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Illustrator to Instagram - Character Design [Beginner to Intermediate]

teacher avatar Charlie O'Halloran, Freelance Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Trailer


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      Face [SHAPE TOOL] 2


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      Eyes & Ears [DUPLICATING] 2


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      Mouth [STROKES & MASKING] 2


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      Facial Hair [PEN TOOL & PATHFINDER] 2


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      Experimentation Workflow [TOP TIP] 2


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      Exporting for Instagram [EXPORTING] 2


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About This Class

Want to learn how to make illustrations to upload to Instagram?

Hello, I'm Charlie O'Halloran. I'm a freelance graphic design, illustrator and motion artist. Welcome to the class. If you're someone that has never opened Adobe Illustrator or you're a student looking to learn some neat tips & tricks to improve their design and illustration workflow, then this course is for you.

In the class, I will guide you through the basics of creating a character/emote in Illustrator and showing you my own personal tried and tested process and that tools that I use. Create alongside me or follow along with your own creation, the choice is yours!

We'll cover using different shapes & strokes, the pen tool, pathfinder options, using masks, keyboard shortcuts plus loads of personal tips & tricks.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charlie O'Halloran

Freelance Designer


Hello, I'm Charlie O'Halloran. I'm a freelance graphic design, illustrator and motion artist. Welcome to the class. Sit down and settle in for a series of classes teaching you my workflow and sharing my skills and knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Class Trailer: Hello and welcome. My name is Charlie. Hello. I am a freelance graphic designer illustrator. An emotion artists. Today I bring you a course in the basics of Adobe Illustrator Perfect for anyone who's never open program before or looking to just up their skills. Students especially, will be great for you. I know. When I was a student I was looking at every resource to find Don't be great, You know, inside my workflow how I make things like vector faces which will be looking at in this course. Hopefully you come join me on correct get together. 2. Introduction: Welcome to the first class. I'm just gonna do this. No introduction. So we're both on the same page as what is going to be happening? Basically, all I've got running at the moment is that I'm illustrate it. That's all you need for this thing this is already doing today. We're gonna be looking at making a little victories, face or demote for things like Twitch to try and make an effective character that you can follow along with that home. You can copy what I'm doing, or you can create your inspiration, which I urge you to do. And in the end, I would love to see you created. We are gonna be looking at using a lot of tools and illustrated by guide you through more things like Pento using shapes, using masks, using strokes, the whole shebang. It's gonna be really fun. So open up this trail, Settle in and let's get started 3. Face [SHAPE TOOL] 2: So here we are in Adobe Illustrator. If you look in this thinking, what the hell am I looking at? This is basically the new document pop up. You get that by clicking on the correct new button which already done on what you do here is you basically just set the dimensions and kind of workspace settings. If you're making that for posted, you can go to print and click on the A four template. And it was magically filling all these little details like dimensions. So it gets it perfect every time. So you don't remember things like paper sizes, which is pretty neat. But today we're gonna be making something instagram on the best thing to do. Vince, the ground is, let's give it known First Living. Let's call it Charlie promote Andi will change. Minimum is two pixels because working distantly and then you want to do is show in just 10 88 by 10 80. Nobody needed Calamos. You want to make sure this is RGB? Basically, anything digital is made up screens and made up by three different color pixels. Red, green, blue. Hence RGB. Seeing like a is for print that's based on the four print colors. But when I was in print today, so that's fine. This we want to keep a screen that seem to obviously working to a screen using a 300 peopie I and would be for print getting high quality print. So that's what fine you want. Toe. Make sure they set into the same and click create. I've got mine up here and you'll be greeted by a white square. This is something I made previously. I just like to get this. Watch the color swatch out before I start Reddick. So I know what I'm doing beforehand. So you will be greeted by this and what I want to start with doing. I'll actually put some color because it gets the ball rolling. I think so. What you do here, it's good for a rectangle. Just fill it so you could breast em where you can go into a bar on the right on. Just drag it the size of your screen. Now you know it's nothing happened, but oh, wait, it did. Obviously you can see here and here that the rectum was white so you can change it by double clicking this little box here. It gives you the full color picker. You beginning. How that you want? Um, we can use to boss head. I've got my swatch sons could use that you might actually have a stroke here. This might be black for you. It might look like this. So what you need to do because we don't need a stroke, Basically, a stroke is the line around the rectangle. We don't need that here because we just in the background so we can just click this little done button with a look across through. And then, of course, there's no strike on it. So this is the background. This is where we start now. Today, I'm gonna be looking at making some little emotes. Kind of a little emoji character popular used across twitch. So I'm gonna kill acute character vaguely based on me. So let's get this rectum little way. We're gonna use this skin color. Obviously. Set any color you want. It's good to set the color the right thing before it is not necessary, but it saves going back afterwards. We're going to go to the center here where it's a center point and holding down ult. It kind of drags a rectangle out from the middle as you saw before. If you don't press, so you drag it from the left corner. But we wanted from centered Mixers also has a content to say Brits hope, and you just kind of want, want, make a face shape here, so let's make him a little chubby. I think that's fine. If you're using the newer version of instructs, I'm not kind of that. CS four CS threes. You'd be greeted with these little dots here, and there's a great because if you want things rounded, it won't circular things. You could use a circle toe, but I find that it's a lot easier to dig rectangles because you can make circles from, for example, by just doing this and adjusting some anchor points. But we want to face shape and we want it kind of cute, see? So we're gonna go the four way you're gonna go all out on a quick lap. And as you can see at the Corners, Director have been rounded into a little oval shape, and that gives a brilliant starting point for your face 4. Nose & Hat [ROUNDING CORNERS & WARPING SHAPES] 2: Now, before we go any further, it's just hit me that we've kind of missed out step. It's always really, ever say it's vital, especially in motion graphics to have good layer. Management is also really important. That you kind of keep track of what you're doing is save time, improve your workflow, especially working with other people. If you're sharing projects and sharing files, good land management is really important. So we're gonna do that now, Before we go any further, I have to go back afterwards. So simply what we're gonna do is look down here. There's the layers panel you don't have that window on. Then layers wife seven as you see there, which is going to simply name this background just to keep different labeled and to make sure that if we want to change something, we can easily go back to it. And it's not a big castle. Eso then, Teoh, get rid of this off that layer you want, like a new lab put on its own layer. We just make a new life with this. Look on here. Impress uh, don't click on it to rename it and face on any of you press control, shift V or command shifty. It'll paste it in a place where it came from. Make sure you have this letter selected, always gonna pacing back on that land. It's kind of pointless, but yeah, that's really important. And I think that's a good step that we all learn from the early stage. It could be easy to get trapped, just doing everything on one light. And it's right on the on illustrator and then kind of figuring out that it's super stressful trying to split things later on. So it's get together in early now, obviously, to create the face, we want to keep things as simple as possible. We're gonna use simple geometric shapes of this. That's kind of what it is, right is grateful. So this should be a rectangle tall on your toolbar. If you hold it down, you can select different shapes and we just pick the lips store, which is a circle. We compress elves. You look as your chalk up, and then we're gonna want to get in the Senate. So, as you can see, it has these kind of guidelines has the center of this shape here. So we wanted to move down along that kind of center point. And then again, if he hold up down to center it and then we drag out and we won't hold shift again to make it a proper a proper cycle, we just do that. And then that's made little nose. But what do we want? Make it visible, Of course. So to change the color again, we just click this on the fill option on what I like to do. You're probably on Hugh. You can just you can just kind of pick any color you want. But what I like to do personally, if I close that is to go on saturation and just kind of put it up a few points up a few percentages eso I'm gonna get 30 and as you can see, super subtle. But I think it's gonna work quite well. So obviously, as I said, I'm gonna making a little capture like me. And what have I got on a little how I'm so I'm gonna get this little guy little hat. So again, maybe hold down this button. You can then choose a rectangle talk, and I find it really, really kind of really super helpful to learn new keeper shortcuts once you start using them . I I saw using them and I never looked back. I never really click anything anymore. I don't go through these options anymore unless I have to, because there's no key biting for it, so they can. The basic one you want for rectangles and circles is M. L is. And so let's do a little Let's do the brim of the hat. So as you can see here, we've got this guide up here. That's that's pretty helpful. That's just less different here. And then what we can do is we can make good rectangle, give it a black color, and then obviously we could do it super flat, where we think it's kind of one dimensional, I guess two dimensional. But you know what I mean without any curves is kind of very flat, so we could at go to this, so I'm gonna show you a simple way to kind of get a nice curvature going on. If you set the rectangle, you can then go to effects on a little walk. Now click on any of these will bring up the warp options window and you can literally pick . And if these you like And it's really fun to kind of just get a get a whole empty page and fill it with rectangles and just see what these kind of options do, especially you were. Starting out is a good place to start to see what things do. Obviously, it has the previews, which is super, super helpful on Obviously we wanted to kind of we want the kind of flat brim and potentially way could do that by using are Copper tool And then you change the bend here to manipulate that could make it super silly. More subtle. Interesting. I'm gonna try the arch just like that Down 20 on When we get there is that hat. I'm also gonna move down a bit, So if you click on it, actually, if you click on it, you can see that it has. The original outline was directing. Now this means that Theo effects can be reversed. So if we think that's a bit, that's not really that done, maybe no, you can click here and you could go to arc again. It will say this will apply enough. It's just effect Apply new effect, but you can change it. So you want a flag? Weaken do flag That could be the stops and crazy head. But wait fine with what we have already Just going down a bit So we click on it. I find shift is really good to meet done things more than just by one. I think it music by 10 pixels Solution Moved it down a little bit and then we're gonna make a little bigger. So if we hold cult again doesn't minute Feli the other axis. So we did it vertically. It would just change the vertical side of things we didn't constantly horizontal So we're gonna make a little bit bigger. We really did. I didn't realize so yeah, What we can then dio for the hat with double hat is take the circle copy and then again control, shift the or command shifty to paste in place waken use original head shape and then we can kind of just bump it up again Holding shift Impressing the arrow key moving up You can see obviously us In a way I can't be changed Cultural can't see anything So you really get tool is sending stuff to the back now. The long way to do it is going through object in going for a range and then sending it to that stated that sends it back. Though we don't do that way, don't do that. We can use keep social, got easily So its command shift on the little square brackets or control shift in square brackets. But first and it sends about automatically. Then what we do is we can notice that we have into sex and shapes, so that's not really ideal. What we can do here is if we expend this to keep once you're happy with it, you can expand it to keep the kind of effect you got in it. And then it kind of manipulates it. Obviously, these lines have moved to where we want them, but that doesn't mean we coming back at this stage. What we can do here is we can select this and then Harding shift. Also select this and then with the part, find it all which is in window and then Pathfinder shift control nine Shift command of 9 may be automatic we can use. This is a great tool. This is a great tool for combining shapes of cutting shapes for kind of merging chips together, putting checks apart. What would you do? This just thinks that way can kind of cut. So this big circle here we can trigger. So we want this one here, which is called Divide I'm. What you see is if you press this little white direct selection tool finally a key. It splits up into interview parts. And that's what you want, because we just want this topic. Don't so we can just click on this and delete that. And if you can see, there's the top of the hat. So if you're looking around, you might notice that there are a few bits that invited because, of course, we divided the original circle from that's rectangle. So now these parts are cut off, which we don't want. So what you can do is obviously I think I've grouped. If his group's if he's not great press control. Jeanne. Come on, Jay. It is groups you just had to shift in there, such command control shift, and I've scrolled at the exact moment, which is really inconvenient. But then you can, though. Is that None of it is groups in select individual parts. So what we did, we want to join these back together. So holding shift, select more once we then use this tool called, you know it on and it obviously unite sitting to one as it was originally. And then we want to make it. We want it cute. See? So we're going around it. So again, just in this, too. Go, um again, what's a depth? So we want to make this sound a little a little bit lighter. I use when working with kind of blacks and working highlights. I change things. Fire. This option, um, is 19%. So let's bump it up a bit. Let's say 25 and you can see there that there obviously to separate colors, you can see the parts of the hat. 5. Eyes & Ears [DUPLICATING] 2: No. Let's try the eyes. So again, the lips total holding down the shift. Let's make this guy's We'd as we can. Shall we? A good tool to Jim Cape now you might think. Well, we need to. What is? Obviously why don't we just copy and paste? It's okay. Lets copy paste it. You see there completely random, and then you have what you have to do after that is trying by now, but it's a bit of a fast to try and work out whether that should be in line with that. Don't do that, and the best option is to hold on the boat key. Ondas you move. You can see that you can drag it anywhere. Copy and pasting it, paste it pretty much anywhere. It's completely random, so hard on the AAP ke you can move it where your cursor on. If you also hold down the shift key, it keeps it along that guide. So if you do it recently vertically or even tightly, there's more kind of limitation where you can put it. So what we can do here is holding down the shift key is just dragging along, and that will obviously Jupiter just super super handy and a great tip. Now we're just gonna It looks a bit pants in a minute. I appreciate that, but that is how things start off before you begin adding detail. You started kind of different elements. Things were interesting. I could immediately see here that wants to put together. So if we could come with just press shift on long, just a couple think that's 20 pixels again. Shift does 10 1 each time. Let's select in both about and shift down just like both, then down a bit because it's knows this. Select the nose and the whole thing down, shall we? Oh, I'm happy that obviously every person has is if you don't I'm sorry to hear that no pun intended. Well, so again, we can just use thes same shapes because it's good things. Uniforms with all the time or sometimes it's kind of good to do what you want. You can do it freehand again. This is superb, beginning to super simple wakened issues. These so we want to help down. Olt drank it with shift. Let's just let it there. Sent to back by person control shift square bracket That's the left square bracket. Every once into the front again depressed it right square, bracket something back and then we can use this same color of the nose. It's a little bit, a little bit hard to see with that so we can go in, make it a little bit darker, maybe a little too dark. It really is working with colors. I was on saturation. Let's do saturation and look because it's super fun to just see what works together. But it's all about playing about works well, You can always go back and change things. So especially the client says, I like that hat. But maybe let's make the hat green. I can easily just got here. Make it green. Accepting that green let me get super horrible. But that's what the client wants. The client gets eso We want Teoh, obviously deep this again, holding out oat to really nice. Simple is 6. Mouth [STROKES & MASKING] 2: we're almost there with basics face. Of course, we need amount now. There's lots of different options from Alves. You could do this way where you could do this, lips or circle, and then you can do is then by, so it shows you the anchor point. So the circles made before point. So if we suppress A to get this error up on, we cook on this anchor point, which, directly selecting a point on it, comes up with this. You can manipulate it in any way you want, and you could do really horrible things like that. Or you can just press the lead and you know you got we got a really simple mouth. Other options you could again you could do that potentially controls that, that you could change it to just a strike at us. Kick some kind of table. You can change filled two stroke by pressing the swap filled ST. But we'll shift on X, see their mouth especially cool, especially really suited if you didn't have kids illustrations. Kind of simple, happy smile is kind of obvious. That is happy. Of course, that's too thin, so you could bump up straight. But this number in Nice simple way did 25 just to make it shoot pervious. If you zoom in, you can obviously see that these are very straight, very kind of angular on if we want it more friendly than you know, what makes things for at leat Coast So we can click on the stroke option here and then we can cap it way change the cap from a bobcat, jokes in the comments please only takes around camp, and it just makes it grounded on If you say, well, super happy dude Looks like a little me character. Great. So it actually is a little bit big, Miss A little bit too two year old kind of cartoony. So what? I can dio and I do want to get rid of kind of the height of it. I want more shallow, So what you can do is click on you notice there is only three anchor points. You could literally do this with any kind of warp. Saying this like that's a bit weird. Um, a good tool to use is to object in their path. There's option here. Could Hank anchor points where it puts in some anchor points where it needs to to kind of make it more complex. Good again. That's more, as you see there is kind of multiplied on. And then what I can do is that you can it's delete some of it less smiley if you want. If we make this up way double, this is double script. Let's actually make white straight. We've a low enough, and what you can then do is you can't trust. You can expand it. Object transforming brother, Make sure filled is pills in the building. Make sure feel was selected on that obviously puts it in a fill shape. So then you can more next step. We're here with the mouth selected. We're gonna put some teeth. It's a little bit flat in a minute, so we're gonna put in a little bit detail, not too much they. But now would be a good time to introduce you to the mighty petal by pressing P or the third option here in the toolbar. This is basically how endpoints are made parental, and you can click around to make complex shapes, however complex you will make him by doing that. But we never do that so just get rid of that. We're gonna do a line. So you fund center point and then hold shift to keep it straight. Line press escape to get rid of third option. Think of the strength of, let's say, three way. Don't want Phil second film by pressing this little no Phil button clicking here. Obviously, I'm gonna want more than one of these. So what you're probably thinking is pressing bolts, holding up down and moving it and adding more in. And it is kind of difficult, because unless you click on this option, you miss click, you kind of develop its around. So the best thing to do does not do that because you don't want to kind of sit hunched over your screen. Looking closely, put glasses on, squint in, trying to figure out you're clicking the reception. What you can do is just cook on it, go to object transformer move. You can type in how much you want to buy without having to touch the mouse. That's not true. You obviously have to touch them out without having to kind of guess it. You can move it with the amount each time keeping it exactly symmetrical typing 35 here on Officer. I'm actually a preview on so you can see what you're moving. Obviously, you can see it here also disappeared. It's not disappeared. Has just moved. That's what the move tool does. But let's say you want to pick A instead of physically duplicating at first, you can just move it on press. Copy that for you. If you want to do it. Multiple times say you make 10 of these way Hold. Come on D or trophy it repeats what you've just done. So do it. Time way. Don't do that outside. You can do that, Move it. But there's no point at this stage on. Just let you know Holding space by down gives you this hand option so you can drag. Look around was lived in. It means you don't have to zoom out and then back here elsewhere. You just press the hand tour by holding space by doing manual, which is kind of nice, Black was saying. You don't need to duplicate that. You can just do it again this time U minus 35. Beat it again and then it's symmetrical. Obviously we want it fit in the mouth. Just move it up a bit and it might be nice just not having straight just to follow the curve off the mouth. So it could be nice to just click on the link points and just I didn't Cem movement just say 10 pictures. Maybe not. Problem. I look like I've got my mouth sewn up and I'm like crazy Halloween costume. To do that, we use masking to avoid doing that. Let's say Teoh, get that in the mouth in the rectangle or the curved in the cup mouth. We want to a mask inside it. So what we can do is it's a super helpful in Israel. This is super super top tip. If we copy this, paste it, place command control, shift the paste it on top, and then if we zoom in a bit and we click, we'll shift down. Click on these with all the selected, then press control seven. Or come on seven on. Don't make a mask, which essentially means, as you can see here. It's followed the shape of the mouth as you can see the red outline here, but it's only kept the back objects, so they took the object on top is your mask. You see, it wasn't that so let's say you made a circle over these. It would just follow the circle shape. Control that back. You see, they're perfect. And obviously we just want this, like, back of its That's a 25 way. Have it you've made a mask. Make make clothes. Please buy cheap, OK? 7. Facial Hair [PEN TOOL & PATHFINDER] 2: a little tip about masks if you want to edit something in a massive example. If you want to move these tropes, you might think it's a simple was clicking on it and living in. But no, that's gonna move the mass because obviously the mask is not just the part you see. It's this whole shape that don't see eso. What we do is click. That's important parts in isolation mode, like I mentioned earlier. And then you can move, do every one of them and then just press escapes, get up by selection mood, and then you can go back to moving them, asking me to be the master example smote super, super helpful but lets us do some facial hair. Maybe now the best way to do this, I would say, is to get kind of base shape round and to follow the curve of the head. You could do it manually, but the best way is selecting the face and then going to object and less used the scale tool because I'm not used it yet way. Let's say we changed this basic 5 18 Maybe just that's gotten this quickly. There's a uniform way, obviously, uniform means it doesn't uniformly. So it would be the same is dragging the corners and holding shift non uniform means that you can change them separately so you can make it wide like that, for example, would make that thin, or you could do it. Alternatively, stretch it up, but obviously we want it. Uniforms. So, just like that, I'm actually previous on ships that we doing again before you pregnant Presenter Chris. Okay, because that's gonna move the original shape. But you can see it's smaller than the face. The face has gone smaller were you want to stop it on, Then what we do here is back. Click on the other one, and then we can put in the beard color. And then we've got this kind of rail official hat on. That's a good starting point to then work on the work on doing the beards, pretending that the back of the face is the beard and the main part of faces just here. Now the tricky bit would be kind of the moustache beard and kind of going around the mouth because the mouth is not just a simple shape. What we can do here is again you spent over S and P and instead off doing it like this. I mean, you could do like this and then you could When is up, you could covet like that the proper way would be to curve mental so curve anchor point. So with mental, hold it down. Don't click here dragging her out in the direction you want to go So we're gonna go out with a left on left side and then you can obviously see here We put it here for us again. Hold manipulate that line by covering it waken Come down here Let's just say let's put it in the center point That way we won't close up so we can have half it and obviously mirror the other side instead of having this curve of the the car continued to impress hoped Click on that point and it gets rid of that curve on that science and can then just join that as a straight line. So obviously, now we only have one side of flesh where, but what we can do is reflected another reflect all would be good for this. But there was one issue with reflective, reflective doesn't move it as well. What effect does is literally just marriages. So it kind of flips it if you flip horizontal. Well, just flip it that way without moving it whatsoever. So what we can do here is we can look up here where it has the code with from the higher as well as the coordinates. If we just take the whip here, copy and paste that we can goes object, transform, move and move it by that much. And it would put it exactly that much. Actually put copy diapers. OK, then reflect it. So that's what it needs to do perfectly together. Then select hamburgers and shift holding together, unite to on then roll command square bracket and send it back three spaces nice. And then, if you want to move things around, just press a to get the white cutter up. And then if we shift, click these points. You can just play a little bit and looking around a bit and see what works. Well, uh, this bit, but also, but let's make it a little bit higher. Get close to the nose. On Day three individuals like this one, we can a little bit curving, make a little nicer. So let's say we want actual moustache, not just a suggestive of stubble again, same principle, pento. And then just follow that curve around like drinking. Obviously, that's the wrong color. So if we then press I for the eyedropper tool, get color for some hair on, then let's say we want that as a stroke click on this cursor to de select the mental, become to select it. And then if we can just press this little spot, too. I'm gonna make this Struth biggest. They can see it guys down a bit. Um, again, it's very experimental. You can then go in and change things so way want this. I just changed these handles that played the curve. What we can do is this. Everyone appoint it pointed. End way could expand the appearance. Give it a curves. Just leave to anchor points on expend again like we did with the with the mouth and used to fill to fill it back in the building. As you see, it's made a shape instead of stroke. Then, with the plus tool can put a little anchor point here in the middle. Oh, thank pointing there, pressing the White Castle, checking that out. Let me kid those. I think that's quite nice. Fun bits were experimenting and kind of just playing around, dragging different handles around at anchor points in I'm just saying, All kind of looks nice, really. The capital was also your friend. Make it smoother, and I think that's quite nice. So again, if we copy wits, objects transform, move based in that. I wasn't giving Vasko first copy objects transform Flint okay, then slept in both the shift and unite them, then clicking on the point of the A tool. I live in that kind of much that a bit more. Never get moustache way could then add in a little bit. Go t here and by doing erectile so you can see Let's do the center point here. Rex that out. I the eyedropper making that color. Let's send it to the front foot on the wrong layer. That's a very simple mistake that people make, and they kind of don't know why things went move, and if you click on the layer that's meant to be, and it won't move you onto another layer, so cut that it's a good practice for, say that I have done it. So this is tit for May as well. Lockyer layers, especially if the background layers that are not gonna move so you'll never accidentally click on it and then control shift V to paste in place. And then, if we let's say, make a little bit diagon. Also click on the Anchor Point shift, click a couple times other one shift carry a couple times. Then we can your face shape paste that sent back objects transform scale. Let's make a little bigger. Let's make it 15 Be that that color, and then we can select these to buy them. And then when does think that that's what we just want that one bit. What I'll do is instead of deleting the bits around it, I'll select that, but I just want so cut it and then Control said to go back a few stages. So it's going completely, then just placed in place again. Patrol ships free. Come on, she fee. Now we have that and let's say obviously we want no, have you in the mouth. Um, let's do a little gap as well, so let's copy the mouth based that on the front, select both with Shift. Actually, that's making a little bit bigger. First, we can't just do this. It's just scale to It's a lot easier and then minus the front end of this talk that we don't want, There we go goatee. 8. Experimentation Workflow [TOP TIP] 2: now I thought I was give this low extra tip for some of you who might find it useful. Obviously, in design and being creative, you want to get as many ideas down on paper responsible. You wanna be preparing ideas? You want to be kind of seeing. The best option isn't saying how things look experimenting now. Obviously, one of the best ways to do this is with pen and paper on. You can easily sketch things out, do multiple revisions of them and then scan them and take photo import into illustrator to the trace over. That's a great way of doing it. But personally, I found this work a lot smoother, and I think I prefer more. I do things digitally. So as you can see here, if you weren't happy with one aspect off the design, for example, the eyes in this case, what I've done is I've duplicated the original shape. There's no design multiple times I'm with that I have been adjusted them, tried out different colors, tried this change, different options, adding similar more elements just to see how things that together and that I think this is the best way to compare things instead of having them over multiple documents having in over Must be. She's a paper, for example. You can see it all in one place on the screen. Now let me show you how this is done. It's really super simple. If I get these other ones, all I've done here is holding their vote on DSHEA. Shift is dragging maybe a couple of rows. And then I slept morgens object, transform on move and then maybe living in 1000 pixels across. See previous. That's all right. Yes, and then person copy. And then I mentioned earlier Pressing control deal. Come on deep or Jupiter duplicate the previous step, so do it three times way Have a ton of options that you can just instantly go in and tweak . So if you want these white, for example, simple, and you could do that multiple times and it's a great way to just see what looks good and then you can, especially working with a client, for example, you could do multiple provisions of the same face, but with eyes in this case, and then they can splay can pick their favorite ones, and then you can say Okay, we'll go of that one and it's it's a really good way of working I feel and it might help you to. 9. Exporting for Instagram [EXPORTING] 2: So it is now time to export our illustration points the ground A So you can see here I have gone away and using the technique I previously mentioned, I have tweaked things. I've added a few extras which I do encourage you to do because it is really the best way to kind of see things and compare different things and experiment. And so this is gonna be my final guy. So all you have to do to export is go to file export. We're gonna be saving for Web, obviously. So we're gonna click safe web. And as you can see here, there's also three sets of different things. I'm gonna keep own Jay Peak time. I brought this up to 75. Maybe this is a very contentious and kind of well spoken about conundrum. Let's say Instagram obviously has far compression were doing in 10 80 detonator because that is the recommended limit for image size. But the file size down here, it could differ. So it's worth experimenting, doing a few kind of post to see if 100% is better than 5%. For example, I'm just gonna try 75% and all you have to do here is safe. Make sure this is tenanted by 10. 80 on Get to go. If you have things outside the outboard, then you want to make sure this is going to the airport. So that constrained just the export. What the our ports contains. I don't in this case, but it's clicked anyway. Just practice. And then you hit save, and then you can put it on Instagram and we are good to go. I hope you have learned a thing or two year Next step I've got is recording class on taking this guy into after effects among the basics of artifacts just to make him more dynamic. Making move. Maybe. Make him speak. Who knows? I hope you've enjoyed it. Please let me know. Any comments you may have forfeited? Dear me on Twitter. I'd love to see you Operations. Yeah. Have a good day on happy grating