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How to Study Effectively: 7 Easy Steps to Master Student Tools, Note Taking & Uni Exam Preparation

teacher avatar Troye Bates, Brain Training Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction - How to Study Effectively


    • 2.

      Chapter 1 - 7 Easy Steps to Study Effectively


    • 3.

      Chapter 2 - Become a Successful Student


    • 4.

      Chapter 3 - Taking Notes


    • 5.

      Chapter 4 - Prepare for Your Exams


    • 6.

      Conclusion - How to Study Effectively


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About This Class

Struggling to be effective with your study skills?

No need to worry, this study guide will provide you with the necessary tools you need to be successful in studying!

Studying is one of the most important tasks in life because it helps you to understand and respect the rule of language. If you don’t understand the rule of language, it will be impossible for you to enjoy or even be successful in your studies.

Learning how to study helps you avoid anxiety, fatigue, and frustration when you are preparing for an examination.

• The 7 easy steps to study effectively.
• 32 tips on how to become a successful student.
• The art of notetaking.
• Exam preparation techniques that will result in better grades.
• How to be more productive no matter what you are trying to study.

Learning how to study is an important life skill. By being a dedicated student, you are likely to witness results and boost your confidence in the process.

So, stop dreaming and get started today!

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Troye Bates

Brain Training Teacher


Troye Bates is the teacher of the "Brain Training" course series. He was formerly a literary agent with Curtis Black Ltd. and writes a popular blog on Brain Training. Bates turned to teaching several years ago to fulfil his life dream of educating students on the topic of Brain Training. He lives in New York City.

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1. Introduction - How to Study Effectively: introduction. Learning how to study helps you avoid anxiety, fatigue and frustration. When you are preparing for an examination, you are more likely to do well and be less stressed if you have enough time to properly go through the material. Most good instinct that reading is all they require. But in the real sense, studying is the way to go, so studying is definitely wider than learning and you need to understand in master various study skills. Mastering effective study habits age you to get better grades in their area of specialization. Learning how to study effectively is an important life skill. It will enable you to observe the language and respect every aspect of it At each level of academic progress. For instance, university level, you will realize that learning becomes more independent. At this level. You need to master various study skills in order to be successful As a student, you require various techniques on how to be successful, and some of them include no taking, listening and reading. By mastering these skills, you will be successful. Understanding how to study effectively enables you to spend less time studying because you have a clue on how to go about it. Most students waste time reading for long hours, and in the end they don't understand what they have learned. This is because they have not mastered various study skills that will help them be successful. The question which each student's answer is, How long do I study for a test? By answering this question, you will be in a position to understand that it's not how long you study, but how effective your studying is. You will soon discover some of the steps you must master in order to be effective in studying. When you are able to master these procedures, you will be aggressive enough. Also, through following these steps, you will be in a position to do away with guess work study. Students who rely on guesswork end up being ineffective, especially in their arguments concerning particular subjects. We shall also cover the various methods that enable students to be successful in their studies. Students normally use different study techniques in order to achieve success, but unless they understand them, if their efforts will bear no fruit, most students end up working hard instead of working. Smart students who understand how to work smart are in a position to do research in an effective way. Some of the note taking methods discussed in this guide will require a few more procedures , but each step will help and provide you with an estimated preparation time for adequate note taking. By doing so, guess work will be avoided completely and we will ensure adequate preparation is done. 2. Chapter 1 - 7 Easy Steps to Study Effectively: Chapter one seven. Easy steps to study effectively. Let's get right into it. In this chapter, we're presenting the skills that enable you to study and learn efficiently. This is a vital set of transferrable life skills. These air study skills appropriates of learners across all disciplines and in various life circumstances. These seven steps are applicable to full and part time scholars. Step one. Get organized. Being organized is ensuring that you carry out regular homework. Planner. All your assignments, projects, tests and homework must be done without fail. You must also set aside time for effective studying When getting prepared to study. You should consider key issues like where and wins a study. It is also proper to develop a network of context that could be of help when the need is required. By being organized, you need to consider behavioral issues. Since these are signs of disorganization, it's important to create an effective process. But the challenging part will be turning it into a habit. Organization demands writing down a schedule of events. This helps you figure out how to do each task and what is required to achieve it. Procrastinating should be avoided because the longer you wait to do something, the more difficult it becomes to do it. You needs a purpose to complete all the tasks in your schedule. Students should always ensure that they set rules for themselves. Rules will help students stop the act of procrastinating. Having a routine will facilitate you to be consistent in whatever you do, and this will enable the student to be successful. So always write down a schedule that includes weekly duties to be carried out. Even if it is not possible to stick to the schedule 100%. Make sure that at least half of it is completed. Avoid multitasking. The fallacy that performing two tasks at the same time is working hard twice. The reality is that both task will either remain incomplete or be done recklessly. The main limitation of multitasking is that the results are not perfect, and sometimes the task is not completed so as to achieve this goal of being organized. Always set specific goals. These goals will enable you to remain focused and engage with whatever you are doing. It is proper to have a backup for everything you're doing. If you are using electronic devices to store important information. Ensure you have backup devices, for instance, ah, hard drive or cloud storage site. These are essential because by having a backup, it will enable you to retrieve information in case your files are lost. Ensure you have a balanced lifestyle. It is through this that you will get help to be more organized. You carry out your duties and responsibilities. A balanced lifestyle eliminates fatigue. Thus, you are in a position to figure out how to utilize time. Well, furthermore, important to look for something that inspires a build you so that you can maintain a positive attitude. Some of the ways you stay inspired include having a notebook, a theme calendar, playing music in the background, a good night's sleep, eating healthy and lastly, finding a study partner who motivates you. Step two. Pay attention in class To avoid distractions in the classroom. Train yourself to focus on what the teacher is saying. You can do so by using various listening skills, like being attentive, relaxing, having an open mind and not interrupting. You can also take notes to improve your attentiveness by listening keenly and taking notes . You become occupied and you are able to ignore distractions. You can also deal with physical distractions by removing them from a classroom where possible. Focusing on the present is the best way to keep your brain from distractions. Ensure that your mind is fully occupied in doing something constructive and worthwhile, and this will aid one to be fully focused. One has to manually learn how to redirect your attention, since this will enable one to be attentive during lectures in case you deviate away from the lecture room, always ensure that you try as much as possible to refocus immediately. This also could be done by rebuilding or reconstructing your focus and also making sure you're active and vibrant in class. Find out what motivates you. It is easier to remain focused when you're motivated. Use your creativity and find something interesting or appealing concerning the subject you're learning. No taking is another way to get motivated. It allows you to be alert since your mind is preoccupied. Another way to be attentive in class is by talking to your teachers. This is because each one of us have different ways of learning the way someone teaches may not suit you. So set time aside to meet with the teacher and ask for help. Always be prepared before you attend classes. This is crucial in ensuring that you are active in class or during lectures. Ensure you have the stationary required for that class. Make sure you also gets a class with the right mindset. It will improve your attitude towards the subject. Being talked, it is advisable to engage with the teacher by asking and answering questions. This improves your focus. Having group discussions with fellow classmates and doing projects also improve learning. Developing a routine system helps you to fully focus in class. It helps you plan your day, and this can even allow you time to relax. Make sure you get enough sleep. Science shows that for a healthy brain, we should sleep for at least eight hours a night. Notes. However, oversleeping can cause fatigue and alter brain functioning. Healthy eating is another way that can help in paying attention during lectures. Always ensure you take a balanced diet. It will improve the functioning of your brain. Avoid drinking a lot of caffeine, especially during exam preparation. It will interfere with how the brain works. Caffeine automatically alters your attention span. You may also be at risk of a caffeine crash. Instead, drink a lot of water because the body needs it to perform at its optimum capacity. Ensure you also work out on a regular basis because by exercising you will ease the fatigue intention, especially when preparing for an examination. Exercise calms the body in the brain. In the end, you will improve your focus. Step three. Study with the group by working with classmates or having group discussions. You create an interactive environment that keeps you engaged. Group discussions give students a chance to test your knowledge with others. Thus, this will help boost each other's confidence. Some students are extroverts and have a vast network of friends that can reach out to an ask for assistance in their studies while others are introverts and making a vast network of friends feels like climbing Mount Everest. Regardless of whether the student is an introvert or extrovert, he or she should have at least a few classmates or partners with whom they can form a study group. The beauty of study groups is that meetings could be held on social media platforms, meaning students can meet up over Skype or facetime, which can be a great accountability tool. Knowing how to refresh your body and mind during study blocks is essential. It helps you to get ineffective and positive studying experience. Study groups helped to eliminate postponement. This is because when groups meet on a regular basis, students cannot procrastinate. Unlike being alone, it is easy for you to postpone some assignments. A study group is the best way to eliminate procrastination. Since everyone is focused and engaged. Group study also helps you to learn faster compared to learning alone. Studying alone sometimes seem confusing and difficult, making the group studying an efficient way to study. It is better to gather a few students so that the learning process could be enjoyable and effective. Group study helps in getting to know new Perspectives. This is because when you study alone, you will always see the material study from the same perspective or from the same point of view. Getting to learn a new perspective can help you learn the topic thoroughly. You will be forced to learn more and also be in a position to research more. It also helps to cut off the monotony since when you study alone for long periods of time, it can be a monotonous activity. Having a group study can help you break this monotony and also facilitate a good mood. By studying with a group you are able to fill in gaps that agent understanding. This is mainly facilitated by comparing notes with other students, and by doing so, you are able to check the accuracy of a certain subject and also fix airs and details that are missing. Working with the group also gives you a chance to excel and be good at certain skills. When faced with certain problems, you can use the collaboration abilities to overcome such situations. Moreover, it sharpens your ability to solve the problem, because by being able to argue during group discussion, a student can be able to dig in and defend their answer in a proper way. Group study. Help students maintain a personal duty and responsibility because each student is given a chance to share their ideas and thoughts concerning a particular subject. Besides personal duties, study groups can aid and knowing oneself. Therefore, you are able to know if they are good at researching or in summary Step four Master. The art of note. Taking learning to take notes effectively is important for both personal life and in school . Therefore, it is a super duper important skill that you required to master during your time in school . There was a very high chance that when you get good at writing of your lecture notes, then you are far more likely to do well in class work. And who doesn't want to succeed in school? Most people tend to think that they will remember everything they have learned during class . Therefore, having good lecture notes to review is a key determine of how well you are able to perform in exams. The sooner you learn to take notes properly, then good and better habits will form, increasing your chances of succeeding. Furthermore, always ensure that you attend classes prepared. It is advisable to have a plan also improve your listening skills. It is easy to get involved with many other kinds of stuff that's in to consume most of your time. Taking notes might not necessarily mean you're doing it effectively. Getting familiar with the note taking strategies is vital. This is because it will enable you to know what fits you well. Remember there's no one size fits all technique for taking notes. These include different modes of no taking that could be used. These may include using highlighters, graphs, charts and sticky notes and being teens of boldface words and headings. No taking will help you pay close attention to content with no taking. You will be required to review and edit your notes on a regular basis. Please consider that these strategies may not work so well three months or a year down the line. Hence you should be prepared to be flexible on how you progress with no taking. Knowing the best way to take notes can be tricky. Questions may arise to whether you should type them down on the laptop or tablet, or rather write them by hand. In this case, a few variables should be considered. With this, you can either have benefits or limitations, the digital note taking maybe admired, since many people could type faster than they can write. This sounds appealing. Most laptops and tablets have programs that aid and no taking, such as one note. It helps with how you can organize or arranger notes. However, laptops have shortcomings of their own to begin with social media and the Internet can be an easy distraction. Secondly, learners with visual spatial can have a problem with this form of note taking. Laptops can be limiting, since the students will be more focused on typing everything out rather than understanding the written material. Studies show that more written information seems to be retained when written by hands. This is because you will pay more attention to what is being taught rather than mining the verbatim for subjects such as mathematics, it is the most obvious choice in this case. The material isn't linear. There are benefits related to know. Taking with a pen and paper, you might consider bringing a notebook for each class you attend. Generally, things tend to be organized for the important method you might want to highlight using different markers or pins. It will be such a waste of time when two weeks down the line, all you wrote is illegible. Some people tend to do the assigned work before lectures. This is helpful to some extent. Lectures will tend to advise their students that learning the coursework is of importance. But then the downside of this is that few students heats of this advice. So when reading, it is good to also take notes, essentially, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the material in advance. This will give you a clear picture of what will be discussed, giving you a good time to pay attention to important aspects. Step five. Reduce interference. This occurs when the acquired information interferes with new material that is alike. Interference can lead to forgetting. It often causes confusion. When you required recalling the material, there is a very high chance that you will mix up the fresh data with what you learned beforehand. For instance, you met a group of folks at a wedding or business meeting today. Afterwards, you attended an after party and meet more people. Interference in the brain could affect how you recall their names. The following are strategies that can be used to reduce or avoid interference. Step six over learning material if you have a better knowledge of the material, is not likely to interference will take place. You should remain studying, surpassing the point of just remembering the material learned. This should be done and so you have achieved mastery. Study has revealed to continuous studies strengthened memory for any material. Step seven. Make it important. If the information is of value to you, it will give no room for interference. The material has to make sense for you to recall that you have grasped in class. This doesn't mean the interference will not occur. Rather, it will occur, but very rarely. There are several ways to help make what you have grasped in class. Significantly, these include acquaintance. When you're informed concerning a given topic of subject, it is simpler to acquire new material associated with it. Inasmuch as chest can be a tricky game for amateurs, the experienced are able to learn new moves. Familiarity is key. Things that you have learned today or a day before could age when relating to new information that you could obtain in the future. Patterns patterns have the ability to make information more meaningful. Always look for patterns and materials you desire to study in a list of codes. It is proper to identify repetitive rules or patterns. This will help you quickly memorize subsections of the list. For example, if he wants to memorize long numbers, break them into memorable patterns that are easy to grasp in case you need to summon the numbers. 653687681631 In your brain, it AIDS to know that each fourth number is a six, as in 653687681631 The direct chunking of long numbers into a series of shorter numbers helps in retaining memory. 3. Chapter 2 - Become a Successful Student: Chapter two become a successful student. Successful students are not necessarily intelligent by birth. They are more disciplined and focused. Hence they have developed winning habits. Successful students believe in themselves and everything they dio and have a positive attitude. It's all a matter of being smart, and this guide will expound on how you can be successful even if you seem to think you are not a good student. The following are tips and strategies that will guide you on how to be successful while studying, depending on systems, not inspiration. Students that perform well in school do not wait until they're in the frame of mind to study, but they find themselves and push themselves to work that extra mile. Neither do they wait to feel inspired to study. Hence, the learners depend on systems that drives him to study, even when they feel otherwise. These systems are so important that when a student relies on these systems, he or she will be in a position to be self motivated. Commitment is vital as well as an important aspect of being self driven. Thus, it's easy to concentrate when you are committed to doing something. Therefore, motivation becomes impossible when the passion is not there. Observing whichever fresh information acquired on the same day an evaluation of any new information is an essential step that enables you to stay on top of the material. By applying this aspect, you'll be in a position to keep the information for the long term. You will also be in a position to conduct more analysis regarding the new information so as to understand the information in a more advanced way. Cultivate positive beliefs. Beliefs are powerful in the sense that they label intelligence as a trait that can develop over time. Hence, you should not acknowledge that you are dumb. This is because with the precise attitude you could turn into a smarter individual. Having the right mind set is the way to go for you to enjoy success in this life, analyze the mistakes you make in tests. This is an encouraging factor, since it's from this analysis that you are able to know the mistake he or she committed by analyzing mistakes, you were able to make continual progress in your own studies. Through analysis, you are able to come up with the following questions. Did I forget a key fact was the mistake due to carelessness. Did I not have a proper understanding of the idea? In what way can I be confident? I don't repeat the same blunder. Be around people who are inspired and dedicated. Peer pressure affects people of all ages. Hence it is good for a student to be intentional of people he or she hangs out with. You should avoid people who are always complaining about their studies. This is because you could develop a negative attitude towards studies as a result. Furthermore, you should avoid people who avoid success. And this is simply because such people like shortcuts and everything they do. As a student, you should spend more time in the company of people that are optimistic, compassionate, liberal, aggressive as well as dedicated. By doing so, you will develop these character traits as days go by. Academic success is not only putting your own views and ideas, but also being able to engage with other people. Thus, you should learn how to listen. To argue in a proper way and not be defensive about your own ideas, pre commits precise behaviors and conduct pre committing is a scheme that you pledged to stick to precise behavior. Hence, you won't be interested in doing the opposite in the future. Pre committing is a powerful strategy because it enables you to weigh in on your concentration by doing something without being distracted. The pre commit strategy enables you to come up with methods and strategies that will aid in total focus. And a good example is avoiding all social media platforms. When doing studies and changing computer passwords don't blame others. One of the key aspects in life is avoiding blaming others for any mistake in your life. Therefore, always refused to blame others and whatever goes wrong in your life. Once you take this routine toward your student life, you will be in a position to improve your situation. Cultivate a sensitive Cassity. As a student, you should always uphold a sense of purpose, and this could be achieved by thinking of what tenants you decide to live by. What long term goals do you have, what kind of person you would like to be, what kind of relationship you would like to nurture. By reflecting on such aspects, you will be in a position to have a clear idea of how your study quests are suitable. This transparency will aid you to be fruitful and doing studies helping other students in their studies. Sit ins will always lose motivation by focusing too much on achievements in too little in helping other students in their studies. In the end, the main objective is to turn into an equipped student with knowledge as well a skills that could benefit others. Thus, it's high time as a student to equip yourself with this attitude of helping others. To keep things in perspective, you should look for a way of how you can help others in their studies by helping others. You get the motivation to engage students more frequently, thus equipping others with knowledge and skills. Test yourself periodically by testing yourself periodically, you will be in a position to notice the mistakes you commit, and by doing so, you will be in a position to correct them so that you don't repeat the same in the exam. Doing a lot of exercises puts you in a position to know how well you are prepared. Furthermore, by doing periodical tests, you will be in a position to experience the wonder and beauty in all that you are learning be consistent in your city time. Consistency is the key to being successful in whatever you're doing. The more consistent you are, the less likely it is that you will need to become motivated. Thus, you'll be more motivated in doing studies. Successful students plan their weeks well in advance and ensure they are able to attend classes as well as have adequate time to research and work on their assignments. Don't be tempted to cram in your session. Successful students typically plan how to do studies and rarely try to cram all their material in a single session. By being consistent in your studies, you are able to understand in a more complex way you are able to have a conclusive study. Cramming only puts information into short term memory, but also doing studies thoroughly will enable you to have a long term memory of what he or she has studied. When a student learns something little each day, you are able to overcome the temptation of cramming. Thus you should be able to distribute his work on a daily basis. Set a specific goal, were aim by setting a specific goal when studying you will be more effective in his or her studies. Thus, this will help you to achieve exactly what is required in each study. Therefore, you need to have a specific goal when doing studies, and this will support your overall academic goal. Review your notes. Reviewing your notes before each study will be helpful, since you will remember the key points learned during a certain session. Also, by reviewing your notes, you will ensure that the study is effective and also you can be in a position to understand a certain topic in detail before doing an assignment. It is important for you to review his or her studies so that he could be able to complete the assignment correctly. School is not everything. Most successful students do not base everything on school performance because the grades that reflect on the report cards cannot be used to judge whether you're successful or not. There are plenty of ways that a student can be successful, which are outside academic excellence. Thus, by acknowledging those factors, it helps you to be successful. The main problem today is that students think that reading and excelling in school is all that matters, but what really matters is not excelling in grades, but being successful even in sportsmanship. Being successful means you're also valued in his or her sportsmanship. In any area of sports. Intellectually curious, a successful students should be interested in engaged in its subjects of study. Thus, by doing so, you will be caring about his or her studies and also the specific topics. A good way to maintain curiosity is by observing others who are better than you and then asking questions concerning what you don't understand by asking questions. You are able to engage more with the experts, and you are able to learn more and be in a position to understand through asking questions . You are able to do research. So is to be satisfied, develop a good posture. Good posture will improve your mood. This is because by having a good posture, you are able to improve his memory. We're learning good posture will improve your memory in a way that will allow you to take in more oxygen. Thus, it will fast track your mental activity. This is mainly because the brain takes more than 25% of the oxygen we take in exercise on a regular basis exercise will help you recall information better. It also increases your capacity of concentration and also makes you active during the study . By exercising regularly, you will boost the memory of their brain since the brain is described as a muscle. Thus, it requires exercises for it to be active. Also, exercise will improve someone's concentration, thus enables you to be focused on the task. Get enough sleep. Sleep is vital for you to be an active and effective learner. Sleep boosts memory and also enhances learning. Thus, you need to beef up your sleeping routine since this will enable you not to be forgetful and be able to pick up new skills more easily. Sleep deprivation is the reason behind low grades create a conducive environment for a student to be successful in his studies, you need to ensure that the surrounding environment is conducive for learning. You should ensure that the environment of essays is tidy. Ensure that the lighting of the room is good. Get rid of all distractions. In this case, you can use earplugs to block out any noise of necessary. Lastly, ensure you have all the stationery that you need. Manager thoughts and emotions. A student ship managed his thoughts and emotions, especially when faced with difficulties. This will help create a positive attitude By managing your thoughts and emotions. You are able to handle negative emotions and create an atmosphere of hope. Always ensure that you have a positive and resilient mind in cases of discouragement. Always managed a negative thought before it is too late. Try the use of different techniques. Students should not rely on one technique when studying instead should try various techniques that will enable them to understand a certain subject. Students should not be afraid to try new strategies, and by doing so 1 may end up saving time. Some of the new techniques include the use of recording devices that you can listen to and get a deeper meaning of the subject matter. Internet uses more helpful and also the use of flashcards. It's best to learn content. Ask questions. Students should not fear to ask questions, since by asking questions, you are able to understand the subject more effectively. It also enables you to be involved in whatever he or she is learning. One should not be free to ask silly questions. Since By doing so, you will be in a position to learn more about how to frame his or her question. Next time, submit your assignments on time by giving back assignments on time. One shows the commitment to be successful. Thus it is a sign of seriousness. Ah, focused and responsible Student, A Simon sitter submitted on time also enabled a lecturer in charge of a certain subject to be encouraged in order to help the student to be successful in his or her studies have a weekly schedule. One should have a weekly schedule that shows how he or she studies. This weekly schedule should include the day and time. One is required to study a certain subject. One should be consistent and following the schedule, and by doing so, he or she will be effective in his or her study. The main setback of the weekly study is that you can get bored doing the same subject every day. But to avoid this negative mood, you should ensure the schedule is well spaced out in terms of time. Thus, the schedule should include even extracurricular activities such as watching movie don't multi task. You should not multi task since. By doing so, you will not be able to be effective in your study. Multitasking tends to waste time, since you will not be focused on whatever you are studying. When you are multitasking, you tend to switch tasks, and this reduces the concentration of your brain. In a sense, you are not able to fully understand the subject in detail, so simply avoid multitasking. Since your brain has a certain amount of attention and productivity break big tasks into smaller ones. Most students tend to study everything at once, and at the end of the day, they end up getting lower grades. This is because they didn't break the subject of study into certain sections. When studying, you need to break the big test that seem complicated and complex into smaller tests that are achievable. When you don't break the bigger task, you end up procrastinating. Students should break up the bigger tests by having an outline whereby you can read a certain chapter in his or her notes, then summarizing the chapter using questions. Also, you can use online articles for reference, and lastly, you can develop a thesis statement that will help you in doing a project. By breaking down bigger tasks, you will end up covering a lot of information and also save time eats. Healthy students should also ensure they're eating healthy because this will facilitate the brain to function better. They should ensure that their diet is well balanced because the better the brain function, the better the performance. Improved diet also facilitates cognitive ability and intelligence levels increase prepare for lectures earlier. Most learners do not perform well because they failed to prepare for the lectures. Earlier, Lerner ship a pair for lectures by reading ahead of the lecturer. This will enable them to be familiar of what the lecturers teaching. By doing so, you are in a position to understand the topic well as the lecturers expounding on the topic . Also, you need to do a recap of what was taught in a previous class, since a new topic will build on what has been learned already. For you to achieve the strategy you need to schedule time is that he or she can be able to review what was learned earlier. The course outline could be of importance to study ahead of the lecturer, so it is advisable toe always read the course outline. This is because it will give you a major death of what is expected and how it should be done. By doing so, you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to focus on the main ideas in the course and also interconnections challenge yourself. Students should always challenge themselves in whatever they do, especially studies. By challenging yourself, you are motivated to analyze MAWR concerning a specific matter. Students are encouraged to use this strategy since it will enable them to discover what they had not learned in class. Students should challenge themselves by doing extra questions, which will motivate them to research more concerning different topics. These questions will also facilitate deep thinking and also help someone learn something that is outside the coursework. By doing so, you will be able to experience the beauty of learning and, at the same time doing study, Take notes. It is important for you to take notes when doing a study, since this will help you to be active and focused. When doing studies by writing down notes, you'll be able to narrow down what exactly you need to study. Thus it is much easier setting your notes in reading the entire textbook. Students are encouraged, right neat notes so that when re reading them, you can easily be able to understand what he or she noted down. When writing down notes, you need to use the simplest language which he or she understands, or if it is a diagram, it should be visible. Also ensure you write headings and sub heading in case you are writing a long paragraph. Writing notes is also beneficial to the students since you are able to pay attention and also understanding concept better. By taking notes, you will be in a position to maintain a permanent record of what you have learned or listen to solution. Finder's successful students should always be determined to find solutions, no matter the task ahead. Whether the task is difficult, a successful students should always be positive that a solution can be found and don't rush in making a decision 4. Chapter 3 - Taking Notes: Chapter three taking notes. No taking is an important skill for students. On the other hand, taking notes and integration from many sources can be challenging. Taking notes is a vital strategy and doing studies that help you to be active when doing your study. Also no taking help students to avoid unintentional plagiarism. This helps students to structure the assignment, which he or she is researching, and also provides a personal record of what they have learned. By taking notes, you improve your understanding of altering problematic ideas into your own words. By altering these problematic ideas into your own words, you are able to understand the subject of a study in a more advanced way and also in a simpler way. No taking also helps you to be more focused and be able to observe time during exam preparation. Also, taking notes enables you to prepare better arguments when writing essays. Thus, you are able to come up with a better argument when laying out the main point through no taking. You are able to access to progress in your study, and this is where you are able to know if whatever you are studying is effective. Therefore, you are in a position to improve your note. Taking techniques through no taking, you are able to test your understanding of the material being taught. This is because while taking notes, you are forced to listen keenly. Some of the information you are writing may not be in the textbook. Thus it's important to be keen during lecture hours. No taking will help you recall whatever you have been studying even before you have started studying formally, there are no right or wrong note taking procedures, but you should try taking notes and brief. You should ensure your notes reflect the main themes in the subject of discussion. Two principles that are essential while taking notes include Be meticulous and active. The principal helps you to be disciplined in academics and also avoid plagiarism. The other principal involves being an active person and not passive. Active. Note. Taking means you conduct enough research on what you want to research, writing notes in your own words and looking for links within certain topics. Help you in studying before even embarking on the techniques you should use When taking notes, you should ensure the following procedures are followed. Notes should be briefing. Precise note should be well spaced. The note should show the relationship between the main points and how they relate to one another. Use your own words to summarize. Always read through to make sure your notes are clear and could be used for references by someone else. The notes should be needs and memorable. Thus, you can use a highlighter to highlight the main points. A majority of people like to take notes using different techniques, which most people believe are effective. Revisiting your notes the stages whereby you right down main points and afterward you can pile, arrange and condense notes that could be effective in the exam preparation period. By revisiting your notes, you are able to pull together ideas that have been recorded. Thus, you are in a position to have a close link up with the previous study. By doing so, you are able to jog your memory line diagrams. Another technique is the use of line diagrams and system maps. Line diagram shows stages in the process. The diagrams also use shapes to stand for different categories. For example, an oval shaped signifies to start or conclusion of a procedure, while the diamond shape signifies the route that has been affected by a decision. System maps A system map is another technique that represents the essence of a complex relationship. Thus, you are in a position to see correlations between things hence are good for showing an overlapping relationship. System maps are also used when the content being taught is heavy indeed, and you require structuring it in an easy way. Thus, it can be used when you don't have any idea about the content to be represented in case of a class presentation. This method is visually appealing, allows easy editing of notes and can be used for noting down notes in a concise manner. System maps help to keep your notes on your page. Thus, you avoid scrambling. It also helps to show key points at a glance. It keeps points group together and clearly shows where there are gaps that need research index cards. An index card is another technique and sometimes referred to a summary concept cards that you use to summarize the information you have collected. On a certain topic, index cards can be used to make relevant keywords that a relevance when doing study using tables. Another technique is through the use of tables that are useful in social learning, tutorials and study groups. By using tables, you are able to summarize information that you need to compare by using different key points by summarising the key points in a table you are able to evaluate and also improve your understanding. When studying, highlighting and annotating, students use highlighter pens to study text by writing on the margins so as to help them concentrate, and this enables them to understand. Annotating helps you formulate your own response to the text. The best way to use this method is by reading through to text so as to get an overview of the whole study or what you are reading afterward. Read through to study text more closely, pausing at the end of each paragraph. So is to understand the main key points. By highlighting, you will be in a position to emphasize the key words that bring the main ideas, quotations, statistics, resourceful data, important links in specialized items. This technique helps you to create diagram IQ notes that will age when preparing an essay recording notes. This is also another way of taking notes by using a recording device. This helps when you're doing revision, you can record his or her notes by using a mobile phone or a computer. Therefore, this external device will help you transfer your files into the computer. When recording, you should ensure that the device being used is working properly. Also in recording, speak clearly minimized background sounds so that no echo is recorded record. In short sound bites. Always rename the files so that it can be easy to locate the files. Set up voters to save your sound files. Lastly, ensure you have a backup file. Four CD in case of an interference outline method. This is one of the finest and most prevalent no taking techniques among students, especially college scholars. Its popularity is that in this method you can go back to review the notes regularly. Thus, this is crucial to students because by looking at the notes once, it's not enough is compared to revising them once more. This technique necessitates you to organize your notes in the form of a summary by using bullet points that signify diverse topics as well a sub topics. This technique helps you to highlight the main points. Also, this method enables students to be focused because of its easy use. It also reduces editing and revealing time and gives a proper and clean structure of notes . The outline method does have disadvantages, since it requires you to be thoughtfully in class. It is also challenging the use one teaching Since you may miss key points, a typical structure of the outline method includes the first main topic and second main topic, the Cornell technique. This is an exclusive method that finds its application in a variety of circumstances, and what distinguishes it is its page layout. All notes are written in the main note taking columns, and the rest of the column is used for questions or hints about the actual notes. Cornell method is a quicker way to take reviews and organize your notes. It helps you to get the main points with ease, and less time is used in reviewing. It is an effective method for learning, since you could be able to learn a lot within a short time. This method is appealing in the sense that you can start with the main note section and you end up in a fair and straight forward structure Cornell method is popular among students using pen and pencil to take notes, hence less effective to students using laptops to take notes. Cornell System is both a note taking and study system, thus involves six steps that should be followed. One of the steps is recording, and by this we mean you require preparing a notebook where you should record the notes. The notebook should be divided into two columns where the left hand side takes 1/3 of the writing, while the 2/3 is used for recording information. The second step is for questions whereby you need to come up with questions based on the recorded information. The question should be precise. Informal Step three involves reciting. This means explaining the information in your own words. The importance of recitation is that it improves learning. This means that you are in a position to recall what has been learned. This helps to facilitate long term memory. It also ensures that total understanding of the topic, because by reciting you commit to the information fully. It enhances the retrieval of information learned Overall, students who recite notes tend to perform better in exams, and students who just read notes silently to themselves. The fourth step involves reflecting. This has to do with thinking about the information, which has been learned. One way to reflect on a certain topic is by asking questions. This will enable you to have a bigger and clear picture about the subject being discussed. Another way is looking at the link by using other fax and observations that have been disgusting class. The fifth step is summarizing. It involves coming up with a summary of a certain topic by using your own words. By doing so, you end up understanding the information better. By doing so, you end up understanding the information better than just relying on information from the textbook or from the teacher. The sixth step is review, and the best guideline is to review your notes after every session or class. This enables you to understand the material being discussed better, and it eliminates cramming. You should have a guideline on how to review your notes, and it could be either nightly or weekly boxing method. This is where notes are grouped together in a box. Social media applications like an iPad note taking app are helpful since the content on the page could be recorded subsequently. Thus, you can write notes and record them afterwards to assign them to specific boxes. Digital note taking also ensures you are able to zoom on a specific page. Thus you focus on a specific topic during review time. This method enables you to separate unorganized notes in the form of boxes. This helps you memorize the relationship between notes and a visual way. Lastly, you are able to focus on a specific topic charting method. This method includes information that is in the form of statistics and facts. This is the most effective method. When it comes to jotting down heavy content, especially when statistics information is involved. It is the most recommended method. When memorizing information related to statistics, it enables information to be clearly communicated. The method is fantastic for reviewing. Finally, notes can be easily compared taking notes with a computer. Due to the current trends of innovation, students tend to take notes using a laptop or tablet, which is appealing to the eye. No taking programs such as ever notes or one note are helpful in note taking. Evernote is a cross platform AB that is excellent for processing handwritten notes. The advantage of using Evernote is that it has various features. Some of these features include Scanner for Mobile, which is used to take pictures that could be used for reference purposes. Web Clipper for browsers and also multiple file formats. One of the limitations of this app is that it is expensive to maintain one note APP is another program used to take notes, although the best part of this program is that it is affordable and has everything that ever note has using a laptop to take notes, you need to be fully prepared, especially when it comes to typing. Hence you need to type quickly and at the same time be in a position to grasp a variety of shortcuts and abbreviations. All these will help you save time during lectures. Machines do have disadvantages because you could be distracted easily due to the many social media absent the Internet, which can lead to distraction. Also, visual spatial learners or disadvantaged students are not able to concentrate since in most cases they focus mainly on typing rather than listening to the lecture and understanding the material being covered. Taking notes on paper, writing notes on paper is more efficient since you need to focus on what is actually being discussed. Therefore, you cannot write verbatim by writing notes. Your brain is more engaged and you are more likely to commit the information for long term memory. In most cases, writing notes is obvious for some subjects. For instance, mathematics where the material isn't always linear text, you must ensure that his or her notes are legible. Thus, you can refer to the notes later and be able to understand what he or she wrote. Integration method. Combining notes from readings, lectures, assignments and labs is important since it helps reduce repetitive information from occurring. Hence it improves study efficiently. Integration will help you to save time, since you don't have to write down all information from various multiple sources. Thus, this facilitates you with adequate time to study. Sentence method involves making notes by simply writing every subject matter as a jot notes . Since this type of technique works best when a lot of information has been covered and also fast paced lessons, this method is good since by judging key points it age. You two decide what information is important as well as what is not. It aid you to cover a lot of information within a short period of time. This method enables you to have simplified notes that are important to study holistic method. This meant that is useful to students who want to maximize their active learning. Within a lecture room, hints minimized a review time later. In this method, you write down topics and draw diagrams and graphs that will help you to actively learn while writing visual method. This method is also known a sketch noting which has UM or enjoyable form of note taking method. This method is best known for memory techniques and also could be incorporated with other no taking methods. This method helps students to shrink information into simple pictures that could be understood. Visual methods are important since you are able to know which type of information is important, which information is related to the drawing and how can the information be described. Lastly, it is possible that the information could be translated into drawings. The right on slides method, W. O. S. This is a type of method where notes are written in PowerPoint format. This is mainly effective while doing presentations, mostly The notes are written in the form of key points, which helps you to know and understand points in a detailed manner. The 26 method. This method refers to how you divide the space in your notebook. You should make two columns and by using the red line on the left pages your border. When taking notes, you should use to six columns to write notes, while the two columns should be used to write headings and important fax. Also, the two columns should include questions that require research. By using this method, you will have a comprehensive study that will guarantee success while doing study. T Note method. This is a method that involves the variation of the Cornell method. It is commonly important from mathematical and scientific equations. The key points or equations are written in the left column and then the definitions air. Written in the right column list method. This method is entirely aimed at capturing what the instructor is teaching. This method is used since it is easy to use and doesn't require a lot of thinking. This method involves a lot of writing and also a sequential listing of ideas as they are being presented due to a lot of writing, you may not be able to keep up with what the instructor is teaching. Thus afterward, you need to research so as to understand it's happened in a detailed manner. Continuum. This note taking method helps you in evaluating and organizing what you have learned, written or watched on a continuum. By analyzing what you listened to or watched, you are able to create a title. Also, you can easily formulate questions so as to understand the purpose of a continuum, the criteria used and also the key points. It also helps you to decide whether the information learned reflects the actual continuum. Continuum is essential when writing notes concerning an essay, Target notes. This method of taking notes is very popular, especially when you have to evaluate someone or explain something. This method is perfect for students who want to write down notes, explaining that level of importance of some concept, ideas, character and object reporter's notes. This method allows you to act as a reporter and you are required to deeply researched the material study before giving out any reports. This method enables you to formulate the following questions Who is involved or affected. What happened? Where will it happen? When does it happen? How did it happen? And finally, why is it happening? These guidelines will enable you to record the most important piece of information and its meanings. This method helps you get to the heart of a certain problem. Judges notes this myth that helps you to be prepared to state your opinion, which is backed by piece of very solid evidence. By using this method, the right notes, you have a higher chance of persuading his or her opponents. Sq three r method sq three r survey question read, recite and review is a method of note taking from written material. Therefore, it is mainly used for reading and gaining more understanding. The reader skims the written material so as to formulate questions that are then translated into main topics. It is evident that the student who uses this method gains more understanding about a certain subject and performs better guided notes. Lecturers may provide handouts to be used by students in the form of guided notes. These guided notes assist students and following up on what the instructor is teaching. It also AIDS and identifying the most important key points. These guided notes improve student's ability to record critical points, taking notes and lectures. You need to evaluate the best way to take notes during lectures. Since this method will determine how you are prepared to take notes before the lectures begin, you should think about the title, and this will be facilitated by having a course outline. Always analyze the topic so that you can know what to expect from the topic being discussed that day. Finally, if it's a completely new topic, try as much as possible to have a basic idea of what it entails during the lecture. Always listen for clues, and this will help you structure your notes. Identify the key points, and this will help you in summarizing your work. Lastly, being active listener so that you will not Mr Key points. And by doing so, you can end up writing notes in your own words. After the lectures, try and analyze your notes so that you could be in a position to summarize two key points into a few sentences. You can also do a follow up so that you can know the key points that are missing hence, by doing so, you will be in a position to either do research or discuss it with a group of people. Lastly, file your notes for future reference. Linear notes. This is a method that is used to write down notes, and they're written down on a page with headings and subheadings. This method is ideal since it helps research to be conducted in case of any questions. For you to make a linear notes useful, always use loads of headings for main ideas and concepts. 5. Chapter 4 - Prepare for Your Exams: Chapter four, prepare for your exams. Exam preparation is not only drawing up a timetable in arranging your books, but it is more of analyzing strategies that have worked, then picking the best strategy that is suitable for you. By using the right strategy, you are able to be confident enough. Hence doubts, tension and anxiety. Symptoms are removed. Totally proper exam preparation enables you to perform well, and in the end you are able to have ample time preparing for these exams. In this chapter, we're discussing some of the important facts that should be considered when you prepare for your exams. Getting in the mood exam preparation is not all about doing studies and revising. This is more of having the right mindset. By having this right mindset, you are able to develop a system that will help you be able to master how exam questions are structured. It is from having the right mindset that you were able to make self expectation by having a realistic self expectation. You are able to come up with specific goals that will help you to achieve certain grades. It is not a matter of memorizing facts and learning, but the most important thing is to have the right mindset which AIDS and having the right attitude by having the right mood. Preparing for an exam will be fun through keeping a positive mood. It is a way of demonstrating your knowledge and not some imposing setbacks. Thus, you should approach an exam focused and calm planning study time. You need to have a plan on how you will study, especially when it comes to exam preparation. When preparing for an exam, you need to prepare a regular schedule that should be followed strictly. This schedule should include regular study sessions and also should be planned in advance so that you can have ample time when preparing for an exam. Study should avoid postponing. Thus one needs to plan earlier so that you can avoid a last minute rushed. It leads to cramming, which is not as effective by having a study time schedule. You will arrive early during exam periods, since the student will already be well prepared and this will help him or her eliminate the elements of doubt in fear. Stay healthy. You need to ensure that you get plenty of rest and exercise regularly, which will age when performing well during exams. By having enough sleep, it will enable you to be well prepared for an exam. It is not wise for you to stay all night studying prior to testing. Indeed, students who get enough sleep prior to exam day perform much better than those who spend time cramming the night before the exam. Therefore, these students look tired and fatigued during the exam period. By having a good night's sleep, the brain is able to process what you have learned during the day. This means you are able to recall everything you have learned by sleeping. You enable the brain to process short term memory and so long term memory. Thus sleep aids and success. Also, when preparing for an exam, it is advisable to take a lot of water so that you can remain hydrated, which is vital. You should also not eat unhealthy foods, but rather you should take natural fresh food rich in vitamins. This will help improve your concentration and at the same time, your memory. Also be sure you take a balanced diet because it aids and making the brain function properly during exam time ensured that you use the bathroom before the test begins. Since visiting the restroom during the exam, time may distract our concentration. Prepare an outline. You need to prepare an outline that will aid you during the exam period. An outline will aid you in knowing what exactly the student needs to study. This helps you to memorize key facts and be able to study wide visual aids like diagrams. Charts and graphs will help greatly, especially if the student is a visual learner. By using visual diagrams, it will aid and convincing and simplifying information. Thus helps improves Recall it test time. An outline may also include questions that will aid you and having knowledge of how questions are set. Thus, you are in a position to crack down on any type of question, no matter how hard and twisted it can be. By use of questions, you are able to experience this practically, and a good example is when a child wants to know how to ride a bike, he or she does not learn it by just using books. Thus he or she needs to experience the act of writing the bike, and in due time they will be able to know how to write it. The same thing applies to when you are learning how to use a musical instrument. And the more you practice, the better you become in playing the instrument. This is the same with exam preparation. You need to experience answering questions practically thus, by doing so, you are able to recall easily during exam periods. Use of the Monix most students will transform information into an alternative that you are comfortable to remember easily. One way to achieve this is by taking the first letters of a string of information you want to remember, then using a memorable phrase that you find easier to recall than the original format of the information. For example, people recall the points of a compass by using the Monix never eat shredded wheat, which means northeast Southwest, and the same applies to the rainbow's colors. The use of no Monix will ate a student and understanding and getting the deeper meaning of the subject of study and an easy way thereby you are able to reflect on what he or she has learned previously. This is a better way than cramming, since no Monix facilitates long term memory mind palaces This is also one of the memory tricks that you used during exam preparation this age you to visualize and internalize an image of what you have been studying or doing. So you are able to connect to it mentally by connecting to the image. Mentally, you are able to recall the exact information. By doing so, you are successful in answering difficult questions. Therefore, you are in a position to jog around your memory to aid and proper exam preparation. Get organized. The worst enemy during exam preparation is disorganization, so you need to be organized so that you can be able to memorize them. Recall facts much faster. Getting organized enables you to have a better outline of notes. It also enables you to be more prepared and be flexible in the sense that you may be prepared to do more research when studying. Being organized will ensure that you avoid the last minute rush and Samper with the information that is already in your brain. Being organized before an exam entails preparing everything in advance. This includes what you will wear during the exam. What you will eat what you will carry to the examination room and how much time you will spend during the breaks During an examination, a good student should be able to map out their whole day activities to avoid messing up in wasting time. Being organized also involves having notes that are neat and well arranged. You should ensure that the environment you are operating in when doing study is quiet, properly arranged and is conducive for studying writing down notes. Writing down notes when studying helps a lot, since you are able to understand the notes in a more advanced manner, this enables you to recall by writing down notes, you are able to highlight the key fax, thereby be in a position to distinguish what to study keenly and also what needs research. Writing down notes will enable you to formulate questions, and this will enable you to research more concerning the subject. Writing notes enables you to have a long term memory and also gets rid of cramming. Be informed about the exam. This is also a strategy or method that helps you, especially in knowing the format, the emphasis of an upcoming exam. By knowing the format of the exam, you are in a position to know what is needed exactly. For example, the exam may be in the format of multiple choices, essays, open book or short answers. Therefore, when preparing, you should acknowledge these factors. Time is of importance whereby you should know how much time you have during the exam by having the knowledge you are in a position to do early preparations. For example, in the case of a mathematics exam, you may start practicing on how to keep time so that during the main exam, you may be in a position to do the calculations on time. The percentage allocation of the exam is also important. This is because you need to know the overall percentage so that when preparing for an exam , a lot of emphasis can be on the questions that hold a lot of marks. By doing so, you are able to perform better, since the concentration is on the overall performance study groups. This is another strategy that works best when utilized well. Study groups help you to get answers quickly and faster. Thus, you are able to finish the task more quickly. It also helps you to understand a certain topic in detail. One thing that you should ensure when doing group study is that the group should be focused on the subject being discussed and not the distractions during the study. Also, study group should be a form for listening and not being defensive when you're wrong. But thorough research should be conducted so that everybody is satisfied. Pragmatic approach. You should be able to put all your own skills to the test. The right skill should be used at the right time for inorganic chemistry. Solving questions after evading the concepts won't work. You should start with N. C E R T textbooks, then afterward, proceed to understand equations. Lastly, start solving questions based on the logic you have learned so far. Ask questions. It is vital to discuss and clear your doubts when they crop up the moment people start the exam preparations, which are usually done in the last two years of school. Most people tend to feel shite that started this period. They're usually crowded with doubts, which they are afraid to ask. Students are encouraged not to keep things to themselves because it will only make things worse in your early stages. Questions will also help in making you gain confidence since When you ask a question and receive an answer, you are able to understand the topic well. Se notes of bad influence. It is not advisable to fall prey to bad companies and make use of negativity to motivate yourself. It is proper to turn your setbacks into strengths as follows during an exam. When you feel the paper is hard, it might be the same case for your fellow students sitting in the exam. A good students should be able to remain focused in an examination room, no matter what the outcome of the exam will be. Attempting to cheat in an exam room could get you suspended or, worse, expelled. Always study what you learned in class as a way of preparing for the exam and rely on yourself and not anything or anyone always have the right attitude. In the case of discouragement, try as much as possible to remain positive. You should not be influenced by the attitude of others, but what matters is believing in what you do and also having hope. Success comes to those who worked towards achieving it. Learn from your mistakes. Embracing your limitations is key. Take time to understand the reasons behind your mistakes. This will help you avoid making similar mistakes in the future. In case the question re occurs, strength should be your main focus, and therefore you should focus more on them. A smart student makes a mistake, learns from it and never repeats that mistake again. It is important to understand that no one is immune to making mistakes. This is because we are all humans and thus were bound to make mistakes here and there. The only difference between us is how we choose to handle our mistakes. A student who ignores the mistakes is in danger of repeating the same mistake in the future . Ignoring mistakes could inflict unnecessary stress on a given student as well as the teacher, and the student could risk losing confidence and trust in themselves. Take a look at these steps to help you learn from your mistakes. Owning your mistake. A student cannot learn anything from a mistake until he or she has admitted that they have made a mistake. A good student takes ownership of their mistakes, and it seems to find solutions to their mistakes. It is far, much better to come clean of your mistakes as a student residence. Hide behind your mistakes or worse, blame others for your shortcomings. A good student should embrace their mistakes and take lessons from them. Analyze your mistake. A good student needs to create time with the sole purpose of analyzing their mistakes objectively and honestly, you should try asking yourself these simple questions. Where did I go wrong? Why did it go wrong? When did it go wrong? Asking yourself these questions should create a mental image in your brain as to what went wrong and could make it easier for you to attempt and find a solution. Reframe your mistake. It is important to note that how you view your mistake will greatly determine how you react to your mistake and eventually how you respond to it. The chances are high that you will view your mistake in a negative way, but if the mistake keeps nagging you, your chances of accepting it or high pay close attention to how you feel about mistakes and put yourself in a position to make amends. However, if you can reframe your mistake as an opportunity to learn, it is a possibility that she will motivate yourself to become more aware as well as more resilience in the future. Once you have acknowledge your mistake, try to think of ways you could have done to avoid making that mistake. For instance, if you did not follow a certain formula during a math class, you could consider revisiting that sapphic and point out the areas you did not grasp well and make. It seems to make amens avoid beating yourself up for making a mistake and instead find ways to remedy your wrong doings. Put the lessons learned into practice. A good student will determine whether he or she has recovered from their mistake. Based on how they put into practice the lessons they have learned. It is important to note that learning your mistake is one thing, but putting the lessons learned from it is entirely a different thing. Acting on what you have learned will require discipline, motivation as well as total commitment for you to change your habits. As a student, you need to commit yourself to make yourself better. Putting the lessons learned into practice will help prevent you from self sabotaging in the future. At this stage, you need to pinpoint the essential skills understanding re sources and tools that will constitute your success. Be careful in identifying these and avoid quick solutions to your mistakes as these could lead you right back into making the same mistake. A good student finds permanent ways to solve their problems and not short term solutions. Evaluate your progress. Finding the right way to solve your problems could take time and a lot of effort. This is why it is important to take a step back and evaluate how far you have come. And if the ways you put in place to help you overcome your challenges are working, evaluate the efficacy of your chosen way and determine if you are still repeating the same mistakes as before. This way you give yourself an opportunity to better yourself and identify ways that are not working for you during preparations. Thes undertakings might be of great benefit through learning from mistakes. You have an opportunity to learn even better than those who think they know it all. It's also important to acknowledge that mistakes are the platform to perform better. Thus, us A student should not be afraid of making mistakes. Avoid for Crestin Nation. If you are Fonda procrastinating, there is a higher possibility you might not make it to the end. The most trying time for a student is preparing for a competitive examination. Therefore, time should be used to the maximum work extremely hard to achieve great satisfaction after doing the examination successfully, avoid postponing because it makes you lazy and not at any given time. Will a student owner responsibility work smarter? Most people have worked their lives off but have ended up not having a satisfying result. In the end, they may frequently ask themselves if they're still on the right track, even though hard work is needed in the process of success. Working Smartest a deal breaker Working smarter means you are able to retain information in long term memory. Meditate. Meditation is a wonderful medicine to the brain. This is because it heightens the concentration levels of the brain and eliminates tension. Meditation makes you calmer, and you should meditate for at least 20 to 30 minutes. When preparing for an exam, Meditation enables you to gain confidence. This will aid in your relax ation, and also it will help you recall the toughest answers during exams. Reading key facts more than once you should revise and analyze fax more than once. These include formulas, definitions and theories. This will help in testing your memory as well as help you identify your problem areas until you are familiar with the subject. Revising should be done more than once so that you can grasp the whole constant in the topic being discussed. Key facts will help you to know exactly how to answer certain questions without having any doubts at all. After revising, you should compound the ideas and take notes on a piece of paper music. Most people are able to swiftly recall, in their minds the lyrics of their favorite songs. Thus people should also use music and learning, since it is a helpful tool in recalling what you have learned. The use of music is similar to know Monix, since it works, wonders for your memory, especially the auditory learners. After learning particular fax, you should set those facts into a tune and make them into a song. By doing so, you could easily recall the lesson learned. Avoid multitasking. Students should set aside time to study. This means that they should avoid the use of their phones or any other form of distraction . For most people, social media is a common tool for distraction. Thus, you should ensure that you are strict and ensuring that you have turned off your social media. Abs. Shifting of the task leads to procrastinating, and this may interfere with the mood of studying. Be attentive in class. You should be attentive in class so that you could be able to take important notes in class . This will help you become even more active in class. By being intensive, you will be in a position to ask questions where you do not understand. Moreover, attentiveness will help you prepare for exams in advance. This is because you will be in a position to review your notes thoroughly, being attentive. Also, aid students observing the key points and could be in a position to respect the rule of language. Trust yourself. Most people fail their exams even before they're set for a certain exam. This is because most people do not have confidence in themselves. You should try as much as possible to believe in yourself, because this is the most vital thing you should avoid discussing the subject matter a few minutes before the exam and also after the exam. This may discourage you and also make you nervous or even more confused. Building trust in yourself could help boost your self esteem as well as your decision making skills. A good student believes in their abilities and powers is an individual. Take a look at these tips that can help you build trust in yourself. Be yourself. A good student is not afraid to express him or herself in class or any other learning environment. Trying to be someone or something you are not could play a big part in your failing as a student. Ask questions in class no matter how dumb they sound. And do not let other people's opinions to find who you are as a person. Being yourself will help you to learn and produce good grades. In the end, set goals that are realistic. A good student is intelligent to set objectives that they're sure they can achieve. Often, most people aim too high for targets that may not achieve and end up being discouraged. Once they realized that they may not get to their targets, For instance, you are scoring season. Your exams set a reasonable target like attempting to score bees in your next exam rather than going for the A's. That may seem to be a challenge to you. Working on yourself takes time and setting realistic goals will get you to the very top. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, set many small goals there easily achievable and will lead to that big go you're dreaming about. Be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself simply means loving yourself first. Before loving something else. A good student will fall in love with himself before falling in love with studies or math or chemistry. Loving yourself means getting rid of evil on negative thoughts, which in turn creates a conducive atmosphere for you to study. Once you learn to love yourself, it is easier to trust yourself as well as your abilities and build confidence in yourself that will help you to achieve academic excellence. Build your strengths. It is actually a normal thing to excel in one thing and be a total failure at another. This is because no human being is perfect at everything, and that includes you. However, a good student will focus their attention on the issues that they're sure they can handle and handle them well. For instance, if you're good at biology, import physical education, you should focus your energy and time in perfecting the biology rather than being hard on yourself in forcing yourself to tackle the physical education. A good student will spend their time on things that build their character rather than stuffed it, demoralizes them, be decisive. A good student will not doubt him or herself and will not question their doings. Questioning oneself end Doubting oneself could be very hurtful and hard. A good student has faith in him or herself and their abilities. Be decisive and stick to your decisions, no matter the outcome, even if it turns out that the decision you made was wrong. Learn from it and make better judgments tomorrow. Oh, that you need to do is focus on your study and trust in your knowledge by having confidence in yourself. You will avoid malpractice during examinations. If by any chance you don't know the answer to a given question, you shouldn't attempt to cheat. So it's to prove a point become. Although it is normal to be nervous before an exam, try as much as possible in That's a panic. You should take a deep breath source to calm your nerves. Additionally, you should avoid reading some new concepts that you didn't study. Doing so could result in you being nervous. You should focus on doing your level best Students should lose all the fear and free up their minds. Parents should also be encouraged not to pressure their Children in achieving specific grades. Instead, they should boost up their confidence. You should ensure that you are comfortable, especially with what you're wearing. Therefore, what you wear during an exam should be in line with the weather on that particular day. This is important since an exam may take a few hours. Thus, you need to be comfortable read instructions. Most students performed poorly because they do not carefully read the instructions. This leads to panic, and the student may end up performing poorly in the examination. Always make it a habit to read the instructions before answering the questions because it is by reading the instructions that you are able to understand what the Examiner wants. Students should avoid being ignorant when reading these instructions. Use documentary video. Due to the advanced age of technology, most people have posted tutorial classes in the form of a documentary. One of the most commonly used media channels is YouTube. This is whereby you can learn a certain subject, so is to get a clear understanding of it. Unlike lectures, you can pause and continue later without any interference. By watching a documentary, you are in a position to get a clear picture of the whole subject, especially if it is a practical subject or a subject involving calculations. Study area. You should ensure that the place you choose to conduct your studies is conducive, comfortable and where you can concentrate properly. Different people have varying choices of places a study. Thus you should stick to your convenient place of study. Write neatly. Students should ensure that their work is neatly written down. This is because by writing neatly, you have a chance of scoring high marks. Neat handwriting is appealing even to the Examiner, since he or she is in a position to understand the content. Inside the answer booklets. You may not have the right answers, but an examiner may be attracted to how well your work has been presented. Always avoid canceling because it makes your work look untidy study breaks When you have planned you're learning schedule. Always ensure that you fix study breaks in between. For instance, say you are studying for more than six hours. You should ensure that you don't study continuously. Instead, break it into manageable sections. For instance, after 45 minutes of studying, take a break. These breaks are important because they allow your mind to absorb the information you have gone through. After the break, you will have energy. Unlike studying for long hours without breaks where you could end up being overwhelmed, watch for clues. Students should watch for clues that could aid them each time they're preparing for an exam . By being attentive in class, a student is in a position to know the clues that a teacher may provide about the possible test questions in formats. It is due participating in asking questions that you are able to know exactly how the teacher may frame the questions. It is advisable not to be ashamed of asking questions in class. Similarly, by watching for clues, you may ask your teacher for the best way to do a study for a certain subject. Understand the concept most students fail because they never understand the concept of the question being asked. Therefore, you should not rush to answer the question, since some questions can be tricky and require you to understand them deeply before answering. You should first read the question, understand it and then answer the question. Question yourself. You should try and draft questions that will aid you in familiarizing yourself with the exam language. Once you are familiar with the exam, you can easily know what you need to study. This will enable you to focus on studying for 11 content. Challenging yourself allows you to focus your research on topics that you are not familiar with. You need to see this as an opportunity to gauge your capabilities of answering exam questions. This will offer you room for improvement. Meeting your lecturer. Students should ensure they utilize their time in meeting their lecturers. This is essential in that it can help you understand what the lecturer. It's hot in class that you did not understand. Lectures may end up giving you useful hands that could aid you in your studying and preparing for an exam. Revolve your focus when doing your studies always ensure that you do not lose focus by revolving on one topic. Only Instead ensure you have covered a wide range of topics that you identified before seating for an exam. You should always remain focused when studying. This is because you may keep on studying for long periods of time and still end up revolving around one topic only. 6. Conclusion - How to Study Effectively: conclusion in a nut show, you can consider changing your environment while studying. The analogy behind this is that when individuals change their environment, the brain associates different aspects of learning. The brain associates different aspects of learning and gives a stronger hold on pathways or channels with which to access the information. This change of environment could mean different stimuli, locations or sounds, Kerry says. A simple change in venue improves memory retrieval strength by up to 40%. Emotional state of mind seems to be ignored by scholars, but it is vital when studying individuals that are nervous or calm the emotion exhibit. It can play a huge role in studying replicating this emotion. A person is likely to retrieve more material learned if they're in the same state of mind in class. Reviewing notes from every evening class will help you shift learn material from short term memory. So long term memory to strengthen your study skills. You will also have to work with classmates, which will help you get engaged. Study skill tools air so essential, and for you to master them, you need to learn how to use them and also practice them regularly. Study skills are also important not only just in academics, but in all areas of life. Having well developed study skills enables you to become a confidence, effective, productive and intelligent person. Many kinds of learning require you to transform the current understanding, especially when you're understanding needs to be applied in a new situation. In general, teachers have a critical role to play in helping learners to understand and also building on their understanding, correcting misconceptions and engaging students during the learning process. This interaction between the teacher and the learner is essential since it creates a space of learning which in the long run promotes understanding. The most important part is when the learners transfer what they have learned to various in diverse situations. An in depth understanding of study skills requires a student to be dedicated to learning new ways to study and also understanding the importance of learning these skills. Without commitment and dedication from the students, it becomes a hard task for the teachers to impart this knowledge to the students. The most effective way to be able to impact knowledge in this study is by helping students overcome deep misconceptions to interview of learning by getting rid of students beliefs, you are in a position to help them develop new ways of studying. By doing so, you are able to master the skills of studying in an effective way. It doesn't matter how smart you are in academics because students could be performing well in academics, but they're struggling with how to master the skills of studying. The best way to overcome this is by focusing on what is important when doing study and not just passing the exam.