah, full green screens and just see if I only had a green better payable behind me. And it wasn't covering the white better off the wall. I could select only toe hide the green better or Tony to hide it. So I'll show you what I mean. So I'm gonna import a picture. So import exact same way I've have a green screen. When he did that, I just got a picture over mine again. Copyright free on. They just put a bit of green random. I'm gonna import that, Selected on. What I'm gonna do then, isn't gonna put the picture. We just put it down to hell. I'll drive, get out of even more. Just so did its longer for eight seconds. Maybe so. If I play a true you concede it's gonna play a true it's gonna show the picture with the man on. Then it's going to go in. I'm gonna take that can borns over it as well, so I'm gonna just take it off it, get cutting options. I'm just going to see it fit on that. That just leaves that normal. So it's not gonna It's not going to try to move across the so it's just part of the screen there. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna tell a movie that this bit of picture is green screen . But what's gonna happen is it's going to get rid of this background there. You here because it only has a wee bit of green. It's going to take on it. I'm gonna go to the cutaway options like we've done earlier on, and I'm gonna put green and blue screeners. So once I do that, you can see it's taking a women and you can see it's just doing a wee bit of walked out for me. I know it doesn't know what is green, so you can see it's partnering has done quite a good job of this rounded here, but it doesn't know what to do. The rest I'm just gonna zoom in, insure you Can you see these balls here It's prompting you. It realizes that not all the background is green, so it's prompting you to show what where the green stops. So I'm going to drag it in, make that I'm gonna drag it in here like that, and then I'm gonna go over here I'm gonna do to say I'm here. Gonna drag this area in here on then I'm going to drag this area and you So I'm showing a movie. Wear the green starts were green finishes. Look at the bottom here. I've put it up to two height, so we dragged by things. Just make sure you get no other areas. And what I'm trying to show you here is that you don't need an entire green screen. You can just have a section behind the subject, and you can then called it in our So one is in back garden and I'm gonna show you the difference. That's when we play it. For years you'll see node the way it works. So it just has the mound. They are on the background. You can see the job. It's doing its eliminate nor the green from the bar grant and then is there. What if I just leave a section of green? And so by accident, just leave a section of green? And like this, I have a clear, True, you'll see it's always going to be there. You have to be very careful that you just get it right when you're doing okay. So that's what we wanted to talk about, just the different areas that when we're selecting green and blue screens to take the match , so try it. Have a player. What if you have a video camera on maybe a green wall or a green background or a green sheet, try it, filling yourself in front of it on entry in superimpose, you yourself wandered. You get more benefit over, but I will give you these clips to use, but you'll get more benefit out of actually putting in the practice. The most important thing is what green screen is that good lighting so that your background is let properly so later from all. Decide. You don't want any shadows. You don't want any creases of. It's a backdrop. The reason is, if you've a shadow or a crease, it's going to see it as a different shade of green or maybe a different color on my team to shadow as black. So you wanted all nearly one uniform color, so I have a goal. But it's great fun, and you can see how simple it is to use. 16. Adding photos : no. The next thing we want to speak about is adding pictures into R movies. So when we have a movie, remember, a movie is just videos that are combined together. When we have a movie, we can add pictures, interests. I'm just going to go through just to see the different pictures that we have here. So this should be in the movie here. So I have different pictures that I've taken. You can see the pictures here. I took these myself in the simples. I'm gonna use this one off the boat just because it has a on object on it that we can zoom in on. Okay. I think that might be all the pictures that are there. There's one or two pictures there that you'd be able to use. You have these pictures after you die, unload them from the link I'll give you and we want to do is I'm going to select the picture I'm gonna take and I'm going to drag it. I'm gonna put it down. I'm gonna drag it to the very end, so I'm gonna leave it over at the very end, So I'm just holding on to it here on a position it wherever I want to put it. So I'm gonna put it in between them to movies, and there it rests in there. We'll do that again just so you can see us. So we find where we want to put it is probably the best we have forced along so important in between these two movies here. When we just clicked it on, we drag it on. Can you hold it there until it makes room for you? You can see it making room for me there and then we release it so it puts the victim picture in there. I know automatically by default goes in for four seconds so you can see four seconds. I'm just going to zoom in the show. You It's gone on for four seconds. It shows two pictures. Don't worry about that. All that means is that it's our friends with the frame is obviously two seconds. So this timeline has toe have something beneath it. Like we said earlier, it has to have something beneath it so that it can show you it on your preview screen and you're finished. Movie. So what it does? Is it just puts picture picture picture right the way across. So the next thing you want to speak of it is when we have the picture in, it's going to do a thing. What's called Ken Burns? The Ken Burns was a photographer who pioneered. He didn't make it up, but he used it that much. That it became known as the Ken Burns Effect on What it means is, instead of having a picture that's gonna be static camera sitting static on top of it, it's gonna pine across this Petra trained, give it a wee bit of life. So if I play in the video true, you'll see this minds only gonna walk down a wee, but and then it's going to go into the picture. You can see it down to the bottom here, So when I play a true you can see No, the picture nearly moves like a movie. I'm gonna make that a wee bit longer. Just so it goes a wee bit slower will make it to say eight seconds will topple the the time . But now you can see the full different pictures across the bottom, and as we said there just it's there just a short in the preview. So if we play it across right down the bottom, you can see No, it's moving in and it's it's nearly zoom in until you imagine if you're a picture of people there at my German on the fierce is or and look down its bank ended the video. No, What you can do is you can pick an area and you can focus on that area. So if I go to these crop options so I've checked in the picture, I'm gonna go to the crop options up with the very top here on. Then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to zoom in just so you can see exactly what we're not gonna need anything off the area down here at the bottom. We're gonna be dealing all in this preview area. So at the minute, because it's a picture. It's as can born so you can see the Ken born. The fact is, here, it's switched on on its tenure. This it's starting out here. So you see the work, the way it starting. That's the frame it in one, starting on its finishing ending here. If I wanted to I'm happy enough foot where it starts. So it's going to start at a full white picture. But I wanted to finish on the bush, so I'm going to take it like that. I'm just gonna drive this area in, and I'm gonna have it that it finishes on the boat and we can just have it that it finishes just like that on the both. Okay, so we put a nice small size just so you can see exactly what's happening. So what happened off with that? We've had the star note here, and it's going to pan in or threats military of the book. Okay? And we can take on the we arrows to say that we're happy with all the correct signed to say that it's Don't zoom back out here just to use it, just in case you wanted to know. I use when I'm zooming in the night. I'm just using the A sensibility options from the Mac. So it's option command and minus, but you have to turn it on it in the system preferences. But it's just allows me to zoom in and zoom out so you can see the different areas. Okay, back to the picture. So when I press on, the space bar owner is gonna play on wanted play. As you can see now it's going from the full picture on it zoom and right into the boat. There she can see that although it was doing a nice enough job earlier on off aims zooming into an area we have said, Listen, I just want you to focus on this area here. So if you had people that you just wanted it to go down on her, it could specifically put it onto 10 people's faces. All you could do the opposite. I'll do the opposite. I'll take on the picture again. This time I'm gonna put this start. I'm gonna have the start that it's on the bush. So I'm not a part of that. It's roughly on the boat there. I'm gonna put the end then that it's the full picture. So I put the end that is the full picture, just like that. And then I go back here just to see what it looks like. The right, that is, except that it did. Yeah, I clear true now and you'll see it happen. So it's plan. True, you can see it started to the Bush on Dan Nichols out the opposite way into the full picture. So depending on the effect that you want, you can get it to work different for you. So that's pictures putting in the pictures. We could also have it that it was just a stable picture. Doesn't look great on movies, but we could also have it that it's just a stable picture. So instead of moving in and out with the can burns on the way, we do that as well. Just take on the picture. We would go to the cropping auctions up at the very top on. Once we go to the cropping options, we can just put fifth. All right. A crop to fish so fed will just part of full screen crop. The fit will keep it in the 1920 by 10 80 because that's that the hedge, the mansions that we're using so crop the Fed would be the option. You would go for there, and you can select the area that you want to pick, so that would just make it that it's that figure and you'd see note. It's just for eight seconds ran sting on the one screen. It doesn't move in or so I hope you grasp that. If you're not sure that just go back and re watch the video again just to do it. So it's very simple once you get your head rounders. 17. Titles: Okay, so the next thing we want to look at, his titles are not entitled to a video. So I'm going to do First of all, is I'm gonna go with Start. We're gonna put a title at the very start on we're going to click on this titles option off the very top. So just below the menu bar here, you can see we've my media audio. It's a titles we want So going to click on the titles I was gonna open up with all these different windows for me here So you can see all of their from Windows Dale that these go from the very simple to the very complex, not complex, very gimmicky You're called. Okay, so I'm gonna use this one here. It's called pixie dust. It's quite a gimmicky one, but we're going to use it anywhere, So I'm going to click on it and you can see if I scrub across that is gonna show me what's gonna happen to You can see the way it's going. It has pixie dust going across, and then your title on. Then it goes away and it's just leave your title there, so I'm going to do to is, and I'm sure you 22 is I'm gonna do it. So the force way is I would select it. I'm gonna gonna do is I'm just going to click it and I'm gonna possession of down at the start, So I'm holding it. What we most on tell it moves arrested videos over on. I'm gonna put my title in. Once I click on it, we can double click here, and it gives us an option for to change the title text. So I'm just gonna call it Malveaux reports. That's the village that this video was shot. And so it's olive or Portugal. I'm gonna go back to the very start here, and I'm going to play it. True if we play a true you can see it gives us our title on medicals in to the video. Another thing we could have done that I'm not going toe delete us. But what I'm gonna do is I'm going to click it. I'm just gonna dry. Get in, place it up so you can see here. I'm just placing it up on top of the video so I could have done that from the very start by just clicking and dragging it in place. Not like that on top of the video. So we placed it on top of the video, and I want to show you the difference. So if I click at the start and play a true, you can see the difference. Notes. It's a lot more professional looking when you drag it on top and Iran is just a play in black background. But now we have the nice that it's playing true right on top of it, and that works with all of the different titles. So there's another title here. I just put it over. Maybe there just a show you don't put in your cows passing on. Maybe just call it cowers. I'm gonna drag it back across, play a true and you can see it, President. I've put in small letters there. You can have a better with the titans weaken. Delete the different tiles. We can also make them look or appeal for longer or shorter. On the screens. You can see there's five or six seconds or we can put it right, and they're depending what you want. You don't want to have too much tax on the screen and not being able to show people walking ? No, just saying, for example, then if we want to leave text on the screen, what we can do is we can have different ones. You can see these here, show you every scrub across them. You can see this one might be used if you have a passion talking. So if you have someone doing a interview, you could put it. We're gonna have to improvise here because we don't have. I haven't got a video of a person talking but Italian being But we have these people walking so we can put it here. What we could do is if this was a person talking, we could click and drag it down and just put the title there. You see, it's gonna put the title down on. You could put the name of the person who's speaking on their title. So resident was in news a news broadcast you were doing. You could have a coming up on the bottom there. When I go back and play a true you'll see it down here at the bottom corner. It comes up and you have to mind. You know, if you had a person speaking now, it would come up for you. Okay, so that's titled. As you've seen, we can do the more. We also have credits that you could put up so you can see you comport credits. And this is this Latin here is just there for sample tax. Just to give you a feeling off what it is on, the credits are used the exact same way as the titles out. So instead of putting a minute to start, you can put them up at the very end so we could put them in like that at the end. Or we could put them in. I'll just say on the end, I hit the return key to go into the next lane on. I just said tanks, too. I'm weak a tank, whoever we wanted. And it would play a true and you'll see it now it up later at the very end. So it goes into it and then it'll start credits there for years. And Rafinha, the firm look and credit said you have or you can also have it up at the top. I'm gonna show on it away but we don't need a dot net. I'm with complete truth on. You can see it does it for you. Okay. I know the credit you might uses. Maybe this one here would be probably more so we could just put in at the end. You can change the size of if you want. You can have a different sizes. Bigger change the find type on. But thanks to you can write whatever you want us on, then I'm just gonna position it where we have it. You can see it there at the very end on a it will play through. So I must have hit the button that But you can see the way it's working. So that's it. That's putting entitles and have a wee player. What? You can take the main all the different styles here. If you can do one style, you can do them all the all walked, exact same way you will find one. Do you like better than the other ones? And focus is here as well. There's a focus one from from the felon there's focus. So anyone that has seen the film focus it was added all on final cut pro, which is, I moved his big brother, and that's the the credits from it there. So if you ever see the film again, you'll notice it. So thanks for watching this video on a forward. A scene in the next one. 18. Export skillshare: Okay, so after all the adults have been made. So we've done all the adults. We've done the transitions. We've looked at the color without a music. Slow motion. We've done all the things that we want to do to our movie and ready to do it. Now, remember my movies. Only a minute or two long, your movie could be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, Obviously, depending on the steps to do you use when you're creating your project, it will be totally different to mine. So what we wanted to know is we want to export the finished version. So we co opted a very top right hand corner here and we have to share. But I'm going to zoom in just so you can see it. So it's this box with the our point note of it. If we click on it, you can see it gives us a couple of different options. We can export it to email. YouTube prepare for Facebook video as an image off file. The one I always uses file the other ones thes prepared in a package for YouTube on what it does is it uploads it to YouTube for you. I don't like that. And it's nothing to do with you too bright and that I put my videos up on your trip. But I like to be able to export it as a file on my dance. Stop that. I can actually physically see it. Check to make sure it's OK on Dan. I could do what I want with it, then. Okay, So I always go for file. So we click on file here, I'm gonna do my just so you can see the options that we have. So these are the options that we go. So the first thing we want to do is we want to nam it. So I'm gonna put her name in here. I'm just gonna call it scales Project. You can call it whatever you want. We am goingto a description. No, for anyone that is uploading videos to YouTube randomly that do add a description to it because it helps with as the old search engine optimization on. Put it in so you would see it. This is my skill share project or whatever. Kisses. Okay. In the times, you can also take separate them with a comma you can put in your different options, whatever way you want. If you want to put a name, interest that people will have to start for there, they will find it. Okay, The format, then, is the next option we have here on. This is what do you want to exported ice. You want to export it with video and audio, which is what we're gonna do, or you could export it. Eyes audio only. So just say, for example, if you took an interview, somebody and you wanted just export the audio off that you could do that option there, we want to export it. Video and audio resolution then, is going to be a big thing. The resolution you guessed you can see the maximum I have here is 10 80. The reason for that is because the size of the videos that we have is 10 80. So these videos that you can see that we imported earlier so we can't export at four K or 2.7 K or whatever the kisses because the biggest size we have, we can don't grid, so weaken downgrade quality if we want to. This is tree quarters of hedge D on this is half PhD's with 7 20 Hedge Deep is here on 5 40 so we can do that and that the 7 20 would be known as standard definition and then fight 40 so we can downgraded. If we want. We can't upgrade the quality. So that's important to remember that if you want to create a four care movie, you need to use four care tips. If you want to make a Tan ET movie, you can use 10 80 caps, but you can't use blasting than that's what that is important to know. The next thing we have is the quality here, so the quantity I find if you've only 10 80 quality high is perfect for it. If you put it on custom or pro reds so you can see the size is going to change at the minute. I'm talking 270 megabytes. If I put it on progres, it's two gigabytes, so it's 10 times to save off. What if it was obviously the quality off the video you're putting in is going to determine the quality of the video that you can take it, so if you have good quality going in, you can expect good quality going out the sort of quality I tend to leave it at high on. That's just standard. The next thing you have if you wanted you could custom it and it gives you options for customizing. Did you comport bets? Pair shack and done. You can put it them whatever you want, toe. I tend to leave it at high. We will talk in another lecture about the final details off that the compression. Then do you want to compress fast or better quality? I don't really mind wearing an extra minute for to compress. So we go for the battle quality option. The signs will remain the same, but there's less of a chance of your video being itchy. Okay, so the next thing we do is we take on next. It asked us. Then where do we want to put it? I'm just gonna put it to my desktop. So I'm gonna leave it called Skeleton Art Projects going toe to my dad. Stop. I click on save. Not a good idea to put it onto your dad. Stop the one time any finals that are left. Open it and stop your movie, Maxis. that must be open. You can see open the top corner here. It's no exporting, so it's is sure activity if we want to comtech on it and you can see it's exporting my movie. It's writing skill. Shell project out MP for before is the movie fighting So it's a minute. So what I'll do is I'll just post the video for a second and I take it back when it's got up to the very end. Okay, so you can see there. It's after coming up it when trying to talk about a minute or a minute and 1/2 to do it and you can see share with successful export was successful if you wanted to show it Now you can take on show. I'm just gonna close up zoomed by God, I'm gonna cause I go back to my desktop when I go by me desktop. You can see here that I know have my skills Sharp project with just the movie. In your case, if you want it, then you could upload that movie and I can look at it. I get a notification up. I can go on, look out and give you feedback on it. So here we have it. We complete the video true there. And you can see that video would play a raid across. I think I have the music down. They do. Okay, So that will play along there. There's your finished project there. Obviously the longer movie have, the longer it will take. You export on also the type of Mac that you're walking onto its oven old If it's an older market might take that we belong Go or everything. Your market might be that we quickly so don't worry what I usually do from exporting alone Movie Hit the export Go get a cup of coffee. I'm come back. It would be done for you then. Okay. So again, thanks for watching on. Make sure any questions Put them in the question section I'm would see is again Thank you