How To Start a YouTube Channel With Your Phone... Today... Now... And Why You Should! | Colin Stuckert | Skillshare

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How To Start a YouTube Channel With Your Phone... Today... Now... And Why You Should!

teacher avatar Colin Stuckert, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome To The Course


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      When and Where


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      The benefits of developing this skill


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      You always have something to prodcue


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      To Edit or To Not Edit, that is the question


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      The hardest part of YouTube


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      Publish and Thumbnail


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About This Class

You have something to say.

You have a message you want to share with others.

You are passionate about an idea, topic, hobby, mission, something.

This is why you should start recording with your phone every single day.

The skill of recording will serve you in more ways than you can fathom.

And you'll grow an audience to boot!

This course will help you start your daily recording habit so you can use that to publish video content consistently.

What you do from there is up to you.

The world needs your highest and best self. Give it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Colin Stuckert

Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Writer

Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome To The Course: How to start a YouTube channel and or podcasts from your phone inside your car. This short course is going to hopefully motivate you and inspire you to do the most important thing to do if content creation matters to you or you want to become a concentrator, you want to grow your brand or your business using audio-visual content, the most important thing, what is the most important thing? Mobile robots in the next video, but you probably guess the most important. Now, NACA spill went away. Video one. So this video, the intro video to what this course is going to be about, I'm gonna record they said my car in different settings to show you. Because again, humans fall, monkey see monkey do and I guess it's not again, that was another video recorded. But humans fall other humans, but we see another human do something. And we can comprehend the process, and we can see the effect, and we can visualize ourselves doing that. It becomes literally the difference for a lot of us between doing and not doing. Alright. So I was motivated to do this style from another YouTube or the uneducated economists. And if you'd like finance anyways, fallen support him is super genuine guy, smart dude. And he does these carbides like his entire channel of 50 thousand subs on YouTube, is based on recording videos on his phone and scar. That really inspired me because I've spent a lot of time. 2. When and Where: Here I am in a parking lot about tease him food, weight on the family. And I can now do a five-minute video. This could be for YouTube. This could be a podcast, that could be a rant. It could be something you had saved on your phone. So an Asana, I have a bunch of AECOM corvids and they're usually a single topic quoter idea. And I just go and I talked to them. It is powerful, fast, easy. And there's literally no resistance, there's no barrier. You've just turned to phonon and record. And I've seen people that have literally built YouTube channels like the uneducated economists, for example, he actually inspired me to these carpets because I've spent a lot of time doing the studios and lighting and adding noise things. And I've gone to a point where I've done a lot of video, so I don't feel a need to edit my speech anymore. And that's something that you'll get as you do this more went once your couple 100 videos in, you'll be able to articulate your thoughts. You build a pause. You don't have to use filler words. You don't have to say like anime and on and on. So now carve it for me is going from pressing record button to recording, depressing end button, and then uploading directly to YouTube. And I'm now incorporating this fits into my main channel. And for a while had resistance. I was like, oh maybe I, maybe I'll just only do this for my second channel escaping for Geely where I can just talk about things and people can get used to wherever. But I posted a video about walking. And it was just like this same format and everything, different parking lot. And nobody really say anything. And they watched the video and I did my thumbnail and to my keywords and it all SAP themselves to do. And now I have for my main channel in extra content form that is super, super easy, minimal time. And that's winning. And that's gonna make it even easier now to keep up with my schedule. So this is an example of the power of the carpet. And I'm going to, I think I'm gonna call it from now on the carpet, but this could also be at a park. I'm going to be doing more of them, actually a parks and on benches and just outside nature. I think that's a, that's another really cool effect. Good style. And I mean, you could bring a tripod if you want. Like this is actually on my dash where I have the magnet thing. But I can put like a, you can put a tripod right here. You did a little, little mini mono pod. I could propagate with a book on my dash, whatever, you know, there's like a million tools all cheat that stuff's easy. Figure that out on your own Pretty much. But it's the point of something to say. One points quote, book, idea, article. Just something that you're going to talk about. Ideally around your keyword, your niche, whatever. And then when you have that and when you can do it more and you develop the skill game changer, you can, you can make videos forever. And what's great about these videos is every time I post one of these record, one of these, I get a little bit further away from that perfection trap where I felt the videos to be perfect as perfect lighting. It's got to be. Whatever I mean, even that's when the sun is coming in a little bit. Like my old self would've been like freaking out that the sun is going this right now. It's, And I've always known this. So it's the content, it's the message. And the more reps you put in the more videos you do, the faster you get to that place where people really wanna engage in, watch enlightened comment on everything you put out, right? But at the beginning, you're going to have to have a lot of junk, right? To get in. You get better and better, better. That's putting in the reps and the carpet is perfect. There is no easier medium to get good at speaking. At engaging with an audience, at your message, refining, honing, and not saying, um, and like, there's no better medium than using your phone hanging Record button. And I'm putting it for the world and all that that entails. So look, we're at 4295 minutes for this. What you could do every single day is is this is if you don't have to post it, just delete them if you want to or save them to, to, to re-watch, analyze yourself. What could you do differently? What, how can you improve your delivering your message? How can you stop saying certain filler words, right? And really, you should post them because that's going to disconnects you from that perfection trap that I mentioned. So the corvid, complete game changer. You can really start today after you stop watching this, take your phone out. You don't be a car. You'd be in a room, you'd be outside. It could be anywhere bathroom, which is somewhere where equity and works quiet. It's actually why I like the carpet because I've bought out all the noise around me. And so it helps because these aren't amazing mix, but you can get external mic. You could do a record or whatever. I mean, that would complicate it. So I do like the idea of just using your phone and the terms are getting so good that I can literally use this audio with these phones and these headphones, and it still sounds great. So okay. I got interrupted. Front of mine called. Unfortunately, on the phone. You can't get interrupted. Somebody calls you. So that's actually a good time to go into airplane mode, which I just did. So what you're gonna get from this course is I'm going to show you how to do this. We will get into YouTube a little bit and had uploaded, do some very basic thumbnail untitled stuff. But for the most part, this is more about the practice of creating content, particularly video and audio content, right? They go together. So with this, I can turn this into podcasts, can just rip the audio app, and I can put into iTunes and Spotify and Google Play or drop it on YouTube. For me, for this style, I like the idea of frequent video. So really ideally upload schedule would be kind of what you would work, work towards. And when you get to that point, where you don't have to do any editing and that we'll talk about adding versus not adding, you know, and some of the modules. When you get to that point, the time required to do a daily upload is so minimal that you should just do it, right? And maybe you only do couple videos a week. Maybe do them longer videos and you do like to ten minute videos. We I like to be in that five to ten minute range for these videos, kind of averaging around seven minutes. Okay? And the purpose is to build an audience and then capture that audience, which we'll talk about. I'll do it in advanced video on like building email lists and why you want to kinda build that audience off the platform, for example, if you're on YouTube, et cetera. But the entire purpose, of course, is to get you to see how easy it can be. And then hopefully that will motivate you to take action to do this very thing. Because there are, I see all time thousands. I mean, there's millions of them, but from what I see just on online and Instagram, whenever there are millions of people around the world, probably you included that have something to say that want to educate, inspire, motivate people, and that want to do that through. Okay. Interrupted again because my phone storage. So what I was saying is if you feel the desire to share message or help people educate people. And anyway, then the most important thing for you to do is when I'm going to show you how to do in this course. This is like the Flint, the light, the fire that will eventually grow into a bomb fire of your creation efforts in your audience building, et cetera. That's, that's what this, this practice is, what I'm showing you. And it seems so simple and almost ridiculous that you would even have a course on it. But I don't see anybody take advantage of. I've seen, I mean, one person pretty much that it's motivated me and now myself and I really think it's something that requires, I think it's a powerful thing. And I think we need more people doing it. So that's where you're going this course. Everything you need to show you how it's done, motivate you inspired to do it, why you'd want to do it as simple as possible. I will I will record also the whole course through this format in different parking lots and maybe I'll do one aside at the end. So stick around and learn how to start your YouTube channel and our podcasts from your phone in your car. We're all set. 3. The benefits of developing this skill: All right. Less than one. What to use it for and why? I'm at the park here with my son and my partner Nelson and our newborn. And I found a little corner over here off where people aren't making on noise. And I have a little tripod which I'll show you that's holding the phone up, right? How powerful is that? So I'm going to record a lesson for this course. And it took me a minute to walk here, a minute to do this. Hit record. Good to go. Alright, I execute my headphones and my key chain. Alright, so my airport pros. And so I get the recording. These cameras are so good that I could probably just do it without headphones and put his Soviet good audio. You just want to be conscious of the breeze. These don't do very well in the breeze. So I'm here, I'm about to record a course. I can record a YouTube video. I mean, that's a lot of what I'm focused on is is is a daily I don't wanna say vlogs fog as more dislike about your life and as B-roll and stuff. And my style is one in which I tried to educate and talk about big ideas and inspire, motivate, question myself and others. And every time I do it helps me. It helps me more like tremendously. I would probably say it's gonna help you recordings videos more than anybody. And that's amazing, right? So, so that is one of the primary benefits right there is it's a form of talk therapy. It's a form of clarifying your thoughts, getting better at speaking. Like we talked about in the intro or moving likes alms and OS and all the filler words that we built up over years of just bad habits, not really paying attention to our speaking. And again, the point is I'm going to have a piece of content that will be done in a minute or two. And I'll have invested seven minutes of my time. Ok, so much of what people want to do with content nowadays is they want the consistency in the quality and they want to build an audience or whatever. But there's a million things in the way from getting them in front of a camera and a microphone. That's what I alluded to in the intro video. The goal is to get in front of a camera and a microphone and hit the record button and then publish that content. And doing that over and over and over again, ideally daily, right, though not needed, you could record three or four videos a week and put those out. And that's a pretty healthy content scheduled. Video is the future. People want to interact with brands. They want to follow people. That's why you have Rise of YouTube and families that have become celebrities and just average people that got a camera hit record and now have millions people following them and have turned it into their their life's work. That's incredibly powerful. And if all you did was market your business and you did ten tips for buying an above-ground pool because let's say that was your business. And you put that video on YouTube. In this same format. You have clear points like you could even bring some nodes or have a separate device where you notes or you pronounce something because Scott hard-hit nose on your phone for granted phone. But you could also just you that DSLR or can MPI. There's lot of other cameras that you can use at all. Probably done this course. I probably won't actually. It's complicated. There'll be in a more advanced course. If all you do is use the video to create like ten tips for buying an above-ground pool. And you put that on YouTube, that could literally generate Ely's and traffic for years. And so like for example, my main chain, I'll do a lot of carnivores, diet and ancestral health and living. And so I've already done allies videos, but I couldn't miss a resource on YouTube. I could find a topic relates my keyword. I can maybe type in carnivora diet tips. And then I can say, what can I add lib off Tom ahead. Let say three tips. And my notepad, I might have 33 tips or I might under the piece of paper or whatever it is, have kind of three talking points. And I get the 0.1 I go. I look back to my notes, point to talk about a 2-3 minutes, 0.3, and then closing out. Hope you felt a benefit and it's kind of we're diet tips. I hope these help you stick to Carver diets, started Carver diets. Whatever makes sure you like, subscribe and share, that matters to you or if you want to or whatever bubble, I just do some intro. I'm just literally free rolling, free rolling it. So that's the power, that's the outcome. And all you need is your phone and maybe a little tripod. I could probably set this up on this ledge right here though too. And I'll do a video clip showing you the tripod. And I said, how powerful set, how powerful is that? It is. This whole course. You're going to see me in my everyday life just like as I had little bits and chances here and there. And it's really enjoyable. It's fun. Like the more I think about it, I have so many more opportunities, record, recording videos. And it just, it just become like a planning and organization thing. Like we were the park here of like three times last week. I could've done a video or two every single time. And now I'm coming up in five minutes in this video is going to wrap up. And maybe I could do another one I can, I can review my escaping for Julie. In fact, I will, after this, do a video for my seven YouTube channel, escaping fragility. And I can go my Sana where I have my car vid lists where Habilus of things I want to talk about. I'll pick one topic or record the video later tonight. I'm an AirDrop. This video, the video from the car that I did in front of a pizza place. And then this next one I'm gonna do, I will AirDrop that to my Mac. I will upload without editing each one to YouTube. In this video, I will, I'll, I'll put a skull share probably because that's where I'm posting them, so I might put it somewhere else. But as of right now this course, Camino sculpture. That's it. That is to so amazing, so powerful. Alright. So start visualizing how you can use video. And again, if you don't have that yet, that's fine. Pick a topic or passion about get a camera on a daily basis and hit Record. And you'll be putting in the reps. Then went after you've recorded the 500 videos, you're going to be able to speak clearly. You're going to be able to formulate your fonts. You're gonna be able to literally hit record anytime you want, anywhere in the world and have something interesting and engaging to talk about. That is profound. 4. You always have something to prodcue: Alright, so when you're not feeling motivated or if you feel like you're not getting stuff done. This is the perfect solution. You know that in about ten minutes between recording a video, uploading it, and maybe a few minutes if you want to add a little title or a thumbnail it unless I'm really necessary. But you know that you can get a piece of content done in no matter what your day looks like, no matter what you have planned, no matter what you've done, no matter how tired you are. Now. I'm on my iPhone right now and I have the little tripod, which is, it's like 15 bucks and Amazon's thing. I recommend everybody having like a selfie stick tripod things amazing. I could be my current now or can prop this in a tree somewhere. I'm in my front yard and so corvid slash outside of it, I'm kind of putting them in the same bucket, right? It's not very windy right now. So I can, I can get good audio with these and that's working. But I was thinking about it as I was feeling a little not very motivated today and a lot of reasons for that and just things that I have to deal with. But I was thinking about this course and the different videos that I want to put in this course. And I don't wanna make it too long. And so I want to kind of refine each video and keep it short and sweet to really get you to that point of taking this style of content and just doing it. That's really the most important thing. But I was thinking like, Wow, no matter what, I can go to that video, maybe when I get home or I was in a parking lot hedonic, there's multiple spots. I could have done it. And it was a good feeling to know that no matter what, I will produce a video for the course. And I will, after this, I'm gonna record another video for my escaping for Julia to wasn't feel motivated. Neighbors were about not get anything done on Wednesdays. You feel unproductive that you don't produce anything, you know, no matter what, you can produce something. And so you can get your phone put on landscape mode. Okay. It's your tripod or find a tree and stick it in or whatever. Pick one topic, one idea which I looked out on a notepad before I recorded this, I was going toward this idea for this course. And there, there you go. So powerful. 5. To Edit or To Not Edit, that is the question: To edit or not to edit. That is the question whether it's nobel learning the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of editing and the time it takes to brush up on my Shakespeare. So the question is to edit or not edit. Now, for me, the hardest part of producing content is the editing process. It's a time investment. And when I'm balancing multiple things in my life being CEO and Father knows things, I have a constant resistance to like how much time I want to put into a video. And the thing is, when you're in that editing flow, you can just keep adding like B-roll and graphics. And you can like do animations in texts like like every video you can spend eight hours or you can spend like five minutes. Like that's how much of a disparity there is equality and in time investment went on. So the point of doing this on your phone is I go from my phone to AirDrop, to the computer, to upload to YouTube. If I have to do an edit, my workflow changes completely. Okay, so what I do is I will rip the file off of the phone that will go into a folder that I have to organize in my editing flow folders. And like, you know, you have Raph files, you've export, etcetera. And then I have to fire up Creative Cloud, Adobe Suite. Which Creative Cloud is the worst product ever created by mankind? Like if you're going to avoid getting into Adobe, even lead is what I use just by Final Cut Pro. Don't even deal with Adobe terrible company. Alright. I've gotta fire Adobe Creative Cloud. I got a sign-in. Usually it sends me two-factor authentication even though I haven't signed up for that. Because every apparently every time I log in it's a new IP address or something and they want me to re-verify it's complete garbage. And it might sound like I know, I know Adobe terrible. I get into Premier, which is a very resource heavy piece of software and takes her to load. Then I pull the content and then I have to trim ends. I have to maybe some jump cuts. And that's if I'm just doing a basic at it. If I want to add B-roll or graphics or anything like that. Like I said, I can literally spend 30 minutes, one hour and that video, on this video five minutes. And I could easily spend for basic editing or not wanting to be rolled. Like it's, it's only a few minutes of adding to be honest it if I'm if I'm not doing jump cuts, which I no longer do because I've taken this strategy and done a hundreds of videos. So I don't have to continually edit out ums and likes and I can articulate my words in my videos at higher level that needs to be able to, which is another huge benefit of doing this. But between the rubbing, oh, and then I have the export, the video when it's done, right, Editing graphics color correction. If I do that, whatever, color correction itself as a deep rapidly can get sucked into because every time you look at you like it could be better and better. Export it. That might take ten minutes, whatever you pay on your computer, then I have to upload it. And the difference between that workflow and the fact that I can AirDrop to computer and then upload to YouTube. That's it. In fact, I can even upload this from my phone through the YouTube app. That's x sub i need to figure out. So the question to edit or not edit. If you are somebody that can talk to the camera, you don't say, I'm unlikely, whatever any of you do, honestly, if you're okay with that in your K of your speech and you want to post it. I highly recommend you do that by just post it. Just get it up there and build and build and build, build the skill. But happened, build your audience, build the views, et cetera. If you're a little bit more camera shy and you feel like you stumbled more and you kind of get in your head, which I'm gonna talk strategy is about avoiding that in our video. Then you're probably gonna have to go through a vetting process and then I'll show you how to do that and I'll show you the fast way to do that in this course. I'm not gonna get into the in-depth ending because the whole point of this course is to literally go from phone to YouTube as fast as possible. Or phone to a website or phone to wherever you're uploading. So that's how to think about the editor not edit, aimed to not have to edit ever. And aims to get to a place where you can do videos in one take, even the beginning of the end. He's like no trimming, nothing, just record stop, upload. That's the goal. 6. The hardest part of YouTube: The hardest thing about YouTube is figuring out what to talk about. That is SEO friendly, deciding on a niche, deciding on a specific keyword to go after, or a small bucket of keywords. Because of course there's lots and lots of people that are making videos on YouTube and articles on Google. And like, it doesn't matter which YouTubers from our platform is always going to be. I mean, generally SCO based, keyword research based. So the hardest part is figuring out what you want to do for yourself. If you're like me, you have lots of different ideas. You have about seven things you want to talk about. Some of them might be more esoteric, are more popular than others. And so it's that balance of like you talk about things that you really care about that you want to explore. Or you go into a cookie cutter format where you're just kinda like recording for the, for the algorithm, right? It's tough because in the beginning you have to pretty much exclusively record for the algorithm unless you already have a big audience and you could drive traffic to videos. Because if you don't, if you don't have an SEO friendly title that people are searching for new videos or just not gonna get views. Like if you, if you did a video, Fat Loss 101. I mean, even if people are searching for fat loss, there are so many other videos out there that unless your video has some, like, unless you're just learn the best thing ever made, very unlikely to be rewarded by the algorithm and, and rewarded with views and exposure. Okay? So this is why it's really, really hard. This is the hardest part and I can't, is outside the scope of this course to give you ideas of strategies, I will say front of mine login scene. He did this where he would basically take some of his competition, which were people in similar niche. And he would take their top videos on our channel, which you can go to the video tab on YouTube and you can, and you can sort by top views. He would then take, you'll basically then do the exact video, right, in his style and his whatever. And that worked for him, you know, and I think that's probably still a viable strategy today. If you have identified your niche and what you want to talk about. And there are other channels and it's more popular, like you kind of have a template you can follow. So in that way, depending on in which it might be easier or more difficult. Whereas if you're doing something completely new or you want to create your own style or whatever, you're going to try to piggyback off of other niches. And it does get tricky because it's like, when can you throw in those, those, those topics that you wanna talk about that maybe don't have a bunch of SEO juice, or you just want to talk about certain ideas and it's hard to connect that to the title and the key word in doing maybe your research, I tend to just like to take a big idea or quote or something and just, and just go. But that's hard because I have to connect that to research, title and whatever. And so generally, not generally, but almost every time that I do a video that I plan it out, that I maybe do a few YouTube searches and try to see what comes up. And I try to think about the title, Think about the keyword. Every time I do that with just a little bit of research, my videos generally do better. So that's what I do recommend you do. Now you do balance that out with this format if you're going for volume like I'm doing where I'm doing a video a day and I'm probably going to do two videos a day at 1. I am going for volume to where I can just throw out a lot of experiments. And of course, every time try to make my title be good, good title, good SEO, copyrighting, all those, all those kinda standard things that you want to try to work into your videos. I'm going to go more of a like throwing a lot of darts approach where maybe every so often a video goes like a little viral or kind of catch the algorithm, which is exactly what I did in my skating for Julie channel, where I was just doing any videos. I wasn't planning anything. I'm just doing whatever I wanted to talk about. I did a video on 1984 by George Orwell and it has about 10 thousand views. My channel itself only has about 400 years at this point in a lot of the views are coming from that one video, right? So consistent, consistency, not quitting, planning as much as you can. And the more you plan, the better. But balancing these different things is you're going to have to kinda do that and figure out what works more and what you'd like more on, what's more natural to you and what you wanna do, right? So I push myself to plan more, and I push myself a little keywords more. But I know that my default is just hit record, publish, then kind of do the title and the key word after the fact. Now that's way harder to do. So I'm constantly bouncing these opposing forces. What I like to do, what I'm good at, what comes natural to what is better for the algorithmic exposure and what I should kinda lean more towards, right? Maybe you're an obsessive planner and you can do like one to two videos a week because you want to plan out perfectly. And so you do this big production value videos. So it's more of a quality over quantity that can work. But then I would say try to add in where you do more running gun on the go videos like this to kind of fill into the channel so that you can build that audience through consistency while also having the quality videos that can attract exposure through SCO, right? So again, it's the hardest thing. And spending a lot of time on YouTube and looking at a lot of other people are doing, mapping out your ideas, keywords, titles, topics, just the more that you can spend kind of refining your niche and what you want to talk about. And then obviously iterating as you go because you will get feedback from the market. That's the key. And so that's why I'm ending the course with this video because this is, this is a huge thing that like, I mean, it should take you months, maybe even a year to really kind of dial in. And some of you will have results faster than others. But if you keep going and you don't quit and you listen to what's working and you look at the numbers, and you listen to commoners and whatnot. And you constantly keep your finger on the pulse of what's going on in YouTube and the algorithm, whatever you kind of get a sense of it, as long as you're in it, you will manufacture results. I truly believe that as long as you don't quit. So get started today. Put your phone in landscape mode, forgot your mike setup or go solder whatever, hit the record button, and then keep going. 7. Publish and Thumbnail: Alright, we've recorded a video on our phone. We air dropped it. I urge reflect to here and I've uploaded it. So let's just do one in real-time. We have two tabs open, so I'm in the Youtube Studio for my second channel escaping facility. And I have the, I'm in the, let's see libraries. No products area of Adobe Spark, which is what I use for section not showing, showing all of my projects. So this will have a bunch of, maybe there's a way to only show. So all know usually shows a lot more strange. Anyways, we will go in here. Okay? And this is where we're going to actually edit the video. So we'll do the thumbnail video real quick. Alright, so phonons rotting your brain. I don't spend a lot of time on this channel with keyword research or anything like that for a couple of reasons. But it is something you might want to think about doing. So let's see. A very simple way to do that is to go into YouTube and to think of a keyword or phrase or something that your video could be about. So let's see, Phone Addiction is definitely something. So there you go. You've got a bunch of different ideas. Phone addiction, subliminal, less interesting what it was I even about how are cured my phone edition. So you just try to find keywords, phrases, videos seems kind of underserved. Someone was actually an interesting word that I can maybe target because probably not being as part of a lot of videos on it. So I might try something like, now bear with me. This is definitely not a course in SEO or research, and I would put more time into this if this is my main channel, whereas this channel, I'm going more for quantity, I'm going more for pumping out videos. I'm not seeing a lot of time trying to identify the keywords, whatever I'm kind of using my current audience to build this channel. So I'm really just looking for stuff that is interesting to my current audience and I'm not really like this is definitely a strategy. Would you use try to grow a YouTube channel though? That being said, if you're just trying to get out there, get content done. You want to get done. And if it, if you get stuck on SEO Parker spring to know something about or whatever, then I would say, do the same thing, finds something simple in search, spend as little time as possible, write a title. That's it. Ok. Yeah, again, same thing with this that you want to put a little bit in here. That is, so when two, that highlights the phone addiction, you were shown to repeat the key word in our society. Alright, so my, the rest of this is already filled out. It's a default. So does that Playlists, I'm going to add it to my standard, saving visually show. And then I'm gonna go under tags here. And I'm gonna go for the main one of which I guess this is going to be fun addiction. I'm gonna do phone, some other related tags, ie. And that's pretty much the rest of this is pretty default. Although I believe if you select this, it does. Close captions. Yeah. You're gonna maybe about to oops. Nope, I don't wanna do that. Okay. That helps though, because you don't have to pay for the captions are used to pay for captions. Alright, now we're gonna do thumbnail so that I can go for with this. So the thumbnail, there's lot of ways to do this. A lot of these I've made this style where I have this template here, for example. And I have a screenshot of me on the sides of the get an idea of what the video is that I do graphic related And then I edit the text for phone videos. That is an option like for example, I have this one where I just put text over. Sometimes I do, it works just straight thumbnail with like I've to graphics here, one graphic for example here and then text. You really going to have to kind of mix it up and see what you like and what works or whatever. Again, I just think this is something you shouldn't spend a ton of time on. This is definitely not like a YouTube growth strategy. This is again, this is a good videos done in published strategy. That's what we're trying to go for here. So like again, I usually have way more projects in here. It's not loading for some reason. And now have even yeah, I don't know what's going on with that. So I will probably take one of these and just duplicated this current video. That a lot of grain, it's not, it's really not a good setup. Or it was rainy that day. So I'm I'm going to use a screenshot. I'm gonna go for just a straight graphic. So let's just take this one, does have some texts already and I can duplicate this. This, and this app is sometimes faster or slower than others other days. So bear with me. When I press my internet. And I go in here, I'm going to edit. And I'm going to change the main picture, going to replace. And then you can search for photos right in here, which is really awesome. Let's just do phone. See if we get some like some scenes going on. Let's try find somebody that is like on their phone. Maybe head down or social thing. Maybe this one. There we go. Phone addiction. Maybe in fact, maybe I'm gonna do like this. I'm gonna do phone diction is real. Yeah, this is really, really ligand here. Alright. Once it's done, the template is already in the right format. So I'm sorry, the JPEG that's gonna go to the desktop. I'm gonna go back to my video. And I'm going to go to the thumbnail area and we're going to find it, it's right there. And then I'm going to publish. So let's see, this will be published for tomorrow. So I'm gonna go to Schedule defaults tomorrow. I'm gonna do it around 115 PM. I'm not going to schedule. And that videos now done. Always give myself that when I go in there. In fact, even in the first one, it's good to just let it run real quick. Get that little algorithmic boosts in there. Alright, so as you can see at a bunch of videos, and here I have a lot of pending videos because when you're doing phone videos and you're doing them daily, you're going to you're going to get ahead of the curve, which is good. But as you can see in here, I had a lot more studio videos here. And then I started doing the car because the studio videos or taking too much time and too much editing. And I decided that for my second channel, I wanted to just make videos and I wanted to focus on talking and content. And so the process I just showed you is the bare minimum, simple thumbnail, simple title, record the video out in about of basically whatever. Whenever inspiration strikes, get into YouTube using AirDrop or importing real quick. No editing, no color correction, nothing. And then publishing. If you do that consistently, a promise you, you will not only get better you're speaking, grow an audience. I mean, this shows a 400 subscribers and I'm not doing anything. I'm barely even promoting it. I have a 120 subscribers and 20 days. And for awhile I was barely posting anything. I've only been doing this a few months and it's already growing and I'm not really promoting it. I might post it on Instagram here and there. But like a lot of this is just coming from. In fact, let's look at it. My intellectual quick for LIGO. So this video right here has gone semi viral. So I recorded, I post this in June. And it was one of the videos that I was when I was in the studio, I was doing more of these. I did like a like a full been thumbnail and they did the studio and everything. And it's bringing like, let's see how much does a half right now. It's got 8 thousand views, 500 hours of watch time. This single video, look at that. This single video has gotten me half of the subs. That's crazy, right? So what's going to happen is your court as recording videos and you're, you know, you're getting better reading titles and thumbnails and whatever it is and you're being consistent. Every YouTube or that you ever talked to in the history of the world will tell you this. Every so often you don't have a video that's going to get some exposure. And it's not going to be based on anything you do other than it's going to be picked up that algorithm. People going to like it, they're going to share it. They're going to comment there, gonna watch and the algorithm that wave is going to take it and take it and take it. And this is a video that I don't know, maybe get views for years to come. I know people have videos that are eight years old that still get views and likes. That's why the entire point of this course is to get you in front of a camera and get you publishing because you cannot give yourself that positive ROI possibility like that, that that viral opportunity. If you're not publishing and most people don't, most people were not recording, they're not publishing there too, afraid there to worry that focus on perfectionism. They think they need permission. They know, literally turn your phone on and hit record and put it up on YouTube and then learn and iterate as you go. That is the key.