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Illustrated Jewelry: Turn your Art into Wearables

teacher avatar Sova Huova, illustrator, artist and creative

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Project: Illustrated Brooch


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      Button Badge


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      Paper Brooch


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      Traditional brooch


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      Plastic Brooch


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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to take your own illustration, piece of art or even a photo and turn it into a jewel. We will work with hand painted original artworks as well as with digital art so you can choose which one is closer to your style. You will learn 4 different ways of making jewelry from illustrations which can help you to grow a product range of your Etsy store or just create cute gifts for your friends.

This class is for illustrators, artists, photographers or anyone creative who would like to try something new. If you enjoy crafting and you would like to design your own unique jewelry, click to enroll now :)






Meet Your Teacher

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Sova Huova

illustrator, artist and creative


You might have noticed the trend of participating in art challenges on social media. This class is all about sharing the experience with art challenges and creative commitments. I invited special guests to this class to talk about their projects, approaches, and experience.

I'm an illustrative artist and educator. You can find me online as @nestingspirits. I like to experiment and share the process along the way. I make illustrations for kids and dreamlike art. Currently, I focus on building an offline place for artists and creatives to meet and create in Prague, Czech Republic.
Here on Skillshare, I teach courses on traditional illustration techniques for beginners and other simple creative techniques for fun.

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Sylvia. I'm based in Bragg, Czech Republic. I make illustrations injury, especially depicts from mythology and folklore. As you can see from my project, I like to work this butter colors, and I also teach our craft classes for Children in this classroom and take your own ilustraciones piece of art or even a photo and turn it into it. You both have painted original as though this digital out, so you can choose which one schools with your style. You will learn four different ways of making jewelry from illustrations, which can help you to grow its product range of your system or just clear your gift for your friends. Is it project for this class? We are going to make your own illustrated food or bench. This class is for illustrators. Artists, photograph, furs or anyone created would like to try something. You if your injury grafting and he would like to design your own unique jewellery, you can start right now 2. Project: Illustrated Brooch: project for this class. We're going to make your own illustrated brooch. You are going to choose one off shown ways of creating illustrated jewelry. You can choose from days simple button bitch traditional in Bhuj, paper jewelry and jewelry from shrink plastic. Officially our protectors. Two parts. You can start your project immediately after watching my video. Gold inspiration. First task concerns to concept off your to You are going to think about your artistic style . And what should your jewels look like? What pictures you already made might be good as a brooch. What medium would you like to use? Go through my Pinterest boards in inspiration. Online resources and making would burn off your desired tool. You can also share a sketch off your jewels are a picture you will use. Second, and more important step is to create this pooch or Julia just designed. Choose one off first styles and make it really share a photo of it. Also, feel free to share anything from the process. Don't forget to take inspiration resources. Pdf file Attached to this class, you can find a list of materials step by step tutorials, recommendations for particle styles. I promise that I will try to comment on all of your projects 3. Inspiration: before you start to realize you are some questions, it should make your next decisions easier and simplify futures of materials. Make yourself comfortable and think about your work for a while, especially if you're thinking about selling your illustrated jewelry. You should consider these questions. What is your artistic style? Which topics you like to repeat in your art and why? What medium are you keen on? Could you change it? Would you like to stick with it in your illustrated jewelry, too? Would you like to follow latest trends over? Do you like to experiment and try something completely new, which may or may not have to be a sexist? Can you article light your previous answers in something small as a jewell? And finally, what kind of jewelry would you like to wear way in this exercise? You should think about. How would a book it version off your art? So look like E will show it on my own exam. I love unexpected effects of budget pillars, and I enjoy banking, fantastic creatures and their bigs from ideology. I drive several different medians for purposes of your making, but I always felt like something is missing some of my existing illustrations already looked good in two more sizes, so I used them for veggies. Meanwhile, I tried making medical abstractions extradition. The broom chase e injured it much more, But I still missed. Something would really say Oh, yes, she made this piece. So what was the result of this process? I made some brooches. I'm actually really happy ways, and you can see them in my sample project. What I mean to say sometimes answers previously asked questions already answered the question about how should your jewelry design look like? Maybe you can't exist without a lot of colors like me, and you can say goodbye to shrink plastic. Even then, the results are so cute and simple, maybe human vector illustrations. Then you probably won't use traditional boot with glass compulsion. Entering plastic might be an interesting option for you. Answer these questions and make a mood board or escaped off your desired June and post it is the first part of your party or share a picture you already made that you would like to turn into a brooch or banks. Yes, you continue watching next videos, your idea by change with learning about technical details. But it's okay on skill share. Yeah, interested also in the process itself 4. Button Badge: if you consider selling jewelry is your art verb, and you want to create many pieces of it. Grading your own button batch is probably the quickest way to start what's good about them . It's the easiest way to create illustrated jewelry. If you don't feel very crafty, you just right there were a motive for printing and let someone else to do the work for you . You will get a clean look without having blue everywhere, and you don't need any special craft supplies. They look good. Even many use complicated motives. But there are some negatives. Truth. You don't have much control over the process. Someone else is sprinting it so you can t. The results immediately can fix it. Some stores bring Justin post pieces Oh more, which is not very good. If you want just few pieces, it's harder to be original. I mean, your bitch will be just as original issue artwork aced that you need some kind of button printing store. Unless you have quite expensive button maker at home, you can use the skin off your art form digital art. Our photo here, you can see that simple designs look good unbuttons as well as complicated motives. You can also drive degrade collections. Maybe you have more interesting motives on one of your illustrations. You can try to tell a story with your collection. For example, if I were a photograph for, I would great a collection this mushroom bages in next part, I'm going to show you how to prepare a girl Materials for printing. If you are a digital activist, this will be a piece of cake for you. First thing to do is to find a store where he would like to bring to your veggies. The story you choose probably offers its own templates for printing bridges. Look for these templates on their website. Just decides to you like and download a template s Pdf filed R S PSD file. You're working with Adobe Photo Show. This is how it looks like now open downloaded template in your graphic program. I'm using girl drop, but you can use anything else importante image you would like to use. Place your picture inside the circles. Everything important should stay indeed inner circle because that's divisible and wrap Outer circle should be also filled this background because it will be printed too great. A clipping mask from your picture. If you don't know how to do it, you can check a tutorial in online resources for this class. Now there you to the inner circle. Expert days as a PdF file. Don't forget to choose C N Y que colors for better printing results. Now your dumb is your work. Send it back to the store and let them print your design. Here are some additional tapes If you would like to create button earrings, as you can see on a picture and your store doesn't offer them as an option, you can ask them not to put a pin on a big side off your veggies when you get them. You will stick these components on the back side of your bench if you don't have your butt printed yet, but you would like to share your design. You can use pages like Cecil to create a review and show us on some similar pages. You don't even need a graphic software. Brendan, you just approach your motive and fitted in their online template. But I just offered on several websites are usually more expensive 5. Paper Brooch: If you want to create and thank you for your personal use, I'll make a big gift. You can cry making babies. He's a really easily done, and you probably have older materials at Home Almighty. You convert this originalist as well as this brains and photographic. Call your picture. You can use butter color stinks. Pencils, markers, almost anything you can think off. If you make a nice picture in your sketchbook, you can cut it out and turn it into a brooch immediately. This kind of approach can have any shape you can think off if you are capable off cutting it out. But these brooches aren't very stable, and they are not vitamin. You need to use them more careful it and other brooches, and therefore I find them better for personal use with paper jewelry. The final result really depends on your personal style. I kind of flag this storybook effect. The brooch is created this way. Don't demand high contrast his traditional boo geez, because data usually become Also, I think that brooch is made out of photos could be very interesting. You can also try to make the medical ash boots if you like this style, you will need your design. Scissors disperses grew paper, Captain. I use paper, captain from the tables. Paper for the big side. Been transparent new boys and stronger glue for mitt for station for paint off. Frank, your motive in a desired size. Just remember, if you're using markers, you have to check if you can use the nail polish on them first because somebody approved markers could melt. I made my monster with thinks and waterproof markers on a watercolor. Cut it out in desired shape. Don't make difficult shapes. If you are not a cutting expert, stick it to the car. Turn paper. Be sure that you are using great goal for this purpose. It should be fair and transparent after drying. Let it dry. Now cut it out from the dark. Stick it to your background paper. You can see a chose black figure paper secret. Your brooch is the better. Plenty to cry. Got it out again. Cover both sides off your piece. This transparent nail polish. Don't use a nail polish based super shiny effects. If you are not going for this effect, this your brooch to what did you dry completely glued a brooch pin to the back side and wait again until it is completely dry. If you have your brewed just for your personal use, you can cheat here a little. You can just at a simple safe depend whether tape instead of a brooch would you like to preserve your paper notes or sell this kind of brooches cry covering. Get with a box of resident after nail polish land. It demands more preparations but results building more durable and definitely forces. 6. Traditional brooch: traditional approaches look beautiful, and you have a big variety off components. He can choose from their stable and sold. But working best brains would be slightly easier than working with originals, and getting the supplies you need can be more difficult than this. For example, paper Bhuj is also working. This epoxy resin can sometimes be quite striking. What usually won't go with traditional brooches are high contrasting colors because the brooches air quite small to articulate something Where slow work on trust. If you are not so confident about pending in a small side, you can dry abstractions or something simple at the beginning and then move to something more complicated. This is excellent. Example. Off using a photo for your initial jewels. You can also fly using your own petrol to make a traditional brooch. You really some kind of brute base I usually use metal with already has a pain in the backside. Her symptoms moving circles. Maybe you own it. Also brooch been printed illustrations. Photos are originals. You don't need a book series in Kandahar dinner, but alternatively, you can use a box of stickers. They have to be exactly the same size as your base. Another alternative is adding a glass couple shown to the base, but you will probably epoch syriza forties to then you need scissors or a bunch and disperse if glue. For paper, open your graphics off trance and greater New A four file Great a circle or other shape your butch might have and check its size in anti star millimeters. It should be 1 to 1 when it is printed. Example. If my broach based measures 25 millimeters, this circle should be exactly 25 millimeters to you can create more off these circles. If you would like to make more coaches dry, more motives on your vooch importante in it. You would like to use both your image under this self and arrange it on a place where you would like to have it your final grade. Create a clipping mask from your from your picture and you will get a circle filled with your illustration. Expert is big here inseam and y que course imprinted in high quality on a gross if it'll paper design. If you pointed your design, cut them out of business and try to be very precise. Formal professional is to use a circle bunch in desert size for this purpose. If you would like to vote this origin, its measure your boot based on drawing a circle exactly as big as the base. This is the Spain where you can create your many pictures. Especially good for working with a books arisen should be acrylic panes. When you're finished with spending or drawing, you can continue getting this is their sour punch. Because I said before, if you decide to walk with that book civilizing, cover your design Miss transparent name Polish or other suitable accepted iBooks. A resin can change some colors on your picture. If you don't do this, Gloria, picture to the base with a disperses. Prepare a toxin. You should four recommendations off your brain, but usually it goes like this in a crime. A drinker makes one part of Hartner in two parts of a resin makes them Veltman. So hold very to the cornice advice. You will make bubbles in it. Mixing usually takes 3 to 5 minutes. A small amount of my book Sarazen was quite enough. You don't need much to cover small based when you work this book. Sellers and All they see is close and world Brazil window open covered your design slowly with a little alone off the Knicks, let it price slowly. Next few hours come was a in this part of bubbles. Once your reason sticker, it will be more difficult to discordant. But it by for another 24 hours if you used a huge base with a big finished if you're used to, the Serapis has a bait. You should stick a brooch pin. Now you can see anything. Sent paper irregularities of the original paper for a printer, especially if you used ISMs that be careful around the resin. It could be easily scratched when you mix to present. It's usually quite easy to pierce the purpose with. After few hours, your president will be quicker and easier to bowl. But above us that appear in this consistency are difficult to pierce. If you don't want to get there, you can try using existing. You need to stickered just exactly those things besides your brains. Sometimes you can buy them as a set one. You blew your design. You should wait until you do. Glue is completely drunk. Then you can apply a sticker on your design, any approaches, then 7. Plastic Brooch: last technique I will mention in this class is making jewelry from shrink plastic. The advantage of this techniques, its variability. You can try many different styles, and he has a lot of color options. A Sayville show later. Once you finish your brooch, it stays clad stable, and you don't have to be afraid off right? Our humidity was shrink plastic. You can grade one of a kind 10 drawing designs, but you can broke this print as well. When working with string, plastic were quite limited. His mediums you can use. For example, you can't use watercolors over the photo color, Marcus. But it's not so bad, because if you want watercolor effects, you can still point them from your skins. If you decide to try a new medium like so hostels or some thinks, it can make unpredictable effects, and sometimes it can be disappointing or frustrating. Last fact about shrink plastic is that simple designs usually look better than complicated ones, which is not for everyone. Here. You can see that simple black lines usually look good on a white film, I contrasted. Complementary colors also go very well together. You can see that you get different effects when using clear blasting and different when using white one, he can create really cool effects using your own photos. To equate this kind of Julie, you will need some kind of shrink plastic film. You can get it in Miracle our options. What is good for simple black and white design? I, too, was translucent. Toe prints off buster Clear will be better for necklaces and earrings. On advice, you will see the brooch pin on the backside, and for black, you will need white or other contrasted for both. These are just most common options, but maybe you can find some other colors in your craft store. Don't forget to choose injured shrink plastic film. If you are going to print on it and be sure that we are using inject printer, you will also need assent. Paper brooch, pin some glue for plastic and metal and no. One for best results. You can use sharpies or under voter proof mile first permanent things and most off color pencils. You can also try soft pastels, other things and other mediums. Maybe you will need some kind of fixative to work with these, but you have to try them. At first, you can get out your dessert change at the beginning, decided, or you can cut it out after growing. It really depends on your design. My doesn't have any control line, so I started with cutting. Keep in mind that your final design is about 45% off the original drawing or print. In most of the cases, you will probably want to send your plastic She Sometimes you can get interesting effects without sending it, for example, of his clear shrinks, but sending increases the number off mediums you can use. For example, you can't use color pencils. Results ending. Get right off the desk. I decided to use soft bustle and colored pencil for my design. I was never really would be smart offers, but you can choose whatever you prefer when growing your design. You should have in mind the color. See use will turned out her. After baking, - you can click waiting some tiny details. They usually look really good after shrinking. When your motive is finished, you should preheat your open on 300 degrees. Part of temperature. Your particle of shrink plastic Brent recommends start later this lower temperature because if it shrinks too quickly, it can stick together. You can bake it on a nonstick. Metal s me, or you can use some baking paper. What's your design? Shrinking. It's quite fun. Sometimes two sides stick together. Then you can open and over and use chopsticks to divide them carefully. But heaven minded everything. His heart. Your design is ready when it's fled again. Let your plastic jewels Buddha and now it depends. Did you use waterproof markers? If yes, you can skip the glue and brooch part. If you use stuffed Castells, color pencils or similar mediums, you will probably need to speak stated somehow, if you use color pencils covering it was transparently. All polish should be enough. If you soft pastels don't touch them. They're really fragile right now. You need a special fix that it forward. You can get it in an art store. Sorry, I forgot to film it, but you just spray your plastic slowly in few layers. Be prepared, it go turn darker or move a little bit. That's just a risk you have to take been working. You can also make some additions that I made some with white colored pencil to get high record, crest around it its face and to fix some imperfections, I fixated it after the such is, find some blue you can use for plastic and metal. You can use that box of resin, but I find for major clues easier to use. Now stick a brooch pin to your plastic motive. Wait until it's dry and we're done. NGO Design. If you're working with shrink plastic for the first time or you are trying, can you? Brent, You should probably make yourself a tester, right? Any mediums you would like to use for your designs and what? How they look after banking and fixating. I make myself a tester almost each time. When I decided to try something Wednesday's you will avoid most of disappointments. I would be really glad if you also share your tester in your project gallery. 8. Closing: Hi. I'm really glad that you are watching this video because that providence that you just finished putting this I would be very pleased if you share your project with me and other skill share students. I know it probably means getting some new materials and crafts supplies. You don't know yet, but don't let this details discourage. You can get them easily in a graft store or on. I hope that you enjoyed this class and that you learn something new and exciting. Bugti's I'm really curious about your projects. Thanks for enrolling.