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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Go for your Dream


    • 3.

      What is Your End Game?


    • 4.

      Create your Masterplan


    • 5.

      Don't let People Kill your Dreams


    • 6.

      Your Amazing Adventure Starts Today


    • 7.

      10 Steps to Kickstart your Music Career


    • 8.

      7 Tips for Creating a Professional Music Career


    • 9.

      Choose Your Hero Path in Music


    • 10.

      ACTION: Complete Your Music Maker Strength Chart


    • 11.

      ACTION: Create your Milestone Tracker


    • 12.

      ACTION: Design your Vision Album


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      Congratulations + Bonus Gift


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About This Class

Start Your Music Career Today
Do you want to make a steady income from your skills and experience in music? Do you dream about a full time successful career as a Professional Music Music and Artist? Now is your chance to take action on that dream!

Get Ready to Level Up in Music
You will learn my Top Tips, Tricks and even Secrets from my experience as a Music Composer and Sound Designer since 1998, and running my own business since 2004. I have condensed all my years of experience into a compact learning experience for you. Basically, this is your shortcut to Kickstart your Music Career.

Examples of things you will Learn

  • All the Main Steps to Kickstart your Music Career
  • The 3 Hero Paths in Music
  • 10 Skill Trees of your Music Career
  • 7 Top ways to Make Money as a Music Maker
  • How to Design your Vision Album and Milestone Tracker

Start Today

Don't wait for a better time, because time always runs out in the end. Invest in yourself today, and thank yourself tomorrow. Time is always of the essence, and this course will teach you how to save it. So enroll now.

Friendly regards,
Mikael "Mike" Baggström
Music Composer | Sound Designer

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mikael Baggström

Music Composer | Sound Designer | Video Producer


Hey Friends and Creative People!

My name is Mike, and I am a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Artist. I Share my Story, Journey, Experience and Knowledge, to Inspire and Empower Creative People like you. =)


I believe that learning should be fun. I love to bring my personality into my teaching style. I also try to make my courses dynamic, to be more interesting to you. =)

Friendly regards,
Mike from Sweden
Compose | Artist | Educator

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1. Welcome: Hey, friends, and welcome to these clothes. You will learn all my best tips and strategies for kick starting your music career and your amazing adventure into what can become a full time professional music career. If you truly have the passion and dedication after you finish this clause, I will share some bonus PdF's to help you take action right away. So let's stop and think about this. Do you make music? Perhaps he want a steady stream offside income. Or perhaps you dream about even going full time as a professional music maker in the future . In both cases, this clause is perfect for you. My name is Mike, and I am a music composer and sound designer on an epic journey in music, and I share all my best tips, tricks and even secrets from all my years of making music since 1998. Because I want to empower you with knowledge, skills and motivation to continue your journey as a music maker. Don't wait for a better time, because time always runs out in the end stores now, and I'm waiting for you in the next video. I Mike signing out and you rock my friends 2. Go for your Dream: three friends and creative people. Do you have big dreams as an artist? What are you waiting for? Go for it. This is my story and I hope it will inspire you to take action. I waited for too long to go all in on my a peak journey as a music maker and creative artist. Even though I have had these dream basically my entire life. I have had various day jobs along the way to support me financially. But the only thing that makes me truly happy is to create things Now. Time does not stand still. I am getting older and so are you. I go to the point. No, too long ago that felt like a fork in the road. Should I take the well known path I had always taken? Or should I dare to take the leap and follow my true dream? I went for my dream and now I am all in on my journey towards becoming a full time creative artist, making music videos and sounds. I also found a love for teaching, which I focus on right now sharing my story journey. No, listen experience with other creative artists like yourself, and it is very fulfilling to know that I can inspire and teach you so that you can move forward on your journey as an artist. So this is my story. I got tired of waiting. I go tired off pushing my true dream aside in favour over an ordinary life. I know in my heart that I have so much more. I want to do so much more. I want to create so much more I want to share. And the only one that ever stood in the way was myself. So if you feel the same way, if you have a true passion that you feel to the very cool of your existence, then don't waste any more time. Don't wait for something to happen. Make it happen. Find the business opportunities that can support your creative career and go all in personally. My main path right now is in education. What will your path be? My name is Mike, sharing my story and journey to inspire and empower creative people like you. Because you look my friend 3. What is Your End Game?: So you want to become a professional in music? A music composer, producer and artist with great success that people admire. Ask yourself, Do you want to become truly successful and develop a professional music career where you can make money, grow your fan base and eventually leave your dream? My name is Mike, and I am also on an epic journey in music, but in order to complete any journey, you need to first know your destination. I have come to the realization that I need to define my endgame and you do, too. So let's do a quick brainstorm session because this is not rocket signs. You should be able to vividly describe your dream destination your end game, because it is based on your passions, interests and dreams as a music maker. So grab a pen and paper or start a note upon your digital device. Then start writing first. Let's define your primary creative fields of passion within music because music is a way to wide field. You should get really specific and write down on Lee the fields you want to continue to work with when you have reached your dream destination. Now here is my list composing music, performing music on piano and sound design. I have many more areas I would like to work with and master, but I believe it is better to include all little things I am most passionate about in this list because let's be real here. You cannot become a master off everything right on the primary fields that you want to become highly successful in as a creative artist. Let's keep it to three feeds that you want to master for your music career. Next, close your eyes and imagine yourself reaching your dream destination. People are looking at you with respect and admiration off what you have accomplished and for your creative work. You're immensely proud of yourself and feel truly blessed and completely happy in this moment. Congratulations. You have made it. You have reached your endgame. Now open your eyes again. What did you feel and see at this peak level of your success? That is your dream destination, your end game. So now it's time to write down the specifics. Let me share the specifics off my endgame as a practical example, My dream destination, which I want to reach within 10 years from now is to build a successful and creative media production business. I want to have a couple of employees and reach a revenue level off $1 million per year for this company. The business will also have its own building as the base of all production. I will be the CEO and my daily work will be creative content production like music, composing, sound design and video production. My employees will handle all business and marketing related tasks so I can focus completely on creativity. That is my dream destination, my endgame. And you may have noticed that I even put an actual number on it because writing down your specific endgame goes s well as a specific time will make the journey more real and tangible. Now it's your turn, my friend. Defining your dream. Define your ultimate success right down the specifics of your endgame in music. Try to balance aiming for the stores while still being realistic. I truly believe that we all have remarkable abilities to fulfill our dreams. If we truly aim our creative mind, productive time and passionate dedication to succeed I wish you good luck and great success on your journey in music. I might and I'll see you in the next video 4. Create your Masterplan: three friends and music makers. How are you going to succeed as a music composer, producer and artist? How are you going to fulfill your dreams? And how are you going to finally reach your endgame for your professional music career journey? So you have decided to follow your dreams and preceded your passion for music. Well, congratulations, my friend. The first step on any journey is to make up your mind. But to become highly successful as a creative artist in any field, you need to realize that it is a long and tough journey. And to make your epic journey manageable, you need to create a road map. It is basically the same thing as dividing a big goal into several smaller goals. That is why I recommend that you actually draw a physical map for your journey. Simplify your journey by drawing it as a line from point A to point, said point, a being the starting point. Very all right now. And point said, being your endgame, this donation, then a start feeling in all the milestones of your journey that you need to pulse before getting to your final destination, and more glows with the other letters from the alphabet. Since you cannot know your path completely, you have to do some thoughtful gifts. Work when you feel in these milestones. For example, let's say my dream Destination is to become a highly successful music composer for movies, TV and video games That summer milestones I probably will need to pause along the way are scoring an independent movie or video game, getting a publisher for my music, having my music licensed for broad cost TV, getting signed to a premium music licensing company. And someone now drew your journey, your adventure that include your progress By adding all these milestones you can think of that. Do you believe you will need to pause before you reach your endgame? Your dream destination for you Professional journey in music. Next, you need to develop a strategy for your journey. A master plan for your futures accessing music. This includes things like defining all skills. You need to develop paths. You need to follow etcetera in order to have what it takes to complete your epic journey. I like to do these as a list where each bullet on the list has a grading where I feel in my current level or statistics. And then as I improved and advance in these fields, I simply level up, so to speak in that specific path, make sure to include all creating skills you need to develop and master along the way, as well as all technical and soft skills like networking, marketing, promoting, selling, etcetera. You should also include statistics off the most important ports of your professional journey, so you can see your progress week to week and month to month. Now you know how to develop your grand master plan and roadmap to complete your amazing journey in music. Take action now because it's the only way to move forward. First, create your road map with all milestones you can think of, then complete your master plan, wasting all creative, technical and soft skills you need to focus on to move forward on your journey. I Mike wishing you good luck and great success in your professional music career. Take action now and I'll see you in the next video 5. Don't let People Kill your Dreams: Hey, friends and music makers. So if you believe that you have skills and talent in music, don't let people push you down. Don't let them kill your dream, your energy, motivation and positive minds that all worth incredibly much in this video. I'm going to give you my tips on avoiding negativity to protect yourself from getting dragged down and instead find sources off positive energy that will push you forward on your creative journey. Your dream negative energy has a profound impact on your emotions in a bad way. In order to feel creative, had focus be productive, motivated and so on, you need to be in the right mindset, a positive mindset. You don't have to be a psychologist to know this to be true, but how do you protect your positive mindset from being infected by negative energy? And how do you feed your mind with a fresh breeze off? Optimism, positivity, passion and dedication. Here are some of my top tips from personal experience. Tip one. Choose the people you interact with the most. There's a saying that your success is based on the average off the five people you spend the most time with and I am certain there is some truth to this because we as humans are social creatures, we are very influenced by the people we talked to chat with. Online reader release into etcetera. Sadly, there are many people in this world that seem to have a habit off dragging other people down by being negative, complaining, pointing out folds and risks with basically everything. And if you want a positive mindset to help you on your success journey, you need to shield yourself from these people as much as you can. How do you know which people to interact with more? Well, it's as easy as listening to your gut feeling the people that make you happy, optimistic, energetic and empowered. The people that says nice things about you support you and want you to succeed. These are the people you should interact with the most because positivity feeds positivity , and you want your spiral to go upwards like your smile. Tip two. Don't check the news too often. Let's be honest. News is almost always a source of negativity because there are so many bad things happening in the world every day and basically everywhere, you should not let these news infect you with negative energy every day. I think it's enough to check the news ones a week, and most often it's enough to read the headlines to know what's going on. Don't risk being dragged down into the oh, the world is so messed up choir. Instead, you can be a force of positivity in the world because I truly believe we can all make a difference by changing the balance a bit. Add light in the darkness. You can always give more love, laughter and joy to the world by the things you do, the things you create and share and the way you are. Let your interactions with people and what you communicate The source off Positive energy Tip. Three. Be careful with social media. Social media can be such a time waster for most people. I have personally tried to put boundaries on when I check social media, but not only that, I am very careful with what I read in my feed on all different social media channels are used because there will always be lots of post that who's with negative energy, but they're always to get positive energy out of social media. For example, if you have a fan base as an artist, you can get lots of support and encouragement from your fans and followers on any of your social media channels. All right, those were my tips. The key point is that you should become super aware off what aspects in your life drag you down. And more importantly, what encourages you push it forward and fills you with joy. Interact more with positive and optimistic people both in the real world. Ad online. Find piers and join communities and mastermind groups in music. Feed your mind with positive inputs and protect yourself as much as you can against negative inputs because you need a dedicated and positive mindset to succeed on your epic journey as a creative artist, I'm arctic wishing you all the best, and I'll see you in the next video 6. Your Amazing Adventure Starts Today: Hey, my music making friend, These video is about you, your story, your journey and your great big adventure. I guess you're probably like me and you want to build a full time successful and professional career in music. Well, I have to be honest with you. Here is the truth. It is really hard to make it in music in these modern world, with millions of music makers competing with you. That's why you have to ask yourself a really important question before you even try to go down this path towards the professional career in music. Here's my question for you. Do you have a true passion for music? How do you know? Well, if you simply cannot imagine yourself every quit making music, that's a good sign. If you feel addicted to composing, producing, mixing and you get a rush every time you publish a new track, that's another good sign. And if you know in your heart that music is your true destiny, that you have the force off music within you, then it's game on my friend. So let the games begin. You want to be in the successful professional career as a music maker then you first need to learn all the ways you can make money from your skills, talent and experience of your craft. Because I have to be honest with you. You will Onley win the music maker game if you have multiple income streams and if you find out and focus on those that work best for you personally, I have compiled a list of my top recommendations on how you can make money as a music maker . Are you ready? Here we go. Won't pro royalties. The first thing I really recommend you to do if you are serious about making a career as a music maker, is to sign up to a performing rights organization Pro. Their purpose is to collect your entitled royalties as a music composer, an artist, and give it to you. Basically, you should get money every time. One of your tracks is used on TV, radio or other broad costs. An example of a pro in the United States is B. M I. Different countries have their own pros. For example, the violin Sweden, which I am a member off, is called steam, even though you might not see any money for a long time from your pro. It is important to become a member, a one when you all remember. You also need to register every song you publish so that they can collect your royalties for you. And if you're very lucky, you might get one of your songs used as a theme for a TV show. Then you will collect royalties for all the years that that show is run plus for every rerun in the future. So sun up to a pro if you haven't already to selling and streaming income. The easiest way to stop making money from your music is to get it up on online music stores and streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Apple music, etcetera. You simply sign up for a music distribution service, which acts like a middleman between you on the online stores and streaming platforms. Then you upload your music to that music distribution service, and they get it up on hundreds off platforms online. Then you will start earning royalties from all the sales and streams on although those platforms a couple of examples off music distribution services or CD, baby and tune core. But there are many others to choose from. So if you have music finished and mastered, go and sign up to one of these music distribution services and your music will be available on hundreds of platforms online for people to buy or stream three music licensing. This is a very interesting field, especially if your music is suitable for use as soundtrack music for any type of media production. Basically, music licensing means that someone buys the rights to use your music in their media production, like TV, film, video games, etcetera. It can even be a simple as using your track in a YouTube video or in an app for smartphones . And that this sport is that you can license your track again and again to different productions, and you will get paid a one time fee for each individual license. On top of that, you can also earn royalties from your pro if your track is used in a broad cost, such as on TV or in an advertisement, these royalties or per broad costs. So if your track ends up being used as the inter theme over TV show, for example, you might sit on a gold mine for several years. So how Did you get your music licensed? Well, there are several different ways. You can publish your tracks to a music library, which can either be known, exclusive or exclusive two of the easiest libraries to get started with, which are both non exclusive or palmed. Five and order jungle. When you feel you are ready to step it up, I recommend reaching out to an exclusive library. This means that they will represent your tracks on an exclusive basis. And why would you want to do that? Simple, because you can get a much higher price for each license they sell on any of your tracks. Oh, and that is actually the other major benefit. They actually work. Hold to Peach and license your tracks to clients, as opposed to the non exclusive libraries, that there are simply a huge database where people have to search for tracks to license themselves. Four. Compose custom music Hast simmer. John Williams, Danny Elfman These are great composers or film soundtracks, and perhaps you dream to do what they do someday. Well, what is it that they do? Basically working for hire as a composer who writes cast a music, you either get paid per project per hour of work, or sometimes per minute off finished music. But basically you are working for someone else to create completely or regional music for a movie, a TV show, a video game, etcetera. These big name composers earn a high fee for composing a full movie soundtrack. But be aware that if you are new to composing custom soundtracks and don't have a huge portfolio yet, you will most probably need to take jobs that does not pay that well. But we'll give you exposure relationships in the industry as well as build your very important port for you. Then you can take a step up the ladder for each new project you do. So if you want to compose custom music, start reaching out to people working with independent movies, video games and perhaps even bigger YouTube channels that can give you credits and good exposure in return for using your music in their videos. You might even have to do work for free in the beginning. Five fan funding. Have you ever heard off the 1000 True Fans theory? In essence, it means that you don't need a 1,000,000 followers to become successful as an artist. The 1000 True Fans theory says that as an artist off any field, you only need to get 1000 true fans to make a full time income. Now, what is the truth? Often, it's not the casual fans that simply love your music. Listen on Spotify and watch your YouTube videos. No, a true fan is someone who really wants you to continue as an artist and want to support your journey. A true fan in the all days was those people who went to a show, bought your band T shirt and vore it with pride off the words. A true fan in the old days was those people who brought every new album you released as soon as it came out. Now, today, people don't really buy albums on as a composer and music maker is not that easy to sell T shirts. So how can true fans support you? Today actually is easier than ever. There is one service I recommend called Patriot, where people simply support you with a small amount per month or per project in return for special perks that you can choose yourself another fan founding opportunity that have opened up recently is if you can do live streams, then people can donate money to you while you stream on. Why would people give you money for nothing in return? I wondered that myself. But I have seen these a lot on the streaming platform called Twitch and now, more recently, on YouTube live streams. True fans donate money just because they love what you do and want to support you as an artist. Whoa, it's a brand new world we live in today. Most people hate to spend money buying albums and merchandise, but here we have people that simply want to give you money to support your artist career and journey. So do check out patriarchal and think about streaming on tweets or YouTube and sitting up so that people can support you with donations. Six. Teaching Many artists forget about this huge feel of potential income. I know we artists want to create all day long, but I have to be honest. It is very difficult to achieve a full time income from creative work as an artist, but education will always be something people need and desire. People will always want to learn new things, expand their knowledge and follow their passions. That's how we evolved, reach new grounds and grew as human beings. I have personally chosen to teach courses online because I love to have a positive impact on as many people as I can in this world. But you can also teach on a 1 to 1 basis like a consulting rule, for example, giving guitar lessons in person if that's your expertise. There are so many fields you can teach in music, music theory, composing, recording, production and mixing, mastering song writing, teaching an instrument, teaching vocal performance and even teaching the marketing and business side of being a music maker and artist. The possibilities in education or endless. So I really think you should consider teaching as a possible way to earn income from your skills and experience in music. Seven Selling products Artists have been selling merchandise like T shirts and posters since the beginning of the modern music industry, and while merchandise can still work for some artists, it generally works best if you're doing live gigs in order to sell any decent amount of merchandise. But let's take this concept further. Merchandise is simply product isn't it now? Would it not be better if you created other types of products that are not mainly focused on branding and artists support products that even non fans would be interested in buying? All right, So what could those products be? Anything that has value to a market, basically. But here are some examples. Books, e books, PDFs, perhaps even an app. If you can come up with a good concept and get help developing it, however, I would like to give you a friendly warning here. Developing and releasing products can take a very long time, and it's always a risk, since you cannot be sure off the return, you will get from it. But even so, I recommend you to brainstorm some ideas off products you would be able to produce after he made such a list. Try to estimate the total amount of time it would take to produce each of those products and make a note of it. Then you can start to evaluate if any of these products could be worth your time creating or height my friends and music makers. Are you ready to take the leap full or your dream and start your journey to a full time career in music. I won't lie. It is definitely tough. Think of it as an adventure along drove the head full of obstacles. You will sometimes get lost and even me danger on the way. But think about photo in the Lord of the Rings. What made him go on all that time despite all the challenges he met boat from within himself and what came before him during his journey, I would say it was dedication being 100% dedicated to continue the journey to the very end because nothing else seemed like an alternative. I feel the same way as a music maker. No jobs seem to suit me. No future seem to be pleasant unless I get to work with music full time, having that dream always present in the back of my mind. That vision to always fall back to that gives me the energy to continue my journey. Plus, I have received a lot of amazing support from followers and fans, which gives me so much motivation and energy for my journey. What about you? What drives you to push forward with your music career? Even in times of distress and frustration. I advise you to try to get followers and supporters that can give you that extra energy and motivation to carry on. My name is Mike, and I have a big dream that will never fade, and that is to be leave full time, successful career as a professional music maker. What is your dream now, before you take this mission and go on your personal adventure to build your future in music, you need to ask yourself two simple questions. Is your dream big enough? And is your passion strong enough? If you also yes to both of those questions, then you had what it takes to build a successful professional career in music. I might wishing you a great future and you rock my friends. 7. 10 Steps to Kickstart your Music Career: Let me tell you a secret, my friend. There is actually a short cut to success in any field, even to a professional career in music. All right, So what is the short cut to success? It is to develop good strategies and focus your time and energy on the things that generate the best and forces the results. The number one mistake I see music makers do all the time is to spend so much time on the wrong things, things like trying to shout out their new tracks and Onley, promoting themselves and spamming on social media. Sending out demos without networking and making friends in the industry first and so on. The music these people make might be super, mega fantastic. But without developing a good strategy and fooling it with purpose and dedication, you will most probably not get the results you want. Now how do you actually get results? How do you kick stored your music career? What is the rocket fuel you can use as a music maker and artist? I have tried to sum up all my experience as an artist since 1998 as well as an online entrepreneur Since 2010 into a step by step guide you can use. I will give you my top tips for things I truly believe you need to have in order to maximize your results. Here we go. One. Your brand. The first thing you should do to kickstart your music career is to spend some time to really design and create your own professional brand. As a music maker and artist, this means that you need a unique artist name, a local type, a color theme, a main front press photos, profile, pictures, etcetera. It's wise to work with someone who knows designed to get professional branding. So start spending time on creating your own professional brand as a music maker and artist to your U. S. P. U S P stands for unique selling proposition. This is a business term which basically means What is it that view deliver that is unique and valuable to the market? Here are a couple of examples. You should develop your own signature sound so that your fans instantly can recognize one of your tracks. You should also designed your personal artist style, which can mean your outfit, character and unique things. You do you can do special things live or on camera, or use personal catch phrases that people remember about you. Think of Michael Jackson and his moonwalk, for example. Three. Your own website. Your website is like your home on the Internet. This is extremely important to have. If you want to portray yourself as a professional music maker and artist, if you don't have a website, you're basically homeless. As an artist, I recommend using the WordPress platform to build your website. From first, make sure to buy your own domain name, which should be the same as your artist name so that it goes with your brand. Then you should find a Web service to host your website on and finally designed the style and theme of your website. I recommend WordPress since there are many thousands of themes that you can use as a starting point for your website. So get your own website up and use your branding to design it for your own e mail list. How do you communicate with your fans and especially your true fans, the ones who really support you on your journey as an artist? Well, social media is great for many things. But for direct communication to your true fence, there is still nothing that beats email. What is an email list? Well, basically, it is a list off email addresses from people who have signed up to get your emails. It used to be called a newsletter back in the days, but personally, I prefer to call it my V i p e mail list, because the people that sign up to my list or really my true supporters imagine. If you had an email list of your own that your fans could sign up for, you could send out bonus tracks, early previews, new album releases and special deals on products and merchandise and so much more. It's also super easy to create your own. Email is thes days. Simply find an email service provider you like, and you can create her own. Email is today. I use mail chimp, and I'm really happy with them. But there are many more on the market you can check out. Many of them also have a free version up until you get a certain number off subscribers on your list. Five Storytelling people love stories. It is one of the most engaging in captivating ways to capture people's attention. That is why blog's and Vogue's have become so popular, and this is the reason you need to develop a strategy for how you can share your own going story and journey. As a music maker, an artist, you don't want to always shout out every new track and product you want to promote. Instead, actually tell your story. I recommend starting a vogue on your YouTube channel or a blawg on your website. Then publish new content consistently because this is your journey that you're sharing and don't get stuck on the number of people watching or reading. Instead. Remember that the people that actually do come back or your true fans, and they are much more valuable to you than the numbers say, so make sure to thank them often for their support and let them know how much you appreciate them. So basically, tell your story. Six. Your composer portfolio, All right, so this one might seem obvious, but you really do need to create a professional portfolio. As a music composer, I see so many artists that put all their music on their website and social media without having a sense of direction for their career. Instead, I recommend you to showcase your best work and the music. You want to represent you as a composer, then make sure to present it in a professional way on your own website. Remember, this is where you will direct both fares and people in the music industry. Seven. Social Media Strategy How social media Can Be one of your worst enemies. First of all, it is so easy to get sucked into wasting your time reading the feed on Facebook instagram on all of these platforms. And second, it is very easy to fall into the trap off, simply posting your new tracks and hoping people will check them out. So stop it, just stop it. You want to create a social media strategy for yourself as a professional music maker and artist, this means that you should first find the best platforms for you. In my case, I only focus on YouTube and Facebook. At the moment. I have tried Instagram Twitter linked in and Pinterest, but did not really feel they were for me. I would say start with two platforms and focus on those first, then develop a strategy for what type of content you want to post on these social media platforms. Remember to see it from a new person's point of view. What would make them interested to click your post and watch or read more? Basically, it comes down to four main categories in my experience. Entertainment, education, story and news entertainment can be music videos, comedy and parody covers. Etcetera. Education can be tutorials, guides and explanations. Story can be anything you can share in an engaging in captivating way. And news can be anything new in the music industry that is interesting for your fans. The most important thing when you develop your social media strategy is to focus on the word social, engage with your audience, connect with people, make great content and add value to the world. Remember this. You should earn your fans on social media. Eight. Pro membership. As soon as you decide that you want to take your music career seriously, you should sign up to a pro, which stands for performance rights organization. They will collect royalties for you every time your music is used in a public broad cost, like on TV or radio for example, they will also collect the performance part off the royalties you get from Spotify and other streaming services. Basically, your pro is a collection agency that works on your port. There are different pros in different countries, like B and I in the United States and steam here in Sweden. The only thing you need to do is to sign up as a member and then register old tracks with them so that they can collect your money and give it to you. They only take a small percentage. And without a pro membership, you would not see any off these money at all. So sign up now if you want to become a professional music maker. Nine. Music Distribution Would you like to make money from your music while you sleep off? Course you do. And one of the ways to do this is to get your music up on hundreds of online music stores, online radio stations and music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Google play in the post. You needed a record label for this, but the music industry have become democratized, so you can truly be independent as an artist today, this means you can make it much higher percentage for sale, since no record label will take a huge part of your income. So what do you need to do? It is super easy. First, find a music distributor that you trust and sign up as an artist. I recommend Tune cool or CD baby because they have been in the game a long time, but there are many more to choose from. Here is a list of music distribution services you can check out once you are signed up, you simply release your music using the service you have chosen, and they will distribute your release to hundreds of online stores and streaming services for music. It might take a couple of weeks for your release to get out, but then you will start to make royalty income from all these platforms. The money will be collected by your music distributor, which will take a cut and then give the rest to you. How much they take varies. But it is nowhere near how much used to be when you had to be signed to a record label. 10. Music Licensing. As a music composer, you can actually make lots of money by selling the rights to use your music in a media production, for example, to use on a TV film or video game soundtrack. The best way to do this is to sign up to a music licensing company. They will handle the legal stuff for you, and you will make money each time someone buys a license to use your track in a production . There are two types of music licensing companies known, exclusive and exclusive known exclusive licensing means that you can upload your music to several different music licensing companies to have a higher chance of getting found by people who search for music to use in their media productions. The main upside to non exclusive licensing is that it is easy to get started and accepted as a composer. The main down side is that the competition is huge, and the licensing companies that works on a nonexclusive basis don't really do much work to actually sell your music. Instead, they work like a big database or library that relies on customers searching for tracks. Exclusive music licensing means that you cannot have the tracks you submit to them represented by someone else. This means that you have to be really careful with choosing the company you want to work with. So do some research, talk to them first and make sure they will actually deliver results and money for you. The main upside off signing up with an exclusive music licensing company is that they sell your music for a much higher fee. It can be hundreds of times higher than known exclusives in some occasions because they work with higher paying clients and productions. Another huge benefit is that the competition is way lower, since they accept composers carefully. The main downside is obviously, that you cannot use other licensing companies for the tracks you submitted to them. Awesome. Now you have my top list of things. I recommend you to focus on first in order to really kick start your music career and have a cruelty foundation to build your future from as a music maker and artist. So now it's time for you to take action. Use the checklist I have added as he bonus to this video and make sure to go through all the items one by one. It will take your whiles in some of these or big projects. But even if it takes a couple of months to go through the list and complete each item, you really want to have them all checked. If you are serious about building your professional career in music, now go and add some rocket fuel to your music career. I might guiding you on your way to success as a music maker and you rock my friends. 8. 7 Tips for Creating a Professional Music Career: All right. So you have made up your mind. You're ready to start your journey. Well, first, I have to be straight with you. Most people failed to reach the dreams. Why? They lack the passion, the engagement and the dedication to follow through. They simply give up. But since you take this course, I know that you have higher ambitions than most people. You have a clear vision of your end goal and a powerful desire to drive you forward. In this video, I'm going to give you my top tips for ultimately winning this journey and becoming that true hero. You want to be in music? Are you ready to learn my top tips to create a successful career as a music maker and artist? Please take these tips and strategies to Hort really make them sink in and then take action and follow them. All right, here we go. Tip number one Stop making excuses. I know we have all been there. For example, if we have in our counter to go to the gym every Tuesday evening well, when that time comes, it is so easy to fall for the same all excuses. I'm tired. I don't feel that good right now or I have other things I need to do first. There's always something As music makers, we can also easily blame things like that. We lack a certain plugging instrument or two like that is the reason holding us back. But that is just plain room. We are the reason behind our success or failure, our attitude, our minds at our dedication or lack of it. Just take a look at the top athletes in the world on Take a look at the military. Excuses are not allowed on Lee results matter, and these people make results each and every day. Wouldn't you like to take a step further in your music career every day? So I need you to ask yourself this question. Is a professional music career a top priority in your life? Then stop making excuses and start working hard so that you can make your dream turn into reality. Tip number two. Let's talking more walking. Having big dreams is great. Talking about them and thinking about them often is also great because you will constantly remind yourself off your goals, but the only thing that will move you further on your journey is taking a step forward, taking action, talking less and walking more. So don't waste your time daydreaming. Instead, create an action plan right down the tasks every week. That will take you forward and check them off one by one by actually doing the work needed . So are you often dreaming and talking about your goals? Start walking more, my friend. It's the only way to reach your destination. Tip number three Take action every day. We all have so much to do in life. Our day jobs are chores at home, being with your family and friends and living the good life. If I say that you should do something every day, that will take you further on your music career journey. You might come with these excuses and say you simply don't have time. Well, I had those excuses myself in the post, so I understand you. But I'm here to tell you that if you think you don't have the time to do something every day to move towards your dream, your end goal you all room because the best part off consistent action every day is that it doesn't have to be much as long as it is something that matters. Just by setting aside 30 minutes in your schedule every day and work on your music career, you will keep the mo mentum going, and your motivation will be boosted by actually seeing progress. So take action every day. Make it a habit, put it in your calendar. Make your music career journey as important as having breakfast. Make it a part of your life. Tip number four. Be a creator, not a consumer. Here's the truth. 99% of people are categorized as consumers of content and only about 1% or creators. What do I mean by this? Basically, that almost all people prefer to consume content, like watching TV serious and movies, listening to radio music and poured costs, reading books, magazines and books and so on. They spend most of their free, time consuming content. You want to become part of the 1%. These are the creators in the world, the ones who produced music and videos, the ones who writes books and articles, the ones who entertain, educate, inform and engage by creating content Well, to be port off this elite group, you need to spend more time creating content than consuming content. Personally, I don't watch TV at all. I only watched perhaps one or two shows on Netflix per week, and I don't waste time on social media or YouTube entertainment. I focus on creating content, not being a passive consumer, because it is only by creating that I can move my professional music career forward. So my advice to you is this. Become the artist you want to be by prioritizing your time. Become a creator, not a consumer tip Number five. Focus on Your End Game There's a saying that successful people always have their eyes on the price. This means that he should always have your endgame go in the back of your mind and make it a big goal, a huge go even as long as you truly believe it is realistic. You can have a couple and jingles that complements each other and then use a milestone tracker to follow up your journey on these goals. And each night before you go to bed, check your milestone tracker and look at the lost milestone for each and the game goal. Then close your eyes and imagine how you will feel once you have achieved these endgame goals. For example, let's say one of your end gang goals is to make $100,000 per year from your music career, the cause, your eyes and imagine yourself having achieved this goal. How are you feeling? What is your life like? Do you have a big house in a professional studio? Do you have thousands of fans supporting you as an artist? Imagine your surroundings, your daily life and how you feel. Then open your eyes and remember that great feeling. Now your subconscious mind will work on those thoughts and feelings while you sleep, and the next day you will be highly motivated to work and take more steps to your professional music career. So always focus on your end game. Or, as they say, keep your eyes on the prize tip. Number six. Develop a business mindset. Every professional career is a business. Most people are working for someone else's business as an employee, but as a music maker and artist, you are basically your own independent business. You are your own brand, and there is a lot of great things about this. You have complete freedom over your work life. You get to choose what you do and focus on. You can develop and control your own career path without having to answer to a both, because you are your own boss. Now for the downsides, you need to be able to motivate yourself, develop your own strategies, roadmaps and track your progress. You need to make sure you work on the right things that will move your music career forward . But let's say you can do all that well. There's one thing that most artistic and creative people are lacking, and that is a business mindset. You need to learn to think like a business. This means you need to learn about sales, marketing, promotion strategies, copyrighting how to build your artist brand as well as your personal brand and so much more . I have personally found things to help me create a business mindset, and I will share some examples with you now, listening to business and marketing port costs, reading books on online business and solo entrepreneurship, taking online courses on business and marketing and branding, and so long. The most important point is that you need to stop seeing yourself as an artist first and start picturing yourself as a business person and online entrepreneur who happens to focus on music because you are your own music business. You are your own boss as well as your employees. So start acting like a business and develop a strong business mindset. Tip number seven. Get daily Motivation. Being a solo online entrepreneur like you are as the professional music maker is really hard. Sometimes I have experienced the downsides myself, and I can tell you that he will often feel lonely and frustrated. It can be hold to keep your motivation high and energy levels full. But I have come up with ways to get daily motivation for my professional journey as a music maker, and I'm going to share some examples with, You know, first, I have role models in music that I get inspired by. I have printed out pictures off my role models and included them in my vision album, which I look at every night before I go to sleep. Second, I have realized that engaging with my fans and followers on social media like my YouTube channel is really motivating for me, and third, I import off several music maker communities as well as professional groups for music composers, so that I always have fellow music makers to discuss things with and get my daily motivation boost from, so find ways to get your daily motivation for your journey towards a successful music career. Now it's time for you to take action full or all my tips and take them to heart. These tapes are really important things you need to focus on to maximize your momentum on your professional journey. As a music maker and artist, I might speaking the truth. You need to learn because you rock my friends. 9. Choose Your Hero Path in Music: Hey, friends, Are you still dreaming on making a full time income as a music maker? Are you still set on creating a career in music on becoming truly successful? Well, then it's sound to evaluate, which is going to be your main direction, your path to success. You need to choose the road for your journey. I have some bad news, and then I have some good news for you. I will start with the bad news. I have been making music since 1998 and I have learned the truth about the music business and music industry through the tough lessons you get from life experience. And the truth is this. It is extremely hold to make a good income as a music maker. Whether you call yourself a music composer, producer, beat maker, some writer or whatever else the fact remains, creating a professional career in music, which will earn you a decent living, is not an easy journey. Now for the good news, there are actually three different paths to success you can choose from. Think of this almost lucky in many video games, where you can choose the path for your character on your way to become a hero. For example, if you play a character in a game who is a wizard, you can often choose to specialize in either Let's say destruction, magic protection, magic or perhaps healing magic. To reach the most epic levels, you need to spend most points on one off these paths. It is the same for your music journey. I would say that it's best to choose one main path to follow and develop and master death path. This will increase your focus, your mo mentum and give you a higher chance of reaching your end goal had become a true hero of your music career. All right, are you ready to learn the three main paths to a successful career as a music maker here? The your path. One entertainment path to business and path three. Education Let's go through these paths one by one. The first path is entertainment. Your main goal. If you want a master, this path will be to build your fan base. Here's the list of examples off important skills and elements you need on this path and basically having overall 1000 true fans strategy, these second path is business your main go if you want to master this path, will be to build your composer portfolio. Here's a list of examples of important skills and elements you need on this path and basically building your personal brand. The third Poth is education, and your main go, if you want to master this path, will be to build your authority. Here's the list of examples of important skills and Ellman's you need on this path and basically growing your authority as an expert in your field. All right, my friends, isn't this wonderfully exciting? You actually have three specific pets you can choose to specialize in. Of course, there is some overlap between a couple of the elements and skills in these three paths, but overall, these paths are very different. And now, for the most important question, you will have to answer which one off these three pets are you going to specialize in? What kind of hero did he want to become in music? If you truly want to create a professional carrier in music, you should avoid going around in a circle and instead focus on your main path for your journey to success. But please, my friend, Take your time before you answer these very important question. It is a huge decision you will have to make because it is all about priority of your time. If you choose to focus your time and energy to try to master one of these paths, you will not have much time left to level up in the other two paths. Choose where he will spend most of your skill points. It is also a matter of your reputation. As you increase your level in one of these paths and it becomes clear that it is your specialty. You will start building your own reputation. People will either see you as a music maker and artist for entertainment, a music composer and producer for business or a music knowledge expert and authority. This means you also need to think about what you want to become known for. All right, so, again, the three main paths to a successful career as a music maker or entertainment business and education. I leave you with that, and I advise you to take your time before you choose your path. Your hero journey in music and remember, you can decide your expert and Masri path. Later, when you feel that you have gotten past the first steps off your professional journey, it will become clear to you what your true passion in music is. And what do you feel like the natural way for you to take? I might signing out and you rock my friends. 10. ACTION: Complete Your Music Maker Strength Chart: Now it's time for you to take action. You are going to make your own music maker strength chart, so you probably wonder. What is a music maker strength? Short? Basically, it is a system I have developed to evaluate your strengths. As a music maker. You will follow a stick by step guide through all the main trees off knowledge, skills and experience. I consider the most important for a professional career as a music maker. After this video, you should download the bonus PdF I have included with an empty music maker strength sort. Then sit down and feel out your short Be honest to yourself because this strength short is super important. It will be the base for your professional journey and music because he will use this chart to guide you in what you need to focus on and spend your time and energy own to advance as a music maker. All right, let's go through all skill trees in the music maker. Strength short one. Music knowledge. This skill tree is where you master the theory and knowledge off music and sound. This includes knowledge, off music theory, the signs of sound and acoustics. The digital audience scale, including headroom and dynamics, instruments and synthesizers, as well as all music styles and sean growers to composing. These skilled tree is where your master, the practical music composing prose is. It includes experience and knowledge on cords, chord progressions, harmony, rhythm, groove. Dr Millet is hooks and motives always to add expression. Accents create transitions, etcetera. Three. Recording this skill tree is focused on getting your ideas recorded in high quality, as fast and efficient as you can with minimal miss takes and retakes. Here is where you focus on recording an instrument or vocals and also playing your meaty keyboard to record efficiently with a high quality result. For music composers, it is most important to master playing the media keyboard well for optimal and fast workflow when composing music. Four. Sound design This skill tree is focused on finding, adjusting and creating sounds with minimal effort and as quickly as possible. Today, it is very important to be able to find or create the sounds you need as fast as possible. This includes adjusting or creating your own synth patches during creative sound design, with plug, ings and effects recording sound effects, but also know how to find instruments and sounds among all your plug ins, sound banks and present libraries. Five. Production This skill tree is focused on turning your compositions into high quality music productions. The production stage includes many things you need to develop your experience in, such as comping, overdubbing, layering, editing, arranging, mixing and mastering. All right, so those were the five skill trees you need to develop an advancing to master the creative side of your music career. Now we will get into the five skill trees that are focusing on this strategic side of your professional journey. Six. Business This skill tree aims to master the business side off music, which is essentially everything that will make you money and grow your income streams. This includes many things you need to develop and master, such as selling copyrighting music industry knowledge, music licensing, business partnerships, etcetera. Seven. Marketing This skill tree includes every activity that aims to market and promote yourself as a music maker, an artist as well as your music and products. It can be things like live streaming, doing interviews, writing guest articles on blows and in magazines being on port costs, promoting your music to radio stations, YouTube music channels, Spotify playlists, doing giveaways and contests, etcetera. Basically anything you can imagine that have a chance of getting a new audience to listen to your music and learning about you as a music artist. Eight. Networking This skill tree is all about reaching out to people in the industry to make connections and friends. It is super important, but so many artists are afraid of it. It includes going to events, contacting industry professionals via email or phone and meeting people in real life, helping others and adding value without asking for anything in return. You should also reach out to other music makers and artists to do collaborations, cross promotions and find all kinds off win win opportunities. Nine. Content creation This skill tree is all about creating content that will expand your reach by entertaining, educating or otherwise engaging people. Obviously, music is your number one type of content, but this skill tree is about every other type of content that can help your music career move forward, such as music videos. Behind the scenes videos, Vogue's Boog's educational content and tutorials, and anything else you can create reach more people which in turn will get you more fans and 10 social interaction. This skill tree is about developing your social skills online to engage people, interact with your audience and build your community. This includes replying to comments on your YouTube channel and social media encouraging people to comment and share your content, thanking your fans and followers for their support on a regular basis and also rewarding your true fans basically mastering the engagement and interaction with people online. Great. Now you're ready to download the bonus PDF and fill in your personal music makers. Strength short, Be honest. And don't worry if some of your skill trees have a very low score. Hi! Can cough is that I have low points on some of these, and I have been making music since 1998 and have run my own business since 2004. It's okay. You definitely don't need super high scores on each skill tree to succeed in creating your professional music career. But what you do need is a clear overview off your most important skills and strengths as a music maker, as well as an overrule guide on what to focus your time and energy on. So now go and fill out your own music makers. Strength short. I might helping you find your true strengths and you rock my friends. 11. ACTION: Create your Milestone Tracker: I'm going to teach you an important concept now and you should start using it right away. If you truly want to create a successful career as a music maker and this concept is very simple and straightforward, you should create a milestone tracker for your music career. What? So what is a milestone tracker? Basically, it is a list of things you can measure and follow up on that are all very important for your journey to success. I'm going to show you how to create your own milestone tracker for your music career. So the first thing you need to decide is if you are going to use a digital tracker or an old school analog tracker like a note pad. What is important here is that whatever you choose, you should make sure that you will look at your milestone tracker every day and full up your results. I have personally chosen to print out my milestone tracker on a photo paper which I then have in my vision album. This album is on my table right beside my bed so that I will look at it each night before I go to sleep. There is no point in writing down your goals if you are not going to follow up on them. Here is how my Miles don't tracker looks like in default editor are used to create it. As you can see, I have shows into track four things that I personally consider to be the most important things for my professional music career. Monthly income, e mail, East, YouTube subscribers and my composer portfolio. I was actually lacking a beaten space since I used a photo paper, so I had to only use 11 steps per tracker. But I would actually recommend you to use more because then you will have the satisfaction to check milestones more often. I might even adjust my milestone trackers so that I can add more milestones. So why did I choose these specific milestone crackers? Well, to the very lift is the number one priority for any professional career making money. The next one is the most important marketing to for any online business your email list. This is because your email list is the single best s that you can use to leverage any type of selling promotion and marketing that will in turn make you money then I had chosen my best social media channel, which for me is YouTube. I am tracking the total amount of subscribers here, but you might want to track monthly watch time or perhaps subscribers gained per month. The final thing attract is the number off completed tracks in my compulsive portfolio. All right, so now you need to decide what things you are going to track for your professional journey as a music maker. Feel free to use my milestone tracker as inspiration, but remember that you need to decide what things will be most important for your journey. Make sure that you add milestones up to a very high level so that you have big or even huge dreams. I would also recommend that you had a capital milestones that you have already posed for each tracker. That way you will get the instant gratification by shaking off a couple of milestones right after you completed the My Stone Tracker. Now it's time for you to take action, create your milestone tracking today to help you get started right away. I have attached a bonus to this video. It's an empty milestone tracker that you can print out and use if you want to. Otherwise it is very simple to create your own in a spreadsheet or note pad. So go ahead and create your milestone factor that will guide you on your journey to a successful career as a music maker, an artist. I mike helping you find your leading store for your music career because you look my friends. 12. ACTION: Design your Vision Album: in this video, I'm going to share a method that came to me when I was looking at Family Pictures in an album. And I can truly say that the positive psychological power off this method has been amazing for me, and I believe it will work for you, too. The method I want to share is to create your own vision album. So what is a vision album? Well, you know what an ordinary picture album is. It's a collection off memories from your life. I came up with the idea to create an album filled with the opposite Off memories, which are visions. The point off a vision album is to, instead of reminding you off the post constantly remind you off your vision for your future . So instead, off family pictures, you print out your favorite pictures that inspire and motivate you and that are important for your future career as a professional music maker and artist, for example, I added pictures off my three main role models in music, which our house seamer as a music composer, Daniel James as a sound designer and Lindsey Sterling as a music artist. I also added images that represent the skills I want to master music, composing sound design and piano and keyboard. I added pictures that 3% what I want to have in the future, like a beautiful house, a high end exclusive music studio, etcetera. The point is that all images or visions off the future I want to create for myself, and now it's your turn. Here is how you create your own vision album and use it to program your subconscious mind to always work towards your desired future. First, you buy an empty photo album. Then you sit at your computer and search for images online that will represent your visions . You can also create or design these images if you want to. It works best if they truly inspire you, because you want to spark those strong and positive emotions inside you. Here are some examples off types of images you can use pictures off your role models and music pictures that represents the skills you want. A master pictures that represent what you want to have your own in the future. Pictures that represents the wealth. You want to have pictures that represent how happy you will be. You can even add inspiring quotes to some of the pictures if you like. When you have a collection off pictures to use for your vision album, print them out and put them in your album, then the final step is the most important one. Plays your vision albums somewhere where you will look at it every day. Personally, I have it at my night table beside my bed, and I looked through my vision album before I go to sleep every single night. I do this so that these inspiring images that I have personally chosen will guide my mind to make my journey in music a top priority. Basically, I am programming my subconscious mind to work in my favor to help me build and create my future in music. All right, now it's your turn to take action, create your own vision album today and start using it on a daily basis. It made a huge difference for me, and it can for you, too. I might helping you use the power of your mind and vision because you rock my friends 13. Congratulations + Bonus Gift: congratulations. You have completed the full course, which means that you are a person who finish what you start. And that, my friend, is a true sign off successful people. I also have a gift for you. Since you completed the full course, I have attached a bonus, Pdf with a complete summary off this course because I want you to use it to guide you so that you can use all the knowledge, methods and tips you gain from this course. So take action, my friend, because taking another step is the only way to move forward. Now, I would like to kindly ask of you to lead a review on my course because reading your reviews really motivates me to create new courses. It also helps me as a teacher. So thank you in advance for leaving your review. Finally, I want to thank you so much for taking my course. And I hope to see you soon in one off my other courses. Until then, keep making amazing music. I wish you a great future and looks of success with your music. I Mike signing out And you broke my friends