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How to Use Trello for Project Management | Trello Tutorials for Beginner to Advanced

teacher avatar Imran Emu, Graphic & UI/UX Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      00. Introductin To Trello


    • 2.

      01. Create a Trello Account


    • 3.

      02. Introduction to Trello Workspaces


    • 4.

      03. Create a Trello board


    • 5.

      04. Join a Trello Board


    • 6.

      05. Create lists and cards on Trello


    • 7.

      06. Use labels in Trello


    • 8.

      07. Trello Card Options


    • 9.

      08. Change Trello Board visibility


    • 10.

      09. Complete Specialized views of a trello Board


    • 11.

      10. Changing background Color in Trello


    • 12.

      11. Trello about Section


    • 13.

      12. Trello Notification Settings


    • 14.

      13. Delete Workspaces And Boards On Trello


    • 15.

      14. Workflow automations on Trello


    • 16.

      15. How to use card templates on Trello


    • 17.

      16. How to use board templates on Trello


    • 18.

      17. How to use pre made templates to create a board in trello


    • 19.

      18. How to add and use power ups on Trello


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About This Class

Trello is a cloud-based freemium Project management software. You can use this tool to manage your project, Personal daily routines, Any event, etc.

In this course, I will show you how to use Trello project management software from the scratch. If you follow all the videos, you will be able to manage your project effectively.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Imran Emu

Graphic & UI/UX Designer


Hey there!

I'm Imran Emu. I'm a Freelance graphics and UI/UX designer with a love for crafting visual experiences. I've been immersed in the design industry since 2015, constantly evolving my skills and staying on top of trends. My creative toolbox includes Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Figma, where I bring ideas to life with a blend of artistry and functionality.

Teaching is my jam! I'm super passionate about sharing what I've learned because I truly believe that spreading knowledge is one of the coolest things we can do.

I thrive on creativity, using these design tools to create captivating visuals and seamless user interfaces. Whether it's making a stunning logo or crafting an intuitive website interface.

Outside of design, I love travelli... See full profile

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1. 00. Introductin To Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video training, we will learn what trailer is and how to use it. Trailer is basically our premium project management software. It has margins for desktop computers and devices, and also for Apple devices. Whether you are going to manage our business project or build a website for an official purpose. Even organized an upcoming event like a wedding or an official vacation. Traveler can help you plan and organize everything in a systematic way. 2. 01. Create a Trello Account: To use the software, you have to create an account on trailer. Set the link in the video description. If you click on that link, you will be sent here. Now, here goes the sign-up button in the top right corner. Click on it. You can enter your e-mail address, or you can sign up with your Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Slack account. Here is a piece of information for you. If you sign up with your e-mail addresses, you can use these to login to our PUE. Other posit man has been software like 0 and Confluence as well. So I'm using my e-mail address here to sign up for Trello upper entering the email address, I'm going to hit the Continue button. Then I type my full name and hit the Sign Up button. Now I paste this capture talents. I sews those squares and hit the Next button. And other kept silence. Now I sues this is squares and hit the verify button. Now I have to name my first workspace. Let me name this research and development because this is one of the few sections I take care of as the General Manager in my office. I also like to invite our PU associates of mine to participate in this workspace. I'm typing the email addresses. Notice that this time I'm done typing an email address. I'm hitting the Enter button on the keyboard. In the case of copy-pasting e-mail addresses, you don't have to press the Enter. Now, I have entered all the email addresses. I'm going to send invitations tool. I'll click on the Continue button here. Click on the escape button. Again, click on the Go button. Now here among the dashboard of my past work, space research and development. Now, I should pay attention to this particular place that wants me to verify my e-mail address as an account holder here on trailer. I login to my e-mail address and I click on the email titled verify your e-mail for Atlassian. I click on the verify your e-mail button. Once I click on that button, I'm directed here on this page. Now I have to create a password. I entered the password and hit the Sign Up button. Once again, I'm here on the dashboard of my workspace. Now, I'll show you how to accept invitations to. So an artery lowercase space. Assuming remember I have sent in by additions to James, Henry, and zillion, three of my associates. Now suppose zooms will accept the invitation. Let me assume for a moment depths I am and I have lost into my email address. I'm going to open a new browser. Now let me log in to my email account. I'm going to take my inbox and pattern the email prompt Trello. I'm going to click on that and then click on this big green, join, the Workspace button. Now I have been rejected here to this page. I can see who are on this workspace here, but swell means this person hasn't confirmed the invitation yet. Now, Zoom's one to 0 and this workspace. So he clicks on the blue zone Workspace button, by the way, assumes hasn't created a Trello or Atlassian account. Now, here's his turn to do that. Is full name and password is the sign-up button. He has successfully learned Oliver's workers plus reserves and development. This is the dashboard for the workspace on Zooms. And now he can create a board as he's an admin as well. He can click on the particular Getting Started link. Now that we have shown everything about signing up to trailer and creating and designing our space. 3. 02. Introduction to Trello Workspaces: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I will introduce the dashboard of trello, the project management subtract. I hope you have created our Trello account by following my previous video today, let's talk about the workspace interface. When I log into Trello, I see the following interface. Let me explain. It's part of this interface to you. If you click on boards, you will see all boards under all the workspaces. And the recently built boards. By the way, boards is selected at the moment. So not only to click on it. Under the work, space research and development, the bolts or economics book, maths and physics book. If you click on the template step, you will see all the available templates per trailer boards. Let me click on that tab. We have arrived on this pace. Here in the left sidebar, we see many template categories. There's our business, design, education, engineering, marketing, and operations, personal productivity, product management, project management, Remote Work, sales support, and management. Additionally, I can submit a new template created by me by clicking on this button named plus submitted template. As you can see, our pure templates have been pictured in the upper part of the space. These are new and notable templates. If I scroll down, I get to see up your templates under the business category. Another pure under the design category. The same is applicable for education and other categories. Now, let's get back to the previous page. If you click on the Home tab, you will be here on this pace. Here you will see a message as a stay one track and up-to-date. In this part, you will see the recently built items. Here is a link to create a new board. We'll talk about that in our next video. Now, let's get back to the previous scenario. If you click on the plus sign, you will create a new workspace. If you click on the dropdown arrow tip adjacent to research and development, you will see all the options under this workspace. Let me click that. Apu options, EMRs, I have to explain them as well. However, I'm going to explain only the past three other options, namely workspace table, members, settings, and Trello premium. We'll discuss in another section. As we will see, if you click on getting started, you will see a set list. The list includes Cato workspace. At a board. To our workspace. Invite your teammates, connect your apps, and explore automations. To the right of the minimum, it will see existing members. If you click on boards, you will see the existing boards under the current workspace. Next to that, there is our create new board button. In the peripheral vision. You can't create more than ten boards under a workspace. If you click on highlights, you will see the space. This is something we already encountered. They are giving you a sensation to stay on track and up-to-date. You will see the recently built items and are linked to create a verb. The thing is that you can create a new world at five different places. Towards the upper wars. The wars, home, the Create menu and highlights. Now let's get back to the previous scenario by clicking on the upper boards button. If you click on suits, our category, drop-down menu will show up. On the menu. You can see APU categories of templates. If you click here, you will browse the pool template gallery. This is not required at this moment. Since we already did that. These are the items you will recently built. This is the name of your current workspace where we are working. If you click on this board, you will see all of your boards under your current workspace. Here they are. If you click on work space table or this workspace table, you will see our premium PSL up trailer. If you are on the pro version and have our workspace containing honor more boards. Here you will see a specialized table. However, please save the playlist to find related videos. If you click on members, you will see all the members in the current workspace. You can even invite new members to the workspace by clicking on this button. You can remove on or more members. Necessarily. In addition, you can leave the workspace if you want to. In the periphery version, every member is an admin by default, you can start up or even day free trial to unlock exclusive teasers, like numbers, different roles. If you click on settings, you will go to the setting pace. Here, you have a lot of setting options to sense energy. At the bottom of the space. You can even delete the workspace. Now, let me go to the previous space. You'll need to click on this link. If you want to upgrade to your Trello account. Now, click View All closed boards to see all the deleted boards. Up until now only onboard has been deleted. That's chemistry. If you click on these cancel sine, you won't see the template anymore. That's all for today. I hope you guys now know everything about our trill Workspace dashboard. After watching this video. 4. 03. Create a Trello board: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to create a board on Trello, the project management software. I hope you watched my last video where I introduced Trello or caspase dashboard or interface. Now you know how to create our keyspace and probably have created on in your Trello account. The second step is integrate our board. What is the artery low board, and what purpose does it serve? Let me explain that dedicatedly. Suppose I need to get up physics book and a maths book published in the upcoming few days. Here the physics book is a project, and the maths book is another post-it in trailer market space. These projects are called boards. Now I'm going to create a new board in the same market space with these reserves and development. Let me click on the create new board button. Dialog box shows up. I type the name of the board as economics book. Now I click here and sues our keyspace for the board. I keep it as research and development. Now I click here and sues the privacy of my board. The default privacy is work space, which means that all members of the working space can see and edit this board. The other two privacy settings are private and public. Private means board members and worker space admins can see and edit this bulb. Whereas public means anyone on the Internet, including Google, can see this bulb. However, only board members can edit the board. I keep the default privacy, which is workspace. As you can see on the right, there are APU background options. You can choose a background color or an image for the background of your trailer board. Alternatively, you can start with a template. However, for the time being, I like to create the board from scratch. I like a blue background for this board, so I select blue. Finally, I click on the clipboard button. And this is the interface or dashboard of my newly created Trello board by the name of economics book. Let's have a short tour of the interface of this board. Here is the name of the board. If we want to sense it, you'll need to click here. Here goes a star sign. If you start a board, you make it important. Start boards shows up at the top in any list of boards. Here, Gogh's work space. This is the name of the workspace the board is under. You can click here to since the workspace here goes visibility. Click over here to since the visibility of the board currently is workspace visible, but you can sense it to private or public. Let's see, mm bars. Moving on the right here goes the avatars or profile images of the members of the board. But admins and normal members in might. You need to click on this button to invite new members to the board automation. You can sit a specific rules to this board. To me know, this is a menu which you can use to add description to your board. Since background color, and emails and sars for a specific cards. You will also see power of activated to the board. And recent activities log. Here. Finally, you can go to more and close the board. Now about the sidebar. If you click here, you can expand or collapse the sidebar. Next to the sidebar, you can see this board probe down menu, this menu provirus, a specialized views for your board and Kurds. However, these PCL is available on a paid plan. That's all for today. I hope you guys know how to create a board on Trello after watching this video. 5. 04. Join a Trello Board: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I will show you how to do it in an existing board on a Trello or caspase. So let me show you how to do that. As you can see, I have designed this workspace named research and development. There are three boards in it, namely economics book, maths book, and physics book. There's boards who are created by an associate of mine. Now I'm going to join the physics book board. Let me click on the board. Here you can see the zone board button, which means that I haven't designed the board it but I can before I Zion, I can see who are already on this board and their membership status as well, also known as permissions here. I also see with lists and cards are on this board. These are new terms for you, which I'm going to explain in the next video. For the time being, I can see up your lists and cards on this board. There is just one avatar, which is API. This must represent admin. The creator of the work is *** and the board. The double arrow tip on his avatar means that here's the admin of this board. Let me click on his avatar and see what happens. Now, although I can't, since permissions person Peterson, I can surely see his latest activities on the boards. I click on View members. Board activity. Here is odd zone, recently did quite a few activities. Let me now close the menu. So after exploring the board, I have decided to join it. And here I click on the zine board, may know. Upon joining, you may notice our senses have taken place. My order has been added next to admins. Since I'm not an admin yet, I don't have the double arrow trip in my avatar. However, I can see an invite button right where the zones board button was. So it seems like I can now even invite a few people to join this board. Well, I like to invite on of my asserts name, Daniel. I click on the Invite button and this menu appears. I type e-mail address because I don't exactly know his trailer name. Here. I assign him a role on the board since I'm unnormal member myself, I can't add him either as a normal member or as an observer. We see something lower than our normal member. Well, purine permission and observer can view and comment on the board, but they can't edit the board. They can't invite new people as well. Whereas a normal member can not only build and comment the board, but also can edit the board and invite new people to the board. I sues to keep the default we see is a member role for Daniel. Notice that I can invite people with links. You may be curious as to how that works. Let me show you. Let's click on Create link. Here is what I can see. I can copy this link to send invitations or alkyne download these QR code. However, in the case of Daniel, isis, to use neither of those two. So now let me hit the Send Invitation button. Since Danielle was already on the workers face, is instantly edit to this board after my invitation. He doesn't need any approval per this. So now you know how to join our Trello board. If you are on the workspace, on the board is under. 6. 05. Create lists and cards on Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to create lists and cards on Trello, the project management software. I hope you watched my last video where I showed how to design an existing board on trailer. I hope you could create a board on your account. Now it's time for you to create a few lists and cards. Let me show you how to do that. Well prints, you might have a question about what our list and what purpose it serves on trailer. Simply put, LR stages of task. They represent workflow. When our list includes a few tasks, it means that those tasks are under the same estates. Let me show you where to find list on our Trello board. As you can see, these keywords, names to do. Doing represents three default list. When our board is created on our Trello workspace. Four cards is task on Trello is called a card. Card can be transformed from one list to another. Sent. Not depending upon the progress or update of the world work. Now, I wanted to add another list by the name of planning. I'm going to do that by clicking on the button named, add another list. Here I type planning. Then hit at least button. The list has been edit. Now I'm dragging this new list to the leftmost area. I mean, in the beginning, I'm going to add two cars to this list. One is collecting books info, and another one is hiring writers and editors. I click on this plus add a card button and type collecting book info. Finally click on the Add Card button. On card has been added. The same way, I'm adding another card. I'm diving hiring writers and editors. Then click on Add Card button. Another card has been added under the list planning. I'm not going to add any more guards to this list. I'm going to click on this cross sign. Like I said earlier, our card is more like a task in Trello ion to add a few cars to the to-do list. They are right contents, type compose the content, proofread the contents, edit the contents, and finally the contents. Now I'm adding this Kurtz. I'm clicking on the Add Card button under the to-do list. Here I type the name of the first task, which is right contents, and then hit at Cart button. The card has been created. Well, guys, as you can see, the same way, I have added a number of tasks and cards under the list to do. Now you can transfer the scars to the ADA center or any other list simply by dragging and dropping. Suppose I have recruited up your writers and they have started writing the contents. In that case the cart, right contents. Should we now under the doing list, now that to-do list, because processing has already began. So let me drag the curd right here and then drop. The current hiring writers and editors should be under the dam list. On my board maids and I have collected in a book info, this car should be under the down list as well. So I drag and drop this task as well. One more thing to note here is that you can rearrange the water. The card appears on a list simply by dragging and dropping. Let me show you. Okay. That's all for today. I hope you guys now know how to cleared list and cars on trailer. After watching this video. 7. 06. Use labels in Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to use labels on Trello. I hope you watched my last video. I showed how to create lists and cards on Trello and also how to use them properly. Now, it's time to introduce the idea of levels. What is a level and what purpose does it serve? Well, labels are used to categorize cars and tasks. For example, our particular project, it can be three types. Present moderately OR and NOT source. And we can use three labels to have three categories of task. One Trello levels are of different colors and you can write sample text on them to remind you what our particular level is about. Now we have defined levels. How do we apply it on a card? Let me show you that. Suppose we are going to add a label to this particular card named right contents. To do that, first click on the curb. Our dialog box shows up. Now click here. Few color options appears. Below the colors. There is a bottom named create a new level. Click on it. You need to Sue's named for the level and also a color. The name will help you remember what the label is. A mode. I sues the name, video present and red color. Then hit this clear button. The level is created, which you can see here. I underclothes the box and see what I have. As you can see, this red band indicators that are liberal has been added to the card, right contents. If I click on the level, its name APRs. Now you know how to add a level two occurred. Let us use multiple levels. On this particular board, which is more like a process. There will be two categories, up cards. In the past category, there will be three levels, barriers and moderately arson and not so absent. The basic of this category is present. The basis of second category is who is supervising the curd. In this category will have two levels, zone and pred. In order to implement the past category up labels. Let me bring the cards, collecting book info, and hiring writers and editors in the planning lists, and other guards in the to-do list. Let me see the curves in the order they should every year, I consider both the task in the planning list as Betty artisan. So let me assign them the videos and level. The past task, right? Content is already labeled barriers and I want to label the cards, type, compose the content. Proofread the content as moderately accent. Let me create this level fast. I click here, then click here, then on the Create New button. I input the name of the level as moderately are present, and sues the orange color. After that click on the clear button. The level has been created. Now I close the dialog box and see the Warren's level on this curve. Let me know. At the same level to the next car. Now, let me give the third level by the name not swords. I click on this carbon name, the contents and create the level. I will have argued in color. After hitting Create and getting rid of these boxes. As you can see, we have successfully created another level. Now let me add the same level to the last card. Is done the same way. I'm going to implement the second category of levels. As I hinted previously. Let me click on the past task, which is collecting book in full. Now let me click on this plus button and create a level called rezone. The cars are to be supervised by zone will have this level. I'm not going to show you every step. There's because the process is called as the same when it comes to creating a level and assigning a level to occur. Wait a moment, I'll be back. Now. We have the scenario. Few cars are being supervised by zone, another few by Fred. However, note that the last task, pineal read, the content, is being supervised by both John and Fred. So this is all about the low levels. Lastly, I wanted to show you how to since level on a certain car type compost the contents. Currently, it has the level moderately arson. Assume that my boss all of a sudden told me to take action regarding this particular task. In other words, he wants me to, since the Rs and sea level of the associated card. To do that, I click on the body of the card. Is detailed form. Show up. Now I click on levels, right here. The levels may not show up. I click on moderately ours and level. By doing this, I actually get rid of the level of the card. Then I assign the videos and level by clicking anywhere. If I now close the detailed view of the card, you'll see it now has the CDRs and level. This is how you can sense the level on a trailer world. 8. 07. Trello Card Options: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you all the options you have on a Trello card. I hope you watched my last video where I showed you how to use levels on Trello project management software. By now, you should be familiar with Trello cards and how they work. However, you probably don't know what beautiful and significant options there are. Four is Trello card. Well, let me first show you the interface at the closer of our previous video. Well, this is it. Suppose we want to explore all the options on the card, right? Contents past, we have to click on it. In other words, certain features or aspects to a card, simply click on it. Pop-up window will show up. Here. You can rename the card and air description of the card, S2, what it is about. Well, I own to send the curves name. Let me rename it to write physics content. Presenting the name, click on somewhere else where there is no link. And the saints will be done. Once again, you can rename it anytime. Let's get to the previous name. Now, I want to add a little bit of description to discard. Let me paste some text here in this box and then hit the Save button. I can comment here, let me type this task is very ourself. Then hit the Save button. The comment is now visible to everyone on this orca space. The comment can now be edited or even delete it. I like to edit the comment. I click here on this Edit Link. I actually wanted to mention my board mates. So let us see how to mention our teammates using these rates sign. As soon as I click here, our dropdown mentioned menu appears. From the menu, I click on Daniels. He has been mentioned. Now, I click on this mentioned sign ons again. This time I click on prayer saboteur. He has been mentioned as well. Before I hit the save button outlet, draw your attention to a few available options in the command works. If you click here, you'll be able to upload or at us a pile. Let me click on this icon. As you can see, you can attach a file from your computer, Google Drive, dropbox, Box, and unripe. You can also address any carb or board from your account. In the case of my project management software, at a single pile from Google Drive or Dropbox is a profit cell. However, in the case of trello is available on the Play version, we have LB us a link events. You can easily add a link to this comment. Just copy the link and paste here. Let's copy our YouTube video link and paste tier. You can name the link. Now, I am done. Click the button. Your file will be addressed. You can see a YouTube video now edit to this comment. You can add an emoji in your comment by clicking here. You can even search for your favorite emoji. If you hover the mouse cursor on this icon, the tooltip texts is at card. Let me click on this. On Amin way appears. You can add as a car or a boat in your comment, even an archived card. Now I'm done editing my comment. I'd like to hit the Save button. Now let me click on this button next to activity and saying showDetails. The lesson. Activities shows up. Now let's talk about the items on the right. Past two card section. Past option is members. If I click on it, this man shows up. Let me see how to add members to discard. Here you can see the board members zone, who is the admin of this board? Daniel and pred are the general members of the board. Now, I click on the Show, other workers plus members button. Trello, usernames and profile images of Henry shows up. Now I click only on Daniel and thread to add both of them to the card. Upon this action. The sign appears next to their names and their profile images appears in the member section of the card. We have a complete video on Trello levels. Please save the link in the description. Now, we want to talk about surrealist. If our guard is considered as a task or set list is a combination of subtask. Let me now click on the Set List button. I don't want to, since the title of the set list now hit the Add button and US at least has been created. Here is already to mention that while guilting our new set list, you can copy the items on an existing cyclist. I need to manually add new items to my newly created set list. Item is like a subtask on Trello. The Past item I'm going to add is make sure you clearly understand that question. There are options to assign people on individual items and also setting due dates. However, these are professors with means. In order to inside this, you have to use our paid plan up Trello. Nevertheless, you can still mentioned our workspace member and use emojis on asset list item in free version of Trello. I sues to mention Daniel in the item and hit the Add button. The item has been added. The same way. I'm going to add two more items. The second item is answered the question to the point. Don't write anything extra. And the third item is approved answering saccule answer for logical errors. Note appoint here. There is a segue box next to his item. If you click on a sec box, that particular subtask or item is considered to be have been completed. And our percentage sign appears. Meaning that percentage of your set list is currently complete. There is an option to hire set list and also delete your set list item. You need to. If you say all the items, it becomes green and shows a 100%. However, I answered the last item to make the cyclist look unfinished. Now, let me explain the delts option. If I click on that, I can see the start date. The due date. Start date is less important. So it's not enabled by default. You will have to manually enable it by clicking the box if you need to. You can even set a due date remainder. After setting the depths. Be sure to hit the Save button. And you can anytime removed our due date by clicking on the remove button. I am clicking on Save button right now. Appears here. The next option is attachments. Here, you have the same sources that you had while addressing a file. In the Trello common bugs. The slices are computer, trailer, Google Drive, dropbox, OneDrive, and addressing our link. The next option on a Trello card is covered. It's like the background of the curve. It could be a background image or simply a background color. Let me click on this option. This is what I see. Now let me select a background color. I select green. Upon doing that, this is the sense I encountered. The background color of the card. It needs small format and big format has turned into green. There are two levels for this. Let me sues the second layout. I see senses in the small version of the card. However, I can even choose a background emails. Let me choose this image. Then again, I have the soils to remove the cover. For the time being. I don't need a cover for the card, so I remove it. Here goes at power-ups. You can add any third-party add-ons to your car. Per now, I'm adding Dropbox. Let me see. Now you can see Dropbox here. The next option is automation. I'll discuss these elaborately in another video. You can find that in the playlist up Trello tutorial series on my channel. This time being, just know that there are few options on Trello automations. Here they are. These are up your button templates, namely MAP card to coffee cart to add levels, Zion card set due date or started, Mark due date, removed. And third list. You can even create our custom button. Below automation, there are few actions. They are Move, Copy, make, template, was archive, and share. If I click on the move action, I see this. Trello is suggesting me to move the car to the next list, is also prompting me to select our destination, to move the card. I can sues the board. Then it's least. Also the position number where the card is to be moved to. Next action is copy. If I click on this, this is IC. I can Sue's are titled per my copied card. I get to choose which pieces of the previous card will be carried forward to my copied card. The PSR includes cyclist levels, members, comments. I also get to Sue's where the copied card will settle in the location. This location means board with leaves, with position. Pursuing the title, the PCRs, and the location. You'll need to click on the kid card button to have copied cart created. The next option is make template. If I assume this for a particular card, I'll make the card our template. Which means that I'll be able to use the settings and customs that I have applied on this card. Want to any new card, I'll be getting in the future. The next option is, if you take this option, you'll basically decided to follow all the activities and updates that you are taking place on this particular card. The next option is archive. When you archive occurred, it vanishes from the board, but it is stored a place in Trello named archive. The key point is you can restore a card once it is archived. However, you also have the option to permanently delete and archived cart. The last option is share. You can share our Trello card in a number of ways. Let me show you by clicking this option. As you can see, you can copy the link to discard. Download QR code. You can embed our Trello card in your website. Well prints till now, I showed you everything from zones and you'll have noticed that I have mentioned Daniel and Fred in the card comment section. So let us see the activities from Daniels end. Here. I'm at Danielle and to go to to release, click on write contents. Now here you can see the activities of the board members. Here Mr. zone commented and mentioned Donnell and thread. You can see. 9. 08. Change Trello Board visibility: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll explain the visibility of our Trello board and bolts buttons. I hope you asked my last video. I showed and explained the options you have on a thriller occurred. Well, parents, let us see how to sense the visibility of our Trello board. To do that, I need to access the board under research and development workspace. In your case, the space and the boards might be defined. Okay, now I'm going to click on this physics book board. Now here you can see the workspace visibility tab that click on it. It shows this pop-up where you can change the visibility. You have the following options. Private, private is selected, as you can see here, it says, only board members can see an edit this board, the current visibility of the board is workspace, which means all members of the workspace can see and edit this board there. So I, anyone who is on the associated workspace can join a board without the board admins permission. I showed this in a previous video of the Trello tutorial series on my channel. Please set the link in the description. For your information. Workspace is the default visibility of artillery board when it is created. The next visibility is organization, which is disabled for us because it's a premium piece or whatever. In the case of organization visibility, while the members of the organization can see the board edit to an enterprise workspace. The next visibility is public, where anyone on the Internet, including the search engine, can see the board. However, only board members can edit the board. So there's all for the visibility of our trailer verb. Now, let me go back to the primary dashboard up trailer by clicking the trailer logo. You must be familiar with this interface as I introduce you all to this in a previous video up Trello tutorial series playlists. I hope you will seek all the videos in this series. Now the question is, what is the significance of these boards? These boards and even these boards, y, three items have the same name, are located at three different places. Let me explain that. If you click on these boards, which is placed at the top, you will see all the boards under a new market space. Let me click on this top board. These are two boards, accounting and finance, are under that work as best marketing. These are three boards. Economics book, maths book, and physics books are under the workspace, research and development. It will also see the recently viewed boards. However, if you click on this second board, here, you can see only a small fraction of the previous scenario. You will see only the boards under marketing or caspase. That's because the second board step is under the marketing workspace. The same is applicable for the cardboards. If you click this, you will see this. Only the boards under research and development workspace. These are economics book, maths book, and physics book. It will also see a button named view close towards in this section. Because in the research and development workspace, there were previously on are more boards which are closed or archived. Now, let me click on this button. This is only the closed-book by the name of chemistry in this work space. Now, there's all about boards, button. 10. 09. Complete Specialized views of a trello Board: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll introduce you to a few specialized views of our Trello board. It will have access to this views. If you are under article a premium plan, at least 14 day trial. I have started the trial to show you this specialized bills. You need to be on the interface of any board that has some data in it, namely least cards, member's date and levels, assigned two cards. I am on my board, physics book. Parsed. Click on the board, dropdown middle. This is the men who I'm talking about. If you want your Trello cards of a particular boat to create a specialized views for you. This minimum may be very useful. The options available on dismantle our board, map, timeline, calendar, dashboard, and work as best table. As you can see currently I have the board view because board is selected here. Let me click the map view. This is what I get to see because I previously assigned locations, 23 cards. You can assign a location to East Trello card while you are viewing the detailed form of the card, do you see these three locations? Let me click on East location and CVS card is assigned 38. Right? Contents is assigned to Los Angeles, California. Penal read the contents is assigned to press no. It is the content is assigned to San Francisco. Now I want to try the timeline view. Let me click here. This is the timeline view. Are those three cards I previously assigned start dates and due dates to the above mentioned card. That especially true of timeline views is that you get an idea. S2 is task has how much duration to complete and whether the due date for a particular card is immediate or not. Now let me switch to the calendar view. Is almost like the timeline view. That calendar oriented their soul. The timeline view is linear and the calendar view is kind of spiral. Now, let me show you that there's would view. This view is divided into several segments. The past one is cards per list. Currently I have nothing in the planning list PER cards in their to-do list, one card in the list, and two cards in the down list. The next segment is Cards part due date. There are four cards without any due date and three cars are due later. The next segment is card member. Danielle has been assigned to two cars. Pred has been assigned to two other cars. The same is applicable for John. There are five cards where no one has been assigned. So there is our total of seven cards. The next segment is cards per label. Per cards have been leveled zone and four cards pred. It means PER cards are being supervised by zone and pour cards by pred. These two things have uncovered in common because one card is supervised by not only zone, but also Fred. Per cards have been leveled very present on current has been leveled moderately are present. And two cards have been leveled, not florescent. The thing is that it is not possible problem this view to say how many cards are there totally on the board? It could be anything between 715. There's all about death would be wildcard. Last but not least, is the work is pretty stable view. Since I have started putting the trial period is quite possible to have this view. So let me click on the open market space table link. This is a table I get to see on a new tab. This table is more like a summary. S2 is card is under Louis list waste levels they have who are assigned to the card and also the due date of discard. This table is quite useful in worldview. Our Trello board. 11. 10. Changing background Color in Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video training, I'll show you how to since the background color of our trailer board. I hope you asked my last video where I showed and explained our PUE specialized views of our Trello board. Now, I'm here on the primary dashboard of my Trello account. As you can see in the research and development workspace, there are three boards with three different background color. Economics book has blue background, mask book has green background. The pigeons book has red background. If you can remember, you had the option to set a background color or an e-mail while getting a board on Trello appropriating a board, you can since the background color or emails at anytime, you feel like this is exactly what I'm going to show you today in this video. Let me click on this board right here. This is the boat where I'm going to show the demonstration. Its background color is currently red. I wanted to since it to purple or orange. To do that, let me pass Greek here on this show middle bottom menu shows up. Then click on this sense background option. These are our options. I can set any background color or I can Sue's our portal from the library. Or even I can upload my custom portal past. Let me try changing the background color. Part of this purpose, I click on the segment named colors. There are nine background colors to choose from. I click on the purple color. As you can see, the background color has sense. Now, let me click here and get back to the previous part. Now let's explore the photo library and see what nice portals telehealth in the store for us. So these are the portals. Let me scroll down a bit. This is the portal ISOS. Let me click on it. And in no time this has been set as the background image of the board. Well, now I have to click here to get back to the previous part on. So again, as I must try, our customers has a background of my board. Let me click on this custom Plus link and upload our nice emails from my computer. Great, but a nice background I have now. However, if I hover my mouse cursor here, I see our link named options. Let me click on it. Up, up, up. When we appear. Here you can see cover and light are selected. If a SUS dark instead of light, a sense takes place right here. Let me switch between light and dark are few times to make the sense evidence for you. I hope you've realized what exactly sensed here. Now if you want to remove these background images, you simply need to click here on the delete background link. Let me try that. Is the stroke conformation. Let me hit the Delete button. This image seems to have vanished. From here. Bar the background has not sense to see the sensory. Let me replace this space. Now. You can see we're back to the blue background. 12. 11. Trello about Section: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'm going to show and describe the about this board section in Trello. I hope you watched my last video where I showed how to since background color of our trailer world. So let's get started. Now, I'm on the interface of our Trello board. I click on the Show me know, the top portion of the menu. Look at the segment named about this board. This is what I'm going to explore today. Let me click on it. This is the next interface. Only the board admins shows up here. In this case, there's zone Peterson. This is the full name of the admin, and this is the admins Trello username. I have the option to edit profile info by click on this link. However, Trello profile options will be discussed in the next video. Therefore, I skipped this part. Next, come to the description. To add your description click here and write your text. After finishing, hit the save button. As you can see, our description has been added to the board. Now, let's go to the lower part with his permissions. This portion of the manual is about who has permission to do what sample permission is shown here. This says member can comment on cards. Let me click here on the sense Permissions link. This particular manner shows up. As you can see, our PUE options are available here. To sense the workspace. Click here. Now click on this drop-down menu to see the available or caspase. Select our workspace and click Send button. For example, I sues here marketing and Qlik Sense. Now, you can see the physics book board automatically goes under marketing Orca space. Now if I send the workspace, research and development, the physics board is now under research and development. You can even create a new workspace by clicking on this link. Now, come to the card covered option. Clicking here, as you can see, this particular card loses its cover of green color. Let me click on this segment. This time the tick mark appears and the cover of the card is registered in green color. Let's go to the permissions section. Here are two permissions that you can change. The upper one is commenting permissions, which is currently set to members. This means that only admins and normal members can comment on this board. Let's click here. Mainly appears. By default, members is selected. If you select disabled, nobody can comment or react on this board. If you select members and observers, admins and normal members. And observers can comment and react on this board. If you select workers faced members, any member from the associated work space and the observers can comment and react on the board. Let me close this mineral. The next permission is add, remove permissions. This is about who can add or remove whom from the board. Click on it. By default, all members is selected with means that while members and admin can add or remove members from this bulb in Trello board. And admin can remove our normal member, but our normal member cannot remove an admin. Also, an admin can remove another admin regardless of who has originally created the world. Now about adding members, when an admin as members to the board, they can assign any of the role admin, normal member or observer. However, when our normal member members to the board, there can be assigned a role of either normal member or an observer, not an admin. Now let us talk about the other air remote permissions, which is admins. This ellos only admins to add or remove members on the board. Now, let's close this small middle and go even lower. This section of the settings menu has a size saying L0 workspace members to edit and giant. This size is strict than any on who is present on the associated to archive space can anytime zone and start editing the board. If the sources and disabled workers first members will require permissions from the board admins to Zion the board and edit. Now that we have talked about the setting menu, Let's get back to the previous scenario by clicking here. We are again on the about this board section. Now click here. 13. 12. Trello Notification Settings: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to handle notifications on Trello project management software. To show this, I'll be working on prayers account throughout this video. So let us get started. If you want to get notifications about a certain card, even need to subscript to heat. To do that. Click on this body of this card is detailed form shows up. Now click on this option. As you can see, green tick has been added next to us, which means from now, pred will be getting notifications about this curve. If there is any change, print will get notified. Now, click this bell icon to see all the notifications for pred. This particular window shows up with all notifications. Let's explore the notifications with example. Here you can see our notification from the cart named right content of to-do list under the work space of physics book. Was on Peter's contact me. Actually Electric and comment this. If I click on here, that actual activity shows up. Let's get back to the previous scenario. Here you can see show previous card activity link. Let me click on it. You can see ARPU more activities. Here. Zhan Peterson made a comment and Daniel replied to heat. This is it. Let me scroll down and get to the bottom of the window. Here. The past of SHA-1 is since notification, email and see, it's about how frequently you want to receive notifications from trailer. Click here, by default is set to instantly, which means that every time our card, or at least, or a board is updated, since you'll get notified. Now I click on the periodically option. The moment I click that, the men are vanishes. So I click on the option again to see whether or not it is scandalous, set to periodically? Yes, it is. Now, you may think if you sous periodically, human loose on or more notifications in the meantime. However, you have nothing to worry about. This is because you will receive notifications on all the latest activities in a bundle format. No sense to lose any notification. But if you select never not email will be sent. The next option is alone desktop notifications. If you want to have notifications from Trello on the browser level, you should activate it. Now I click here, it vanishes. This means desktop projection system is activated successfully. There's all about Trello notifications. 14. 13. Delete Workspaces And Boards On Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to delete workspaces and boards on Trello project management chapter. I hope you asked my last video where I showed how to handle notifications on Trello. This video, I used PATRIC account to delete a cell and Operations workspace and maths book board with this under research and development workspace. So let's get started. This is Patrick's dashboard and I'm going to delete a certain operation work space right now. To delete a board or our keyspace, you have to be an admin of the respective board or orca space. On the free version of trello. Every work space member is an admin. This means any workspace member can delete the workspace. Now let me click on this particular members link and our ASR and operations. Here you can see Petri is an admin of ASR and Operations workspace. So he can delete this workspace. Now about the deletion procedure, I need to switch to the Settings tab and go to bottom where the delete this workspace link exists. Now click here. You can see this confirmation message. I'm sure to delete this orchid space forever. So I click on this red button shortly after undirected to my Trello dashboard, which is the main interface. So the ASR and Operations workspace has been delivered forever like that. Now about the deletion of our Trello board, I'm going to delete maths book. Under research and development workspace. Click on a maths book board, which is under the research and development workspace. This is the interface of the board. Go to the upper right corner and click on the Show Me no bottom. Now on the middle, there is a more link. Click on it. This particular menu shows up. Now click Close volt. Confirmation. Click on the Close button. This particular blank face, a few years. Now two options. Either to reopen the bulb, permanently, delete it. Reopening our board means restoring Maths will bode. Well, ISOS, neither of these two options. Rather, I wanted to show you how to view all closed boards. To do that, expand the left sidebar, and click on this link. See all orchestras boards. Here. You can see all the boards of the research and development workspace. Now click View, closed board's, closed ports window, FDR's. You can see here maths book board, which is under research and development or his face. You can delete or real vein this board from here, I click on Delete button. Again, our confirmation messages has come. Click Delete button. There sit. The board is permanently delivered now. 15. 14. Workflow automations on Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to automate workflows on Trello posit management software. I hope you asked my last video where I showed how to delete workspaces and bores on Trello. In this tutorial, I'm going to work with maths book board under research and development work space. So let's get started. This is the zone Peterson's profile. Zone is the admin up research and development workspace. Now, click on maths book board under research and development workspace. This is the interface of maths book board. Before I continue, I want to demonstrate or positive concept fast. Here you can see there are five lists on this board. Planning to do, doing, Done, review. The planning list will analyze, whisker, will go to To Do list, zone and Danielle usually work on the planning list. Takes the responsibility of to-do list. Task of guards are sent from to release to doing list. The cars on the doing list are performed as plant. Volleyball and Robert, take the responsibility to complete tasks. Completed tasks will be sent to the down list. The **** cards are sent to the review list after a certain time. Okay, get back to the initial scenario to work with the automation. Click on this automation button. This particular manner shows up. There are three options. Rules, buttons and email reports. Click rules. In this position. Trailer tells you how the rules works. With example, let us try. Go to the upper-right corner. Here, this bottom, you can transfer your administrative power. The next button shows your command libraries. Now click on Create rule. On this pace, you need to clear some actions according to trigger. Trigger is like a rule or an event. When the rule applies or the even takes place. Something else also happens, that something is called action. Okay, let's create a rule. Passed. Hit the air trigger button. Now, you need to select our triggered. Before triggering something. Let me tell you what I wanted to do fast. Let's go to the math's book board. If I move Chapter seven card from planning or any other list to do list, you know, level will show only pred will be l it except other members, which is not happening right now. Moreover, our recommended set list will be generated automatically in this card. Now, get back to our previous automation window. Here, Card move is selected by default. I sues this section to set our rule for triggering. When a card is moved into list. List name by name. I put the cursor on Edit and select here, moved into then click list, name and select Todo. Finally, I select by anyone instead of by me here. Click the plus sign button. Okay? Now our trigger is created. If says, if any unmoved our card from any least into to-do list. The third direction we'll walk our Suppose if I drag this card and drop to two delays, this card to to-do list. Some actions will occur instantly. Now less steps hmm actions, part of this trigger. Here, movies selected by default. In this section part, I put the cursor on the top of the list. Here I select the bottom of the list. Hit Plus button. See an action has been set. Now click Save. Congratulations. Action has been set. If we want to add more actions, click on edit options here. The last action is shown here. Before setting more actions aren't like to show you the results up current action. Let's go to the board. Here. I drag and drop this car to to-do list at the top. See the card automatically returns to the bottom of the list. Now send a card to the previous list and said back to our action center. Here I want to add another action. Click, Add, Remove. Now I want to add a label to the card. To do that, this section will help me. I put the cursor on green and select yellow here. But no need to since EHR adoption because it is selected by default. Hit Plus button. Here you can see another action has been listed. Now I want to click on cyclists. Areas at least. I click here and write the set list title recommendation. After that, click this plus button. See this at least has been created. Now I want to add an item on the recommendations at least part these are used this section. Here. I keep this adoption and layman item, question papers or spheres. Then right here, recommendation, which is our newly edit set list. Now click on this plus button. Here you can see recommendations. That list has an item named Washington papers or previous years. In the same way, I add three more set list items. Here you can see all the actions I have done so far. Now, I want to add a specific member for to-do list part doing this, click on members. With the help of this section, you can add or remove members. To add, our member of shunt should remain unchanged. Now click the cursor on here. You'll see all the board members. I select Petrie. And click Plus button. See, Frederick has been added to match book Barb. If you want adult members not to be added here, remove the rest of the members in advanced like this. Now you can see other members have been removed from to-do list. Now only pred belongs to maths book board. Okay, let's move on. Content. Here. You can rename your card name, sir, cards, description, post comment, send, email, and paste URL. In this section, I want to work with e-mail notification. Here. You can send e-mail to every member on this card by clicking this, or send email to everybody member on maths book board by selecting this. However, I only send an email to pred. Thus click onto. Now type e-mail addresses, operate. Types observed on here. And then type messages. After that, click on this plus button. See email notification has been sent to see the result of all that we have done so far. We have to click on the Save button. Congratulation. All the actions have been saved. Everything I have done so far is written here. Now, if you want to remove any rules, click here. The previous settings are shown again. You can delete your rule or any particular action by clicking on this button. See, an action has been removed. With this arrow sign, you can take any action upwards, since I don't want to sense any actions. So I click cancel. This option may allow you to copy the link. If you want to remove the entire rules. You may click here. To see command log. Click here. Now you can see modification of commands with date and time. If you think to set these rules to another board, click here. Here, I select Physics book board and hit Record button. This review automation settings space shows up. Now, click Add Automation button, congratulation. This rules are successfully added to physics book board. Now, let's segue on physics book board. See the same rules are added to the physics book board. Now, get back to the previous settings. Click back to rules. Okay, Now, if you want to create another rule, click here and add trigger. However, I have no intention to do that. Again right now. I close this setting and let's set the results of our automation. First, remember what rules we have said? Whenever a car move to the to-do list, it goes on the bottom, there will be a yellow level set list, tidal recommendation. Recommendations. That list has four items. Question papers or previous years. Physicians exercise sample questions and solutions. Only Fred will be the member of discard. Thread will get an email to notify his task. Let's drag and drop, subtract seven from planning list to do list and see what happens. Here. You can see it goes on the bottom of to-do list. I usually will appears only Fred becomes the member automatically discard. Now, click on this car to see set list. You can see the commendations at least has been added with those four items. Now, let's have a look for email notification. This is the inbox of pred. Basically the email has been sent to zones and with the subject new scepter. So I click here. Now you can see the message what I have written during automation. Now, get back to the zones and, and close the curves window. Now, I want to work with button automation. I want to make such a button that will tense for the card to the doing list. To do that hit automation. Click buttons. Here. Card button is selected automatically. Now click Create button. This setting pace. I select an icon for the button. From here, name the button code to doing. And take the closed card when action is performed, finally, hit adduction. The action settings appear. By default, movies selected. In this section, I keep the Move option. But since the position of the cart top to bottom. Lastly, I select doing list and click this plus button. See an action has been set. Now I want to define project due date. To do that, go to dates. In this section D we selected by default. Now click on here. You can see several options. I choose this option, I sense here this month, next month. Click this plus button. Finally, click the plus button, see the due date has been created. Now let's go to the members option. Here I will add Oliver and Robert and remove everyone else. The process is same. Take a look. Here it is. Volleyball and Robert edit. Rest of all are removed from the card. Now let's move on the content option. This time, I said the cards description and post the requirement. After writing. Click on Plus buttons separately. See the car's description and post comments are placed here. I have done for now to see the result of card button automation. Click the Save button. Congratulation. All the settings have been saved successfully. And our go-to doing List button has been created. Let's go to the math book board. Passed, recap. What I have done so far. Every card has a button named and go to doing list. If you click on this button, the card will be transport to the doing list automatically and placed at the bottom of this list. Initially, the cart will have only two members on the list. Oliver and Robert. Due date will be shown. Part that card. Card description and comment will be seen. Click on Chapter three card. Here you can see go to doing List button at the right sidebar. Just click on it. See the magic. Chapter three. Functions card has been transport to the Dwayne list from the to-do list. Now, click on this card. Here we can see Oliver and Robert are the cart members. There is a due date. You can also see the description, comment or board admin. After verifying, click this cross sign. Now I want to work with the automation of board button. This automation will be such that when the button is clicked, the green level carved in the doing list will be moved to the down list where the green level indicators that a given task is completed and waves to transfer to the down list by the admin of the board. To do that, click automation. Click on buttons. You can pint. Board button at the left sidebar, click here. The upper-right corner. Hit the Create button. Here you can change your button icon. After that, give the button our name. Finally, click on Add Action button. Now, action options API, click on move cards. I would like to work with this section. Here. I keep the Move option. After that click here. By default, basic is selected. This selection says that from list, I sues to move the card. Keeping in option. I select, they're doing list. Now, click on this plus button. See the action has come. Again. Go to there. Now I sues with green level and click Plus button. This action has also come. Now, put the cursor on the list and select the top of the list. After that, click on the text box and select the Download list. Finally, click this plus button. See the action has been set. Finally, click on Save button at the upper right corner. Congratulations. Matt book board button named doing. Two done has been created successfully. Here you can see the actions I have said. Now, if you click here, tick mark will show up. It indicates that this button will enable on boards of research and development workspace. If you turn on the struggle option, anyone in this research and development workspace, we'll see the button. I keep here only the past on. Now is time to verify the action of this button. Let's close the butler passed. Let's recap what we should expect from these two into Done button. There will be a button named doing two done on the maths book board under research and development workspace. If I click on the button called the green labeled cards, will be tens part to the down list. From the following list. The position of the curve will be at the top of the list. See, there is a doing to Done button. Beside automation. Doing list has one getting level card, scepter one. Now click on the button. And here we go. One card has been moved to the down list successfully and positioned at the top of the list. 16. 15. How to use card templates on Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to use Card templates on Trello, the project man has been software. I hope you asked my last video where I showed how to automate workflows on Trello. As you can see, among the dashboard of my physics book board under the research and development workspace. Now this is the car, right contents under to-do list. I want to turn into a template. That's because there would arise certain situations when I would need to have the set list, the members, the levels COVID from discard half on creating a new one. In addition, it's just not me. I want my associates to be able to copy freezers from this card while creating new ones. Firstly, I need to click on it. Then I need to click on this Make Template button. Now, I see a person does in their card. Now, let's talk about the senses. On the lower right side of the card. You can see that tick sign next to template. This indicates that it's the template card. Below there is hide from list option. The reason is most Trello users like to hide template cards so that no accidental changes are made to the card. High does not mean deleting or archiving that God is still there, standby behind the scene. The following is the delete option, where previously archive off from where they're. This button can delete your template. Now at the top of the car detailed fall, there is a banner here saying is a template card. Next to it is the blue button that you need to click to create a card from this template. So let's click on it. This particular menu appear. Let's be introduced with the different parts of this manual. One, this white background walks. There are the levels. This is the carbon name. They are the members. The existence of cyclists and description are there. In the clip section. You can get to Sue's with aspects of the template card you are going to keep. You can also decide in which list the COVID card will appear. From here. Now, I sense the name of the COVID guard, right, contents per block. Hit the credit card button. Card detail view window appears. You are already familiar with this view there, so I am closing this window right now. See right contents for block is plus two here. Now I want to show you how to hide the card template. I can do this in two ways. At past, click on the body of the right content scarred. After that, click this height from List button, which is something I hinted out previously. Now I close this without hiding the card from here. Anyway. Now I'm going to show you the second option. Just right-click on the body of the card and then hit the last option, hide from list. Now take a closer look at the cards. Under the to-do list. The template card does not show up here anymore. That's because hidden now. You can understand it's hidden now. At this moment, a couple of questions may arise. How to create new curves using template card. Where can you find the template card? After all, is just hidden, not deleted, right? Well, I'm going to answer this questions right now. You can see Create From Template button next to add a card option in every single list. Suppose I want to create a new card from the template in the doing list. So I click here on this particular icon. Card templates window appears here you can see the hidden template card shows up. Now click on this template card to create our new card. You can discard easily, unsaid that tick mark with options you don't want to keep. Let's answer the set list and rename the card name is declared card button. Now you can see right the script at the bottom of green list. Now get back to the previous scenario. Here you can create a new template. Click on it, name that template title here. Click on Add button. This is the detailed view of the newly created card template titled new template card. You can convert this template back to a normal card. I keep this tick mark and close the window. You can see new template card is positioned at the bottom of the list, as it should be. Now, click on that grid from template again. You can find all the card templates here, including the hidden on click on the Edit Templates. Edit and delete options appears. If you want to delete our template, you need to click here. However, click on edit this template. I hit this template. Remember, now I will show you how to return it to its previous place. To do that, Scroll down at the bottom right. It will surely find showing list. This option will help you to send this template to use XML position to-do list. Let us click on it. See showing list of Sean's disappears and hide from list comes close this window. Here you can find your template card in the to-do list. 17. 16. How to use board templates on Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to use both templates on Trello, the project management software. I hope you asked my last video where I showed how to use Card templates on Trello past. I'll show you how to turn our board into template. Before starting this tutorial outlet to show you how many boards are there in every worker space. I am now under zones account. There are two or caspases, business and research and development. Let us see the boards of business workspace. You can see there are three boards, accounting, entrepreneurship and finance. Okay, Let's set the boards of research and development. You can see there are three boards as well. Economics, maths and physics book. I sues maths book board to turn into our template. Let's go to the interface of maths book board. Here we are. Now, he chose middle. Click on More. There is an option, make template. This option is only available in the premium version of trello. Let's click on it. This particular message shows up to let you know what will happen if you turn this board into our template. Click Make Template button. Congratulation, matchbook board turns into a template. Now I close it. Let's expand the left sidebar. Here you can see math's book board is marked as a template. If you want to turn it into a board again, go to Show me. Back to menu. Click More. Here you can find our new option, convert to board. Click on it. Thus it match book, become a board again. Well, I'm going to convert this board to template again to show you the part of that process about our board template. That's it. Now outlet to close this about me know, again, there is a message that says this is a template of members of research and development to copy. This means only the members of my current workspace can use this board template. Whatever. If you want to create a board from this template, click on Create board from Template button. Create a bolt from Template window shows up. With the help of this window, you can create a brand new board. I give a title of the new world business math. I changed the work is space from research and development to business. Now, if you wanted to sense the visibility setting, click here. It has. Workspace is selected by default. I don't change it. I keep all the cars as well as template curve. So don't click on this tick marks or low-k. Now click the Create button. Congratulations. Businessman board is created successfully. And the same time you are redirected to the business workspace. There were three boards on this workspace before, but now another new board has been added. And his name is business math. As you can see, the new world businessman has the same data and interface design of the template card, including lists, guards, levels, card template, cyclists, descriptions, due date, Automation button. But in the case of members, only admin zone is here. Other members are not available on the board. There's why they are not seen. Okay, let us get back to the math's book template. Let us share the template. Now. Next to create board from template, you can find shared template button. Click here. Up above shows up here. Here. You'll find a link of this board template. You can copy this link by clicking on this Copy button. You can also share this on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. Notice that only the members of research and development work is space. Can see this template. If you wanted to share this template board for anyone on the internet, you need to change the workspace visibility setting. Thus click here. Since the visibility from orchestras to public, confirmation message shows up, click is button. Now, check on shared template. See the settings has been sensed. And from now you can share this template to anyone on the Internet. Finally, it will make the visibility private. You can't share this template. Share option will be vanished. 18. 17. How to use pre made templates to create a board in trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I will show you how to use pre-made templates to create a board interlock posit management software. I hope you asked my last video where I showed how to use both templates on Trello. Okay, let's get started. This is the homepage of Trello. Now click templates. Okay, Let me a straight loop for my template of Soyuz past. I take a look at the PCL categories section and sues marketing. Then I scroll down and find this particular template by the name of editorial calendar. Click here. I have entered into the phase of the template. As you can see, pool details of templates are available here. Sas as template name, template creator, how many copies are used so far, total views of this template about these templates. Power Apps support. Note here, these template works best with Trello premium. You can share this template by clicking on Share button. Now, if you think you want to view this template before using it, you have an option at the bottom right corner, view templates that click on this link and view the template. Here is the pool view of the template. It looks amazing. It has a total of six lists and 16 cards. Are few cars have nice background images. Let me click on this particular car title, making graphics. Here's the detailed view shows up. You have already known all this things like cart levels, description AT assessment, cyclist, action. Close it. This template has up our app called Calendar. Click on it. You'll see a calendar click Settings. This option will be enabled when you use this template. Okay, Let's close all of this and try this it. In the last video of how to use Trello tutorial series, I discussed in detail how to create a board from our template. Please set the description. Now to use this template, click on Create board from Template button. I keep the title. But since the workspace marketing, I keep all the cards. Okay, Now click on this Create button. And here it is. The editorial calendar is positioned under marketing or caspase. You can see calendar PowerApps button is enabled and positioned at the left side of the automation. 19. 18. How to add and use power ups on Trello: Hi everyone. Today in this video, I'll show you how to add an use PowerApps on Trello project management software. Powerapps are like a special pieces that are edible too, trailer boats. If you want to work with PowerApps, access to a board fast. The upper-right corner. Click here, showing. Here you can find power of sections. To add up our app. Click on the Add power of tab. Power-up directory shows up. Here. You can see some PSR power up. If you scroll down, you can see Trello integrations, essential power-ups, and other power-ups. In the left sidebar, there are three options enabled made by Trello. By default, P3 is selected fast. Now I'm clicking enabled. No power of our enabled on this board. Okay, now let's talk about the third one made by Trello. There are 130 power of classified into several categories in the mid by Trello section. These are the categories. Alternatively, you can search for a particular power of in this search box placed at the top. Now I'm going to show you how to add our power of. Therefore, I go to File Management. Here, I click on the body of show advertisement Power Apps landing page of show advertisements appears. The detailed view of this part of is demonstrated here. This power of shows you investment name at the front of the curd. To add the power of that click on this Add button. If you click add further, what will happen is discussed here. I click Add. See the adoption vanishes and Settings button comes. So congratulations. Show AT assessment is successfully edit to the power of section. Okay, now I close this power of SQL window to see what happens to this board. As you can see, the adjustments in the cars are shown. Let's click on Show advertisement. From here. Our pop-up window shows up. If you click View power-ups, the lending page of this power of will appear in the left corner of their menu bar, which we have already been familiar with. So I click on the next option, edit power of settings. The settings menu of show AT assessments, APRs. At the top of the settings, there is a drop-down menu. By default, cherries selected. You can also select private for the board settings. The following settings says this option displays show AT assessments icon like this. The next option allows showing the attachment name. If you set the following of Sean tick mark, it will show the number of attachments in occured. You can send the background color from this drop-down menu. I select here lime. Also here are a couple of the ticketing options. If you click this past filtering option, only the cars assigned to the current user will be shown. I remove the tick mark. The next option will display what type of attachments you want to see on the outer appearance of the curve show attachment power ofs is not free for all the authority of our soup 14 days trial. In this section, you are informed about their subscription plan, okay, I click on Save setting C, The car is sensed. If you want to disable this power-up, click show AT assessment and part of that click disabled, see the power of his gun.