How To Make AMAZING BEATS in FL Studio. From BEGINNERS To PRO | Aleksandrs Fjoklins | Skillshare

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Course


    • 2.

      Step 1: Creating a new project & FL Interface


    • 3.

      Step 2: Playlist & Lead melody


    • 4.

      Step 3: Channel Rack tab


    • 5.

      Step 4: Mixer and plugins


    • 6.

      Step 5: Adding Reverb (Fruity Reeverb plugin)


    • 7.

      Step 6: Lead Synth adding (Harmless plugin)


    • 8.

      Step 7: Beat pattern drawing in Playlist


    • 9.

      Conclusion and final result


    • 10.

      Thank you for watching!


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About This Class

Hi! Welcome to Your course of FL Studio! I am going to show you the way how to start working with beatmaking program FL Studio. After this course You will be able to operate with FL Studio user interface easily and create your own beats!

That sounds amazing! Show yourself by doing music beats!

Also, I am going to provide online support for my student. Do not hesitate to write me down. I will help you to create your own beat even in Online! Let's create out own community!

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Alexander. I've been playing guitar since 2012. Now I write songs just for fun and self education. My father was my first guitar teacher, so I've decided to continue sharing his knowledge and skills with you!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction to Course: Hi. My name is Alex. And in these lessons, we're going to learn how to make amazing beats in FL studio. I'm gonna teach you the basics off FL student. I will show you how to work with different blackens music instruments and older mixers. By the end of the course, you will be able to create your own beef in any music genre. So if you're ready to create M A's and beats German now and let's get started. 2. Step 1: Creating a new project & FL Interface: Okay, let's get start. Ah, To make the new project in FL Studio, you have to click on the file and the new bottom. At the start, you will see a lot of open windows, so don't panic. I will explain you how to use it. And let's start with Heather panel. You can see a lot of bottles, but at the start you don't have to know about them all. So I will try to give you information about the most unnecessary things. So I let's start with the play and stop, but nothing that it's pretty clear what is doing Just starting Coward main playlist and stopped it. The next section is about our BPM, about our temple music. So to change it, just click on it and dragged down or drug up like this. The next element that you have to know is met for no. Ah, as you can hear now, when we play, there's nothing so it stop. Our metronomic is enabled plate. Now you can hear the sound of Metro. No. And when you change your bpm, you can hear the difference. So he just up to you how you want to configure it okay at the start, Let forget about this violence It You don't have to know. What is it? If you want to start making the just simple beats, so go next. Patterns, patterns are the main element. NFL studios. I can say you all because patterns are defining or your kicks collapse Hat. You can split it on the different bottoms. Give it run name and we will talk about it later when we're gonna talk about the hour Ah, play Lee, stop. It's located here. Is you can see it's butter one and butter one here. But, uh, I was playing you Why this happens. So also in the man bottoms and heather, is it tell you goes these button loss to see our play Least these bottom See our piano row also we will talk later how to use it But the start You have to understand how you can open this window So click these bottom toe Open your Panaro These bottom it opens our channel wreck It's what gave up here So also we will talk about this challenge Channel wreck later You just have to know how to open it. Here is our mixer slick it it down here and our browser tab. So also, you can just hide it. Just dragging drop. It's on the left side. On the right side. Issue reach or just click it Here is that material. Okay, The next bottom is all generator effects that currently you have installed on your FL studio. It's just simplest wants cuts their basic I don't even installed nothing carriage just to make the similar is your environment. So I think that it's have to look something like this at the start. So to close a just right click of your mouse like here, like this and the last button that you have to know the start, it's ah, our temple. So as ah, we can already know we can change temple here. But also if you feel something, can you have toe Ah, configure it on your own. You can clip click on the mouse on the left leak and you can approximately understand What is that BPM Or you just stop your enter. You can see the moss is here. Click and through. Okay, I think that it's a main elements that you have to know in the header. We will talk about these bottles also, but at the start, it's not so the first off thing that you have to know in the Heather buttons. So okay, okay, and let's begin about the browser tap, Aziz said. Before, you just can drug this right border to close it or open. And what is the main purpose of this top? So these stop provides all the plug ins, all the sounds, anything you can use your project NFL scooter that were initially provided by FL Studio. And also we can just uploaded some sounds. We're free or paid sounds that you want to use in your project. So and what's let's begin about buttons in this stop and the first bottle, its collapse. All structures open folders, for example. You open some some folders and you just don't want to click here. Just we care to close it. You can just click on this button and over, because so from the heather, I think that it's most useful button that you will you use so about the structure you have the three tops. The first stop codes all the second is a carton project and the old plug it's and let's start with the old bottom. That old provides a lot of different folders, a lot of different preset scores, and you and you don't know where to find your sound. The first deep Go to the pax. You're You will definitely have this folder in when you install your basic FL studio and you will see her a lot off different sounds. For example, drums. And you can sell like the Kik, for example. You want to find the really cool Kik and here, by clicking on it, you can hear how it sounds. For example, I'm just clicking only. So here is a library off your sounds, geeks, hats, symbols. It is C. So the first deep. Go to the backs and find your sound here for basic. If you go upload something, I will show you how to do it later. Your folder will be displayed here as well, Also as you can no ties here. You can find her current project and that blogging database, but we have the separate tops for it because it's called all so you can find here. Oh, okay. Analysts go to the car in project also, you can open it here but for your convenience, we can just click all this stop. So where we can see here? Here, you can find all all FX and all sounds that are using in your current project. At this moment, we don't have any, so you can find it some history or patterns or generators. We don't have it. See? No cakes, no collapse, no heads. If we will use something here, it will be displayed. And I will show you how it looks a little bit later. So And also talking about the plug ins here. Just get extend these and find all old plug ins that the currently present in your FL studio. So not old plug ins that you're using in your project. But all blag is that are present NFL studio. Oh, different readers. Distortions, seven field heresy. A little. After that, I will show you the most useful black gins that we will use in our song. So there were basic and pretty cool for beginners. Okay. And we already know that the life structure to close it all. Okay, I think that that's it's all about this brother top. You know where to find your sounds. You know how to find the cells in your current project. You know how to find the plug ins in your FL studio, and I think that we're ready to start doing something. Okay, let's go. 3. Step 2: Playlist & Lead melody: Let's speak about our Blakely. Stop to play around with our pieces off our instruments on. Let's start with our Heather Barr in this playlist bar and the 1st 1 in just a pen, which allows you to add new instrument by clicking on it and drag and drop. If you are pickler, press the left button off your mouse, so to delete the pattern, your instrument just the right click left weak and right click and also to move. It also dragged this instrument. The next button is a brush. It's allows toe make to draw multiple our instruments. For example, just hold your left mouse and just like a drove and the right click and delete left leak right quick. Okay. This Ah, this button lost to dilate Just left. Click on your geek will be deleted or as clap for hat thes, but then lost to sleep Ah, your melody In each instruments separately, for example, I'm held in the geek and to the left, to the right, and I can drag my ah when this instrument sounds position. Okay, this are this bottom love toe slice our instrument, for example, you need Teoh divide this kick We just drove in here. The line. Oh ho, Our kick iss split it. Choose our band Drove and use. You can see we have two different kicks. Okay? Expanded new here and like this and very turned our kids. Uh, yes. These buttons lost toe play each hour instrument individually, for example. Clap, You have to hold the left mouse or kick or hit. Cool. Now we have our beat. But the next step we have to make our the lead melody for our beat for our song So first step also, we have to make the separate pattern for this It's let's rename it like, Ah, lead piano on through the collar would be the yellow one. Okay, now we have the separate Parton for our lead piano. The next step would have to choose our pattern for this. Let's go to the our browser top. Ah, let's instruments. We have our keyboard and I would just want to make the electric song So I will choose the electric a plug in but a zika notice I can't leasing. Hear how it sounds because it's only the plug in. We will use the our P Enero to make the melody and I will show you how so. But firstly, we have to choose our elect for keyboard You should hear opens our blogging. But as I said before, don't make any changes here on Lee. If you're really pro and you feel confident with this, you can play around. But the first laps ever coming you do not dasher anything. So as you can see, we have our in the channel wreck electric piano and elite piano here. So now we care Onley on electric and open the general to make our melody And you can see that here is written the Punaro elect. That means that this Pinero is opened for electric. Don't make mistake that you can really care on the cleats on the hour Kik and opened the funeral and general will be open for your kick. And you see you heard It's only our kick will be here, but not our electric piano. But if you clothe these, choose the electric and open Gennaro here will be our piano. Okay, now we're ready to start making our lead Melody. Okay? I have already created some melody and sounds like this. Okay? And also I have changed my blogging from electric to stage grand. I think that it sounds more people deeper and fuller. And now what we are doing next we have our melody. Uh, you have You can create your melody on your own by clicking on the different notes. I have just to that simplest charts from piano. And so they were like one melody. So it's up to you. You can repeat what I have created just like a practice, or you can create it melody on your own off course that you have to have some music basics to understand. What is the church? It's like fundamental knowledge is about music that you have to know to create some melody . Or you could just get on the your Endo, complete on the different piano notes and great some melody. It's really up to you. I decided to make Melody using the simplest, simple charts. So, uh, next step we have to open our playlist. It's here now. We have corrected before our elite piano, and we have to do shit here. Now you can see that our piano part is bigger than kicks that we have here. Also keep Scots and cast. Of course, we have to put some kicks. Also, I'm using the brush to make it, uh, collapse. And I think that the start of the melody melody, it's it is not necessary to using heads Who will use it later and also oh, collapse for first through reiterations. So, uh, let's solicit how Teoh, If you want to repeat a specific period of pure melody, you can just right click from the place where you want to start and driving too. And then and then your melody will do This way can remove from here way We have to make up some risers. The rice our melody sounds so at the start. I think that it's enough for our read piano off course that now we're not using some plug ins for this for our piano. But also I will show you how to put some blogging for the lead piano and little bit later. Okay, 4. Step 3: Channel Rack tab: Okay, now we're ready to start make music. And the first thing that we will be intention it is our channel rack. So remember to open this channel rag. Just click these bottom. It's located here in our heather. Uh, okay. First of all, I will explain you how to you this channel, right? So and let's start with this play button, this play button just playing all our sounds that are currently in our channel wreck for our pattern number one. So what's the difference between this play and this plate? This blood blade button else Tohir house on lee. The plug ins that are located in the channel rack. But these bottom allows toe hear us the sounds that located in our general playlist. So that's the difference. Uh, yeah. First button that you have to remember is this. The second button is thes because this button regular, it's our volume for these current our plug in that said it. So just drag it, click on it and drug miles down or up to regular the salt. Okay, that's easy. Thesis button. This bottom was purpose for target. Our mixer track for these mixer top mixer that dislocated down. So just click on it and drug up or down, and you can see that here we can change our insert tap insert panel. So and let's beads. Or as a default number one for our Kik. I will tell you later what we will do in this mixer tap and how we will operate with this chap. So at this moment, it doesn't matter. So the next it's our plug, uh, blogging by default, it's said it like geek clap hat and snare it. It's like a basic once, Uh, and we will change of these blankets as well in the future. But But in the start, we will use the defaults. Okay, now we're ready to start making cover. Beat on. Let's start with our Kik. We will use the d folk plug in. Sounds like a kik. Uh, and what we can see here. Here we can see our four step sequences on. Let's book, put each kik on, start on the first sequence, and to play these click here and you can see it's because here it's too fast and change to change it. Just click here as you already know and write down, down down, for example, like this and play now it's sounds OK. Uh, we can Here we can see that this kik is assigned to our pattern number one. And if you want to change the name of this Barton right click here and rename and color and we will sound Call it, like, kick a separate case, have kick, okay. And by clicking hair, you will change this collar, for example, Red and okay. Yes, we have the Kik right now. And now, as you can, no ties. We starting to operate together with our playlist. Okay, Now we have the Kik, if you want to. Oh, just drop this. Keep to your main playlist. Have to click on this geek and put it here. And now you can lease in your geek how it sounds in your Blais Lee. Stop by clicking here and you can see that it's cycles does. You don't have any other sounds, Kid, Stop. Okay, we have a kick now. But what if we want to change our geek? How it sounds now? It sounds nowhere primitive. Uh, now we have to operate with our browser top. See that weight? Oh, using our freak panels, browser, general rack and the play least, uh, As you know, you have to go to the backs. We have two drums and kicks, and now we have to choose one. It's too aggressive. For example, these deep, deep kick. And OK, now we want to use these sound, this blag and what we have to do. We have to click on it and dragon drop to our existing Kik. But if you want to add it like separate one, you can drop it here. See, now we have our basic kick and this key, but we don't I can't hear it because we haven't selected. Hear anything? Okay, if you want to delete something right, click and delete and OK, right. Okay. We want to use this key is our main key. So we have to drop it here and now what we will get. No, it's sounds like a cooler. Okay, By clicking on this plugging, you can see the options for this parking, but address you too. Do not change. Share something because it's already generated. Geek, that sounds okay, but maybe maybe if you want to change something, you can play around here with this options. But usually I don't do this because I trust this already defined it options for these blogging. So But as you wish, I you can just play around to train to ah, getting you sound from based on these blogging. So it's really up to you. Okay, now we have to add that collapsed our playlist. So what is the next step? How we can at the second instrument to our playlist the first step. You just have to click here and drug up to make the second pattern. So if we switch back to the first kick or first bothered, then we can see in the channel rack, we we again have our bottom for kick switch to the second pattern. Now, it's clear, because now we can make another instrument in this second part three. So we have to find the collapse in our browser. Ah, for that we have to open drums, collapse and just look for this, for example. Okay, let's give these, um, to the clap and at the, uh, first here on the hair. So let's listen this. Okay, now we have that postured for our clap, and let's rename this Call it far turn gain, upper case. Okay? And let that be the blue Wataniya. Okay, uh, so now we have the separate for a geek for the butter and pattern for the glad Also. That's not the pattern in. Just glad. Okay, We have the Kik and have the clap. Now we can listen how it sounds separately, our collapse. Let's switch to our kick. It's very convenient that we have two different patterns for the different instruments. Off course we can make like these. But in the future, if we want to add some plugging for the hour Kik or for our clap in the future, care in the mixer, I will show you how to do that. Then it will be difficult to make the separate sound for the separate instruments. So we decided to make the separate apartments with them. Kick and Philip. And now if we want to listen how it sounds together now, in our playlist, we have only kicks. Now we just like you know, the Clap Dragon into the our playlist. Okay, now you see, we have the separate geek and a separate clap. If you want to zoom in, zoom out. Just hold on the control bottom and use your mouse wheel like this. Ah, Okay. Now we can listen How it sounds together. Okay, Now we're We're ready at some hat in our beat to make it sounds deeper and cooler. Eso we have to make the same operation. First of all, we have to add another pattern. Bartra number three by default. But we can have to name it and let's call it hat on. Let's it be the green one. Okay? Now we have to do the hats from our backs. I have already found the hats also again in our backs. Rahm's hats on. Let's choose the one. Okay, I think that this will be cool. Okay, on, Let boot it here. You can choose as you reach working boot. Oh, your head. But I'm making the classic beat. So it will be Sounds like this. And after that, when we are fooling our pattern, we have to drop the head here. So And let's listen this all together, maybe we can play something with our BPL. I think that like this would be enough. So Ok, now, Now we have the real basic, our basic beat. And after that we were going toe Add some melodies using our piano roll, our main lead seen part That will be great, It here and after that, we also will be playing with our plug ins that we having kin our fl studio by default. And I'm going to tell you what is the difference of these blah gins and how to play with the mixers. How to assign each instrument for the institute for our ah inserts. Because now all they're planning on the muster. But we have to split it down and play around with our instruments individually. So but now you know how to make your basic but earns basic ekes, claps, cats and yeah, and the only thing left is to talk about our playlist and how we can operate with or all our patterns in this window. 5. Step 4: Mixer and plugins: So what is our next step Now? We have a quite aggressive lead piano at the start. As you can hear, it starts very loud. So we are going to make automation toe race. Our sound sound wearing from the quiet to loud it would be sounds like cool. And for these, we're gonna use our mix or top and the plug in. And now I will tell you about the mixer and help to use the black gins and automation. Okay. Mixer, Tap mixer tap its purpose to configure and at black in for each instrument individually. So how the mixer top connected with our instrument so than sarees is this number. So this number is assigned for each a road in the mixer. So how it works, you see, here is the number five. That means that in our mixer it is a road number five. So you can click on it and drag mows down or up To change this position In our example, I will show you how to add the plug in the hour be in the road. So the piano row We were playing our lead piano so we can see here the number five. So that means that these road has our lead piano. The next step we're going toe add the flag. I remind you that all plug ins you can see by clicking on these bottom it's the whole plug ins that are available for us. So now we're the five. Select slot number one select. Here you can see all plug ins that we have currently installed. And remember the first blogging that is very useful in FL studio for beginning it ISS fruity parameters e queued to Okay, that's our first 1st 1st uh, plug in what we have to do to make a ricer for our, uh, lead piano click here and Celik present and got 30 yogurts. And after this bull here and click right click on the frequency it's very important that click on the frequency and click Great automated clip. So here is our right, sir Movie just down toe. Make it work of idiot like this. And let's make our riser. Yeah, exactly. So what we have do now all the blogging that are installed for each this tap that is connected toe Our instrument is performed here clicking If this button is green That means that our this blogging is now active. Click on it to disable it. So we also can rename this stop to understand which instrument is located on this top in this moment. So click right click and three. Name on Leet. Ah, here is our elite piano. Oh, uppercase again. Well, it's, you know. Okay, now understand, Arlene. Okay. Late. You know, now we have this lead piano here, and our, uh, plug in is enabled. So in that in the future, I will tell you about the all plug ins that we're gonna use. But in these example, I'll show you how to make this dynamic riser. So let's listen how it sounds without our enabled black. And so now it it is disabled. Start, we have aggressive piano, and now we, uh, enable this blogging and listened. And listen this again. Yeah, it's much better toe till it kicks from this side and start like thesis. Maybe. Yeah, sounds pretty cool. And what we can see here currently our plugging is connected to the our lead piano. And when when we're starting kit, we will see how it's dynamically, uh, changes by attention of this Blufgan bar. What does it mean? That means that our that's a bills and your Gerdes are opening step by step dynamically, the bending on our playlist. Ah, current blank progress. So it's pretty cool to make this Ah, for intros, especially for interests. And listen again. So that's our intrude. And now you know how to work with this mixer and how to make the riser plugging okay. And we, for our convenience, can rename our channel wreck instruments. So now is you consider is the names off instruments. Blogging is that we're using for our each instrument individually so and let's rename it by clicking on the, uh, right click and rename Choleric. So here's our ah, kick Go to the next. Next hour was clap Renee and clap. The next one is overhead, uh, had het the next is our lead piano. And, uh, here was our automation. It's for our rising elite piano and let's stay the yellow color. Also, let's give the name for our each tap in our mixer bano for each room instruments so we can see that our kick is number one. So let's rename. It's a kick. Ah, the 2nd 1 was a clip clip, uh, remind you that also can change the color. But let's ST Ah, as a default one because we don't have this a lot of different things that we have to remember now. So it's let states the default color. So the 3rd 1 was ahead. Here is a snare where the moment not using Kenny snares might lead states here. Maybe in future, we will snare on. And we'll already have the sleep. You know, off course that our automation that it doesn't have any makes her top position because it's has its own mixer, so okay. 6. Step 5: Adding Reverb (Fruity Reeverb plugin): so what? We need to make the next step. The next step will be our working with a new plugging for the river. Plug in Revert makes our sounds more deeper, so and we have to add this blogging for our clap. So let's find our clap here now. It sounds like this, So I just want to make it like it sounds leaper. Uh, let's find our clap in our mixer top. It's here and we can see that there is no assigned any plug ins yet for our lead piano. We already have it for our clap. Let's add it. So ah, let's click this button and select on the name off our blogging. Remember, this is our fruity revert to okay, that's how it looks like. And, ah, it's We can see that it's already enabled and let's see how it sounds. Now you can feel it. You can feel it. Yeah, it sounds cooler and how to work with that plug and I will explain you later. But now let's make the basic configuration for this review with feet. Okay, let's compare a game without this plug in and enable. Okay, that's what we were found Uh, and we cannot find that automatically. This blagging will be enabled also in our main playlist because our clap is attached there . And let's see how it sounds. No, I just forgot to enable it. Okay, Now we had an example how it sounds without it. And now this bargain is enabled. Okay, that's that Sounds cooler. Think. And now you know about the another. Blogging. It's a fruity revert to 7. Step 6: Lead Synth adding (Harmless plugin): okay. For now, I want toe at our harp harp instrument in our playlist, Teoh, make our lead piano and harp sounds in one time. I think that it will be cool. So for now, I will use our flag in the next flag. In that you have to remember, Just click here in our old plug ins and choose that blogging the cold, harmless toe Open it. Just a double click. So what we can see here a lot of bottoms, but by default, don't Don't try to change their something. They are already configured for you. Just Ah, you can change the presets here using these two buttons. So they they have a lot of different warrants here. And you just have to choose your your favorite. Okay? And we can also see that our blogging is added to our channel. Wreck on this name depends on the sound that you have. Choose here so and what we have to do now we have to open our new pattern. And for these Botton we have toe ad, uh, our pian road. So now I will make, uh, our carp melody. Okay. Our heart melodies ready on for the blogging. I have chosen the falling wanted this cold lucky Emerson on. And it sounds like this. So is our part. That's here. That's Yeah, it sounds like this. Okay. Our next step, our next step will be we have toe out our Potter number five our hearts in our main melody . So But first of all, let's rename it Your name is a harp and let's choose the collar Wouldn't be based one. Okay. And also rename it here. It's our heart. Okay, so for our our let's the fine number six, it's hard also, But anyway, we we will not use any blogging for our heart. So let's put it here at this time we will at the start will enable all our instrument that in future we'll play around with our playlist to make it sounds like a really 8. Step 7: Beat pattern drawing in Playlist: Okay. Now we have enough instruments to make our full beat. And let's start with our pattern. I think that start carpets Not necessary. Justin deleted. Remind you just just hold the right click on drug it to your instrument that you wanted to eat. So at the start, I think that this will be OK. Well, outwardly piano here we will to our Arps. So and also we will continue with our beat on our lap. Our hat will be later. So acting that we have to continue this with our really piano, our lab and pick like this after that Well, no accusing cover heart. I think that for two loops off our league piano But we will continue only with our wrong with our clap. Yes, Like this was only left our collapse. Yeah, we will continue with collapse. And here we go out our kicks so OK, but I think that it will be cooler too. Make like this here our Pierrot, Uh, just make here the palace without instruments. And here we will out of this massive back of this hour. Kik left and had Yeah, and also we will continue our chat with our art collapse and kicks. Yeah, I think that we can repeat it for one more time, leaving piano collapse peaks to ARBs our That's so here we will make this bulls again. Uh, maybe two pianos here will be this pulse off you also, it will make the boss off two sequences and little fool it with our collapse. ARBs Yeah, Yes. Maybe maybe we will make it like this. You this? Yeah, Other continues, Will, But we will. And our, uh our beat with only with our Yeah, And, uh, let's see how it sounds so together. 9. Conclusion and final result: cool. Congratulations. Our beat is ready for your convenience. This example will be attached to our course. So you confined doing there and open on your own to play around with different instruments in our plug ins. So and now we're ready to listen. Our final result. Okay. Thanks for watching and see you soon. 10. Thank you for watching!: Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the course Breakfast. Great. Your own beats and I'll see you soon.