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How to Start a Blog - Blogging for Beginners

teacher avatar Laurie Wang, Digital Marketer and Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction and Welcome!


    • 2.

      Your Class Project


    • 3.

      Your Blogging Goals and Inspirations


    • 4.

      What is Blogging?


    • 5.

      Your Blogging Potential


    • 6.

      Choosing a Profitable Topic for Your Blog


    • 7.

      Your Target Readers


    • 8.

      Idea Generation - Blogging Topics


    • 9.

      Choosing Your Blogging Platform


    • 10.

      Introduction to


    • 11.

      Introduction to Blogger


    • 12.

      Introduction to Tumblr


    • 13.

      Introduction to Medium


    • 14.

      Overview of the Best Blog Setup


    • 15.

      Choosing a Domain Name


    • 16.

      Purchase Your Domain Hosting


    • 17.

      Connecting Your Domain and Hosting & Installing Wordpress


    • 18.

      Wordpress - Step by Step Tutorial


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About This Class

This course will take you step-by-step into setting up your first online WordPress blog. Created in February 2017, you'll get the latest and best strategies to start your blog for success!

In this class we are going to learn how to start that blog you wanted to create in 2017 to share your passions and creativity, so let's do this! This class is suitable for everyone, especially absolute beginners. Created with bite-sized lessons, it is a crash course that will help you learn all about blogging before taking the plunge, and even if you don't know what you want to blog about yet!

Who should take this course? 

Anyone who is looking to setup a blog the easiest and fastest way. People who are looking to start a blog for a company, business or personal use should take this course.

The course consists of:

33 Easy to follow lectures
2 Step-by-step tutorial videos

You will learn basic skills for blogging such as:

  • How to choose your blogging niche
  • How to come up with unlimited blog topics
  • How to get a website domain and what is it
  • How to get reliable and cheap hosting
  • How to install Wordpress in one click

After taking this course, you'll be able to create your Wordpress blog in one day and start blogging straight away with my step-by-step instructions. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laurie Wang

Digital Marketer and Creator


Hi, my name is Laurie Wang. I'm a digital marketing consultant, trainer, YouTube content creator, Skillshare instructor, and public speaker living in London, United Kingdom. As you can tell I wear many hats!

Through my digital marketing & social media training company & Instagram, I help to inspire more experiences in people's lives from new perspectives, opening their eyes to the wonder and vastness of what is possible. My work has appeared in Elite Daily, Metro London, Fast Company, and Women 2.0.

I also set up my digital marketing consultancy training and helping small businesses grow online after a successful career at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest digital advertising agency in the world. Previously, I have worked with b... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction and Welcome!: Hi, I'm Lori, 10 years ago with a bit of a natural curiosity and just really thirst for learning something new. I actually created my first blog without any coding knowledge or technical knowledge for that matter. And I want to share all my experiences in this course with you. Now, I learned a lot of things along the way and made lots of mistakes as well. So in this course, I hope that you can actually skip past the mistake part and get all the experiences I've gained along the way and how to create your first successful online blog. And if you wanna see more of my other courses, I also share how to create more interesting content, for example, for your blogs, how to use social media to increase your popularity of your blogs online. So make sure to check those out on my Skillshare profile. So since starting my blog, it actually has been featured in a variety of publications, which I'm super proud about. And it's been featured as a full-page spread in the London metro newspaper and also featured in publications online such as Elite Daily, the FT, and also being named by futuro as when the top travel content. Now, I personally believe that blogs are still one of the fastest growing inside phenomenons and a great way to start building an audience online. So in this course, I will actually break down all of my blogging secrets and for you to take action on your own blogging journey. So if you're currently looking to start your first ever blogged as a complete beginner. This course is perfect for you. I myself hate technical jargon, so I will break down all of the technical jargon for you and therefore it all makes sense you from day one. And also I will encourage and inspire you along the way to make sure you know what kind of content that you can create and what will actually speak out to your true self rather than being like every other voices online. Ultimately, I want to teach you how to create an eye-catching blog with an international audience all within hours actually, and, and little to no cost. So welcome to your first ever blogging journey. And I look forward to seeing you in the course. 2. Your Class Project: So welcome to your class project. In this class project, I want you to think about your top three main topics that you want to write about online. And don't worry, is not set in stone, is not forever. It's definitely something that you can evolve over time width by 12 to come up with the top three things that you're passionate about and you want to share with others online. I look forward to seeing your results. 3. Your Blogging Goals and Inspirations: before we start creating that blogger, your dreams. Here is a little introduction to get you in the right mindset and set you up for success. One thing to remember in blogging that's super important is to make sure that you have a voice and that you're known echo of everyone else out there. And secondly, it will always seem impossible until it's actually done. And that's true across so many things, especially in blogging. Trust me. When I first started, I took probably more than a week to actually just to even create a simple website that I'm satisfied with from my block. But the perfection that side of me actually help me back. Um, Amy, take a lot longer than I should have to create something that I'm finally happy with. And here's a little truth, and no one really tells you about blogging. You are actually your own best secret weapon. Your blawg. It's full of you and your personal brand of goodness. No one can ever take that away from you. Think of all the things that someone could copy from you. They could rip off your website, design your logo, your writing style, your images or your social media posts. They can, and they probably will. But you see, no one can never take away your uniqueness. No one would ever have your exact traits that makes you uniquely who you are. Are you incredibly serious and studios, or maybe your huge fun of romantic comedies? Or perhaps you traveled the globe the lost 30 40 years. Or maybe you're just really interested in the difference of various species of lizards? I don't know, but there's something about you that makes you uniquely you. And that is why readers will come back to your block time and time again. So here's a question I want to ask you. What is your secret superpower that no one else has? Start with what you believe in your mission. Well, you're passionate about. Then dive deeper into how you can stand out from the crowd. There's something special in every single one of us, and it might just take that blogger yours to get it out. So don't be an echo. Start with your own voice and your audience will love you for it and lost Lee. I just want to mention that making a blawg, it could be the easy part, but it will require a lot of effort on your part to carry 1/3. So made that decision today that you will be consistent with your blogging time and time again. It's an activity that requires law, time and efforts, devotion, commitment and lots of discipline. And just to be clear, these are all good things to embrace. They will help to get the most of your life and your time creating the bloody just the beginning. And the hard part is actually called me up. So make sure that you set yourself, ah, great standards right regularly to your dedicated readers. Create the blawg with a long vision in mind and you will succeed. 4. What is Blogging?: what is blogging and why you should do it in this section. I want to take you back and help you understand blogging. Ah, lot better and the type of opportunities there are out there for your new block. I like to define blogging as a unique platform to share your thoughts, feelings, opinions on experiences with your audience. Think about it. We all love to recommend something we found enjoyable or beneficial, whether it could be a nice restaurant. Ah, great book or a new outlook in life. The fullness of joy is no experienced until we have share that joy with others. A block provides an opportunity to do that very thing to share. It provides a platform to share the joy we have experienced on recommend good things we have discovered to others. Blogging tops into the hair and joy we have since the beginning of time by passing of ICTs through wars of mouth, except now doing it on a digital platform with ability to expand our audience to millions or even billions. The power of technology has changed the way we broadcast our views. Play has not changed the way we connect between ourselves as human beings. There are many forms of blogging on doesn't just involve writing. Surprisingly, as you may find out, there are video blocks on YouTube all your block, such as Paul casts and photo blog's like on Instagram and many more different forms. So don't limit yourself, which is one form of medium. Instead, go for the ones that speak to your natural form of communication. The best enjoy this powerful platform and the men's responsibility that comes with it. 5. Your Blogging Potential: and just a showcase. How popular blogging became as a career or just a Zahavi. There are actually, on average, 3.9 million block posts written every single day, as quoted by Technorati. Although there this many blog's being written every day, don't be discouraged. This can only mean that there's so many opportunities and so many topics to ride about around your passions on your mission in the world. The amount of opportunity in the online world is expanding every minute of every day until it's in 16. There were 3.5 billion users online, and this number is expected expand to 7.6 billion by 2020. That means there are over 2.9 billion users for you to potentially reach out to in the next four years. That's 2.9 billions off new readers, and the opportunities are just endless 6. Choosing a Profitable Topic for Your Blog: And now I'm gonna show you how to choose a profitable topic for your blawg and something that you be into the right for for a very long time. How to find your ideal topic. There's so many factors to consider when selecting a topic that would produce desirable profits for yourself or you allow you to build a large and dedicate the audience for your blog's. I'm sure right now in your head they're selling different ideas that you're thinking about . But here, the things that you need to consider you must think about the public interest. Your knowledge of the topic is longevity, and the audience is interest in that topic. It's also very important to look at your competition and develop a way to deliver content that is very different. That's a lot better and even more engaging. Start by bringing storming several possible topics you might like to use and then consider these following factors. First audience. Who's the audience for this topic? As a blogger? Will you be able to cater to the audience and right or produce content in the way that the all aliens will relate to second long term appeal? This is topic have a long term of hell. Can you write for a long period time on this topic over and over again without running out of ideas? Will it still be relevant in, let's say, six months time or a year's time, or even two or five years or 10 years from now? Thirdly, global region size. How big is this target audience for the topic? How will you reach the intended audience to tell them about your block? The bigger doesn't always mean the better. Sometimes a niche might be just what you're looking for. A swell, so make sure to consider carefully fourth, constant generation. How will there be enough to write about topic in the future? I mean off the top of your head? Can you write down at least 25 things you like to block about in the future? And trees? Will you be able to come up with a new thing to block about every week, for instance, if that's how regularly you want to block, or just something to keep your content fresh over the long term so your readers will not get bored. Fifth competition. Very importantly, how much competition is there? a base in your topic. If there are a lot of people rising about it, that's actually a good thing, because that means they're actually an interesting market of tall, your target audience who are willing to read about what you have to say. Consider other blog's research on the websites, magazines and your industry. Newspapers newsletters Look on YouTube for a different type of logs, TV shows, radio shows, Paul casts, Facebook pages and any of the content that's out there that's already targeting your audience. What they're saying to them, what's their most popular topic? How did actually reach out there? All the ins effectively learn and take notes on Lost Lee. New approaches Do you have a new angle or perspective that you can do differently to make your own content? Even Maura peeling, engaging, entertaining or more interactive 7. Your Target Readers: and now I really want to focus on your target readers and make sure that we get this one right before you even create that Blawg. Believe it or not, writing for a few is actually easier than writing for many, and that's true in so many ways. So without target audience, it can be really difficult to keep our topics and block post ideas on track. Think about the rights. If you're reading a block post that's targeted a many different type of people, do you feel like it's actually speaking out to you? Probably not. So what's stopping us from writing apart lizards one day and business another, For instance, when we find and understand our target audience, we now our focus on make topics elections so much easier if our audience our lizard and through the ass, for instance, what topics are you going to choose now in your audiences instantly make us more strategic and focused. The audience have needs and preferences. They're very unique to them if we're still targeting. Although mechanics on, let's say, lizard through the ESTs, no, only do we know that we need to write about cars and lizards but specifically how to fix cars, for instance, this can lead us to write articles about certain car accessories, radios, repair of methods and maybe even in Southern used are important to them. Like specific races, they're happening around the world. Even within a very niche topic. There are so many things to write about. If you just bring storm the right way, which I will show you later on, you should be asking yourself these four main questions when think about your ideal audience and readers. If you don't yet know the answer to these questions, and then the most important thing to do right now is to figure them out before you go on to the next slide. So number one. What type of things are they interested in? To what topics do they think about the most? Three? What are their most common problems that may need solving. For instance, if you're writing a travel block, for instance, then think about the things that people are researching for when they're searching for flights online. Perhaps you'd like to know about the best deal of star going on with different and flight companies the moment or perhaps one of the best things that he can eat or stay or play in the specific city. And lastly, what keeps him up at night? What type of problems do you think that they might be having? So these are over interesting questions that you need to make sure you know about your audience before you start writing your content. Another great way to understand our audience is to do some basic research, while other bloggers are your audience reading of the moment. Can we find any similarities? In order to understand our target audience, we must follow along with what they do by following them on Twitter or read in the same block, say read. We have to know where they're coming from and what they enjoyed the most. Once we chose in the audience and you talk to them, understand where they're coming from, as well as developing understanding of who they are and what they want to hear from us the most. Then we will need to apply it to our writing. This goes beyond the topics and categories that we select and should be embedded directly into the words that we will put on the page on our website 8. Idea Generation - Blogging Topics: here are some general areas of topics for you to consider that I thought might be really helpful. For every potential blogging topic, You can offer a range of opinions, experiences, your commentary and how to information. Plus, you can delve into sub topics or related themes. You can also focus on any controversy or trending topic. There are surrounding this current area as a way to engage your audience. Even better, the falling in just a few general areas he might consider blogging about one industry oriented topics focus on the specific industry on block about that industry as a whole, much of the time preparing the content. It will be spend searching for industry news, fully industry trends on doing, reporting on industry breakthroughs and discussing any potential news I might be flowing around. Personal Blog's. This will be based on a lawyer interests and hobbies. Many successful bloggers don't cover just one specific topic, but rather they might cover a variety topics in a very entertaining way. If you're good at making people laugh that maybe try doing humor, blogger, or if you're artists, photographer, musician, songwriter, poet or other creative types of people, you could share your work online bill. Defend based that way. Political topics. If you have in an in form and insightful opinion or an interesting way to communicate your opinions, thoughts and ideas, then you should consider a political blawg. And if you like to run a political blawg but not assert your personal opinion, consider doing your blawg as a filter for your readers to think about all the political spins air happening at the moment. Fourth, perhaps the hobby or special interest. Blawg. Many people have achieve incredible success by simply choosing and topic. They were ready passion about their hobbies. In the blogosphere, you'll find entertaining, informative, gossipy and how two blocks about all sorts of stuff. The trick for these type of blog's It's a fun in each that you know about on are interested in and can share unique perspective about that topic. And lastly, just a general interest block. Don't limit yourselves the topic areas discussed so far there are thousands of possibilities have yet to be explored. You never know what will catch on or spark the interest of millions of people, especially given the wall far effect off the Internet. If you have a crazy idea that my just work, then go ahead and give it a shot. The most important thing to remember when choosing a topic to block about is to choose a topic that won't dry up. Public interest rarely stays on one topic for a very long time, so be sure the choose a topic that has held the interest of your target audience for a very long time. I will continue to do so in the future. 9. Choosing Your Blogging Platform: Hi. In this lesson, I will be going over how you actually choose a blogging platform that's appropriate for your blawg before diving into this amazing list, it really helps to know what kind of blogging platform you're actually looking for. Now, as a beginner, you'll want a blogging platform that's easy to set up and doesn't require any coding skills . And also you want to think about what kind of blawg you want to create now. And how about is the future? As your blood grows, you might want to change the look of your site and ask some more features for your growing audience. That means it's important to choose a blogging platform that is very flexible, free needs but also has the potential room to grow into something amazing. Starting off with the wrong platform will make it very difficult to switch later on on. I will go into more detail on that later, so make sure you keep that in mind and make sure that you choose very carefully on Lost Lee . If you don't have any plans to make any money from your blood just yet, maybe it's very smart to make sure that you do have the option to do that in the future. And on this slide, I've included five different blogging platforms that I will go through in this course off course. There are other small and niche platforms out there as well. But for the majority of blogging needs, these four platforms will fulfill all your needs wonderfully. 10. Introduction to wordpress dot work is the world's most popular blogging software. If you ask any off the professional bloggers out there, most of them will recommend wordpress dot or to you. It's very easy, confused, War pressed all or go with wordpress dot com, which is a block hosting service in my next light. And the key difference for that is war Preston, or is actually a self hosted open source software that you do. You can integrate into your website and allows the bill, your website or blogger on your own. Because it's a self hosted solution. It also means that you will need a son a way. The WordPress hosting provider, however, were president, or it gives you control over every aspect of your website. You can grow your blawg with additional features like forums online store uneven. Integrate a membership option to it should you want do that in the future. There are also thousands of free and premium WordPress themes, which are block and website designs that you can easily install onto war press. This will allow you to create a beautiful website that stands out apart from all the other bloggers out there and yours get access to more than 45,000 free plug ins. At the moment. These plugging zehr like APS for your work press blawg If you think in that way, which really allow you to add all kinds of new features that you would not be the do before war press dot were came out, so I highly highly recommend it. Andi also is very search engine friendly, which you'll learn later slides that is ridiculously helpful for your blog's. Now the only cons for this is that you'll have to learn how to manage your own website with a little bit of learning curve. Of course, you will have to manage your own backups and security and also learn how to actually by hosting and then install this software onto your website. But with a bit of learning and the bid tutorials, you'll get it in no time. So in this course, I will be covering war press dot org's on the Step by step tutorials on helping you to install that on your website within an hour's time. Now the software is free of charge, but you need to buy domain name, which will cost you around 10 to $15 a year, depending on where you buy from. I really like Go Daddy and named cheap and hosting. If you buy that, it will usually start from about 3 to $8 a month on again. That depends on where you go with us. Well, so there's like the Blue Host. I used this company called Vita Host, which I'm happy to link in in the common side and also within the resource pack so you guys can reference that to it, and hopefully that's been very helpful for you. 11. Introduction to Blogger: Now let's look at Blogger. Blogger is actually one the oldest blogging platforms out there, and currently it's run by Google. So all you need to do to sign up it's your standard Google account that can use the log in . And similarly to wordpress dot com. Blogger takes care of all the technical heavy lifting in terms of setting everything up and allow you to just focus on creating the content. This costs nothing as well, and there is hosting included because blogger takes care the host in your blawg for no additional payment. And by default, you will get a sub domain like your domain dot block spot dot com. You can hook up your costume domain to, but you have to buy separately. Like I mentioned can do that through Go Daddy or name cheap. Where any of the other domain name purchased platforms out there, you don't need any prior skills to use. Blogger is very easy use, although a little bit outdated compared to some of the more modern solutions like wordpress dot com, dimension earlier or another platform call medium, which you've seen another slide. Selling of your blog's is still very easy and quick and no skills required to start blogging right away. There are other designs available. You can use this done or layoff letter within Blogger or you Kashi purchased additional blogger themes on the Internet. Unfortunately, with this one someone to war pressed all calm. There are no external plug ins available, so if you do on the additional cost immunizations, this is probably not the platform for you. It's great, however, for a hobby blogger or just a personal blow that you're using to record your daily thoughts . 12. Introduction to Tumblr: Tumblr tumblers. Interesting because it's a very hip and trend. The micro blogging hosts the platform with a social network aspect to it as well. It's optimized specifically for bloggers who want to publish your form content. Such a Z Micro blog's quotes, images, videos, Onda animated GIFs Yeah, you know the ones that you see all around Twitter. Andi Instagram, for instance. Tumbler is also community of users who are ready to promote uncommon on each other's work, so it's very sociable. It calls zero to actually starts and Tumbler host your blog's for no additional costs. By default. You got a sub domain like your domain dot tumbler dot com, and hooking up to your own custom domain is possible to, but you'll have to buy the domain elsewhere again. There are absolutely no skills required. Start and run Tumbler blawg. This interface is very easy to use of old the blogging platforms I presented here. Andi, it's easy for you to get integrated into community afterwards as well. I see you was quickly. We'll see. Once you start using the platform, there are lots of designs you can choose from, although many of them, you might to pay for and there are no plugging zor extensions we do use. Unfortunately, this is a very perfect blawg if you want to have an easy start into blogging and also using very short form content, which is very easy for you to actually maintain the consistency. And if you're not looking to turn your blogging to a business project, this is a good one to just dip your toes in and try it out. 13. Introduction to Medium: medium for those riders and blog's were looking to build their brand medium is a great place to get readers to instantly see your stories. It actually started out as a publishing platform for everyone's block post stories and articles and actually grew in popularly, a lot in the last few years. It's basically a community of writers and bloggers, all using the same looking site design to share their opinions and stories on various topics. It doesn't cost anything to start and medium handles all the hosting completely. Everyone gets to publish under their profile name, which is medium dot com slash at name. However, quite recently, medium enables users to hook up their own custom domains to individual stories on medium again. This means that individual stories can now use custom domains. No individual user profiles Andi. It's extremely easy to use. Are you going to do sign up on the website and can start publishing your story post straight away? There are little known learning curve on this one. Unfortunately, everyone do you get the same design, but it's beautifully designed and enhance for reading on the website 14. Overview of the Best Blog Setup: All right, This is exciting part guys. We're gonna be learning how to set up and design your blawg in this section. I will show you how to install your blawg in three simple steps. First, I will show you how to buy Oh, domain name and choosing the right hosting so you can give you a website, a home on the internet. Second, I will show you through a step by step tutorial on how to install war pressed all Orc platform onto yourself hosted site. And lastly, I will show you how to pick a beautiful design and installing this design theme onto your website. 15. Choosing a Domain Name: purchase your own domain ing. Having your own domain name is important because it's your first impression toe Website visitors. You'll make your website look a lot more professional by having your own dot com dot koller dot net, and it will probably affect your ranking search engines. You're define who you are as a brand. With that in mind, you should put in some thoughts into your domain name, but not too much. If you call it with something you like, just give it a go, and you can change a later as well. But here are a few tips to get you started. One. Choose your brand over generic up. Randall Domain name is unique and stands out from the competition on a generic domain. Name is usually stuff with keywords on. The memorable on will seem very spammy. Second, you want to keep it short and concise. According to research, the top 100 websites have approximately six characters. Needle, domain, name and no more. Third, you want to have a easy to type and pronounce your domain names. Roll off the tips, your fingers and the tip of your tongue without any problem, and that will make it very memorable was while two other people, if you haven't bought the domain name just yet. I recommend using name cheap or Gold Audi, both of which of used in the past and one the other places to get some inspiration is war doit dot com, where you'll be able to find variety domain names in different characters that they've used to mix up to create interesting sounding words that you'll have as your unique name. 16. Purchase Your Domain Hosting: purchasing your website. Hosting your website is actually stored in the server so you can be accessed over the Internet. But everyone else around the world satanically you're hosting is, ah, home to your own blawg on the Internet, and you want to make sure that you're buying hosting from a company that is reputable and reliable. I've been using vita host dot com for lost six or seven years, and if you want to, he can actually purchase hosting from them using the discount code Laurie to get your 10% discount. Next, I will be showing you the step by step tutorial off installing were pressed on ork using the hosting and a domain that you just purchased. 17. Connecting Your Domain and Hosting & Installing Wordpress: This is a tutorial on how to set up your domain name and your hosting for your blog's. So the company I used for my hosting is called Vita Host, and you can find them on vita hosts dot com. So with this company, would they do? Is they actually offer? Ah, freedom may name for your starter plan, so I'll show you the plan quickly. Here, Um, if you go to hosting and then go to cloud hosting. So here you can see the different type of plan that you can have and I recommend to start off with. Go with the starter plan, Which gives you a freedom. A name, um, free website migration. If you're currently having your block somewhere else or on the existing blow that you don't like Andi. Also here we get two gigabytes of storage hosting for six websites and you get 25 mailboxes and this is a fantastic deal for 299 month where he contested out for yourself. See how you like this company or if you want to go for a bit more support going forward, you can always go for the medium plan down the line. So Now I want to show you what it actually looks like once you have actually gone through purchasing the 299 months starter plan with me. The host So what? They don't is actually sent me an email to my personal email. With all the details, I will need to set my website up in this case, your own control panel for your website is actually based on your own domain slash C panel . So for me, it will be Laurie weighing dot com slash c panel and now is taking me directly to the log in page. And this is why. Looks like once you have locked in, I've gone for a much higher price plan giving the man of websites I managed. However, the interface will look exactly the same for you as well, and is very easy to use now. I've just locked in into my name cheap dot com accounts and this is the domain that I purchase previously. The reason why I didn't get it from Vita hosts because unfortunately, I missed the deal that they offered now, which essentially gives you a free domain. So I've actually purchased all the mine domain previously myself. And now the big question is, how do you actually connect your domain to your hosting? So if you have purchased your domain separately like me, then this next step will be very crucial for you. So for me, next step will be going to the manage and from here since the lows and you see that we'll have to put in some details. So I pre filled out my custom DNs, which will be provided to you by Rita Host Once you sign up, so you will receive the email with your name servers. Details on here. So for me is in this one video hos dot com. And as to your hotel, come and invest three. So filling this detail as much as you can from what they supplied you, and from here you're pretty much done one to save it. And now we're back in the sea panel screen, Which is why I showed you earlier from here We're gonna do is go into the adult domain link feed Quick on that and this is the part where you can now add your own domain ing because you're points of domain name in named cheap TV the host name servers. Then you can now actually embed it into a C paddle. So let's add it in life, life and well talk come and all this will be pre populated by itself. So once I hit install, you can see that now the domain life a while dot com has been created and were often this year. Let's look good next up to install WordPress. So I'm gonna go back to the home screen off my C panel Quick home here and now you can actually bill straight to WordPress, which is down here in the scripts. And here you come into the soft Oculus, um, interface, which essentially allows you to install WordPress with it. Simple click. It's not easy, guys. I know, right? Um, great. So were you Do is you will be going to install now on from here you can choose your Ural that you've registered previously. So here's life on wall dot com and then you can name choose name for its on this case, for example, saying I'll just do life and, well, I men a blogger about healthy eating great. And here is providing you with the admin signing user name and also your password, which is pre populated by the account you can always change is something that you can remember more easily itself to you. And you have an admin email created for you as well. I will show you guys how to do the emails out towards to create your own. Customized in Madras is very exciting. Great. So I believe this is everything we need. I'm going just changes something like password 123 which is all great. But it is something I want to remember is I consign later easily to show you guys to interface a war press great and then anything else to advance options. This didn't all leave it as it is. I would suggest to back up maybe once a week. That's always a good practice in terms of creating your own site. Um and then that should be It sent installation details, which is my email address. Operate on, let's install. And now just let do his work. Until that bar hits finished. Great. And now you see that this software has been installed successfully on to the website life in well dot com. And here we have our administrative girl, which is the key euro that you will use when you go into your website to start creating your block post. Just click on that right now. So now this is leading me to life on wall. Don't calm slash WP dash admin. It's automatically locked me in, but let me just show you quickly how it looks like when I actually lock out. So here, they giving you a user name? If you remember earlier, it was admin. And for easy. Say to remember this as password. 123 Lock in. Great. And now we're in the dashboard for life and well within war. Press on. I will show you guys in the next video how to actually now use his dashboard and start creating your first book post. 18. Wordpress - Step by Step Tutorial: Now we're in the WordPress dashboard. Let's go over to see the different functionalities. So for you to see the main site that's actually not the intern dashboard, but the public facing site. You can just click on life and well, here on this will take you shoots the site to show you what it looks like. So this is an automatic theme that WordPress will install for you, which looks really clean, the ready and very beautiful. However, he have someone different options with themes that you will come to you when you see the design your block section in this course. So in the sake of this video, I will only go over the different functionalities. And then I will show you the different designs that you can do later on this course. Let's go back into the dashboard by just clicking on life on wall again. I'm here. Great. So, no for you to start your first walk Post is simply going to post. I knew. And here you can start writing a title. My first look post great. And here you can start running the text that you want. Teoh associate with your book posts of for instance, um hello, world. You can also add photos by adding media. So here you can drop in your photo falls to embed into the boat post and then once you're ready, it just published. And Viola, your first propose is now life. Fantastic, Isn't it surprisingly easy as well? It is. Why were prices so eases? Who used once, you know, then stole everything. So I hope you found out really useful Andi seeing the next course.