How to set up and optimize your Etsy shop for best-selling success in Summer 2023 & beyond | Cierra Smith | Skillshare

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How to set up and optimize your Etsy shop for best-selling success in Summer 2023 & beyond

teacher avatar Cierra Smith, Simplifying your next creative passion

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Intro + My expertise background + What to expect


    • 2.

      Positioning your shop competitively & treating it like a business


    • 3.

      Keyword & competitor research + analyses & tools to know


    • 4.

      Expertly create listings


    • 5.

      Optimization process walk through!


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      Customer retention & attracting new customers


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      Best selling product hack for product mix expansion, product creation, & strategic product positioni


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About This Class

Let me manage and optimize your shop for you --> My Upwork Profile (Featuring my portfolio, client reviews, + total job count)

Connect with me on LinkedIn --> My LinkedIn Profile

This course features every best-selling hack that I've learned in my 4 years of managing and optimizing Etsy shops, leading me to become one of Upwork's best-selling freelancers and experts in the Etsy space. 

In this course, I address everything from mindset and competitive positioning to keyword, competitor, and marketplace research to shop analysis and listing creation. Follow for future courses!

Follow me on Etsy to stay up to date with all my latest resources catered towards Etsy shop owners and entrepreneurs -->

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Cierra Smith

Simplifying your next creative passion

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1. Intro + My expertise background + What to expect: Hello everybody, my name is Sarah Smith. I'm the founder of culture, its simplicity on Etsy and the shops solutions. I have an optimizing Etsy shops since 2019. And that was the same year that I found in my own shop, courtroom simplicity. In this course, I want to share all the expertise that I have obtained over the years, both through my work trial and error and through consulting with various other experts on Etsy platforms, I want to just make this a very concise course that can give you a very actionable to-do action plan going into either creating your shop or optimizing the shop that you already have. But this course is for you. If you, if you have no sales at all, you don't even have a shop. Or if you have made 20 K plus sale is 100 K plus revenue. This is for you. I want to help you optimize your products so you have best-selling success, and I have done that for other shots as well. I have worked on Laurel large and Etsy adult creators online, The Wonder seeds and others. Quite a few shots and I'll include my links down below so you can check everything out for credibility verification. But this course is going to be very concise and I want to keep it pretty quick as well because I recognize that your time is very valuable and I want to make sure that this is just as detailed as possible in the shortest amount of time. So we're going to get straight to the course and I hope you're excited and make sure you, It's a notebook out or something to take some notes. 2. Positioning your shop competitively & treating it like a business: Put up a course titled Etsy shop SEO in 2023. Verbatim the name that really had to do deal a lot more adjust that search engine optimization aspects of managing that C-sharp, this course is going to be, the whole shebang is going to be extremely comprehensive and just deal with all of the management that has to go into an Etsy shop. Because quite frankly, it's not just SEO and it's not just one and done, even if you are offering print, on-demand or digital downloads, It's the setting of Etsy shop and managing one is not passive unfortunately, but it can be quite a minimum time commitment. So at any given point, this is something that I've had to work on myself. And this is what this first video is going to be a bit more about, the mindset going into setting up a shot for Beslan success. You, at any given point in your Etsy shop journey, you're probably going to have to dedicate 5 h a week, at least starting out, it's gonna be more hours in a week. But after that, when some other sellers are going to be going into what they consider to be their passive stage. Everything is set up and all they have to do is wait for the orders come in. You're still going to be putting in at least 5 h a week. Ideally. You want it to be maybe just 5 h a week because I am speaking about this. Assuming that you have products that are largely passive, like I said, print on demand, our digital downloads. If you are offering like physical products where you are hand creating it, you're an artist. It's gonna be more than 5 h because you're actually going to be filling orders manually. But if you're not fulfilling orders annually, 5 h a week should still be your aim. So going into starting at an Etsy shop, don't just think of it as a passion project. This is a business, okay? It is a business. And you've been asked to manage every single aspect and look at things like a businesswoman like or businessman or an analyst. You're going to have to wear all the hats that have to go into managing a business. So at some point this very well could and should means like social media management. You're going to say no how to write descriptions, the search engine optimization creating, listing images that capture and value propositions. You're going to have to be like a project manager with priority management. And of course, at some point you can outsource help. You can even outsource help going into it if you're not good at creating products. But just keep in mind that somebody's going to have to be wearing these hats and they're going to have to be managed. So mindset, mindset, I want you to go to go into creating an Etsy shop. If you don't already have any products or if you have products and you are willing to expand your product mix. I want you to focus on your audience. Who is your customer that is going to make you sales a lot more than focusing on who your niche is. Definitely don't target and trending niche because Nietzsche's trend and they go away. But a customer, an audience, they don't go away. They're always there. That is who people are. And it is easier and more profitable to target a customer because they, they shop, they have a shopping behavior and you can figure out what's going wrong when your sales start dropping. We can figure out what's going right and they started increasing. You can figure out where you need to be on the web to know more about your target audience so that you can write like them and you could offer products that you want. But often the sales that they want, you can understand what their biggest pain points are, what product advantages they most greatly value. It's easier to market to target audience and it's more profitable and keep me about it at some point you want to have an email list as well. Because that is how you going to bring back repeat buyers. You're going to have engagement at some point if you launch your social media pages, you can turn those email subscribers into followers. It's really important to have an email list at some point, I know there's something that a lot people don't have, but it really is because what you can repeat buyers, they're more profitable. I'm sure you've heard before that this is a lot a lot easier to keep a bar than it is to bring in a new one. So we have Iris Xe has even less. And that's why it's important that you're targeting a target audience. Because you are going to know how to write those emails in a way that resonates with them. So going to your Etsy shop, focused on your target customer, your target audience, not the niche, because that is also going to help you to expand. If you know that your target audience is maybe like dog owners or dog lovers who don't have dogs. That would make sure that that will make sure you position your products in a way that you are not offering customizations and stuff because that's not really what they value. They don't have a dog. They are valuing something else. They're valuing dog office decor, dog that decor dog bathroom, Nucor. They don't, they're not looking for pet portraits because they don't have a pet. They're not looking for the customization, but you weren't going to the whole dog portrait space like that. It really wouldn't make sense for you to not be offering customization. That is a huge product advantage for the audience of dog owners. I hope That's pretty, pretty brief explanation of it. Consider which product advantage is do they value most? You would want to think about customization, free shipping, fast shipping, variety of options, low-price. Is this a price instead of audience? If it's a price sensitive audience, you may not want to be targeting them because it wants your prices are going up, they'll start dropping out. Do you want to figure out a profitable target audience? Once you figure that out, like I say, figure out what like what kind of shipping they value, what their customization offers like, what do they value regarding customization and variety of options, what are your top competitors offering? The top administrators that are also marketing does sustain target audience. If you are looking to market to the exact same target audience as a couple of other, or maybe one other top seller, top competitor. Look at their product photos, the language that they write in their social media pages. Look at everything. You know, there's shop front, the cohesiveness. What is the aesthetic of the photos? What is the aesthetic of their brand, like? What are they offering to their buyers? Is it like a premium lifestyle experience? Clearly, a lot of time some of the top slides are targeting a more premium, no target customer, because it's just a lot more profitable that way and their positions or product as such. So you want your own shop to be at their level. You have to replicate them and be better once you've had that profitable target customer figured out and you know how to market to them by writing in the way that they're searching. You also kinda wanna do a very brief swat analysis of your shop and swat analysis, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This doesn't even have to be a full writing down process. It could just be, you know, your thought process. So a swat like what are your shots strengths. Do you have more variety there than your competition? Your photos more attractive? Do they convey value? Are you targeting longer tail keywords over short tail keywords like a long tail. I always want to briefly explain what I mean with that. So a long-tail keyword would be artistic dog decor. I don't know. That's pretty, that's kinda random, but artistic dog the court will be a longer tail keywords and dog the core by itself gets a lot more competitors are targeting dog decor. Your shank would be in targeting relevant long-tail keywords. Because when people are shopping with long tail keywords, they're normally ready to make a purchase. They've narrowed down their search to get it, to get selection of products that they actually want to buy. Are you targeting keywords that have to do with gifts? On Etsy? Gifting is a lot when people come for him, when people are searching gifts, they've already made a decision to buy allow the times they know that they need to give. The question is, what are they going to be buying? But it's going to, at some point of purchase is going to be made. So if you're able to position your products as gifts, definitely, definitely do so. Another strength would be if you have a strong social media presence. Course redirecting traffic from an external platform. Social media, That's great As he's going to reward you for it within the search algorithm. Like it makes sense because if you are bringing customers to their platform, that is, that's a huge plus for them. So they're going to promote you accordingly. And if you have an external shock to do to direct traffic, traffic foam as well like another Amazon shop or a Shopify shop, or just a shop somewhere else that you can also be delivering traffic to Etsy from if you're delivering external traffic to Etsy, that is a strength. Some weaknesses. Are you offering less variety? You can think of predators? Are your photos unattractive? Do your photos not convey value? Are you targeting short tail keywords? That is a huge weakness if you are only targeting short tail keywords. And if your photos don't convey the value that your credits are offering, especially if your products are actually par value and the higher value than your competitors. But you're not highlighting that both with a leg, both on the product photos and within the description and preferably like a bulleted lists or something, then that is a weakness because buyers don't know that you have a higher value proposition. Your shop opportunities that are you, could you build a social media following? Could you repackage your best-selling products to target more keywords? And my repackaging, I mean, just using a whole new set of keywords, changing the title, the description and tags, and then new product photos as well. But it's the same product, you're just repackaging it. That would be an opportunity. Could you offer free shipping by building the cost into the price of your listings and see actually has their shipping guaranteed. Don't really know how much that actually factors into search position, but they say that in fact is a little bit into position. So if you're able to offer free shipping guaranteed by building the shipping costs into your product prices. That can be, I would say that's an opportunity. What are your shops threads? Are you entering or already in a saturated niche? Lot of saturated niches on Etsy. Jewelry is a hue saturated, nice clothing, whereas these are pretty broad and uses as well. But even if you want to narrow it down a bit like V and accessories like that's still saturated and you can always enter a saturated nice, but just bear in mind that you are going to have to put in a lot more work to actually get seen by buyers. And a lot of times you're going to end up after you use the more paid marketing strategies to make sure that you're showing up. So just bear that in mind. I would say that that's always a thread entering a saturated knees. Are other competitors off or they cost-cutting. Are they offering cost-cutting products? Like are there? Their products are essentially the same as yours, but they are offering like crazy low prices that are just going to put you out of puts you out of business. Because at the end of the day, if customer can tell that somebody else is offering a product of equal value, but it's just a lot cheaper. They're going to buy the cheaper products. You know, it's a different story. If the cheaper product looks cheaper and it's not offering the same value and it has bad reviews. But if it had good reviews and it clearly is offering the same value, that is a huge threat to you. And you might be, why can compensate by lowering my price is that's still a threat because you're really cutting into your own profit margin and you're reducing your revenue. So that's the thread. Cost-cutting products is always a threat. And that's especially in digital product niches. Lot of times, digital products, digital products stores will cut their prices because they can, that isn't a passive product at that point, so they are able to do that. So you have to monitor what, what your specific industry is looking like to know how to position your prices. And that is why you want to make sure that your shop is untouchable. Like you have a loyal Target, you have a loyal target customer, loyal repeat buyers. You position yourself in a way that even if there are cheaper products out there, people are still going to be coming back to your shop. So you are putting yourself in a way and I'll, I'll touch on that a bit more as well. But keep in mind that the stuff that I'm saying, it's very general. So you're gonna have to do research within your own competitors. Within, like I said, your target customer got it to research on your own to figure out how to make your shop untouchable. Another thread would be competitors, really high marketing budgets on Etsy. A lot of times when we are working people who don't have a business, maybe you weren't full-time and you're essentially competing sometimes. But actual businesses that I've decided to expand on to FZ, that's a threat when they have a much higher marketing budget. Another drought would be competitors offer products that address pain points that your own shots products don't. They've done research and wanting to your target customer and they know your target customers pinpoints better than you do. And they're addressing them, those pain points, then yeah, they're gonna get more sales. And that's a thread. So you can kind of figure that out. And I'll touch a bit more on how you could figure it out. Pinpoints that you're not addressing within later videos. Let's go ahead and move into the next video. 3. Keyword & competitor research + analyses & tools to know: So that last video was pretty intense and covered a lot of material in there. So I'm gonna kinda continue off of that a bed, but moving slightly into a different direction. Regarding more about product research and keyword research, some very important stuff. So lucky I mentioned some threats do come up within your competitors. Sometimes you don't really know what advantages you need to be offering through your products. You don't know what pain points that your target customer has. Hopefully your research has proven to you, you know, who your target audience is and what the greatest value. But if it hasn't, you can do someone research by looking at your competitors products and looking at the reviews. I'm talking about best-selling products and looking at their views. When you look at positive reviews, you can pretty quickly figure out what people love about a certain products. And these are factors that need to be implemented in your own products. And then we look at their negative reviews or their butts and the four-star reviews. You can also figure out shortcomings and get capitalize on those gaps that your competitors are not filling. Look at both the negative and positive reviews when you were trying to do some product research. Since this can also help you in creating, creating products, you know what to include in them. But if you already have those features within your products, you just know that you need to highlight them. Sometimes people even will purchase gasoline products to look at them very closely and differentiate your own products. And this can also include the purchasing process. Once you buy a product, you can see what your competitors are doing and see if they're following up and then see how their packaging looks. You can see what kind of sales you're offering promo codes. There's a lot you can see when you actually purchase a product. You don't want to start replicating stuff. You don't want to infringe on anybody's like copyrights. You, you want your products to be differentiated, so be careful of that, but you can look closely to make sure that you're replicating the purchase process and making sure that what you're offering is exactly on par or above it, what they're offering. So once again, you may also want to look at sales and set your pricing and pricing strategies around what your competitors, competitors are doing. If they're offering evergreen sales of 50% off, then you should probably be doing that as well. But said it using sales to price your products to where they would be originally. So it's not really sale, but it looks like a sale. So if your product is worth $20, you want to sell it for $20, then you would set it to be above $20. So you could use a discount and get it back down to $20 to make sure that customers make sure that it appears that your products are very high value. You just have to be discounting them and the customer is looking at the product. So for some deeper or product research, I have quite a few tools that I could recommend. And I also have a process that I will recommend as well. So use Etsy and, the search bars in conjunction with third-party tools to find low competition, high search volume keywords that are 100% relevant to each product. So I highly recommend prioritizing long tail keywords. These are the longer keywords that are more specific. So I gave earlier like artistic dog to coordinate a great example, but that would be a long-tail keyword overdrawn the core by itself. So Target long tail keywords that you are using these third-party tools to validate, making sure there's, there's actually high search volume, relatively low competition. Definitely want to look at that. And like I said, intensive competitor analysis as well as see what keywords your competitors are targeting. Sometimes this doesn't mean like replicating what keywords are targeting, but knowing what direction to take your products in. So if there, if there are targeting certain keywords, so much, It's as easy as you typing in the key risk that they're targeting into the search bar and seeing what Etsy is recommending. And then using the third-party tools like Crump, their Chrome Extensions. I'm going to mention them in just a bit that will show you the stats that East search query has associated with it. So it'll show you search volume and it will show you in a competition when she kinda click into it and do a bit more research. So those tools that I would recommend, I have played around with quite a few of them, and I feel that each of them does offer some pretty unique advantages for those Chrome extensions, sale samurai and ever be, I would actually recommend both of them because they have different numbers. And that's a big concerning when you are trying to figure out search, you know, search volume per search query, like they'll show different numbers next to the search query when you're typing it in. But generally, they're both trending within the same. Like if a search query is higher on one every B, then it's also going to be higher searches on steel Samaria as well, but it could just be different languages. So I like to have both to kinda find a middle point between what those numbers are. I forgot how profitable that search term actually is. And also every instill some arrivals really good for product research and looking more in depth than what your, what your competitors are offering and what products they have are doing. They're doing well. Because when you're looking at SU can't really, lot of times Unless they have an enable, you can't tell sales volume history, but those Chrome extensions will not tell you how many times the product has told the anticipated estimated revenue. These are estimates, but normally they're pretty accurate due to what these, what these tools are doing on the, and they're pretty accurate estimates. And it can help you to decide how profitable you offering a product actually would be. Product researchers rate within every B and sales samurai, I would also arcuated eat I use the Pro plan just for Competitor analysis as well and finding keywords. All these tools in conjunction, I would definitely say, is the best route to go. Rank will offer you a bunch of ideas within one database and sodas, sales samurai and every view. I just feel like earrings seems to be a bit more comprehensive. And it just offers a different, offers more functionality than the other two platforms do. But in conjunction, I think it's really smart to use them together. You'll notice that you won't see a lot of times it won't even show search terms that when you type it. And so we started having something to Etsy still samurai and everybody was show that there are stats for like people are searching for these search terms, but they're not showing up in earring. Earring will still show the very hot, like the highest volume search terms. I know the normal go down and start showing really low volume search term as well. And I don't exactly know what criteria lyse them, know which ones to put in there or not. I think the thing we're working with what they've paid at t to access because at two dozen, they don't sell all of their data. And what it is is that they sell different pieces of different companies using them altogether and conjunction makes for the most comprehensive and best optimization strategy because they're selling different pieces of data. And I've heard this from different sources, that they're not going to sell it off because that's extremely valuable. And I think it has to do with privacy as well. They're selling different chunks of their data to different companies. And I would also recommend I recommend marmalade actually a little bit less than the other ones, just because I don't use it as much, but I do still feel like it's pretty comprehensive. And I think they have some cool features like you can search. Those show which keywords byproduct photo people are targeting. So I think that that's pretty cool. So you can see like one keyword, you could see all the products for product photos for one keyword versus another. And when you type in a related keyword, I'm not doing a great job explaining it. But if you type in dog the core, this is a newer feature by the way too, but they will show the product photos and those show the keyword that another keyword that the people who are targeting dog decor or using. So if somebody is targeting dark decor, they'll show ordered by number like the photos that have to do with dog. Dog and dog are keywords. They're going to sell. Dog decor and dog wall art keywords like how many people are targeting these key barriers and conjunction like both of them. I knew that there was an okay way of explaining it for some more Google just Google Google specific, but like come on. Like I said, 30% of purchases start on Google. So Google is clearly huge. So tools that use Google data are really good to use as well for optimization of your Etsy shop. Your Etsy shop products also show up on Google and they're normally show up in Google shopping. But if you'd like your sponsor, those shaky show up like right at the top. Even if you've just typed in a product like search term on Google, they get social but the top with your sponsor, but they will also show up. I'm going to Google Shopping if they are relevant to what the buyer typed in. So the tools that I recommend for, you know, not at tubes to fake search engine optimization and would be key search and keywords everywhere. Those are the two that I can recommend for right now, but Google trends as well, I don't really use that a whole bunch, but it'll also show trends by data. I think it can be really helpful for figuring out whether you actually want to go into creating a new product. Figuring out whether it's just currently trending or if it's something that's always in demand. And also can help you plan for big seasons, holiday seasons as well. So those are the search tools that I recommend and everything is going to be linked down below. I would recommend if you have the times also export the data that you are using, the search term data that you have, the keyword data and putting it in a spreadsheet and order it by sales volume or search volume descending and then competition ascending. So that'll kinda help you help guide your efforts a bit more as you go into creating an optimizing your products. And once you have some keyword ideas, I always would recommend typing the hyper relevant keywords into to see what Etsy is suggesting that. And then use those extensions once again to figure out the best keywords to actually use and figure out if you can make your search terms even more, longer tail, but it's not going to hurt how many are going to be typing your, typing your products, typing in search terms to find your products. So let's move on to the next video. 4. Expertly create listings: Now we're going to move more into the actual listing, creation and optimization processes. In writing titles, you should leave with nouns and follow with adjectives. So you want to write like buyers are searching and buyers are thinking. Like I said, that's why that could target customer research is so important. But when you start titles with nouns, you followed with adjectives. You are capturing the majority of customers who start typing on broad keyword into ETC, and then narrow their search down by the adjectives that Etsy suggests. On the end of the keyword. Dog, the core digital, even though that's not how people would speak in real life, that's how they search, look as though they don't even, a lot of times they don't even realize that that's an option. They don't know exactly what they want. So they're using the search search platforms to help them figure it out. So that's how I would say, right? Like how they are searching and that works, that captures have a lot more of your audience, then writing it in a way that you think that they would actually be speaking. So that research all goes into play with data keyword research. And you've got to know what could they search for to find your product and figure out how to position your products within what they could be searching for. There are a lot of weight directions that somebody could take to find the same product. You need to figure out all of those ways also, when you're creating your products and you were figure out what keywords you want to target. Look at your competitors. This again, comes back to the competitor research and analysis. You want to see how your products would look sitting next to competition in search and those searches are made, your palettes look better or do they look worse? And this does have to do with, of course, with the listing photo, but also what the listing title, and also with the price. All of this goes into play and you'll want to make sure that if you are addressing your customers greatest pain points, that this is highlighted either directly onto the same photo and that's typically better so that you're not using a bunch of keywords. But you could also have it right at the beginning of the listing title, like if you were offering free shipping and this is something that your target customer really values. You could put it either on existing photo or you can put it right. The first few words right under that listing. Right? Right into that listing, I guess, because every single word within your Etsy title is valued are weighted the same by Etsy. So it doesn't really matter where the words are, just matters that the words are in there. So you can start with something like free shipping. And it's not going to take anything away from the later keywords and putting it directly on the photo as well as smart because that is what people are seeing. That is the biggest thing that people are seeing when they're seeing your products. And sometimes they might just brush over the description Last time, say like, I don't really know. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. But having it directly on the product photo as well, highlighting all the pain points, the greatest pain points that your products address is just a really, really smart move. And it's something that a lot of times your competitors aren't doing. Your, your audience. Don't know that you're doing it, but they don't know if they're doing it. They're going to click on your credit because they know that you're addressing their pain point. Also rearranged shadows. I recommend admitting dividers, a meeting commas. You can turn it a lot more keywords when you do it like that. So you can target if you type in digital dog the core, and then you follow it up with principal dog wall are, you're targeting a lot more keywords and you would be if you put a comma in between digital dog decor and principal Waller, you're targeting digital talk decor, you're targeting dog, the core principle, then you're targeting principal, like I said, wall art. It just gets a lot more comprehensive when you allow yourself to not have those comments in there and just kinda put in those fillers. Fillers. But like I said, digital principle, those would be like an interchangeable, I'm like download. You can have those in there and then be an adjective that you add on every single strong keyword that you have. Not the best way of cleaning it. But I think that that captured what I was trying to say. I would also say to definitely include your strongest long tail keywords within the first 200 characters like your description, because that is what Etsy is using for search engine optimization and what they actually send in their latest SEO up seminar. Then they do every single year they sent, they're using those first 200 characters. Not exactly for optimization, but more so to match to what they know the specific customers are searching for. We can't exactly explain that to you. But I guess they if they know that a customer is interested in the things that you have within the first two characters of your description. They're more likely to show that product with specific customer. And keeping my eye may actually, it may actually be 150 characters. I think it's 200 characters that are weighted by Google and 150 characters that go into what I just said for x here. So once it's those first two in your textures, for such as search engine optimization purposes on Google, you should still have those filled with long tail keywords as well. But for the waiting thing that I just said with Etsy, you want to make sure that those first 150 characters Your Title can only have 100.140 characters. As you can see, there's not much real estate within, like write that first two sentences or so. But you want to make sure that they are very you're using that real estate very, very wisely. So for coming in with product images, saying that whole listing creation tip, I would definitely recommend using and looking at your highest selling competitors and making your images look similar and then better. And that's like looking at all. Sometimes it takes looking at all the best song list things together and kind of see the aesthetic that seems to be resonated the most with that audience. Joe, look at them all and then positioning your products pretty similarly, but figure out how to make them better. And sometimes this could be, you could come to outsourcing a graphic designer who would just do it better than you can. You can also use design that helps you come up with a lot more very crisp and clean photography ideas and just product's image ideas as well, and design And I would also recommend if you're using Etsy to go into a private window, incognito window to orange to do that so that you will have no data associated with your account that's going into the products that are showing up when you search in a specific search term because as he does use your previous search history, they use what you've previously clicked on. All of that goes into figuring out what products are showing up the highest within search results. And you don't want that showing up. Here. What products are best-selling if a guest was going on, Etsy and somebody who's going on and see who hasn't been on Etsy as much. You want those pure products to be showing up so you know the replicate them and they are your target, like they are your top competitor is not exactly what's showing up when you're searching your products within your own account. So keep that in mind as well. A little hack for you. Regarding your listing images. I would say to have ten ideally attractive Lee edited photos per listing. Know what texts overlays that convey their products distinctive features and advantages over competitors. Prioritize that cover photo to put some extra time in it if needed. Adjust the contrast, saturation, the vibrance, et cetera. If you're using mockups, it should be your best mockup. And then I would also recommend that you have a context shot, shows the different products pinned together. Then you have a shot of the product relative to a common size object. You have a group shot showing all the comparisons. You have a packaging shot that show the packaging if it actually makes your product look better. If it, if it, if you know that it resonates with your target customers, show that packaging. But if it doesn't, don't show the packaging, also show a front side and a backside of the product. So a process shot that is a staged shot that is attractive, totally exactly show that real gases, but something that's like behind the scenes, quote unquote, they just looks really pretty. Now let's myosin that you're actually feeling it as well. And then a long rectangular photo as well that you can also re-post onto Pinterest. So that is some very specific photo ideas. I would also say that if you have ever had someone to respond to your products with something like I expected it to do X, but it did why? They're kinda upset about it and then take a photo to be proactive to the future customer service issues of, you know, take a photo of it doing y so that people know that it does wind, it doesn't do X and this shouldn't be a future issue. So also keep in mind for listening photos, that filename goes into SEO as well. This all has to do with the metadata of the page. So name on your files in a way that targets the keywords that are most relevant to the product and that you want your shot to be showing up for. So I would recommend to Shift-click all the keyword, shift, click all the file names and then bulk rename them. Within your, I guess your shop, your window finder or your MacBook find something. And then to also add alt text. This is a new feature at Etsy, but you want to add the alt texts as soon as you do that is for people who are visually impaired and they need it to be read to them. But outtakes does also play into SEO on Google, so change the alt text as well. I would also recommend that if you have any market leader products that you heavily promote them and other listings as well. So within the description, and you have a product that is that is your best product that's selling. And you have a bunch of variations, if you like, maybe you have all your variations, listen, and one product, that product has a really wide price range, just really good value. Or it's relevant to the product that you're currently editing. You want make sure you're linking to that as well so that you're directing customers to that product because you want your sales to be going up like you like, if you know that the product that you're currently writing like, you don't really know what the conversion rate is gonna be. You don't exactly know when Japan, it's saying if this is what people is going to keep our gonna be wanting, but you know that this market leader product is what people want. You're going to want to link to that within description as what offer people a bunch of options in one place? 5. Optimization process walk through!: Okay guys, I want to walk you guys through high optimized one of my clients best-selling listings. So this is the backend of their shop. They're doing very well and their best selling this thing is right down here. They're handwritten recipe cutting board. I see you can see this title. It's not grammatically correct, but clearly you can see that something was done at very right with this list, Same with the 266.8 k in revenue. And I want to show you how it was optimized. So you take a little bit of a closer look at it. But really, what I want to do is I'm going to walk you guys exactly the process of how I went about doing it. So this is a title in its entirety. This is a better view of the listing image. And we're going to click view item. And I'm going to close this out. And to really replicate how I approach optimization, I'm going to go in and sign out their account. Like I said, I wanted the previous videos. You have to sign out in order to have Etsy get rid of all your previous search, your search history, your search behavior, because as he keeps, don't have all of that. So you want to log out so nothing is remembering and everything. It's like the pier, it sounds weird, but it's the peer search results sounds like a guest with C. Essentially. This is how it would look. And I want to go ahead and you guys can take note that there is a seal the ends and 12 h that too is very much well part of the strategy. So I've set it up to have 36 h sales every single day for the next week. And then this is going to be a repetitive sale we are leading up to Father's Day. So it's gonna be at least up to Father's Day. But really this is a good strategy for anytime of the year because this timer comes up and it says seal into 12 h as little sense of urgency, I would strongly recommend running a sale. Running like sales of maybe like three days or less. So that that timer will show up and it does create that sense of urgency. So now that we're logged out, I'm gonna go back and we are still logged out even though you can't really tell right here. But I'm going to show you what I would look up. So I know for this shot that I see keyword would be personalized cutting board. And that was, that was literally how I started out with optimization. I read a little bit of research on the seed keywords, what you can pretty much look and you can tell already know that personalized cutting boards they sell well on Etsy. And I have two chromiums interests and saw that show the search stats. So this one is every b in this one is sales samurai. And you can see that the data does look very different. All I can tell you what that is, that different tools are sold, different pieces of data from Etsy. Etsy would never sell all of their data to any tool. They're working with different portions of data. From my personal experience, as you can tell here, every B almost always shows more searches than sales samurai does. And I think that ever be must just be given more data. I'm not entirely sure why that's the case, but each tool is useful for it's own, useful for it's own competitive advantages I find ever be is really good for Product Analytics. For where shop analytics like looking at the very lowest level of details, like the shop and the listings to analyze and see if a listing is actually performing well, even if it is on the first page of search rankings, somebody who's not actually performing well, it just shows up. So ever be is really good for using that and then sail samurai, it'll give you even more keywords to research. As you can see, these are all sale samurai suggestions. If I click there, it'll show me even 500 more keywords to have to do a personalized cutting board. So both are very useful for their own key advantages. So I do want to have access to other tools as well. But for I really like to use etsy search engine like more so than any other tool, more so the earring or marmalade crest, a Laura, I like to use itself because this is real time. This is real-time data that you're seeing. You're seeing exactly what Etsy is recommending to buyers and they take this in. This is not like sometimes when you look at irregular shaped something like a search firm that was doing really, really well awhile ago. It looks like it's still doing well, but it's not actually still doing well. Even if you typed into ETC, wouldn't even come up as a recommendation anymore because Etsy has moved onto recommending other things. So I like to use right here for those real-time search suggestions. As you can see, you see personalized cutting board wedding gift is a very long tail keyword. And that is essentially how I would go about creating an even longer title. So now that we know personalized cutting board wedding gift is a thing, we can title the listing personalized cutting board. That's how we would start it. Then we would get rid of personalized. This is a really good strategy for just targeting as many keywords as possible. So finish up, pick out personalized. We will see if anything else as suggested, asked her after cutting board wedding gift, nothing else is suggested, we could go ahead and get rid of cuttings if anything else has suggested. And then we would get rid of that. And then we see wedding gift. And then we would see any of these are very relevant, like a hyper relevant to the product. So I think the most relevant to that one, and we want to follow a wedding gifts for a couple of personalized. That would also be a good strategy. Or you could also do a bit of improvisation here and see if wedding gift cutting board is something that people are looking up. Then we will see, and you can see that it is something that people are looking at sunrise you do, it does take some thought, a little bit of research. But for this one, I would move ahead and doing wedding gift cutting board in grave because clearly engrave is something that is already know for a fact. That is a way that some people start with there. They start their search queries with engraved. So I've already done a lot of research for this shot. And when I know that shot has a lot of related products, I do do it like this where I have a whole spreadsheet setup, where I put in all the keywords that I find when I'm doing that kind of manual searching through ETC. And I do manually type all of this stuff in. So you can see I typed it, I said it would cutting board and then I added in everything that was followed up after cutting board, went onto cutting boards, followed up everything that I felt was relevant How good search volume went on a cutting board personalized and these were the best recommendations that Etsy provided, went on to cheese board and then they're just there were two that I thought were relevant to his products or their products. And then I've moved onto the motherboard. You see back down here we have cheese boards, cheese board. Lots of we had started charcuterie board, serving board. And these are just all recommendations along with their sats. And this was all typed in manually, which does take a little bit more time. But when you have a lot of related products and you don't want to be constantly typing into the search to see what they're recommending. This can be very, very useful, like how I just said that, that it was good to see that wedding gift King word engraved was a strong keyword. I could go back here because I know that at one point in my research I did start with engraved and I can see I can use any of these at that point. So to follow up after wedding gift cutting board engrave, to start that new keyword, I would start with engrave and this one, by this essentially saving characters and I am targeting to key rates with that one word engraved. I would do in grade and then I could follow up with cutting board with Handel in grave cutting boards anniversary because he's already know that these are search terms that are being highly searched for. We can walk through this, this, this spreadsheet just a little bit more so you can understand exactly how I approached optimization process. One way to start with a really good keyword, static keyword is to look at what competitors are doing that are doing well. These are competitors that are performing well. And if you're seeing these, you can see the variations too. I didn't want to show that. So I even see on each one I showed the variation to see exactly what their pricing strategy is. I was looking at whether they had product videos, looking at what their photos look like. So part of what I did optimize this listing, what I did up the contrast and exposure, the vibrant, I added these labels on here. And that will boost, that clearly boost conversion rate and click-throughs as I've already seen it through the shops stats. And it was immediate, as I suspect it because it's this product was ranking on the first page and it just wasn't all the way at the top. So this was the original like this is what the original image looked like. So you can see that there was clearly a lot of room for improvement. So I really made it more competitive with other competitors are doing because he's, you know, if you can look at this and you can clearly see it, somebody edited these photos to look even better than they did. And then that label that show today shipping available at checkout. That's also that was a smart move and we can see that it's a smart move. I'm able to stay that because I looked through these these listings reviews and I saw that the advantages that their target customer most highly values is fast shipping and high-quality products. So fast shipping, high-quality and really good customer service. But we're really what I kept seeing repeated within customer reviews. So that was how I kind of decided what labels I felt needed to be placed on the product. So by showing three days shipping, I show that that the listing or this product can be to the customer pretty soon after they order it. And then that free mockup label for you to approve before shipping is just a way to show really good customer service because that's not something that anybody else was showing on that first page. Search results showing that they added a little bit of competitive advantage. People realized that they would be involved in the purchasing process and the shipping process. And they could tell that it was gonna be gauged process where they weren't going to receive a product that they maybe did not like. So I looked at, typically when I'm starting out, could be pretty intense. Competitor research and analysis is crucial to creating competitive products naturally. So I want to touch on the pricing strategy as well. Why did look at variations? I wanted to see how they're able to price their products. You can see a lot of them price and lower. We see their lowest variation is 39, 95. Their lowest product variation is 1999 there those product variation is 29, 99. But because that's their lowest price product variation is shows up in Etsy search as you know, 29, 99 plus, etc. and it looks like it's cheaper than their products, but it looks to be of the same quality. So that is a strategy that I'm also working on as well with the client is to come up with a loss leader strategy where they're able to offer, come up with a lower price variation. Maybe like an even smaller board that will allow them to be priced near where the, closer to where their competitors are. So that is another strategy that I would strongly recommend. That loss leader strategy is very pay works because their product looks to be of the same quality, but it's cheaper if you were gonna go with the cheaper option a lot of time. So you want to make sure that our products are Pretty close to that price. That those price points as well, they're doing well on the platform. So you see I put down all these shop all these sharp changes that I just wanted to make sure we're done. New shop announcement, three touch points in the customer service process. Because once again, reviewing the customer views, I was able to realize that customer service is something that they highly value. So I want to make sure that there are three touch points in the customer service process. And what I recommend you, the client was that they reached out to them immediately after purchase when they were customizing the product. And Sheldon the mockup, which they were already going to show them the mock-up. So that was that was the recommendation that they were already implementing. So that was good. And is there anything else on this page? So I wanted to also mention to use as many words in the tags as possible. So you can see the tags and this listing here, the bottom or you go to the backend and show you guys them as well. But near the bottom here you see the tags that I use. And I was very strategic and making sure that I did not repeat any short tail keywords for the most part. D I said custom recipe board serving board wood and yes, these keywords, I was using them to target longer, longer tail keywords that I knew were being searched for. Custom recipe for serving board wood, wood cutting board, charcuterie board, handwritten recipe, all these keywords, you can see that the shortest, so keywords are not being targeted twice. So that is the smart move. You're able to do that. I would strongly recommend that you do that as well. You'll see the to recipe board, boards recipe. Those, they would, even though they sound pretty similar, they do end up targeting. They are hitting what buyers are searching. So buyer searched differently for the same products and we want to make sure that we have as many keywords buyers are using to find that one product. So also I said for the, I touched on this in the last video for the listing image, but to make sure that the shoulder boards sizes relative to a common objects so that buyers, when it had that question, they wouldn't there wouldn't be any problems post-purchase, we were like, Well, I thought it was bigger than it ended up being or smaller than end up being. So that was another recommendation. And then for market leader products, heavily promote them to other listings as well. So they know that this handwritten recipe cutting board as well. I strongly recommend them to put it in other related listings to upsell buyers to go to this listening because they know that buyers like this listing is resonating resonating with the buyers. Also, another change that I made was to add the brush border upgrade in the backside ingredient upgrade. They bought they offer these within their shot and they were not linked to within the products. So it's for the optimisation strategy. I'm looking all of them, like I linked this with all those products. So the rest order upgrades, like I said, highly valued by customers to have their product distinctly as pop as soon as possible for this, for this on target customer segments. So I added that very high up within the description. I added it to the description in the first place, as well as the backside ingredient upgrade. Both of these would be considered up-selling the customer because when they click it, they would end up splitting 20 additional are $24.75 additional just to rush the order. So that is an upsell and then the backside engraving, I believe it's like $120. Yeah. So it's like 19 $0.80 upbringing. So both of those would be upsells as the buyer decided by those in conjunction with the other products. So if you have any kind of customization features and additional listings, definitely make sure that those are linked towards the top of the description. I would even recommend for some of the other products. Had it before. You can even click learn more about this item. I had a little before that for most of the products. So I'm probably actually going to move these to be even higher up than they are, but you can even see when the description. But in these first 200 characters, I included keywords as well, for both Google and for Etsy. So you would see handwritten recipe cutting board, that is a search term that I know people are searching for. You can see I included hardwood as well because that is pred absorption if people are searching for recipes and gray part of search term that people are searching for. Personalized recipe for board and grade charcuterie board because then serving board, custom cutting board and then NRC grade for retirement gift, birthday gifts are all ways that consumers were creating even longer tail keywords, and these are also based off of etsy search recommendations. I do also want to mention that because this shop has a very generous as budget, I did use a lot of the keywords that they were using within there. I use a lot of the keywords that I knew that buyers are searching for or from their ads stats. If you look within at the ads, it'll show you what buyers are searching for and I'll even show you those that have a high click-through rate. And I organized the spreadsheet in a way that I could clearly see all of that. So you can see keywords pulled from at the ads. I tried to organize it byproduct. So for the handwriting and grave cutting where that ya just the search terms, the highest click rates were personalized. Cutting board recipe, cutting board, cutting board, personalized, cutting boards, handwritten recipe in grave. I know that looks strange, but that is exactly how it was written and I even checked in Etsy search recommendations. And when you start typing a cutting board, Handwritten. They literally, this is exactly how they suggested with these three dots at the end. So I don't quite understand why, but it clearly that is what people are searching for. It then engraved cutting board, all of these, we had very high Click Rates. So I did really try to include those within the product as well. I do that. You might be like, well, if it's already showing up in ads, you really have to optimize it that way. And I would strongly say yes, because if you don't optimize it to include those keywords that buyers are searching and clicking because I see your product and it resonates, then you're leaving plenty of room for your competitors to optimize for those keywords. And then those competitors are going to be showing up and you're gonna be losing those seals. You would have got because clearly the product does resonate with that target customer, but you're letting competitors come in and capture them instead because they are actually including those keywords within their listings. So definitely include them within your listing. And you can within the title, the description, and the tags. And I did do a bit of target customer research is all organized. I mentioned the product advantages here as well. And I did that by copying and pasting and reviews that kinda showed. They show kinda trends, like I said, that high-quality, the quick delivery, the excellent communication. So I copy those in just for the client to see himself. And I did kinda narrow it down to be a bit more like wedding guests for their actual audience, since I seem to be the most profitable customer segment. And then like I said, the photos app highlight and you know, that they're really just make the product look more enticing. So like I said, I know it's a lot of competitors. We're adding in photo adjustments that really enhanced the wood texture and the features. So I was Charlotte recommend doing that. But like I said, for your, for your products. So notice what your competitors are doing. And don't just try to replicate it, but try to make it better. And that's where you could see I did. I added in those enhancements, but then I also added in those labels. And I really did everything I could to make sure that it was they look like the best looking products on that first page of search results. So we can kinda walk through this spreadsheet, just makes sure that everything I feel was targeted. So these also came from Etsy search stats. Like I said, you have any existing data within your shot where it's used, showing you the search transcripts are using to find your products. And you notice that they have high conversion rates, click-through rates or whatever, I would strongly recommend using them. Note that conversion rate of 100 per cent is not always the best search terms to use, because sometimes it's just very few searches and the few times people searched it, they did click through. But I would strongly recommend going with for the search terms that people search for more. But they didn't click through as much, but it was higher searched for. So some of these, even though they have the word convergent rates, there are a lot more searches in those 100% conversion rate. So I would strongly recommend using some of these ones down here, like personalized cutting bird, Father's Day cutting board. But all of this takes some research and some dots. So just give it the time that you need to target effective keywords and be ready to survive, go in and have to change some of those if you rise, if they're not performing as well as you were hoping that they would. This is a bit deeper into the competitive analysis. I was showing the exact tags. Like I said, these are all good seed keywords to start your research with and show the pricing strategy, the shop link. Trying to show as much as I could more than the market research and analysis. I was also, this was pulled from cell samurai. They kinda get some more ideas. All of these are pretty good. Like I said, I was still kinda back check them with the Etsy search recommendations as well and ever be in the sales him, right? Chrome extension, anything that you pull from like eat rank or marmalade or anything like that. Now, on to the next video 6. Customer retention & attracting new customers: Now I want to talk about customer retention and at driving traffic because that's really what we all want. Greater traffic leads to greater sales and that is what we all want. Tea shop owners. So first I want to touch on the buyers that you were able to get directly through the NC platform itself. So essentially most of us, when we're starting on an Etsy shop, we'd thinking about the buyers were already on it because there are a lot of them and they get d is like the third biggest marketplace online, at least in the US, after like Amazon, eBay I believe might be Walmart. Remember, but it's a really, really big marketplace. And of course we want that traffic. So the bias is you are able to get through itself when they're searching and they find your product, you want to make sure that you are able to retain those buyers because they are very valuable. As I touched on earlier, repeat buyers are a lot easier to keep them getting new virus. And essentially if you set up your shop high, so what you just set it up for a target customer and more so than for a niche that you'll be able to expand your product mix, offer additional products that serve that target customer. So when you get one of those target customers, you really want to hold onto them because you know that you're gonna be extended in your shop in a direction that is going to benefit them. And you know, you're gonna be creating products and even e-mails that resonate with them once again, hit it on the e-mail list one more time. So just to encourage retention of your buyers, I would strongly recommend that you include links and your shop announcement and in your shop banner. And essentially here you would want to direct to an e-mail list or offer, some kind of offer that will keep people wanting to come back. So even if you tell them, I have an email list or I have an Instagram or Facebook, go follow it, subscribe and you'll get your promo codes are no good promo code. Here is the first time subscriber. As soon as you subscribe or as soon as you follow If you're able to set that up. So you really want to encourage that retention and external platforms as well. And then also encouraged people to follow your shop. You people can follow shops, recommend Etsy. I recommend putting that near the bottom of every product description. And even within photos. So anywhere within your shot, like essentially you want people to be staying on your shop for as long as possible. I want them to remember your shocky. Of course they're on But on Etsy. Etsy is just pushing any shop that they feel like it's going to resonate with that customer. You want to push your products, you want to keep people on your shop within your descriptions. Like I said, encouraged people to follow within your listing images you can do encourage you to follow as well and make sure to also be linking to other sections in your shot to other products in your shop. Hitting back, I'll get on that market leader products. You have a product that you know really, really resonates with your customers, has a nice, large price range, has good amount of variations. You really want to be linking to that product as much as you can to encourage people to go look at it and to stay on your shot because you know that that's going to resonate with them and there's a good chance that they are going to buy it. Also linking to other shops sections, if it's irrelevant, I especially encourage this for the shops that section that the current product is in that the buyer is looking at. So it'd be like for additional options within my spreadsheet templates. Click on this section here and then you'll be encouraged people to go look at your spreadsheet templates more so than clicking back and going back to the Etsy search search page, I encourage you to stay in your page for as long as possible. Include those links wherever you can. Etsy does allow you to link within descriptions to other SAP products. And like I said, you can type it out on your banner as well and abandon people can't actually click it, but you can choose a link shortener or something that'll make it a lot more easy for them. But it's, I think you could even put a QR code in it because a lie he will do. Though they are shopping on their mobile device. Some people do shop on their laptop or their computer, and then you're able to use their phone and scan the QR code and go directly to a page. That is another smart move to build that customer loyalty for getting traffic that isn't already on itself. And I do recommend this even though it does take my work and I feel like it's kind of a headache when you think about having to go and bring traffic to xy, it really is extremely valuable and it opens up your earning potential so much more because there are a lot of very warm buyers who are looking for your products, but just don't know where to find them. They don't know they're on Etsy leaving out some people still don't even know exactly, you know, they don't know that xy is a thing, even though it's so huge, they are still people who don't know about it. They might be on Facebook. So going, leaning into my external marketing strategy, I would recommend Facebook for warm, very warm leads. And I would recommend this in the form of Facebook groups for that organic traffic. Because people in Facebook groups, you already know that that is something that is passionate to them. If they say, this would be Facebook groups on your target customer. So if your target customer is their business owners of trending, I want to get even more specific, like maybe jewelry business owners, like you're a supplier, then you would want to go follow jewelry business owners. I'm enjoying groups of jewelry business owners that you weren't gonna be right where that customer is. And you are able to present your products in a way that's non salesy And it's just very natural. And you're going to be finding people who have problems and you're able to offer a solution. And that is essentially that is exactly what she wanted to be doing with your product. And we already have these four are clearly looking for solutions. There are a lot more likely to buy who just place it right in front of them. So Facebook is really good, and of course, it takes time and energy. If you don't have that time and energy that I would recommend outsourcing it. Some good-quality help who is able to, somebody who is able to craft messages and responses that would resonate with your target customer. They're not able to do that. They don't even hire them. Or make the time yourself, because it's really, really important if you know your target customer, like the back of your hand, it really probably would be come down to you being the best person to reach out to them because you know their pain points, what product managers and the most highly value, you know how they write, how they're searching. So if you're able to do it yourself, I strongly recommend that, but I recommend, I recognize the time and energy of course, is of the essence. So just make sure that it's done and done a higher-quality. Also, I'd recommend Pinterest is not fast. It has never been a fast search engine or social media. It's kinda makes those searches and social media and it's never worked fast, but it has always worked Etsy shops. So it takes some patients here. But if you have those longer image that are recommended in an earlier video to have a longer image within your listings so that it can be Pin directly to Pinterest. That is pretty, it makes it very efficient for just pinning and bulk to Pinterest. And Etsy does have functionality that does allow you to pin directly to Pinterest as well. Or you can use and they'll allow you to automate pins to Pinterest. But it just makes sure that all get on to the Pinterest platform. And you already that keyword research he wrote, descriptions are resonating with your customer and you're able to just copy and paste all of those onto Pinterest as well and tailwind or even a lot. Last time I remember they will auto pool that information directly from Etsy. So it's very, It's very time efficient process. And if you have that patients, you will notice over time, you will see that your search volume for your traffic is that comes from social media. A pretty decent portion is also coming from Pinterest. All those dots are directly available within the EC2 dashboard under stats and social media. So I recommend just kinda keeping an eye on where all your traffic is coming from and seeing what tweets need to be made if necessary. So really Facebook Pinterest and retaining the virus that you've put on Etsy, those are gonna be your best bet for building a very profitable and loyal customer base. Any other tool? Nothing. It never hurts to get your feet on every other social media platform as well as though she were you think that your buyers are gonna be more so where you know what your values are gonna be. But those would be what I just said already. Those would be the most crucial points to make sure that you are present and putting in some energy because those have been proven to work in the past. And I don't want you to waste your time. And regardless of where your traffic comes from, a customer is a customer and you need to make sure you are servicing them. Your customer service needs to be of the utmost notch on Etsy, okay? Because your competitors, the top predators and I see they are honing their customer service process. So you need to be as well. And it'll lead to so many more reviews and the review counters what shows up at t-shirts. So you want as many positive reviews as you can possibly get. And customer service and good customer service is ultimately the largest driving factor in getting reviews with people. Feel extremely involved in the purchasing process, the order process. Never at any point or they left wondering, they are going to leave a positive review a lot more often than if the effusion then it ever reach all is he, they didn't really feel served by you. And this is even for digital products, for print-on-demand. I know that you want it to be passive and I totally get that. But it is passive for the processing part of actually creating the products. But customer service is just something that will never be passive unless you outsource help in customer service is really, it's a non-negotiable part of having Etsy shop. Because like I said, it's how you either will differentiate, differentiate yourself, or make sure that you are even a competitor, because your competitors already have really great customer service. You're not gonna be able to get in the door because they refuse or costly that review kinda going up, those five-star reviews are going up in yours, simply are not. I would recommend at least three points, three touch points. The customer service process. You want to reach out to them immediately after they place an order. You want to make sure that they feel assured that their order was received at every aspect was taken note of. And this is really especially important if you're a newer shop, they already took a slight risks with you. If you don't really have much credibility, if you don't have many sales are many reviews. They really did honestly take a risk by ordering from your shop compared to these very established shops at here until you want to make sure that they feel reassured that that order is going to be fulfilled and it's gonna be fulfilled beautifully, successfully. Every single, you know, pain point that they have is going to be addressed. So even with digital products, reach out and say something. No, Thank you so much order for my shop. I mean, you don't want to ever you don't ever want to introduce any doubts in their mind. Like you don't want to reach out and make it sound like, hey, I hope everything was okay with your product, please let me know if there was anything wrong with it. You don't want to introduce doubts. You want to give them confidence when they place their order and afterwards. So if it's a digital product, you would just run reach out, like I said, Say hi, thank you so much for ordering. Please. Let me know what you think of the product. I'd appreciate any feedback and please leave a review. And if you'd like to keep up my shot and follow me here on Instagram. I wouldn't even make some more person. And he said, I'll follow you back and we can maybe keep up with each other. I love to connect with my customers and just I'd love to learn more about shoe and how to better serve as shoe, something along those lines, you don't ever want to sound too salesy or either, but just sound genuine. And this also goes back to the target customer research. Figure out how to write your customers had to resonate with them and those, every single point in the customer service process is going to feel a lot more natural and easy. So really customer service, any way that you can reach out to your customer and make them feel reassured is really what we're aiming at here. If you offer physical products and you offer customization or anything that would make the processing time take long, like maybe up to like a week. You'd want to make sure you're reaching out to them sometime within that week to reject them again, that everything is everything is on trajectory for their order to be in their hands via the step date that they were expecting when they ordered that product. So once again, that reassurance 7. Best selling product hack for product mix expansion, product creation, & strategic product positioni: Okay guys, so I really wanted to share a hack that another Etsy seller shared with me and she provided it and I just fell in love with it. So this was a client that I'm working on right now. She's doing pretty well, pretty successful. And I want to show you guys how exactly I would approach if I was just starting out with this shot, like how I would approach, figuring out what people value most in their products. So I'm gonna go back to my Google Chrome since this is where I am signed out at sea and I'm not having any of that data search history or whatever that would influence the search results. I'm going to type in a search query that I know for a fact that her shop is being searched for newborn baby for coming home outfit. I'm going to click that. Okay, so I'm going to include this JavaScript code below. But essentially what the seller, what the other like shop owner did was she created a JavaScript that analyzes all the best sellers on a page. So I'll include directions for exactly how to do this below. But essentially the JavaScript is saved as a bookmark in my Google Chrome. It's down here and some on this page, I'll have to do is click that JavaScript. You can see when you hover over it, it shows a little bit what the JavaScript is. And then it titles are copied to the clipboard. It opens up chat that And if you're not familiar with chat at is an AI tool that auto-generate. It's very popular so you're not familiar with it, but you have to do is change the texts here. So you want to, you want chat that OpenAI to tell you how to apply these best-selling search results, the themes there to your items, I'm going to say to my newborn. What they did here was I copied and pasted all the best-selling titles from that page. And a best seller title is, is literally one of the products that have bestseller on it. So it has the bestseller tab, so it's selling well on Etsy. So there are a lot on this page. So that is what the, those are the title is our copied and pasted into chat Once again, that this code will be below. And all I had to do was put that into open chat, opening high. And they start, they are essentially like an analyst on themselves. And they start telling me about the themes I need to be implemented within my own Titles and products if I'm trying to reach besides that, it's myself. And it tells you the value is clearly what other sellers are highlighting and what gets them to be bestsellers. Essentially, it's only migrating personalization, ruffles and rappers, chemokine and soft fabrics, baby shower gifts, rainbow and colorful deems floral and nature-inspired designs, cottage core and vintage styles. It's telling you why they're saying there's enough. It says title is mentioned turns like cottage core, vintage floral patterns and nature-inspired designs are mentioned in the few titles. So it gives you explanations and then it tells you how to apply it to create your own Vaseline products. Says by incorporating the following elements, design personalized or monogram outfits, they even tell you that you can add the baby's name or initials, the outfit providing a unique and personalized touch include ruffled detailing, use high-quality fabrics, great gift ready packaging, experiment or rainbow colors incorporate oral or nature-inspired motifs. Explore cottage core of vintage aesthetics. So really this is just super helpful for product creation and making sure that these, these features are highlighted if your current products do include them. So make sure that if your current products do mention anything that other bestsellers are mentioning and getting to bestselling status by mentioning makes sure that you are mentioning those features within your title and your description and your tags, and even if directly on the estate image, if you're able to use them. So this is really just helps a product creation and other, another tip for expanding your product mix would be to once again focus on that target customer. And then to expand your product mix accordingly. Make sure you've done a lot of research and you know exactly what they're looking for. And this is how you'll be able to expand your product mix to include different kinds of items. These kinda seems to be a misconception sometimes that you don't only want sell one product on Etsy, but really what you want to do is sell numerous products, offer the same customer. So in her case, she is catering to essentially like the Mothers of newborns for their outfits are not just newborns and babies in general. So she would be able to expand her product mix. Offering, maybe like personalized and personalized paths of buyers, even personalized room decor At some point. So all this was just the ideas of expanding her product myths. And it's worth considering taking that approach as well when you are considering extending your own product mix or even just creating products in the first place. 8. Outro: There's, so that is the end of this course. Thank you so, so much for watching. I really hope you were able to learn a lot of new valuable insight that you're able to implement it to your own Etsy shop. Will there be future courses? Yes, there will be. So make sure you follow so you don't miss out on any of them. As sd algorithm changes, new updates come out. As I learn more, there would definitely be future courses. So like I said, follow my shoe, check out the links below. I have my shot link below. I have my Upwork profile link below. If you'd like to work with me, and I will see you guys in future courses.