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How to Make Your Blog Popular and Get More Visitors

teacher avatar Laurie Wang, Digital Marketer and Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      How to Create a Popular Blog with More Readers


    • 2.

      Your Class Project - Show Your Work


    • 3.

      Start at the Beginning


    • 4.

      Email Marketing Tactics


    • 5.

      Building a Community


    • 6.

      Social Media Tactics


    • 7.

      Automate Your Content


    • 8.

      Rank Higher on Search Engines


    • 9.

      Blog Post Optimization


    • 10.

      Repurpose Your Content


    • 11.

      Outreach and Partnerships


    • 12.

      Paid Promotions


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About This Class

How to make your blog popular is the goal of every blogger creating his/her first blog. No one makes a blog if they don't want people to actually read it, right?

Not all blogs are created equal.

A few take over a niche like wildfire; yet most struggle to break the ‘never-heard-of-it’ barrier.

Your blog might be in the latter category.

You have just started your blog or you have been blogging for awhile, but yet you can’t seem to get any traction. You feel like you are just blogging but not getting any audiences to read and comment on your content.

You write great content, yet your competitor’s blog with mediocre posts seems to get all the website traffic.

In this course, I will go over how to create a popular blog from scratch. We’ll cover:

  • The best strategies to use in growing your blog audiences and engaging community
  • My favourite tools to help you automate and leverage technology to get more visibility
  • Using social media to amplify traffic to your blog and get more fans

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laurie Wang

Digital Marketer and Creator


Hi, my name is Laurie Wang. I'm a digital marketing consultant, trainer, YouTube content creator, Skillshare instructor, and public speaker living in London, United Kingdom. As you can tell I wear many hats!

Through my digital marketing & social media training company & Instagram, I help to inspire more experiences in people's lives from new perspectives, opening their eyes to the wonder and vastness of what is possible. My work has appeared in Elite Daily, Metro London, Fast Company, and Women 2.0.

I also set up my digital marketing consultancy training and helping small businesses grow online after a successful career at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest digital advertising agency in the world. Previously, I have worked with b... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. How to Create a Popular Blog with More Readers: Hi, I'm Laurie Wang and I'm a digital marketing strategist and also lifestyle blogger based in London. And today we're going to learn all about how to make your blog popular with loss of visitors over time and how to do all this from scratch. So I want to help you increase your visibility, build your brand, and ultimately creating an engaged community of readers. We're interested in coming back for more. Now, blogging brought me a lot of opportunities personally. And I've been featured in publications such as FT, the metro, Elite Daily, just to name a few. And also being able to bring lot opportunities for my digital marketing consultancy as well. Just because the fact that I've been prolific with my own voices online. And if you have an, a student in my blogging for beginners course, then this would be a perfect follow the course for you. Because at this stage, I want to teach you how to market your blog to get more readers over time in order to increase the popularity of your blog and therefore other sharing about your blog as well. Now only I will be teaching you how to grow your readers and also increase the engagement over time. I also share you some of the great ways to automate using digital tools to increase positivity of doing all these marketing efforts, all the ones. Lastly, I want to teach you how to use social media to amplify your messages and therefore getting more readers over time with that as well. Now this class is perfect for people who are just starting out. Or perhaps he might be an entrepreneur who are struggling to get more visibility and readers to see your business. Or perhaps you're a passionate blogger who wants to get more of your lifestyle content in front of more people. So I want you to remember that the hardest part is getting started. And, but just being here, you're already on your way to creating your first successful blog. Having a lot of readers that we'll be interested in what you have to say. And ultimately, remember that consistency is the key the game. So I can't wait to see inside the course and let's dive in. 2. Your Class Project - Show Your Work: Welcome to your class project. So in this class project, I want you to be using all the different components u1 mentioned in the course to create your first optimized blog post. Now I call it to see what you can create and make sure the share here with other students. So they can also comment and share your great work as well. 3. Start at the Beginning: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the course how to make your blood popular and get more visitors. I'm super excited that you're here, and I can't wait to show you some of the key ways for you to help you promote your blawg. So my name is Laurie Way. I'm a digital marketing strategist and speaker based in London. I'm previously I've also created successful Blawg calling your Grammys London, which you can have a look at on the Yorker means London dot com. Now, if you've been a student in my previous blogging for beginners class, then you know all about the details of how I put a block together from scratch. Gone through that in the course in that beginning courses. Well, so I highly recommend that you go check it out if you haven't yet. However, if you ready have create your own blawg from scratch, and you want to now learn about how to actually promote it to more people to get more visibility on to make it more popular that this is the right course in the right place to be. You can also find me on social media across Twitter, facebook and Instagram. So you can see me on Twitter at Lori Wine Underscore and also on Instagram with the same handle. So look forward to connecting with you guys over social and the other various channels and also within this course, and I look forward to hearing about your feedback as well as your results as well. Let's get started. So in this first section will be going through an introduction off why your block success truly depends on your promotions and I can't stress enough because ah law times I see beginner bloggers making the same mistake off spending a long time on creating amazing content but not promoting enough. Some more people can see that content on attracting more visitors to make the block more popular. So how's to promote your block? This is why I get asked all the time. This is the golden question. Right, guys? Well, the key thing is I want to go through the three top of reasons Ah, wine to start thinking about on your block today. So first of all, it all starts out with quality content and the key is to try really hard to write better content that your aliens washy find extremely useful. Think about it on the Internet today they're over thousands and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pages off, different type of resource is in content that people can actually read and consume. So if you're not creating the best content out there, or at least better than what you've been creating before, then you're gonna be losing out very quickly to the competition. Now Google has done a research backing chills and 11 and this is quite a few years back now off the fact that there's now a zero moment of truth for most consumers of people searching online on what they mean by that is, on average, a single person actually goes through 10 pieces of content every time there searching for something online. And that's just the basic search of that 10 piece of the content they will have to re through them before making that first purchasing decision on whatever it might be a product , a service or trip, um, all kinds of things that they can actually do online. So if you're creating really quality content that you're actually helping your potential readers to get to the quality materials first and they will really trust you on actually like your brand because of that. So again, remember the key to start off with his quality content and useful materials for your audience. Next, seem to be working on growing your email list to introduce thousands of new folks to your products and services. So I mean by that is, a lot of people actually lose out by having oldest traffic and people visiting their websites but not capturing them as returning audiences to promote their services and products and content later on. On law times, these audiences are those who are aware of your brand already. So why lose all not and one the great ways to do it, which will go over in more detail later on this course, is to grow your email list by giving them something valuable in return for their email. Let's be honest nowadays or not really just give our email out for no reason. A my right. So think about creativity, how to actually get them to lead them. You know their email with you and free to give them something very useful in return on. Obviously no spamming your audiences in the long term but rather giving them useful content that you be creating from Step one. A number three is focusing on creating projects that will actually deliver 10 time growth for your business. And that means. But looking the Contin you creating, you can think about what resonates the most with your audiences from finding on the most popular content and then focusing on creating projects and useful assets that will help deliver that growth, because your audiences will resonate with that one the most on that topic. And then you can create things that are most useful to them and actually end up selling them to your audience as a more a major product. And again, we'll go through that later on in the course. But these are some of things that are thinking about in the first introductory session, the 80 20 principle. Now there's a big reason why I choose to talk about this first before we get started with any of the toxics that will go through in the course on. The reason for that is, if you think about it along, you beginners understanding 80% that time, creating the content and then using 20% of time to promote the content. However, if you actually spent 80% your time promoting the content and the other 20 to create the content, you and then using more the Time T to ensure that you have more visibility of your content in your blawg and to attract more visitors to your website because a long time to spend more time on creating the content, then you won't be allocating that valuable resource. Two under making sure the more people see them. And there's a mistake that law beginner bloggers make, including myself. My first started out. I was been countless hours on writing, editing. Make sure the photos look amazing on my content. But yet I will only send out maybe one tweet a day or, you know, one Facebook post and thinking that people just see it magically. It doesn't work like that. And there's so many ways to promote your content across the Internet these days to actually only give 20% Your time for that is no enough and Steph in all sufficient to help you grow your blawg. Great. So it definitely go through some of those key tactics later on. But these are things to keep in mind. I'll see you guys in the next section 4. Email Marketing Tactics: so in section two. This is where I'll go over your email and creating that email list for your content in your blog's to ensure that you have this returning audience who are familiar with your brand. I want to see that content over and over again because you re engaging them, fearing email list Now to get more traffic for every single post you publish, my first hip is to always start building on pirate izing your email list. It's the best way to turn organic traffic into engage readers who constantly see the cool stuff you published and keep coming back to your blog's. And I mainly focus on converting my traffic into email subscribers because they're more likely than other audience types to become regular readers and perspectives on my block. Now I want you to think about your email lists as a contents virtuous cycle. So if you think about it grow, your email list is like an amazing vicious cycle, right in the good way. He gets subscribers who are coming onto your block after in your content, and then he emailed them again when another article or a block post goes live or video they go, read it, watch it, consume it. And then there was share with people on social media on their email potential by 40 on to a friend. And then those people subscribe on the cycle delightfully continues over and over and over integrate. So the thing about it, by feeding them through this ecosystem on your online website, Technically, you're making them becoming more of a loyal fan over time. And you're promoting war, you great content. And they will get more people see it on more than friends will share with their friends, etcetera, etcetera. So this is a great taxi to do if you think about how to actually engage more audiences over time. So now people have asked me, Well, Laurie, that's great. So how will actually do that on my site? Well, here's some tools to help you build your email is easy peasy. Eleven's crazy. So in this case, I recommend sumo, which is a great email newsletter plug in. So if you go to assume all dot com slash work press, you can actually download this WordPress specific plug in on again. If you don't know what war presses, we don't send how to actually install this plug in feel free to go back to my bloggers for beginner course. Well, I will go over some of these key concepts, but you know what is great state? Put and continue on this course. So in the plug in section you can actually install this suit will meet plug in and what does now actually puts this widget onto your website that you can now actually leverage when people come onto your side to read your content. And it will pop up when they come to your Web page by asking people to sign up for your email. New Son List It's pretty simple. On the set up is pretty easy as well, and there's a great F A Q section on their site where they go through some McKee, um, the key steps. Actions stolen and also use it across your email newsletter service. No on, you know, newsletter site. I highly recommend Mel Chin to get a starter plan. Or maybe we'll just start with a free plan, which is, you know, costing nothing at all, I believe could get up to 1000 subscribers before you start paying that £10 or $10 a month , depending which country. And so I highly recommend checking out male Jim for your starters service, and the other one I recommend is also lists builder. Now this builders are those that basic converts the one time visitors into life, all readers and customers on your site by doing a papa. So when you go on to a specific site, then you might be leaving potentially, and they actually could feel. When your visitors mouse is going towards the closing button on the browser and I will see it will say something like leaving so soon, get 20% off your first purchase but into your email below things like that, where it would detect one to cash your visitors of the best moment. So this specific smart will technology in list builder, which will help you do that. I find the leaving one's the most effective purely because you might really catch your attention on. Be like, oh, actually witnesses on. Because the messaging is so specific by saying, leaving so soon or hate and also quick, here's his amazing coming in to download. They feel like it's actually speaking out to them. It's a lot more personalized. So I really like this list builder. For that reason. Have a play around with it, um, and see what works, but works best for your audience. So scrolled box and again, another amazing soon or product. I swear I'm not affiliate with these guys, however. Do you love their products very much. Now you want to grow email is, but you don't be too pushy about it. And this actually really polite way to do that. So it provides a solution by polite politely asking your audiences for the email address as they finish reading your latest block post or learning about your product by scrolling down . And you can actually set the scrolling to exactly when your box will show. So you could say by 50% of the time when they have actually read the article halfway. I want my score box of pop up so there's a different way that doing it. But there are a lot of different, um, new ones is when it comes to actually asking your audience with you ma dress. And for some of you guys, you might be more confident with doing the leading box versus like, say, the scroll box. But some of you guys maybe want them to consume the content first before actually giving that offer. So they're different ways of doing. Yet there's no right or wrong. But all these are effective ways. How she capture your audiences. Attache reengage them literally through their email. Now, often, monster is get another products similar to sumo, which some people really love across the different kind of blogger sphere and blogger communities. So it really depends on which one you like. So I will say, Give all these tools a little try to see what works best for you. Um, I don't personally have affiliation towards any one of these. I've tried all of them. I think they're all really great, Which is why I put them ask recommendations in the section and optimal answer usability design, really beautiful forms that they've actually done research on what actually helps to convert so again their mobile friendly, which is always needed across the different devices that people are actually consuming content on these days. They offer multiple different form types. So, you know, you could have one that's pop ups croak, etcetera on the have Littles of pre made templates as well. So for those of you guys like myself, we're not technically savvy into decoding it from scratch. Having these tools is really valuable when it comes to creating them really quickly. Just hashing together on your site and you can have different level targeting, um, different display rules like earlier with the scrolling, for instance, and you can have specific messaging. So it's very personalized, which always helps to convert a lot better when it comes to getting people's email addresses on Gashi. 80 tests as well I want mean by that is trying to from copies different button colors to see which one works fast for your audience, and you'll always be surprised of the results that you get. So sometimes I might think, Oh, I'm sure a red button works bearing the green one, for instance. But somehow the results might surprise me completely on these other things to think about. So when you do testing especially, we have lots of different visitors coming through a big volume of traffic that really helps you separate. What works best for you on Lost Lee, but not least, is Lee pages now, Lee pages. No, only just the email capture but does so much more. If any guys have actually tried to use it before, You know, that also does love customized pages that you can use a lead page on your site so it does exactly what it says in the 10. However, there's some really cool email, which is that you can use in your sights once you're connected it via plug in that Lee pages give you to either your WordPress or if you choose to use it with other platforms, the specific specific ways to connect the lead pages software to your website. But when you do it, someone to the way that sumo does it where you actually have a pop up that my show US visitors are leaving, for instance, or a pop up when people click a button to sign up and things like that that are very easy integrate without any coding involved. So again, a great tool to give it a try. This one study pricier is price around $37 I believe, as a basic plan, so you need to make sure that obviously there is a cash flow there if we use that if you're just starting out, I recommend going with some of the free tools first and then get more comfortable as you started to make an income on your blog's to then use Lee pages as more professional tool. Great. That's all the things I want to say. You know, Marquis on will be moving on to the next section C there. 5. Building a Community: so in section three. This is where I want to go through community, which is a big reason of why you started block in the first place, Right? The whole point is having a blogger where your share your passions with people who also share your passions and your likes and dislikes and your personality So clearly the community. There is a big word for those who want to build a successful online blawg at the end of day . Without community, you don't have anything. And this is where you think about how to tap into existing communities of where your current leaders could be and draw them towards your online site or you're all live long so you can find them where they're currently hang out. Great, Let's get started. So first of all, you think about how to participate in aggregate sites and up voting communities. Now I'll go over the definitions of what these are, but this is the one the areas that you can tap into existing communities where people with similar interests to what you're sharing on your current blawg. That might be very you, and not that many readers are currently hang out and So what are aggregate sites? Well, if you've never heard either get sites before, think of them as a place to go for information from many different sources. Relate to a specific topic now these air size, where you can share your own content and other people's awesome stuff in your niche to help your community with similar interests. So the up ball aspect of these communities takes on the social rope. Well, that means is giving the sites users the chances say it's good or is it bad? So it's an awesome way to keep up the community strong and to keep the really junk content out and again coming back to my first ever slide in the introductory section. Remember, why? Said we always make sure you start out with quality content first before you do anything to promote it, because without that quality aspect, no one wants actually read it on. Even when he happened into these arrogant communities and up voting side of things, people would know upto your content because they're not naive in the sense that they would just like anything right. But in the day they're there to pick the best content to share with the community and to ensure that the best quality content floats on top. So now let's look at some of the different type of communities out there you can tap into of the moment. So here are some examples of a different type of up whole communities out there. I would read it. This sugar product hunt, hacker news, data towel, lobsters, tribe, er, inbound dot warg and growth Hackers on all these are great ways to disseminate your content . Some more people would be likely to see it these again. There's a big community who are currently hanging out there. Ready. So now I get their attention Now. Second, it's a think about how to answer questions with your block posts in forums. So, first of all, think about how to be more useful to your readers on in online communities. Then you'll be rewarded with more readers over time. So one way to do this is by solving people's problems all the time and their forms out there, dedicated purely to helping people ask questions where they can get expert advice is answers. So was awesome weight, right to connect directly with your audience that way, providing a bill, your expertise and a linked after your block for further in depth answers. And here's a little shortcut for you guys. So to find the relevant form for your knee chin industry, you can t do it with a bit of Google search. So you go see a Google search bar, which is in title form, plus your neech keyword. So whatever that title might be with a forum plus in each keywords. So in this case, it could be if you love surfing, surfing, for instance, if you know I mean, you put in that key word and you type search on that should give you a range of relevant forms where you need industry. So pretty cool, right? Give that a try. I remember there are literally forms for every single neech out there, So this is what you should get. For example, if you're looking for something like a form from loggers, C type in in title semi colon forum, plus blogging on. No more excuses on saying I can't find anything from mine. Each there is a form for your needs. If there is, if there's an interest, there's definitely form out there and I bet there's a form that really exists public, multiple them. So the third way is to get your blawg on social book marking sites. Now some people prefer to find content through popular social book marking sites. I don't personally myself, but they're definitely a portion the population out there who do that and you comply to have your blood content present there on those sites to help people who are interested in certain topic discovering your posts. So how you do that? Well, let's see the next section. So here are some of the bookmark inside that you can look into. There is Old Top, which are tons of categories with one bound to fit your niche. Just simply submit your block to get content on their for New Orleans to check out Stumble Upon. You can add your blocks the right category to help people discover your content on here and like Old Top. Once you signed up, you can actually submit a block for review, and then you'll get out into the book barking site dick. So it's all about the most talked about information Internet and this where you can submit your content here on deck. So have a play with these three different types and see what works best for you again. The options air there on their loads, topics to choose from, so we definitely have your in each on there. 6. Social Media Tactics: since Section four is one of my favorite sections talking everything about social media on How do you social media share your content in many, many places? Great, Let's get started. The first thing is to share your good content in more places on social media. Now, if you go through a lot of effort to create good content, do yourself a favor and share it, republish it and pitch it in multiple places. I personally believe good content deserves to be seen and shared with more people. And the best way to do that on social media. It's a share in more places more often. So when you apply that thought to social media, the opportunities are nearly analyst because there's so many platforms out there, as you can see here and these are just a snapshot and there are many more new one. They're coming out all the time. Um, but these are deaf in the big ones that you don't want to be missing out on. So Facebook Twitter LinkedIn again, if you're doing that more for business to business contacts would be to be Penn Trust. Great for those of you guys who are maybe doing a fashion or female lead type of log. So this is where the majority audiences on there are female on their shopping through looking at photos. Instagram again the highly engage platform very positive in terms of the audiences on their on. More than half of them actually follow brand snapshot, highly engaging right behind Instagram. There's been a competition between those two, but if you feel that the following either one those your golden and lastly, you to share your content and network that you know your audiences uses all the time. And that's the smart thing to do, because why waste your time building and audience on the platform that you know isn't right for you in each? So, for instance, if I'm looking to market to a more mature audience who I know, I could define them on Facebook by certain age range, for instance on. Yet I also use Snapshot, which is mainly aimed of the early teens and the late teens age group. Then clearly, I won't be reaching the right audiences, so think about where your audience is. Hang out and make sure that your present on those social media platforms also important to remember not to do more than two or three, because again, I see this all the time with the guards of people first starting out and get super excited . They want to go on, created presence on every single platform, whether or not it's right for their audience or not. However, what does happen is it leads to burnout because then you be doing so maney content on someone, different platforms all the same time. And even for large corporate who have a whole team working on social, this could be even the struggle. So imagine for a single person trying to start out with your blog's for the very first time and trying to promote them. Remember to start with two or three. They're highly relevant to your audience and then start growing Those over time you can always start new platforms down line where then you bring your existing audience on the current platform over the new one. And also it's important to remember to schedule your social sharing across the platforms by using automatic tool. Because, let's be honest, we all don't have enough time these days in the day on the last thing you want to you is to take time out from your day, whatever you might be doing, either working or going to classes on Ben having to actually tweet out things live or send out things live on Facebook and Instagram, etcetera. Now all these platform now are able to be scheduled ahead of time by using the tools below that recommended. So I highly recommend either buffer or hoot suite as your scheduling tool choice. Now people have either light or hate it, one the other of these two. So take your pick, have a play around with a platform they both have. Free starter plants was great. Way to start Andi to give a try to see which one works better for you. I person used buffer purely because I really like their chrome browser Plug in that you can actually install on your chrome browsers. When you're looking to share content and with the press of one button, you can then drag all the photos on the links are needed to share them on your social media platforms, and that just makes my life super easy. But again have a play with it around them. Some people have, like hoots we a lot for their functionalities, so it might just be a personal profits. Now it's important to remember secondly, to include your block link in your social media profiles this myself really trivial. However you be surprised number times where I've seen social media cows promoting a particular blawg or publication I don't see link to actually go see that publication online . So you're losing your valuable audiences already. So now look at your social profiles right now and make sure you have the link back to your blawg on it. And this could be your log, your YouTube channel. Or it could be your online site, your own website. The idea works really well if you're sharing continent instagram, since you can't actually include a link back to your block post from the messages themselves. So ah, half the icing around involved sharing a suite graphic from your post, and I mentioned that link to the post in your profile. You say Lincoln bio, for instance, that's a great way to point them to your bio and to actually click through to your website or your particular vlog. The other way is to a certain amount time when you actually have given the access in your instagram stories, there should be a link back option where you take a photo or a video. He upload to your stories on people how she swipe up to go to a specific link that you're referring to. So have a checking your interim stories. You might not all have it, but some people do just because you get given access to early on now, Number three schedule your social messages at the best times. So this is a no brainer way to boost your social media schedule. Right When you publish your block posts, share them to everyone in your business, social accounts and also the personal ones they use for business as well. The more immediate retweets likes and general shares that you do you get, the more credibility the Post receives and that takes starts you're sharing right when you publish is a great way to encourage even more shares. Because social media algorithms also work this way, it realizes that this post must be super popular with their followers and then to make sure more people see it. Some of your audiences may follow you on your very social media profiles. So instead of just sending every message with headlines of your posts, switch it up to autumn eyes every message for your different social networks and for every network there certain times a day when the users are most active. So by schedule your social media messages to post the best times, you're that much more likely to engage your followers. And it's different for each person. So the best way to dig through social media out of the next data to find out when your audiences are online. The best times on Facebook, Instagram said. Her old half this. I think it is going to unlike section and just start doing digging around that or you just share your block posts on all your networks, right when you publish it and call it well there. But when you research the idea of sharing content more than once and social media, you can see that increases on average the traffic by 3000% so why not do it more times and schedule them out over the next few days? The next few weeks is that your contents constant Being pushed from your audience is obviously the right intervals? No, all the time. Not doing, like ate the same post same day. But think about how to actually space him out to make it look like diversified across the board. Now this is interesting ones. Number four right emotional headlines to encourage shares and quick, there's so study have done that for those who write social emotional headlines actually encourages almost triple and quadruple number shares and clickers. And you can increase your social shares in traffic, not to mention s CEO Valley, right, but writing really emotional headlines that made people people laugh, cry, sad, etcetera and subsequently using those headlines in your social media shares. So they're three different type of solar headline formulas that tend to perform really well I'll share without you guys. Now, the 1st 1 is how to now the house is there Really done well are those who say how to, for instance, do something that will, for instance, helping experience desire results if that makes sense. So these are things that make you think interesting. I wonder what that how to Is there always curious? And that raises their curiosity. The 2nd 1 is number, so whichever number like three top 10 ways to do something, whichever that activities might be and then to produce the desired result. So the top 10 ways Teoh create Amazing Block Post using these copy ideas or something like that. If that makes sense, you guys so have a think about how to actually use this particular top 10 ways. Top five ways to get people to read that number. Block close somehow. Always do really well, especially those that count down. You know, for instance, a tough people was curious with the top 10 things. Our top five things are in this certain. It was of interest area. So this is a great way to do that. On. Lastly, is what is the best topic that will do something desirable so again that raises curiosity in terms of the best of something that will create the desirable result of there. After so just go over the top three again is how to quote, quote, do something that will quote, quote, help you experiences are results. 2nd 1 this quote, quote, number of ways to quote, quote, do something to quote, quote produces our results. And lastly, what is the best quote? Quote topic that will quote, quote, do something desirable. So have a thing about these three different top topic types and use these in your social media, um, headlines. You would definitely start seeing a result in terms of so how in time being shared on people clicking through to see the content. 7. Automate Your Content: Ultimatum Your content, Section five. How to leverage the Power Automation. I think you guys will love this section because again it will save you so much time and some of the tricks and half that really helped me over time to get more off my content from my audience without me doing the work all the time. So first, it's a set up with RSS feed for your audience. Now this might seem a little bit old and dated. However, you be surprised among times that people have asked me why I want to read your blogging, the RSS feed. How that subscribe to it. So your social audience probably have follows lot different folks with their social media networks. But some of them are actually more organized audience members who prefer using RSS readers and categorizing the content of the re from their favorite publications. And you could be one them. The good news is that you for using WordPress, you really have a Narcisse feet for your block posts. So yeah, array for something easy on going to do is the add slash feeds the end your root domain for your we're press blog's. It could be your domain dot com slash feed. That's your RSS feed. And this is what the R says you're all look like for my current blawg. So it's New Yorker Mazlan dot com slash feed. Your is probably pretty similar as well. Ours is Readers like Feed Lee are fantastic ways for you Discover content organizing in ways that make sense E and generally never miss a new post from any of loss that you follow , while also know having to visit every site just to cash than US headlines. So if that's something like you like to do that critical feed Lee and share your RSS feed by normal social shares and your emails to help your audiences grab to your content in ways that are reaching the best. So given the option, that's what I'm saying and number to reach those email haters with wet push. So even though you're goes to biliary Mehlis, there are still some of your audiences who just wants describe right because I hate mail in their in box that the sort through so they get your continent from them. They may prefer lesson choose of roots, so in this case is called wet push, not what pushed sends notification through your audiences. Internet browser When you publish new content on law times, it looks just like a system notification. You might have seen this when you go onto a website on ask you, allowing the sudden sending notification yes or no so you might choose yes or no. Depending or not. You allow them where you like their content, so one the software they can use for what pushes called roost wet push. What it does is this sense highly targeted and relevant messages to your subscribers at the right time in the right place would Reus What push notifications on a great with Down with it is to go to go. Routes don't come, and that's where you can get that specific. What? Push notification software on what it looked like. If you look on the right side in the photo, it looks like as if it is a mobile notification that pops up when you get something that my alert each year specific content being pushed out. The third ways to use push notifications to reach your mobile audience and the great would do that is to use push bullet now you can go onto w w dot push bullet dot com slash my channel From what you see in the right hand side is like a Gino notification from the mobile app where you might have a new order or, um, alert the comforter, which allow them to realize that they just currently have a new piece of content waiting for them to see to actually read and consume. 8. Rank Higher on Search Engines: Section six Search engine optimization. How to get found online on search engines. This is ultra important for those You guys were currently creating video or writing content written content because when it comes to actually search engine optimization, it's about how you're gonna be found in the first and second pages of Google being on all the other search engines out there. Let's get started. It's number one member Target one keywords purple. Oppose. So the way I see it choosing keywords to target in your block post is one the most effective way to promote your block posts on. Once you do it right, much of the traffic will take her itself. ELISA initially so she teaches, features a keyword that has lots of monthly searches. But it's easy enough reading rank for it and use a tool like Google's keyword planner to brainstorm your ideas. So you, my suggests, look great related keywords that he might have never thought off. Then use Mas is so M o said keyword difficulty tool to run tests on how difficult it will really be free to rank for the terms and then choosing keyword with less than 50% difficulty to get started and try to change things and test things from there. Now, publishing a really long form says, following more than 1000 words. Compelling block posts that used the key word in variation of it throughout the content is really key. Define the rules for your own content based on your performances as to what you feel is compelling. For instance, just know that data suggests interactive. Actually more content that focus on education does really well. Number two is optimized your post for the key word. Use your key words in your page title attack of the very beginning and then make sure that at the keywords into your mad description, which is something you could do when you're actually using a keyword tool but important to members at that keywords into your mental description itself and include the keyword in the H 1 may headline of your block posts. So it's a title bit that you see when you see the title where it says, you know, for instance, this is where the block post Hailo goes. Underneath is the body. That's where you want the keyword to be in that H one headline and make sure the keyword is the most frequently used term throughout your block posts. User keywords often, but make densely feel very natural. So don't just stuff your keywords in your block post everywhere. It just sounds very robotic on Google. Actually doesn't like to see your post looking spammy, so it will actually down word your post because you're doing that and look into latent semantic indexing. He works in your contents, and that sounds like a big jargon. It means using a few synonyms for your keyword throughout the post, so if something that's in the same context, but use a different word, use your keywords within the 1st 100 words your block post and then use relevant keywords in subheadings like H two h three x four. You get the picture right so it could be like a subheading used similar keywords in there on. Maybe some relevant keywords are similar to that word in your body text. So that really gives Google and other search engines a sense of what you're trying to describe your keywords and how that content to be helpful to those who are actually looking for and lastly, use your key worth in your you all. So, for instance, could be website dot com slash keywords dash here Does that make sense? So it could be about perhaps snorkeling gear, then your keywords need to be in that title. So snorkeling dash gear number three. It's really important to link your best posts from your new block posts, so I mean by that is a, for instance, Iranian New Block Post that might be related to some of the previous posts. Are you written before? And it's always gonna link those up because on Google's ranking factors in terms of how high their rank, your search results when people are looking for topics that are related to your block post topics is that by building internal links from block, post to block, pose is something that search engines look for when indexing your blawg to be ranked higher in the search engines. So a number of internal links to a page indicates, is importance relative to other pages on the site. So the more time you can link eternally within your blawg, it helps to give you more favorable score on will help you in your search engine rankings so very important to remember that if you do ever get a chance, go back to your old block posts and try and link them up if you can. If there's anything relations to the previous block post, for instance, and that way you can help the creative ecosystem within your sight. Now Number four is submitting to search engines when you're published. So when the myth of surgeons and optimization or seo, is that Google will find your content automatically an index, it a really good metaphor for this is that surgeon gin robots feed on fresh content, and your new block posts are basically a tasty piece of meat. So you just need to invite them for a meal and they will show up and look for it. Now you might be asking. So that's great, Laurie. But Hollow actually submit my content to the surgeons. Well, a great way to do this is with the Google X M l site map plug in that's available for war press. So if using WordPress, this will make your life so much easier. It would generate a site map to help Google being Yahoo and other indexing sites to index your new block post whenever you publish them, so make it a lot easier for you, and you can head to the link that provided on this slide below to war. Press dot orig slash plug ins slash Google dash site map dash generator So you go there, you Condell in this plug in and install it on your WordPress site. Like the way I talked about in my blogging for beginners course. Alternatively, you can also check out the Ping O Matic to enter into a new block post euro and choose which search engine you like to notify. So it's that easy to get the robot's over to your side. He call MS This Step on. I've seen Block Post Index within six hours of using this process, so make sure to do that, and you can go to ping o Matic dot com to get the submitted. Number five is to build links and therefore building trust with Surgeon Jin's. There's a great metaphor that I want to share with you guys from with my favorite software companies call Moss, and they're a great expert in terms of surgeons and optimization. So they said, for links there, like votes from other websites that tell search engines they favor your content. Another way to think about it is that links of the street search engines travel from block to block. So the more streets your content, the better and link building works when you publish really great content that people want to reference as a valid source of information. So when you publish your super awesome blow post, you can promote it to help people find it and then ask for their help through back links to give your content attention that it deserves. So in terms of the strategies, some charges are moss actually laid out where they will assure you guys is here. The Tall for strategies for link building for beginners are number one. Ask your customers a link to your block. You could send this to ask your partners, your investors, your customers, your cold marketing friends to link to your content to number two published really valuable , informative and entertaining content. This advise complements the psychology behind why people share right and number three great content that inspires Varro sharing and natural linking. So when you published great content for your Neech, some links will come naturally as people find and share your content. You could also complement the strategy with marking outreach by asking others in your in each to share contents. Extend your reach and number four is to be new thwarts the If you publish a new study, data research or anything that's worthwhile to be newsworthy, get in touch re industry, new sources This coverage and links bath your original source can help you boost trust with the robots. 9. Blog Post Optimization: So now we're heading to section seven Blah posts optimization. How to increase social shares in traffics on your blawg. Let's get started. It's the number one you want to publish your block post the best times so sometimes are significantly better than others for increasing your initial reach to your block posts. Right? For instance, Monday mornings are typically the best we're getting the most traffic, and in second place is come Thursday mornings for inbound links and social reach. But it's going to remember that in your in your head, when it comes to the best time to share your content, it really depends on the analytics and was actually showing you. So here I'm sharing with you some of the generalized times that might be really good for sharing your content, but ultimately it depends on when your audiences are online on when you can reach them the most. So with Garza, block traffic for me personally from Weiss in the industry Monday from 9 to 10 a.m. An 11 a.m. Seems to work really well to get the most block comments in terms of timings. Saturday, 9 a.m. seemed to work well in that sense. Inbound links Thursday around 7 a.m. That depends on what time zone you're in in this time . So I would say Eastern Time Zone will work really well. Social reach Saturday and Sunday, 9 p.m. To midnight and also Thursday 90 10 a.m. as well in the morning. So if you think about it, one thing to remember is most bloggers also published a couple of times throughout the week or Elise Weekly, and they tend to target Mondays and Thursday mornings to get the most traction. All your initial publish. It's a number to choose the best headline types to get traffic shares and search results. So there are three types of headlines tended to get the most traffic shares and search results, and these are number one list. So a big list of the top 10 things etcetera. Number two is how to sew, literally showing people with step by step house against me and dunk and number three are questions so literally answering the questions or having a question. That's title, which really gets people curious and want to find out. The answer is now. Combine that knowledge with a bit of ice from up worthy to publish amazing headlines every time. So that includes writing 25 headlines for every post. So in terms of up worthy, they suggested that practice makes perfect. And when you write more, the last headline you write be significantly better in the first ones. I have to take that one step further and write 10 headlines for every post using each. The three last type of headlines just share with you than us dirty topics to choose from that you can also experiment throughout your social media sharing to see which one gets the most traction. Number three is to include a number in your headline to double your social shares. Yes, that's correct. So in the very small case study, Ian Cleary of Razor Social found that including a number in this headline could double his number off social shares. The content used to follow through on the promise, but the headlines can easily really create a big initial draw for readers and sharing as well. Number four. Hook your readers with a powerful block post introduction no, only important for search engine optimization. Having a really powerful block post introduction helps to keep your reader throughout the rest of your post as they're reading them, because you really attracted the attention that first paragraph, then they want to find out more throughout the rest of your content. 10. Repurpose Your Content: and now in Section eight will go through the key ways to repurpose your content. So essentially making more content from the existing content sounds great, right? Let's get started. Number one is to syndicate your content, and we mean by that is when I launched the new Blawg. I still remember when I published a single block post on for very long time that Low Post didn't do anything for me or get me any traffic or turned to email subscribers. And then I decided to republish this bloke posting medium, which brought me a lot of referral traffic and also increased my email subscribers. So by syndicating, your content can really be that easy and the natural way to promote your blawg. So here's some ideas to help you get started on syndicating your content and these air sites. They're known for accepting high quality content to republish, so definitely in good hands. With these communities, there's medium, so just medium dot com business two as in number two community dot com, on also linked in publisher. I've used all three previously, and the old generated some great referral traffic to me, especially how on LinkedIn if you're a professional with a profile ready, You really have those who are interested in your content, and those will be bringing back to your own website on all medium. If you really are a Twitter user, you should have some existing following there already as well, and that should give you some initial traction to start building your content. Number two is to turn your block into a vlog or video. So, as you all know, YouTube itself has more than a 1,000,000,000 users throughout the world. And actually both as 1/3 off all Internet users is a huge audience, right? And if you think about it, you can also easily turn your block posts into videos, which you can use to build a YouTube channel on. Also bet right into your existing block posts, which can also help you with your search engine rankings, according to Google. So as the world's leading search engine for videos, it's also the world's second search engine, so that's also very important to remember the work you put into keywords with your block posts. Doubles for your videos to help those seeking all the own visual content to find your content as well and taking a work he put into your block promotion. Determine which block post toe autumn eyes with video. First, the ones are really popular with your audience. Definitely gonna optimize those first into video on and simply record yourself talking through the big points off the post themselves. You can also record a video what your post is about to share on Twitter. The motion was certainly draw attention on the very busy feed. So on Twitter, you can definitely do a Twitter video on again. That would definitely get watched a lot more than, for instance, just some text. So always think about how diversify your content to different formats and why stop there when you can turn your vlog into a pall cast. So from here, you can then use the audio only version of your YouTube videos to embed a pall cast directly into your book posts, and we're press plug in called blueberry prowar. Press says B L u b R r y works really well for this and something large blog's like social media examiner have been doing to optimize their most popular posts after the published and you can also start Pall cast channels for your audio content with tools like iTunes and stitcher, which are great for reaching your audiences who is on the go. And they could describe to you on iTunes and therefore they get your new episodes every time they're published. 11. Outreach and Partnerships: it's a Section nine. We talking about outreach and partnerships, which is basically like your business development for your block and think about how to create online karma. So let's dive in to number one. You want to share your block posts with people who share a similar content, so it basically are starting with a lower hanging fruit. People who have worthy share similar content from your competitors, so it's very important to ensure the quality your content matches or exceeds the constant from your competitors. And that makes sense right? Because if you absolutely know that some people really enjoy similar content to what you created and you want to make sure that it gets into the right hands with the right target audience, and this is the perfect audience for you. So how you do that well is either said and done, though they're a couple ways to find the right people who may enjoy your content. So Number one is by hash tax. If you're thinking of connecting with folks live social media, you can look at the main keywords he used throughout your post as Hashtags on the major social networks, and then you can find the people we share content with those hash tax before and then reach tells them when you're related content that you published. The other way is through a software called the Malls Open Side Explorer. On here, you can enter competitors your URL to see content us link to their website. You could check out the authors who wrote that content and then try the established relationship with them as well. And these folks are the influencers in the space who, if they can share related content in your niche and a great way to make connection with them, and they might even share your content as well. Number two. It's a share with those who written similar content now in a similar fashion. Eight people who wrote about something relating to your new block post or in that same neech. Chances are they be interested in reading some more content on that topic. And it's especially interesting if there is more contradiction in terms of facts or opinions, because controversy always gets traffic, obviously within the control extent and block post comments. If you google the key words, you're using your block post. Look at the top results read the related Post, rather comment about what you liked possibly or disagreed, etcetera. And they give some information with a link back to your content. You're not a spammer. Remember, in this sense, because if you're serious trying to provide value than you know spamming people, you're really trying to create a conversation. Number three is to mention influencers in your post and let them know. So if you are anything like me when you write your block post, you can research the heck out of them and give credit to people who came up with amazing ideas you building on. But when that happens is actually nice. Let those people know that you like their work enough to share your thoughts with your audience, and you can connect with influencers and tone of different ways. Social email face to face the points to use the opportunity to start a relationship as you made the ask if they would like to read and possibly even share your content with their audiences, it's kind of nice to know that other people appreciate your work, especially we not super pushy about. Share this with your audience and then email those people like a gazillion times, asking that if they shared it, just don't do that. That's not very nice at all. 12. Paid Promotions: and next or going to section 10 on paid promotions. So now you can learn about how to reach more people with best pay promotion tactics. Number one is to use re marketing to re engage your visitors who are familiar with you already. So essentially re marketing or I call it retargeting is really showing ads. The people who already visited your website so remarking, can help you reach 84% of the people who already visit your site across 5 to 10 different sites within 10 to 18 days. And that's especially useful to keep visitors coming back to your block to build the trust that will encourage them to go deeper into your marketing funnel. So a great way to capture visitors is by using a website pixel, such as the ones that Facebook allowing to install with a piece of po that you copy and paste into the header of your website. A number two is the use Google ads or being adds to rank higher in search engines at the end of day when you launch a new blawg, chances are that you won't be ranking on page one from day one that just the fact because with search engine optimization and search engine ranking, it takes time. And also, like I mentioned earlier, building connections across the Web and or to eventually have enough ranking karma to be ranked number one or on the first page, it's in the meantime. Ah, shortcuts of this is actually used Google ads or being adds to get yourself up there. Sure, I mean, there probably a few other search engines you could use target your audience, which may be worth your wall in specific niches. But Google takes the cake for the Mount users out there. And because this course is not specifically for Google ads, so feel free to find a good tutorial or course online that might be relevant to this. And if you like me to do tutorial Google ads, please leave a common the course. Let me know. I'll definitely put that into my agenda for the upcoming courses. Well, thank you guys for joining me in this course on. I really hope that you found ah Lol use for information that you can take away. It's not star action ing on your own blawg or your newly created block, and also attract the right audiences across the Internet. Have any questions? You can find me on Twitter at Lori Wang Underscore, Or you can email me at Laurie and Laurie wine dot com. Thank you so much. Hope to see my future courses.