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How to Structure Your Presentation, Quickly and Effectively

teacher avatar Aisyah Saad, ACE That Presentation!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      The Hand Method


    • 3.

      The Magic Number 3


    • 4.

      Start With the End in Mind


    • 5.

      A Storyline with Impact


    • 6.

      Presentation Example using the Hand Method


    • 7.

      Final Thoughts


    • 8.

      Your Project


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About This Class

Imagine two scenarios in starting a presentation at workplace.

1. We have lots of ideas, reports and materials to present but don't really where to start...

2. When confronted with lots of things to present and deadlines, we tend to procrastinate. It is often take ages to get the ball rolling. And we put things off until the last minute...

A presentation involves three phases: planning, design and delivery. During planning, we often play with ideas and materials we have before we set off putting them as a story. How much to present, what to present and so on. It may take a while before we settle on a structure, the flow – how to tell a story and deliver a presentation. 

In this class, you will learn how to structure your presentation quickly. Because a presentation without a structure may feel aimless and lost. Without a structure, a presentation tend to get long-winded and random. Your audience wouldn't be able to follow your thought process and talk.

Having a solid presentation structure is like having a physical framework that holds your ideas and materials together. It serves as navigational tool for you and your audience. During your presentation, your audience needs a map–with you, leading the way.

With a solid presentation structure, a presentation feels focused and concise. With a structure in hand, you can add materials your presentation and build it as you go along. 

Learn this 5-step approach in structuring your presentation - quickly and effectively. Present with clarity and impact.

p/s Who knows, in the future, you would be invited for a longer talk? ;-)


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Meet Your Teacher

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Aisyah Saad

ACE That Presentation!


A former award-winning educator, I am passionate about crafting beautiful and inspiring presentations in higher education. I am a registered pharmacist and Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, but my heart is in teaching and designing effective presentation. Two of my greatest strengths are making complex things simple and working across silos.

With an eye for simple and clean designs, I help hundreds of educators and professionals to elevate their presentations, from inside out, in my 'Presentation Makeover' workshops. My 13+ year career in academia has led to two presentation books Elevate and The Magic in Your Hand.

In addition to presentation design, I also provide consultations in capacity building and skills in techno... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Dr Bashar Assad. I help students, educators and professionals to elevate the representations but improving it from inside out . I'm here to share my process in structuring representation quickly and effectively. I used to start with Prince Charming for ideas and inspirations, then create a story and spent a lot off time designing my slides. I juggle off things on my plate, and it's no. It takes time to get the ball rolling. Many people leave things to the last minute. We feel the heat and then feel stressed out to meet the deadlines, and these negative energy are often transferred to the work we do. Eventually, our representations feel rushed and incomplete. This class starts with a simple premise. Whatever you have right now is more than enough to start creating a professional looking presented in this class. You will learn a simple approach. How I approached at a beginning off a new presentation from my book, The Magic in your Hand. I'll go true, my five separate pooch in structuring representation, and you don't have to wait until the last minute 2. The Hand Method: at the beginning, off representation. We have lots of photos, plenty of ideas and content from your lit review from the work. You wonder where do I start? How do I present my work effectively to my audience. How can I come put my work into a slight deck with impact? The hand mustard will quickly help you at the structure to representation. Our hands are wonderful. Piece off instruments. So many things we can do with hands here on the five step approach in structuring presentations, thoughts with all have just one hand with I didn't left on the right hand. More specifically, offering is unnamed accordingly, one that come with two index finger three middle finger. The 4th 1 is the ring finger, and the 5th 1 is the little finger. Each finger would represent a rule in representation structure. An interesting part of finger accepted thumb is that each has three sections or feelings. We've seen the next video how to assign rules, do our fingers 3. The Magic Number 3: Now things are starting to get more interesting. Representation would have a beginning, a middle and an end. This let's give the fingers our fingers. Three. Basic rules. First introduction to Pontin for three key messages of topics and three end three Eastern Magic number in presentation. The Magic number three is a powerful concept. There has Bean routinely employed almost everywhere, including in writing speeches and presentations. For example, the traffic lights red, yellow, green. But the example would be big, bigger biggest what? The magic number three nurses that frames mind off the audience. 4. Start With the End in Mind: start with the end in mind, focusing on the introduction and the end. We're going to break each rule into three. Slice the 1st 1 The introduction would have the batter slight and outlines slight, and also the backgrounds light two or three background slights. The end would have conclusion future work or direction and contact this slide contents, lights the palm holds the overall work, your knowledge base and experiences. Think this like an ocean off. Content from your first experience is flowing out of your palm are three fingers. The content each finger Number two number three and four can represent the topic that is related to your work. Choose three meaningful and relevant topics that you wish to highlight from your overall work from your overall experience in your next presentation. Notice that there are three subsections off your fingers, so each topic can be for the divided into three subparts to include further details off the problems. An object thief off your work or your protein. How would this help in representation by keeping the contents, topic and sub topic to your slight deck toe around about three, you wouldn't lose focus since the typical presentation short is about 15 to 20 minutes. Structuring representation this way will people tight and concise, This approach will help you focus and keep your audience focus to your messages. 5. A Storyline with Impact: The hand method also gives you a natural story line. A storyline is a structure that is invisible to your audience. Yet essential representation with a storyline may sound a little bit boring or repetitive. Sound in may sound like a report to notice how the fingers, when all I lined up, form a progression from low to high. Richie of Climax. There is the middle middle finger before it slowly declines. It was the end. So what do you do? Let's go through from the start, the middle and the end. So first introduced there backstory or the current scenario or the situation number to move on to the persistent problem for problems Number three at the climax off two or three possible solutions and then talk on the benefits off the unique solution off yours as you go down year. Provide more details and approach to the problem, and number five finally closed the presentation with a conclusion. She should work and contact this slut storyline with impact. And this is a pitching storyline in persons 6. Presentation Example using the Hand Method: Let's take a look how our structure, a new presentation in this example will start with a fictitious presentation on Pete's. If you remember earlier, we would start structuring representation from using the intro and also the ending slide. The content number 23 and four will come to the after we have done the introduction and end exam. So in the first step, what you do is use. Start with it at the slight you would want to prepare the up landslide. Let's have a look at the outlines light here whereby typically typically you would actually use a text to outline your ideas. Consider redesigning it into something Vichy, small visual like this. So you can see there are three points, perhaps off bees for the nation and the flowers and also beehives and honey. This is better and more visual to the audience, and it is presented in a timeline. So it's actually easier to the audience to formal your talk as you present the content, the topics and then you can also add in the background. Slices will now step to used to actually go on to preparing the ending slice. So here we will prepare the conclusion. If you see here, I I'll just put in a conclusions like by saying, What have you learned? My mommy's pollination, flowers and beehives? And honey, if you notice that this is actually a restatement off my earlier the applies light, it is also quite nice to share your future. Work off future direction with the audience so that they know that. Where are you heading after you presenting your current work? Swell. And then, um, what you can do is to have a contact me slight at the end, you can put it as unity and any can just put in an email here or even a contact number and twitter fiscal and so on in the contact me contact this slide here. You see, I use here the same graphic what it does to the oranges that they, when they see this again there said, Oh, now it's the ending off representation. So it's a visual cue to the audience that were coming to the end of it. Now Step number three is toe ed in the content, so the 23 and four Topic 12 entry. It can be anything from a project of What? Your progress. Your report, Remember as much as possible. Try to use a story line. So that representation. Really? Um, grab your attention and they re listened. You do you do. You presenting your representation? And let's go to the, um, step three, whereby you put in the anchor slice. So 23 and four here at Anchor Slice. There are actually the titles, like for to introduce the topic. Yeah. So top one would have one ankle. Slight topic to would have to the second Angus light with different visuals and different titles as well. And then you can move on to that four. Which is you add in the content. So here you can see that I have my ankles light. I have my outlines. Night. I have my big round slights. Okay. And then I move on to the angers light. This is the 1st 1 This is the 2nd 1 and this is a good one. And here I add any three more content. Three more deals to my anchor sliced And this is all about bees. Different, different times of peace. And then I move on to the different the pollination. What does what how those bees contribute to our environment. Okay, so and and so on. And at the end, I would have the particular official work or future direction. My conclusion where you have learned. And then at the end, we have the current E and contact this slight and off course. You can have also a call to action. So that's how you finish. Well, rika, pollution and future will offer to the Russians nights not, I hope you could see how you structure your new presentation quickly and effective. 7. Final Thoughts: mystery kept. Start with three slights in the beginning and three more idea in select three topics. Use this as anchor slights at more content as you go along, provide more details and then finished structuring representation. By using this approach, you will think only 10 minutes do structure you present Isn't that quick and effectively to structure representation? So he moved. It was in a night just at more deep you and built top representation. Let me leave you with a word of advice for any presentation. Keep it sweet and simple. 8. Your Project: we've come to the end of his cause. I want to thank you so much for taking a course. I really hope the cause has helped you in some ways. If you have a good back, I love to hear it. I love to hear how this cost has helped him. If you like the cause and you think would be useful, please spread the word and leave the thumbs up. That would really help me out. Feel free to us. Any questions regarding it Costs to upload a copy off your smacked deck using this house step approach in your project section. I love to hear how you did it and thank you for joining me in this course. Hope to see you guys in my future classes on skill share.