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How To Write Your Book Fast: Making Your Writing Dreams Come True

teacher avatar Beth Jones, Speaker & Amazon Best Seller Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      How to write your book fast skillshare


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      Your motive how to write your book fast


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      My secret sauce for writing books


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      Conquer the 3ps skillshare class


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      The techie stuff


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      ISBN movie


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About This Class

Class Description: Do you want to write a book, but don’t know how to even get started or how to finish? Join International Speaker & Amazon Best Seller Beth Jones, author of 18 books, to discover how to write your book step by step, without waiting years to get published.

Learn Beth’s “secret sauce” for how she wrote 18 books and overcame “the 3 P’s” that held her back from writing books: procrastination, perfectionism, and pitfalls (such as social media and distractions).

Are the “techie” aspects such as designing the front cover, formatting, and uploading to Kindle Direct Publishing scaring you? Beth will show you how to conquer these fears, too.

It’s been said that the richest place in the world is the cemetery, where people’s gifts, talents, and purpose are buried. Don’t let that be you! It’s time to write—and finish—your book(s) and see your name on that front cover! Your writing dreams as an author can finally come true!

Meet Your Teacher

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Beth Jones

Speaker & Amazon Best Seller Author


Do you want to write a book? Or have you started writing a book, but haven't finished yet or published it? Does a lack of "techie skills" hold you back from writing it or other fears? I want to help you write your book! As an Amazon Best Seller Author, how did I write 18 books?

In this class, I share my "secret sauce" with you, taking you from writing idea to publication on Amazon. I share my best writing tips and resources for success as an author, as well as mistakes I've made and advice on what NOT to do!

Join me and other aspiring authors for this class to motivate you to pen the words that are in your heart, whether it is a fiction book or a non-fiction book, whether it is a print book or ebook, and whether you are a man or a woman, middle-aged, young adult, or senior... See full profile

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1. How to write your book fast skillshare: Hi. This is Beth that mentions setting it, and I wanna welcome you to my class. How to write your boat fast, making your writing dreams come true. Who am and why am I qualified to teach this class of Percival? I love to write, and I love encouraging other people to write their books to. I'm an international speaker. I speak it. Women's conferences, retreats and online events. I'm an Amazon best seller author. I've written 18 books. The Amazon I'm Life to Ray Giants Appear Minute. We've been married 26 years as of April 11 2018 and we have three beautiful daughters, Heather, Eden and Lamb. And my mission is encouraging women to use their gifts for God's glory living a life they love info Bill fulfilling their great purpose. Several years ago, I was speaking at a women's conference in Phoenix, Arizona, and one of the other speakers. Air, said Beth, You are a spiritual midlife helping women to birth their purpose, and that's the same way with books. I love encouraging you toe right the books where the books that are in your heart, I believe, writing as a gift that God has given us for his glory, and he wants us to write those books that we so want to right? And you know, a lot of people say that I want to write a book and yet they never do that. I've heard it said that 80% of people went to write a book, yet they never do. They never even get started or they never finish and do it. I've also heard it said that the rituals place in the world is a cemetery with people's guess in their purpose, their talents and skills buried inside of them. I don't want that to be you different. I want to help you write that. But that's in your heart. Thes air The things that we're going to cover in this class at skill. Sheer number one is, Why do you want to write a book? What's your motive? What's your reason? Which are? Why are why is very important? Is it because you went to get your name out there to be famous? Is it to make lots of money? Is it to get your book turned into a movie and make millions of dollars? Is it to share your message with the world with other people. Is it to share some type of skill? Maybe a za cookbook who are a self help or a devotional bit? Maybe you went to write your memoir, your life story, so that your Children and grandchildren, your friends, other people can read and that you'll leave a lasting legacy. It's important to know why you're writing a bit no more. To is my secret sauce. For how I've written 18 bits I wanna share with you how I've done it because some people think I can't even get one paragraph done. How have you done 18 books? And I can proudly say that I have now written the boots God has told me to write. Number three is overcoming what I call the three. He's procrastination, perfectionism, and when I call pitfalls such a social media and distractions learn how I have come conquered these things to write my own books. Next is the tacky stuff like, how do you get the cover made? How do you get it formatted in? Who do you use for an editor? How do you get your book or EBA up on Amazon, either? A tidy p, which is Kindle direct publishing or as a print book. I answer all these questions in this class and next it's seeing your name on that cover. There's no other feeling like it. It is so amazing. It will make you so happy. And it's been one of the greatest joys of my life to write the books that I've written. I love writing, and I believe that God is pleased when we write our books for his glory. He once you have made to write those books. If you've got that burning passion, it's I do. But you just don't know how. Let me come alongside you in the skill share class and teach you what I know and also to help you. Not may the same many mistakes I made so that you can succeed as an author. This is Beth. That turns, doesn't it? You can find out more about my speaking at veterans Dot net and by now about the 18 books that I've written at my Amazon author page at amazon dot com. Port slash author board slash Bethan Jones On when I thank you for signing up for this skill shirt class, I'll be given you assignments. I'll be praying over you and I'll be encouraging you along the way. You'll be able to contact me. Do is class did the course. Thank you. And I want to close now a prayer. God, I just thank you for this time together. And I just pray that you would bless this author. You would help them to get the book for books. They went to write written for your glory, to see their name on that front cover. God, I know they can do it because you help me to do it. And I ask that you bless her efforts. Listen financially, bless him with all the technical aspects and bless every word they write. I ask all these things in Jesus name. Amen. I will see you in the next class. 2. Your motive how to write your book fast: Hi. This is Beth that pigeons don't know when A welcome you to my class. How to write your but fast making your writing dreams come true. Today's video is about the why of your writing. Why do you want to write a bit? What is your motive? What is your purpose? That is very important because it's tight to your expectations. The warm motive means a reason for doing something a cause, a motivating force. You know, if your motive is tied to your expectations, that's important. Because if you don't meet your expectations for why you're doing it, you're you're going to be very disappointed. So we can either be ecstatic about the results of what we're doing or we can be disappointed. And I don't want you to be disappointed with this class. I want you to write the book or the books that are in your heart. For example, if you are a first time author, you've never written a bit before and you went to write a New York Times bestseller. Well, you might be disappointed at first because we have to get to the next level of where we went to be before we get to the very, very top. So our expectations are motives or important. The Huffington Post's is that most successful. Other authors have a combination of talent, persistence and luck. And I always say, I don't believe in luck. I believe in Jesus. I believe God is the one who opens and closes doors. I believe our blessings and the curses come from our choices in our life, whether we obey God or not. Huffington Post is on Lee 25,000 of 1.2 million books made more than 5000 copies. That's not a lot, the balance dot com says. Most self published authors don't break even, and they sell less than 200 copies, a typical advance for most people that go with a traditional publishing house made between 5000 and $10,000. And that's it. And if you have agent, they get 15% of that. Now I've chosen to go with self publishing, go to go indie publishing. Why is that? Because for years I tried to get my bits published with with a traditional publisher and what happened? I got rejection letters that granted I didn't know what I was doing and probably today I would do a lot more research, and I might be able to get a traditional publisher today. But I decided to go with self publishing. For this reason. I had talked with the worship leader at our church gym Mayor and Jim really encouraged me to write my books. I had asked him about his two books that he got apologize Did who published her boots? I thought he went with the traditional publisher, but to my surprise, he said No. Beth, I tried to do that, and I got rejection letters, and I decided my message was way too born in tow. Wait around for years and years for some publishing house to decide that my but was good enough, he said. God has given me a message, and I need to share it with other people. Other people I don't have time to waste. I can't wait any longer. So he get his books self published, and he then encouraged me to publish my own bits to self publish will speed forward a couple of years, and Jim got in a terrible motorcycle accident. He died as a fairly young man, and what would have happened. If he had no published self publishes books, the world would have never heard his message. His books are on Amazon. His Emma's Jim Mayor, M. A. H E or any writes about Israel in the end times very profound, wise, encouraging messages looking for the return of Jesus. And I am so blessed that he encouraged me to go ahead and write my bits to sell publish. And that's exactly what I did. I, too, didn't wanna wait around for years and years to get my bits publish for a publishing house to decide that my words were good enough to publish. God had given me messages to write one of those is this book a Amazon and the name of this class, which is how to write your book fast, making your writing dreams come true. That was just one of my books. The very first book I wrote was walking with God, which is my most special baby. But, baby, it's about prayer. Why prayer is so important. Why do we need to pray? How do you pray? It's very simple. Prayer is just talking the God and listening to God. It's spending time with God, God loves you and he wants to spend time with you. And I've written many more vixen, including my memoir. My powerful Life Story promises in the dork Well, Woman search for authentic 11. You can find that at Amazon at my Amazon author page amazon dot com Ford slash author were Slash Beth M. Jones I've now written 18 books and I went to encourage you to write your books. What is a message that you want to share with others? What is that message burning in your heart? Or maybe one of write fiction books? Well, you know what most of my books air nonfiction, But my husband, Ray, was encouraging me so much to write fiction book, and I said, I can't ride a fiction the I don't know how I hardly even read fiction. My husband is a voracious fiction reader, but he wanted me to write a fiction book. So after years of him encouraging me and pushing me to do it, I did it. I've never written a fiction, but before I didn't know how, I'd never taken fiction writing classes and yet I did it. I didn't take any classes. I just sat down and wrote that, but the same way I had written other bits. So whether he went to write nonfiction or fiction stories, fiction books, I can help you. I can show you how I did it. But it's important to know the motive in your horror. Why do you want to do this? I myself do not write books for money. Now a lot of people do. They think, Well, I'll just write books and make millions of dollars. Not very likely. It's possible because with God, nothing ism hospital. But the reason I write books is I loved to write. I've been riding since I was a child. I used to write in a little flower Dari every day. When I came home from school, I would write in my diary with a little walk on it. I alone have the key, and I would pour my heart into that little diary. And after that I started writing fiction stories. Now that was when I was in 19 years, preteen to teen. Years later, I began writing articles. I became a newspaper reporter and I got some riding experience that way. I took writing classes. I took writing Webinars. I've had a lot of education online about writing, but merciful. I've just written in my journals. Ah, lot of my writing was first done in journal writing, and that is a powerful tool for YouTube. You can learn the power of journaling. It can help you actually jump store. The writing of your book is very exciting, and it's a very natural way of writing. I can teach you all this and more in this skill share class I love to write, and I would encourage you to use this gift of writing. And now I want to share with us scripture for this class, which is first Peter for 10 to 11. And it's out of the message. Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing the Marie on, so all get in on it. If words let it be God's words and just pause a minute and let that sink in. If words let it be God's words, let God help you to write your but he will anoint you to write your books. He will give you the words to say, if help, let it be God's hardy hill. That way guns bright presence will be evident and everything through Jesus and he'll get all the credit. Jesus will get all the credit and all the glory as a one Lighty and everything on course to the end the time. Oh yes, and I want to read that again without my commentary. Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get Antolin it. If words let it be God's words if hell let it be God's hardy hill. That way guns bright presence will be evident and everything through Jesus and he'll get all the credit as a one mighty and everything on cores to the end of time. So I hope that encourage you today if you don't have my but how to write your but fast making your writing dreams come true. It will help you throughout the skill share class and the next class. We're going to being learning about my secret sauce. How did I write 18 books Now remember, I started with Linda just like you're going to be or you're doing nail. But how did I write all those butts when to be sharing that with you? Next time I wanna pray is out right now. Got it. Just come before you and I thank you for technology which enables me to share with this listener today. Gotta just thank you for this person. I just pray that you bless the work of his or her hands. I pray that you would annoy him or her to write this, but for your glory that you would help him or her to get it done. God, I pray that I could be an encourager to come alongside him or her to write that the two motive A to is sort God, because, really, our books are about giving you glory and encouraging others and inspiring them to give them hope. We want to share our message of hope with others, whether that's nonfiction or fiction. And I just pray that you will bless a solicitor right now and Jesus name and I thank you give you all the praise and all the glory Letter words spring a smile to your face, Your God In Jesus name. Amen. Well, I will see you next time. Well, I'll be sharing my secret sauce for writing 18 books. How did I get it done? I wanna share with you 3. My secret sauce for writing books: Hi. This is Beth that Vicens didn't and I just went toe Welcome you to my skill share class. This video today is sharing the secret sauce I had for writing 18 books. How did I do it? Some people have trouble even writing a paragraph or one book. Well, I want to share with you today my secret sauce. And it is. It's the way I wrote 18 books and became in Amazon. Best seller Author is to write one word At the time I sat my butt down in this chair at my desk in my office and I wrote one word at a time. Now maybe you're thinking Well, you know, I don't really like to write. I don't like the technical aspect of writing. So what do you do in that case where you've got a couple of options? Number one is You can har a ghost writer now, One website I can recommend to you is called Fiverr. Yes, I ve or are. And I don't get any money for referring you to them. That is simply one of the places that I used for outsourcing with some technical aspects of my books. Another thing you can do is to get a recorder, any kind of recording delights. You can just speak into the recorder. You can use your iPhone. There's a lot of different absolute there. You can record your book, and that way you will actually have to physically write your book. I just want to encourage you. Don't let that the writing port hold you that that is how I got it done now. Did the whole bit come to me? And one moment, No, of course not. What usually happens is I would get ideas for a book, and I am a visual learner. So a lot of times I'll say things pick. My family inspires me, my friends, things happen nature, my faith and Jesus and stars me and I get a lot of inspiration from reading great books. Great writers read a lot. No, not every reader is a writer that every writer should be a reader. Books reading Great books months are you to write your own bits and especially if you read other books about writing any time I get stuck or have what is called writers resistance or writer's block. If I read a book about writing that one. Spar me so I would encourage you to do the same thing. The way to get your boot written is to sit down and start writing it. And you know, John allowing is a very powerful tool for writing your book. And I use Shorty Ultra fine flat pens and I get journals. My diaries at the Dollar store. Don't pay that a couple of dollars for my journals, and I sit down and write and journaling can be the jump. Start writing your own that's you. Start writing those ideas that are popping in your mind. You know whether you're were writing a non fiction book or affection, that maybe if you're wanting to rent a fiction that you're starting to see characters in your head, you see what they look like. Their appearance. You may see a movie that inspires you to start writing your own book or you people watch at the airport or at the grocery store or wherever you're going your work and you start jotting down those ideas. You hear their laughter in your head or you hear their tongue novel ways, their accent. Maybe you're at a coffee shop, maybe you're at store, Becks drinking your coffee and you over here conversation. And they just say one thing that is ours. You maybe you have a dream. Maybe you're out for a walk out out of the tracker out in the woods and nature trail, and you get inspiration. You see a red cardinal or a dove or a bluebird or an eagle, or you go to the aquarium in your local city, where you go to the ocean. Wherever it is, you're getting inspiration. So you start writing down those ideas from nonfiction. Maybe you've got a message inside of your heart that's just burning. For example, I'm very passionate about people using their spiritual gifts or talents or skills and using them for God's glory. For example, riding your become very passionate about writers writing their biz. I hear so many people say, Oh, I really wouldn't write a book And yet they haven't done in and they say it for years and years. Don't be like loose people that go to the grave with their books buried inside of them, their gifts, their skills. I've heard it said that the richest place in the world is a cemetery worker skills, your talents. Your purpose is buried inside of you. Don't let that be you. The way you write your book, it's one word at a time you can outline I'm not a heavy out Lennar, some very successful author swear by heavy outlining other authors that outline a bit. They outline a little bit, and then they go from there. They just wherever the writing types of Taysom and they find that very exciting because they can't find it. They can't wait, find it was going to happen in their own story. So it's really up to you as to whether you heavily outline or not, but and with me, I have outlined some of my but I do a little bit of light outlining, All right, the headline of the Firm First Chapter. And then I may write the titles to the other chapters falling that I haven't organized a plan for the book. I don't always heavily outline with notes. I don't always know exactly what I'm going to say in my book. I usually stood down and start writing and then gods and winning is upon me to write, and I get inspiration from very different things. Books like my Like I said, my family inspires me. Other people, my faith movies. I watch chick flicks out in nature different things and spar me. Traveling especially inspires me. So find out what inspires you and then sit down and write. But grab those ideas that are in your head. Do have brained up and start writing them down or typing them down or recording them with some type of recorder on your phone or or some type of recording delights. So that is the night took free today in today's class. My secret sauce for writing 18 books is sitting my bet down in that chair and writing one word at a time. This is Bath at veterans dot net, and the next time we're going to be talking about how to conquer the three p's procrastination, perfectionism and pitfalls, such a social media and distractions. I will talk to you later, be blessed and have a great day 4. Conquer the 3ps skillshare class: helped to write your book fast. Conquering the three p's procrastination is easily due to fear. What will people think? What if nobody buys it? What if I don't make money and you want to do something else? Something fun? Yeah, How do you conquer procrastination? You prioritize. You make a decision that your book really matters During my writing. Wheat with Shelly Hits I made a decision to write the first draft of night, my new, better flight book. The fact is that most of us do what really matters, what is important to us. For example, our daughter Heather is a customer service rep at Award that is very stressful. She much rather do another job, but she has decided she's going to do it to take care of her family. Your story matters. You miss. Choose to write your best to make it a priority and to finish it. Number two. It's perfectionism. I call this a sister or harass nation dressed up in high heels. The truth is that nobody is perfect. I've never read one boat without at least one mistake in it. We need to strive and step for excellence to be a good steward of Jesus Christ were all human, and we're going to make mistakes. There is no perfection Onley, beautiful versions of Brokenness, and if you wait for perfect conditions, you'll never get anything done. Weekly ST's 11 for that is so true. You know people can't relate to Perfect because God is healing. When that's perfect, do the best you can and then do your very best and move on. Laugh at yourself. Forgive and move on. The social Media is 1/3 1 Distractions that hinder you and stop you from your writing. We can all drown in hours on social media, looking at others. Vacation pics, recipes, cute outfits, comparing ourselves to other successful people. This does not get your book written. It takes discipline not to let sexual media still your time. Alexis of Haniya. We're surrounded by distractions, whether it's email, social media, people leaving your workplace, those eat up your time. When think you can do is use a poem. Adora Method. Set a timer for 25 minutes. Don't work on your task, or you can time block. Set aside 2 to 3 hours for focus for and then reward yourself with time on social media mystical pray because God will help you to write your but it's for his glory and to help other people. To recap these air The three p's don't let any of them stop you. It is time to write your book. 5. The techie stuff: Hi. This is Beth that pigeons doesn't it won't welcome you to my class. How do you write your but fast making your writing dreams come true? Did the techie aspects of writing about scare you will? It does for most people. And when I first started at it knew anything about the technical aspects. I have gotten quite an education over the last 12 years writing my books what you see on the screen before you. Now this fiver f I v e or or and this is where I go to get the techie aspects of my books done. What do I mean by techie aspects? Well, you have to get a cover design. You also have to get the book orry but poor madame properly. If you don't have a formatted, it is not going to look right, either when they are reading that on the Kindle or their reader, or when they have a print book in their hands, you have to get it for men of properly. Some people also hire a professional editor now. I didn't get a professional editor for my memoir Promises in the Door. When one's search for authentic love, her name was Hannah Moon. I heard her a couple of years ago, and she did a beautiful job with my graphic designer, Christine Dupri, for the cover of that book and handle. Did a beautiful job editing it, a formatting it inside whoever last year hand, I had so many spinning plates. Not only was she married and had to take care of her family, she was going to college. She also had her own business, so she had to pull back and she was just getting too stressed out. And she resigned from publishing books. So now what I do is get a fiver every time you see on your screen there fiver f I ve or Or this is where I get to get my work done. Now I no longer hire a professional editor. I do the editing myself because I have war as an editor. I'm pretty good at editing my own books. I would encourage you if you don't feel confidence in the area. Toe Hara, professional editor for the spelling for the Grammar for the Content. I do have a program, a software program on my ward, documents that edits for me at it's a spelling and the grammar, and I usually do at least four or five edits. I also printed out physically because there's something about seeing that and black and white before your eyes were You can catcher on this days. No book is going to be perfect that you know nobody's perfect but God. So you might have a couple of misstates and even a few editor, or you get someone else to ever that. No, biggest Perfect that you wouldn't do the very best job you can the most professional job that you can't now who know what for. So where do I get the pictures for the front cover of my E books or my books? I always buy them on Istock. I stopped dot com. They have beautiful pictures, and they always have what it went. Ah, lot of times are by the picture even before I finished writing the book, and that motivates me to get the but Dinant and Spars may, because art inspires right, and that's where I buy my pictures. Then I take this image to this too graphic designer at fiver. Her name is pro underlying e book covers, and she does amazing more. I love the covers that she is designed for me. But for e book in for prints, she does vote. What is she charge would generally, if you look there on the screen, it says, I will design and I catching Eva or Kindle cover. And she charges $10 now if you want extra fast service, which it usually takes three or four days, maybe five at the most for her to finish designing the cover. But if he went over Millie Extra Fast, she charges more for that. She also charges more if it's a print, but because there's different aspects of the design for a physical print that but for an e book for the Kindle It a mazon, she charges $10 then they always appreciate it. Tip. Just like if you're gonna get the Mexican restaurant and get supper, usually took the waiter or waitress tip. The people that are serving you hear it. Either it's considered a courtesy and let them know our if you're referred you, I don't giving money out of it, but it's just a professional courtesy. So she does beautiful war. I love the covers. She is designed me. She's very good at communicating. She's fast, she's efficient and she does great work now for the formatting. You want to get your book or your E but professionally formatted for weather, said EBA from for Amazon for the Kindle or whether it is a print book and you want different kinds of formatting for an e book and for a print book, Intention Media can do both. She conform at your book, your manuscript for your e book for the Kindle, a Amazon, and she can format a print but manuscript. And she is just awesome. She she, too, is very friendly and professional and great to work with, and she does beautiful war. So this is my writing team at fiver. This is so I used every single time when I need a book done. These are my team at fiver Pray Pro E, but covers an intention, media and intention media. She is also very professional, very official. If you need an extra fast, she can do that. So I wanted to share with you who I used for the technical aspects of my book, because that is so important. That way, you don't have to worry about those stressful techie things, and you can get this done. You can cook, focus on your gift of a writing what God has anointed you to do. And next time in our class, we're going to be talking about seeing your name on that front cover. There is no other feeling like it, I promise. This is half the iTunes dot net and my Amazon author pages amazon dot com for it slash author word slash death. And Jones, I will talk to you later and see you next time have a blessed and beautiful day. 6. ISBN movie: I s P NK wiki and printer getting your boat ready to launch. This is Beth Jones app, itunes dot net. And I want to welcome you to my class today. The ESPN is an international standard book number, and it uniquely identifies your book or your book like product. You can buy your eye ESPN at ESPN dot orc. You can buy just one or a package of I s bian's. If this isn't eba, you will not need an I s bien. Not generally Amazon provides what is called an AI s in for e books for the Kindle. The ESPN is not the same thing as a bar codes. And that's when you get a warm or or another store. You'll see that bar code on the back of a book or on a product. And this Barco provides information about the pricing of the product or inventory information you can buy. Just one I SBM from Valka or a package of thm one. I spn is $125. 10 I s P N's air, $295.100 or $575. I usually buy one i SBM You can also buy the ESPN with the barcode. I usually just by the one backer, does have a self publishing package that includes an ESPN and a barcode. But like I said, I usually just by the ESPN. And if you're going to write a lot of books, you already know ahead of time that you're going to be writing a lot of picks such as a series. The best deal is buying the 10 I S P n's because that saves you some money. Some print on demand companies like create space provide an I S P m for you. However, I have always just bought nine from BALCO er again, that's that. I s P n ork. Now how do you sell an e book on Amazon? The arm of Amazon for e books is kindle direct publishing KDP and here's the website. For you, you'll find all the information you need to know There you need to sign in or create an Amazon account. KDP washy through every step to Publisher E. But for the kennel and all you do is answer every question about your best, such as the title your author name. Or there's other contributing writers the price that you want to set for your e book. And I generally charged to 99 from eight you books. Now, if you're a very famous popular author, they charge much more for their E bugs that generally minor in the price range of 2 99 to 5 99 If I want to do a sale, I'll drop the price down to 99 cent. My print books are higher because I've got to pay to have my book ship from my print on demand company to my home. And then I usually sell them. When I go speak at a women's conference that usually I put the price around 2 99 They also ask you questions about the category. Is this a fiction book? A nonfiction? But is this a Children's story? Is that a romance is a historical novel? Is it a devotional? And you'll seal that information when you go on there? That does take some research for you to figure out the categories, and that I think the categories is probably one of the hardest things about writing a book and publishing. Yet if you have any questions about uploading to Katie P or any other questions about your book? Just contact me veterans at my website at veterans dot net. There is no other feeling like seeing your name on the front cover of your, but I'm telling you it. It's so exciting, and it will make you so happy. It is one of the greatest feelings ever. Now here's the process to write your bed here, you see me standing there with a couple of my boats that are proud. I don't have all of my books in print, but I do have my memoir, My Life Story that is very powerful promises in the door one woman search for Ah Thanet Love my spiritual warfare, the hands of a Woman and a Couple Other bids and mine imprint. My goal is to eventually get all of my books in print. First you jot down your ideas for your book, and you could write this down in your journal. You can record it with the recording device. Like your phone. You can put it in a war document. There's a lot of different ways you can jot down those ideas, even scrap pieces of paper and inspiration can happen any time in your core wherever you go at night. When you're trying to sleep, be sure to keep a pen and paper or a recording device by you close by so that you can get down those ideas because if you don't record them, you may lose them forever. And it may be very important for your write the first draft, and then you do the editing and rewriting. And yes, you will be rewriting. You won't just write a great book right away. The first draft is going to take some work. Writing a book is war. I usually do for five edits on my boots, and then I include printing out the manuscript because there's something about seeing it in black and white that can help you to catch the spelling and the grammar mistakes. You know, I do use some software on my ward documents spell chat to help me catch spelling and grammar mistakes, and there's a lot of software out there. If you feel like you're not real strong and spelling or grammar that can help you with editing your book, you can also her a professional editor for both content and for spelling and grammar mistakes. You went to do the best job possible, and it for me. I'm a believer in Jesus Christ. I wanna do the best job possible. Not perfect. But I strive for excellence because you don't want to have a sloppy but with luck to mistakes in it. Now every book is probably going to have at least one or two mistakes, but just do your very best. Then you by the image I stock. And that's why I stopped dot com amiss. Every image of ever bought for the front covers of my bed have been on Istock this last book. I bought it at Light Style, which is a Christian organization with beautiful images. You went toe love the cover of your book. You want to love the picture, and you want something that's going to grab people's attention and going to stand out from among the rest of your competition. You can also use your own picture. If it's a high quality image, then you hard the graphic designer. I highly recommend Pro underlined e book covers at fiber, and that's a F I ve or Or she does both E bet covers, AM print covers and she does a beautiful job. I love her work. She has done the last several of my books that I've gotten published. Then you hard the four matter for the inside of the book, and I highly recommend Intention Media at fiber. She does a wonderful, beautiful job with formatting the inside of the bit. If your book is not properly formatted for the Kindle or a print book, it's not going to look right. And it's going toe look strange on the reading device or in the book, so you want to get professional formatting for your bit. After that, you upload the final foul to Katie P. Or to your print on domain company. That's your printing company. And then it's time to tell people about your book that you are now a published author. You begin more fitting your book, and it is time to celebrate with your family. Inference you did it. You're writing Dreams have come true. There is no other feeling in the world like seeing your name on that front cover. I write books because I love to write, and for me, it's a matter of obedience to God. I feel there is just no time to waste. And we need to do what God has caught us to do and to be. I can't wait to see your name on that cover. I believe in you and I know you can do it. It is time to write your back.