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How to Travel The World for FREE as a Photographer

teacher avatar Hayley Kelsing, Hotel & Food Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Who is this course for?


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      A Little Story To Inspire


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      Personal Branding


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      Choose your Hotel


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      Common Responses


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      Pack your bags


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About This Class

Join me as I explain just exactly how you can travel the world for free as a photographer!

My name is Hayley, and I began travelling the world alone from the age of 19yrs old. I headed over to Africa thinking I would be gone a couple of months, and that spiralled into 9 and a half years (and still going strong!)

In this course I'll be teaching you how to use your skills as a hobbyist or professional photographer to help you travel all over the world.

Have amazing experiences, meet incredible people, and taste delicious food; without the fear of going bankrupt.

Let's go!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hayley Kelsing

Hotel & Food Photographer


Hello, I'm Hayley! A 29 year old full-time Digital Nomad, Social Media Manager and Photographer. I spend my days bouncing all over the globe working with international clients on both Social Media and Photography; primarily those in the hospitality industry.

Some days I'll be shooting a hotel chains new a la carte menu. Some days I'll be designing and implementing highly targeted Facebook Ads for a new restaurant opening. Some days I'll be doing neither, eating from a jar of pickled onions on the sofa watching Luther. 

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1. Intro: So after nearly 10 years on the road, I'm constantly asked by friends and family Haley, how you do it. How do you have this lifestyle where you spend all your time on the beach and every month you're in a new country on? That's really why I wanted to take the time to create this course, because it's a question I'm asked so often on its something so passionate about that. I really want to teach other people how to do it, too. So a little bit of background on me, I'm from England. I didn't actually pick up my first camera until the age of about 23 24 I really just wanted a hobby. I was living in London. I didn't like my job. I was bored on. I went and bought this Netcom's and I bought it for about £150 on. It was really just a whole baby. I just wanted to have something to play around that wants to let you skill and that fast forward a few years to put around. Now I am a full time photographer who travels the world working was amazing clients and customers on I want to be able to teach other people how easy it is for them to do it, too. I think in this day and age, so many people, quite right you. So I think that the only way to trouble is to be and influence up Rabb yoga. You know, people would never think that you could travel the world and not pay for it unless you have this big social media presence. And that's so not true. It's so I know what it's all about. This certainly on the ways that you can see the world and not be out of pocket. And that's really, really what I want to teach you is how you can do it, too, and how easy it is. You do it, too. It's no rocket science, and more importantly, I've been through already. So I've figured out what does work. I figured out what doesn't work, and that's why I really like to pass that answer that you don't waste your time trying to figure all this stuff out. I've heard he think that for you. So this course is really for people who have a passion for photography on Perhaps I don't really know where it can take. This course is also for people who want to see the world who want to travel, but either don't have the money or can't figure out how they could afford to do it in the long run. Andi, like I've been saying, it's so much easier than what you would think. All you need is a little bit of passion, a little bit of ambition. And it's so easily done on all these misconceptions about photography in about photographers and how to become a professional photographer is near impossible. Unless you know you, you're born gifted with this innate skill behind the camera. It's so true, I will happily show you follow. Someone just picked up my camera and I was pretty terrible. No idea what I was doing. I wish you the automatic. I have no idea what any of the buttons on my camera did, and this is only a few years ago. I'm not talking about 10 20 years ago. This is a matter of 34 years ago, my camera would just be high half the time picking up that stuff it in my bedroom because I didn't use it apart from taking five days of friends and family. Now my camera comes with me everywhere, and it's open so many doors for me. I've been able to travel some of the most exotic amazing locations, and I haven't actually had to pay for it. And when you find a skill that you can utilize to also fulfilled one of your passions for me, obviously it's travel. It's just the most amazing feeling on. I hope you pick up on my passion for it because it's something that I really want to be able to teach other people to do to on teach them, more importantly, that it's not actually as hard as they think. It is not gonna be of an uphill struggles. Everyone seems to think it is. It's surprisingly easy, and I want to be the person that teaches you how you can do it. 2. Who is this course for?: so this course is really for anyone. It's especially gonna help people that have a passion for photography or have a passion for travel. Let's say perhaps you're in the situation that I was in a couple years ago. You got a camera you love playing around with it and taking that was a family friends. But you don't know how you could ever turn it into a career. You don't even think that kind of that path is accessible for you and then also the people who want to travel. But you don't know where the star, you know you don't have enough money. You know the world could be scary sometimes, and you don't know how you can stop. It'll process of seeing the world but not going bankrupt in in the making. And these are problems that I had when I first started out, so I had my camera. I have this strong desire to travel, but I didn't have this giant bank account. I needed to find a way that I can sea world without sacrificing without sacrificing my savings and a job and all this kind of different stuff. So it's it's a situation that I've overcome and that I've kind of managed to work in my favorite that I am able to see the world and I can get up and go whenever I want and I create my lifestyle. I create my schedule and that's the situation. I won't be able to get you in a swell because it's such a fulfilling situation. You are completely in control of where you go. When you go, you go. You know all these kind of things. Like I've been saying since since the beginning. It's so much more attainable than what you might think and hopefully I'm really gonna give you the confidence in this course that you can do it too. So this causes for all the people that they want to travel. But they don't have that nagging thought in the back of the head. The money is about to run out, you know, for the people that want to experience the things, but they're necessary, have the finances to be able to go and spend two weeks in Peru. It's for the people that have these desires to see the world, but don't necessarily have the finances to back it up. We've all even being in that situation or, you know, someone who's been in the situation where they have to leave a trip early because they can't afford it. I know when I used to be in lots of hustles, back packing and the conversation about money is constant, you know, left, right and center. There's people that have to go home early because they haven't budgeted them really long enough to stay where they had to leave their travel partner. Because they are, they're not able to go into the next country on, you know, whether you're watching this is a photographer or a videographer or a graphic designer. You should use Elijah skills using skills in a way that sees you seeing the world. The skills that you have can take you around the world. 3. A Little Story To Inspire: so obviously one of the most exciting parts about this, this whole lifestyle is that you get to choose exactly where you want to go. So I just wanted to be a little bit of background on how it came about developing this method and how it's allowed me to see the world. I was actually in Sri Lanka with my boyfriend Onda. We were working, were volunteering at a surf camp in the South part off Sri Lanka on we were really strict. Budget obviously went any and in a few months I'm about to go to Australia. We shall see very expensive. So we were being really strict on our budget on after about a week or two working at this camp, I started getting itchy feet already. So I'm kind of spend my days looking online, scrolling through these different websites and booking sides. All these kind of things, looking at hotels and all the core places that Sri Lanka has to offer on. I was getting really frustrated because we didn't have the budget for it. We didn't we didn't have money to go visit all these different places and there was one day that I was looking on booking website and I was scrubbing through and I was, you know, single. That's really, really cool Places that we have is in the north of the island and I remember saying to my boyfriend how we afforded How can we find a way We can see all these places and we were stumped, you know, thinking, Well, we'll have to come back another time when we have a bigger budget. Do it. And I thought, Next I find a way I can see all these places. So what? Schooling on I was anything that nothing was jumping out. May I? You know, I was thinking there was all these really kind of expensive hotels, but none of them were kind of leaping off the page, saying, You know, book, any kind of thing on the voice grows the more it comes, secured this idea. And I thought, Well, how come? How come thes hotels are competing? How come none of them got this really impressive online presence and that was started, You know, Cox started turning and I started thinking to myself I could do that, took her feet on this. I could easily take better photos that tell them this. And like I said, the voice gold, the more my thoughts were confirmed. And I asked my boyfriend his opinion, and he agreed. Photography was just There was nothing that made you want to go to the hotels from their photos. So I was sat with pen and paper and I was writing all the places in Trick that I want to visit and that I was having a look at that area online on every area that we wanted to go. There were no hotels stood out to me. So what does it say about site? And I thought, Let's have a look. Can you know website and see what they said Leave your looks like this kind of stuff servin through It just was more more parents that they didn't really have good content. They don't really have anything that stood out to me, especially in a period where Schleck was set up in Coming really struck me is strange that none of these places were I thought they would have been. There would have been a more competitive, you know, high end photography to try and get people in. So I thought I could tell you, Teoh, better job the lets A lot of photos of the hotels, hat I, In my opinion, it would have been just taken by the hotel management. They you know, a lot of the folks elements were even taken on phones. IPhone. I thought myself No, I can definitely better. So I did. I took my pen and paper, and I started writing now contact details of all these hotels that I really wanted to say it, but thought there photography wasn't up to scratch. So But into the day, I had a list, a list of maybe 2025 different hotels that I thought I really wanted to stay in. But, you know, they took a crack on. I spent that day writing any formulating. Any was very careful about the way email was not offend anyone on set off my It was 60 clock in the evening. I said off the next morning, I woke up on was inundated with responses. I mean, my inbox is full or yes, is it was full of Please come. It was full off looking forward to you. And I love that she's jumping for joy. was excited giving little school kids you can imagine because all these hotels wanted to work with me. All of these hotels offering for me were friend to go there to stay for free. Um, everything include it in return for taking photos. I couldn't believe it. I know it was a really good day on in By sending this money we have created over months worth itinerary of travel in all the places I wanted to go for free on bond, we obviously got back to these hotels and confirmed all of the ones that were ableto we wanted Thio Thio. And then here we worked out that we would have spent over $3000. All of these hotels, we would actually pay for them. So that seem out of money. Obviously, we were never gonna spend that money on the hotels. But by sending this email, we had saved ourselves over $3000. So this situation is really what set me up for the lifestyle that I have now what I I spent a long time kind of tweaking the method that I do. So it's been a long time tweaking the way that I look for people the way that I reach out to people the way I construct my emails, the way I have an online presence in all these different things. So that's what I'm gonna teach you next. I'm gonna teach you where you can actually get stopped in. So up until now I could have just been giving you background. Who I am, how I got to where I am, how I see the world for free. And, you know, the kind of achievements that I've had. So what we get is, you know, we're gonna move on. We're gonna talk about where you can get started, how you can start what you can do before removal is Have a think about all the places that you want to go to sit down, right with the countries that you want to visit, right. All the cities that you want to visit, right? All the people, the friends in other countries that you've got that you want to go visit on the way start to get your kind of creative juices flowing. That's gonna get you excited to move onto the next step. We're going to work on personal branding 4. Personal Branding: So I'm just going to show you a quick look into my personal instagram this week and see how I go about setting it up. You will see that my instagram handle was my first thing fellow surname, followed by photography. If you do really have a different handle, I would I suggest having it something. Those lead to the fact that you are involved in photography. If you put into government official name, that's great. But if it's something that's a little bit abstract, A would consider changing it to look a little bit more professional. For the third time I did. It's gonna be a photo of you, my photos of each of me on my camera. Obviously, we don't have a picture of you with your camera. Just a photo of you is perfect. Then use going out to the bio. So I've obviously got my name photographer on then my personalized bio, which is no content Creator slash social media manager specializing in the hospitality industry, A s social media diem for change. So I like it really informal. But I do. I do like to make sure that lets people know that I am a photographer. I am content creator, so in whichever way you want to phrase it. Just make sure you got that in your bio, followed by link to wherever your portfolio is. So I don't think before a very simple wicks put Can you made in minutes? You don't need to have a a professional personal domain if you don't have the time or you don't want to spend any money on on a private debate, I do. Just because I rather have my aim opposed. Teoh Wix com slash Haley Not something like this, but that's really a personal choice. It's up to you, and I just make sure you're uploading photos that you're proud off. Make sure you're uploading photos you do really like. I see half a clear style of my photography, So I like the fact that you know people concerned away and they know that it's my photography because it is all very similar. It's in my style now when your resume is just have a look at my personal website. So like I said, don't worry if you don't have a personal domain sequence here, it's just my name. For about photography, you might be happy just to have one of the free website that week. Saw what personal list of things off So you can see that I've got my life is the first thing that people land on. And then I have my tabs. Just stop here. So I'm just going really quickly. Go through what I have. I have it. So see my home button I was when I put my foot further. So people have a choice. They can you click on See my foot Friday, huh? Plan likewise, with all they can just hold over there and have a look at the different styles of photography that I do next along. I have online before in office. Now the reason why I have my before office on the page. It's actually just because I find it very helpful. As far as my CEO goes, people will tend to stay on your page longer when you have a foreign office section, because you'll see that they kind of come on, stop playing with the slightest. You can easily put these sliders on your website. I think there's a plug in with weeks, and it's It's very cheap, maybe $2020 a year or something like that. And it allows people to be able to do this. Even I find myself doing now. I'm just kind of scroll. Look at the before and afters. Not only that, the fact you know, my committed by sea every but I also feel like people potential hotels like seeing the difference that you could make an image. So, for example, you know that doesn't look anything special. But then when they see that you've got the skills, what you can edit as well, I think that's really helpful for them receiving. Not you a good photographer, but you're gonna editing as well. I see. Okay, next I have my back section. So this is what you just a little bit about me, so people couldn't see who am. I just have a little bit off a sniff. It talks about why where travels the kind of work that I do the kind of clients that I work with and then also, I just have done an option to download portfolio. So I just find it nice because, you know, sometimes people want I should just say you put earlier to the computer. So if you just add that onto your website that people have got there they can share around that team or anything like that. I just find it, really not this option for them. I have been I've got my client section, So this is nothing applicable here. I just list all the plants that I've worked with, and I do try to put my bigger clients towards the top. And then finally, I just have my contact page. So sometimes I removed my phone on my page. Really depends. I put it on there at the moment because I'm I'm back in the UK so far abroad. Sometimes I won't move this. I don't people to cool and they get stuck with calling a disease. So when I'm back in UK, I do put my number back up there. But also for another reason is that I don't really like when people call me off God So often. When I have a phone number there, people will call me and they'll ask me kind of like all the spot, my ability and my rates and all this goes stuff. Can I do this? Can I do that on off tonight? I would rather take the time to think about cancer and get back to the email. So although you could very easily just say that to them on the phone, you could just say Sorry, I can't give any details now, but please send me an email back to you. It's just easier sometimes to reach your goal together. That's really personal choice. Maybe all the kind of person that loves talking on the phone. I'm not much of a person. That's all on. Then I have my contact email address there as well as for which they can use as well. So it's a very simple website. A little I do spends a couple of hours that say, a week or fortnight going into the back end of upside, just updating, making sure what happened with images that I've got, making sure everything works, all this kind of stuff. But I would really recommend it. Possibility. Have a budget if you have time. Do you get yourself a personal domain because it does look really professional? And then also you get the personalized email address as well. So instead of this having something like pay the closing aji model home, I can actually have hello at Haley, causing photography dot com 5. Choose your Hotel: So it kind of goes that saying the most exciting part of this whole process is deciding where you want to go. So what I recommend is let's say you already planning a trip to Bali. So you're gonna get a friend then That would be a great jumping off point for you to then have a look at what current hotels are offering photography wise. What they're my president's looks like whether they be good hotel to contact. So they're 70 different websites these days. You can book hotels on trip advisor, booking dot com ago due to embargo kayak, the same different websites. So what? I would recommend this booking dot com, but that's because I use that on a daily basis. So for me, booking dot com is where I would but call of my hotels, you know, in my personal private life. So that's why, for me, it's almost second nature. That is the website that I use if you use another website by all means found of the same instructions that I'm gonna give you and to supply, it's the website that you usually use. So what we're gonna do is faithful. We're going to open up looking. Okay, so let's say we're gonna go visit these friends and body. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put body, and then what you always want to do is you want to put in a check in check out date That's far in the future. On the reason behind that is because you want to bring up as many of the hotel's as possible. So you know this. If you put something if you put your check in and check out next week, there's a high chance that majority of the hotels aren't even gonna be available next week , so they're not gonna come up in the listing. So you wanna make sure that all the hotels that you're looking for I'm gonna appear So right now we are in March. She doesn't 19. So I'm going to go far. That's a February that struck every. So let's just put in from the 4th February until the seventh of February, so we could keep that, too. I don't for one room, that's all good. You don't need a Mac few. That's fine on. Then such. Okay, so that's born us up with our search off barley. So this is really the fun part. This is where you get to school. So you get to have a look at all the different photos of the hotels. There's a couple different things. You want to look out when you're on this page. So first of all, most why I always do is change my star rating. So what I wanna do is change it from five Teoh, sort it from five stars, the one sauce. Now, the reason behind that is because I only want to work with hotels I wouldn't ordinarily be able to want to afford. So, you know, two or three star volume cost 30 us and I I could very easily afford that. Their development, this is I want to be able to travel, um, in work with hotels I would never usually be able to. So that's why I always go from Faxon Santa one. If you're more than happy working with, you know, the more budget friendly hotels and by what means do that it's just my personal preference , the divine going to offer them a service on not charged for the service in return for them paying for my combination figure beverage and all this kind of stuff. I want to go for the ruling. Nice hotels. So what they do is like to scroll down, and I just have a look and see what stands out. What doesn't. So far so good. I think they will go up pretty nice. Imagery this one would stand out to me is not being so great. We can come back to that one. What you're looking for is the photo as well as, um, the cost per night on their views. Obviously, you don't want to say it. Say they got really bad reviews. You don't want to stay an extra. Don't follow with these one. So you kind of look all of them as a whole. This one again? I am no fan of this. Uh, yes, it's It looks okay. You said it's nice. It looks OK. Doesn't tell you anything about the hotel. It's not showing you anything of the hotel pops in the end of the pool on the sea. So for me, that doesn't jump out to be, you know, photo itself. Isn't that great? Anyway, um, what else did we go see this one? I would say is very clever, this photo. So at the moment, you probably seeing the whole burn orange and teal is really on trend. So the fact that they've got that is there a picture? I think it's really good. It shows that they're really on top off the change in social media and the change in kind of digital marketing on photography. This would have to me as not looking so great. Sorry. Villanova. Um, what else? What else? They're like, little Coach. What? The biggest out of this one? That's a not a good photo as well, I say, saying, for this doesn't really give you anything on the hotel. I mean, you can see. Actually, there's quite a few that don't really jump out there. Not really up to the standard you'd expect, Especially where some of them, you know, asking for hundreds of night. This, to me is very less. I think this is a really nice time. Okay, this to ease. This is our example. Okay, So the chaos was ill. It's got really good reviews, and it's very expensive. It's £438 for three points, so it's definitely not a cheap tattle. Bear in mind. This is Bali's. Bali is pretty cheap, so that is quite expensive. Hotel a natural image for me. It's it's not enticing at all. It's very dark. It doesn't actually show you the hotel. Obviously, they're trying to go for a bird's eye view, so you can kind of see, I guess that's the Paul on the grounds. But it's just it's not a great photo. So what we're gonna do, you gonna open this up and in a new tab and have a look at what the rest of that photography looks like? Well, oh, do you know, I really tempted Teoh to choose this one as one to contact the factory, but the same couple every image really puts meals. And I'm really not a fan off the photography that they have. What if they go off the actual hotel? See, I didn't think that's nice. No, no, to me, this would be a good hotel to contact. I really don't think for the cost of the hotel. I don't think these fighters doing any justice this haven't let up soon. Get another example for you. Would everyone be mean? Just pick on one So you okay? Do not like to look at this one. So let's have a look. Conjour Villa. So again, it's following all in suit with everything that we want. If we can see here, that was exceptional reviews. It's very expensive. More expensive than the other one on. I'm not a fan off the photo, so I've been a into tab. It's having good what they're doing, but okay, this is definitely not a contender. I am not impressed. For example, this is not a flattering photo. Even the one that you know, you can tell that they tried to do something with it. Kind of almost looks like they've got one of these HDR acts on the phone. Well, not a fan of these little worlds that we got. This is not very nice. So, um no, not liking this one. So this would definitely also be added to the list of hotels to contact. You know, if example you can have a look at the other end of the for example, like this. I think this is a really lovely photo. Let's have a look. I think this this does entice you. This does kind of you know the grounds. The pool. This is the kind of that very instagram herbal. That's very nice. Very nice. This sort of Cesar hotel that is really on to put the game on photography. Waas. So this is one that I wouldn't necessarily contacts. I feel like they've already called good imagery, and I'm not sure that's a I'm not sure that I would be in a position that I could create anything better. So we're really looking, for once we think do not send out this one for me. Doesn't really stand what? It is expensive to see what they're doing. This Samadi, Bali. Okay, that's it. This is a nice Okay. If I was them, I probably changed the leading edge because I didn't think this isn't very, but I rolled there. Okay. Did you find one more example? Just so I can really cement the kind of misting with kind of hotels that we're looking for , but it's Do you have friends? Okay. I think he has a pretty good example is Well, okay. See this? This is quite horrible. Um, yet this, you know, it's been taking on fun blurry. This is just composition wise. Terrible And I think you know, a lot of people will look at these. You know, you are obvious. Photographer. You have got some understanding photography. I think a lot of people like us would look at these and almost cringe. Uh huh. I hate to sound me, but you have to look at these things with really critical this one for being the best example of what? I really need help. You can tell that it's a lovely hurt. You know, you can tell that it would be lovely, but that photography is just not up to scratch. You know how much they charging? £590 3 nights was not cheap. And this is the perfect example of the kind of hotel that I'm really strongly suggest that you contact. Um, So what we can you know? The second part is when we are going to do a little bit more digging, we're gonna have a look on the website. So we've put is you Tenny Ball it. Let's see actuaries mention it's quite a common name. So it's incident making news today has checked the website. Okay, this is like the website. I think the feathers on here. Possibly even worse. Okay. For me, this is undoubtable, undoubtedly the kind of the color for itself. But we need help. So this is the kind of tell that we want to contact. So let's have a look and see if we can find that contact details so we can see is in for a luxury. So I'm assuming that would be our case. That's almost the agency that they were from. So not to say you couldn't contact the agency. Ideally, we're looking for an email address for the individual hotel. So it seems I don't have an individual email address for this hotel. So what I'm gonna do is have a look at a couple of others. So I saw this one that are you Terror resort? So this 13 again is a good example. In looks like a photo from a phone, it's very expensive. It's got great reviews on what? We're going to just have a look at the photos. I think they do kind of all follow suit that they're not really there. No nice photos and no offensive. I tear a result. This one is nice, but to me, this is the taken were the cycle of fired. This in particular is not a nice photo. Same goes for this one. They do have some words photos. But, you know, they also have a lot of not nice photo, so this would be it would want to contact. So I hope to extend website. I've been here. Andi, you know are just usually just have a little scroll. Have a look at, You know, the kind of quality of the other stuff on the website and the website in general on again. These photos to me, they're not They're not great. These could really do with a facelift. So on a website up here, they do have an email button. Um, they're always around. If you could, you can't find a contact email address. There are very cool plug ins. Even use that help you find the email address that you're after. So what I'm gonna shave is one plugging. I swear. I just lives up here, and it's a little orange box, and it's called Hunter What it does. It was great. That website looking for an email address for you. So you know, let's say there was live on here is that? Seumas? We just learned to let up on top, and it's gonna check that works, like for us. So I just have a look at one last one. That's just look at one lost hotel. Um, well, no found of this, obviously. You know, a lot of people have very different opinions on what a good photograph is. Isn't so, You know, you really just have to use your own judgment on what you think you could do better on I. Let's have a look at the village tree with that one. The reason why I suggest this one is because you know, this particular picture doesn't really tell you anything about the hotel. So it makes me wonder what the rest of the photography is like. Um, no, not too great. Although you can see in the photos, it's got a very faint logo behind it. So which tells me that they have had their photos down. We're not gonna go criticized this guy old skills photography. So let's leave that one. Let's carry on. Look at the bit of Dari, okay? And say this is another good example of one that we contact the photos on that night's. So let's just copy and paste the name. Let's put that into Google, and that's trying to find their website very good se He's their websites. Yeah, I definitely think they could do with some help from from a federal prison, but it's because either got there E mail address down here. Let's see what we get with. Yet they picked up a swell. Sometimes you find that there is no contact email address that you can see on their website . Then Hunter will actually pick up that email. Is this for you? This comes in very happy. A lot of the times, the email address of the words that would just be a very generic in five acts in the name of the hotel and hunt took and sometimes even pick up on the names of the different stuff so it could give you the email address of marketing manager, you know, sexual etcetera. So I really recommend downloading this. You can get it in the Google chrome, whatever you call it absolute. That's what you call it. Getting stuff is free. You don't have to pay and just it's just really handy. Just sits up in there really comes in handy when really struggling to find an email address 6. Contacting: Okay, so we've chosen the hotel that we want to contact. So in this instance, we even be contacting the Bennett Dari luxury Villas and spa in Bali. So as we've already seen from the website from that booking dot com, they could really do with the help of some photography, which is where you're gonna come in. What we gonna do now is we are going Teoh, get in touch Evidence. This is when we get a 70 we're gonna propose what we're gonna propose. Andi, we're going to set the ball rolling. Hopefully, Andi, hopefully they're going to take us up on our offer on we're going to have our sounds lovely holiday in this hotel. So what we're going to do? So this is their website. What we're gonna do is we're going to head over to, you know. Okay, so we're going to composing them. Okay, So I do. What we're gonna do here is we're trying to grab their attention. So going off the back of water Sedalia, there are off scams out there, So we're also trying to instill confidence that we are a person. We do generally want to work with them without offending them at the same time. So let's use the you notice that we got from the website today. And that's why we want to subject. So for the subject, I would always recommend you ask a question. So the reason behind that is people always feel the need to respond to a question. So I would have been my subject. Something off. New photography question Mark or we could do something. Lights off. Would you like new photography? Anything on those lines that's asking a question on use the word photography or images or content something on those lines. So I've actually already got a template that I originally used. This goes back toe with me. My boyfriend chilling. So I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna open that directly. Uh, up until I see you can read it. Hopefully you may have to read it easily. Okay, So this is the email. Uh, the I sent out all those years ago. Wait. So you can see here the subject of the email waas Need any free photography? No, Teoh, really. Quickly. Just bring to your attention that this emails a few years ago and the way I do things now is slightly different, but in general, this is the kind of template that you should be working off with. That being said, do not go and use this exact email template when you contact people. Because the chances are if there's quite a few watching this cause you're not gonna come across is authentic because you're a lot of you are gonna have the same email. They obviously gonna realize that it's not coming from the heart. So uses as a skeleton build up all this if you can. So a few errors that Aaron this that I'll just make a fist. You'll see up here I was emailing a lot of hotels at the same time, and I should be succeed them. So what I did here was I c C. Luckily, this didn't I don't think this actually went in the end. So please don't make the mistake I did. And make sure you BCC them. This is just that they know that they feel like they once receiving this email that is not going that sort of people. Secondly, what I would suggest is what we used to do. What I used today was attached my foot friendly to email the way that kind of Gmail works. And all these technology is always changing on now. Attaching this kind of thing to email could flag Gmail or whichever hosted using a span, and your email might not ever actually make it where it's gonna go. So apart from those two points, let's work through the rest of the email. So, um, good afternoon. My name is Haley, and I'm currently traveling working ranch, along with my partner, Tebow. Until December. I'm venue and photographer who traveled around hotels and restaurants, taking professional photos, all guests, rooms, activities, menus, interiors and exteriors. So the reason why I did this in the end is some people are gonna understand, you know, in without trying to sound condescending or patronizing. They're not going to understand what then you're photographer would entail. You know, perhaps, if you just say I am a photographer who travels around hotels and restaurants, they need to kind of know where for what is you can do. So this is why re suggest you kind of put at the end what it is you do take a bizarre spelling out the really let them know what it is that you're gonna be capable of doing for them. If you're need off a fresh new portfolio photos ready for high season or simply want to get your name out there, we would love to work with you. A new portfolio photos. It's great for both your website Facebook instagram to revise and any other platforms used to promote your hotel. I have attached a couple of photos as an example of my photography. On this different styles. I can shoot you all we ask for a return for our work is a combination for the duration of the projects anything from one day to one, depending on the scale of the project. If you're interested in working with us fabulous, let us know you others convenience as we're looking multiple venues before departure on December 6. I just want to point out a few little things in here, which I really recommend that you do as well. Most importantly, being is this last kind of sentence it saying we're going to be looking multiple views on telling the date you are leaving, so they know there is that sense of urgency. So, you know, they know that they probably Cincy. So this isn't a time, but they probably got about a month or so before you gonna leave, and you're gonna be booking in lots of people before you need, So you need to let you know that, um also I would strongly recommend that you showed there is some flexibility. So you're saying you are asking for your accommodation to be included, but you are saying that you know they want a huge project. You could do that for them, but you will need to have a longer time in their combination. You have to understand they after one said more importantly, that it can take up a lot of time when it is a lot of work to create content for hotels. So if they offer you, let's say they want the entire hotel shot, But they're gonna offer you one night. Then that's something you have to decide with you be bothered to do. That also depends where you are at the time. If you're already in Bali for let's say, for example, in this email Sure, Lenka, if you already there on the hotel down the road, you know, perhaps you are trying to build up your portfolio. Perhaps you don't mind. I want to stay in this hotel. Everything included. Um, Where's on the other hand? You might be in your hometown. You won't be in London on there are for you one day. So, you know, fly away to shrink barley. Where is to do that one day projects. It really just depends where you are and that just finish off saying, Well, afford to him from you. Best a Tebow. As I said, do not attach your image your core for 10 years now just just stop it from getting flag to span when we think similar is with your email provider. So what you would do is at the end of this just pop in your portfolio link to your portfolio. And this is the email stormy book in over a month's worth of hotels. So although, as I said in the beginning, the email template I used now has progressed quite a lot. Obviously, I do things very differently now. This is how it started on. This is what helped me get to where I am now. So this is really good template that I recommend you pick out parts. As I said, I would not recommend you go hijack the entire thing because everyone looks like they got, you know, cause like this to take the pots that I just explain their important work that into your email. 7. Common Responses: So what? You send your email, then it just turns into the waiting game. So that's what you're just gonna be sitting waiting for these responses from hotels. They're gonna be working out probably with teams when they host you, Whether they need for top of B, they're gonna be going to instagram. There could be things with your person. So be patient with this. When we did in Treblinka, I think because it was such kind of new territory, our responses came in so fast, you know? But the next morning, always, everything was booked for other places. You know that they probably do get offers from influences, bloggers and a lot this kind of stuff quite regularly. So they will take the time to go through your instagram to go through your website and check ur check that you know you're doing this kind of stuff, so be patient on, then. You're going to see this room almost a set off responses. You're gonna get depending on the hotels you contacted. So you're gonna have the people that are definitely knows. Don't be put off by these kind of people. Know everyone is gonna be able to host you, they might just have to be done. And they haven't unloaded on their website yet. It could be all these different reasons. So there's gonna be the people that come up with these kind of responses. We don't need any right now. That's completely out of control. That could be for so many reasons, as I said, it could be that the budget could be that they've already had done could be the that your perhaps your do it yourself doesn't suit what they're after us. That could be so many reasons in that. And secondly, they could tell you that they just said it would issue done, you know, in which case, that's fine. Like you just got there a little bit late to the party. But that's fine. There's gonna be others that you could work with. Set. Thirdly, they will come back to just say no. I get it. I still get that to this day. They weren't. You know, if your pitching, any time, whether it's to stay free or whether you're working on a big project with big budget, some people wall just come back saying they won't give you the reason they were at the time of day. And you don't need to worry about these kind of people that there's obviously something a reason why that no able don't want Teoh, Whatever. I'm just response to these. I'm just saying Thanks for taking the time. You don't need to go into any asking questions or whatever. Just go back to them and just say thanks for taking the time to respond to me. Wish you all the best. That's a really todo Then you're gonna get the people that contact you that are maybes. So I like getting these kind of, you know, because it kind of gives you opportunity to turn no to a yes eso a couple of responses you're gonna get, we can't afford to give away for free are full or we're having renovations So they're not saying no, But they're giving you reasons why wouldn't necessarily work for them. So you to think of how you could combat what they're saying to you to say, for example, we can't afford to give away free. Well, this is a perfect opportunity. Future respondents saying that you're not charging anything for what you're going to do. The cost of a room is gonna be far cheaper for them. That would be if you were to charge your rates. Whether you are a hobby photographer, whether you professionally, I don't know whether you might or might already have rates in place. Um, but regardless is going to be cheaper for them to put you up in the hotel room for the night. What it would be to get photographer to come in and she arms of full. You could variously come back to that. Same. You are flexible. So you haven't even told the date that's you're going. So they're gonna come back to you and say they're full. Are they really? Because you haven't even given the exact dates. So let's the extremely popular veto, Andi, they are literally booked up every single day until you leave. That's fine. But I would still go back to this kind of, you know, let him know you are flexible and give them on option of different dates that you could also do. It also shows, you know, you are willing to work with them to make it happen. And then suddenly we have a reservation. Well, you know, they might be having one of the bedrooms painted. But you know, one of those painted that doesn't mean you can't shoot the rest of the hotel, so let them know that that might not make a difference. You might be able to still update photography feel of the lobby and the call, obviously, their concerns that everything might be different by the time they renovated. In which case you could ask them, When will the renovations be finished? And then you come back to the back. Come work with during this time instead, so you'll be able to see there's always something that you can come back. There's always gonna be part Beyonce for you. Then you've got the ones which are gonna be interested. So, of course, these exciting ones couple responses you'll get. Sounds interesting. Could you send over more of your work? Where's your availability on XXX Can you will civility own and could we get X amount of photos? So let's work through these so it sounds interesting. Could you send over more work? Of course. Hopefully you do have other photos that are on your portfolio on your instagram that you were able to send over so just after their email address. And just send over a couple of the photos that you are proud of. You think represent your photography and send that over to them. Who is your availability of Boba? This shows they are essentially ready to book you. They seem to check that they have got space for you in the hotel, so you could always get them a possibility of a few days. So say if you're flying all the way from London and you don't actually have your anything booked yet, you could tell them that. Say that nothing spooks yet uh, I could do this day to this day or the state till this day will. Tentatively, if you just down the road then you could say your your variability is wide open and you're happy for them to Tuesday. So again, it's completely up to you. Can you also do videos? Is really depends. Can you The video. So a lot of the time when they asked that they're actually just wanting very simple or quick clips for instagram als kind of stuff. Eso really depends on your capability, whether you think you can do a deal with that's kind of way out of your your skill set. And then, lastly, could we get X amount of photos again? This is a good time for you to negotiate. If they want 500 voters, they need to understand. That's gonna take you considerably longer than if they wanted 10 photos. So long as you let me know if they want a large amount of times, you will need to request extra nights. You will need to request something more to make it worth your while because, you know, we're trying to create a mutual beneficial partnership. So if they want loads, but they're not willing to give you much, then you have to decide with that, something that you want to do. There's gonna be plenty of hotels that you love to work with, but you don't get good fights of them. This Kinsey hotels. You love to work with your date so much up, and that's fine. The whole idea behind this is you're getting confidence into how to reach out. You know, it's a complete stranger, a complete stranger who potentially manages a hotel, if not chain of hotels, and you're putting yourself out there with your portfolio with your work and usually off seat is gonna be a skill set that you probably only just started being parable showing two people. So don't be put off by people that say no, don't be put off by people that totally, you know, interested in booking you anything like this Because we've all been I've had it even to this day. I have it on you. Go get rejections. But you'll soon start to realize that every rejection there'll be another became that comes in. 8. Negotiations: So now I get a little bit about negotiations. So by now you've probably received a few emails, hopefully would have received a couple off maybes, packs, even a couple of interested you would have, I'm sure received a couple of knows because I received a lot of those when I first started out, too. So that's definitely nothing you should be worried about, because that's completely no. So kind of. What I want to talk about now is how different hotels could be from each other. So you're gonna get some hotels that you instantly pick with. This is even just in the email state. You know, you're gonna really connect with the way they talk to you via email on you're going to get back up filming their hotel that you really want to work with. On the flip side, you're gonna get some of the others. You can get some hotels. You kind of get this building that you're like, Oh, I really want to work with them. That mannerisms in their emails, the way they talk is very polite or isn't very nice the way they talk to me. If I owed them something, you will get these hotels when you approach them in a way that we are approaching them, a lot of hotels will try on get as much out of you as possible, and it's completely normal, and it's really up to you to decide how much you want to give them. Some hotels are gonna want much more from you than others. So, for example, we would have some hotels that would ask for 400 photos in return for three nights, for example. Now, for me, it all really depends on how quickly you can work your workflow, as in how long it would take you to do a photo shoot. And then you take you to go and edit those images because you have to understand, you know you're here to enjoy this trip as well. It's not just for them. It's a partnership. So we've taken a go and ask you for, let's say, for photos, and then they are offering a one night stay. It was May I would I would have to turn down. I have to say thank you, but that's just not going to happen. I can't physically do that. And even if I could physically do it. I enjoyed my stay with you whatsoever. So you have to really think about how long it was held. It take you to achieve what they want to achieve, whether you're willing to do it. Now, I actually take a lot longer than what I used to when it comes to finish chute, and that's purely because I have a lot more pride in my work camp on. I have a lot more equipment that I use and my, my whole anything what does take me longer. So I think a lot of people would think it would be the reverse that you know more than you've done it, the quicker you get. But actually, I think the more you do it, the more proud of your work to become. You do want to take longer to edit. You want to take that little bit longer and photoshopped to make sure every teeny little part of the village is perfect. So if they're gonna offer you a couple nights on end, you know that it's gonna take your wall to do this finish. You can negotiate with them, you know, tell them it's gonna probably take me about two days to do the amount of fellows that you want. Plus, it's gonna take me two days to end. It was well, so that's four days out of your trip. So, you know, there's no harm in your saying to them I would request a minimum off, Let's say six nights so that I could do the job properly. Well, to the standard that I would like to deliver it to you as well as I'm going to feel like I'm getting something out of this collaboration as well. I'm gonna really enjoyed my time. And I'm not gonna feel like as soon as I shot all day I have to run back to the hotel rooms that anything you actually get me out to enjoy the pool and enjoying restaurants and enjoy your stay on. You know, you believe the whole experience feeling much more positive about it about the hotel, then what? You would be as if you were to go in promise over promise that you could do all this stuff in such a short time on the native Be let down. You're gonna be let down, so it's much, much better to be open and honest from the get go, let them know exactly how long it will take you to do the kind of photos that they're asking for. You know, they might say they want 10 20 photos. In which case, Yes, You probably can't do that today. And it's gonna take you a couple of hours to end it. So, yes, you probably could do that for, let's say, a two night exchange policy, depending on the hotel. Maybe you really, really want to say this hotel has been a dream hotel for you, So you would be happy to accept One might say that Well, tentatively could be. I tell you, it's all right and what that excited about. And then you could very easily you negotiate with more, even tone it down, You know, if you have to. So my standard turnaround time, when a reference about it was between 24 48 hours. So that would mean that after I shot everything that they wanted to shoot, I would deliver. The image is extremely quickly, and now I've been doing it for quite few years. I realized that was always my biggest mistake was that I would be rushing myself. But I wouldn't be enjoying the experience because, as I said, I finished the day shooting in a rush back to the hotel. And I have to get on like, remote finish up open and be scrambling, trying to get all these photos together, you know, to deliver to them in sometimes little a day. When, actually, are they gonna be using these photos the next day? Of course. Once you hand over the photos is probably gonna get circulated around the marketing team. They have to approve all these different things. Let's say the photos are gonna go to booking dot com. They have to create a booking dot com to get the new imagery. So actually, they probably don't need images as quickly as you think they do. So do give yourself enough time that not only could do the best finish you and anything you can, but also, you can actually enjoy the hotel because that is a huge part of it as well. Certainly you really need to know your worth. So, yes, he might be new to this. Yes, you might be a, you know, a new photographer. Hobbies. This is gonna be a first perhaps professional kind of finish it. You still need to know your worth. You need to let the hotels that you're working with, a number that you know your work because a lot of them will try and get as much out of you as possible. It will squeeze you for every minute of your time on it's. It's really important that you set the standard from the beginning that you know your worth on. You're not gonna negotiate when it comes to certain things. It's another thing that's really important. It's always clarified what's included in this agreement with you in the hotel. So there's gonna be some hotels. It could be more than willing to a few food and beverage. And today in the spar, all these different kind of things, as well as a combination, and then you're gonna get others that are gonna be very bare bones just off the bedroom. So again, you need to decide what it is you're gonna be happy with. It will provide us come down to the fact that how much you want to stay in that hotel, there be some hotels for me. It would be a dream hotel for me to work with him to stay at. So I'm happy to kind of not have all these bells and whistles included. I'm quite happy to just have the room as it is. Let's say with rich for three or four nights and and everything else is being expense on my behalf. So let's say this hotel that they want to work with you and you like the look of them. But you're not that excited and then they're not gonna give you any food. Beverage. They're not gonna give you any. It's a daily step in to enjoy the town. Whatever. This is something you can't negotiate on. But you also have to think Do you really want to go and stand tell? You know that excited about on you are gonna end up being out of pocket yourself because you have to have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. So usually for me, I do almost insist that my food and beverage is included. Otherwise, it does tend to stop being a lopsided collaboration. You know, if if they're just giving me a room and I'm doing all this work for them, I'm gonna be spending a lot of my time and effort and skill. I don't really like to be compensated equally for that. So for me, the stated I am now, I would really insist that my food and beverages included at a minimum. So, you know, I'm not asking for the world. I'm just asking that I'm not gonna be out of pocket from the experience that I have with them. Be transparent. This is something that it might be very difficult in the beginning because you're trying toe put on this big Ravana, your professional and all this kind of stuff, but be transparent with them. If they're asking for something that's not achievable from you, then tell them there's no harm in that you'll often get when you're emailing with these hotels trying to come through an agreement, the often send things like Pinterest screenshots and they'll say this is a solid one. We want hotel look exactly like this. You know, you can jump in the Hudson website, have a look at what they had said, that she looks like and you'll start photography. And you could be thinking to yourself there isn't her way. I'm gonna have the hotel looking like that and you just need to manage your expectations. Let them know that you will try your best toe to replicate his Pinterest. Look as much as possible. However, you know you can tell them like this is not really my style of photography. This is myself totally free and your hair doesn't look anything like that. I tell you showed me on Pinterest. A lot of times these hotel teams, I haven't actually worked with photographer before. Sometimes down with three you know, head office. So they actually have no experience in looking or talking with a photographer, So you kind of need to educate them, and you need to guide them as well, Even if you yourself every new to this and you don't know what you're doing, it's experience of both of you. As long as you feel comfortable with this town, this client and you see that they're going to negotiate and you're being very open and transparent, you can feel a relationship building. Then I'm sure it's gonna be a great experience for both of you, and you're in the end, developed a really good, long lasting relationship with this hotel. Lastly, if you get it back filling about a hotel, Clark, you know, if you feel like you're really not cooking, you feel like they want lows. It you just can't do. They're asking for things that you're not comfortable with. Then you don't have to accept any of thes proposals. You know, you don't need to feel like you owe them. Because you reached absolute first doesn't mean that you have to agree with a drug with them. There is one situation. I really, really vividly that me and my boyfriend Wrench Alenka. And there was a beautiful I tell that really would have loved to work with. It was literally in a tree, this hotel, and we had exchanged maybe more than 10 emails of negotiating. You know, it was very pushing poll beginning. I was being very flexible, and I was like, Yeah, I'm sure we can do it. I'm sure we could do this and they will come back with more, more, more. And then it kind of got to the point that they weren't willing to accept anything from me. So they wanted around 150 images. They weren't willing to include any food or beverage or additional spend on. They wanted their fellows within 48 hours, and there were only get off me. One. A combination on Yes, the information is beautiful. It's more than what I would have spent in a hotel. But I didn't feel comfortable with the way that relationship was going. I didn't feel comfortable that, you know, I was already getting a bad feeling from them in an email that are probably not really enjoy actually working with them when I get to the hotel to. So if you get it back feeling their way should time. I don't feel like you have to take on every job that you get off it because I guarantee you for every hotel that you have to turn down, the negotiations didn't go on your way. There's gonna be another one that pops up in your books in no time. 9. Pack your bags: So what do you do once you get the email to tell you that you're all booked in so obviously festival. Congratulate yourself. Go celebrate with friends with the boyfriend girlfriend. You got your first hotel stay that you're gonna be working with them on their photography and not be paying to stay there. And it's such an amazing feeling that you craft it. This whole scenario on you, you put yourself in the position now that many people would dream off that you can travel to a country, stay in amazing hotel on, not pay for it. So there's a few things that you need to remember. They're actually very important. And the things that I really recommend you dio making no off to do before you arrive. Suppose things first. Is cinema reminded you? Now you're coming now this may seem very trivial, but it's actually really important because a lot of the times they will forget. Let's nothing to do with you. It's to do with the fact that people are very busy people that work in hotels especially very busy. And the person you've been amazing with. That you've been organizing this with my necessary not pastoral this information on you know what happens if they're off sick? The day that you are due to arrive happens if there leave the day you arrive. So just send any now just to remind you that you're coming. If you know, you do have the email threat of the person you have been discussing you with. Just send off the back of that. Just whoever is thinking of the email could read through check or everything has been agreed and just say hi, I'm with you all after remind from coming in a few days is really think he needs from me before I arrive. Perhaps they will ask you think of an itinerary for when you're right. They don't want you to say the days you want to work. Once you arrive, every hotel is different. They might already have a very for you that everybody can days you're gonna be shooting or planet days. You're gonna have office. Other hotels might have you door this they might say to you. Well, you just tell us what days you want work. You tell us what days you'd like to shoot. We'll work around you. So just 70 now. Actually, when you're coming on, you won't be stuck with that awkward situation. When you arrive at reception, you know you get chicken like you. Secondly, prepare everything. So have everything ready. Have your memory card free to go. Have your lenses license squeaky clean, little things like adapters for charging. You know, if you're flying from London, you go Thailand to do a shoot you need compared to plug because you're gonna need to be able to charge everything when you were so even charging your batteries. So there's been a few situations where actually turned up in a hotel. They want a shape immediately. There will shoot straight away. They want to shoot the reception area immediately. Or perhaps the day I arrived, they had a room become available, which wouldn't be available for the rest of the time. They're so they wanted shot kind of immediately on. You know, there's nothing worse than being that situation. You just end up as a professional. You're about to do this, better shoot with, and you don't want a situation where you tell things are charged and ready to go. So I have everything charged have, you know, make sure Your memory cards renting You've got room to shoot. Got batteries ready to go. Everything is set. So if you do land in that kind of situation, there's no convening organist and you're able Teoh look professional from the very get go. When you check in, make sure you know you point to contact to make sure you know the person even Dean with just the first name is fine, just so that when you do get reception, the person behind the desk isn't probably going. No, you are. Don't turn out to be like here already. You get a tow dio you things when you check in the person sitting behind a desk. It has only been a few situations when I turned up, and then the receptionist is actually known I was coming in these big hotels, especially in big chains. No, Everyone is gonna know all the pieces of the puzzle. So you're gonna turn up for them. You're just a normal customer, and then, you know, perhaps once, then they bring up your name. Lindsay. A notice your booking that says it's a comp looking because you are usually I just get them for you. finally be prepared. Last minute changes. So you need to be flexible because, especially his type of industry, things are constantly changing on. It's just going to stress you out if you don't allow yourself to be flexible. So you know there will be situations where you were supposed to shoot the team you're supposed to finish through. The staff members on one of the team was offset for that days. They asked to be scheduled. Perhaps a day that they want to reschedule is a day that you already had something else plan. So when you arrive at these photo shoots do bear one, things do change, and you will need to be flexible. Obviously, it's not to say if they change all the goalposts of the whole finish. You that you can't ask them to change some things you can, but more likely or not, there are gonna be capsule on the way. There are gonna be days that need to be changed. There are gonna be areas of the hotel will become unavailable off days. You have to shoot them today only. Just be ready for that and then you won't have any nasty surprises. You wouldn't put yourself through any awkward situations. A perfect example of this would be a friendship that I went to Thailand to go. Do you? Not so long ago, only a couple months ago on when we arrived, everything kind of just went wrong. It was the kind of situation was completely out of our hands, you know, The weather was terrible, so our plane wasn't able to land, so we had to reroute away back Teoh attire. We have to sit on the runway tired for an Arab to whilst wait for the weather. It essentially set us a whole day back and finish it. And luckily for us, the company that we worked with, I was shooting with extremely flexible and they completely understood the weather was something that I couldn't control. So when we actually finally arrived, we weren't even able to land on the island that was supposed to be landing on because of the way we weren't able to go and do finish it that we planned for that day to this hotel that retained. They have lots of other hotels and they were nice enough that they put us up in one of their hotels. on the island we did land on. They put us up there. It was lovely because we didn't have to finish you since we got anywhere. The team were expecting us when we arrived. Obviously, this was a different hotel to what we had agreed to go to shoot. So the team kind of worked very quickly to communicate with each other, to let them know that the me my boyfriend arriving. We were supposed to be on a different island because the weather, we could get there. So they put us up. We didn't pay for anything, of course. And you know, really working with that hotel. They compass the room, they come herself food and beverage. On the next morning, they came and picked us up on a speedboat. Took us back to the island that were supposed to be going Teoh on. It was just It was so nice that they were so accommodating. And they completely understood that it was something completely out of our hands. We couldn't help it. The weather was the way Waas, when we arrived on the island up seat because of the weather, was still so bad. The whole schedule of the finish. It was completely messed up. You know, the days that were supposed to be shooting swimming pool. It was pouring down with rain, so we couldn't shoot it. So we have to kind of mismatch, you know, trying to pull together a schedule work, you know, that sort of shooting inside. On the days that it was raining, it was very messy. But it was great to work with a team that was so accommodating, and they completely understood that these things just happen. And I also have to be flexible. I was have to understand that these things happen So we couldn't, you know, shoot the things on on the day that we wanted to shoot just because the weather was was what iwas so be prepared for these kind of things because they will happen and trusting that is one of a 1,000,000 stories that I have where things haven't gone quite a plan. But it still worked that perfectly. And on this hotel in particular, I'm still in contact with We have such a fabulous time working with 100% do it 10 times over just to even have that experience. And to meet these people like her again 10. Equipment & Software: so I don't have too much into detail in Teoh equipment into software because everyone has different workflow is and everyone has different equipment that they like to use. So I'm just gonna give you a quick run down. What I used to carry around a kickback compared to what I pray now. When I was doing this a few years ago, I would have my nick on my nickel d 3 100 very key camera on a wide angle lens as well as the kittens came with the camera. So wide angle lens are invested in because I knew the hotel rooms, I was gonna need to get that. Why the shot? So those I'm really, really recommend you get your hands on a wide angle, you get very cheap. Even second hand, if you want to see the kidneys that came with that camera was great for taking photos of the staff and for taking feathers of the details in the rooms and everything else. A wide angle. I just wasn't really gonna cut it. What I didn't have with me, which I wish I did, is a tripod. So I very first started. I didn't even use a tripod was taking fight size of these hotels on. Now that is something I would never do. So I really, really like meant that you do get hold of tribal before you do. Any of these shoots you can get track was really cheap. You don't need a little singing or dancing triple just a very basic tribe. Would you get them for less than £100? $100 they come in so handy they really are invaluable. Then I had my converted. So these are just little travel plugs because a lot of the time the countries that I was going Teoh didn't have UK pins. So obviously I need to be charging my equipment. When I was there, I talked with this kind of stuff on memory cards and batteries, and apart from that, there really wasn't else that I would take with me my kitbag on. I didn't have anything crazy. I didn't have any insane kind of new get its or anything like this. It was really a very basic kit bag that you could fit into that pack even on that was what saw me travel the world for such a long time on staying in some amazing hotels. So now I do things a little bit differently, but that is made because of me. That's because I I've developed a way that I take photos on the way that I ended my photos . And I do have much more pride in the photos that I delivered to kind. So I have invested in some more equipment. But that's not to say that it's anything that you need, especially if you're just starting out. So the equipment that I have taken on with me now, in addition to my wide angle lenses and I upgraded my camera system, I do have a couple of other lenses, the lenses that I bring around with me. I find I like to have enough that will never leave me in a situation where I stopped. I don't have the perfect lens, so in my kitbag at the moment I do have about 345 different lenses that will come around with me onto hotel shoots. On top of that, I, as I said previously, I always always carry around with me tricolors. Now I use a man. Fratto is called for so it cost me about two or £300. It is a really great tripod. I really recommend it. You have a look on E bay. I'm sure you can find a cheap second hand as well. As far lighting goes, I do carry around with me now Flashes. This is something that actually, I only recently kind of got into because I really wanted to take my photography to the next level on new flesh is gonna be the answer to that. My kitbag is also full of loads of little equipments that I use that I really enjoyed playing around with, such as filters for my lenses. But you don't need all this kind of stuff, especially if you're just starting out. This is just stuff that I love to play with it. As you know, photography study is a hobby for me, and I'm assuming it probably sounded so happy for you. It's fun to play around all these accessories that you can get your camera, but it does not mean that you need to be able to pull off these jobs that you're gonna be contacting hotels for software wise. I strongly suggest that you adobe like rooms. Light room is my go to. I could spend hours and hours and in my room. I'm extremely passionate about editing photos to the point that I actually work for edging Fellows do taking them on. You'll probably see why I already have a couple courses in light. Remind will be doing some more forces in my room because the things that you can do in life with your photos is just absolutely amazing and finally for the shop. So I need to finish up quite a lot. I use it when I feel the light from com ready? Help me! So there'll be situations, for example, where I've left a coffee cup in a scene which have happened to me more than ones on their communities Photoshopped to then get rid of it. So it's really great tool to have your post processing, especially for these little kind of perhaps mistakes or when there's just something not quite right in a photo that you need to fix. Fellowship could do it so easily. So, like I said, I really don't wanna go too much into equipment and software. I feel that equipment is very personal. What you want to shoot with very personal. And I don't want to dictate and make you think that you need to go out and buy these fancy lenses and fancy cameras and equipment on, you know, all that kind of stuff because, like I said, when I first started, I had the very and it saw me travel the world for such a long time, and I was very successful and getting some great images from really basic basic equipment. 11. End: So that's it. Guys, I'm not gonna talk to you about the photo shoot or the editing, because this course is really about how to get you have to get you working with these hotels have to get you out there traveling how you could meet all these people that you haven't met yet. How you work with all these amazing people. Try all these new foods and have this lifestyle which you've created for yourself. It is anything I've said. This course has made sense. So you got any questions? Please do that. You know, I really, really hope that have ignited that. This little spark in your brain already scrolling through, booking com and looking all the different places that you can go travel. Teoh, I really would love to hear any of your stories about anything you've learned today on whether you actually have made the first step and booked in your first hotel client. I absolutely love to hear from you on. I wish all of you the best of luck in all the amazing places that you're about to go to