How To Start Editing Your YouTube Videos To Attract A Wider Audience Using Adobe Premiere Pro | Konstantin Kanev | Skillshare

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How To Start Editing Your YouTube Videos To Attract A Wider Audience Using Adobe Premiere Pro

teacher avatar Konstantin Kanev

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Importing Files Into Premiere


    • 3.

      Layout And Tabs


    • 4.

      Timeline Tools


    • 5.

      Effects Tab


    • 6.

      How To Use Effects For Video


    • 7.

      How To Use Effects For Audio


    • 8.



    • 9.

      Adding Titles


    • 10.

      Crop A Video


    • 11.

      Pan To A Certain Point


    • 12.

      Adding Aspect Ratio Or Black Bars


    • 13.

      Editing Audio Or Correcting


    • 14.

      Editing Video Or Correcting


    • 15.

      Green And Blue Screen


    • 16.

      Picture In Picture


    • 17.



    • 18.

      Making An Export Preset


    • 19.

      Export In Media Encoder


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About This Class

Hello and welcome to the Adobe Premiere Pro editing Udemy course. In this course I will you teach you all I can about Premiere and how to improve or start a YouTube Channel with this knowledge or start your career in movie editing. Most professional YouTubers and companies use Adobe Premiere Pro, for me it’s a part of my daily life, with it I upload 2 gaming videos a day and edit various other college projects with it. So, let me teach you how to grow your audience with a highly edited video.

If you take this course you will either start from scratch or add to the list of tips you already have about Premiere. At the end of this course you will have all of the knowledge needed to edit a video on Premiere and then you can use that knowledge to make your own video and hopefully start a successful career either on YouTube or somewhere else. Video editing is the future and this course could be your gateway to an awesome one.

Various skills are involved in this course, it will teach you how to import your content to Adobe Premier, how to use the effects tab and the timeline, how to add picture in picture, how to enhance video and audio, how to crop a video, How to use a green and blue screen, how to add transitions and text in the movie and overall how to have an “intermediately” edited video, That list is not all, I have a total of 20 clips that take you through all of the aspects of Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The Course is structured step by step so if you follow it then at the end you will also have a finished product. 

So if you have all of the necessary equipment then what are you waiting for? Let’s go and learn.  

What do I use?

  • Fast And Powerful Windows or Mac Machine.
  • I use a custom built Windows 10 Pro PC
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600X 6C 12T CPU
  • Nvidia GTX 1070Ti Founders Edition 8GB
  • GSkill Trident Z RGB 16GB RAM
  • ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Motherboard
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

What am I going to get from this course?

  • An intermediate – semi pro level of editing in Premier
  • A knowledge on further editing projects
  • A start to an editing Career


What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to Edit Movies/Videos
  • For a YouTube channel or any other video uploading website, even a personal website
  • Can edit Gaming, Tech, Unboxings, Vlogs, etc
  • Do freelancer jobs with this
  • Make your way up to a organization for editing movies.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my union, because in this one I will be teaching you how to use Adobe Premiere Pro Sisi 2017 Adobe Premiere Pro Sisi is an extremely professional and complex program, but if you learn it, it's actually very simple to use on a day to day basis of the argument. Pro is an industry leading software that is used by many YouTubers filmmakers and many other people that create content on the Internet. And this course I'll teach you how to use a dog from a pro Sisi in your YouTube life. So how to start your YouTube career using their software editing of video using Loved from a pro, Sisi is extremely good for starting off each channel because it adds a lot of production value to your video. Even though I'm showing you the adobe premiere Pro City 2017 they're all the same. And if you learn how to use this particular one, they're all pretty much share the same characteristics. So you be able to use any version of a dog Premiere Pro. It's a very simple program. It may look difficult at first, but once you learn the basics, you know how to use it, and then you can progress to learning even more professional skills on your own without any other guys. But this guide will push you after learning the basics and house start off editing in this scary looking program. So I hope you learn something of their own. This course you will definitely learned something. You go into adventure from the start to finish on, how to import your videos and how to put him in term line. I will be explained the tools on the timeline effects, audio effects, everything that will hopefully make you create a look. A professional looking, a YouTube video of a Internet piece. Thank for joining the shooting because and I'll see you at the end. 2. Importing Files Into Premiere: When you first open the program, you're greeted with two windows. One is the main big window of adobe Premiere pro on. Then the second is a start window here. You basically just you starting your project. So what you want to do is new project andare open this window here we can name the project . In this case, I'll just name it test on. Then you can browse the location where you want to save the actual project. The projects look just like this. That pictured in this arm little folder him on. You can open them later on. You could just double click them and open them later on to continue editing. When a press okay, after you've namely the impressing of these. They're all precepts. You press OK. I wear a few seconds and then you greeted with the official premiere pro screen. So the split into different sections here. Really simple import media to stop. So you want to go down here? Double click on this on this is we can import or your videos audios and pictures. So if one important video, you just click on that you can double click or press open to import the fire and put it down here. So this is a video that I've edited from my YouTube channel. Um, same goes for audio front. Upload the audio. Let's just go to music. There's an audio file and be free. Open or double click. I know. Important this way. Form looking. Stall him. They put that from their own iPhone important picture. Same same deal goes a This is a picture PNG and imported in there like so That is how you import files into the premiere pro Sisi. 3. Layout And Tabs: the layout and placement of the Premiere Pro is actually really simple one. It may look cluttered on, do you know, full of things, but it is really simple. Everyone split up into these windows which can click on that. They're highlighted show. You know what section is what? Start off with here. Up top. You have all these little tap see of everything color effects, audio titles and my brothers, and then you can expand with a bit more. Some don't come. Some Softwares or some versions of Adobe premiere don't come with these set on. So where you want to do on a windows and Mac is going window workspaces and then, oh, panels. Once you click that over them will appear here so you can have them at your expense. So maybe you want to be on the editing tab. This tab gives the most amount of space in terms of the timeline. So you want to see, like, a big portion of the timeline on its nose clotted So it gives you more space to our, you know, attitude video as stuff in and see more. So if you're not just the color of a video So I hear it looks to yellow it gone the color tab. Andi. Hey, if you select the video, I'll show you the actual you know, the preview them on. You can go really professional with editing. The Carly can do different shadows and stuff. It's gonna come a pink in two different highlights. Andi, everything does go with a profession here. You can have different to balances on. Deacon. Go. You can go pretty Hammond. This You can use all of this to make it look good or change the saturation. You can make a black of white if you really wanted to. They go black or wipes. That's how you do it. You can have an effect, which you go into later. So that's your call. It's color tab. You have color wheels and different adjustments that you can make going into the effects tab. Really important. Tab off. Premiere Pro. This is where are your facts late? So I have made a a personal folder here where stack over my effects that I use on a day to day basis for my YouTube. You can do that, but creating a new custom been really easy, but otherwise infidels will be on the audio effect in transitions so he can see the different transitions for audio. You know, where exponential fatal be where the audio fades out into out or from out in on. Then all the effects would be stuff like noise reductions, different balancing distortion. You commute different things. So really a lot to play around here with. So I use I definitely use some of these effects in my own videos and I'll show you how to use them in another video off this tutorial Subdued, you know, hold up our tree out to use them and what they will do a lot more. Some do for you to basically, but that's the effect type moving into audio. This basically gives you a more fine tune of the orders. You can change the decibel C can increase and decrease created balance for left to right in a mute stuff that you can do, you know, here, um, or if you right click and then you can have all these. You can adjust the game on the radio channels, but he can put key frames and stuff. So wafer, wanna change, say, from the 10th minutes you want to change something from 10 decibels to 20 you will do that . That's what you will use the key frames for. Then you have titles. Titles are basically it is what it sounds like. He had titles into your video, so you would just be choose a title style here, drag and drop into the media browser, and then you can, you know, edit them over here, which is by tighter property, is really simple to use. I have libraries, which is to do with Adobe Creative Cloud, which we don't need. 4. Timeline Tools: Tom running tools. So this is your timeline here, This big thing? I mean, this is where you're gonna be editing all of your videos, audios and pictures. So here your tools for timeline, you get these as well. So there's drag this video with audio source on. They go on, then that changes to a timeline here with minutes, seconds. Whenever on. Deacon, you just refuse this slider down here. If you push it to the left, it will decrease the timeline to our second. So that's 15 seconds there. You can go even further to us five seconds, and then each of these lines is a second. So you can go pretty precise on then. If you just slide out like this again, um, it'll go all the way up to, like 25 minutes. However long your video is. If it's an hour, it'll show on our Now, if you want scroll in the school alone without being a habit to press here, you can just use your score will on your windows computer on the mouse. So if you scroll down, it would go to the right. If you screw up, you go to the left pretty simple stuff. Easy to learn on. If we just put it back out again, I'll show you the full timeline. So let's go him on here. The tools. So if we editing on you to basic tools, are you selection toe, which is V? I remember that it's really easy when editing to private fingers on V NC on DSI is raising tool that basically just cuts different pits off the video. Just custom. It doesn't take away any second. It precisely cuts them, which then means that you can just click on them using the veto. They just need the sweet on here. Using the veto, you can click on them and then press the leads on. Then you want to lead that that file their or their perception of the video Really simple. And it is really useful for youth. One. Some quick cuts in YouTube videos, which is mainly common in doing this for my research, you could just drag this in on. There you go now to drag. Listen as you saw, it didn't really nicely it. Come on, can they got magnified in a way, it got attracted to it. If I just do this, you can see the way it moves. That is because I have the snapping to on which is s you can take their own enough really, really helpful to with, You know, if you want to do some quick cuts like this, cut some for now. You want to take it off and then you want to put it back where it's, like, perfect. We never snapping to let me just take it off. You can't really get a precise, you know, it was just overlap until the video and cut it out and on YouTube. This isn't a thing that you want to do, because especially if you do gaming videos, you have cross fades and stuff from This is not the way to cross feed. So you put a snapping to on on that. You can get these nice 00 2nd snaps, which means you have really nice cuts there, so you can transition from one thing to another like that. It's all these tools he ever pen tal which, like in after effects, you can map out a shape around something and track it, which means you can cut it out and use it for something else. But I highly recommend you use after effects for that because it's much more precise on. Then the other two you could probably care about is they assume to if you wanna zoom in like this in the term in which isn't really useful. You know, judging that you have this slider down here on, then the other tools here are the mute commute tracks like you saw me. That there I wanted to meet the tracks requires on here it You can do that on mute mute. You can record from a double premiere pro. If you don't have a dusty another program that records outside of it, you can use it here on then, for these destroys here they basically hide Video sizes show there in my preview tab when I press it at high speed video so you can see all the picture, whatever is on the actual visual side of things. So it's really useful when you have many video tracks and you wanna hide a bit to see how something else looks. So that is it. That is how you use the tools in love. Premiere pro Sisi 5. Effects Tab: the effects tab needs a section dedicated just to tell because it is a big part of Adobe premiere. So the effects tab, as you've seen from the Longs Video, is up here, you press effect, change the layout a bit, and you have all your face here on the right. You don't you drag these out if you have another monetary from the safe space. But he can such effects. So, like crop before the copper video that you go. Do you know we have you there? So it's quick. Easy. Search on. It's really used for if when you wanna do stuff quicker. But here for the effects tab, you can create a new custom. Been which could name but everyone like I did hear from my YouTube channel. Um oxygen gaming weaken. Put all of the effects that remain the usual day to day basis. There are some more, but I've put the main ones. Andi, you put them in here. You can just drag and drop with these who don't have to search for them. But you still have with you know no, this folder you have all these other ones on, then he have stuff like audio effects. So these are real important. All these effects changed the way audio sounds. We could make it sound funny. We can invert sounds or you could make it Sounds sound really good really deep and, you know, enhance the vocals on Do you know, take out the noise reduction from backgrounds and stuff that she gotta play a round of this to make you sound You sound really weird or make it sound really good. There's, You know, there's both those options Now if you want to go really professional audio ice just using Adobe Audition. But if you start enough on YouTube and you have to be a pro, then this is perfectly fine. I add it all. My voice overs our season premiere pro eyes can see here I use adaptive knows reduction, multi band compressor and Parametric Equaliser, which I'll show you how to use on have set up in a later tutorial in this course. So yeah, video effect. Hey, could you know, basically putting on your video effects onto your video and you can make all your pictures look better. You can change the colors you can change if there's noise, grain you. Can this store the image, you can blur certain things. Basically, it's it's things that you need to really play around on. It's with yourself on. Do you put them in, See how they are? Controls. If you don't like them on move on a comedy, show you everything. But I definitely suggested we have this program and the thinking start YouTube. Just a hold age play around in this program. You know, even after Washington tutorial, to play one of the effect to see what you like, What you don't like is recommended. 6. How To Use Effects For Video: how to add effect to a video so that affects your video. This simply means that we need the effect tap. Try different effects such as color corrections or distorted colors or different backgrounds or colleges to the video to make it look different. What you do them is attracting a video. You want to have the effect to this video. The ego Mr. Stick Off the order tracks wouldn't have to deal with the elite. Andi. Here's the video. Now you may want to add a different color to a different Lou Metric preset sugar and you're here. So then we just take over the previous effect. There you go. So you have all of these here. So let's say you want to change the car over of this video to change the color. Or are they filter? You'd click the Metro presets on Dhere. They'll be have some real nice presets. University don't some off the Internet, but I'm going to use the stock ones they provide because there's a lot. So when you have things like cinematic, so they just being a show you more cinematic ones, so you could be like, you know, faded film or you could add a Senate in the space 25 which would deepen the Carla's, make the car stop out more, you know, deep in the blacks. So I'm sure the difference that adds in. So if I just resize this as well, like so for Add this into my current videos. Dragon Drop and you can see the color change immunity. They become a little colorful. The water looks much blew away for control Z The difference. It looks washed out, but as soon as I add this in and the colors pop it, there's a big difference. It looks really nice. Control Z No, no pre sit on and a precept, So there's a big difference there. You can go to Cinespace 50. We should do even more so that looks even better. In my opinion, it makes you pop out much more so you can see before the difference. And now you just It just looks so much better to do on. It doesn't really use that much processing power to do if you have a good PC. So that's That's how you got different Carlos. Now, if you don't have the sooner space ones would go to these speed locks here on cameras. And look at this. This is this is amazing thing about Adobe. You can literally pick a red camera filter which would make it look as if, you know, your video was shot on a red camera, which is amazing, in my opinion. Um, no, many people knew about this, but let's say I want to use this one. You destroy dragon drop, and there you go. Look at the color difference. So as if you filmed this on the red caramel, depending on the filter that the red camera is using up at that point, the colleges look amazing. They they're popping really, really a lot there. That's how you add different color profiles, different color correction to your video that already made. You can obviously pair around, play a round of these. So say, added the cinematic one Senior Space 25 go to column you can then a justice even more to make it. You know, depending on your choice here, or you taste, you can change it and, you know, play with their even more. So I'm just take all of these off so I can show you some other fixed you can add. That's not, you know, just color based so video effects. You can do things like adjust so they just get back to them. Ah, just we can adjust the levels, you know, the extract and stuff. So this is all things you can play around. If I suggest again playing around with these to see you can distort the image. He could move different images. So are you would do for these? Is this you just drag a drop so somewhere you won't see a immediate change because you two videos, maybe to see how they work. But let's see, there's more. Hear some noise and grain. So Dustin scratches. If you put this in, um, on, Let's see. Maybe doesn't look too good on this one. We can't see. Let's pick something. That was the pain on. The depending on the image we have will be different. But let's see, Let's do something else Here, let's you're farce. Blow those so far as blood, you can obviously pick here, present or virtual blood. Depending on what you like, you can pick the percentage so as conceived I'm increasing it and it looks even more blow, which that's the whole point. So there you go. It's a nice bloke video. Now, if that's what you want it, that's where you get the Dustin scratches. One has conceived fresh hold. We can change that as well changed a fresh hold without the radius. You just need to really play a round of these, and depending on what you need these effects for you can just drag and drop. And that's how you change that. I use video effects in a dog premiere pro. 7. How To Use Effects For Audio: how side effects to or do in Premiere Pro. So for this one, a comedy show you much on how to add effects for the audio. Maybe I can actually imported music. So you know that we have to hear my voice over and over again. Get confused. Just go to our photo here at some music in some final battle music. Let's see. This is pure audio. Ozcan C could probably hear that your audio actually probably cannot hold up. There you go. I hear the audio now. So now this audio is well untouched. So the way you had effects to it, then you taken effect, just like in video on greeted with audio effects. So you click on these and just like the video ones over, I clicked on video where they all your effects. So there's even more for these stuff, like you know, the noise reduction automatic click remove balances based. Adding all these will change the way things sound. Vocal enhances. It is a pretty big list here, so you can feel right with Lefty. If this was a model channel, just one channel, you can then enter this to make a sound stereo which is really interesting. You cannot stuff like distortion on the way out is you just click, drag and drop on. Then you just all these on the effects panel. So let me just show you here, make this little smaller, So effort controls. This is I said before, This is something that you need a lot. As can hear. Traditionalist is the starting point here that actually, but it will add some distortion. You obviously added this. So how much you want? This goes really deep into our editing this So if you know, what you doing with this, please? You play around with this if you don't know how to use these, didn't can use the preset samples him usually all of these half some presets samples. But let me show you what I used at it. My voice overs for my videos. So if I get a video here, are these a relative of yours or that I really used you know these presets before? But what I do is on, you know, have a microphone, a rode NT USB on that's that forms raw into a dusty. So I have a safe preset list him with these free that I use for my voice. One is adaptive noise reduction because there's a lot of noise that this mark from picture from behind, two more to ban compressor. That's why use and free is a parametric equaliser. Now I suggest to use they're all of these for any marks. Well, not just this one. It's just that the effects I show you in here will be different to what you know. I'm sure I'm showing changing. So what these do you can stack? These, of course, are asking to offer of them. You can stack them on top and off. We will work in conjunction in conjunction. So one, the adaptive noise reduction you click at its and it's a default. So I changed mine too heavy noise reduction. This is pretty simple. If there's a lot of background noise, you click heavy and this will try to block out automatically off the back. Cuomo's that is behind your voice or the main object that is talk into the microphone. So I click heavy on this one. You can see it changes all the authorities knife, you know, were you doing then changes around or play a round of them to see what street you best. I just leave it on this preset and that's what you done. The adoption of production is done. Next is your motive and compressor. This one is in broadcast, obviously have a hole of the supplier around with the different megahertz and the different fresh holes and stuff. We can change every two channel of audio, the gains and stuff. So I do this to tighter base. So all these in conjunction work as as a really good, you know, free. That'll effective. They worked really well together. So I just tighter based on this one. So this will increase the A base off the the voiceover which would make it sound, you know, but a bit deeper. So now that's it done on the next one. You go to Parametric, equalize them so I could see a lot of playing around here. You could I do this? I pick focal enhancer for this one, which created this nice line of a nice up and down the vocal enhancer to really good as well. And it done so off thes chauffeur of these, you know, they were have the different things but they will work in conjunction on when the adult food them together. You have a really nice on expensive sounding voice. Even if you're Mike for, may not be that good. This one is that, say, using a headset or something. You don't want to be using stock order that produces. You want to put these effect, especially these ones play around with the You know, the editing sections are gonna have a really good sounding or their source. 8. Transitioning: throughout transitions. It is really simple in the premier pro. So here I have my file to my previous project. It's kind of messy idea. Apologize, but say you wanna have a transition between your just this part of the video, they just crop it just for the sake. You obviously have two different videos, or I say you have a time lapse of something that you want, like show they have taken time to get one place. So I want to cut this and cut this year. So it's two different scenes to lead that on open. Unlike the funding to the audio from the cut that Israel separately. And there you go hard like this. Put it back there. And now you have this this pace here which, you know, if you put put in a name, just show you how this works. It looks rough. It's not supposed to play that. So the way you want to add transitions is you go to effect, appear the top take off the a previous effective search for Andi have video transitions Really simple gives you all these cannot freely animations dissolves. I was this page rules, wipes, zooms for many, many things you can use. Um, if you go on this off, you get stuff like dip to black or cross. There's over, which is what I will be used for this one. To use an effect, simply click on its Tony's crosses off. You'd click drag on, drop in the middle, and you can see them weaken the order on this side, This side on he could drag in the middle. And then if you just played here, you can see the way cross dissolves. It has, like, this ghosting effect where it shows, like as if time has gone by. It's a really nice effect for making you to play foods. Or if you have a longer something, say it took you a while to get somewhere. You don't say it, you can show with this transition. So I was really cool If you lead, if you can just click on the transition and deleted by person, delete dip to black transmission where you know you just put on there on. Then once you go, this it will dip from, you know, from black to the actual video, with the simple I many users at the start of my videos because it kind of looks cool. So if you put it in like this, it will be at the start. And this is a zero seconds. I'll start talking, You know, the video nicely fade in on it just adds that much in a more professional professionalism to the actual via which is important. That's what you want to do. You want to show people that you care. Doing this to be some rough edits. Now these are cool. You have stuff like freed emotion, which is flip over so you could just put these in an instance. Egos read this issue of the rendering, even though I have a really powerful PC premier products to eat lots of processing power. But as you see, that was really flawless daily and started at all. So this just flips. If you have three different scenes, it will flip over. This is, I would say, many uses for pictures, but you can add it all your transitions on this window here. So this effect controls again so you can change the flip from a to B or B two egg, and you can reverse the flip to confront the other way around. Instead of flipping one way, just me and my apologies. I'm just do this him on the conflict the other way and controversy this or you can say, from which way you wanna wanted to flip. It is really playing around with this program that teaches you how to use it properly. But that's how you put transitions is really simple, which got the effect Tap video transitions on the in. Just drag and drop the ones you like. I suggest taking a day once again, you know, putting transitions and seeing which ones you would use for your type of content. And then that way you can just pick out a list putting me on been here like I have done, and then just drag and drop in your day to day videos and you'll be good to go. 9. Adding Titles: 12 titles through a video and a double premier. It's actually pretty simple, so we want to do. First is click on the video or picture source places in term one as always, Andi, I want to add a title to their 15 seconds of video here. Slater to lead the rest on down There you go so that we have a title. He just go down to the import of items here. It's a bit different, a bit more tricky than other programs that that this part we want right click in an empty space and to go to new item on title swimming. Press that then you have also take the video settings or minus 1920 by 10 80 or 60 FPs and you could rename the title. So title just like welcome you can rename If you have many titles, you can organize it nicely and then just like okay, so that once you have this, you have a window, Papa, which is really nice. I love this part. You gotta have this window pop up or if you're entitles, it will be just, you know, in here built in. So I like having the A window pop up. It's just it's more clean. And you know we doing because it's based around the titles on Down Here is a title. So So you just received resize is to any, you know, size you want obviously. So there you go on. You couldn't see what you're doing here, So let's put this in the middle. You have many options here to edit the titles with home selectors. You can change the you know, the shapes and star if you can do pencils, there's hell. A lot of things you can do in him. But simply try the title. If you can pick any of these so you can you can just pick like this and then you just start . Basically, you start writing could make the box bigger. Any Chapin. Welcome the ego type. Welcome that CTU No, simple. It just looks playing. It's a plane title. Has this guy for you here to guide you for like, say, if the video zooms and stuff, it's pretty simple, But what I like about this window is they have all of these options on the right can change the Carlos. You can change the positions of the text, the font styles, the phone size, the aspect ratio that you know, even the space in between the A text All this is really useful. So I want this to be in the middle. So let's just resize is let's go on the selector which can be actuated with V that they go . You resize this, Andi, I wanna put this in the center both vertical and horizontal because I wanted to be, you know, a welcome message. And then once that happens, you can just click these two buses that really useful and then I wanna make it bigger. So let's just change it to 1 50 that you go obviously goes away when I just do this precedent re sense apart again on who we sent to that. So you go says, Welcome in the middle. Really nice. But it's like I don't like the white collar, you know, it just doesn't look too good. So you can either get a color off, you know, a part of the video or picture, which is actually pretty awesome using this little, you know, color picker. Or you could just let's just go on this. We have the big box you have irregular box with. You know, basically every color in the water could possibly think off selecting whatever you want. Obviously, if you have a cold, a hex key for Carly contract that ends well. So I want this blue looks pretty nice. Suits the video that I'm playing on Day you go. I can put this in the middle, like so I can then put more space in between the text, change the phone size so I can bunch them up or make it like this, you know, and then you if you want to resize the little window, it's in for obvious reasons. So the ego now she showed this to him. ECOWAS, he told the tighter. If you wanted to be more jazzy, they go. So that's That's how you have a title pretty much knew congee like stuff like In the Strokes. You can detectors on them to compare run of that. You can expand that you can have a different texture if you have a texture down or that you can put on top. Um, you can do the angle. The distance decides that spread as you saw three anger, which would changed over there. So there's been of these tools over here, there, over here, too. But these are just more professional way of doing It is Well, I changed positions using these things. So, you know, if they want to be centered, would you like a 1970 on that would move up. So it's really, you know, you could have waited to the to the inch of perfection or even the millimeter. Obviously something important as well, the actual funds. So you can change the front up here at the firm has many forms. If Donald, some other forms go on Internet and find that so put this phone down. I wanted to be a so this one car when it comes a regular selector once again on Zoom This out. So they go to resize this weaken center perfectly. You go sensible ways, and that's the other title. Pretty simple, really easy to do on dumb. Yeah, it just does the thinks. You know that you can add it the tighter with once you don't you just close it on so you don't have it here, which is the with party like, Hey, where's my title? Gold? But basically What it does is it creates a new kind of video format or a picture. Uh, she didn't just drag in, put on top like So there you go. And then once you played, that's how it will be on top. You condemned. If I don't want to be there, you can resize it, Put it everyone, even that it lets you do whatever you like. So I want to put on the horizon. And there you go so you can put it everyone that comes just leader than afterwards on. But that's how you would pull it tighter in Adobe Premiere Pro. 10. Crop A Video: here's import to one how to crop a video. So this actually got a lot to love in Premiere Pro myself when I was living by myself. So I usually learned these programs by myself. But it's really simple once again. So the way you want a crop, a pit, a video is say if you have a green screen that doesn't feel so you have a green screen framed. But let me just show you Why don't you show you so the evergreen screen, but say the subject in the middle. I mean the the green screens cut on. Do you want to cut it out? We don't want to mess up. So what you would do in that case is to crops often want have the recile, which I showed in the previous lessons. You can resize it. Using this tool, I'll have to just double click and re sites like inward in any other program, but crop go to effect on. Then you go in the crop effect which can type into search for drag on the video, go back to editing, so you have a bigger time one and then once you're here, you have this this little, you know, square or rectangle with little squares on the edges. You want to click that tool, Andi, once you click that, it gives you this, and then this gives you the freedom to crop and resize the video to whatever you want. So that would delete whatever this side, what on the side of woman shrink It will delete it completely on their left with black bars on the edge. Put that in like this, and then you can just drag this to where we want and see if we put another video. So let's say I have another video. Him. Let's just see. So I cropped. This one delivery goes, and tops of them just resize this one. Let me just crop it. First dragged the crop, got editing, click on the rectangle with little squares, crop this and then you have two different videos side by side cropped so they would play now, as if like it. Picture picture, but this, But this is different and you will miss out on what's happening in this frame and in this frame. Now, this is really good for safer doing, like a caramel comparison on YouTube. Comparing two phones, cameras or even filmed a couple phones on the table with different cameras. Even with one camera, you could just cut them to place a mold and it z really good and helpful. And that's how you would do it really simple. Just a crop toe. Find that and then you can just drag on that. They would just do this again so you can just do this. So you would you want to click on whichever one you're on the cut. Obviously, there you go. You can even cut the top, so that's a shrinking it. And then we just click on the Capitol years when I click on the copter, when you want to do it so I can cut this to just this little piece here, like so on, then that would just now it would be a little bit of that video, so that's how you crop in Premiere Pro 11. Pan To A Certain Point: how to pan to a certain point in Premiere Pro really simple eso. What you want to do is you want to drag the A clip the video clip of the picture the want Japan to in a certain point into turmoil in China. Do this video on a on a pan to the middle. You know, I want to zoom in on this curse of here. So what you want to do is say, you want to do it from zero seconds to 15. So 15 2nd pan simply you got to affect controls on the videotape here. So you clicked on the video and it brings up the effect controls. Emotion is something that comes with every video. It just you don't have to have a say separate effect. It's already added on everyone. It doesn't change anything when it's added on automatically. It's just they're free to use when you need to use it like this moment. So well, it's simple. You zero seconds. You want to go to 15 on You wanted to our you know, zoom in from this point to the curses, you consume it and see something a bit up close. So you personally would cloak him next scale. You press that you see a little diamond to come up here as your seconds and then we simply do is you move the cursor to 15 seconds saved. That's where you want the double Click this. You zoom in like this, using the zoom to on the video and then say, I want to be around here, you know, not too much, but not not too far away, either. I wanted to be pretty close. I want to see that the orange thing. So there you go. And then once you do them and they automatically adds a another key from there, which another little good triangle or a diamond, which means that you've ended the the pan off the crop into there. So from zero seconds as concede starts and a 15 stops, that's what it means. Then afterwards, it will be like this, and they should change it again. So that's why I suggest in a cutting, because if you want to show you something for a brief oil, it's just easier to cut split in half and then just the work on that little piece because now you hold it was gonna be changed into the zoom, then look which you might not want. You may do. You may not, but I'm saying if you don't want them before my shoulder said Little tidbit, then caught up. So now I've got a zero seconds. I'm press plate. We can see that the programs slowly basically zooms in for us into that place that I told it to zoom and really simple. You could see the scale time here, you know, not time. But it shows the scale and it's going to 280%. 300% a fortune, 12%. And it's staying there now. If you don't want to stay there, you can delete this key frame on DA 15 seconds. You can press, see cut the video, separate this on. Then you have this year and then you won't put the key for him again because it loses it from approaches. Kits? Yes. The lead starts again. Drag to 15 seconds right here. But maybe not before plaque they go zoom in and as a key frame and then you can just do this. It will play. It will do the zoom in again. The little Pan on does a nice move. Panels will premiere Pro. That's a good job of it. And if we just skip to the end, has come see keeps on going. If we add the video back in, it's back to its are normal percentage yet of 100% on that you can carry on. So that's how you parent to a certain point in Premiere Pro. 12. Adding Aspect Ratio Or Black Bars: So you have your video and it may it may want to add film bars or the aspect ratio black bars, that you've seen some movies depending on the type of content you have. You know, Deacon put it if it's a nice movie, even if it's a deal like this for the show off, like you know, more professional scene starts and see this one doesn't have any formal bars. Atal Andre at is really simple. So what you do is you go up here to effect. Once that opens, you search for the effect called Crop. You. You can find that in transform video effects, but just search. It's much easier once you that then you can drag and drop it on t whichever video format which your video project. You know you have an dino. Whichever one you want to put the film bars on. I wanna put in this one. Do you just drag it on and opens up the effect controls? So if you lose, in fact, controls are you know, you could always just scroll the little scroll here, but that there click it on. Do you created of these? So here you have a core perfect What you want to do now. It's simply they have these top on bottom, these two little buttons here or these. These are the key for average key firms and stuff she can keep from the time when the being on top and bottom coming, which is a big one professional. But it is still really simple, so I can see my video here from the preview has no film bars. You want to click on the top. It is Europe seven and type in 15%. Enter on. Do you have the top bar? And if you do well into the office, you would do the same to important Law, which even 15% on. There you go. That's how you put your film bars, and it's really simple. Obviously, that's cut a portion of the video out, but that is enough to be expected. With food bars, they are the only add effect unless you've dealing actually shot in an aspect ratio that is much bigger than 16 by nine. Which did you know you have natural film bars, but if you want to add in football's like this, I'm sure on the more scenic seen here like this one with the water. So you have to crop for the in the top 15%. I mean, it doesn't after 15%. Depends on how much you want to show him how much he wanted to be. So there you go. Looks the actual looks really good. The food bars really make it look on and stand out really well that if you have something on top of overlay on the film bars also, if you want to make it more so, they you know dhobi takes the project 20% which would make it even going down even more so even deeper bars. And it will make you something smaller. Temps since change that you put smaller film bars on. So that's how you do it. That's your editor as well with a simple stuff to keep frame this it's just a ZZ. So you're select wherever you want for the black box to start. So you would reset these 20 that you go after we saw them, we click on the top. It would make a key. From that point, you would then drag to a point type in 15% that's going to mind. Sort of messed up with Start that it wouldn't have something else on top. But he's just an idea. I just from 15 to 30% and you can do that as well. So it would just add there and stop. So this one starts of 15 this all ends of 30%. Same thing will be from 0 to 15. Really simple. And I will do that for the bottom. That's how you at film bars in Premiere Pro. 13. Editing Audio Or Correcting: So here is the destroyer on how to edit audio. This is really important. So you already know there's many things you can do at the audio, So I'm gonna cut all these, you know, projects, because they're too long. Say we have just this bit. The audio is muted, particularly to hear me speak in this one. But let's just zoom in using the school as you've learned from the previous lessons. Andi here. So the way you any audio in Premiere Pro is really simple. One if you want to actually know mute the ordinary presidents possum, which is really simple. And if one record a voiceover, your presence bottom, I don't know Dusty and an imported from there as an MP free, which is easier. But he have the audio and video. So this is a video track and another track, and obviously they're linked together because they want peace. Usually you'd get him into press on link. This would be a more ballistics, an IRA of what you would get if you film, you know, just a video. But if you film something with a camera, then you'd get this link together, you can ending them That means you can then move it around and have more freedom. But so I'm gonna leave them unlinked because it's just easier on. Then this is your little slider him. So the way you want to edit audio is one. If you want to, Right click and press audio gain. You get this window that pops up on. This is the order game window. So here you can play around with setting again to a bit higher. So I like to be 12 decibels higher because they just increases the sound on that will still be as minus minus free decibels. So you don't you don't go over the ministry decibels because after that, it starts becoming cranium distorted. You will achieve that. So if you mark from records are minus 10 decibels, then you can, you know, increase our fresh hold by adding minus seven or plus seven decibels. Trio my et or order track. And that way you can have a nice sounding audio here you can have normalized oh, peaks to or no miser Max, speak. Which means that the max you on this to here is minus free decibels. What that means then, is that whatever you know, Spike, that is in the actual audio. It will not go more than minus three, which is really good, you know, for not blowing people's ears of the using headphones. So that's what you would do them. And then it would basically said the game to minus 2.9 for the whole thing. And that's that's the order game portion. So they just get off of that. You've used that, you know, you've put plus two on it to make it sound a bit louder. So it's not quiet now. Say you filmed only one channel. You press audio channels and get this window. So usually, if you filmed in one channel, you would only have this clicked. Which means that only the left side, or even that you would just have this clicked, which means only the left Channel. So if you have headphones, they have, you know, two cups you don't hear from the left one. If you will hear from both, you would press like this on. Then you will have order coming out from birth channels, which means your order would sound nice and equal on that Is that that is how to Eddie Audio. I mean stuff like, you know, cutting it you've seen is the same. As you know, the video portion see to a curvy to select and then do that to a peak. And then at the people in this one cross trade like it doesn't dog tradition. It would just cut this so you don't want to drag in on Think it's cross fading because it really isn't. It's just cutting if you see, but that's how it's at the audio. That's how to make a louder and then change the channels. 14. Editing Video Or Correcting: to edit your video portion off your project. This is your video. This is your audio. I said in the last lesson you can split these arms. We can just completely delete these audio channels like so I'm just gonna put them back on that one. Them there. But here's your video. It's separated by this line. Here. You can increase the did the actual science is. You can see what you're doing more so to edit this, the simple states steps one is speed and duration. So if you want to change this to that, say to be, you know, faster but not slow motion or not. Typical timing. So if we want this to be animal, say 500% that will make it 22 seconds instead off one minute and 45 seconds, as it says there. So if you do 100% 100% is your normal value. That's woman and 53. Actually, that's your time there. But if you want to speed up time 500% and make it 22 seconds and then you should press, OK, you can see that there now that has gone into our much quicker. It's not normal time anymore. That's how you added the speed in Gerais Shin. If you want to go slow motion, you would do something like 50% should make the video because he much longer which is a bit with the premiere Pro, does make it pretty well. It looks pretty smooth for what it is. So it's not like choppy slow motion is pretty good looking slow motion going back here that you can do stuff like reverse speed s. We can then just reverse the timing of the whole video, which is being a carefully weird. But if you if you want to do that, then this will go backwards in time on. That's how you would do that. All the simple things of how to edit your videos are he can hide it on hire that C is to a cut on DVI to select and delete, and then that's how you would cut portions of it. You can then obviously drag to the left, which also cuts. But then this is our listeners, precise as you'd like it to be on. That's how you added the video simply in the Premier Pearl 15. Green And Blue Screen: how to use brew and green screens and in Adobe Premiere Pro. So this is another really simple step I myself for this is really difficult, having come from so in Vegas Pro 13. It was actually with easy there, but until I came to this program, actually, it was It's much more simpler here. So first of all, obviously, you wanna have you green screen and blue screen about the same, even if you could just showing the blue screen all the green screen, I'll show you a green screen video, their ball videos. But it would work exactly the same for pictures. This this program really likes both pictures, videos and audios. Premiere pro Israel of the sweet spot for everything. Oh, free elements, but he can see have an explosion for a green screen on them. For Bruce Screen, I have a little banner, which is from my YouTube videos. If you don't press so you can have a nice preview. But let's show you so if you put a green screen down a second so you can put it on top because you want a picture in picture. Obviously, if you don't, you don't have to you can put at the end on the name Just put down the Abreu screen on Did he go? So I can see here. The green screen isn't set to size. The green screen is like for 80 p if that my son on my video sizes 10 80. The blue screen is 10. 18 is considered my banner there for my YouTube videos. On the way you take off the green, you just go into effects. Really simple type in the ultra key. If you can't find that I have a safe blood type win either way, well, should key. That's what you want to use. And then you just drag this effect down onto the video portion off this green screen. I would be the same for the A blue one. Just have to go back to it. I'm impressed editing again. So now wants you them press on the green screen footage press up here on effect controls and then you greeted of all this. It looks scary, but it really isn't. Ah, this is your ultra key effects. Hey, you can see how to the base. You can added that make it better, but what you want to do is press this little color picker. Presidents track all the way over here and then go on the green. Don't go on the d A. Be on the pilot isn't green because they were messed things up. Suppression of green on There you go. Your green is gone. It's a simple is that and then you have the explosion here, which is our limits, Me or that you don't hear this. You have the explosion here, which doesn't have the green behind it. I can see a green hue. You can play a run of settings here in Matt generation so you can do different transparency . Settings definitely play around with different things that would take off the green on depending on how well let the green screen is. If you do want this from by camera, you definitely want to use these on. In that way, it can take off degree in that way as concede there is no green out or it looks like it's an effect for the blue screen. Same thing as can see here. You press on the bloom and you go on the little color picker press the blue takes it off easy peasy on. Then if you just play it, you see here that this comes in on nothing that's happened is like it is just that little piece. So that's how it used green and blue screen. You just put them in, go to the effects, dragged the ultra key and then using the color picker, you'd click on the collar either Blue green, and I'll take it off for you. 16. Picture In Picture: in this one. I'm going. Sure you had at a video infinity or a picture in picture or a video in picture or picture in video. So it sounds pretty, you know, pretty complex home with the way I said it. But it really isn't so here we have one video source. We drag this in a CD, said another Gameplay did the same one, actually. And it's just, you know, import another video so I can show you how to do video video. Here's another game that I played for my channel. Some nice edited video on dumb. So you literally what you want to do. Is this your first video? So this is your main video that will be on the bottom on then. So you want to add a short, you know, one or two minutes off another video. So usually if if you wanna have a saw his picture in picture video video, that means you want to have it within the video that's already playing. So you don't need to change. So you're just dragging on top on Daz can see. You can only see the video that you just dragged. If I If I hide it with this here can see the this game. But if I don't hide it, that's what it will look like when exported. We don't want that. So the way you would do this is then simply just click on the second day of the added. It's just one lengthy audio cause you don't want that. So I'm doing the audio for this one. So you click on this that will click on that, and then you can just do this. Or just like in word or photo shop, you could just resize this really simple. Place it here, place it wherever you like, literally. You can place it right there if you want. You can only see that bit, but let's say I went to one. Place it here right there and ah, no, If I go to the back as can see our have this video playing in the in the normal video for assuming there when there's more action, as you can see that the proven programmers is really well, you have two videos playing in one video, which is really cool every like this effect on if you need it. If you need to add like I don't know, Say, if you're talking here Oh, it's basically say, for making a game video. You have a face camp and you're playing the game. You can easily put the face. Come on top of resize it, and there you go. You have yourself in the video, and that's how you would do that. It's really simple, obviously. Then you can crop, which are teacher in the emulator lesson. In this course class. I add video in video, so picture in picture exactly the same way. Let's get a picture here. This is a picture on you, literally just drag it in. I mean, this one has a clear background. Even if it doesn't, it's pretty much the same them. Just get there a picture with no clear backup so you can see much better. So here's a farm number made for a video of mine dragged in as concede it. This is 7 20 p. Picture for 10. 80 will take the whole scream. But even if it did that, you can then just resize it whatever size you want. The this big this more. Put it wherever you like, and that's how you put picture in picture. There you go. It pops down there on It's good to go. Shows your picture in picture Same way lectures to lead the video for here Zoom into the picture So just put it back, kids, So I can have the full size. And so here's your picture up. Save. He's a picture. They just resize a 10. 80 p so you can see more. That was the 1st 1 on. You wanna add another form now for another game? So many form. Nosey. But they're on top and I could see if was up the whole place action of, doesn't it? 7 20 But if was 10 80 ill through the whole picture, you just resources on. Do you have a picture in picture of really simple? Andi, obviously, there you go. That's a do picture, picture and video and picture, and vice versa. 17. Rendering: how to render a a pro project in about premier. Well, it's simple. Rendering is we used for two things. One is if you have many effects and titles and stuff, you see this red and even yellow or yellow, uneven red. Sometimes this little bar here. This means that the video eyes not rendered, which means in some slower PCs that plain fruit playback will be ill. Just not run really well. Run really slow on. That will really decrease your workflow for editing. She don't want so far species. You can leave that sometimes you can edit the whole video and then just render afterwards. So it's nice rendered ready for the median quarter to export for store PC's. You will round up, you know, as you go along bit by bit. So you have nice, you know, a green line which suggest that it's rendered Onda. It will be nice and moved to, you know, read after its rendering basically stitched them together and get it ready for export, which what, you need talk to do that. You just Eugene often pretty much down here. You just go up here to sequence on you go down to render into out. This means that when this from the beginning to the end off the video file president on Then you have this window it will start rendering your show You how long it renders this 15 2nd clip of the title on It's gonna see a change from green from yellow to green on the ego will start playing automatically on now you have a rendered videos on a slow PC This for running like, you know, really choppy run release move for far species like my undocks not needed But I like to render my videos at the end So they're ready And then I would save person the safe bottom I would save that so they could put that into median corner which is the next lesson. So that's how you rendered in adobe for me 18. Making An Export Preset: So now that you have a video already, you know, my video doesn't actually 2050 seconds long. But say you've edited video. You follow these steps, obviously didn't have such a message. You'd like me. But if done, use proper professional and you're good to go in a valid or your transitions affect titles . You know everything that you needed to make your video perfect. So you have to do to exports eyes. Actually, two things One is if your first time use of this program you want to make yourself a new exporting preset, which is really important before you do that, then you were a random. But I actually have to do that in a another tour. I know that's not in all off some reason, but altri after that. But what you want to do to export issue go on file. You go them over here to export and you click medium. You could do control, and but I like to do that just in case. Then you're greeted with these settings here export settings. So it looks like a lot of, you know, fancy information that you may not know how to use and stuff don't worry about it. It is pretty simple now. I suggest if you have a bigger video to use Adobe Media Encoder. But you can cue an export with this with Adobe permit itself. It will be a bit slower, maybe a bit jacket. Sometimes Sometimes it messes up, but this year is simply to show you how to create a new preset like I have here. You can see four k prus. It's on Oxygen Game, which make YouTube videos preset on something else. You can create your own custom presets that where you just click on them on You haven't done so. It's quite a new one, so it's creating you preset. You just click on custom on it gives you the custom setting so it can change the former two . Hey, start to 64 Brewery, whatever. Whatever you wanted to be. Hair shoes. 64 is, you know, for good for Fido caramels for gaming like this on the other stuff. So he confused export video audio alot of these will show you where you save. If you click on this, you can choose where to save that preset on one to name it. Also, the actual. You know the actual for the actual file that you have the editing on down him. You have all these. So what? These are you can click match source. So in this case, 1920 opportunity at 60 FPs is my source. She won't change that four k. You know, it's so if you have a 10 hp and export four K or vice versa, you can do that there you can change all of these. I can do whatever size you want at FPs you can change. No, I suggest having for oops. I was just having for, you know, a gaming video. Square pictures one. You don't change that NTSC main on a level four point you. So you want to use over these settings here and I'm changed them as they go along. There you go. It's kind of along the used to call and they change, but just used these and then use vi br one pass, which is perfect for gaming videos. So this is a bit raped, Andi they got even though if you want to find settings for four k camera or for any camera that you have, police searched the Internet because there's many different models in the country, all of them. So you search Internet and you find a you know, the perfect settings that you need. But I'm to show me how you would do with equal to find them if the video is via you can obviously exporting via as well. And I hate impress anything on once you're done. Once you don't, you can just save presets. Ikan name, whatever preset you want this or this is just a test on that. You know that It. Okay, so once you've done that, you preset is now saved us test on. Do you good to go? You can use this preset every time you export. So I'm going to export in this one. But I will export in meeting colder. So this is this was just to create a export. Appreciate. And that's how you do it 19. Export In Media Encoder: So here's an important work that you've finished everything. You rendered your video. You're good to go. It's screen on. What do you do next? So which one is you want to get? Meeting called A. Usually, when you get Premiere Pro, you also get meeting called a with it, which is what you need. Soap. You can economic export using Premiere Pro. But I will just stay away from that. It's just much quicker to do in meeting called It's clean up, Andi. Nothing pretty much. Nothing could go wrong meeting Korda contracts once or twice. But Premiere Pro come crashing more than that, and that's where you don't want. So after you rendered, you said a green line, so you know it's ruined. It is good to go. It's nice and clean. You got filed. Your to save on that will save the project, not the video. It was not ready and you want to exit. So now that you've actually you want to find a way, you've saved the project. Now you know what? You say that because you picked at the beginning minds called test right? Him and that you're gonna find the meeting called a program, you can open it. It's gonna look like this meeting called a C C. On. When that opens, it takes a couple seconds here to open its really simple You basically just drag and drop the premier profile. Sago, This is meeting called up Really simple here. It's to be actually going pretty simple in those all of this year on the left is basically a presets that you have the process that we saved even. But the main thing I want to focus on is your video. So here's your premiere project. If you help, double click on this open to the editing place off permit probably can begin editing or even take stuff out. So e g she just take this. You drag and drop into this window here, drop as a separate source, onda up the ego. So then this will open the project and you have this line here really simple. And this even remembers Appreciate that I have this set on. So now this this is my, you know, test. You want to click on this every time just to double check things, just double check that this is the precept that you want it. We have test before, but this is a 10 80 p video of 60 FPs. Use this preset on him. You just want to go and change this to explain Change the title of this, Save it wherever you like. Comes with having a desktop on safe. So you want to change that Because usually saved to a default place which you don't like on off, these should be the same. You know, the of the shooting have changed because using same precepts on different, different want you just change it and change the settings. Really simple. So after you press on the preset, you good to go and he just press Okay, so that saves it Shows you the presets, the format, Andi where it saves. And it is ready. The states is ready. And if you have a GPU would use the mercury playback engine. So GPU acceleration cougar, which would also speed up the render times. So now you go over him. The President green starts on. You see the line here you see the video and says elapsed. It would take four seconds to really take him for a second. It will take. And there you go. That's how you render or export. The video really rendered it. This is now exporting toe a final peace. We can look at it, Watch it back and you'll be good to go. So there you go. That's how you know of export. It is a little chick. It says Dump on. You can see here on the desktop where you saved that the exported file is there and it's really first in our problem. YouTube on. That is how you export a video on the premier probe meeting called Occam's River Premiere Pro. So once you get being up the adobe package, it will be there. So you just open these up, Dragon drop and you're good to go. This is how you do it. This is the final step. How you're ready to go into YouTube and upload your first video 20. Conclusion: so a big thank you for joining the scores. I appreciate it. If you were here to the end, you've definitely under loads on now. You can use all the skills you've just learned to make the first video. And even if you wash this into the long you really learned and you've really done your first video and I can go to YouTube upload tried to quit a nice from them. I say you start doing a photo shopped to rule and learn how to use that. And yet that's how you use Adobe Premiere Pro. Thank you, and I'll see you in the next course.