How to schedule 1 week of Instagram posts in 20 minutes with Later App | Anna Krupa | Skillshare

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How to schedule 1 week of Instagram posts in 20 minutes with Later App

teacher avatar Anna Krupa, graphic designer, photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Step 1. 3 ways how to upload media to Later App


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      Step 2. Statistics


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      Step 3. Create timeslots


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      Step 4. Use hashtag lists


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      Later Statistics


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      Scheduling posts on the mobile phone


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About This Class

Instagram is superb platform for all sorts of creatives. It’s ideal to showcase your work or product. But what if you spend more time posting or thinking about what to post than working or creating. I’ve got an answer for you. You should simply shedule your Instagram posts with app like Later.


I will show you how with just 20 minutes a week planning save time and effort to have time on more important stuff like growing your bussiness.You will learn how to:

  • plan and shedule your Instagram posts with Later Application via your phone or on the computer
  • post to instagram stories
  • plan consistent aesthetic
  • smarter and quicker use of hashtags
  • checking your statistics, even if you don't have a Instagram bussiness account
  • manage multiple accounts
  • find your best time to post

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anna Krupa

graphic designer, photographer

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro.: hi and welcome in my class where we will plan and we notched Instagram post with later application. My name's and I'm a graphic designer and photographed Instagram is super platform for all sorts of creatives. It's ideal to showcase your work or product. But what if you spend more time posting or thinking about what to post than working or creating? I've got an answer for you a lot off people wonder. Can you shared on instagram posts? The answer is yes, yes, off course not. Only you can shadow Instagram Post, but if you follow this work for you can shadow a whole week's worth of content in just 20 minutes, spending just 20 minutes a week. Planning out your content will save your significant time and effort and help you achieve your business goals through instagram because all of your content will be optimized. Instead of choosing your posts daily, you can add your photos, captions and hashtag directly to a free instagram shadow. You will no longer wonder what to post today 2. Step 1. 3 ways how to upload media to Later App: after you gathered all of your material. It's timeto uploaded to later application. You can do it in four ways. One way is to simply drag and drop all of your prepared earlier graphics into calendar sexual. In later application, you just simply drug and drop it and wait till they get uploaded. If everything was successful, you can find them here in your media library. Another option is just simply use your dropbox account. You can find the Eichel here, simply call it and on your dropbox occult found your files. Mark them and click choose. And here they are. And you're my dear library. The first option toe upload your photos is to simply use your Google driver called. You can find the Eichel here, simply click on it. And after you logging into your Google drive account, it will be shown the window like this you can find Here you're the pictures in options here . It will be the easier option toe check last modified on and with shift. Simply select all your photos, which you want to applaud and then click select and that's it. You can close this window and the pictures you select that will be uploaded into model library in later application 3. Step 2. Statistics: If you want to grow their account and get more INSTAGRAM followers and engagement, you need toe optimize your post so that more people see them. And that means finding your best timeto post on Instagram. The Instagram Argo written loves posting post that perform really well right after being post. In other words, when opposed to receives a ton of likes and comments that this signals to the instagram algorithm that your post is quality engaging content that more people will want to see So the instagram algorithm will show it two more users in later you can activate the best timeto post feature. This will give you your top seven posting times through the week, but it's available only if you are a great toe business plants in later, but still, there is another solution on INSTAGRAM business accounts gives you insight in all of your account. Metrics even metrics off a single post. Just go go down to your Instagram account and click statistics. Next, go down to followers and click Siemer Scroll to the bottom where you will find week statistics month ease. Tuesday's Wednesday's First Days, Friday's Saturday's on Sundays, the higher the Blue column is, the more viewers see and react to our post at the time. So these are the best times if we think about user engagement for us to post on instagram. 4. Step 3. Create timeslots: Now that you're my idol, I prayer is filled with your photos, videos and user generated content. You can start planning your instagram feed. Basically, this means choosing the order off her photos, Andrea rounding them to design the perfect feet. He checked our statistic earlier, so we know that most off our followers are active in the evening, so we're going toe create times loads for our posts. To do that, you have to be in weeks. Preview of the calendar. The local indicates that this is today, so there's no need to create post before that time, because there were there will not appear in your feet. So I'll plan the next week. This week, starting from February night to create times load simply double quick from the calendar, This minute tutorial will appear work all true. It's quickly and create my time slots. Here's an option where you can choose how much time slots do you need? Seven times loads per week. 65 or four, so seven is recommended. We check it's on and click create my time slopes by default. Our time all time slopes are created that at 12. I know because I've ticket earlier that most of my followers are active early in the morning or at the evenings about for 27 p. M. So I'll drug the time slopes around to shoot my needs, just drugging them around like that. Okay, I think this will be fine. I also create some more times loads by double clicking the post twice a day. And the second posts will appear at the morning. Wrote Done AM 11 and 12. Okay, I think that will be fine. Then I'll select all of my murder. I want to post this week and drugged them above the calendar area. I see that I need some more Oneto tree 4567 some seven more So Salek seven more for five. 67 I have to wait a minute to load. Okay, they are they all are low. No, it's timeto actually plan our fate. To do that, simply click preview button on the smartphone will appear showing you how your feet will look like after all post will be published during this week. Require ensure for those to get the best effect and the late on the unnecessary. Ah, unnecessary and want the ones that really doesn't fit to your instagram. My aesthetic. If you already have announced a grimace static, make sure to keep your feet as consistent as possible. Once you've happy with the look of your instagram feed, click save save changes. Still, you must remember that in your free account, you can only post for the posts. Vermont on the stock room, the post some more you need toe a great one off the paid plants. 5. Step 4. Use hashtag lists: I know that you have instagram fit, ready to go for the week. It's time to start on your instagram corruptions. Coming up with a good Instagram captions is harder than it seems, But if you want to be successful on Instagram, you shouldn't let your captions become an afterthought. Sometimes it's best to wait until you're in the right. Headspace to writer Instagram captions. If you're feeling creative inspired, try writing captions for 5 to 10 instagram posts at once. This will also help with keeping your feet consistent. It can also be beneficial to writer Instagram captions on your computer in your later account. But if you prefer to write your instagram captions on your phone, you can also do it in the later mobile application. It's also a good idea to research some relevant instagram hashtags for your post. When used correctly. Hashtags can help you increase the engagement of your post, but you can also strategically use harsh tax to get the attention off potential new followers. Once you've done your research and found the right instagram hashtag spoiler business, you can organize them by category or content bucket to use later. You can save them toe a spreadsheet, no document or whatever you can easily find them for when you're ready to post. By shedding instagram posts you can research on at unique hashtag. Stow each photo instead of just copying and fasting the same hashtag over and over. First, certain harsh tax into different categories for the different types of content you post most often using popular hot stocks that don't necessarily relate to the photo. Tend to make post to expand the The key is to use her stocks sparingly and only one day at value. Using the right hashtag help put your content in front of people searching for keywords and Francis associated with your account or business. Later saved captions. Peter makes it easy for you to insert all years saved. Hashtag steer shadowed instagram post. With the click of a button, you can create templates to save your most commonly used harsh tax. And when it's time to shadow, simply select one off your safe, harsh tax to add it to your post. So let's do this one example. So here is my post. I wrote for it. A caption earlier, but I have to do no is to choose the right hashtag. To do that, I can use safe captions Future. I always based my own hashtag switch our name credits. So I go over them and click insert disc option and they will appear in the post caption area. Now I've prepared a list off her stocks divided into three categories or even four categories to just show you how can you easily create safe captions in later? So move over to the plus sign and click create new give it a title. So I will create water colors, um, and copy paste all the harsh tax from your list. If you did your research earlier p and buys here on click save caption on, I'll get, um, instead of description to my both. I'll create safe caption. I'll do it with two other categories. Let the ring and coffee from here. I'm busted here and save caption. And on the wrong quote, sign creating caption copy from here and safe here and safe caption off course you can still at some more unique only for this little car stocks in the post area like home. You my hurt sick. When you're done, click Save 6. Later Statistics: also, if you only later free account, you've got insights in some simple metrics like how many posts and did you post? Or how many followers do you have at the bottom? You will also find engagement statistics divided into two categories. We can see diagram showing us which post generated the most likes during class 30 days. When we cover over the coals, we'll see. Exactly which post was it and how Maney likes Did it get the second chart? Show us which post generated the most comments in last 30 days. By analyzing these two charts, we will know exactly what content do our followers like the most so we can create an post more of that stuff. More statistics e. R. Available only in faith plants. 7. Reposting: One of the best ways to report user generated content to instagram is by using laters search on reposed toe, which lets you easily find, collect and share valuable user generated content right from your instagram community. All you have to do is type your branded hashtag or choose from the one you like the most into certain reposed. When you see a photo or video you love, just click on it. Sadiq at two major library envelope. You ready to shadow it to your instagram feed? Of course. Make sure to connect with the owner and ask for permission before re posting the video or photo. When searching for user generated content on Instagram, it's way better to use a tool like search and reposed than toe manually screenshot and re post a photo. Not only the search and repost maintain the quality off the photo, but it automatically pulls in the caption and user name off the original post, which saves much time and effort. Liberating user generated content on Instagram is a great way. Took great, a beautiful with photography, it and an excellent strategy for marketing your business, too. But it's incredibly important to follow the user generated content rules off re posting to instagram. Always remember to give credit to the original poser and when in doubt, ask for permission. 8. Scheduling posts on the mobile phone: you can also create and shadow post by a later mobile application. Just open your APP and media section. Truth. The artwork you'd like to shuttle, click, create post and in next window, you can choose in what accounts it does. This piece will appear. You can write your caption here. Our fill it up later in your computer, you can use your safe captions. Simply click insert next, the ones you'd like to add, just like on the computer. Still, you can remove the ones that don't really much your work when you're done. Do you think your caption pick next, you can shadow it. No, or just timeto post. If you're done, click OK in Shadows section. You can now check and see how your feet will look like. And just like on the computer, you can still rearrange that. Look to shut your eyes. Static meats