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How to Write Good Fanfiction

teacher avatar Rachel Flick

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      How to Get in and Stay in Character


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      The Dos and Don'ts of Writing Fanfiction


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      Your Assignment


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About This Class

In this simple class, Rachel explains the importance of fanfiction and how it can help your writing. She offers tips and suggestions on how to write the best fanfiction you can, through a series of easy steps. At the end, you will write your own little fanfiction to practice what you've learned, and which will hopefully help you not only in your fanfiction career, but in every other area of writing in your life. 

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Rachel Flick

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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Rachel Flick and I will be your don't say structure for this class because that would assume that I'm a professional or something on your creative inspiration. This, too. Let's go with that. Gets inspiration ist definitely a word. Solve your creative inspiration ist for this class, which is how to buy good fan fiction. I'm not going to tell you how to write well or how to get over writer's block or something like that. There plenty of other classes on this site that go check one of those out before we start, I'm going to explain to you why I chose this topic. In particular, there are a lot of stereotypes surrounding fan fiction, such as that it is not real writing or that it's garbage. That only exists. Some people's favorite characters can go be in a relationship, but that's only because that's the name fan fiction that's created for itself. Fan fiction is just taking someone else's characters and making your own stories with them . You're telling me, didn't he? Doesn't do that with every fairy Taylor folk Lawrence ever adapted. You're telling me J. J. Abrams didn't do that with the force awakens. You're telling me that every movie adaptation of a book isn't just directors taking a story and making it into something else. But the best fan fiction has people staying in character because you did fall in love those characters for a reason. So why would you want to watch the force awakens if she Bacchus could suddenly speak, or no one ever said, I'm glad about feeling about this. I'm someone just always struggled with making my characters compelling when I'm writing a story. So I turned to fan fiction a lot when I am struggling with Dr because keeping them in character is something I like to think I'm good at. And I truly believe if you can keep other people's creations and character, you get a lot better keeping your own character to calm. Usually that's all true for everyone, but that is the reason that I chosen to make this class. So in conclusion, what I'll be demonstrating in the following videos is how to get into character, how to hopefully saying character and how to decide what fan fiction, right, depending on what characters you're using, will then be given a couple of options for your excitement. But all of them will include writing a one or two paid short fanfic that you'll then share with the group you guys who. 2. How to Get in and Stay in Character: Hello. Welcome back in this lesson. I'll be showing you waste, get into the head of the character you're writing about and how to hopefully keep that my problem. What I'm writing my own stories is that I usually tend to put too much of myself in the characters, which makes sense because they are my creation and therefore will always have a part of me . I don't know, because I know myself better than any other person. I think that's why I like watching movies and reading so much because it allows me toe see the characters and up close and personal way, and it helps me write my character development. And I see a lot of fan fiction to that, I think, is people reflecting themselves into what they want the characters to be like more than what they're actually like. There's nothing wrong with us. I totally support people riding what makes them happy and not worrying about whether it's good or not. But if you do want it to be good and I'm I guess you do, since that's why you're here, then you do at least want your characters to resemble the original iterations of themselves . There is character development and alternate universes and all that, But that's not what I'm talking about. Basically, if your character is not include of you speaking, then you've got it down. So how do you do that? My best, most simple tip is, honestly, just to consume as much of the character as possible. Don't another fan fiction. That's maybe the worst idea when you're trying to write your own, because then you're just diluting the character even further. But make sure the Booker movie expression your head before you start writing about them, because depending on how much time you spent on them, you'll automatically just start thinking like them. I know it's weird. Recently, I started writing a story after I run Jane Eyre, and even though what I was writing that had nothing to do with the book or was even set in the same time period, I felt myself still writing and that kind of flowery way. Suddenly I was using fancy words and long paragraphs to describe the process of someone just getting up to get a glass of water. I remember another instance when I was a teenager and I was listening to a dramatization of The Chronicles of Narnia and after five hours that came to the dinner table, and I'm almost like you just spoke in a British next. So, yeah, stuff your head with that. You're basically it's not as bad as it sounds. I promise it's not gonna bring with you or anything like that, and any kind of writing helps your writing in the long run. So for those people who say fan fiction isn't real running, there's no such thing. So now you know how to get into character. But now you need to remember how to stay in character because it's very easy to start out strong. And then suddenly it's your own words. Talking again. Way to keep in character is also pretty simple. Just let them write the thing themselves, that any listen to them in your head, and if you can hear the line that you want to write, then you're still in character. Same goes for actions, and you do have to be honest with yourself about whether or not they actually do or say the thing. If you can hear it in their voice or if you can actually visualize them doing something, then you're good, but that's it for this lesson. You can jump ahead to the assignment now if you want to practice what you learned or you can go into the next video, which is how to decide what to write about if you're watching. 3. The Dos and Don'ts of Writing Fanfiction: Hello and welcome back in this else it'll be discussing what to write about. And I know I said in the first video that that isn't what I was gonna dio. And really, technically, it doesn't want to write about. It's more kind of what not to write about. No, this topic, something that I'm gonna be pretty careful about because I do have this whole. You shouldn't put rules and creativity kind of policy again, right? What makes you happy? And don't take this lesson to heart if you're not concerned about being good, because there are rules for what makes something good. So disclaimer, right, whenever you want. Seriously, that fiction is for and I am not your mother. The following are just my opinions on what may be to avoid when you're doing it. Fan fiction, as I said before, has the stereotype where people just write it toe make their favorite characters have make out sessions, even though just Carrabba and Darth Vader probably wouldn't ever be a thing. I'm not saying I've seen that as an example. I'm not saying it couldn't be done in some kind of epic alternate universe where robbed Robin is dead and Earth Vader. Thanks, but I'm just saying you should avoid it usually most of the time, you probably also wouldn't see her mind Granger doing polling for a living. And you probably wouldn't see Loki getting a baby kitten and cuddling it, because those things aren't character. And so if you see a character doing it, suddenly, it just doesn't feel like that character anymore. There are two exceptions to this quote unquote rule. However, the 1st 1 is the comedy rule, the two channel How Should Have Ended. It is a good example of the company rule and the next rule that I'll be talking about in a couple minutes. But he is many things like Bano sitting on the toilet until Infinity War or Superman playing Pokemon go in a cafe. In the comedy rule, pretty much anything goes, you still keep a bit in character because the funniest jokes of the ones that have some truth on them the Pokemon go thing is funny because Superman is encouraging Batman to play with him on Lee. That man has his own Batman famed Poke Motel on his phone because everything about him is that man themed The other exception is the alternate universe or a new rule. These kinds of stories are typically where a hero and villain roles were reversed, or people are related to each other differently, like they might be sisters instead of mother, daughter or even that something Senate a time period where the game of Thrones people might be going to high school together. That's the common rules. Also set kind of in a You like the house should've ended channel where every universe just seems to be one in one big crossover. But if you make an alternate universe, you can't just jump back and forth between universes. You have to stay in character with the university government. Basically, it all just comes down to staying in character. I guess that's the rial rule here, staying character, and you could do literally anything else, just the world I noticed on the tips that have helped me. Maybe you've noticed some other exceptions. Or maybe you've noticed exceptions to the exceptions. I'm I'm sure there are other, but I know that the stories I enjoy those are the ones that I could see happening even if they're in an alternate universe. so keep your characters to situations. They might really find themselves in and you'll be on the right track. And that's the end of this. Lawson. The next one will be explaining the time in detail, and then we'll be pretty much done. Thanks, guys. 4. Your Assignment: Welcome back, guys in this Listen, I'm going to officially give your assignment and tried explaining in better detail than whatever it was brought down below. Your sign that is Teoh. A short fan fiction. But I'm gonna give you a couple of options on what I want that fan fiction about that you can that share with the group. I'm genuinely interested in what you're gonna do, by the way. So don't run it with the mindset that no one's gonna read it because it will. Crist option is to write a diary entry for a character. Don't worry too much about whether the character you think would actually haven't. Because remember Eva Voldermort had a diary. You think they wouldn't diary use that? If you think they got that writing a diary, then right, that scoff in the entry. Remember keeping in character, keeping in character like I'm pounding that message into your heads, But it really is the secret ingredient. All of this seven option is to read about two people having a conversation. I would recommend keeping it in the same universe because it's hard to write a crossover right out of the game when you have you know two different writing styles in your head, then you have to juggle. It could be a tense is an interrogation scene or Cipel's two people going out for coffee? But make sure that there is no action outside the conversation you can use dramatic as you like, but keep the drama and the things they say to each other, and your third option is to have across every scene. No, the guy lives for that. You can have two people talking for 10 have a nice dinner scene or we're saving the world. But whatever it is, I want those to be from other universes. If you have questions on any of these options, you can feel free to ask me. But I do kind of want these to be up for an interpretation, and you read it differently that what I meant does, Don't worry, I will be your dinner rock. Also, you didn't notice the kind of progressive difficulty. At least. I think maybe you think it's easier to write a conversation than a diary entry. But whatever the case, I want you to pick the one you feel more comfortable writing about, or you could do all three. I'd love to see that, too. Alright, and that's it for this video. Thanks, guys, 5. Conclusion: thank you for taking the time to watch the series. Thank you for not blowing it off. Sicily subject. I definitely was one of those people who used to not want to touch fan fiction with a 10 foot pole. But now that I see that it is really in everyday life and that it improves by writing, I cannot recommend families. Not everybody have you feel like the Siri's helped you? And again, I'll be reading any and all submissions, so make sure opposed them. If you want a fan, fictional Les Miserables or Charlie Chaplin or something, I'm not quite sure what you're gonna do that. But I trust you and you know I'll still be in your home in what way I can. Thanks to get guys and I'll talk to you soon.