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How To Start a Web Design Agency Business

teacher avatar Juan E. Galvan, Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro to Web Design/Development Agency Business Course


    • 2.

      1b. Web Design vs Web Development


    • 3.

      The Web Design Agency Business Model


    • 4.

      2 Main Types of Web Design


    • 5.

      Additional Services You Can Sell


    • 6.

      Upsell Services Outsourcing Resource


    • 7.

      Most Common Website Builders


    • 8.

      Where To Find Done For You Websites


    • 9.

      How To Build a Website Quickly


    • 10.

      Expert Web Designer Posititioning


    • 11.

      Best Places To Find Clients


    • 12.

      How To Find Clients On Facebook


    • 13.

      Pricing and Packaging


    • 14.

      Booking Software Walkthrough


    • 15.

      How To Collect Payment


    • 16.

      Project Management Tools


    • 17.

      How To Deliver The Website


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About This Class

The How To Start a Web Design Agency Business course is an online program for anyone wanting to start a web design agency and learn the latest web design skills and techniques. In this course, you'll learn how web design and development work. You'll learn about the different types of websites, website builders, and how to perform website audits.

This course is for all individuals interested in learning about the web design and development industry whether you already have some experience or are completely new to web design because you'll still learn something new.

Websites serve as an online digital storefront and this course will provide you with all the information you need to create your own web design and development agency and help businesses with their web design and development.

What You Will Learn Inside This Course:

  1. The web design agency business model
  2. How to quickly build websites
  3. Where to get low-cost websites built
  4. Most recommended website builders
  5. How to price your websites
  6. How to find businesses that could use a new website
  7. How to conduct effective consultation calls
  8. How to outsource all the work

Get insider tips including website audits, audits for social media opportunities, and much more.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Juan E. Galvan

Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer


Hi I'm Juan. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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1. Intro to Web Design/Development Agency Business Course: Welcome to how to start a profitable web design agency business from scratch course introduction. So in this particular video, we're going to go over the four sections that this course includes, starting with section one. This is where I'm going to walk you through the actual business introduction of the web design agency. And then I'm gonna go over the web design versus web developments at the differences between those two and the pros and the cons. And then we're going to go into Section two with the web design agency, business foundations. This is where I'm going to walk you through the two main types of web design projects. I'm going to walk you through the entire web design agency business model. I'm going to walk you through the different types of services that you can also provide along with your website design and development. And then I'm going to walk you through some of the most common website builders that you can use to actually build your clients websites on. And then I'm also going to provide you some tools where you can actually have custom-made websites built for you without you having to do any of the work. And then I'm going to show you how to position yourself as the expert web designer, even if you have no previous work to show and then had a package and price your services. And then Section three, this is where I'm going to walk you through how to get web design clients. So I'm going to show you step-by-step the best places to find clients. I'm going to show you a complete walk-through of these different websites and how you can go about contacting these business owners. I'm going to show you two ways where you can get clients fast and then how to get clients without spending any money on advertising. And then I'm going to share with you some cold email templates that you can use, plug-and-play and start reaching out to business owners. So you can start getting clients for your web design agency. And then in section four, this is where we're gonna go over the web design agency business deliverables. I'm going to walk you through how to deliver your website projects. I'm going to show you a couple of project management tools. And then I'm going to show you where to find web designers and developers that you can use to outsource your particular website design projects two, and then we have a web design agency business agreement tempted that I'm also going to provide. And then a web design agency business onboarding templates that you can send to your clients whenever you sign them on for a brand new website project. So you want to make sure that you're collecting the right information so that you know exactly how to build a website precisely to their liking, to their wanting. And so by the end of this course, you're gonna be able to start and build a profitable web design agency business from scratch. And you're going to get clients to pay you, for you to build them amazingly beautiful websites that you don't even have to design and build yourself. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks. 2. 1b. Web Design vs Web Development: A one here. So in this particular video, we're going to cover what exactly is the difference between web design and web development. I know that these two terms get thrown around a lot, so they're very, very similar or they're the same, but they're completely different. So we're gonna go ahead and walk through the main differences here between a website designer and then a website developer. So let's go ahead and jump right into this here. So the website design is something that is referring to the aesthetic portion of the website and a usability. When you talk about website design, exactly how it looks, the different elements that are on the website, the different user experience that website has so that it's easy to navigate through, right? The structure, all these different things as far as the aesthetic, somebody is typically going into like Adobe Photoshop or any of these different creative tools to build this site. That it is aesthetically pleasing. So the web developer takes that information right, that actual website design, that layout, and then goes and creates the website through code. So that's why they call themselves web developers. They use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other programming languages to bring the website to life, right? Because in order for you to have a fully functioning website and needs to take certain actions when you press a certain button, when you click on a certain page or link, it needs to go to different pages. And in order for it to function properly, developer needs to do its thing behind the scenes, right? That's that code that is being written for the websites. Actually look how it looks, right? Because when you think about it, there's all this code that goes behind a website, right? All these different lines of code better just talking about different things, sizing color schemes, all this stuff, right? But when you go and you look at a website, you don't notice any of that. You just notice the images. You notice the buttons, the color schemes, the design, the layout, all this stuff, right? But you can have somebody who is a great web designer, right? But if they don't know how to actually develop the site and write code, all this stuff, right? Then you've got one piece of the puzzle. Instead of having the full piece of the puzzle. That's why both of these guys will typically work together. Or there may be one individual that understands these both and can do these both extremely well. Now you, as a website design agency, business owner, do not have to know any of these. You don't need to be a web design expert. You don't need to create anything from scratch. You don't even need to be a developer, right? Because you can get clients to pay you thousands of dollars for websites and then outsource this to somebody for hundreds of dollars. And then you're gonna be able to make that difference. Because the biggest thing here is your ability to position the website right? Design services and development services to your prospective clients. And I'm going to walk you through in section three how to get Website design clients, right? I'm going to walk you through some different methods, but I just wanted to give you a quick overview here of the differences between website design and website development. That's the main key difference here. Remember, the website design is somebody who's building the aesthetic version. They actually will look and feel of a website. The web developer is actually doing the stuff behind the scenes. Write the code that is actually making the website function properly. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you guys in the next one. Next. 3. The Web Design Agency Business Model: A one here. So let's go ahead and talk about the web design business model. So with the website design business model, I mean, this is a model that you can run from anywhere in the world. You really only need five things to get started with your web design business. And I'm going to walk you through that here in the next slide. But I just want you to think about the fact that with today's day and age, with technology, right? Where really all you need is a computer, a cell phone, and a website, right? And you can be working anywhere in the world and providing clients on your web design services. So it's just a beautiful thing. It's a great thing for you to be able to take advantage of. And this is a super lean model here. It's going to cost you under a $100 to get started. So let's go ahead and jump right into this lesson here. So the business model here, when you're starting your website design business, there are five things that you're going to need. And it should cost you between 30 to $50 to get started. Now, this could be less, but I'm just kinda giving you a rough estimates. Really all you need is a website. I recommend WordPress and then hosting through like name cheap. And I believe it's about $20 a year for hosting. And then you want an email address. And I highly recommend that when you get an email address, you get it with your domain. Okay? So maybe you have like XYZ web You want to make sure that you have your name at XYZ web design company because it really portrays you and conveys that professionalism to your prospective clients because you don't want to be running your business through like a Gmail because then people are not really going to take you serious. So what you're trying to do here is really position yourself as somebody who is a professional. You're serious about your business. You have your own email, your have your website, you have a custom logo, you have bookings, software, and you have a phone, right? And so these are going to be the five things you're going to need. The hosting, like I mentioned, you can purchase through named cheap email. I recommend you go to G Suite's with the logo. I mean, you can build a logo in five-minutes, going to Canva for free, and then booking software. This is another feature again, that is really positioning you as a professional. You take your business seriously. And I highly recommend commonly, it's free and literally all it is is you send somebody a link and they click on the link and then they can schedule a time to chat with you. And then you can have them answer some questions about their particular project, right? And it's just really professional. And then it gets connected to your calendar on your G Suite so that you'll get notified whenever somebody scheduled the call with you. And then it's just a whole professional type of setup right? Then with the phone, you can use your cell phone or you can use Skype, whatever works best. And so your job as a web design agency, business owner, is to help businesses develop amazingly beautiful websites that showcase their brand image. You want to be able to let these business owners not, Hey, listen, your website is a direct reflection of your particular brand image, just like if you had your retail location, right? You want your retail location to look a certain way, to fill a certain way. And that is the same thing with your website. You want it to convey a certain brand image to the public. And the great thing about USA web design agency, business owner, is you don't need any special web design or development skills as you can outsource all of the website built and development. So that's one of the great things there is that you don't need to be a web design expert. You need to be able to understand that the website is brand identity, brand image. You need to be able to understand how to ask the right questions. How to position yourself as the authority expert. And I'm going to walk you through all of that here in this course. So typically, what you're going to be doing is charging typically a onetime fee for the design and development, okay? And it's gonna be anywhere between $500 to several thousands of dollars. For a website, you have to kinda look at the particular business like so, for example, let's say you have a local business that is like a landscaper or maybe like a polymer, like they're going to have a budget of between 500 to like maybe $1500 or maybe $1000, right? Because they are not going to spend thousands or even tens of thousands on a custom-made website because it doesn't make sense, right? But somebody who is maybe like an e-commerce business or maybe somebody that is been in business for years and they're looking to redesign their website, right? They may want a whole new website built from scratch, and those can be quite profitable. However, as I mentioned in one of the other previous videos, the custom-made websites are going to be more profitable. However, they're going to take more time, more energy, more resources. And so that's why I recommend sticking with the templates. Because with the templates, especially through WordPress, you can still do quite a bit of customization. And you won't need to do a whole brand new website from scratch, right? So this essentially here, the website design business model, right? It's super simple, super lean, under $50 and you can get started right away. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks. 4. 2 Main Types of Web Design: Hey Juan here. And in this video, we're going to talk about the two main types of web design projects. So there's typically going to be two different types of web design projects that you've come across. And both of these types of projects are quite different. Because one of them is just nice and simple. Straight to the point, Hey, we're ready to go. This is the website that I want. And then the other one is where there's a lot of customization. There's a lot of stuff behind the scenes, a lot of different things that are gonna be built from scratch. And we're going to walk through which one's going to be the best one for you if you're just starting out or if you maybe have some experience, but still the best one here. I'm going to walk you through. And it's really what I recommend that you go after because it's gonna be the less amount of work for you. And it's gonna be the quickest way for you to start making some money. So the two main types of web design projects are using templates and custom-built websites. Now, using templates is going to be your best bet, because anytime that you have a custom-built website, this can be several thousands of dollars up into the tens of thousands of dollars. I mean, there's websites out there that will cause hundreds of thousands of dollars. And oftentimes when you look at a custom-built websites versus a templated website that somebody created already. You're using as just a theme or a template, and you're just doing some minor customizations. Oftentimes you won't even be able to tell the difference between a website that was custom built for thousands of dollars or a website that was just templated for 40 or $50 or $100 that you spent to buy the actual template. So with the templates here, this is going to be the most common way that you build a website. And I highly recommend that you focus on using templates, because with custom-built websites, yeah, they can be a bit more expensive and you can charge more for them, but they're typically going to be longer projects. And the sales cycle is often going to be a little bit longer as well, because you can sell a template, a website for $500.10, $100.15, $100 apart, very easily and quickly. And all you gotta do is literally installed the theme and do some minor customizations and you're done, right? Versus a custom-built website, you got to take down all the information from your client. Oftentimes you got to wait for them to provide you information. And oftentimes you won't get paid everything upfront, you'll get paid in stages, right? So highly recommend that you focus on template websites and I'm going to share with you some different resources where you can find very beautiful, amazingly beautiful, actually template websites that you can use to sell your clients, right? And it'll cost you 40, $50 per template. And then you can sell those websites to your clients for five hundred a thousand, fifteen hundred twenty-five hundred dollars. Right? So I just wanted to kinda give you an overview here of the two different types of web design projects. Now I'm not saying to completely discount custom-built websites because there is quite a bit of money to be made with those. I'm just saying that they are going to take quite a bit longer and it's going to be a while before you get paid your full amount because you have different stages, because you have the initial build-out, you have the mock-up, you have all these different stages. So highly recommend, you focus on using templates in this particular course, going to primarily focus on using the templates. And like I mentioned, I'm going to provide you with a ton of resources so you can find amazingly beautiful website templates that you can use a cellular clients. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Next. 5. Additional Services You Can Sell: Hey Juan here. And in this particular video, I'm going to walk you through some additional upsell services that you can provide to your clients. Now, the website can be just the beginning of your relationship, right? Because if somebody's needing a brand new website, maybe they're a brand new business or maybe they have a really old website. Like a lot of local businesses will have website that they've had for ten years, five years, and it's just completely outdated. And you sell them a website for $500.10, $100, that is just your ticket in the door. There's so many other services that you can sell them. And then if you don't even want to do the services yourself, which I'm going to provide you a outsourcing company that can do all of the services for you as far as digital marketing. However, if you don't want to do any of that yourself, and you want to just refer your clients to another partner agency. And then you can get a referral commission. So just simply by sending an email to one of your partner agencies saying, Hey, I have this client that is in need of XYZ marketing services. I just built them a website. Hey, here's our contact information. Or maybe you do like a warm introductory e-mail handoff. And then you say, hey, if they sign on for whatever services, you know, give me 25%, right? So let me go ahead and walk you through the different types of services that you can also provide an upsell to your client. So the additional services that you can provide are the hosting. So let's say that you set up a client's website and you're using like named cheap, whatever kind of hosting or really any kind of hosting out there that makes the most sense. And especially for like local businesses, when they're not really getting a ton of traffic, named, sheep will do just fine. What you can do is you can charge them like a hosting and management fee on a monthly basis for twenty-five forty, fifty dollars a month. Right. And then the hosting maybe like $5 a month. So you're making quite a bit of profit there. And then if you wanted to maybe like one or two hours a month of like maintenance, say, Hey, Mr. Client, what we can do is I can have you pay $50 a month and then what you'll get in return is the whole thing. And then like an hour or two of maintenance, maybe they want to change something, update something, whatever that may be, right? Then once you build a simple website, right? You're going to want to also share with them the ability for them to get organic traffic with SEO, that's another service that you can upsell. Typically when you're building a site, you're just doing simple kind of on-page optimization, making sure the page titles are appropriate, right? Some of the headlines on page, all that stuff that is typically dealing with on-page. But if they have their SEO on page optimization complete, that doesn't mean they're going to get any traffic, right. Then what you could do is up. So the SCO, where you're actually ranking their website on the first page of Google. And that's highly, highly valuable to your clients because they are not only going to have a really nice, amazingly beautiful website that you've built, but they're also going to get organic traffic from Google because their website is positioned at the top of the first page for their most profitable keywords. Then you have content marketing. This is related to SEO, but this is more of a content marketing strategy where you're putting together really in-depth blog posts of, let's say like how twos or information-based type of knowledge that brings people in to learn more about a product or service. And then you have paid ads as well. This is through Google or Facebook ads. You can do this yourself as I mentioned, or you can partner with somebody and get a referral commission. And then just really all types of digital marketing. There's reputation management, there's Google, my business. There's all these different things that you can do for your clients right after you've already sold them a particular website because that's typically just the starting point. And more often than not, if they need a website redesign and they've had their website for five to ten years. They're probably not doing anything as far as advertising. And they could be utilizing your advertising services to get more customers, right? So as I mentioned, you can either do the work yourself and I'm going to provide you with a outsourcing resource later in this video. Or you can refer your client to one of your agency partners that handles the actual paid Ads, SEO, all that stuff, right? And you can tell them, Hey, I will send you over this client and if they sign up with you, give me a commission. So that's going to be here for this video. I highly recommend that you look at the very beginning when you're working with a potential prospect, look at all the possibilities of additional services that you can provide, right? Because remember, the website design is just that foot in the door oftentimes, because once a transaction is made, right, money has been exchanged, that client is now loyal to you. They're not trustworthy of you, right? Because the most expensive costs for a business is to acquire a client, a customer. And so what you're doing with this website design is you're really just getting your foot in the door. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks. 6. Upsell Services Outsourcing Resource: Hey, one here and in this video, I'm gonna go over a resource here for you where you can actually go and sign up and then be able to outsource your digital marketing services to when you're going to be up selling your services. So let's say that you have a client you've already done their website on, and then now they're wanting to get some additional services such as S CEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, right? Things like that that are going to help their business get more known, get more leads and customers. So you have a couple options, right? You have the option of just sending them a referral partner email or referring them to somebody that you can partner with. And then you can get a commission right for a referral fee. Or you can come in here, sign up with dash quicks, and these guys can take care of the actual marketing services for you, and then it's completely white label. So you're essentially working with the client. Dash Clicks is doing all the execution implementation, and then you're able to, you know, make a little more profit than if you're just kind of passing this lead in this client onto another partner, right? Because the most expensive costs you're going tohave is being able to get a client. And so once you get that clients and they have a great experience with do with the website that you build them, then they're going to want to continue working with you because they have that trust in that report, that credibility, Right? So let me go ahead and show you hear this platform. So this is the dash clicks platform here They are a completely white labelled agency service here. And so let me just show you the different things that you can provide. So it's got a PPC here, and then let's go to, let's say, Google ad. So this is like, where if you're doing like Google AdWords and you wanted to have dash clicks, performed the services, let's go to the services here, and I want to show you how this looks. So let's go to fulfillment. Okay, great. And here you can see the pricing so they can do a variety of different things here. It's sort of the Facebook and Instagram, so their cost is essentially 4 99 a month. Okay, so let's say that you want to help your client their local customer. Let's say they are like a local landscaping business. OK, so you built their website and now they want to give them more customers through Facebook. So basically, the charge for you to be able to run the ads to pay Thebes Dash clips is going to be for 99 K $500 And then there's a 350 set up feet. So all together, it's What is it, 7 50? Okay, to get started. And so what this essentially does is it builds out the campaign it puts together, you know, as faras. The ads put together the offer. Now this is going to be a re occurring thing where each month you're going to be charged $500 a month to continue the campaign and there's no long term contract. So for whatever reason, if you're working with your clients and let's say that you know, they don't want to continue or just whatever that maybe if you're working with clients and you have built them a website, any form of paid advertising, I recommend that you do a minimum agreement of three months because often times it takes a month or so to get the campaign really kicked off and running and start generating leads because there's a lot of testing involved, right? Let audience creation. So I highly recommend that you sign your clients up for at least three months minimum. Okay, And then if you're doing S e O, I recommend that you signed them up for at least six months. So let's go here. Look at this year so we can see that it's $500 a month. There is no long term agreement. This is the SRP here. This is, like three. The actual, like retail pricing there. But we don't have to worry about that because we're utilizing their white label services here. And so this is our cost. OK, now this is for Facebook and instagram here, and they're both for Instagram and instagram can be included, but it's it's dependent upon the offer in the type of promotion that you're doing. Oftentimes I will just do kind of Facebook ads by itself. If it makes sense with Instagram, we can include that as well. And so the pricing here is really dependent upon the ad spin. For the most part, this one here should be the one that you choose. Because if you're doing anything more than 3000 then you know you're running quite a bit of ads there. And then that's where you could just easily graduate to the next one here. So it's really down to the ad's been. So this is three K 25 Kate 5 10 and intend to 20 now. Typically, what happens is they'll put together the ads and then they'll run an offer, and then they'll more than likely use like a lead ad where they're going to particular the ad. Somebody's going to click on the add, and then they're going to be able to put in their information right there and then through the Facebook lead for him. And then that information will get sent to your clients. Now, if you want to get a funnel right, which is a holder from ballgame here, which I recommend if you want to get a funnel where when they click on the add, they get taken to a landing page where they can put in their information that pre qualifies the lead, and then they're able to get taken to another page after the information has been submitted , and it lets them know, Hey, thank you for submitting your information. You can either call us right now, or you can wait for us to give you a call within 10 to 15 minutes. Right? So what this includes is a full funnel here, and then it also includes two automated email sequences. Okay. And this is going to be a separate charges. $500.1 time fee. These guys were great, though They will definitely put together really nice looking funnel that converts so highly recommend that for doing something that is going to work better, like that's a real estate, oftentimes works better with, like, a funnel. You know, really think about whether or not it makes sense for the funnel to be included. And then these guys will help you out quite a bit. They have a really good shot support here. So So definitely help you out with that. And then we have here the website design. So this is where let's say that you wanted to come in here and get a price for a particular website. So one of the great things about dash clicks here is that they can actually pretty much do everything for you for the most part as faras digital marketing. So let's Did you have a client and you want to sell him a website? Well, they can actually give you ah price for a website and then actually build the website for you, right? So I mean, it is just a fantastic platform here. The owner eyes Chad Khodari a believe his name is and he himself runs a seven figure agency . So thes guys really know what they're doing. They're killing it. And so here we have a search engine optimization. So this is four ranking. So when you set up a website, you're typically just doing a simple on Page s CEO where you're just making sure the page titles are properly optimized. The meta description is that are properly right. You're doing kind of the basic on page stuff. Now that alone is not going to rank a website. If you create a website and you do the on page and you're in a local kind of business area like local landscaping in like the Seattle area where I'm in, You're not going to show up because the on a page is one piece of the puzzle, right? The other piece of the puzzle is the off page. The back links right, The interlinking within the sites, all of these kind of specialized seo techniques and strategies that need to be done in order for your client's website to be shown up at the top of the first page for their most profitable keywords. So this is essentially the different packages. Here you have 10 keywords, 20 30 keywords and then 40 keywords. Now, what they'll do is they'll also include an article here each month. Okay, here's one article 234 And as I mentioned, you want to get these folks on here for at least six months because this takes time. This takes really at least three months to start seeing some results. And your client needs to understand that you need to let them know that hey s CEO is a very profitable but patient form of marketing where you are ranking your website at the top of Google because you're building that trust credibility and authority with Google and then Once you get up to the top, you're going to be able to hold your position there because Google has seen that you are a trusted right, authoritative, credible source. So they're going to push you up, and we're gonna keep you there because you're actually providing value to the actual users . That air searching for those keywords? Local landscaping, saddle landscaping, settled landscaping services, right. So highly recommend s CEO here. These guys will take care of everything. They'll do all the off page, all the actual answer linking the articles again, right? And so all you need to do it, sell it and then collect the difference. So you want to charge this here for 3 49? I would typically 2 to 3 times the pricing on the actual white label pricing here. So for this, I'd probably charge 1500 a month for this, you know, just three times or 2 to 3 times whatever price that you're actually paying. And then that's what you're gonna be able to make as a difference. So here we have the Google and Bing ads. Now, this is pretty similar to the Facebook ads, but with Google ads, right you are able to show up on Google at the very top of the listings, right? That paid ads and thes air actually going to be different than Facebook, because with Facebook you have the kind of billboard advertising. People are not on Facebook looking for landscaping. They're not looking for, you know, a dentist. So when you can go on Google and actually put together some ads, right and have these folks do the ads for you, you're going to start getting leads very quickly because people are actively searching for landscaping. They're searching for dental implants. They're searching for a local dentist, so Google ads are highly recommended, and some businesses will work better with Google or Facebook. And these guys here, if you chat with them in the chat here, they'll help you kind of flesh that out. So let's say you have a question whether or not hey, should I work with this client and up sell or provide them Facebook or Google, they'll give you recommendations, right? So these guys were really, really good at what they do. And so, like, I mentioned highly recommend that. And then here we have the social media posting This is just kind of like keeping their social presence active, right? So what this includes is three posts per week on three social platforms, and then this is five posts on four and then seven posts on four. So this is just kind of like making sure that their social media platforms are up today to their staying active. Often times. This is not really going to drive for the any leads. And this is more of that branding type of deal where you can help your client social media platforms stay up to date inactive. So the next one here is a listing. This is essentially just like Seo here. These are for like if you're wanting to rank in the local map. So let's say you have like a client that is a landscaping company in the Seattle area. This is going to be good for that to make sure that they have their listings in there again . If you have any questions on this, here's the chat, and these guys will help you out pretty quickly. Their content marketing. So this is where we're creating long pieces of content, how they recommend 1000 words or even 500 words here. These are not really gonna do too much because Google likes to see long content and highly recommend these two here. This is for like, trying to get content pieces rank for how? Twos. So let's say the landscaping clients, you want to create articles to drive organic traffic that are talking about how to, you know, landscape your home, whatever that may be right, and then content creation Here, this is just, you know, simple content creation with different articles on. Then call it tracking. This is also one of the great things here where local businesses don't want to keep track or not as great as they would like to keep track of their call tracking. So cause you're coming in calls or going out, and they're not really able to track all over that and what you can do even as an added bonus, right, Let's say that you signed them up with an actual website. They're happy if you want to also offer a call tracking. I mean, that's another service, because you can say, Hey, we're gonna do is we're gonna provide a phone number for you on your website And then you can track all of the leads they're coming through from this phone number right from your website. So highly recommend that as well. Again, I highly recommend dash clicks here. They can essentially take care of all of the marketing for you. All of the advertising. They have a really nice automated on boarding sistemas. Well, and as soon as you sign up for one of these services, you're going to be automatically added to a slack group and you're gonna have about 3 to 4 people in that group you're gonna have Like a marketing manager, you're gonna have a fulfillment manager and then people that are actually kind of helping within the campaign, they're gonna have, like, three or four people on your team within a day or so of you signing up, right, signing up your clients and they're going to be there helping you out, answering all the questions, keeping you up to date. So once again, highly recommend dash clicks here. And so that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks 7. Most Common Website Builders: Hey, one here. And in this video, we're going to talk about the most common website builders. So there are a ton of website builders out there in the marketplace. I mean, you can talk about Wix, talk about Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, all these different types of website builders. But I'm going to walk you through the ones that I recommend and then the number one that I recommend, because all of these have their pros and cons, right? But what you want is something that is super simple, easy to navigate, easy to use. And there isn't too much of a learning curve for yourself to go in and do some custom modifications if need be, right? But in this particular model, as far as the website design agency business model, you're not really going to need to do any of the work yourself. I'm going to show you how you can outsource all of the work. But still I'm gonna give you an overview here of the most common website builders and which one I recommend to be the best and the one that you use primarily. Alright, so there are a ton of website builders out there. Like I mentioned, the number one choice that I highly recommend that you use is WordPress. This is going to be just the most easiest for you to work with. And it's the most easily customizable. So let me just give you some stats here. Wordpress is the largest CMS in the world content management solution. Approximately 30% of the Internet websites use WordPress. In my opinion, the ones that I've used previously, it's the easiest and the functionalities and the capabilities are the best, in my opinion, because I've used all of the other ones that are the most common, right? The Shopify, Squarespace, I've used Wix. Wordpress, still is above and beyond all of them. We have Shopify, which is typically for e-commerce websites, specifically, Squarespace is typically going to be in the e-commerce space as well. They do have websites and the templates that you can use for a lot of different businesses and then wicks, this is going to be a whole lot easier than WordPress, but you have a limited functionality with Wix. It's literally a drag-and-drop builder, right? But like I mentioned, there's a lot of limitations and you don't really have the ability to customize the sites kind of like WordPress. Because with WordPress, you can have a developer go in there and really change up the site to exactly how you want it to look, right? Customize it specifically by just using a custom-made template. And then let's say the client says, Hey, I want this website to look and have this over here, that over there, right? Those minor customizations are gonna be very easy for you to do through WordPress, but obviously not building something from scratch. So another thing that WordPress allows you to do is allows you to have the plugins which allow you to unlock certain features and functionalities, such as on-site SEO with the Yoast plugin, image size optimization as well. And then some plugins can even turn your WordPress website into a fully functioning e-commerce store, social network, or even a forum. So I highly recommend that when you're selling your websites to clients, that you highly recommend to them. Wordpress, right? Because, I mean, it's just going to be the most easiest for you to use yourself. And then also for a client if they want to go in there and do some of the edits themselves. And with WordPress, it's an easy learning curve. You can easily, after the project is complete, create a quick video, walking your client through WordPress. And I'm also going to include a video of WordPress and essentially how it's going to look once you install it, kind of bare bones because I want to give you a quick overview of the WordPress platform so that if you do need to go in there, do some minor customizations yourself and you don't want to hire a actual web developer. I'm gonna show you how to go ahead and do that yourself. So that's gonna be here for this video. I highly recommend, like I mentioned, WordPress for all your website projects. And we'll see you guys on the next one. Thanks. 8. Where To Find Done For You Websites: Hey Juan here and in this video, we're going to go over where to find done for you website templates and themes that you've been used to sell to your clients. So, as I mentioned, this particular course is really focused in on working with templates. Different team that already pre designed, you know, set up already for you to come in there and just add a few modifications to. But the whole framework in skeleton of it is already designed because again, with building custom websites, you can make more money, but it takes a lot more time. Energy and resource is, and you're only typically going to get paid 50% up front. I would rather get paid everything up front and then deliver a website within a week or so . And that's typically how quickly you can deliver a website if you're just doing a temple. The aim here because you can essentially purchase that theme, set it up, pay somebody on maybe five or or whatever, and I'm gonna walk through another one of those here in a second, but set it up through fibre pace of many 100 bucks and then sell that for $1000.1500 even two grand, right for a website that all you have to do is use the template and just do some minor modifications. So let me show you here. And so here we're looking for different types of themes. So as I've been mentioning through his entire course, I recommend WordPress themes. They're the easiest to work with. So let's go in here and type in, Let's say for like, a painter painters, actually for, like, a local business and we can automatically come in here. We can break this down and to just wordpress we can break this down into bestsellers. So I'm gonna break it down just to WordPress here. Okay, So now we can see all the different WordPress themes, and then we can see the reviews. Here we can see how many sales we can see when it was last updated. So let's go ahead and pull this up here and we can check these out. Painting company. They're painting company here and just right out of the gate, right, As they mentioned, you have thesis teams that are done for you. And so really, all you're needing to do is just change a few things on the site and put in your client's information, and you're good to go. So let's look at this one. Here is Well, okay, so let's let's just go with that. So this is a theme here for several different types of businesses. Um, let's go to life preview here. Okay, so this is for Barbara Carpenter. Attrition. Okay, Painter, check this one out here. And this is also one of the cool things here with the enforces that you can see the live demo websites. So we deliver quality painting. Click here. So this is not bad. I mean, it's a pretty good sight. I think it's ah not so great as faras showcasing the quality of service and showcasing the company. I think this is more for, like, a higher end type of painting company. But ultimately, what you're wanting to do is really position and give the perception to customers that land on your client's website that they are right larger than life. They are the top quality, you know, painting company. But I guess for me, this one here I'm not too much of a fan of, but it's 20 to show you an example. Here. It's going. Look at these other ones here. Let's go to life preview. Check this one out here. Okay. So, automatically, I like this one a little bit better just because you have the local appear. You have a nice white bar of the actual menu up here that you have a phone number where automatically, when somebody lands on this site, all they got to do is click on three actual button and it pops up, which is fantastic. So I like this one. Better restoration residential commercial. Yeah, I think this is a fantastic site here, right? And often times. Well, really. I guess every time that you purchase one of these sites, all of these images that air stock here with the website are going to come with it. So it's just fantastic. Great. Done for you. You can have a little video there if you like. I really like this site. Definitely would recommend this one. Let's take a look at another one. Here. Uh, it's that one there. This is not I don't really like that particular color. Let's go to this one here. This one actually looks really good as well because it's a lead form one where when people land on the site, they can easily just submit their information. And those are the best types of websites that air for local businesses, the ones that have, like a lead form here, where they can automatically have somebody come in here and submit their information. As a matter of fact, I think this type of site would probably work the best. And you could just have a simple background here, maybe even just like this color here without this individual there. Because you want this to pop out, right? You want this to pop out because you want people to when they land on here, right? A customer for your clients. You want them to submit their information, right? Taken action. And that's what the whole user experience. So this is fantastic here, Um, this is a good looking site. Highly recommend this one as well. And so this is another resource here that I want to share with you. This is Template Monster. These are like a little bit more higher end, and they're probably going to cost anywhere between 52 like $200 for the thing. Let's go back over here. You can see these themes or cheap $39 $49 you'll get everything that's included with this, which is like the download files, everything. So it's fantastic. So let's go back and let's say we want to look for a painter, okay? And then let's make sure that we have WordPress themes. All right, so these, as of right now, do not look like there's really anyone of these that are really good here. Let's Oops. Click on this here. This is more of a home maintenance. WordPress Teen. Yeah, this one here isn't too bad. It's Look at the life demo. So this is $98.100 dollars for this and then, yeah. I mean, this is not a bad site here. Okay? Again, The number one thing that you want to really try to focus on is having a opt in form here. A call to action. This is great. Here, learn more on this is really professional. I'd like that. But even though local business websites don't have to look the greatest, they don't have to be the most nicest. But the biggest thing is making sure people when they come onto this website, they are able to really see your brand identity, right? And then also they have a call to action. They know exactly what they are going to be doing because you have a form in here that tells them make an appointment. Summit your information call now, whatever that may be. Right. So let's say you're able to purchase some of the sights here. Thats a You purchase this one here for whatever reason, you have a painting client and they want to get this website. So how are you going to set all this up so you can set this all up by yourself? Download the files, installed it theme, do the updates. But I don't necessarily recommend that unless you're like a wordpress expert, because there are some things that you need to do on and keep in mind. And some things you need to kind of move and shake around in the WordPress platform in order to install this just like a demo and then be able to install your client's information. So what I would do is I would purchase one of these, okay? And then I would go toe fiber here and I would type in, like, Web design or Web designer or, you know, Web services, whatever that may be. Web developments. Right. This even click on that hair, and then you can break this down with the different types of individuals. So let's say you wanted to just work with rated seller or top rated sellers. Okay, So you can work with people that are just gonna be the top here. I will develop a WordPress Websites. Let's go. Here. Let's look at this guy here. So 4.9 and he has started to reviews. Let's go, Teoh Web design website design. Let's click on that to see what that brings up here. So this guy here, he will set up a website. Okay, great. He does the development design. Okay, Fantastic. Okay, So this is where if you want to build something from scratch, Um, I don't necessarily recommend this, because again, you're just buying templates. And when you're able to send an email or show your clients Hey, listen, this is how your site's gonna look right? This is the being here. You can send them this link to this live preview. Hey, Mr Customer. Mr. Client, here's how your website is going to look. And then we can modify this and customize this based on your requirements. Right? And so you come in here, you go to Fiverr and you look for one of these individuals here and then what they'll do is they'll set up these website here just like a demo, and then they'll do any kind of modifications at its whatever that may be. And it will probably cost you $100.150 dollars the most. And if you're selling the websites for 1000 1500 bucks, right? I mean, you're making a significant profit there so highly recommend you do that. And let's say for whatever reason, you also want to come in here and, you know, purchase some of these sites that are already done for you. Some of these guys may have, like that's stepping here, local business website, some of these guys and may have done for you local business themes. Okay, And they can set up for you, but doesn't look like a lot of these guys do. So I would stick with just coming over here and working with the theme forest or going with , like, template monster. And you're gonna be able to fund a nice theme for your client. So that's gonna be here for this video. I just wanted to walk you through. The to resource is here that you can use to find pretty much any type of templates for really any type of business. And then once you are able to have your client decide Okay, I want this website templates. Go to Fiverr, hire somebody to set it up like a demo. Install it for you. Do the custom modifications that you're crying wants. It'll cost you maybe $150. $200 at the most for the template and the actual implementation. Execution. You're charging your client $1000. You just pocketed $800. So that's going to be here. And we'll see you on the next one. Thanks. 9. How To Build a Website Quickly: a one here and in this video, I'm gonna go over a secret tool that allows you to build websites within 10 seconds. So in another video, I went over the dash clicks platform, showed you how you can go on here and actually utilize their white label services and outsource all of your digital marketing up cells you're going to be doing there now, Another tool that they have eyes called the instance Sites. Now, these are extremely powerful for local businesses. So these sites here are for local businesses and they can be created within a matter of seconds. So let me show you here how this works. I mean, these are extremely powerful, so they have different packages here. They have the lights, which is free. You have three insight builds per month. Here, you can have 100 per month 2 55 100 And with these other ones here, once your pain, you get SMS notification. So let's say you have a prospect and you have some painters in your area that you're trying to target. You can actually send them a SMS text message, notification and also email, right, and let them know. Hey, I just recently built you a website. Here is the link, and then you can send them a link to this temple. It'd website that has all of their information on it. I mean, it's just extremely, extremely powerful. And I'm gonna show you how this is all going to be set up here. Now you can see that you have a bulk site building here. So let's say you want to build, you know, 5 10 20 sites at a time. And then here you can get even more features here with the personalized notifications. Custom email notification editor. So obviously, as you move up in the ladder here, you're going tohave additional benefits. But you can easily use this light here free on, then be able to sell a bunch of sites this way. So here you can actually look at the credit. So you gotta pay for the credits for getting, you know, text notifications and sending these out to your perspective clients. So let me show you how this works. So let's go over here. Ah, single in society builder. Click on that. Okay, Fantastic. So this is essentially all the different themes that are available here. Okay, so let's say that we wanted to build a site here for a Let's go to the painting here. Okay, so let's say we wanted to build the site for a painter here, and let's go up here and put in the business information. So let's say you found a local business painter in your area. They have a really old site. It's not very user friendly. There's not even really a mobile optimized. It just looks like it's very old, right? So it's just putting here, uh, John's painting company. And then we can put their phone number in there, so it's put 206 This is just a made up number here. 879 seasoning 79 4564 or 4569 This is just a number here. 123 Main Streets School Sweet 308 School Seattle. It's called Washington and then go John on the Johns email here. Let's go, John at johns painting dot com. Let's move this over here. Sweet or there. 98201 um, United States go usa. And then last name. So Smith. Okay, great. So now we're ready to go. So we've put in the information here for the perspective clients. Right? And then we've chosen the painting, and so that's going to build in society. So you'll see this will get created in a matter of seconds. So let's go ahead and even I want to refresh this. Okay? Typically, it takes 10 to 15 seconds on. You'll be able to see just how powerful this is here. So it's going active. Okay, let's go to cute. Okay, okay. Air we go. So John's painting company. So this is ready to be set up. This is ready to be shown to your perspective, client. So it automatically shows you how this is going to look in the actual desktop. And then it shows you on the tablet and then on the cell phone mobile there. Right. And as you can see, this is already filled in with your kinds information. It's just extremely powerful, right? And so you can send them this link and say, Hey, John Smith, I just built you a custom made website. Here is a link for you to take a look at it. Let me know what you you know what were your thoughts right are on this particular website on. So I mean, it's just extremely powerful. As you can see, this tool here, it's done for you ready to go? It puts in their information here, There, you know, actual phone number, hours of operation. You know, different credibility things down here. And so you can easily sell this site for $1000 right? Hey, you know John Smith? It's gonna be $1000 for your website. How long did it take you to build? It took, you know, 10 15 seconds. Right? And so I believe it's about 10 pages that this actually includes where you have, like, the home about us. It's got a residential you can see here. Seattle residential painting, John Painting company. So what this does also automatically is it does the on page Seo so you'll see saddle residential painting. Obviously, people that are looking for Seattle painting are gonna get typing in these keywords, and it shows you interior painting, exterior painting, doc's garage floors. And then it has all these different pages here, right that are automatically created done for you. I mean, this is such a powerful tool here I mean, it's It's just like I just you know, it's hard to put into words how powerful this is to be quite honest with you, but, I mean, that's how simple it is. You can build the site 10 15 seconds. Send them a link and let them know. Hey, listen, I just built this site for you. Let me know what you think, right? And then they're gonna come back. Hey, love to cite. Nice sight. Hey, how much is it? Okay, great. Hey, you know what? Typically, I charge people 1500 or whatever, but since you know, you are a new client, new customer, whatever that may be. Hey, for you told them to be $1000 right? And so it's just, you know, a powerful way to get somebody in the door. Right? Because actually, you sell them. This website that took you 10 to 15 seconds to build after that. Right? Then you can sell in marketing services, right? You go to dash quicks and then come into the platform here and there. A client now and then you go into the fulfillment in someone s e o cell. Um, you know Facebook guys, whatever that may be, right so highly recommend you come check this out. Sign up for a free dash clicks account when he signed up for dash clicks. It's free, right? There's no cost to sign up. You just gotta pay for the services, right? So let's go back here is go home. You can look at commercial, you know? I mean, all of this is a holy created for you without you having to do anything, it's just mind blowing. Let's go to about right And then there's the information. Go to contact, right? And so, as you notice when I put in the information and the very big giving to create this, this is all loaded up, right? It's their address, the phone number, the email. And here's a map. So once again just highly recommend you utilize the dash clicks here for local businesses. I mean, you can sell these all day long, so that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you guys on the next one. Thanks 10. Expert Web Designer Posititioning: a one here and in this video, I'm gonna walk you through how to position yourself as the expert Web designer. So let's say that you are brand new. You don't have any previous work experience with Web design Web development. You don't have any type of work to showcase to any of your prospective clients. Let's say you have somebody right? That's interested. And they want to see your work. Hey, can you send me some examples or some sites that you worked on? Right? I'm gonna show you how to get instant credibility with these guys, right with your perspective clients and be able to position yourself as the expert Web. Design it right, So right out of the gate, you can do a couple of things. Number one. You can go here to, like, the volatile market, or you can go to Template Monster and take some of those themes right and show them the sample websites that are here. So let's say we go to let's go over here to work press. Okay, so what a corporate and just, you know, taking one of these themes that saves for, like, a landscaping company. Okay, so landscaping Okay, great. So let's go to this one here. And if they want to see kind of some of your work or maybe some your, you know, experience or whatever all you would really need to do is send them this particular link and say, Hey, you know, this is essentially kind of like how our work looks like this is an example site that your site gonna look like This is some of our previous work, right? Because of the end of the day, right? All they really want to see is that you know what you're doing and that, you know, you know how to put together and next looking site, right? It's just kind of checking off the box of hate. Does this person know what they're doing? Can they produce a good looking site, right? So you can send him a link here of one of these Or what you can do is actually come over here to fiver and look at some of these different sites here that these guys have built. So like this. Say this guy here what you can do, because maybe you plan on using him or you're looking to get some ideas. You can take these here and take, you know, this one here and say, Hey, you know, this is actually a new example site that we've been able to build. This is the kind of quality that you can expect. And, yes, it's not your work. However, you're using the actual results here as leverage because you may outsource to this individual here, so they may be an extension of your team, right? And so when you're able to really position yourself as somebody, that is that credible expert, right, Maybe you don't even really know how to even design a website with WordPress or any other platform out there. But you know how to be the person in the middle and connect a buyer of a website with an actual individual that knows how to do Web design Web development. And then you're just kind of the intermediary, right? You're the individual in the middle, so what you can do is take some of these websites here, right? Maybe even this one here, and showcase them as some of your own like, Hey, you know, me and my team. This is some examples here of the websites that we've been able to create because you may use these guys right? And it's just like coming over to dash clicks. Uh, and one of the other videos that I mentioned going over to dash clicks and going and looking at some of their previous work. They actually provide case studies that you can use to send to your perspective clients if they want to see some previous work. So I think that the day the clients, they want to see some of your previous work they wanted to see that you know what you're doing. You know how to put together a nice looking site, and all you really need to do is come in here and utilize some of these individuals projects, right? That, you know, obviously you haven't created, but you may be working with these guys to actually fulfill and deliver your actual website anyways. And so they're more or less an extension of your team. So you're not necessarily lying or fabricating everything because, you know, these guys may be the people that you're outsourcing the work too, right? And so that's an easy way for you gonna be able to position yourself as the expert Web designer, right, Because when you're starting out, you don't have any work behind you. You don't have anything to showcase. But that's where these guys come in. And you can leverage their previous work because they may be working with you anyways to do the actual work. So that's how you can position yourself as a credible expert Web designer if you're just bring you and haven't had any previous work. And so that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one, Thanks. 11. Best Places To Find Clients: a one here and in this video, I'm gonna walk you through some of the best places where you can find clients. So the first resource here that I want to share with you is y p dot com essentially yellow pages and why this is one of the best places to come in here and look for potential clients for the Web design projects is because a lot of these folks are a bit old school or having yet upgraded their websites in a long time. And when you come in here and I'm gonna show you some examples, you'll be able to see ah, lot of websites that are 10 years old, 20 years old. Well, maybe not 20 but 10 15 years old, five years old. And they definitely need to make over. And they are the perfect prospects to go after because, you know, they have old websites and you can come in there and show them no different templates that you can go and get through like thing forest, like I showed you in one of the other videos through like instant sites and be able to provide these guys with a better website. So Let's go in here. I'm in the Seattle Washington area. Let's even look for a painter here, and it's type that in here. Okay? And we can see some of the listings here. Let's go ahead and go down the list years. Go to this website here and we can take a look at some of these guys to see how the website looks. Doesn't he look like this guy has a website here, so some of these won't even have a website. So let's go. Emerson painting. All right, so let's check these out here. So this is a stony hardware. What is this here? Okay, so this doesn't look to be these guys do painting, OK? No, they do not. So it looks like this is another business here. Um, let's go. Progressive painting this site here isn't too bad. Honestly, I think it's quite old, and it looks kind of crappy. To be honest with their I would definitely contact these individuals to show them a more higher and website or a website that's gonna convert because, as you can see here, one of the most important things that I mentioned one of the other videos is having a call to action. What the right user experience, right when you are setting up websites in here, there's nothing telling the user that's landing on the website. What to do, Right, there is the request. A quote way up here, Right? The way that this would be even better is if this all this stuff in here was right in the middle. Okay, Right in here. And the request quote was this button here instead. And it was right here in the middle, right? Or I would even make this maybe like, ah, yellow color or something that would pop out right, Because it's right now, it's just confusing, right? It's not really knowing as far as what to do or, you know what action to take. I'm looking at services offered. Well, you know what? If I want, you know, to get my house painted like I would You know what I want? I just want to contact somebody. I have to go, and I got to look down here and I'll go through all this stuff, right? So definitely look at this individual. Here is a potential. Here's the Vinci painting Doesn't even look like these guys have a website. Let's see if we can pull these guys up here in Google. Davinci painting. Do they have website here? OK, yeah. So these guys are a perfect example of a potential client. I mean, look at this site. Here it is. 2000 and 15 right? So that's almost about five years. There s Oh, this guy here highly recommend that you contact because he's gonna be a potential prospect , right? These are the perfect kind of candidates that you want to target. These guys that have the sites that are 5 10 years old that need new websites to brilliant position themselves as that credible, authoritative painting company. So let's go. This other one here. Albright Professional painting. Uh, this website here is also not very nice. I think this was built. Let's see here. Okay. No, it was not built. Oftentimes will happen. Is like yellow pages will build these guys, these websites, and they'll look like this in this a right here. I mean, as you know, is just like it's crap, right? It's not very nice. And, you know, if I were to come here, I would automatically think that the quality of their website is the quality of their work . So that's the thing, right? With websites, you have to be able to give the perception that you are the larger than life business, right? And so if you're not able to do that to your website and somebody comes here and looks at this kind of website, they're going to automatically get the perception that your service isn't that good, right? So let's go over here. Take a look at another one here. Here is another example. Maduro's contracting again. This is just a really bad sight. It's something. It's super old, and it's like it's there's no flavor to it, right? It's just super simple. And it doesn't really position this particular company as a professional and, you know, high end type of contractor. You look at contractor services here. Okay, great. Yeah. I mean, this is a potential candidate, so definitely recommend you go to y p dot com here yellow pages. Who looked through these? Because these are gonna be the perfect candidates. And some of these folks here, as you see right there, that there's an ad right there. These guys are doing advertising, So you know they have budgets and you could sell, like, through the insights or even through, like the, you know, websites where you can get the themes and then have somebody from, like fibre do the actual installation and modification. You know, you could charge these guys $500 at the least, right? And, you know, a good amount. I would recommend, like, 1000 bucks for a website. And I'll take you, You know, two or three days, maybe the build toe, have your guys on fiber to set that up like a demo, do the, you know, website content and boom, you're ready to go. Right? So the other resource that I want to share with you is just really simply Google, right? So just coming in here and typing in painting company in Seattle, let's coming in here and see what these guys have. Okay. Great. It's even going here too. Well, let's go to the 25 best painters here on Home Advisor. See what these guys have. Affordable Painters LLC again. Some of these guys won't even have websites, so their potential prospects. So let's go over here. So there's a website here. No, there's not. Okay, that's even TV can pull these guys up on Google. Affordable custom painting. So it doesn't even look like these guys have a website here. Right? Affordable painters, loc. Yep. I don't even think these guys have a website. Let's see here, that's that's a different city. Where are these guys? Some of these folks you might not even be able to contact. Ah, here is a different company. This guy right here, their website isn't even working. So that's kind of the process there that you can go through to find really painting companies that are looking to get their websites or event because, you know, they may not be, you know, actually seeking and looking for a website builder. But when you can come to them and say, Hey, you know, here's these types of websites for painters. Hey, which one of these is going to would look the best for your particular business? They're going to come back and be like, Hey, I like this team over here. Okay, Great. Hey, we can build your fully, you know, fledged out websites just like this. We can put in your company information, you know, boom, It's gonna be $1000. You know, whatever. You're gonna be charging them. What I like to do is going to like the second page and third page and beyond, because those are the folks that are not ranking on Google. And typically they will be great candidates. So let's see here some of these. So this is not a bad website because it's in the saddle area. I still think it could use quite a bit of an upgrade. This black screen here. I don't like this. Just some user experience stuff here. Okay, let's go to the next one. Here. Painting is my passion. Yeah, this is a horrible sight here. Right? So this looks to me like if I were to come in here and I was a customer, right, that was looking for a saddle based painting company, I would look at this site and think that this is an amateur. This is just John Smith. Joe Smith out of his garage painting houses. But here's the thing. Even though he may just be a painter out of his garage and, you know, doing the business out of his garage. He may be extremely good at what he does. And people don't really need to know that because he needs to be able to present himself through his website that he's a top your company, right? That's how you can build that perception. So take a look at Google. Take a look at why p dot com There's also like Home Advisor all these different places, But those are the top two that I highly recommend it coming here. Look for websites that are underdeveloped that old 5 10 years, a few years and just look really bad, right? Because again, when we go over here, we go toe like, uh, let's say being forest okay and we type in painting. I mean, it's not even a competition here, really. It's not even a competition, because you look at some of these themes here. We look at this one right here, right, And you send this one to your prospect that has this website here. You contact them. I mean, you can contact them right here. What's the contact information? He has his email right there. You can even call him right and say, Hey, you know, I was just on your website and noticed that your website was built on X Y Z. Hey, you know, we actually specialize in Web design website design. You know, this is a kind of sight that we can build for you. Here's an example. And you consent in this link, right? I'm just kind of giving you some ideas, but how do you recommend you utilize the resources I'm recommending here? And that's gonna be for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks. 12. How To Find Clients On Facebook: a one here. And in this video we're gonna talk about how to get clients from Facebook group. So Facebook groups are probably one of the best ways for you to get clients that are going to allow you to not have to spend any money on advertising, right? Because for the most part, if you're wanting to utilize Facebook to its full potential, you're gonna want to run ads right to be able to attract clients. But this is for those that don't have any type of advertising, marketing budget and want to use freeways to get clients. So coming in here here is an example group that you can use for your particular city or area where it's the saddle business networking professionals. Now this is a free group here. You literally just have to join. And as you can see in here, there's people that are posting information about design. So corporate custom printing here, right? So this individual here is promoting his services. Here's another one here, Another post here. This is a CEO, career coach, career therapy, and so what? This is great forces coming in here and going into the different groups that are going to be in your specific area, and it doesn't necessarily need to be like the actual city. It could be like the actual maybe state or country. But it's really just about being able to come in here and promote your services, and people will reach out to, um, contact you. Here's another one here. This is small business, but it's really about coming into these different groups looking and finding which ones are going to make the most sense for you in your particular area. So let's even type in here, uh, business networking. This is not working professionals. So here's a group right here. Small business, not working. So I'm not gonna join this one here, but I z essentially a great opportunity for you to come in here and find people that are looking for web design. Right? And so remember, once you get somebody on for, you know, a particular website, you can easily up sell them additional services. But not only that, you know you can get referrals, right? Because one business owner can refer you to another business owner so forth and so on. So ah, highly recommend that you utilize the Facebook groups here come in here and just do a search for, like, small business, not working business. Networking groups, business, uh, entrepreneurship groups, all these different groups that you can come in there, join, and you can even make a post and say, Hey, you know, I'm just starting my business and I'm looking to get some testimonials. Hey, contact me if you're wanting to learn more, so that's going to be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. 13. Pricing and Packaging: Hey, one here and in this video, we're going to talk about the pricing and packaging for your website design basement. So whenever it comes to the pricing elements of your websites that you're developing for your clients, it's important to understand whether you're doing a custom built website or a template website where you just using like a theme and doing some minor customization. But in this next slide here, I'm going to show you two different sites, and one of them is a custom built site. And then one of them is a simple free template that you can get right at no cost and easily customize. So let's go right ahead and jump into this Now. One of these here, as I mentioned, is a custom built site that is between 5000 and 10,000 and then the other is that free template from Wickes. And so you're going to see just how much of a difference both of these websites are and really that in reality there really isn't much of a difference between these two. A lot of it has to do with perception and because perception is reality, right? If a website looks like it cost thousands of dollars. Right? Then people are going to think that you spent thousands of dollars, but it could have cost you, you know, $50 for the team. Ah, $150 for maybe a developer to do some minor custom is ations. And then you can sell it to your client for $1,502,000. Or, you know another website, which is custom build that may cost $5000. Right? It may take you, you know, months to be able to finish the project because you have all these different phases. You have the client's request. There's all of this back and forth. So that's why I recommend just working with templates. However, I'm gonna show you here both of these sites, and then you're going to be able to see Okay, which one of these is the actual $5000.1 in which one is the template? Okay, so this particular website here, get away That house. This is the custom built $5000 website. Okay? And this is anywhere between 5 to 10-K I don't know exactly how much this is, but I know it's between five k and 10-K Ok. And when you look at this site, I mean, there isn't anything spectacular. Amazing are just kind of like out of the box, right? It's a simple templates. Somebody could have created this template here and literally done some minor modifications and then, you know, charge this client 5 to 10 cane. You can do that, right? But the thing is, I would be up front with your client can tell him Hey, you know what? This is a temple. It's It is a theme here that we're customizing, but some other people out there may have a similar website. That's one of the things with the custom build websites is that you can tell your clients. Hey, listen, nobody's going toe. Have your website. This is completely unique. There's gonna be others out there that are similar, but nothing as's faras them having your type of theme or template. And so let me show you now the difference here with a free template through wicks. Okay, so here's the Wicks website. You can see this is a free template here, and it's super simple. This has a movie back here, right? A video on, then has a shop. Now. Button, there you have your social right here. You have a really cool section here for the products. You have different images here. A nice background. There you have the about us our story Contact this. So this website here, you can easily sell $1000. $2000 right? And it'll cost you maybe $200 to build up. But since this is like through wicks, it won't even cost you less because it's simply Dragon drop right. And you can hire somebody off of like up work or any of these other websites that I'm gonna provide you with where you can go and find out sources right to build you these websites for super inexpensive. So that's really the difference here, remember, is that when you're doing something custom and you're doing something that has like, a template or theme, the biggest difference is your client and their perception, right, because they can easily think that this website here cost thousands of dollars on and when in reality, it's just a simple template, right? Versus this website over here. I mean, they could simply think Oh, hey, you know somebody just got a template, got a team, right and just did minor custom is ations and was able to sell this for thousands of dollars, right? So I think of the day you want to be up front with your client, You want to let them know that you're going to be using the template and that you're going to customize it for them. And if they want something that is completely new, built from scratch, that is going to be, you know, several thousands, right, 5 to 10 cake. And I'm gonna walk you through kind of how you should price ah, custom made website versus a website theme templates that you're going to be using to just simply add a couple modifications and add some of your clients information to be able to sell them a ready done for you site. So when it comes to pricing and packaging, this is typically what I recommend that you do when you're either doing a template websites or you're doing a custom website and I have done both of these and like I mentioned, ah, highly recommend that you do just the actual templates in the very beginning. If you're a little bit more experience. You can do the custom built websites, but again they're going to cost more. It's going to take longer to close, and it's going to take longer to fulfill and then hence right longer for you to get paid. I'd rather get paid up front that have to wait for the project to be complete and wait on the client to make sure that they're providing me the right information. So up here, we can see on example of a client. Let's say pays you anywhere between $500 to $2500. This is a typical range. It could be higher typically or could be lower. I remember when I first started doing website design just to kind of get my first few clients. I was charging $300. So when you're just starting out, don't feel the need to charge high amounts. If you're not comfortable, I would try to do a minimum of $500 anything less in them where the doesn't make the most sense. So I would just say it kind of, you know, stay within that budget and you should do fine and then, after that once you collect the payments right now, after you deliver the website and if they want any additional custom is ations. Let's say that you're charging $40 an hour, right? Hey, listen, your website is complete. Now, if you want to do any modifications, any other adjustments, it's going to be $40 an hour for me to handle these. And I wouldn't charge less than one hour for whatever customization, even if it takes you 10 minutes five minutes because you're getting paid for your time, you know, to actually implement and execute, and they're actually paying for a result. So it may take you right 10 15 minutes. You're not gonna charge them for 10 15 minutes. You're going to charge them an hour minimum because that's what makes the most sense. You could also charge and monthly hosting and maintenance feet. I typically do not charge that. I have never charged that because I mean charging a monthly fee for, like, hosting I mean, I think it's a little bit overboard because hosting is like $5 a month. I mean, it's just super and expensive. And so the pricing and packaging for complete website from scratch. This is where you typically doing 50% up front and then 50% at the completion. And this is typically how the pricing breaks down. You have a set up fee. You have a design and building fee, which is, you know, the pretty much the entirety of your actual website design and build. Because that's for all your time. Energy and resource is going to be going if not you. You're obviously hiring somebody to handle this for you as far as a developer and a designer. And then you have the content creation, the training that you need to create to provide to your client so they know how to do the edits, the customs ations of modifications on their own and then the maintenance. So typically, this is about $4100. 41 50. If you want to go, you know, it's just uneven. Five grand. You could do that, but this is broken down because I know with custom websites there typically broken down and these types of phases or steps, but this is typically how you want to price your web design services, okay? And so that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks 14. Booking Software Walkthrough: All right, so let's go ahead and go over, Cal. Only here. This is a call booking software that is very important for your agency. If you're gonna be getting folks on a phone call and driving them through your sales funnel and your whole cells process, there is very important that you have a call scheduling software so that it's able to convey that professionalism that you're serious business, right? You're taking your business serious and that, you know, you want to avoid that back and forth of Hey, when is a good time for you when it's a good time for me here, you available at this time? It's just like a to make things easier for the both of us. You can go ahead and schedule a call on my calendar booking here, and we can get together when you actually earliest convenience rank. And another thing that you could do what this is allows you to add some questions in there to kind of pre qualify prospect. So let me just go over here and show you some of the options. This is free. Um, the only thing is that it's gonna have a limited amount of questions that you're gonna be able to have in there. But still, the free option is still a good option for you. So let's go to the different features here that have in the different packages so you can see most likely would be built annually. So Okay. All right. So the basic here, right, you get to integrate with your calendar. This is making sure that you have, like, your own G suite that integrates with your email, right? Schedule unlimited events, Okay. And so you're only allowed to have one type of event here, So move over this when I walked through the actual calendar there. So okay. And so you can have your personalized count only link. So, uh, just like this year, whenever you have a calendar set up and you're ready to go in, you may be sending within an email or through any type of prospecting to Facebook, lengthen or whatever. Maybe you're gonna have your own actual link here that you can send the prospects on. Then they'll be able to schedule a 15 20. Whatever. How many minutes you want to call to be? I typically like to do about 25 30 minutes and often times it will go over, or sometimes it will be less of it. You know, the prospect isn't a good fit and that so here, you can remove the county branding. If you have the paid this free version here, I mean, it's it's it's going to be the best thing for you if you're just starting out. So let me just look, I log in here and I'm gonna show you how this all looks. Okay, so let's get this done here. All right? So you have the ability to change these up. So let's go to the 30 many one here. Right. You have the different meetings that you can set up here, So let's go to at it. Okay? And you go the invite t questions. This is where you can add questions. So I'm here. You can put in, make it required. You can put in Let's say, what is your monthly advertising budget, and then you can have this be check marks so you could have 1000 to for 99 then that something like this a grew applying. Okay, we're going to add in the 99 plus Okay, so it's going to save, and so we can look at this very, very easily here. Soto view Live link, OK? Huh? Okay. I see what it was. So we need toe actually. Have this activated. So the scene of this looks OK? Great. So now people can come here and they could schedule a time. Okay, I'd say here. Okay. And then here you see the monthly advertising budget, right? So basically what this does is it allows you to really get an idea as faras what the prospect has as far as their advertising budget. Ask any other questions, Faras what are the problems you have are now with your business? Are you currently doing any type of online marketing? So it's really allowing me to get a good understanding of that business on were there at as far as your current situation. Okay, so, I mean, go over here, some of these other areas. So you get the questions here. You can add those in there. Okay, here's the notifications. Right. You can actually even personalize an email here because oftentimes the email it just says, Hey, your bookings confirmed. You can actually personalize this and put some other stuff in here like a but look at you gotta upgrade to do this. So we've never done this before as far as the personalization. So there's just some different perks from being able to actually have free account versus actual paid accountants $10 a month. Very inexpensive, but definitely not a necessity there. Okay, so let's go ahead and hide this up here. But one quick thing there, if you're just starting out right, use this type of set up. But the way that we like to run our business is that we like to have things where right after they book a call, we send them out in email. That is personalized. Says he thinks, really appreciate you taking the time, you know, to really book a call with us and to discussing of your business. This is how you know the call is going to go. This is what to expect. So we have those two Yunos in between that go out on the day of the booking and then the day of the actual call right eso whenever they both to get an email whenever actual call is , they get another email so, I mean, it's really important to do that. But again, if you're just starting on, may be your budget isn't isn't going to allow you to go with this free set up here and maybe send those personalize emails manually. OK, so ah, school of the confirmation page here. Okay, this is all for the premium. Let me go. And I want to show you hear some of the advanced areas, so let's go to so cancel here, okay? And I believe it's up here. Okay, 30 minutes. This is the link. Okay, here we go. So this means that people can both things out 60 days, you know, out. And I don't like that. What you want to do is you don't want to book people out true far out, because then people can forget. And it's just and I don't like to put this out more than, like, 11 days. You can put in the 15 but I like to do 11. Okay, So that means that people cannot book out past 11 days, okay? And I don't like to also have me be available all the time, so I'll come in here, and I will putting in like, see here. And you can add different intervals so you can put, like 9 to 5. Here. Let's go to Gerald eight to say this is 11. Okay, 11 a.m. Maybe you have 12. 30 to 3 p.m. And so you have different intervals there so that you can actually have different windows, right? That you're not able to have appointments. It actually allows you to look like your little bit busy. Right? And you're not just overly available. Um, so it adds a little bit of, ah, scarcity there. Urgency to Hey, you know what? I don't have very many slots open, but I am busy. Right? Okay, let's go to the advanced here. So this is where you want to change the increments. So I would say that you have increments of 60 minutes. Okay. Just give you a little bit of time. Prepare for the calls. I'm even throwing 25 30 minutes long. You're not going to have calls that are, like, right after each other as faras, Like, five minutes where maybe you need to take 15 minutes or so and prepare. Obviously, you want to look at the company's information companies business have a little bit of understanding of who they are, what they do and how you guys can potentially help them. You can Okay, use this setting to prevent Last minute. Okay. So basically, I would put 24 hours. This needs that nobody can book a call right away. It has to be at least 24 hour window. So then you go to save, okay? And so that's really it on, then you go. Let's go back over here. So now this is the only one here that's active. Meeting with the free one. You can only have one of these activated time. So basically, whenever somebody wants a book, a call, you send them to this link right here. Okay. Through this, this is doing. And so you could put this in your email. You can put this in your all your marketing material where you're sending people to schedule a call. This is where they need to go. And as soon as it book call here, they're going to get an email confirmation. Right? That says, Hey, you're calls booked and it automatically as to the calendar. So let me know if you have any questions on this, but this is how you're gonna set up the camera only booking software 15. How To Collect Payment : all right, so let's talk about accepting payments. Now. There's a model, different payment systems out there, a lot of different payment platforms, right that you can use. I like to use wave. Absolutely. That's works very, very well. It's very easy, and it's actually free. I've used QuickBooks where you can actually use that obviously, yes, accounting software, but also to send invoices, process credit card payments. There is pay funnels, there's stripe. There is also pay Pau one of the things to keep in mind when pay power had people for quite some time. But if you're just starting on a new PayPal account, they are more focused on the product type of business. So winds up happening is, if you're getting a lot of, ah, a lot of income lot of funds coming in the door in your accounts. Brand new, though, actually placed a hold on those funds. And so it's kind of a pain in the neck to deal with pay power when running an agency. So I just wanted you to be aware I would recommend way that's right out of the gate, so let's go ahead and get this set up here. That's a creative free account. It's gonna be some test here. So want ads? Says me. Okay. All right. And so this is where you would essentially put in the name of your business. Very, very simple. You just one of the show this to you here, for your own example. So let's say here, let's go to my bear marketing. Right? We do Advertising. Okay, lets go. Okay. Takes a second here to load up. Get paid for your work. Okay? And so now this is very, very simple. So now all you need to do is going in here and adding the logo. Um, whenever you get that set up right of my bear marketing, you'd adding a customer, and you would essentially either want to send them an inborn. So let's say we wanted to Let's go invoice 100. It's just set this up here. In the example are you went out of your local one here. Ah, you want to have your company in here? Let's say ABC streets are on 123 a. B. C. Street. And, um, let's say I have never land. Okay? And let's goes Obama phone, if you will to aids. Okay, where you put your website? It was mine there. Marketing and online. Okay. They okay, so that's right there. And we have our local in there, and then we put in our customer, so we want to put in. Uh, let's say, John, can it put Dentist one email. John. Dentist. This but John had Gmail own. Okay? And then it's on John. Go. Okay. Symbol. Right. And so we put in here Facebook marketing and then poor, like Facebook market is among one, and we would put $100 okay? And so then we would go to you can either do save and send as actual invoice or saving record payment. Now saving record payment. This allows you to actually process a credit card. And you would charge a credit card here and you would need the card number, right? All this information here and then you should be good to go. Then process. Okay? Or you could just simply send this as an invoice and let's go down here. So obviously you'd have your logo in here, and this is how this would look. And so you would send this send invoice one. It says me and then you put Hi, dawn. Here is your voice looking for to working with you. Okay. I want I want to send this to myself. Also is a copy has been preview. Awesome. And so this is how it would look. They would get an email and they would say, Here is your invoice and they could pay with your credit card here or pay with their bank. And then it has the company information here. Right? So very, very professional. That's how you would get paid so highly Recommend you use the wave aps here to collect payment, as I mentioned there, someone different payment systems out there. But stripe is probably the second best I would recommend. But as far as the top here, that this is free, right? It's going to be way that's there. Also, some features in here you can use for accounting as well. So let me know if you have any questions on this seeing on the next one 16. Project Management Tools: a one here. And in this video, I'm gonna show with you a couple project management tools that you can use for yourself so that you can properly keep tracking your projects. And so let's go right ahead and jump into this year. So this is the 1st 1 here. Asana. Now this is free to sign up, but there are some limitations. For example, if you want to add your client to a project, I believe there is a upgrade you need to do. But it's good for like, for your own self. If you want to keep tracking your projects, you want to keep track of your tasks. They integrate very nicely with your Google calendar and our calendar, whatever it is that you're using. So this is a very simple and easy platform. Here's for us. For project management. You can see here super easy to work with. Ah, highly recommend that you play around with this. They have the cam bon type of layouts, and also the list on DSO highly recommend you check this out. Here it is free, but if you do want to add the ability to give your clients access to a project that you're working on and have them communicate with. Yet through their project there it is going to be an upgrade. The other one here that is completely free. And you can actually adding your client to navigate and communicate within the project group. Here is the free cap. This is a very nice type of platform because it's free and also the layout is very nicely. You can see here there's a task list that you can use. There's a Kam bam boarding here. Their sub tasks right. And you can have your client in here asking questions. You can let them know. Hey, we're on face three of the project or hey, your project is set to come through and be completed on X date. So highly recommend that you utilize one of these. If I'm recommending one to you, that is going to be the best. If you're just starting out, you don't really have very much money to invest. Use free camp because they have a lot of different features here that are free on and you don't need to actually pay for it unless you want to upgrade and get more features. But those teachers are not really necessary for you to get started. So just wanted to create this quick video here to walk you through a couple project management system tools here. And once again, if you're just starting out, don't have any real money to invest highly recommend using free to camp here. So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks. 17. How To Deliver The Website: Hey, one here. And in this video, we're going to talk about delivering the website so you're completely done. You've designed the websites. Your client is happy with how it looks, how it feels, right, the user experience. It's essentially ready to go. It's ready to go as far as your client being able to take delivery. Okay. So how are we going to deliver the website so that they get all the information that is required. They know exactly how to utilize the website. And if they need to make any adjustments, modifications on their own, that they have that proper information. And then they also have the right information that if they want you to do any upgrades or modifications after they've taken delivery, that it's going to cost them a certain amount. So let's go ahead and jump into this here. So when you're delivering the websites and everything has been incomplete, you want to send an email to your clients with the website login portal URL. So hopefully you're doing like a website through WordPress. You want to send the WordPress login information that has typically their domain URL. So it could be, forward slash WP, forward slash admin. That's typically going to be the URL for WordPress. And you want to send them that login URL. You want to send them the username and password that was created once the WordPress was installed. And then you want to send them a video of the website. You want to create this through like a video recording software and you can use Loom. Loom is for free. You can get that just a Chrome browser add-on. You can record your screen. So I would walk them through the website like, hey, if you want to add this, you want to add an image, you want to add, change here, change this. This is what you're going to need to do and this is where you're going to need a dual at, right? So they have the instructions of how to do the website updates, modifications on their own. But then also you want to say, Hey, listen, I'm available to also make the changes and modifications for you. However, it's going to be a one-hour minimum. And my charge is going to be x, let's say $40 an hour, then you're not just continuing to have to update the website because it may be, hey, I want this change, I want that change. So every time they're coming to you to want to do a modification or an update, right? It's something major because it's not just like, Hey, I want you to change this font because it's not worth your time. You're doing this so that you're being fair with your clients and you're letting them know, Hey, you know what? Here's this information for you to be able to do the updates and modifications on your own. But if you want to hire me, this is what it's going to be required. So that's it for this video here. I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of what you need to do once you're done with the website and how you want to proceed to deliver it. And then if they want any other changes done after the fact, Hey, this is how it's going to be, this is how it's going to work out. Okay? So that's gonna be here for this video and we'll see you on the next one. Thanks.