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How To Market Yourself on TikTok as a Creative Professional

teacher avatar Erin McGoff, Director, Editor & TikTok Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Class Project


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      Why TikTok?


    • 4.

      Discover your Niche + Content Strategy


    • 5.

      Strategically Navigate the FYP + Go Viral


    • 6.

      How to Brainstorm, Script, Film, Edit, and Post TikToks


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      Case Studies


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      The Do’s and Don’ts of TikTok


    • 9.

      Navigating the (Cruel and Wonderful) Internet


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      Advice on Monetizing TikTok


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About This Class

Building a community, marketing yourself as a professional, promoting your work, and growing an audience on social media are more important than most realize. Join film director & video editor, Erin McGoff, as she teaches you how to market your creative skills on TikTok!

Today, being a successful professional creative isn’t just about having a mastery of your craft—it’s also about cutting through the noise and gaining exposure. Whether you’re in a supersaturated field like graphic design or photography or practice a lesser-known craft, people on TikTok want to hear your story.

This course will teach you all the tools you need to navigate TikTok like a pro, and reap the benefits of this incredible platform. You’ll learn:

  • Content strategy
  • Practicals of production
  • Following trends
  • Going viral
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Protecting your mental health
  • Monetizing TikTok

As a professional filmmaker, Erin shares how she has leveled up her career using TikTok. You no longer have to be a full-time influencer if you want to be a content creator – in fact, people don’t want you to. They want to see your real life, your true creativity, and your lifestyle. 

Imagine hitting it big on Youtube in 2009—that’s the opportunity you have today, but it won’t be like this forever.



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Erin McGoff

Director, Editor & TikTok Creator


Hi, I'm Erin! I'm a full-time freelance film director, editor, and TikTok content creator (1.8m+ on TikTok). By day, I work with clients to direct and edit films, and by night, I educate & give career advice (with a focus on the creative industry) on TikTok. I'm here to be your guide and supporter when it comes to designing your dream life and career. 

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction: Have you ever thought about creating a TikTok account? [MUSIC] Have you seen other creators blowing up and thought, "That could be me?" But it is our broad audience, build a community and shine a spotlight on creativity is where it all begins, and leaning into that desire could take you on a very exciting journey. Hi, my name is Erin McGoff I'm a film director, video editor living in New York City in one year, I went from zero to over 1.8 million followers on TikTok. In the past year, I've worked with some incredible brands, like National Geographic, Backstage, Acura, ZipRecruiter, and even Skillshare. A few months ago I even signed with an agency, which is really exciting. Before I downloaded TikTok, I never even considered being a content creator or an influencer. But after taking the lead, being vulnerable and messing up a lot, I eventually figured it out and I haven't looked back. So even if you're somebody who doesn't want to do TikTok dances or engage in silly trends or even show your face, this class can still help you find the best way to market your creativity in your own way on TikTok. I'm going to teach you how to do what I did it and what so many others have done through a step-by-step process and specific example. TikTok is an amazing opportunity to elevate yourself branding, getting some clout, grow an audience and build a community. In this course, you'll learn how to design a strategy and find your niche, how to brainstorm design, script, film, edit, and post TikToks. I'll show you a case studies of success to inspire you, manage your expectations, emotions, and mental health as an online content creator. Use content creation and elevate your real-world career, and of course, I'm also going to share what everybody wants to know, how you could potentially monetize TikTok. But it's important for me to state up front that this class is not about me teaching you how to become a cringy clickbaity TikTok influencer overnight, this is about playing the long game. I want to teach you how to maintain integrity in your creative career while also marketing yourself on TikTok. This class is for ambitious and curious creatives who have a story to tell. This class is for graphic designers, illustrators, culinary artists, dancers, painters, filmmakers, photographers, writers, and everything in-between. The only prerequisites for this class, are curiosity and humility. If you fit what I just described, you're in the right place. I'm optimistic about the future of content creation and I want to help you take that first step. I'm so excited to teach you all the tips and tricks I've learned along the way. So let's jump right in [MUSIC] 2. Class Project: Before we dive in, I want to quickly tell you about our class project. All you need for this class is a working phone with a working camera and microphone and the TikTok app. For the class project, you'll be creating three TikTok videos. One about yourself, one about your craft, and one engaging in a trend. I know that might sound intimidating right now, but in 40 minutes you'll feel a lot better. Let's begin. 3. Why TikTok?: [MUSIC] Before we dive in, let me tell you why you should be so excited about TikTok. Before I jumped on TikTok, I thought the app was so weird. I thought it was just a bunch of [inaudible] dances and over the first time I opened the app, the first video that I saw was terrifying. But of course, after a few scrolls in the For You page, I was addicted. At the time of recording this course in early 2022, one billion people use TikTok and the app has been downloaded over three billion times. Twenty-eight percent of TikTok users are under the age of 18, 35 percent are between the ages of 19 and 29, and 37 percent are over the age of 30. Around 60 percent of TikTok followers are under the age of 30. Nineteen percent of Americans with mobile access log into TikTok every day. TikTok, it's the sixth most popular social app in the world, trailing behind Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and WeChat. Now a lot of people describe TikTok as Instagram for video, but here's why that's not true. It's important to make the distinction between a platform and a social media. Instagram is a social media, it's all about connecting with your direct community, people that you know. But YouTube is a platform where the content is designed to entertain and educate the masses. TikTok is a platform not a social media. Think of it more as YouTube than Instagram. This means it's all about creating content for the masses. Your goal in TikTok is to go viral. But besides all the numbers and statistics, here are some reasons why I think you should really seriously consider utilizing TikTok. We're currently living in the golden age of the Internet and the gate economy, the global content creation economy is expected to hit $38 billion by 2030. The creator economy is here to stay and it's important to hope in that trend early. Another reason that I'm really passionate about TikTok is that it equalizes everyone. Anyone can be a creator on TikTok, it doesn't matter where you came from, what you look like, how rich you are, who you know, none of that matters, everyone is on an equal playing field. The app is open to anyone who's willing to put in the effort and not make excuses. That's why I think it's such a powerful tool for people to utilize who maybe don't have the same opportunities that others have. Maybe you live in a small town and can't afford a move to a big city, or maybe you can't afford to go to college, or you're underrepresented in your industry. TikTok gives you the ability to empower yourself and market your craft to a general audience. If you have a story to tell, people want to hear it. Before moving forward, I would like to go over just a couple of terms that I'll be using just so we're all on the same page. But if you're really new to TikTok and you're finding that you don't really know what I'm talking about, I definitely recommend going and watching my first-class where I talk way more in detail about the app and the platform, and I explain everything that you need to know. There are two timelines on TikTok, there is the Following timeline and the For You page. The Following timeline it shows the videos of people that you follow, but 99 percent of people will spend their time on the For You page, which is basically a collection of videos that TikTok algorithm has created that are just for you. The goal of any creator is to get on the For You page, which means you create an engaging video of the people watching full. The way that TikTok works is that you post a video, it shows it to a small pool of people, if those people engage and they watch it in full and it's a video that they seem interested in, they show it to a bigger pool and then it goes on and on and on, and eventually, if the video has that viral reacher, it'll hit the For You page and it will go viral. That's why TikTok is so cool. It doesn't matter how many followers you have, it just matters if you're creating viral content. You can start to count today, have zero followers, post a video, go to bed and wake up, and you can have 100,000 followers. Just because if that video hits the For You Page and it went viral, you hit the jackpot. TikTok is like playing the lottery. It's like you're constantly paying into the system and every now and then you're going to hit the jackpot. We're going to talk about that more later. [MUSIC]. 4. Discover your Niche + Content Strategy: The first step in this journey is discovering your niche and your content strategy. Now a lot of people get stuck in this phase, struck by something called analysis paralysis. This is where you just spend so much time thinking and researching that you never really get started and you never really go anywhere. But honestly, you just can't think about it too much, you just have to get started, that's the only way you're going to learn. But here are the first steps that I recommend you doing. Now if you're a visual person and you would like to follow along, I created this fun little workbook to accommodate this class, and you can download it for free down in the link in the description. Step 1, list out five things that you'd like to talk about or that make you unique or give you a unique perspective. Basically, list out the ways that you can bring value to TikTok or ways that you would like to bring value to TikTok. For example, for me, it's like giving job and career advice, talking about the film industry, talking about living in New York City, editing, and directing, and documentary filmmaking. But for you, it might be like that century modern design, or fonts, or portraits of animals, I don't know. Step 2, now you're going to want to find 5-10 accounts that already talked about those things. Look at their most popular videos, and then look at the comments. How are people engaging with the video? What questions are they asking? What content are people craving? For step 3, I want you to think about your end goal. What do you want to get out of TikTok? What is your best-case scenario? What are you doing? Is it a creative director and your favorite agency sees your TikTok and hires you? Is it your favorite artists sees your TikTok and they hire you to design their album cover? Or maybe you're a musician, and you want one of your songs to go viral on TikTok. It's important to start with the end. Now instead of saying, "I want this," write it in I will statements. I know it's cheesy but research shows that writing down your goals helps you achieve them. Instead of saying, I would love for creative director to notice me and hire me, say a creative director of this agency will see me and hire me. Now I know this might seem a little silly, but no one needs to see this list, it's just for you, and it's going to help ground you, and remind you why I watch this class, why you're doing all this work, and what you want to get out of it. Once you have your authority, research, and goals established, it's time to start contemplating. Contemplating is basically splitting out what videos you're going to make, when you're going to make them, how you're going to make them. [NOISE] But wait, let's pause here. Here's where you have to be careful. You see, it's relatively easy to go viral on TikTok. All you need to do is post something sensational. But remember to never sacrifice your integrity, your end goal for just a few moments of clout. Let's say you're a graphic designer who posts videos about fonts. But then one day, your dog does something really funny. So you film it, you record it, and post it on TikTok. That video is viral, and you've got 100,000 followers who are now following you for your funny dog. TikTok has now categorized you as a funny animal account, not a graphic design account. You might have a lot of people following you, but they're dog lovers, not font lovers. It's all about focusing on getting a quality following, not just quantity. There are lots of accounts that have a ton of followers and lots of engagement, but they aren't necessarily super transferable to the real world because those followers are following them for reasons that don't benefit them. Design your account to fit your goals, and focus on quality and steady growth. While we're talking up this, I would like to make a quick distinction. In my opinion, there are two types of TikTok accounts: entertainers and educators or personality versus information. Some accounts, particularly ones with a lot of followers and engagement are entertainers or personality-based. People follow these accounts because they liked the person. That person could post a video of them eating french fries, and it would get a million views because people simply like that person. These are creators like Addison Rae or Noah Beck or Brittany Broski. They're usually like models, or comedians, or actors, and honestly, they are modern-day celebrities. They've garnered a following based of their charisma and their personality. Then there are informational accounts or educators. These are accounts that people follow and pay attention to because of the information that they give. They don't follow the creator for their personal interests, but rather for the information that they provide. Successful accounts like this include Sheet Sensei who just gives Excel tips, or I love under the desk news who simply gives daily news bites from under a desk. These accounts bring valuable information to viewers, which TikTok loves because they had established themselves as authorities in their niche. Then of course there are counts that fall somewhere in the middle, accounts like Hank Green. People love him for his personality and his information, which leads him to consistently go viral. When you're planning the content, always keep that in the back of your mind. I always say the goal in TikTok is to create content that is both educational and entertaining. Next, it's important to design videos that fit your personality and who you are. TikTok wants to see authenticity, they don't want to see you trying to be somebody that you're not, and they'll see right through them. Are you a more shy person? Maybe try an Emily Mariko approach. Are you funny? Maybe try a Dear Modern approach. Are you a good teacher? Maybe videos like mine can mean expression. Now let's brainstorm three different concepts. Some concepts that I like to use are how-to videos. How to answer this question, or I like to do listicles, or something more sensational is like a mistake that you're making or this is why you shouldn't do x. Now that you know what you can talk about, what you wanted to talk about, how you want to talk about it, name those three concepts. For example, if I named three concepts right now, I might do how to decide on a lens, three ways to export footage in Premier, or maybe a day in my life as a filmmaker, things like this. What I do is I keep them in my notes app just so I can go back and revisit them. It's important to always do brainstorming and always writing down your ideas. 5. Strategically Navigate the FYP + Go Viral: As a creator, I spent a lot of time on my For You page and I definitely recommend you do the same. The only way you're really going to understand TikTok is by embracing it and engaging with it regularly. Let me take you through my process of how I interact with the TikTok app. Commenting. Commenting is a huge part of TikTok. The first thing people do whenever they watch a video is open up the comments and see what everybody else has to say about it. I love to leave positive, helpful comments wherever I can. It can help you gain exposure because people can like the comment which raises it to the top. If I come across a sound of a trend and meme or something that I want to use, you can click down in the bottom right corner, that little circle, that's the sound. Up the top, I usually click Add to Favorites so that I can keep it for later. Then you can see all the other creators who have used this sound, which is a really great place to gain inspiration for ideas. If you want to use the sound immediately, you can always click Use the sound. Sometimes I do that to create drafts. Now let's talk about dueting and stitching. In addition to feeding your own content, you can also piggyback off of other people's videos. If I come across a video in my FYP page that's in my niche and it's like a really informational video that I want to retweet, I will just duet the video in full for my audience. But if there's a video that I want to add something to or comment on, you can stitch it, which is basically where you take five seconds in the video, usually people choose the first five seconds, and then the rest of the video is yours alone to comment on. I recommend dueting and stitching as much as you can. I think it's a really great way to engage in TikTok and I know the algorithm really likes to push up duets and stitches. Now let's look at some examples of ways creatives go viral on TikTok. First, we're going to look at Grace Wells. This video creator went viral for creating homemade product commercials. Let's take a look. I made an actual commercial by myself. For this video, I had to pick one of my least favorite tasks in the world: washing dishes. Look exciting. Because Donna asked me a commercial for their power wash dish spray. For the sake of this whole kitchen set thing, because I wanted to look super sleek and professional, I even ran water to it. Honestly, my biggest fear going into this as the product seemed too good to be true. Luckily, works like magic. It looks like I edited this, I promise I did not. Overall, I'm really proud what they come up with. I feel like I managed to make washing dishes look really fun and colorful. Here's the file ad, let me know what you think. As you can see, the videos showcase a process with a path at the end. You get to see all the work she put in and then the final result, which people really love to see. You'll see that's very much a theme for creatives on TikTok. But some videos go viral for more meditational reasons. Let's look at one of my favorite creators, Mic-Anthony. Mic-Anthony just simply captures moments. They're really simple videos that people love to watch because they transport them somewhere else for just a brief moment. They really don't try to do too much. Let's take a look at one of them. Obviously, Mic-Anthony is very talented, and this account really showcases his ability to tell a story in a very simple way. Then, of course, there are educational videos. Videos people watch because they want to learn something. This is a strategy that I use and it's a really great strategy because it establishes yourself as an authority in your field. If you can teach other people, that means you probably know what you're talking about. There are hundreds of accounts that I could use to illustrate all of these points. But for this one, let's look at Harrison Howard who teaches people how to draw. Even if you don't draw, I can teach you how to draw a lake. Check this out. Step 1 is a big center horizontal line followed by some sidelines that are also flat. You can just put them wherever you want. You're about to be shocked how easy this is. A couple of follow and then draw some scribbly lines down. A couple of mountains behind the side hills. A few more wiggly lines. Then if you want to shade it, shade it from the corners and leave the center it, sort of emptying. Thanks for watching. You can see his kind, empathetic, approach, and unique styles are why people keep watching. He's establishing himself not only as an illustrator but a kind person, a good person to work with. Remember, it's not just about doing great work, it's about being great to work with. Here's some quick tips that will help you go viral. Number 1, always have a strong hook. People have the ability to scroll away from your video at any time, and they will if they're not interested or they're bored. So definitely keep the momentum in a way. Number 2, always have the best lighting possible and present yourself in the best way possible. I mean, this isn't Instagram. People don't really care what you look like, but always try to present yourself in the best way possible with a good attitude. Remember that when you're logging on to TikTok and you're posting a video, you're putting yourself on stage, you're putting yourself out to the public. So remember that whenever you post a video. Number 3, use in-app effects like the green screen effect or text audio. The TikTok app loves when you use in-app features and they will reward you in the algorithm. Number 4, speaking of the algorithm, ignore anybody who tells you that there are certain tricks they get on the For You page or anything like that. The trick for getting on the For You page is creating consistently viral content. There's special hashtags, or filters, or times to post, or anything like that that's going to help you. For your next assignment, I would like you to find one video that recently went viral in your niche and write down two to three reasons why you think it went viral. 6. How to Brainstorm, Script, Film, Edit, and Post TikToks: Hey there and welcome to my office. [MUSIC] While I teach you guys how to make a TikTok video, I wanted to come home in my natural environment so I could show you how I literally create content every day. Now let's talk about creating a TikTok video from start to finish. Let's begin. I like to keep ideas for TikTok in my Notes app on my iPhone. It's really simple. Going on a walk or laying in bed, watching TV and something pops into my brain, I just write it down on my Notes app so that whenever I sit down to create content, I can just go to my Notes app and see an idea and make it right there. A lot of people tend to plan their content out and maybe batch it all in one day but my style is more just to make little casual videos throughout the day. They come off more authentic, candid and that's just more of what my account is. Now, in my opinion, there are two different types of TikTok content, original content, and sound-based content. My account is mainly original content, so I give advice or I give job interview tips, but I do occasionally participate in the meme or dance trend. I'm going to give you an example of both types of content so you can see what I'm talking about and how you can do it. Let's check this script that I created. It's three tips for aspiring screenwriters. This is a great example of original content. This is a content that I wrote. It came from my brain. These are tips that I'm personally giving an audio that I'm creating myself. The first thing that we're going to want to do is make sure that there is a good hook. Typically, best practices are to include the word you in the first three seconds of the video, so have you heard of, did you know about, have you ever seen this. Here I wrote, do you want to write scripts for movies and TV shows? Then I went on to give three tips for anybody who is an aspiring screenwriter. Now I'm going to go to my TikTok app and I'm going to open up the camera, hi. Something that a lot of TikTokers are going to do is use a ring light. I use this occasionally, but I actually loved to just prop my phone up on something. It just adds something to my voice and I think makes it a little bit louder and people really like it. It's one of my signatures. A lot of people don't know that I do this. You guys are getting the lowdown right now. I'm going to show you guys exactly how I would create this video. The first thing I'll do is take it over to 60 seconds, and then this is typically what I do. I just go over to my Notes app and I just go back and forth. My first line is, do you want to write scripts for movies and TV shows? Here are three things you can do right now and work towards that goal. Right now I'm setting the video up to educate a desired audience. This is a niche group. Most of my TikTok followers follow me for career advice, but I really love giving advice about the film industry. I love breaking those gates down and demystifying the industry. This is content they're like, "I really love." I don't expect this video to go crazy viral, but it will be very helpful to a small audience. Do you want to write scripts for movies and TV shows? Then I'm going to go up here. Yeah, that. Here are three things you can do today to start working towards that goal. Now I'm going to green-screen effect, my first visual aid. I just pulled these photos off of Google and put them in a little photo background. I like to rehearse before I say it. I'm going to say, Number 1, watch lots of films and read their scripts to see how it was translated to film. Then I'm going to show an example of a specific website because I like to show tangible resources for people. I don't want to keep things vague. Number 1, read a lot of scripts and watch a lot of movies. A great online resource for reading scripts for free is IMSDb. Read the scripts while you're watching the film and take note. Watch a film and read the corresponding script and take note. Now I'm going to move on to point Number 2. Number 2, read this book, Save The Cat. Professional screenwriters everywhere love this book and I'll definitely recommend it to you. Also, if you don't want to actually read, you can download it in Audible and listen to it. Now I'm going to move on to my third point, which is to listen to podcasts. I'm a huge podcast fan. I speak really quickly, so I mess up a lot. [LAUGHTER] Because I try to speak quick, people like that about my videos, I get right to the point. Let's try this again. Number 3, is listen to podcasts that interview screenwriters. Listen to them while you commute or do your laundry or do the dishes. You can find them on the Podcast app, on Spotify, and they are invaluable resources. Then what I do at the end of all my videos is I typically just have a call to action. You'll see this with a lot of more popular creators, a lot of them have this sign-off. I just say follow for more because that's all it is, just follow for more. Drop any questions in the comments and follow for more. Now I'm going to watch it back. [NOISE] Everything is looking pretty good. Now I'm going to head into the editing phase where I add music and text and all those fun things. I'm going to show you how to do that now. Now I'm going to pick the music and I love this track for just light-hearted informational videos [MUSIC] and I'll turn that down to eight or nine, maybe, maybe less, and then turn my original sound all the way up to 200. A great online resource for reading scripts for free is IMSDb. Watch a film and read the corresponding script and take note. Now I'm going to go in and add text in, so this is how I do it. The first thing that I'm going to do is go in and add my title card and then the rest of it I'm just going to have as autogenerated captions. Then I like to add some emojis. This is how I do it. This is not how you have to do it. Just pulling back the curtain a little bit. What did I say? Corresponding script and take note. Do you want to write scripts for movies and TV shows? Here are three things you can do today to start working towards that goal. Number 1, read a lot of scripts and watch a lot of movies. A great online resource for reading scripts for free is IMSDb. Watch a film and read the corresponding script and take note. Number 2, read this book, Save The Cat. Professional screenwriters everywhere love this book and I'll definitely recommend it to you. I read it twice and it taught me so much. That's how you change duration. Again, if I'm moving too quickly right now and you're like, "Wait, Erin, I get, slowdown," go back and watch my first class because I talk about, in detail, how to do all these little technical things in the app. But right now I am just showing you how I do it and you can learn from that, and if you really need a step-by-step process, go watch my first class, I strongly recommend that. Number 1, read a lot of scripts and watch a lot of movies. A great online resource for reading scripts for free is IMSDb. Now I'm going to go in and add autogenerated captions. This is something that TikTok added recently and they're not perfect, so usually, I have to go in and edit them quite a bit. This is actually the most time-consuming part of creating a TikTok. I'm going to delete this first one since I already wrote that and then delete that. As you see, it has a lot of typos, you need to go through and fix all those typos. Now that I'm done editing, people always ask me, "Erin, you're a video editor, why are you editing on your phone?" The answer is that it's just easier to edit in app, and it also gives the app more metadata about my video. I personally just like to edit in app. I think it's a lot faster, things look for TikTok, they feel more authentic because they are more authentic and it really is just a lot easier at the end of the day. I do edit some TikToks in Premiere, but for the most part, it's just easier to do it like this. For my caption, I like to write something pretty engaging, like, where are my screenwriters at or this is the best advice ever, or is there anything you'd add? Something that engages commenting. I'm going to write, where are all my aspiring screenwriters? Now that I've showed you how to do an original video. Let's talk about how to do a sound-based video. As you're scrolling TikTok and you're saving sounds, you go up to your favorite tab, go over to your sounds and click the sound that you want to use. I want to use this sound. [NOISE] It's a really short sound at the beginning people are clapping and then people are like whoa at the end. Usually, the beginning is something good and then the ending is something bad. I thought this would be really funny to do with that feeling when you think I'm going to start looking for a new job, I'm going to find a new job, I'm going to start applying. But then you remember you've to update your resume. I was thinking about doing it with that little meme. It's right in my niche and I think that people will find it really funny. It's a really short video, it's only five seconds long in TikTok, really puts a lot of value on rewatch time. Creating shorter videos is always just a good idea. I'm going to do my typical lean it up against my mug. Nothing fancy going on here. Then it's important that I selected my sound first. TikTok is not going to capture any of my audio. Look. [NOISE] You see? All I need to do is mouth the words or mouth the meme or act it out, and it's very simple and easy. Maybe I'll even use a zoom-in effect or something here. Like this. Now I'm going to set my timer [APPLAUSE] and look, countdown up. [APPLAUSE] Now I'm going to record the second part. I always be like this. [APPLAUSE] That works. I'm going to add my text now, so I'll write, thinking about getting a new job. Set the duration, remembering I have to update my resume. That's it. Super simple, guys. These videos always do really well for me. It's always the ones that have the least amount of work that perform the best. That's just what I found from my account, but TikTok is wild. [APPLAUSE] Now, I like to add this filter. For these sets of videos, I like to just do little funny captions, like the cry emoji. [LAUGHTER] I might do like a career advice hashtag or something like that. But for me, this is more of just a funny one-off and it either will perform or it won't. That's just how the game is played. I'll add that to my playlist. Then I will save that in my drafts. That is truly how I create TikToks. I do that 1-5 times a day. It takes a few minutes and you never know, that video could get two million views or it could get two. You just never really know what's going to happen. Now let's go back to the studio and look at some case studies. 7. Case Studies: Now let's look at some case studies that I've gathered from a variety of creatives to help inspire you. First, let's talk about Emily Mariko. Emily is known for her mesmerizing [NOISE] cooking videos and fashion sense. She's a woman of a few words, but her distinct personality comes out in her original creative ideas and peaceful form of videos. Next, let's talk about an account I love, stuff about advertising. Now if you're in the marketing or advertising space, you really going to love this account. This creator is one of my favorites because we've been following each other for a while, and when she first started her account, she was working as a copywriter at an agency. Now she is a creative director and was even named in WARC Creative 100, the most inspiring talents of 2021. How cool is that? It just goes to show that investing in TikTok really can translate to a real-world career. During your next creative brainstorm, try doing the opposite of what's expected. Try flipping a well-known phrase or say something jarring that people wouldn't expect to see in an ad, or say something confusing that you then follow up with your brand. It works for visuals too, like using a style that you wouldn't expect to see for that product. This singular wireless commercial is a perfect example of how you can flip an entire set of dialogue on its head. I have not had it up to here with you young lady. Why do you insist on treating me like an adult? Because you insist on acting like one. Now you're getting this new phone. It's so small. I really like it. Why is it always what I want? Well, do you have any idea how much money this is not going to cost me? I love you. I know you really mean that. Go to heaven. I'm going to pretend I just heard that. Cingular is changing the conversation. For all you musicians out there, you might already know about Tai Verdes. His story is really inspiring. When he first started on TikTok, he was living in a studio apartment, working at a Verizon store. Today he is on an international tour after several songs went viral on TikTok. He's a huge star now. For my drawing friends out there, let's talk about Devon Rodriguezart. He's gained over 22 million followers on TikTok and I don't even think he's ever showed his face. He's well-known for his subway drawing videos. Let's take a look. [MUSIC]. Hey, Miss? Thank you for your service. I did this painting of you. Ain't you from TikTok? Yeah. I'm the one. Oh, I follow you. Really? Oh, my God. Nice to meet you. Thank you for your service. Thank you. There are literally thousands of accounts that I could use as examples. But if you'd like to see a master list of a bunch of creatives on TikTok that I really love, I linked them all in the workbook that you can download for free in the link in the description. 8. The Do’s and Don’ts of TikTok: Now let's talk about the general do's and don'ts of TikTok. Do be candid. People want to see your authentic self. This isn't Instagram. They don't expect you to be perfect. They want to see the real you. Don't engage in iffy trends. If something is going around and it makes you uncomfortable or you can't think of a good idea for it, just skip it. Don't force it. Do always have good audio. As they say in the film industry, people will always forgive bad video, but they will never forgive bad audio. If your video is too quiet, people will scroll right past it. Do speak quickly, be engaging, be present. You don't have to be bubbly and perky like me, but definitely be present with TikTok. Don't use foul language or use substances. Basically just don't post anything that you wouldn't want your grandma to see or a future employer. Don't make TikToks when you're feeling down or frustrated or angry. Just make them when you're feeling inspired. If there's a day where you're not feeling inspired or you don't want to create on TikTok, don't. Just skip the day. It's okay. It's your account, [LAUGHTER] you make the roles and you can do whatever you want. 9. Navigating the (Cruel and Wonderful) Internet: [MUSIC] Now let's talk about something that's not discussed nearly enough in the content creation community and that is maintaining your mental health. I definitely want to include this in this course because this is a huge part of being a TikTok creator and nobody really talks about it. Creating content online is terrifying and it opens you up to literally a world of criticism. No matter how perfect or wholesome your content might be, there will always be miserable people in the world. This can be tough as a creative when you're craft is your identity. It's important to remember that the whole world of content creation is very new and the amount of negativity that you can get can be really hard on your nervous system. But don't worry, I'm going to teach you how to deal with the trolls or any negative people. Mindset. First, let's talk about mindset. Before I sit down and make TikToks, I actually have a little mantra that I visit. It may sound cheesy, but it works for me. Find something that works for you. Maybe it's a poem, a song, a YouTube video, or a scene from a movie. Find a way to be your best self before you go on a TikTok stage. Comments. Let's talk about comments. I don't mean to scare you, you might not get any negative comments at all. My personal philosophy is that your TikTok is your TikTok. It's important that you need to protect your space and protect your peace. You can do whatever you want on your own TikTok account. It's your space. You can make or not make whatever videos you want. If you want to delete certain comments or even ban certain words, go for it, protect your piece. I mean, my content is pretty wholesome and straightforward and I can still get the occasional trolls, so I'm giving you permission to block and bless. Now let's talk about the snowball effect. TikTok's algorithm is like others where it can't determine if something is going viral for good a reason or a bad reason, it just sees that it's going viral. If you post a video and something about it is interesting to not your target audience, say you say a word wrong or you have a fact wrong, or there's something weird in the background and a certain audience tends to comment on that, it will continue to show it to that negative audience. Commenters on TikTok are followers. They'll watch a video, make a loose opinion and then they'll go to the comments section for validation and then they pile on. I wish that TikTok had a downlike feature like on Reddit, but it doesn't. Now, don't get me wrong. People on TikTok are generally very accepting and kind. But you never really know, so I just wanted to tell you about the snowball effect. It's very rare. It might not even happen to you. But if you feel that the comments are beginning to snowball in a negative direction, feel free to just take the video down or maybe even delete comments. It's up to you. It's your TikTok. Next, let's talk about highs and lows. TikTok likes to play mind games with you. Someday the algorithm will be really nice and it'll put out all your videos and other days you'll barely get any reach at all. It can be really frustrating, especially when you put a lot of time and effort into each of your videos. My only advice here is just to know that virality is going to ebb and flow and sometimes your account will be hot and sometimes it'll be cool. Focus less on the numbers and more on just building that audience and engaging with your community and going live and responding to comments. This will help you get back on the free page. Also, think of new formats that you can make your videos in. This is when I found a lot of success. If my account is dwindling a little bit or it's getting a little stale, I'll think of a new concept and reinvigorate my account. But of course, that's easier said than done [MUSIC]. 10. Advice on Monetizing TikTok: [MUSIC] Now we're going to talk about something that's the elephant in the room, that everybody want to know and that's how you can make money on TikTok. But just a reminder, building an audience on TikTok is building social currency. Every day that you're creating content, engaging with your audience and building that community, you're creating value for yourself. But remember, don't become too dependent on TikTok or any platform for that matter because they can go away overnight. Remember, this course isn't about teaching you how to become a TikTok influencer, it's about teaching you how to use TikTok to magnify this career that you're already building for yourself. Here are five different ways that TikTok creators can monetize TikTok, just so you know. Number 1 is that you can join the TikTok Creator Fund once you have over 10,000 followers. This is a pool of money that TikTok has put aside to pay creators. The way that it works is you basically get paid a fraction of a cent per view. It varies per creator and they don't have an exact match, but you can make a little bit of money through the Creator Fund but nothing you could live off of, unless you're super, super famous and getting a million, five million [LAUGHTER] views every single video. The second way is to partner with brands, to do partnerships or sponsored posts. I used to negotiate some brand partnerships and sponsored posts before I had an agency, but I recently signed with an agency and I have to say, they have made it so much easier for me and I am getting paid more from brands through working with an agency. Number 3 is to sell courses or resources or e-books or something else, if you run a blog or something, something else that you monetize based off another platform. I personally don't do this, I have a few resources that I gave away for free, but that's just not really something that I'm personally interested in monetizing. Number 4, TikTok just added a new tip feature. I don't know if it's going to stick around, but basically fans can tip you, kind of like they can on Patreon. If they like your work, they can send you a little tip and you could always get a few dollars here and there that way. Then the fifth way is to run a blog or website which you can use affiliate links. I've done a few affiliate links here and there. You can make a video about certain products that you like and include an affiliate link, the link in your bio and so when people purchase it, you get a small commission. [MUSIC] Again, this class isn't about how to make money on TikTok, but I know everybody's wondering it, so that's why I included it in the course. [MUSIC] 11. Conclusion: [MUSIC] Well, that's the class. Congratulations you made it. To wrap up real quick, I'm just going to add 10 key takeaways that I think are really important for you as you embark on your TikTok journey. Number 1, people are emotional creatures, so always sign your videos to evoke some type of emotion, whether that's joy, sorrow, nostalgia, camaraderie. Number 2, people want to be entertained and educated at the same time. I use those terms very loosely, but I think all viral videos incorporate those two ideas. Tip number 3, and this is actually my favorite tip. Always think about the comment section when you're designing your video. This is really important because you're putting yourself in the shoes of your audience and that's your audience. That's who you're making a video for, so it helps you design a video in a way where it's not just about you and what you're thinking, what you're feeling, but more about them and how they will be interpreting your video and understanding it. Do you want the comments to be funny? Do you want the comments to be serious? Do you want comments to say, thank you? Do you want them to say, can you elaborate? Always think about what do you want that call to action, do yo want people to follow you? Do you want them to comment? Do you want me to share with a friend? Always think about what the call to action is. Number 4, understand that chasing virality is a rat race. Sometimes I literally feel like a hamster on a wheel chasing virality and it can drive you insane, so take breaks and be patient with yourself. Number 5, stop comparing yourself to other accounts. Every account is unique and bring something you need to TikTok. Don't compare yourself to them, instead be inspired by them. Number 6, give yourself creative breaks and don't burn out. Number 7, remember that you're in the arena, a place for most people are too scared to even venture. Number 8, people remember how you made them feel. Make sure that you're regularly interacting with your community and your audience. You're responding to comments and you're going live and you're showing them that you care about them and that you're listening to them. Number 9, if you're an over thinker, stop, just post it, or on the contrary, if you're impulsive, like me, maybe give it a day and then post it. Number 10, use the tools in the TikTok app, use features, use the filters, caption your videos, go live, respond to comments. All of those things are going to help you be in the good graces of the TikTok odds and find success on TikTok. That is it guys, I'm so excited to see your project. Remember to post it in the project gallery below. Remember that you are creating three TikToks. What about yourself? What about your craft and one engaging in a trend. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and of course TikTok at erinmcgoff, and my website is You can always reach out to me there. Thanks for taking the course and I'll see you on the TikTok. [MUSIC]