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How To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

teacher avatar Juan E. Galvan, Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      SMMA Course Introduction


    • 2.

      The Social Media Marketing Agency Business Model


    • 3.

      Legitimize Your Business


    • 4.

      Sales Funnels + Value Ladders Explained


    • 5.

      Facebook Ads Funnel Formula


    • 6.

      Google Ads Funnel Formula


    • 7.

      SEO Sales Funnel Formula


    • 8.

      Reputation Marketing Sales Funnel


    • 9.

      Prospecting Sales Funnel


    • 10.

      Best Places to Find Businesses


    • 11.

      Best Ways To Contact Business Owners


    • 12.

      How To Audit Local Businesses Websites


    • 13.

      Do You Have To Meet Clients?


    • 14.

      You Signed a Client… Now What?


    • 15.

      The Magic Sales Formula


    • 16.

      Nailing The Consultation Call


    • 17.

      Outsourcing Your Marketing Services


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About This Class

The How To Start a Social Media Marketing Agency course is an online program for anyone wanting to start a social media marketing agency and learn the latest social media marketing skills and techniques. In this course, you'll learn how social media advertising and sales funnels work on Facebook, Instagram Google, and SEO. You'll learn about sales and lead generation and how to perform website audits.

This course is for all individuals interested in learning about social media marketing whether you already have some experience or are completely new to social media marketing because you'll still learn something new. 

Social media marketing is a great way for businesses to reach a wide audience and this course will provide you with all the information you need to create your own social media marketing agency and help businesses with their social media. 

What You Will Learn Inside This Course:

  1. How sales funnels work
  2. Facebook ads sales funnel
  3. Google ads sales funnel
  4. How value ladders work
  5. Best places to find business owners
  6. How to conduct effective consultation calls
  7. How to outsource all the work

Get insider tips including website audits, audits for social media opportunities, and more.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Juan E. Galvan

Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer


Hi I'm Juan. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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1. SMMA Course Introduction: Welcome to the How to start a social media marketing agency. In this course, you're going to learn the basic fundamentals of starting a social media marketing agency from scratch. Whether you already have some previous marketing experience or you're brand new to the space, you're going to learn the latest social media marketing skills, techniques and strategies for starting your own social media marketing business. So let's go ahead and jump into the lessons for this course. Section one is going to cover starting your social media marketing agency. This is where recovering how to legitimize your business, the different factors involved with starting your social media marketing agency, a lot of the basic fundamentals. And then in section two, we're going to cover sales funnel mastery. I'm going to walk you through what exactly is a sales funnel, how the value ladders work. And then we're going to walk through some different types of funnels from different platforms on Facebook, Google, SEO. And then section three, we're going to cover how to find clients. We're going to go over the prospecting sales funnel, the best places to find various business owners, how to conduct an audit for local businesses. And then whether or not you need to meet clients. And then you're going to learn what exactly to do after you sign a client, what exactly to send them, how to communicate with them. You're going to get access to a marketing contract templates. And then in section four, we're going to go over sales mastering how you can conduct these consultation calls. And then in section five, we're going to go over outsourcing your marketing services. So I'm excited for you to get started and look forward to seeing you on the inside. 2. The Social Media Marketing Agency Business Model: Hey, guys. One here, in this video, I'm gonna walk you through step by step, how you can start your own social media marketing slash digital marketing agency in 2019 and beyond. So one of the first things that I want to talk about is a lot of different information that is being passed around. That isn't necessarily true. Or there's a lot of missing gaps. A lot of missing information that is out there. And what I want to do is I want to walk you through how you can get started right away with little to no money. Okay, So one of the first things that I want to go over here is really What is digital marketing or s M m A. So digital marketing in a nut show, as you can see here, encompasses all forms of marketing. So when people talk about social media marketing are starting a social media marketing agency that's really more of a subset of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the umbrella, and then you have various services with in that. So think about S e o social media marketing, right? Those are all specific types of services, right? actual agency services that you can provide Social media essentially were involved around using those types of platforms instagram, Facebook, Twitter. So in reality, what should really doing it? Starting a digital marketing agency? Because more often than not, you're going to be providing several different types of services. Now the term sm amaze a term that was essentially coined by Thai Lopez, where he created a course talking about how people could start social media marketing agencies right by helping businesses essentially posts on their profiles. Right, Facebook, instagram, Twitter and get more customers. But the problem with that is that a lefty with a lot more questions than actual answers. The reason behind this is that when people are telling you or when Thai saying, Hey, go and post on different businesses profiles that rarely translates into sales right into leads and sales and what businesses are actually after nowadays and really just in general , right there after leads that can turn into sales opportunities because that is what's going to drive growth, which going to drive revenue and people don't really care very much so about branding the businesses that really are into the branding elements and posting on social media and staying up to date are the big businesses that have money to burn. Those of the businesses that have a ton of revenue that have a ton of marketing budget to throw out just a branding elements. But most businesses that are really looking to grow and get to that next level really all care about just leads that are actual real opportunities that they can turn into sales. So how do you make money with this model? How do you make money by starting a social media marketing and digital marketing agency? Well, essentially, what we do is we help businesses generate leads using digital marketing. You could help businesses generate leads through Facebook using S E O using Twitter Instagram. There's a lot of different platforms, and you can utilize to bring your clients customers right. So essentially what we do is we helped him generate leads, and we don't help them post on their profiles. Now we can do that and add that as an extra service, but it's not necessarily going to translate into leads and sales. Like I mentioned, right? Yes, it's important for businesses to stay up to date and to keep the profiles fresh. But it's very, very low cost right, maybe a couple $100 several $100 a month to manage that. But if you want to get into the $1000 a month plus management fee, you want to be focused on bringing your client lied. Some guy. Now, one of the great things that I love about starting a social media or digital marketing agency is the ability to get clients really within 24 hours, right, very, very quickly. The next day, you can go out in prospect and get a new clients as paying you upwards of 1000 and $5000 per month to bring them more leads, Right? There's a very specific process they need to go through and go about to be able to do this . But once you have the ability to reach out to a prospect, tell them as far as what you could do for them, how you can get them more leads and sales, right? It's very simple, very quick turnaround where they can get you $6000 a month in monthly management fees to bring them more leads in sales So why do businesses need you? This is such a huge opportunity right now in the marketplace, because businesses for the longest time have been getting taken advantage of by a lot of other kind of lead providers or even platform. So if we look at companies such as Yelp, such as stump tack y p dot com group on Ah, lot of these big boys are taking advantage of these businesses because ah, lot of these businesses don't know any better, and they're not doing a good job of keeping track of their return on investment. So I remember when I was first starting out, I was calling businesses that were advertising on Y p dot com or even Yelp. And I would ask him, Hey, I'm calling about your y p dot com advertising campaign. I wanted to see how that's been working out for you. And if you felt it was money well spent, I had so many businesses talking to me and telling me, Hey, you know, well, we don't really know. I'm having really been getting any results and businesses were just not content with their situation. But y p dot com would have locked people in for 6 to 12 months for $500.1000 dollars. Place to be able to get them to supposedly right, get more exposure on my p dot com. But here's the problem. Nobody is going toe y p dot com going to yelp for the most part, right to search for services, right to search for different things. They're going to Google, right? They're going to Google to search for a dentist, a cadre Pachter, a yoga studio would ever type of business that they're looking for right. Their first bet is going to be on Google. And so, ah, lot of these platforms are taken advantage of these businesses. Now you have companies like Home Advisor that provides leads for businesses, right? So they're essentially your competition, but not really. And let me tell you why. So Home Advisor provides the leads to businesses. Let's say there's about four or five different roofing companies, and they're all looking to get leads. So Home Advisor, what they'll do is they'll get one lead and they'll send it out to 45 different Brooking companies. And so now there's no real value that these companies can provide except lowering the price . There's a price war. And so that devalues the roofing company services. Right? And so now it's the lowest price winds. Okay, Now you what you do is you provide fresh exclusive leads for these businesses. You're not sending these leads out to other people to other contractors, right? You're focusing in on one specific business. You're helping them get exposure. You're bringing them leads. And you're not having to provide these leads with other businesses because you would be doing your business and the service, right. You want to make sure that these leads are exclusive, which they are. If you're generating leads through Facebook, right, if you're generating leads to like, AdWords, these leads are exclusive, and they're only going to that business. So knowledge can be more of, ah, value based sale versus a price based sale where there's no opportunity for that business to make real money. Okay, now, another platform that I want to talk about his group are now. Groupon actually charges people 50% of this sale every time there's a sale made through group on. Now, the problem with this is that group on gets a lot of people that are looking for pricing for bargains right there. Bargain hunters. And it brings low quality prospects to these businesses. And a lot of times these people are just looking for that deal here that do over there. And they're not looking to building the kind of long term relationship. So other than the fact of taking 50% of that sale right and attracting pure bargain hunters , there's really they're really doing businesses at this service. Okay, so what we are able to do, then with Facebook ads is really help these businesses by this reupped of marketing. And I let me tell you a little bit about disruptive marketing and how this is such a great opportunity for businesses. So what we're able to do is run ads through Facebook through typically the businesses fan page, right, the business page and were able to disrupt. Audiences were able to disrupt people on their newsfeed and get them emotionally involved, so the price factor is removed right? Whenever you have a specific offer, where you are touching on pain points, you're getting people emotionally invested in your servicing. You're offering your brand. That price factor now gets eliminated so your client is, it wouldn't make more money and is able to do a value based type of transaction rather than just a price focus where they're just looking for the lowest price, Right? So another reason why this really is such a great model for these businesses, that it costs a business less to hire you as a contractor, right? As a agency owner versus actually going out by hiring somebody and bringing them in house, because then they have to pay insurance. They have to play Medicare. They have all these other costs that they have to take on when they're bringing somebody in house. So it's very beneficial for these businesses to bring you on as a contractor, as an agency owner to help them generate more leads. So what services can you offer as an agency owner? So there's Facebook as management. This is where your helping businesses generate leads and sales through Facebook advertisements, right? You're managing ads. You're creating different types of offers. Irresistible offers with lead magnets were your capturing information. You're capturing name, email and phone number for the most part, and then you're sending these off two year clients or having them schedule an appointment for a particular service. Okay, so this is disruptive marketing. This is one of the best types of marketing out there because you're able to really like I mentioned, get people emotionally involved into the actual process instead of having all big some price. Now you can get paid easily $1000 plus for these types of services, and this is a monthly management fee. Timid people we do is well signed. A three month agreement were wool charge anywhere between $1500.25 $3000 a month to manage their ads and take generate leads for them. So this is a great opportunity for you to be able to come in and offer these businesses an opportunity to get leads within 24 to 48 hours. Facebook advertising is one of the quickest way to really grow and scale of business. So messenger bots. Here's another service. Now this really ties into the Facebook advertisement. It's kind of a subset against. You could call it a Facebook guide. So really what this is It's a particular baht that connects to a Facebook business page and helps businesses generate more leads and sales through that specific pot. So you're able to charge kinds typically for the bark creation anywhere between $500 to thousands of dollars for a specific baht, depending on the complexity and how in depth and how many sequences you wanna have that. But bots are great for businesses that work with consumers. Any type of home or consumer service business consumer product, right? You talk about e commerce is a great opportunity for that. So what the's are able to do is they're really able to automate a lot of the engagement, a lot of the interaction with these prospects, so that they can either make a purchase through the bots or even take a specific action scheduled appointment. And there's so many great things you can do with chatbots. They just barely came on, I believe, in 2017 so very, very early in its life cycle. So that type of marketing is disrupted marketing as well, because we can create ads that go directly to a messenger bots and essentially do all the communication interaction with that particular prospect that lead and get them to either buy a product or sign up for some sort of appointment. Okay, Now, the other way that we can use the baht is through the website and I have C r o there, which is which is conversion rate optimization now on the website. What you could do is have a little side widget there where the box pops up and you can actually have people that land on the website interact with the body, ask questions, direct people to take different actions. And then once people actually get connected with and talk to that specific bonds, those people are automatically subscribe to that bond. So now that business has the ability to contact those individuals right and be want to get up to 90% open rates on all their different promotional material, then we have Google PPC management. So this is essentially Google AdWords. So when you type into Google, that's a dentist in Seattle or whatever kind of service in whatever city you're going to see, typically 3 to 5 different listings at the very top that all say add and they're all having ah specific call to action with a little bit of description there. Now, those are the AdWords. Now, with this particular service. You're able to help businesses generate leads and sales by by creating ads and managing those campaigns. So but the difference here is you don't have any type of Ad Creek. Eight IBS is really no images, is really just copy. There's words right. That's why it's called had words. Now you can also get paid 1 to $5000 even more for running these at our campaigns because they work tremendously well. Now this is search based marking. This is different than the messenger bots than the Facebook ads. Because, remember with Facebook, ads were disrupting people. People are on their newsfeed. They're trying to talk to their friends. They're looking to find out how their personal connections are doing how their friends or family or doing They're not looking to buying things. So that's what we're trying to do with Facebook ads. Disrupt them in whatever it is that they're doing now with PPC with AdWords. This is search based marking where people are actually looking for this specific service. This product right? People are looking for a dentist in a specific CD. People are looking for a plumber and a specific city. People may have some sort of emergency. Let's say, for example, that plumber is going to be a good fit for, like, PPC or outwards, right? Because let's say you have a plumbing emergency. You're not going to wait for an ad to get shown to you. You have a problem right now. It's an emergency. You're going to call whoever it is that you can find that's available. Really right. That's one of the great ways that you're able to leverage and really help businesses generate a lot of leads through AdWords is because people are already searching for this product of service. Now it's up to you to be able to write a compelling enough add right through the AdWords that gets them to click and take action, right? So then we have S CEO. Now issue is one of my favorite. This is one of the first services that I started out selling several years ago when I first started my digital marketing journey. Now S CEO helps businesses increase website rankings on Google four specific keywords. So let's say you were the typing dentists in Seattle, and so typically you have, like yelp or y p dot com or even some of these industry specific type of sites that will pull up now today that you'll have about 4 to 5 organic actual business listings on the first page. Now those businesses that are on the first page are getting a ton of traffic. They're getting a ton of new opportunities because think about this from a consumer's perspective. Okay, so let's say you are looking for a dentist in Seattle, right? So you're going to Google. You're looking to find the best interest you confined, so there's gonna be a lot of different things that you do. But one of the first things you're gonna do it. You're gonna go to Google and typing dentist Seattle, right? And so you're gonna see. Okay, who's popping up? You're gonna make you look at the first few different searches, but automatically, what you're doing is you're looking at businesses that Google says, Hey, these businesses are the ones that we recommend that you check out because if you go to the second page on Google 3rd 4th 5th you're going to find dentists, right that are all in Seattle. There on third, the fourth of fit page that are never going to get any type of traffic wine because Google doesn't deem them to be credible enough, authoritative enough to be able to land on that first page and to promote right essentially promote on that particular business right? Because that's how Google is able to be the biggest search engine. They provide people with the best possible listings for those specific keywords that they find that are the most authoritative. And so your job when providing essential services, is to help these businesses get on the first page of Google so that they can get found by people that are searching for their business right there. Service. Now, this is a little bit more of a long term kind of strategy because it does take several months. Tickle campaigns can be anywhere between three 69 months, depending on level of competition. But after that business is on the first page, right? They have that longevity. They have the ability to now start generating free organic traffic and have Google essentially promote them on the first page. For those particular keywords so very, very lucrative and very, very valuable for the businesses and you can get paid anywhere between 1000 to several 1,005,000 plus a month for running an s E o campaign. Because once you get them to the top spot on the first page, they're going to continue getting that organic traffic for years to come. Very, very great service to provide clients. Now, what I do now is I sell s you on the back and this is something there. I provide businesses after the have gone some leads, some sales, and they've grown their business through Facebook ads I didn't recommend. Hey, listen, we haven't seen great success with Facebook guys. You've had quite a bit of leads coming, invited, but its sales. Why don't we look at Seo so that we can build up another asset for you? And you can start generating that organic Google traffic also coming into your business, right? So then we have reputation management. Now, this is more of an add on service, but it's so huge for local businesses or really any type of service business. So what this does is it helps businesses generate positive reviews and eliminates negative review so you can get paid anywhere between ah, couple $100 a month to $500 a month and even more just to manage businesses reviews and to help them get more positive reviews. And this is more brand marketing, because if you think about it, ah, lot of different consumers, right? People that are looking for, let's say, like an H back company or dentist. One of the first things we're gonna do is we're gonna look on Google and they're gonna look at the reviews. They're going to check them out, see what other people are saying, and so reviews are very, very important to service businesses. 3. Legitimize Your Business: All right, So in this video, I wanna walk through actually legitimizing your business, right? Starting and actually registering your business with the states, right? And depending on where you live, in what state are gonna be some differences As faras rose and guidelines I know in California, I think it's about $800 or something like that per year that you need to spend to register your company and have it actually active. So every year you need to pay and an activation for your agency war for your business to become and maintain that that active status some kind. And so here you can see the different type of entity types you can be right now, while you are just fun cheating off of your own personal type of business without registering it as actual corporation running as a sole proprietor. Okay. And what that means is that all of your income is taxed, just like if you were working at a job. So let's say you made ah $100,000 so you would be taxed. I think 20 and 30% in painting on where you live. On that income, you can we like toe have s corporations you have, LoC is you have C corporations. The reason why we like s corporations because there's the most amount of tax benefits within that. And I'm not an attorney. Amount of a new accountant. So I can't recommend to you one or the other or give you any kind of advice I'm going to recommend to you which ones I think are the best. But I can't give you any type of legal advice. I just want to make sure that that's out there. But for us, we use s corporation for tax benefits. And when you can do has actually go through here. And, you know, look at all the different types. You all, uh, also gonna need a i n tax number. This is kind of like your social security number, but it's for your business. And it's what allows the government to really see it all the activity as far as the funds, how much you're making right, and then have to pay taxes on that. So, depending on what package you choose in here, they will set all this up for you. I think it's like 3 to $500 depending on what you want to get within the packages, but they will include all this. Register your articles of incorporation. Your, uh Let's go up here so they'll do your annual report. Do your amendments, you know? Now the other thing is Okay, let's go down here. Let's look at the differences between all of these. And I recommend that you check this out here and actually look at you know what is an escort? And what is the difference between An S Corp? See Corbyn loc, Do you want to get a fundamental understanding of this? One of the things that I also recommend is you calling your local accountant local attorney . Because a lot of times these guys will give you a free consultation call, and you just want to kind of say, Hey, I'm actually looking to start a business, and this is what I'm looking to accomplish. You know, this is what I want to do, you know? What do you recommend, right? Just something simple like that. But for the most part, just of starting an agency, right? Here's the tax advantages for each one. The drawbacks, right? Pros and cons for what we're trying to accomplish here. We're running in that score, and that's gives us the best amounts of tax benefits. Right. Um, though one of the drawbacks is is that we have to maintain our records and everything, like an actual corporation. So there's pros and Collins, you know, LLC. There isn't that much paperwork that needs to be involved in annual basis. You still get that protection as faras the viability protection where somebody wants to come after you or come after your business, they're not gonna be able to take over your personal assets. So if you have cars, houses, um, you know, stuff that you bought with your company but is but is yours, right? Personally, they cannot go after that. If they want to sue you for whatever reason, they can only go after the assets of the company. Okay? And so that's where the limited liability and why these these guys are pretty popular. LoC is. But for the most amount of tax benefit, Escort definitely is the best for that. And so I spent some time going through here. Look at all the different types of businesses here. They have alerting ah, learning center. So when you're ready to get this set up. Definitely recommend you come in here and get to set up here. Now, this is for something or something that I like to tell people with. Hey, listen, if you're just starting now and you have a little bit of startup funds use that on getting clients marketing, marketing, material, tools, right to get folks in the door. Once you've actually got a client on board a couple clients, few clients use those funds to pay for this. Okay, toe, actually legitimize your business in your company because you don't want to spend that that started money on this from the get go, because you're wasting your money basically right, because you want to be able to get clients in the door first. That's what the most important here is. Growth right, giving clients and door. You can have a company set up, spend $500 then there's $500 at the door because you still got to spend money on marketing on giving clients in the door. So spend it your all the money you have, they're trying. It is much quiet outreach as possible. Get a few clients and door. Use those funds from most clients to go, then register the company. Okay, that's the best way that I recommend you go about it. This is not essential right out of the gate. But it's here for when you're at that stage and when you're ready to get this start. Okay, Let me know if you have any questions. 4. Sales Funnels + Value Ladders Explained: So now let's take a look at what exactly is a sales funnel? So this is going to be one of the most important things that you understand when it comes to online marketing, because this is the ability to bring somebody in that's never, ever heard of your product or service from a complete stranger, right to become aware, become interested of your product or service and then become a pain customer. So, as you can see here, we have a magnet there that is attracting people to a specific offer where we're creating awareness through some sort of lead magnet, some sort of discount offer. And we're getting them to become interested in our product in our service and getting them to make a decision and then getting them to take action right on that specific offer. And so it's really important that you understand this because this is gonna be very important for you as an agency owner, as a business owner, but also for your clients when you're running ads for them when you're getting them. More customers, more clients, right. You have to understand what it is that you're trying to do, right? You're trying to get people that have never seen or maybe heard of the product and get them to become aware, become interested, make a decision and then become an actual pain customer. So let's take a look at the value ladder now. This, in a sense, is a sales funnel. And as you can see here at the very beginning of the value ladder, we have teeth cleaning. We have teeth whitening. Now these air very low ticket offers these air offers that we can get people to take advantage of, bring them into the facility, have a great experience with the dentist and then have that dentist be ableto up, sell them to additional treatments, maybe for some type of implant right, which is worth several thousands of dollars. But the key here is to get somebody in at a very low cost and then be able to up sell them to make more money on the back and right. So now let's take a look at the Facebook at formula 5. Facebook Ads Funnel Formula: Now, this is a three step funnel that you're going to be using for the majority of local businesses. So we have the ad, we have the landing page, we have the thank you page. Now, whenever you're writing your ad copy, you want to follow this formula over here to the left in its ADA, it's the same type of formula that we use for the sales funnel. But this is more towards copy, so attention. So when we're writing our ad copy, want to grab somebody's attention, we want to call them out by city Hey, City. Or maybe let's say we're running an ad for a chiropractor and we want to go after athletes . So hey, athletes, Okay? So grab their attention by calling out their pain points or challenges that may have, right? And so then we have the interest described the benefits. What is the benefit of your product or service that is going to give that particular individual and then the desire so provide a reason to take action. So give them an ideal outcome that they would be achieving by getting your product or getting your you know, whatever service that you're providing don't we have the final call to action? So this is where we have click your download now. And for most local businesses, you're going to be doing some sort of irresistible offer where you're getting them to come in on a very low rate, and this is where we want to have them click here typically because they're going to be going to the next step in the funnel. So this is a sample here as far as a Facebook ads discount offer. And as I mentioned, we want to be calling out that specific audience. Now let's take a look at this ad. Here we have attention shadow athletes. So we're getting very specific, and we're calling out these specific individuals that are athletes in the Seattle area. Are you doing with neck and back pain? Neck and back pain could make it impossible to perform at your best. I'm Dr Smith, and for a limited time, I'm giving away 25 discount vouchers for consultation exam. An adjustment toe acted toward dealing with neck and back pain. So as I mentioned right, we're getting people interested. We're providing that desire. We're providing an ideal outcome. Help them alleviate that pain and then for a very low cost. And then we're that even know there's only 25 vouchers available, so get one now. By clicking here, you have to make sure that you're always providing a call to action because people in general are very lazy electric procrastinate. And if you don't tell them exactly where to go, what to do, what to click? Then you're going to be losing out on a ton of lead. So after they click on learn More, they're going to the landing page, and this is where we're reiterating the offer. But we're getting them to give us their name, email and phone number. And then this information gets sent automatically to your client via a automation software , Okay, and then we have the thank you page. Now this is the final page that they're going to see, and you can either have an option toe, have them call into the office, the schedule an appointment, or you can have them schedule unemployment through some sort of third party software. Counting Lee you. Can you schedule one, Or maybe if your particular client's already has a scheduling software that you can embed on the thank you page. And what we found is that having a scheduling page there or some sort of software is better for your clients because there's no back and forth, you know, chasing. We had a dentist recently that we were providing them a bunch of implant leads, and they were just there having to follow up with these guys. Ah, lot in a lot of these folks would drop off. But once we started to implement a booking software on the thank you page, people started to actually schedule appointments and actually coming Right now, let's take a look at a Facebook messenger. Add Now, this is very, very similar to a Facebook at, but we only have two steps. So we have the particular ad that we want people to see. And then once they click on, send a messenger or click the messenger, they're going to go to a messenger bots and depending on their responses through the questions through the messenger. But they're going to be going through a series of sequences based on what we want them to do right now. This is very interactive for the leads because it guides them down a Siris of sequences that allows them to have a desired outcome, right. So if they want to schedule an appointment, they want to learn more, right. They can make a purchase. So this is just an automated way to be able to get somebody to take an action on what it is that you want to accomplish, right? So this is definitely something that's going to be blowing up quite a bit on this is brand new technology now. One of the great things about having a messenger bots is that once they interact with that bond, you're able to continue to market time and get upto 90% open rates on all your messages. So it's definitely something that's going to be blowing up. I believe you're in the next few years, but it's very early in its life cycle and definitely going to be continuing to grow. So ah, highly recommend using bots. They work extremely well. I would test out using bots versus a particular ad and see what's gonna work better for you . But they're both very, very good. As far as sales funnels 6. Google Ads Funnel Formula: Okay, so now let's talk about Google PBC. Add formula now. As you can see here, it's very similar to the messenger. Bought adds to the Facebook ads. The only difference years, and we only have words that plate with. We don't have any images. We don't have any videos. So it's going to be reliance upon us being able to create ad copy that's going to entice people to take in action. But this is different, right? This is search based marketing. People are actively searching for this product for the service. And so it's difference right where we have the Facebook ads, the Facebook Messenger bots. That's disruptive marketing. We are disrupting people throughout their day and on their newsfeed and getting them to take an action. We're here. People are already looking for this, and it's up to you to entice them to take an action. Let's take a look at what an example advert looked like here so we can see here that the difference here is no images, no video on no type of creative. It's very simple with words, right? We're getting people to take an action right away, so here we have an emergency offer for a C repair. So people are in dire need. It's an emergency. They need help right away. And oftentimes you're just gonna pick up the phone and call or Google something and just click on whoever they see first. Right? So very, very quick to take action. And it doesn't really matter as far is who's at the top. Who is number one? I need this. I need this zone right here, right now. So what this hyper on were calling out people that need emergency A C repair and then we're getting them to click on the add and go to this landing page where we're collecting their information, and then we're having somebody contact them immediately, or when they land on the thank you page, they can call in right away. So this is 24 7 So pretty much at any given time of the day, right of the night, no matter what, they're going to be able to get somebody to come out and help them, because if you're in one of the Southern States, if you're in California, Florida, right where you have a lot of humidity, there's a lot of heat If your A C goes down, you know it doesn't really matter what the cost is. You're going to need that taking care of as soon as possible. 7. SEO Sales Funnel Formula: Alright, so now let's talk about SEO. Now one of the great things about SEO is that you're getting Google to promote you organically, right? Once you run an SEO campaign and you get somebody to the first page of Google for their most profitable keywords. Google is going to continue to promote them for free and continue to get free traffic without having to spend any additional money on advertising. Now, SEO consists of on-page and off-page factors. In your objective is to push up clients websites for transactional type of keywords. So on page you have page title, the Meta description. No meta-description is that little snippet of text that is under each particular organic listing within Google. And then you have your H1, which is the heading. And then you have keywords that you must have within your content as well. And then off-page is backlink. Now I don't want to get too deep into this. Seo can get very complex, but I wanted to just give you an overview here of how it works and how you can sell this to your client. So let's take a look at an example here of a law firm SEO funnel. This is essentially where we have different stages of the buyer's journey. So just like we have any particular sales funnel where people are becoming aware, people are interested, and then people are making a decision. There's different funnels, right? In different sales cycles that people use in different types of niches and industry. And this one here, for an attorney, a lawyer, people are going to be searching different terms. So let's look at the informational keywords here. These are people that are really just researching. They're doing their due diligence. They're not ready to buy it, but they're very interested in learning more. So here's some example. Texts are searches that people would do here. So do I need a lawyer for my car accident? Maybe somebody just had a car accident recently and they're looking to find information about if they should hire an attorney, if it makes sense, all the different pros and cons of having one. So they're just looking to find information. And then we have the navigational keywords. So these are keywords such as typing in maybe your brand or maybe typing in your brand and then reviews. Maybe they, they know about you and they're doing a little bit of research on your brand, then we have the highest profitable keywords here, which is the transactional keywords. So these are for people that already know what they want. They know they have a problem and they're looking for a solution. Here's some example, searches that they would be looking for. Best DUI Lawyer near mean car accident lawyer in Houston. So this person knows that they need an attorney already because they've done their research. They may be researched a couple of companies, but they're looking to see what Google's going to recommend to them, okay. 8. Reputation Marketing Sales Funnel: Now let's take a look at reputation management. Now this is one of my most favorite services here because this helps out businesses tremendously in the local business space. Basically what happens is, let's say for a dentist, somebody would come in for a particular service right after that service is complete, that particular office would send an email in a text to that patient and say, Hey, I really appreciate you coming in. We wanted to make sure that you're getting a good experience and we want to make sure that we get your feedback on how we can improve things, essentially getting people to leave a review. So once they click on that link, they're going to be taken to a place to say, Hey, I had a positive experience or no, I had a negative experience. Now they're going to leave a positive review. They get taken to the Google review page where they can leave a review and it gets posted online. Now, they had a bad experience and they want to leave a negative review. They can take them to another page and then that review only gets shown to your client. And so it never gets posted online. And so this is how you can eliminate negative reviews and help your client get more positive reviews because the negative reviews only gets shown to your client and their staff so they can improve upon whatever it is that that particular customer had a problem with. So this really helps your client get more positive reviews and eliminate the negative reviews so that they only get shown to your clients. 9. Prospecting Sales Funnel: Let's take a look at the prospecting sales funnel. So this is something that you're going to be implementing to be able to get in front of your target prospects and get them to become pain client. There's four phases here. Now, the first phase is the research. So this is where we're looking for prospects that deemed to be good candidates. This can be dentist, home remodeling companies, real estate agents, Jim's, common consumer service businesses for the most part in the local area. We have phase two, which is the prospecting. This is where we're using some sort of CRM. This is customer relation management software to make sure that we're keeping track of these prospects, of these leads so they're not falling through the cracks. You can use unsightly HubSpot. Those are free CRM tools where you can put in all your lead information. So make sure you're keeping track of every single lead and where they're at in the stage. Because most leaves are going to require several touches. You may send out three to four emails to one business before they even respond to you. So it's important to understand and really know where that particular leaders in your sales cycle in your sales funnel. So your goal is to get them on a consultation slash discovery call. And I recommend using a booking software such as commonly because it's free. Then we have phase three, which is the consultation. So your goal on the consultation call is to find out about their business, understand their current situation, and find out if you can help them solve a particular problem that they have and get a desired outcome. And so after you've determined that you can help this business, you want to close them on a monthly service package. And closing is as simple as asking for the sale. It's not complicated. One of the simple closes that I like to use is, hey John, is there anything else you need to know before we get started? Right. We're assuming the close, we're letting people know, hey, let's move forward. So in all of your prospecting methods, this is the four-step process here, the four phase process that you're always going to follow, right? So it's the research, the prospecting, the consultation call, and then the clothes. 10. Best Places to Find Businesses: So where do you find these businesses? I've put together some resources here for you. You can see here on the left-hand side, y is one of the first ones that I recommend. Wiping out common such a great area to go and look for prospects because there's people actually still doing advertising on the platform. And these folks are really getting no return on investment. And oftentimes, a lot of these businesses are a little bit more old school, so there's a lot of opportunity for you to come in and actually help these businesses are getting more traction and get more leads than we have Google, right? This is as simple as going into Google search and typing in a dentist in Seattle, roofing or roofers in Seattle, home advisers. Another great resource as well. And you can go on there and find really a lot of different sub niches of home services. So drywall companies, painting companies, and be able to go in there and find a bunch of leads. And we have has been around for awhile. It's a little bit more old school, but they do have a lot of different businesses on there as well, kinda like y So definitely another resource you can check out. A liable is a really good resource and it's almost untapped. It's just like LinkedIn, but it's for local businesses. And so I definitely recommend you check that out. It's going to be a great resource for you for trying to connect with businesses and actually have conversations with them. So then we have D7 lead Finder. This is a paid service where you can essentially just type in a city and a particular service like dentists in Seattle. And you can actually pull up leads with their name, the business name, the website, the email, the phone number, and have all that contact information there. But it is a paid service. Then we have and this is one of the most popular ones here. Yup, does actually charge businesses to promote on the platform. But you have to think about this with like and Nobody's going to these platforms to search for businesses, for services, going to Google. So a lot of these businesses are getting taken advantage of, and that's where you can come in and help these businesses out. And we have forums. This is as simple as going on Google and typing in a dentist forums, roofing forums, right? And being able to go in there and be able to interact with people, have conversations, and people get those into an actual viable leaks. Now, industry websites and association websites are also another resource. You can just simply Google roofing association, dentist association, and find these big sites that have a ton of these different dentist, these roofing companies all within one place and be able to get their name, email and phone number, and be able to contact them. So then we have, is a really good site as well where you can find like the Inc. 5 thousand companies and it's going to be more national business. It's not focused in on the local businesses, but it's definitely another resource to find up-and-coming businesses, companies that you can help out and help grow even further than we have local Chamber of Commerce and B9 meetings. Now, these are networking groups, but you have to go in-person, meet businesses, uh, talk to them, and then be able to exchange information. But it's definitely a good resource as well. 11. Best Ways To Contact Business Owners: other. We have a sales process and we know where to find these businesses. How do we contact these businesses? So there's two different types of prospecting that we can do. There is the outbound prospecting, which is going to be your free methods here. And it's the fastest way to get clients. So we have the outbound and then we have the inbound. The inbound is more of the pay type of ads where we have a particular sales funnel that we're getting people to opt into, right, just like a pay dad through Facebook ads where we have a particular offer, we have a landing page and we have a thank you page. We're paying for these leads, and they're typically going to be higher quality because thes leads are actually qualified and they're interested in our services. Now the outbound prospecting is going to be your best bet right out of the gate. This includes cold emailing cold, calling Facebook direct messages, website contact forms, length in and direct mail. Now one of the quickest ways actually start booking meetings is to start cold, calling local businesses one of the first things that I did when I first started. My agency is I started cold calling businesses on y p dot com, and what I would say is high and my name is Juan. I'm calling about tra y p dot com profile, and I wanted to see who's the best person that actually handles that. So that front office person, that gatekeeper would pass me onto the marketing person to the business owner, whoever would handle that and I would say, Hey, my name is Juan I'm calling about y p dot com listening, and I'm curious to find out how that's been working out for you. And so a lot of these businesses would tell me Well, you know, we've been doing this for several months, Haven't really got a return, haven't really got any leads but were locked into a six month contract. So I was able to get a lot of leads through calling businesses and talking about their y p dot com listings that weren't generating any type of return on investment. So the other one that I love to use is cold email. This is where you are finding out business information right through all these different resource is these platforms and you're sending these businesses an email to get them to become interested in your services. Now the Facebook direct message. This is also another method that I recommend and where you're going into these businesses fan pages and you're sending them maybe a quick message, a quick video message and getting them to become interested in your services. But disclaimer here that with this method here, you can get this able by Facebook, so just make sure that you're not sending a ton of messages all at once. Now the website contact form is another great way that you can get in front of these businesses. Simply send them a message to the contact form asking who's in charge of their marketing, who's in charge of their new patient referrals, anything like that to really open up dialogue and then we got linked in and lengthen from what I've seen is a very underutilized tool, but a lot of digital marketing agencies, because they just don't know how to go about getting people to become interested in their services and have a conversation with them. Ah, lot of people will come across trying to be sales, he trying to pitch people right out of the gate. But with lengthen, you're trying to have a conversation with people and you're not trying to just pitch them and sell them right away. So it's very important to understand that with working with lengthen is that people there to network toe have conversations entered to business. But you need to approach it the right way, and then we have direct mail. Now direct mail is something that is not really being utilized right now, because a lot of businesses are getting marketed to online. But you can really stand out by sending some sort of unique piece of mail that these business owners are going to be able to open and grab their attention. Okay, now let's go over a sample cold calling script for a dentist here now, one of the most important things you need to understand what cold calling is that you need to be short. You need to get to the point, and you don't need to be wasting people's times, right, So as you can see here, it's very, very simple. Hi, my name is so and so from X y Z company. Who would be the best person to speak with the handles, your patient referrals, right? And so you're very quick as far as letting you know what you want, what you're looking for and who you are, right and where you're calling from. So their responses. Okay, maybe that's a it's the front desk. You know, person there, they're like, OK, that would be me. Okay, Great. And the reason for my call today is to find out if your office is it would take on new patients. Of course they're going to say yes. And then we say, Okay, great. We have a Facebook ad system that allows us to generate new patient referrals each month consistently. Now, I would have followed with another question that I missed in here and say, Are you guys currently running Facebook ads? And after that, if they say yes, you know, we are, I would follow up with Hey, how's that been working out for you? Are you guys getting the amount of leads that you thought you would, or is it not working as good as you thought it would So find out a little bit more about if they are working with Facebook ads right now on what their experiences and if they're not, get them to get on the next call. So I would say I want to be respectful of your time. So what I like to do for you is schedule a time for us to reconnect so I can walk you step by, set their entire process and then have your calendar open and say, How does Thursday at 10 a.m. or whatever time that you have available, right and then schedule another call for you to be able to get him on for 2030 minutes and be able to present your offer. Now? Cold email is going to be one of your best ways that you utilize to get clients because we have the ability to send out hundreds and thousands of emails every single day automated to our target prospects. And we get several leads a day through automation and email. So it's really important to understand the power of this, and you're able to utilize this to your advantage. So here's an example. Dentist cold email the subject line Patient referral, High Doctor Cement Are you currently accepting new patients? So it's just a question right. Notice how we're not pitching them. We're not trying to become sales e here. We're just asking a simple question. And if they respond back and say, Hey, we are interested, then I would tell him. OK, well, great. We specialize in helping. Densest is generating new patient referrals and then get him to your next step. Which would be, Hey, do you have 15 minutes to jump on a quick call to see if we can help you or whatever That may be, right? So this email works tremendously. Well, as I mentioned, because it's so short and it's not sales, he and you're just asking a simple question. So let's take a look at what a Facebook direct message would look like. Use the same type of question, right? Question? Is your office currently accepting new patients, right? Nice and simple question there that you're getting people to really understand that you're not trying to sell them. You're just asking a question. Deceived? They have the capacity to take on more patient trying. So another strategy that I recommend with Facebook Messenger is created quick video, introducing yourself. Maybe doing an audit of their current adds if they're currently running as if they're not maybe a video of a particular offer that could help them generate more leads, right? And so that's going to be another beer way too few toe send messages through Facebook and get these businesses to be able to respond and get back to you. Now again, remember, we're trying to come across as curious with questions that will spark up dialogue. We want to refrain from trying to pitch our service right away. 12. How To Audit Local Businesses Websites: Hey, guys want here and in this video, I'm going to share with you how to audit local business website. So there's a variety of ways you can go out and give you prospects, attention and one of the best ways as to provide a website on it. Now there's several different components within the website added that I'm gonna walk you through here and the best type of audits are done through a video. So just like this video here, where I'm walking you through all the steps, all the different factors that you want to keep in mind when doing a website audit, this is exactly how you should do it. Okay, so it's go ahead and jump right into the audit and the steps that you need to go through in order to provide a great website audit that's gonna wow your potential prospect and I'll be able to get you to get their attention. Okay, so some of the components here that we want to look for when we're doing the audit, Okay, So we want to look for a call to action on the home page when we land on the home page of the website. Is there something that says call us? Contact us. Is it inviting us? Is telling us to do something. See a lot of websites. That's one of the biggest things. Why they don't convert great much is because they don't tell the visitor what to do. So if you're not guiding, if you're not directing a visitor on your website as to exactly what they need to do, they're gonna get confused. They're gonna have to think. And, you know, we want to make this as easy and as simple as possible for the visitor to know exactly what you do, how you can help them and how they can get a hold you. So that called. The action is so important. And it's really important that she emphasized that and make a note of that and convey that tool, your prospects in the video. So the phone number of the top right, This is huge for local businesses. When somebody lands on a website, it's so important that the phone numbers in the top right, because that's what we typically look for when we're looking at a particular local business website. Okay, we want to see what they're about. We want to see what they provide, how they can help us and how to get in contact with them as soon as possible. Right away. The phone number, The top right, needs to be there because that's where the eyes naturally going right. And so the phone number also needs to be clickable because then it will be applicable on the mobile as well. So that's really important now mobile friendly. I mean, it's really interesting, but you're gonna find a lot of websites that are local businesses still are not mobile friendly, So they're actually losing some of the rankings on Google for S E O. Because Google is prioritizing those that have actual mobile from the Web sites. And when somebody is looking at a website to a mobile phone, they can click to call and all the content, everything is all jumbled up. So actually, I think it was. About 65% of visitors now are actually doing website searches through their mobile phone, and the mobile searches are just going to continue to grow. So it's very important that the websites are mobile from me. So then we have the speed test, so a typical website. You wanted to load between two or three seconds. And if it isn't load between that time, the website owner, right? The business owner is losing a ton of traffic because they want speed. They want things to be loading up really quickly. If you're side has taken more than two or three seconds, they're gonna click off there. They're going to go to your next competitors, right? So it's really important that you convey that to the prospect right to the business owner that Hey, if your site isn't loading within this two or three second window, you're losing business to your competition. So then we have the social media profiles. So a lot of local businesses will have a Facebook page, but they won't have, like a Twitter instagram where you can also come in there and convey the importance a Sfar as being so show having your social profiles up and this could even be an opportunity for you to come in and create their profiles for them for a small fee. So let me just give you guys here some examples of how to exactly go about this So once a y p dot com and happy dot com is one of the best places toe, actually prospect for local businesses because a lot of these guys air a little bit more old school and a lot of these guys having yet caught up to the digital age yet. So there's a lot of opportunity here, So let's go over here on. And I want to show you this example here that actually pulled up from here. So this is gentle smile dentistry. You can see the websites really, really old. And if you look at the top right up here, they don't have their phone number, but they have their phone number right here in the middle. Call us today, which is a call to action, which is great, right? But they don't have the foreign broker at the top, and it's not gonna be clickable for them when it's gonna be on the mobile phone. So let's look at OK, so they have a Facebook page and it doesn't look like they have anything else any other social media profile. So this would be a good opportunity here, Teoh potentially pitch A you know, instagram account Twitter account as well. So Now this. Run these guys through the mobile speed and mobile friendly test. So let's go ahead and copy. They're here. All right. So this one to the speed. Okay, so this is gonna tell us if this is mobile friendly and so looks like this is the speed is unavailable and optimization is medium. So looks like this has a lot of work to be done here. Uh, let's look at the desktop here is good, but this is Google telling us that the speed is so flow that it's unavailable. Uh, and here are the recommended fixes that we can do to make this faster. Okay. All right. So let's take a look at another one. Now, I want to show you another one that has a simple website. These guys have a weekly website on. We have a weebly website. That means that you're definitely old school. You haven't really kind of gone up to the new age, which is to be gonna be like it wicks or wordpress website. So if we look at this website, we can see they obviously don't have ah, phone number up here at the top. They don't have a call to action here, and it just talks about their clinic. Some yelp reviews in here, it looks like they don't have any social profiles. I don't even think that have a Facebook page. Right? So this would be a great opportunity to come in here and do a website audit right and provide some value and be able to get this local business owners attention here. So let's go ahead and pop these guys into the Page B test here. Okay? It's good pace. Casey, what this says here and as we can see, looks like the page speed here is unavailable on the shows. Us. A bunch of things here that can be fixed actually improved. This works that speed. Now that's go ahead and check them over here on this other test. This is a think Google test which tells us a little bit more as faras. How many visitors are losing as far as for how faster site is actually loading. So with seven seconds right, this is it's fair, right? But it's not great. We wanted to be between 2 to 3 seconds and because it's loading within seven seconds right there, losing about 26% of the business, which is huge, right? It's more than 1/4. So in your video, rather, you would create in your audit. You would mention this right? You would run this through this thing with Google test here, and you would tell him, right, You're losing 26% of your visitors because your site isn't moting fast enough, right? And there's nothing for them to do here. Look at this phone here, right, that's popping up. If somebody's pulling that up on their phone, there's no but in there, there's no phone number that they could push the call so automatically their site is loading stupor slow. And not only that, there's no button there. There's no phone number for them to take an action and actually call the dental office. So this is so huge here. You can really create a video just walking through these particular steps over here. Like I mentioned right call to action the phone number, mobile friendly mobile speed test the social media profiles and really add a ton of value to these local businesses and show them Hey, you know, here's your website. Here's some things that could be improved Here's the amount of visitors that you're actually losing the amount of business you're losing because your site isn't loading fast enough and then be able to get their attention and have a conversation about how you guys can help them out. Okay, so I just wanted to make this quick video for you guys. Let me know if you guys got any questions below. Hopefully, you guys got some value. We'll see you on the next one. 13. Do You Have To Meet Clients?: Now let's talk about meaning clients because I see a lot of information out there. I see a lot of people talking about well, hey, go meet some clients, go knock on doors, go to the businesses location. I do not recommend that you are a digital marketer, right? You shouldn't be running your business strictly online, right? Can you go out to networking events, to Chamber of Commerce meetings, B9 meetings, and meet prospective clients, yes. But that's something else. I recommend you doing that if you're comfortable doing that. But myself, I've worked with businesses all across the world, strictly from my laptop for my computer, right. From my cell phone. And I've never met them right. It's all been through Skype. So really all you need, right, is they'll have top Wi-Fi connection and a cell phone to be able to do business, to be a digital marketer and to help businesses generate more leads and sales. So I do not recommend going out to these businesses locations because it kills your sales position. You're going in there and you're going in there to pitch and you're going into a business's turf and they have all the power and they can just say No, get out of my office kinda my location, right? So not looked at as a true professional. This is working harder rather than smarter, and it's really difficult to scale if you have the jumping in your car and drive to all these businesses, it's going to take you a lot of time versus sending out a bunch of automated emails and getting leads to 2345 leads every single day on autopilot, which is what we do. 14. You Signed a Client… Now What?: You've sent out a bunch of messages, you've done a bunch of cold calling. You met some businesses that are local networking event, and now you've signed a client. Now what do you do? What's the next step? So you must have an onboarding process that welcomes a new client and gets the right information so you can start the campaign. And typically an onboarding process will take five to seven business days. It can be a little bit longer, up to 14 days to get everything back as far as all their information or their ad creatives and be able to actually have the campaign up and running. Now, one of the things that I recommend you have is on-boarding e-mails where you're setting clear expectations. One of the biggest things that I had to deal with when I first started my agency is having people call me at all times of the day where I would be eating lunch. I wouldn't be at home just hanging out and I'll have my clients calling me about these minor details, right? And so what I did is I actually started setting expectations up front through the email saying, Hey, if you want to have a conversation with me and you want to get on the phone, please email me and we can schedule something within 24 hours. So the email conversation is typically where I say, Hey, I'm going to be available via e-mail within these times, every single day. Now, I may not respond right away, but I'll respond typically within 24 hours. So it's really important that you pre-train your clients as to how this relationship is going to go. Because if not, you're going to take advantage of your time. So it's really important that you said expectations up front, but really, all you really need is access to their business page right there, fanpage and their ad account. Any logos, images, right? Promotional material. And then you can use in their ads. So if they don't have a business manager or an Ad account, you will need to create it for them or have a video that you create that walks them through step-by-step. 15. The Magic Sales Formula: All right, So in this video, we're gonna talk about the magic sales formula. So this particular video here is probably worth its weight in gold is probably worth the cost of this entire course. Because I'm gonna give you this the sales formula, right? That is going to be able to give me the ability to sell pretty much anything to anyone. Okay, because there's a very simple process that if followed time and time again, you're going to be able to get your desired result of being able to make a sale. Right? And this is all done on a very specific way. It is done by helping people right get a desired outcome, right? Because, you know, you think about it. The people that air going to be I'm getting on the call with you that our scheduling and call with you that are interested in your particular services. They have a specific need. They have a specific problem, a pain. There's something going on in their lives in their business. Whatever may be that they need help with, right. And they're looking for options. Are looking for somebody to come in and help them out, right? if it's a media pain of them not being able to grow their business, maybe they have been stagnant. They just been on a stained status quo, not really been doing too much marking, and they know that they want to take their business to the next level. But they don't really know how right, because they don't have the expertise. They are really good at what they do right running their business. But when it comes to getting a lot more leads, more sales, right, growing the business with extra marketing, they don't have those skills. I don't have that expertise. So they're coming to you to be able to find out, to see if there's an opportunity for you guys to work together, you to help themselves, their particular problem. So the formula is the gap. Okay, now, as I mentioned, this is going to allow you and give you the ability to sell anything to anyone. This is so powerful here, and like I mentioned this, this part alone is really worth the cost of the entire course. I mean, there's courses out there that will go for several thousands of dollars that go into this particular formula here, which is the gap. So if you look at it here on the left hand side, it's who we are. Okay? And there's a gap care challenges and obstacles to where who we want to be. You can now, if you really think about at its core, people don't really buy products or services. Okay, they buy better versions of themselves. Just think about if you are somebody who is looking to They say you're a business owner, right? You're looking to grow your business because you want to spend more time with the family. You want to take more vacations. You want to do this, you want to That that person, as far as where you are right now, is not going to be the same person that you are going to become. Once you accomplish those things right, there is growth. There's different things that happened so and these challenges and obstacles play a factor . So in this particular scenario as a digital marketing agency owner, right through our sales script, right and through our process were coming in and we're acting as a consultant where coming in with a thought process right and mindset of hate. I am here to look and find out if there's an opportunity here for us to partner together for me to figure out where you are currently at in your business in your life. And if you know there's an opportunity for us to come in here and work together and help you get to where you want to be and who you want to be, right because, um, if if you're not asking, I had a deep questions and getting and discovering information as faras What is the problem ? You know, why are they on the call with you, and where do they want to be that you're doing yourself a disservice and you're not going to be ableto really do yourself a service by helping these guys get a better understanding of you know how you can help them, right? So all in all, really, sales is literally this. In a nutshell, it's the gap is figuring out where your prospect is at their problems, their challenges, everything that they're going through, right and it may be with digital marketing, for the most part, is okay. Their problems or challenges is they want to grow, but they don't really know how they don't really know how to do online marketing. They don't really know how to get more customers getting more leads, right? And if you think about it with our messaging, when you're reaching out to prospects in your marketing material were you should you should have. If you're not obviously good, you're going to this course. You understand this when you're going out and you're reaching out to prospects you're never talking about. Hey, let me do some marketing for you. Facebook as marketing double what you're talking about. Leeds. You're talking about more sales, right? That's what you're talking about because it's the desired outcome, the end result of what you're providing. Because nobody really cares about Facebook advertising about this isn't that in all these different? You know, PPC, All they care about is the ankle. What is it that they're going to get right? And in this particular situation, right? It's what is what are people going to get faras it outcome from working with you? Who are they going to become right, and you'll find that people are either trying to move towards something a positive outcome or move away from a negative outcome in a lot of times we're trying to, for the most part of humans were trying to move away from pain, okay, and so if you think about it, we would much rather you know by something that is going to get us away from from any kind of pain or problems. Then actually, maybe buy something that is going to give us pleasure because there's ITT's. There's not very much incentive is what I'm trying to get to write. There's so much incentive to get rid of a problem because you're trying to move away from something you guys. So what you'll find is either people are looking to move towards a positive outcome. So I want to make $10 million.1,000,000 dollars because I want to be able to take more vacations. I want to be able to help my you know, my my workers, my employees, my company, whatever, or they may be on the opposite side of that where they're trying to move away from going under. Maybe the business is has it been growing? They're kind of in a rut. They're like, yeah, you know, we haven't been growing even kind of staying kind of stagnant. And, you know, I I want to make sure that we have longevity in the business and that we can, you know, not only take our business to the next level, but stay in business for years to come. Right? So your whole task write your entire task is really too right. Your job is to figure out, find out what are their problems, their challenges or obstacles that is preventing them from getting to where they want to be and really pouring salt on the wound. Right. Bringing up those problems, asking those questions, You know why? Why do you feel you're not able to grow your business at this point? What do you What do you feel is missing? You know, and they're probably going to tell you Whoa, Hey, I don't I don't really know how to do marketing. Maybe I've worked with other companies. I haven't got the desired result, you know, whatever. It may be right. It's about figuring out what those challenges and obstacles are and getting them to visualize and paint a picture of how their life would be once they actually accomplish all these goals. Right and be who they want to be, right become what they want to be, so that's the biggest thing there. And so what people will do is, though, pay for getting a desired result quickly, right through these whole challenges and obstacles. Here in the middle, there is a lot of growing pains. There's a lot of problems. There's time, right time is very, very precious and most precious commodity that we have, you know, as human beings, right is our time. So that's why people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for services right to be able to get from where they are currently to where they want to be. A lot of times right, people need help and they're willing to pay top dollar to get those kind of assistance, right To get that kind of assistance. Just think about a nice and simple example. Non digital marketing related Somebody who wants to lose weight, right? They are maybe £50 overweight, but they want to be, you know, at a certain way they want to be. There are £250. You want to get to £200 OK, and there is somebody who has this formula, this product, the service or whatever that can help them transform their lives and get to where they want to be right. And you know, it's It's going to be, ah, lot of an easier sell because somebody has this blueprint, this formula that can help them and transform their lives right by just following this step by step. And that's where people pay the top dollars because they're paying for shortcuts. They're paying for people who have a specific blueprint, a guy that can walk them step by step versus them, going and spending the time. Energy and resource is trying to figure it out, just like with marketing, right? You know, you have companies that can hire people from, you know, from what then, or bring people in to their company and actually have a digital marketing team, Um or, you know, do it and figure out on their own right. But all that requires a lot of time. Energy and resource is right, especially when having to hire people to actually work in the company. There's insurance. There's all these different taxes vs hiring a agency right owners such as yourself that they don't have to pay all these extra fees. You know you're coming in as a contractor and you're helping these guys get a desire to results very quickly, very efficiently and without any kind of problem. So this is really the magic formula that is going to give you thieve. Leg up from your competition is understanding that people are on the phone with you. They are interested in your services because they have a problem and they have a desired results that they want to achieve right and that you can come in and help them get that desired result right away you have. They have a need of wanting to get more leads, more sales. Hey, you have a blueprint. A service that can get them leave within 24 to 48 hours, right? What? Some niches as you and as you know, weaken turn on the eyes within 24 to 48 hours and start getting leads like immediately. And but there's a lot of alerting curb to really understand Facebook in the algorithm in all these different things. And so you have this guy, this blueprint that can help them get to where they want to be from where they currently are, right? And so, if you really take time to understand this, think about this deeply. You're really going to understand just how powerful this is, because in a nut show, this is the formula that is going to allow you to be able to sell anything to anyone. Okay, And really understanding that when you're on the call with these people, okay, with these prospects, you're looking to uncover pain problem that you could be used like you can use as leverage further along in the coal. And we'll go over that in the script further along in the call. So that went objections come up and different concerns come up like it's too much money or I don't know like, Well, John, you know, you mentioned to me that you're really wanting toe grow the business. Do you want to spend more time with the family and be able to take more vacations? I think what we need to look at here is whether or not you're committed to being able to get all those things accomplished and do all those things that you mentioned. How committed are you to get me into getting that. You're doing that right. And so you're putting it back on, then you're letting them know. Hey, listen, you know, where is your commitment? You said you wanted to do these things. What is holding you back? Right. And so you're trying to dig deeper, right? Dig deeper and figure that out. So this is going to be it for this video here. We're going to go into the we're gonna go into the psychology of sales a little bit more advanced kind of sales terminology. We're going to frames. But I really wanted to give you this, because this is really going to allow you to become a sales, you know, overnight sales expert, so to speak. Obviously, you're gonna need a lot of time to practice and lenses not. But if you know this and you go into a call with this kind of knowledge and understanding that your prospect is in a current state of problems, of issues of pain and your goal is to figure out what that is, what those are and where they want to get to. I mean, you're the battles halfway one, right? So that is gonna be it for this video here. Let me know if you have any questions on this and what's going on. The next one. Thanks. 16. Nailing The Consultation Call: So you've got somebody interested and they scheduled the call with you. So how does it consultation call look like? How is this supposed to go? So the consultation call should be 20% of the time talking and 80% of the time listening, right? You wanna be able to ask questions to get people to give you information about their business, their sales process, their problems, right? And get them to actually talk about those things in detail. Here's some sample questions you can ask. How are you currently getting new customers? Are you currently doing any form of online marketing? How many new leads you typically get within a week? What type of online marketing have you already tried? So these are questions that are going to give you a better understanding of that business as far as what they're currently doing or what they've already tried in online marketing space. Now it's really important to understand here that your prospect has a problem or else they wouldn't be on the call with you, okay? Your objective is to figure out your prospects, current situation, and or problems and explain to them how you and your service is going to solve those problems and generate their desired outcome, right? So after you've determined that you can help this business close them on a monthly service package. And as I mentioned previously, closing is as simple as asking for the sale. Okay. Dr. Smith, Is there anything else you need to know before we get started, right. Assuming the sale and being able to close that client on a monthly retainer. So let's talk about a worst-case scenario. So let's say you have somebody on the phone. They're really interested. They have shown that they are in need of your services. They have problems that you can help them solve, right? Your price may be too high or they're just, they need some help moving forward. So at that time, if you're just starting out and maybe you want to get some experience under your belt. I would offer a free trial. Now, this trial here typically is going to be seven to 14 days and you have them paid for the ad. So this is anywhere between two to $500. And you say, Hey, I'm so confident in my services that I'm willing to do this for you for 14 days to show you how we can get you more leads and more sales. And then at the after that time, we can then have a discussion as to whether or not it makes sense for us to continue and do this on a monthly service, right? This is really good if you're just starting out and you need some testimonials, you don't have a lot of experience. And one of the things that I really want you to think about here is that testimonials are not really necessary to get clients. The biggest reason why a lot of these businesses are asking for referrals for testimonials is because you have not done a good enough job positioning yourself as an expert. So worst comes to worst. Offer a free trial to get some testimonials, to get some experience, and then be able to go on from there. 17. Outsourcing Your Marketing Services: Hey, guys want here and in this video I'm gonna go over how toe outsource all of your marketing agency work so that you can focus on sales and bringing on new clients. So the first tool that I really want to show you here is the dash clicks platform. Now, this is a complete white label digital marketing solution here. We just recently started using these guys. I know the owner, Chad Great great individual multi seven figure agency owner and their whole outlook and strategies to help out up and coming agency owners and help them fulfill ah, lot of the different services such as S E O Facebook ads, Google ads in a plethora of other services as well. But the's guys are fantastic because their cost here is very, very minimal. But what they do as faras the value they provide is just 10 X because they provide a complete serum dashboard white label solution for you guys. So you walk through the platform here and I'll give you some examples inside the dashboard . So as you can see, your everything here is white labelled. You can add companies in here. Uh, and they have a complete fulfillment center there. So they do so much years faras the different types of services PPC actual social media marketing with content posting. Let me kind of give you an overview of our particular dashboard here. Now, this is more of a demo. Here we are, utilizing them for a lot of our different services. Aziz Well, and just I mean, these guys air fantastic. Within 24 to 48 hours of us actually submitting an order there for one of the label Facebook ads. We got immediately added to a, uh, a slack group and with 10 different, different marketing expert. So it's just like you having an extension of your team available to you. Write 10 different people that are all working within your actual accounts that are helping you that are putting together the ads, and you essentially are there to kind of look over the shoulder, give your input, but you're having these experts, right? I chat in these guys that developed this whole platform they've been running an agency for , I think, over seven years doing multiple seven figures so these guys don't know what they're doing. They're experts. It's just a fantastic type of set up because you're no longer essentially running solo. If you are, you can tell business owners say we have a team that handles all of our fulfillment on everything. So the whole thing about that is being able to really position yourself as the expert and that you have a full team behind you. Because what sales and business, really, it's kind of like a you're putting on a show like putting on a show to make yourself seem larger than you really are. Kind of this this persona because, you know, you could be working in your mom's basement. Uh, you know, doing your marketing agency. But when you have the power and the tools of dash clicks on your team, you're just like you're running a multi seven figure agency because you have that manpower behind you, right when you have those those experts that expertise. So let me walk it through here, this awesome awesome dashboard. I mean, they have so many tools in here for you, So let's go to the agency tools here, and I want to walk you through here. So this one here is especially great for if you're just starting out. So what these guys are able to do is hook you up with your own websites. Now, we don't have a website that we've developed, even though we would if we were just focusing in on, like, Facebook in, like, PPC or are Google. But the reason why we don't is because we actually provide lengthen services as well. Don't just give you a quick look at our agency site. So we provide Facebook s CEO and lengthen and, uh, you know, just quickly that overview here of our website and in our website, I believe is fantastic. Look straight. But, um, So it wouldn't make sense for us to have this particular website, because in this dashboard here, we're only really using for Facebook. Google AdWords, right? And s e o. So, um, it doesn't make sense for us, but for you, if you're just doing maybe Facebook s CEO Google, they provide a awesome looking site. Okay, so that's even Look at this year High would look like Okay, So because I had the local up there, So this is essentially how your site would look like you could buy from them directly. They'll set it up for you. And it's kind of like Wicks where it's Dragon drop. So super, super simple. But I mean, this side is completely professional. It looks awesome. Looks great. You can show clients and prospects here on the dashboard. This is how it's gonna look and we'll walk through that here in a bit. But I mean, it's just a Knauss, um, awesome set up here. I think it's like $300 for the site on. It just looks completely professional. If you're looking for a site and you're looking for something that, uh, you know, you want up and running pretty quickly, that looks professional. That really showcases the platform, the CRM, the dashboard. I highly, highly recommend you pick up a site from Dash links here, but let's go back over here and let's go to the company's. I want to walk you through all of these different areas because this is such a great platform here. If you're marketing agency and you're not taking advantage of working with these guys as kind of your your back in support your fulfillment team, then you're missing the boat and doing a lot more work than you need to be doing so in here . This is where you actually put in all the different companies that you're going to be working with. Let's say you signed a new client. You want to add in a different service. So basically, when you goto add new, it's going toe. Have you put in ah service? So go over here. I knew. So you get a service and you purchase it and then you're able to add a particular client. But now that we're here at the store, let me show you all the different services they have in the cost for you as far as the wholesale. And then the retail kind of recommended. So let's go to the very top. I want to go to Facebook and INSTAGRAM ads. So if we're going to be running Facebook ads, they're going to charge a for 99 a month plus a $350 set up fee. But then after that, it's only 4 99 per month. So $500 a month right, which is super super low, and then you gonna charge I mean, it says you're 98. I mean, this is quite low honestly, I would charge 2 to 3 times that. You know, it's just because it's it's so low that you're gonna make so much profit on it because, you know, these guys are just they have a machine. It's like a factory, right? You put in an order, uh, they move it from step one. Step two, Step three, right? Get set up with the team. You added to slack fulfillment team handles it on boarding happens and then boom, execution. And typically they can get you up and running in about 1 to 2 weeks for Facebook ads. From what Chad said, they're saying that their on boarding is typically within three days. So if you could get the on boarding information back to them within 24 to 48 hours, they can get you up and running within three days. I mean, they have just nailed it. They've They've seen that a lot of different people will hear running Facebook ads, not where there's so many other services to provide. But Facebook ads obviously seem to be the most popular. But I think Chad has a team of like 30 or 40 people at his location in Florida. So I mean, you guys were getting so much support and help here, it's just insane. So let's look at view more here. So basically, this is kind of the register, like, I guess the what they're requesting or kind of saying as faras. Okay, this is what you could sell it for. But, honestly, you could easily sell this for two grand, uh, three grand, depending on kind of who the client is, because for 99 is nothing right to fulfill. And you've been easily make 203 times that. Now, this is important factor here. This is only for at spend between zero and $3000. So anything more than 3000 you're going tohave to contact them and see kind of what that would look like. Faras the prices. And I'm sure they have different plans here on, and we'll go over those here in a second. So basically, what this all entails is campaign strategy, research, competitive research, pixel set up. So they do everything they have multiple adds a multiple split test. And you guys, I mean, these these guys are not newbies, kinds air, not just like yeah, you know, I just learned Facebook ads, the other weaker a couple months ago or this year, Chad has been running his agency for seven plus years. Okay, they know what they're doing. They run a multi seven figure agency. They have it set up so well now, just like a factory, that they're able to get you up and running within three days from the Facebook ads from from what he last mentioned. Other services that can take one or two weeks. But they have it down to a science, right? It's It's super, super quick. They'll get you up and running. These guys are professionals. So and then here we have on the monthly there's a campaign audit. There's in hand strategy. You get automatically added to a slack group of like 10 different marketers from the team. So it's just like you have, you know, marketing fulfillment team available to you through slack at any given time where you could strategize, ask questions, going there and take a look. Under the hood will be the campaigns, you know, and get that kind of experience with them and learn with them, right? Maybe you have some clients and you are pretty good at Facebook ads, but you know that you could do better. You can improve and you want to kind of get somebody else to do the ads for you so you can look over the shoulder and learn from the pros and, you know, be able to have the fulfillment side. Taking care of this is great for that. So every single month will do this. They have also from what Chad was seen, which is awesome. They have a particular algorithm within their platform that connects with Facebook. That doesn't automatic bid placement. So when they see that in Adis performing well, they will automatically up the bid and continue to scale that up. And when they see that, adds air not working very well. Kind of al IRS, though, automatically turn that off on. And there's a lot of tools that will do that for you out there in the marketplace. But these guys have that built into their algorithm to their platform, so it's very intelligent. Ah, lot of its automated. And so I mean, you're getting so much value here with these guys. It's just insane. So performance basted base been pacing right this is kind of what I was mentioning. The algorithm automatically detects whether an ad is working well, and if it is the automatically up, the bid split testing. So there's just so much here that is available, and we can look at here that the comparative plans now, this is all based off of the different ad spend typically. So we can see here for bigger campaigns 3000 to 5000 and up and above. And even this one here. I mean, this is dirt cheap, right? Because you should be selling these services Facebook ads for 2 to 3 times that. And a lot of times when you come in and you're like underselling yourself, right, selling yourself short is because you lack the confidence and yourself in the ability to take care of business and get things done is a direct reflection of you and how you feel about your services, right. You shouldn't be selling on. And I know the 9 97 This is still quite low. You shouldn't be selling the Facebook ads for anything under 1000 a month. Okay, with a small set up fee, because at the lowest point you're making $500 a month profit right through the campaign because you're getting your ads taken care of through dash leaks. They're doing everything for you on and then, you know, have a complete dashboard whitely with dashboard for your client to use a crn. So it's just I mean, it's just fantastic here. So here you can see all the different pricing and typically based on the ad spin, because there's more work that needs to be done. You can see it out here. So now we can look at the resource is and frequently asked questions. Excuse me there. So how long is the campaign take the build out there talking about one in two weeks? This is kind of the average that he has mentioned there, Chad there. But from what he mentioned the other day in one of videos is that for the Facebook ads, specifically, they're able to give you guys up and running within a few days. So, uh, the way that it works is essentially you pay on both of set up feeding the month one service fee together, okay, and then they'll build it out for Let's say, let's say it takes a week to build out. Okay, so So let's say it's Monday. You by the, uh, Facebook ads, right? And then the set up fee you pay, I think it's like 100. What is it? Ah, a 50. You pay a 50 on Monday, the next Monday. If everything's up and running and ready to go from that next Monday, 30 days is when they're gonna bill you the next right, Because you want to give you a full 30 days of service, you know, for what you're paying for. So that's fantastic. Um, So how did the campaign faras How did the clients get their leads? Typically their email and then, uh, you know, it's pretty straightforward. Okay, so a funnel does not is not included on this, but we'll walk over that here in the second call. Tracking is completely different service, which I highly recommend. You guys do as well. So, um, how do I provide access to my clients? At account process simple. They have a complete on boarding information here, which I'll show you, which is fantastic, which have access of ad accounts. Of course. This is how I was mentioning that you get a look over their shoulder and be able to go in there and kind of look at what they're doing and learn from these pros because these guys been at it for a good while. What is intelligent budget and bit pacing? I think this is kind of what I was talking about here are System would take the first couple of weeks to start gathering data, right? And then, based on that data, deal up the bid or load the bid depending on what's working and what's kind of, um, you know, actually, you know, taking off, right? So the cool thing about it is your clients going to get their own lock and password, right? Their own log in information to be able to log into the dashboard, and they're only going to be able to see certain things. But really, it's more just for reporting. For them to come in here and log in and see the metrics that KP eyes that leads and the keep track of everything. Everything is completely white labelled. And so it is just fantastic. So let me show you here how the these on boarding docks look. I mean, they look fantastic. Look at this. It's just and then they have a white label solution. Now. They just kind of laid out the other day where you literally assumes you sign it, clients and you going and you make a purchase for. That's a Facebook, guys, they have the ability for you to answer a couple questions and actually send this directly to your clients via email from your email Completely white labelled on. So it just looks super professional. Looks awesome. Looks great. But here you can see this on boarding information here. Super simple. As you can see, they have a pretty straightforward We're looking for the business page, the ad account information monthly ad budget. Who's a target market, right? This is for your client to fill out. If you want to fill this out on your own, you can do that as well. But it's just I mean, it's great toe. Have this so that you can get this up and running pretty quickly. So another thing that is awesome that, you know, not really anybody else is going to provide you with his K stays. So free case studies that you can use with clients Ah prospect you're talking to is saying , Hey, Well, John, you have any case that is You can show me. You know what? Absolutely I can show you these case studies that our team has put together because remember, dash clicks now is an extension of your team. Right? And you're not lying to your process, because this is a kind of work that your team is able to put out, right? So you can use these case studies and that they know. Hey, listen, we have a complete process here. Here's a five different steps that we go through and we build it out. Here's a client that we work with. What client is this? I think they're in the, uh, they in the moving space and basically showcases the problem, The solution and is very, very professional looking. I mean, you send this to a prospect to a client, right? I mean, there gonna be like, Wow, yeah, this is really nice. And they have it nicely laid out. So there's no more questions, right? Even when you say you're on the phone with them and you're about to close them and they're like, yeah, I mean, over the terms of service and, you know, But also, if you can send me a case study from some of your clients, you know, that definitely would help out with my decision Decision, right? Boom. Include this in your terms of service in the email. Hate. You know, I wanted to provide you a case study. Here, Take a look at that. Hey, let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward again. Started with your campaign. Right? So this is a fantastic here. Okay, so this is for a local medical spa, right? Because of the end of the day, right? All these prospects want to know and sees that you know what you're doing. You've been able to generate results, right? So this is fantastic. You write these air. Great. Great results. Okay, So as I mentioned, this is white level. You can put your logo in here. You can, you know, update this pdf form and maybe at your logo or whatever, but even just this how it is. I mean, you really don't need much more time, so it's just Ah, great. Great set up here. So let's go now to watch us go back to Facebook and Instagram. So, yeah, these were just kind of the different. I guess campaigns here based off of typically the ad spent. Okay, as you can see. So now let's go to fund a building. So this is a separate service. Now, if you are coming in here and you're like, OK, I want to do Facebook guides. Maybe we can just you the lean form. Or maybe you have your own funnel. Okay, You don't need that. But the cool thing about this is that these guys will build your funnel. It's for 99 1 time feet. Okay, But they will also include a two step. It's a two step funnel. Okay. Typically, you have your landing page, and then you thank you, page right. And then they're also gonna have to auto evening sequences. So on that kind of lead nurturing email sequence is going to be great as well. So to page funnel to email, automation message and in one sms automation. So this is great. So this is great for building this up to me about it. Created email list, email notification. So it helps your client really keep track of those leads. That come in and make sure that they're they're showing up for their service or a taking action on whatever offer that you're providing. So there's some different options here to page and a four page. Obviously, the difference here is the cost, and it's double double the steps a little bit more sophisticated here. So let's go to the resource is frequently asked questions turn around time when a two week same thing you do not need a click funnels account, but I highly recommend it. Anyways, if you're going to be building any funnels, I mean, it's and also awesome tool. So they were actually set up everything for you there in their own actual quick funnels. So you don't need that. Uh, Now, even automation, they take care of all that s a mess. Automation. So everything is handled by then. So, yes, you can add your owns a pure automation. Okay, but they typically do their own automation Now, they don't have any chatbots right now, but they're looking to add those as well. So now let's say that we want to sell s CEO, which is one of the best services to sell for local businesses or religious businesses in general because it's re occurring rather than each month. A typical campaign won't take, uh, you know, no lifts and six months to decree. Ah, and so you're getting paid month after month after month. And you said the right expectations with recline and say, Hey, listen, John Smith, owner Okay, Whoever it is, this s E O campaign is going to take six months, and I just want to be upfront with you and that, you know that this is how long is going to take A CEO is a bit more for established, active and healthy businesses. I want to get to the next level, Um, and it's a very patient but powerful form of marketing. So you set the right expectations. This is also quite low to sell for. I don't know this for easily 1000 1,502,000 month. And then it's also depending on how many keywords your prospect wants a goal after, right, your client and then you can add those here as well. So let's look at even this one here so we can kind of see what they do and how they go about it. So this one here is 20 keywords on that we're going to be targeting. Okay, What they do is they had to 500 articles per month, and they do this directory of this things. Now, these are great here because these help with the actual maps that Google maps. So any time you see businesses, you're typing in, like, local, like a local business, like a dentist or home improvement or home remodel whatever that maybe you're going to be able to see maps, right? Typically, three businesses are in the maps and, ah, lot of times they're there because they have good citations. They have really accurate information. The cetaceans are typically nap, main address and phone number. And when you have those be all the same throughout all your different listings in citations , then that helps out Google Dean us kind of, ah, authoritative and kind of real business. And so they push you up in the maps. All right, so what they do here with the whole set up in the monthly type of set up a swell. So this things they do analytics set up the research, the competitive research audit. I mean, they take care of everything. Like I was mentioning the n a p name, address and phone number optimization really, really important here. Uh, all the technical stuff as well. Each month they do audits back link RD in this about so I mean, they take care of everything for you, and your client is going to be ableto lock. You log into their dashboard here and see the results every single day. They will be able to see they're different keywords, how much they moved up. So it's just a great way to be able to track progress. So let's go to resource and frequently asked questions here. How long does it take? Every campaign is different. When I first started my agency, ice used to sell just CEO, So I'm quite familiar. It takes, I mean several months, you know, six months, eight months, 10 months, depending on the competition. But I wouldn't do anything less than six months. And the great thing about it is that let's say you go after a certain set of keywords for six months, right? You get him on the first page. Great. Everybody's happy. Then it's super easy for you to say. Hey, Mr Business Owner. We actually got on the first page for the East keywords over here. Hey, we have these additional keywords which are also, you know, have high intent and could be quite profitable for your business. Why don't we go ahead and start another campaign targeting needs, Right, So it's very easy to up sell to a different set of keywords. How do I know which campaign? So you basically look at how many pages how many key words you want to go for and select the right campaign? If you have any questions, these guys over here will help you figure out Hey, what is the best type of campaign for your client? So there is no set up here for the actual SDO. Everything's pretty straightforward. The listings here eso their listings are only for the U. S. A. Which is, you know, it's it's all right. But I guess they're looking from what I understand. Also do Canada. So what kind of content do you write? So it's pretty much s e o based contents with keywords and providing a little bit of value . Yes, there were post articles on the Web sites, um, as I was mentioning the map listening. They will go ahead and optimize that. Set that up. Um, here we go with the reports, the clients always going to be able to log into the dashboard and look at the key words that are ranking these air real time white label notifications. So this is fantastic. Your, um let's look at even the on boarding docks here. Okay, So this is how it's gonna look for you and your client again. They have the ability for you to completely white label this ad drone logo and send your client and email for them to fill this out. So it looks super professional here. So here we're looking at the host me, The search console. This is this is essentially when you go and it's essentially when you're uploading, you upload your site toe google so that you can look at the health of your domain to see if anybody's may be sending you negative back links to really look at the the health really at over your particular domain because some domains are more powerful than others. And, uh, we're gonna see how Google is seeing your domain. If there's any errors. Where your domain. So the search console console excuse me, is very, very important on. And they'll be able to help you out if you don't know how to set that up. So lead preferences, Uh, target demographics. So I mean, it's so so much information years. It's awesome. And I don't see a case study here again. These guys are providing UK studies that you can use right away for your prospects. I mean, this is such a great set up here. I mean, I wish I had something like this when I first started my agency because, I mean, I would be just on top of the moon because these guys handled everything for you. So Problem solution. I love the framework, right? It's a problem solution. Type of framework. They show Hey, this is an example. A client of ours. This is what we did. OK, home. 33 cures ranked on page one on the first page on the number one placement for the maps. So yeah. I mean, this is just an awesome, awesome set up here again. There's no love goes in here, right? They're not putting anybody's logo. You could put yours in here very, very easily. Okay, So Google being adds, um I don't really do being adds. Google is really where I would focus on not Google here. This is really the same. I guess we could say for the Facebook ads set up because the price is going to be the same . It's just a different platform with Google AdWords. People are actively searching for, um, the actual product of service. So if you think about it with Facebook, it's more of kind of the, ah, the user that we're looking to get them involved and connected with the ad right? Maybe with the hook, with an offer irresistible offer that we're getting them to take action on. And with Google, it's all search based, right search based intent where people are looking for a plumber, a dentist, a locksmith, whatever that may be. Either they know what they want and they're searching for it. So is a great way to also get your client results. So this is essentially the same kind of set up as the Facebook ads, right? They do a lot of the different campaign optimization tracking, performance based but management. Let's look at the plans again. These were pretty much the same as a Facebook Guns. Uh, let's look at the on boarding information here. So it is a big difference, right? Uh, so we get some information here. Boom again. This would be completely Why labeled for you guys. Let's go to a case study here. Google ads. Beautiful. Right. So you has the marketing consultant that you are right. Have the ability to talk to your prospect and be able to recommend the right type of service that makes the most sense for their business. Right? You gotta look at their businesses. Are people actively looking on Google for the services? So if you think about it, let's just think about a dentist, right? So a dentist could work equally as well on Facebook or Google ads, but they could probably get ah ah, lot more What we call a lot more higher quality leads coming in through AdWords because of the fact that people are actively searching for this and they know they have a need. They know what they want. So let's say somebody is searching for, like, let's say, on Google, uh, implants, dental implants in Seattle or whatever they know that they need an implant. They know that they're actively looking for it. So if if your doctor has your dense is there has, like, a 9 97 or 99 dental implant offer. When they click on the landing page from the Google ad, you know, nine times I attend, they're gonna submit their information, they're gonna get a call, and it's gonna be quite easy for them to come in because they know that they need that. They want that and it's gonna be a good set up. So, uh, you know, it's really about you being that marketing consultants and being able to recommend what the best possible services for that particular business and ask them what they had. What have they try it right? What if they were they currently doing in If you know what kind of results they they have been achieving because oftentimes they may be tried ads or they tried this and that, but they didn't get the results that they were expecting. And so now they have a negative connotation with it, and they think that it doesn't work. When it wasn't that it doesn't work, it was that maybe the person that they had running the eyes, they don't know what they were doing. Okay, so let's go back over here. Okay? Social media posting. So this is the rial, sm a or whatever s, um Mm, whatever it may be. But because social media marketing is really just posting, OK, I know. It's it's ah, you know, it's kind of one of those things where it's like, you know, social media marketing. It's really it's really just posting. But when you think about it, digital marketing is kind of the umbrella term because digital marketing, there's so many things that air under that and posting is just a small, little you little area, right? And this, I mean, this is for, like, brand development, right? Branding. You're not really going to get in the clients from this or any business. It's just if this is good, because for, like, even a dentist, right, because it shows that they're active and healthy on their social right in that they are real business and that you know they want to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing . So you think about it. 200 bucks a month in your cell is easily for 500 bucks a month and, you know, be be ableto make a few $100 there, so just pretty much they post What is it? Three posts per week. Three social media channels. So it could be maybe their instagram Facebook. And, uh, I don't Maybe not really Twitter. Twitter is in that active right now. We're not for, like, local businesses, but another one, right? So let's look at the comparative fans here. It's just the number of posts. Uh, let's look at ah, the on boarding information years. I'm sure it's pretty straightforward. You just get the credentials, okay? Yeah, Lincoln may be a good one. There you go, Pine tres. If if it's kind of more of a female based product, you can actually like a dentist would be good for Pinterest there. Pinterest is more. I think it's like 60 or 70% females, so that would be a good set up for that. Let's look at Okay. So you can go and look at these here. I mean, use it pretty straightforward. It's just, you know, a few posts a week from three different channels. Okay? Listening manager This is for if we want to get on the Google maps, this is the citations on that. Get us the ability to get up on the maps. And oftentimes the maps are more profitable than actually the s your drinking because assed faras the organics because you have the maps right at the very top. And then you have the organic search. So typically, when people are looking for, like, a locksmith or a plumber, they're going to go to the first few searches. And typically they're gonna be in the maps. Okay, Content marketing. This is just where you know, they're actually running, writing articles and placing them on your blogged for SDO purposes, here's a different packages. It's go to view more here. Do they have any resource is it's just the on boarding information. OK, constant creation. This is pretty much the same thing. You know, it's just looking that specific type of articles that you can place on your site. The 1000 words is typically what I like to see, because it's what Google likes. Go Alexis, see long, very educational content and then call tracking. This is awesome as well. Call tracking. They allow you to be able to record all the calls, um, and be able to listen to them here through the dashboard. It just really helps you out for making sure in tracking the quality of the leads that you're sending to your client but also for your client to be able to make sure that they are, you know, following up with leads. And it could be used as a training tool for their particular sales reps and and team as well. So let's go down here to the agency tools. Eyes I mentioned this was for the website. I definitely would recommend if you guys don't have a website to go with one of these, and especially if you're going to be doing any of your services here through Dash Clicks, which I highly recommend these guys for your outsourcing. So let me go back here starting university. So one of the things that these guys also do Chad specifically is he provides live, live weekly training. So there's university here and where you can come in and look at different episodes of training for how to grow your agency. This is shot here, like I said, multiple seven figure agency. This guy knows what he's doing. It is just you can come in here and get a better understanding of dash clicks and then, uh, complete training here, step by step trainin