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How To Start Selling Photography Prints

teacher avatar Alenka Mali, Photographer, Activist, Freerider

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome! Are you ready to start selling?


    • 2.

      Why do you want to sell your prints?


    • 3.

      Setting up your print shop!


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      Sell the prints through other websites!


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      Let's connect!


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About This Class

We get it. Being a successful freelance artist or business creative appears easy on social media, but can feel challenging in a market full of talent. It is, however, possible to make money as an artist online. It doesn’t matter if you are an illustrator, calligrapher, graphic designer, or photographer. We are going to cover everything you need to know about how to make money as an artist, online. Turning your dream into cash is possible.

This course will help you sell prints on the side, as a part of your photography business. We will go through setting up a WooComerce store, to adding products, to selling those products! Ready?

Helpful links:

Start a WooComerce store on your website:

Alternatively, sell photos on Zenfolio (not affiliated with these guys, I just like the service):

Let's connect on Instagram: @alenkaamali + @alenkamaliphoto

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Alenka Mali

Photographer, Activist, Freerider

Level: All Levels

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1. Welcome! Are you ready to start selling?: Hi everyone. How's it going? My name is Molly and I'm a photographer based out of Squamish, British Columbia. Today I'll be showing you how I sell my photography prints as a part of my business. Everything from setting up your shop, the printing stock, and of course, selling your pictures, which is the most important part. We're here to make money, right? 2. Why do you want to sell your prints?: While the process is not that complicated, it is important to have to keep couple of things in mind, which is why I'm here to guide you through it. And by tomorrow, you're gonna be selling prints. Personally, you should ask yourself three questions. Where do you want to sell those spreads and pull the yarn of solvent? There are a few options to sell your prints. And why I recommend the cell your brain a bit already established some websites. It's also important to tell your friends directly from you. That's where your clients you from. That's where they meet you. That's when you can usually, if they're happy with your work paid for them, then they'll go on and buy. It happens to me that a lot of times when I shoot a wedding, I said a couple of code for my sharps so they get a discount by something. So they would get in my smoking. If you'd like to display yourself as the local photographer in a specific area, having prints around town and restaurants and public spaces. It's actually really good for your name because at that point, people will start to recognize you and your work. Hustle, main hustle. That is completely your choice through choice of flow. For I say, for me this started completely as a side hustle. I am now averaging $2 thousand a month spelling glycolysis. So it's up to you how much time and money you want to put into it. But there's definitely a lot of opportunities in that section of photography industry. So without further ado, let's get into my food shopping. 3. Setting up your print shop!: All right, Here we go. So the first thing is first, we're gonna be going through the process of setting up an online store right at your WordPress website. So I understand that a WordPress website, it sounds very specific. But if you have a website portfolio, the process of setting up an online store, it's very similar. My website specifically is a WordPress website, but if you're getting hosted by another provider, it's going to be the same login. So this is my dashboard. As you can see. We're going to head down to the WooCommerce. If you don't have a WooCommerce plugin, you're gonna go to your plugins page and select Add New. Over here we're gonna commerce. This is just a plugin to very basic online store plugin. It's probably used by most people. Most people that I know it has five plus million is selection. That's pretty cool. It tells you a lot. Another option is Shopify. That is completely your choice of preference. I like WooCommerce. I like how they're set up. Before I before I get into the installation of how I set up my store, Let's just have a look at it. So this is my website and these are the prints that I have for sale right now. So these are the ones that I have in stock right now. Just to shop here. Some of them are on sale. I did have a rating auction. I think I'm just going to get rid of that lumpy, that much attention to this. So I like this thought because when you click on an image, it gives you a live version of it? For some of them at least. Yeah. Or it changes a little bit, as you can tell. Mountains also selling some presets but ignore those. Then I have I have individual products and I have multiple products like the Summit Collection, which are collections or prints and it cost 200. Let's just take a look at this one. Don't let cuteness for you. This is a monkey that I shot in Bali. So the way this store is design, I really like it. That is the theme of the website that allowed me to design my store like that. Pretty much I have some photos here on the left and then all the information people need on the right. Here they can ion how many, however many they want. Added card, the description of the print, and then related products. A lot of times people get to a Prince, they like it and then they scroll down. They're like, well, just for like $26 more, I can get another print and I'm going to give the girlfriend or something like that. Going into my products page, which is right next to WooCommerce. This is a part of the same plugin, by the way, that's very easy to navigate. So going here, you can see that I have products. And let's just click on this one. This is the latest one that I've added. This takes me to the page. As you can see, each individual product is setup in a way like a little page or a blog post. So you have everything from the title to the description, to SEO, SEO scores and improvements. I can add tags, so this is really good. You know, I always add my name. Finer. Grid, blindly prints, sculpture, photography, traveling, what to any of the product image that I've likes and shares and get some days like food checkout, these prints. And they can easily share it. Right? And if I scroll down, so this is where everything happens in terms of you running a store. You have the product data. So what is this simple product, group product, fill your product or variable product. This is a simple product. I print it, somebody buys it, and ship it over. That sounds pretty simple, right? Group product is when you have multiple products that you would sell at the same time, affiliate product is used selling somebody else's product. And a variable product means that there's different sizes or textures or colors of the product. So in terms of selling prints, you would want to consider this option down the road because prince do come in different sizes. I personally like to keep things simple. Everything in my shop. I solve for the same same size, except if somebody asks me for it, I would print it in smaller size or bigger size. And technically, if they would ask me to buy a printer, one of the photos that is not in the shop, I wouldn't make that happen as well. So this is not either virtual or downloadable. Note, it's physical. So this is the regular price. I can put here a sale price that it can also be scheduled. That's really cool. If you're using square or have a square count, this is really useful as well. So you would want to sync this with your theta there. And over here is where I keep the inventory. So at my studio, I would keep the copies of the sprints. Right now. There's ten of them. If somebody buys one, it will go automatically down to nine. If they buy ten, it would automatically go down to 0 and notify me when I'm at 0. And when I go print more, just add all the other all the stock. Right here in the inventory page. Backorder is no, not really. I like to keep afloat with everything that I have individually. This doesn't really make sense. If somebody has a chance to pay and buy for one or more of your products, then why not write shipping? So for each product I entered the dimensions and since they sell them all at the same price, then these are very easy. Then the store automatically calculates the shipping of a person. Linked products? No, not really. This is an option when you are for example, if I was to sell a print with a frame, then upsells would be, oh, here's afraid to add to your picture. Would you like to add onto it because then it will chip it up together. Right now, I don't have that attributes. So for example, these are options that you can add when your product is variable. So when you select variable products and be able to add custom attributes, for example, color, size, Video, Note videos here. For just note, these are add-ons that you can do if people purchase product and you could just say, hey, thank you. This is gonna be there soon as possible. We just need to ship it. Then WooCommerce is free, but it has a lot of pro add-ons. So if you have their pro version, you can actually get a bit more advanced. But so far the simple one just works for me. So there we go. Kind of like the run through for the products. 4. Sell the prints through other websites!: All right, So now moving on to the alternative methods of selling prints. I would like to introduce you to Zen folios. Folio. It's a great platform that makes everything automated. We're just going to walk through what everything from setting up your account to adding your first brands to actually having an order. So why this is great is that you don't really have to do much. In the other video, we explored how you set your WooCommerce store on your website. Everything is manual. You have thick your design, you have to take care of the sales. Well, in this page, these guys do this for you. So let's get started. I'm here in the SAM We're going to conduct Free Trial. And I'm just gonna go ahead and get started. I already have an account with them, but I'm just going to walk through everything. This is already filled up for me. I'm going to enter a password here. What types of what types they shoot the most? Well, let's see. Fine art, nature and wildlife portraits, travel. What would you like to do? The gallery's website? So one other thing that I forgot to mention is these guys will also provide a website for you. So at the moment I'm not interested in setting up a website because I already have one. But I am interested in selling prints and these guys taking care of everything for me. And by everything, I mean printing, shipping, producing everything, user assemble photos. I'm just going to do this because it's easier. Let's see why I like this beach. To the layout. Select the layout. I'm going to scroll through. I like this one. This one. There we go. Five clerks. This is my sample gallery. As we can see right here. As you can see right here, these are the sample photos that they just provide for me. That looks great. I'm just going to click Next. Customize and share. It. Is that simple guys, I'm telling you. Let's explore a little bit. How this works is pretty much the end of the shoot. I would forward this to my clients, so I would start a new collection, upload my photos, forward it to my client and they can automatically print. So they've already paid me for two photos, but at the same time they can print some of the photos and actually pay money to them folio, and I will get it cut from that print sale. Does that make sense? So I'm gonna go ahead and click on the selling button here on the left side. So here's my dashboard. This is where I'm selling it. And we're going to create a dry, scraped, a priceless. Priceless. So for example, for portraits. Life's though, let's start name your price list for batch. Just screaming, lifestyle, blank, boisterous, commonly sold products. So I'm just gonna go with the ones that I saw, the most digital downloads. So when you click app products, you can stay single forums. And here I can choose which photos I want to have them display. I don t think I want a mini sell low quality brands or medium quality prints. So I'm just going to have original resolution file, which is usually the highest resolution. I'm going to set the price 35. Like that. That's, that's a good fun. As you can see here, digital downloads. These are their fees that they take. They explain here that they take 10% of every transaction. I think the rest 30 for each thirty-five dollars, I would get $30 of profit minus the cost of that, of course, is going to go ahead and save this. Alright? So I'm going to just add the gallery. And there we go. And that's it. So now, how do I sell it? Now? Simply by sharing the gathered with three. When I shared this gallery, people, they're gonna be automatically able to select the product and buy it. And that's it. The original resolution to carve out a card. And here they will just check out, and that's it. This is literally the simplest way to sell your photos. 5. Let's connect!: There are many ways you can go about this. And I really hope you enjoy mind if you want, let's connect on Instagram. I'm going come out with photo or send me an e-mail, send me a message. Tell me about your experience like prints. Yep. You're ever in Squamish. Let's get together.