How to Overcome Procrastination, Improve Self Discipline, Increase Productivity & Time Management | Arman Chowdhury | Skillshare

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How to Overcome Procrastination, Improve Self Discipline, Increase Productivity & Time Management

teacher avatar Arman Chowdhury, Confidence thru Communication

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      What Causes Procrastination?


    • 3.

      Creating a Chain Mind


    • 4.

      Productivity Zone


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      Bare Minimum


    • 6.

      Timer & Stopwatch


    • 7.

      Rest and Rewards


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      Bonus Tip: 5 Minute Rule


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      Final Project


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About This Class

Are you currently struggling with procrastination?

If so, then it's time to do something about it!


This is a beginner’s class on how to boost productivity and overcome procrastination. Learn how to improve self-discipline, increase productivity and work on your time management skills.


In this class, you'll learn:

  • What causes procrastination
  • How to gain clarity
  • How to create a productivity zone
  • How to use the timer and stopwatch
  • Leveraging rewards

and much more!


This class will end with a final project that will allow you to conquer a task that you’ve been procrastinating on.


Since this is a beginner’s class on productivity, you don’t need any prior knowledge in the field to understand the material.


Ready to level up your productivity?

If so, then I look forward to seeing you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arman Chowdhury

Confidence thru Communication



Hello, I'm Arman Chowdhury. I am an engineer, public speaker, and writer who currently owns the company, ArmaniTalks. The ArmaniTalks company aims to help engineers and entrepreneurs improve their communication skills so they can express themselves with clarity and confidence. 


A few of the core communication skills covered include public speaking, storytelling, social skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity.


Throughout my career, I have served in the hard skills fields of aerospace engineering, electrical engineering & systems design. Some of my experience with soft skills include serving as the External Vice President of my Toastmasters club, former communications chair of the Tampa BNI chapter, and publishing... See full profile

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Productivity Time Management
Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: You logically understand that you should be getting through the task today. Yet emotionally, you're fighting off the task. The task which you are supposed to do today. You're pushing back till tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on and so on. Congratulations, you've officially procrastinated. Random is our modules. The founder of Romani talks, a media company which helps engineers and entrepreneurs improve their communication skills. What are my first ever published books was called level up mentality. Within this book, I break down productivity to a science. In order to understand productivity. We can't over-complicate it. We need to cut through to the fundamentals. The more that we understand the fundamentals, the more likely that we're going to be productive. In this class, you're going to understand what exactly is procrastination and why we do it. You're going to understand how to add clarity by seeing the bigger picture. You go to understand how to effectively use the stopwatch and the timer, how to give yourself rewards. And we're going to end with a final project which will help you overcome an activity that you have been procrastinating on. If you're ready and excited, I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. What Causes Procrastination?: Procrastination is the act of pushing back and activity that you should've been doing today. The reason that we procrastinate can be for a variety of reasons, but it usually comes down to blurriness. If I tell you to go inside that forest and just walk around aimlessly, the first couple of days, you may be able to do it. But after the third to fourth day, unless you're some sort of dummy, you're gonna start feeling annoyed. You're gonna be wondering, why is this guy keeps telling me to walk around in the forest without explaining why. As soon as subconsciously you start thinking a thought like that, you're going to tend to procrastinate walking into this forest because you don't understand why. You want to know something. In formal education. Tons of times we were learning through this method. A lot of teachers were telling their students to go into the forest without explaining the context of how the forest will help them. The forest is simply an analogy for learning math, social studies, history, which are all important topics, topics which adults often revisit. But the younger self didn't understand why, which is why they were procrastinating. Anytime we don't have clarity of the bigger picture, we will tend to procrastinate. See how that applies to you. Do you currently have an understanding of the bigger picture? Or are you simply mindlessly walking into a forest? 3. Creating a Chain Mind: To understand the bigger picture, we need two things. Number one, we need to create a chain mind. And number two, we need to get our y. The first one, the train mind. All too often when we procrastinate, what happens is we think we're procrastinating just today. We simply see today's activity. But we don't necessarily understand the ripple effects that this procrastination is causing. Because guess what? It is causing ripple effects. Allow me to give you an example. Last year. Those are client that I ended up getting for one of my services. And I asked the guy, man, how did you end up finding me? That's when he said that he found me from a blog that I did in 2019. I saw that I was immediately able to connect 2019, width 2021. Nowadays, anytime that I'm about to procrastinate on an activity today, let's say a blog, mine shorts to activate the chain, the source of thing. Okay. Go ahead, Miss today's blog. But who's to say you're not missing a client two years from now. Go ahead, Mrs. Blog. But who is to say that you are not missing plenty of book sales four years from now. If you can start thinking and chains, then what happens is that you start to see the bigger picture. As soon as you start to see the bigger picture, you start to unlock this polarity. You feel good when you execute the task. And you feel guilty when you don't execute the task. Good and guilty allows you to maximize productivity today. Now as you're unleashing the chain mind, another thing that you want to do is track down the root y. Let's go back to the client example. I see that I ended up getting a client. Why did I get the client? I ended up getting the client because I wrote the blog. Why did I write the blog? It is to add ideas to my brand and grow my presence. Boom. This is a strong why that has an emotional appeal to it and it allows me to spot the context. So the first thing that you want to do is you want to start to prime your mind to see the links and things you want to see. Okay, if I miss today's activity, what else am I missing in the near future? This activates good emotions and guilt, which leads to productivity today. Then you want to keep tracing back the y. 4. Productivity Zone: Once you have your y, our next goal is to create a productivity zone. This is a special spot where you go simply to work. Not only does this have to be a physical location, it could also be a wardrobe. Did you know if you're working from home is much more effective if you dress up. Yes, we're the correct shoes as well. Spray the nice cologne or perfume. The reason why is because you are activating a zone in your mind. If you're just wearing pajamas and you plan to work from home. Do you think you'll be productive? Probably not. If you're just always over here working anywhere. But you don't have that certain spot. Or you can go and you can expect your mind, body, and intellect to be productive. Do think you're gonna be productive? Probably, but it's going to require more willpower. What I urge you to do is create the zone where you go strictly for work. Anytime you exit this zone is easier to activate. Relaxation mode. That's the physical side of it, that's the location aspect of it. But other than that, cultivate the right spirit. Dress up the nice cologne or deny shoes and look like a person who's about to conquer procrastination. 5. Bare Minimum: We're in the zone. Where do we want to do is we want to leverage our emotions. In a logical world. We're immediately going to jump in and say, conquer all these tasks. But in an emotional world where we understand that humans are flawed creatures, we're going to say, what is the bare minimum that I need to do in order to make this a success. For me personally, I need to make sure that I at least have the content written out for my blogs. That doesn't mean that I have to do all these hyperlinks adding the pictures, publishing yet. But what I need to do is to make sure the content is out by simply creating a Berman mom task. What we do is we tell her mind and body that we have gained a wind. Once you have gained a win, is much easier to get another one. I could break down this minimum task of getting the content out even further. Rather than saying get the entire content out. I can just say write a paragraph. Because when I write one paragraph, I'm going to be tempted to write another paragraph and another one, and another one. And congratulations, I've just activated momentum. Whatever the task is that you're procrastinating on, you want to break it down in a way where it looks less intimidating. And you're able to have that bare minimum that you need to do in order to get through the task and turn the snowballs into an avalanche. 6. Timer & Stopwatch: If you made it this far, you're lucky because tons of people are trying to be productive, but they don't even know about the stopwatch and the timer. These two are so crucial. First, the stopwatch. Initially, once we keep doing our tasks, Let's say we have to write a blog a week. In the initial stages, we don't necessarily know how long it takes us to write the content. This is when we activate the stopwatch in order to get a rough estimate of how long it takes to create the content. We're not necessarily focusing on the grammar, punctuation and all of that yet. We're just focusing on how long it takes us to create, let's say, a minimum of 1000 words. Let's say for three to four of our blogs, we see that the estimation is roughly around 15 minutes to 18 minutes. Once we have an understanding of how long this activity takes us, this is when we activate the timer. We want to factor in being human. So rather than saying exactly 15 minutes, we could say 18 minutes to 20 minutes. But if you want to challenge yourself, go on and give yourself 15 minutes or a tablet less in order to raise the stakes even more. How much you're procrastinating is how much you want to shave away on the timer to raise the stakes. But by creatively using the stopwatch and the timer, you will be able to systematize this act that you need to do. 7. Rest and Rewards: You have officially conquered the task that you've been procrastinating on, where a lot of people are taken a nap right now. You have been working, but you don't want to work too much now, once you're complete with a task, you want to close the loop with rest slash reward. The reason that we want to end with rest slash reward is because we want to create an empowering emotion with work and productivity. Tons of people, when they work, they work some more and they work some more, which creates a draining emotion towards the body. We want to immediately connect, rest and reward with overcoming procrastination. Go back to the blog example. Once I've created the blog, created the pictures, the links, published it. Let's say it takes me an hour and a half. I always end with a meal. So as I'm creating, I understand that once I'm done, I'm not going to be working some more. Because if that's a spirit that I'm working with, I'm like, I'm working too much. But if I say, you'll work hard because you have a meal waiting at the end, and this is a good meal. Now I feel better and more inclined to do this act. Whenever you're wrapping up your procrastination sessions, you always want to give yourself a rest and reward. This influences positive perception towards productivity. And no longer is it a chore. 8. Bonus Tip: 5 Minute Rule: Here's one bonus tip That's going to change your life forever. If it's five minutes or less, do it right now. Has there ever been that moment when you needed to take out the trash? But soon as you saw the trash, you're like, Yeah, I'll do it tomorrow. You simply becoming aware that this activity takes two to three minutes. Guess what? You could bust out the stopwatch and a timer here. Soon as you acknowledge it. If you just do the activity right now, you start to condition your body to view any activity that takes five minutes or less to do it right now. Now you may be thinking, well, there's a lot of activities that take me longer than that. Who cares? Because here's the thing. When you go to the gym and let's say you're a skinny person. You're not immediately trying to rep 250 pounds. You're starting off with the bar. Then eventually you try to rub the bar. Eventually you add ten sides to each side, 25 sides to each side, 45 sides to each side. And you keep working your way up. It all started with that bar. Likewise, if you could keep priming yourself to do tasks that require five minutes or less right now. Eventually, you're building your productivity muscle even more, which allows you to take care of the big tasks, level up your productivity skills. 9. Final Project: Now is the time for the final project. What I want you to do is find an activity that you have been procrastinating on. Once you've spotted that activity, I want you to activate the chain mind. What are some of the consequences that you will face if you do not do this activity today. Also, what are some of the opportunities that you will face if you do this activity today by activating the chain, what you do is you activate the good emotions of doing the test today. You also activate the guilt of not doing this task today. Once you've activated the chain, I want you to trace the chain all the way back to the root cause why? Why are you doing this activity? This will allow you to develop sight of the bigger picture. Once you've understanding of the bigger picture, I want you to create a productivity so on. This can be a certain location in your living facility, your office space. This could be certain clothes that you were in order to feel good, a productive for the activity at hand. Once you enter the productivity zone, I want you to find the bare minimum tasks you need to do in order to overcome procrastination. Once you have identified the bare minimum tasks, use the stopwatch and the timer to make sure that you go through this act. Once you are done, I want you to give yourself a rest period and reward, indicating that you have officially overcome procrastination with this task. Once you're done with this, I want you to create a report and posted on Word document talking about your experience with overcoming procrastination. There, certain resistance that you faced. What came easy to you? How did it feel to activate the chain mind? Be as detailed as you would like to be detailed. And once you are complete, posted in the final project section, right arm below. I appreciate you for joining this class and I hope to see you overcome procrastination and level up your productivity. If you want more content from the harmonic talks brand, be sure to check out our where I drop blogs, videos, podcasts, books, and much more are and look forward to hearing from you.