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How to talk about daily routine in Russian - Learn Russian Language

teacher avatar Aleksei K., Russian teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      Slow reading


    • 3.

      Vocabulary phrases


    • 4.

      Faster reading


    • 5.

      Conversational speed


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About This Class

This short Russian course uses a method of very slow reading - one of the best ways of learning new vocabulary and improving listening and speaking skills. You are going to explore the topic of daily routine in the life of an office worker, Mark. First, you will listen to his story which is read very slowly. You will be able to see the translation of everything he says. It is recommended to listen to it several times and try to repeat. Then you will have a chance to explore the most useful phrases from the story and listen to it with a more natural speed.

To test how well you remembered the vocabulary, at the end of the course you will find the same story which is read at conversational speed without subtitles. 

Don't forget to participate in the class project and use the acquired knowledge.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Aleksei K.

Russian teacher

Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: 2. Slow reading: but idiot Minya Mark E c avoid Yeah, yeah, at a schedule ups volume dress party at Dona Yeah, stay. You have what seem chase off. Therefore you always shoot it. Yeah, got over you? Of course. Yeah. E sandwich Kona e serum vulva remains off. Trucker Yeah, Cheat. I know Westie. No Volume California. Is it him? Yeah, you do. Does e che issue Zobel Forcefully! Yah, Save your eyes, Boto. Yeah, is doma What a voice seem just off Stober Spit They hood The officer metro at a board she Jean Nature night, sir. Sir. Dr Yorkie elect on a porch t over city Him? Yeah. Followed chair. You divide City e and I knew Monje. No. Shana activated Dahlia. Minya stretchy part nura me e d recovery. But yeah, I be a day. Yeah, dear. Oh, not Roberto lunchbox. Yeah, So really it any girlfriend porcelain idea there? Yeah, that are both there. You clearly And yeah, that guy Chivo You are bought it yet? Chase off Rob o T e a Taj you do in Magda Moy Lega. But the voice it Meena the dorma we knew of or used machina they're oga is. Then you might bushe very me that must Rayna fortune come forth. Porcelain? Yeah, you do, sport. Zo On the whole, it's Nida core Doma Yeah Zegna My eyes chest So did he. Is get him force littering You're off yer dough productores Malaysian door. You got over fusion in magadha? Yeah, Pretty glass. Show you How easy, Rooney. Still my small time City Ali Ely for the boiling much? Yeah or *** Blue Blue British destroyed. Fire them! Oh gosh! The Aviator! You should stay key. Savoy Block did snow? Yeah, Chiche Zoubi We be right. You ideas Do not sleep. She d slow show you, but casting e d c u Note Xeni Myers made it that See? Yeah. A lot of Jewish spite over Devia Nazi. She's off. Doug hoarded Dean. 3. Vocabulary phrases: idiot. I mean yeah, so at us. But he had Look, Dean Yeah, Gotta love it. Zapf track sandwich. Big Cornum. She died. No, Always to boy, tear your phone. I chased it. Presumably said Gerard Araud Bhutto day. You know Metro. What she electronica Georgeta followed sheds he small stage part of your immune. Hi Deed over girl flair around board that clearly and me Zach Auto. But devise, eat death Dhamar hide each sport of Zell God oil which origin? 4. Faster reading: really? It means as a would mark, it's avoiding you. Yeah. Schedule as my younger spotty kid. Yeah. Yes. You seem to yourself there were Richard. You got W Kofi. This sandwich was the economy. Is Syria ballerinas after yet? Shit. I know Westie. Not so you California. Is that Tim? You paid off. Do sh it she should Zubar coarsely at ever? Yes. And their eyes narrow. Boto Yeah, because you is doma voicing. She's so stubborn state They had the officer name Metro the electron there Stadium Yeah, below chair devotes its peace in the new communication activated Dalia Amenia stretches partner me It really go for it. But don't be idea, do you? You do not about the lunch box in Magadan here. Hurdles! Can you give me a car? Fire Post Lee I did a year about is clear and in he has a kind Sure about it. That yourself severability luxury. You do name it at all in that down my credit ago. But the voices media doma When your voice to machina that Augustine you might boy sugary me that'll machine a machine come forth mostly Yea though sport itself on the hood said delicate doma he has anymore is just three posted during your off key. Yeah, do productive doma You got over illusion in the diabolical Shyatt Greasy Ernestine was motoring serially beautiful boy much the ocean blue which is chest but the move cars Devi actually official state heaves We're broke. It's no me achi Shozo be we did I ideas Didn't establish exposure but gusty e d is it minnows And you might get that. See yellows respond Venus it yourself that hooded my ding. 5. Conversational speed: really? It means would mark issuing years. Casuals, violence, period. Kidney? Yes. Do you see it yourself? There will retreat here. That w coffee is sandwich economist serum love arenas after cage. There. No estimates. William California is that Jimmy had evolution each issues over post yet arrested. Arise. Not Arvato. Yeah, because you is dumb. A voice interests a day at the office and I'm a draw. Robert Shady intention is to spread their character and their push to stadium happily trade about Hisham in any communal emancipated value Meaning of stretches partnering me a pretty good border. But don't be idea. Do you burn about a lunch box in a greater Karos collect call for forced labour Either you're about to Is Kelly again? He has a controllable that pages So future trouble t yet actually on the metro in a grammatical ago. But it was me at the doma when you were a smash Weiner the Rogozin your mind. Bullshit, Remy. Is that machine you're watching? Come forth Forced the eight of sport. So on the hood it's in the record. Doma He has any? My eyes just staring at him. Posted here off key yet of predictable magazine Don't wanna goto Blue Ocean inaudible astride Risi Misty Most modern serially in a footballing. Much Yeah, it should live with. Distressed by the move Cars Division Official cities Where block It's no match issues. Oboe, Rebekah Deodorants. Lady sheeting Push a podcast e a dish terminals and reminds me a taxi. Yellows respond. Then that's it yourself, Dr Hooded minding.