How to Get More Followers on Instagram: Tactics for Instagram Growth! | Vanna Albertini | Skillshare

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram: Tactics for Instagram Growth!

teacher avatar Vanna Albertini, Interior Designer | Social Media

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Establish your niche and audience


    • 3.

      Instagram Bio Ideas to Stand Out


    • 4.

      Designing a beautiful grid


    • 5.

      Creating the perfect post


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      Planning your content


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      DO'S & DON'TS


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About This Class

Instagram is a powerful and fun social tool that allows you to market your business to thousands of new customers! In this class, you will learn:

  • How to Create an attractive, powerful, and professional Instagram profile
  • Build strong trustworthy relationships with your Instagram followers

  • Keep up with all the new features Instagram are continuously implementing to grow your business and account

Welcome to my class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Vanna Albertini

Interior Designer | Social Media



HI! I’m Vanna, Psychologist, Interior Designer, and social media Strategist... Not necessarily in that order. I am head of design @AbitareStudio, editor in chief of the blog ABITARE and curator of @abitare_Studio, @interiordesign_addict, and @design_addict Instagram accounts.

 Welcome to my class!

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1. Introduction: In 2013, there were almost 855 million users who accessed Instagram every month in 2023, this figure, we'd go as high as 988 million uses. No doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms were white. And if you're not in it, you're losing money. I'm Vanna, interior designer in social media expert, with almost 0.5 million followers on Instagram. I am competent in that as I do with my clients, I can teach you everything there is to know to succeed on this social platform. We will learn how to go from this to this, how to change a chaotic grid into a well-balanced wine and me account into a jaw drop in one. Following on, and you will learn how to choose the idea niche for your account. In this class, you will also learn how to create the perfect profile. Will learn how to make the grade stand out from the crowd. How to edit photos, right? Captions that generate engagement and grow your audience no matter your instrument experience. If you want to learn how to create content competently and consistently, content that people would like. Comment, share, and say, this is the perfect place. Welcome to my class. 2. Establish your niche and audience: Hello everyone and welcome to this first lesson. If you already have an established account with a particular niche, you can may want to skip to the next chapter in which we will see how to create the perfect profile. Although you may also find some bio information in this one. For the rest of you wanting to set up a new account or repurpose the one you have, you need to think about your niche and target your audience. This is key for a successful account. In this chapter, you learned how to select a niche to gain engagement and potential customers. A killer niche is the one which we're interested in and can keep up with. After all, using this for the long run and building an account takes a lot of time and effort. So you might think that starting a cap account is a good idea. Everyone loves cats, right? Once you may be right, you need to ask yourself, are you really passionate about it too? Because you're going to spend tons of hours building your community before choosing your niche. Think about the long run. I would encourage you to start an account about something you like and good at are passionate about. For example, if you're an artist or passionate about art, and then it makes sense to you to share your talent or others part, post content that you enjoy consistently. Then you will see your account growing faster and people engage in more. Let's see how your followers interact. Instagram is a community with its own goals and you must follow them to make the most of it. On Instagram, people like to follow pages, they can relate, however, compared to other social platforms and Instagram, people seem to unfollow very quickly if they see a post they didn't expect from you. So be consistent. Eventually, it will be possible to diversify your account. It always pairing alike topics. For example, you could include a digital lifestyle on a fashion account. It always stick to a theme. You also have to keep in mind that people like to know the person behind the account. So the more connected you are with your audience, the more likely they are to commit, recommend, and buy from you in the future. So leave room for pictures of yourself. I know it might seem intimidating at first and you will get used to it. I, for example, only appear in my stories. In a nutshell, consistency is what your followers are expecting. Let's move to the most successful niches. The most profitable Instagram niches are traveling, URI, in fashion, health and lifestyle, guaranteed and photography. And home the con, with such a variety of profitable, incipient niches, It's time to turn your passion into a business. So don't miss your chance to monetize your Instagram account. See you in the next chapter. I will see you in the next chapter where we will learn how to create the perfect profile. 3. Instagram Bio Ideas to Stand Out: Hi everyone, welcome back. In this lesson, I'm going to tell you how to create a super bio in Instagram. You have seven seconds to convince someone to press the follow YOU button, and you never get the second chance to make a first impression. So let's make your bio count. Let's see how it works. In this chapter, we will take a look to the photo named description, how to use the link and study highlights. Your profile picture is the first image that talks about you, your brand, introduce yourself. Don't be afraid to put your face. Just make sure that the image represents your brand idea. For example, in my profile, I'm sitting at my desk at the studio with my books and some of my tools that give away that I have a creative studio. You can also use logos in my other two accounts, I have created an image that unifies both of them. If you choose a logo, it should be simple and easy to remember, but I insist that a photo of you is the best option. In fact, of my three accounts, the one with my picture, although it's not the one with the most following, it's the one with the highest engagement. And that's what we're looking for. As we saw, you could grow an account with many followers by just posting photos or means of cats. But that would not create a community. Remember that this community is what will make that eventually you can sell your products and make brands want to collaborate with you. Ideally, the username you choose to use. An Instagram for your business should be a brand name, either business or personal. Divide print name. It should ensure through things that it's representative, simple and original. The Instagram username should be the exact same brand name you chose. That means that if you don't find your brand name available on Instagram, use should try searching for another name. You can try adding dashes or dots to find something similar. I did so because I have two words in my name and I like the low dash, that ideally, if you don't have two or more words in your brand, you should have precisely the name you have chosen. The name field in your bio is entirely separate from your username. So if you use a name clearly identifies who you are, you don't need to repeat the same name. You already have the opportunity to tell us what you do. It is a good idea to put your name if you using a brand, for example, Vanna, social media expert, or your occupation, if you have a brand with your name and interior designer or social media expert. Regarding the space in your bio, you need to figure what are you going to say about your brand and yourself? Who are you? What do you do and why you do what you do? Emojis make people's mind still use them, plus they say words. And remember, you only have 150 characters to convince your followers. Now you can also add clickable elements. You can add other cancelled. You have more than one like in my case, but they can also be used when you collaborate with other brands. They seen hashtags in your bio will allow me to create community and invite your followers to use that hashtag to post content related to your brand. I recommend that you included when you already have a significant community above 10 thousand followers. If your strategy is to attract a local audience or you are interested in a specific area, include your location. But it's equally important that you have it even if you're offering an online service because it's very informative, it sounds, for example, how many languages do you speak, like in my account, which is in English, bitmen basis nine Madrid's, so I probably speak Spanish doom. And that's right. Your potential customers can also tell if they will have to pay for shipping. If you sell a product or import fees, it is not necessary to give the full address. Madrid, New York, Milan would be enough. If you have a website or blog to which you want to drive traffic, you must add the link to the Instagram bio. Create a compelling call to action before your bio link, you can add a call to action using emojis or phrases. This link can be changed as many times as you want. But my advice is to add the link to link tree or similar, because they allow you to share all of your important links with the followers, but with just one U or L. I use tail winds, smart bio, but you can use any other like buffer IT link later or linking Beale. Almost all of them have a free plan and pay plan with additional features, you also have the option to make your post shoppable by adding a link to your store. Or as in my case with shop sidebar, I used affiliate marketing. Thanks to this Instagram update, your stories now last longer than 24 hours. This not only helps boost your conversions, but allows you to keep stories much more organised. Highlights are basically thumbnails for your profile to make a highlight and Instagram simply tap the circle with a plus. This will automatically take you to your archive Instagram stories, select the content you want to group together and add a name, keep it short, and select the image you want us to cover, follow and tap out. The highlight will instantly appear in your profile. You can combine as many as 100 photos and videos into one highlight, a naming using text or images. Getting creative with the cover art allows your profile to truly pop and grab people's attention. Take the time to design it. This was all for this chapter. I will see you in the next chapter. So to summarize, include your logo, optimize your name for the search query, make your one link count. Answered the basics. Think like a search engine and lead the way with a strong CTA. So now that we know how to create the perfect bio, let's go to the next chapter where we will learn how to create the pause that will make your audience growth and engage for you in the next chapter. 4. Designing a beautiful grid: Welcome back. Okay, so now we know what our niche is. We know what we want to communicate, or we don't know how to do it yet. In this class, we will see how to create the greed that touches all the attention. Of course, this is only an introduction to photography and planning on a course in mobile photography. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in. So consistency, I will not get tired of repeating this. Consistency is key to connect with your community. Of course, there are viral accounts that are inserting consistent and they have a huge following. They just see post viral content. And that's it. That this course is not dedicated to this type of Pete. We're here to optimize your potential as a brand. The green is the first thing that possible followers will see. They have read your profile and they're interested. Now, we must convinced them to stay. We should be able to take a look at your Greek and have a clear idea of your brand style. These are the main rules for your profile to succeed. In this chapter, we will go through the key elements for creating a perfect grid, storytelling, consistency, quality in recomposition, The first step to create a perfect grid is involving whoever sees it in her story. So they become part of our community immediately. They need to understand what we want to transmit instantly. It seems like a complicated goal by showing you that it's quite simple. Let's start by determining how we want to be perceived. How do you want to be seen? Maybe like an influencer and artisan or even an expert. Then we will decide how we want our followers to feel. This can go from Joy phone to energized, or even thankful. Once we have agreed on this two things, we will look for the words and images that best fit. So now it's the time to put this all together with the simple metrics. In the first cell, we will write the fill-in would like to evoke, like for example, piece. On the second one, we need to think about all the images that bring peace to our mind. For example, candles the forest and see coffee. Let's say we select coffee. Now, the third step is to set the tone of the image. Coffee can evoke different feelings. The second image is more likely to give a sense of peace, right? So let's select this one and move to the next point. Together with the strong storytelling, you want to keep your images mutually consistent. Choose whether you want them to be minimalist, Moody, colorful, or any other aesthetic you can imagine taking into account the emotion you want to convey. Whether it's a color palette or style palette, finding and seeking to a theme that works for you will make your Instagram photos really pop. A quick tip is to choose a warm, cold, or neutral color palette for your Instagram feed. Nutrient is generally minimal and best use for fashion, lifestyle and home. By traveled bloggers usually use warm photos, nature or landscape photographers tend to use chord tones. As a rule of thumb, pink is usually used to signal moments. Compassion in beauty is orange to highlight fascination, creativity, or attraction. Red for passion, desire, and love. Yellow, if you're looking for joy, happiness, or energy, choose greens. If you going for growth, harmony and freshness and blue to transmit trust, peace, and loyalty. Of course, if you have a strong vision in mind, you can break all these rules and be creative. Stocking is allowed at this step. So go and check the grids of other influencers and content creators that you like. Look for inspiration. That's what Instagram is for. You can use an app like side palette to see what color palettes are others using. Set pilot is a free browser extension that generates color palettes and must have to for designers. It allows you to drop colors from any website. It has multiple common features. You can use it with several palette generators supported like colors, creates shareable links, preview pallets, image for download. Download a sketch template, use it with Adobe swatch. You can also play with palette at and fine tune your planet at Google Art palette, of course, you can print out or safe pellets in PDF. And you can also use cooler, which lets you extract the colors of an argument Instagram account. It has a free and a paid version. And lastly, to achieve this unique style, edit consistently, this makes your publication recognizable and consistent. The same filters. Instagram has its own filters and they worked quite nicely meeting you want to go one step further. I recommend you use a third app. There are lots of apps for editing like VSCO, camera story and so on. I use Lightroom demos, but they all work in a similar way. I will leave you lists of the best photo editors in resources. No one wants to see pixelated images on Instagram grid. So make sure your photos are sharp. Likewise, your images need to look professional, and this can be achieved by applying some rules. You can use anything from a photo of a beautiful landscape to photos of your products. Behind the scene images. And you can also create your own images using photos or illustration text overlays. You can just use text if you want. And of course, if you use folders from other creators, always, always give credit. If you don't find the author, don't use it. You can create your greed with a combination of all of the above. A successful composition relies on a primary goal, finding a way to direct your viewers to the photo subject points capturing the story or emotion. We can achieve this in several ways. And applying the rule of thirds is the first step. The rule of thirds is considered the golden rule of photography. There are many other ways to compose your visuals, but the rule of thirds is the easiest to start with. It's applied by aligning a subject with literary guidelines and their intersection points made into squares which allows the eye to flow from section to section and creating energy and interests. Study the different composition techniques. You can find tons of free tutorials on how to take better pictures. Having a unique style for your Instagram feed is essential when people visited your page, you want them to know what your work is like and what kind of content they can expect from you. Instead of thinking about each Instagram photo, think ahead and plan out your Instagram feed as a whole. Not only your post must follow the rules of composition, but also agreed. There are some very regional ways to build your grid. And although the final result is exciting, I don't recommend them because only when the sequence is complete does it make sense. Meanwhile, people only see Parfit parts and it is not easy to generate engagement if you want to use this collage kind read, I recommend to use something like this where every post can stand alone. When designing your greed, I recommend that you consider the rule of threes and its multiple spring for example, you can start by grouping your posts by 369. It's a straightforward way to B's related to breed. Very easy to start with. You can design horizontal lines, diagonal lines, diamond shapes, and so on. Be creative, but please be consistent. You can build your gradient PowerPoint, Keynote or other similar programs. There are also scheduler apps that allow you to see the grid quickly, like later or preview. We'll talk more about this in chapter six. You can also create a fake account, keep it private so only you can see it and try your field there. I prefer PowerPoint because I'm an expert user. I can use it on the desktop and see the grid bigger. Use whatever will make your life easier. It might take some time to come with a perfect system. Just try different options and see what works best. Ok, now that we've seen how to organize our grid, let's see how to plan and schedule are posts. See you in the next chapter. 5. Creating the perfect post: Hello everyone and welcome to this new lesson. So we already know how to create a profile that will attract her followers. Now willing to learn how to create a post that will make them stay and interact with us. To understand how Instagram works, we have to talk about its famous algorithm. Although nobody knows precisely how it works, we see that it prioritizes your feet content based on your preferences. So it tends to show you posts of that cancer interact with them almost. We know that likes are no longer a primary indicator, although they're still important, of course, as we said in supremum now gives preference to other metrics such as videos, story views, direct messages, comments, saves, and shared images. That's why our post must get as much engagement as possible. In this chapter, we will see how to write a killing caption and how to use hashtags strategically. A beautiful image will stop people from scrolling, but a meaningful captions sparks a conversation. If you want to develop a deeper relationship with your audience who personally DMux and faster, you must write engaging captions. The first thing for a good caption is to understand who your audiences and what they're looking for. Don't worry if your captions than working if it's as fire never process. In my case, I know that I am addressing interior design enthusiasts who are looking for inspiration in both my interior design account. However, in my first account, followers arches looking for inspiration and therefore I owned including information regarding the arc in the other account, I also include tips on interior design, information about myself, my classes, the studio, Let's say it's a more personal account. And as I said, it's smaller but with a higher interaction rate. Remember, educate, entertain, or inspired. And if you can mix all of them for the structure, there are some steps you can follow to create a good caption. Instagram only shows the first two or three lines, so you must use the headlands strategically. I recommended you put the most important content on top and leave all hashtags and mentions for the end. Hook the reader in and give them a reason to tap more like in this example, remember why they follow you? Are they looking for inspiration? Tell them about your day, your home, your diet. Are they looking for entertainment? Entertain them. The point is that you're posting for them, not for you. The important thing is that you tell the story and that this story's relatable Like in this post from Mel Robbins, storytelling is key to connecting with your audience. You need to generate proximity, show empathy, and established a special connection with that. Thirdly, you must close with a call to action. You can direct your audience to a link in your bio. Remember that we have created a menu with different links in by them to track their friends and show your publication among them, asking questions and encouraged them to share their own experiences in the comments. Liking this post from H&M, you could use those experiences to modify your Instagram strategy or generate new content. Use their comments to respond and create a conversation with them. And of course, at hashtags, let's see how they work. Avoid using the most famous hashtags like at monday motivation with 23 million posts. This means that opposed with this hashtag is published every three seconds. It's going to be very difficult to make yours stand out from the rest. Instead, a balanced combination of different types of hashtags will make the post get the maximum rich. I like to divide hashtags into four categories. Very small, small, medium, and are very small. Small size is where the real communities are. People who look for this hashtags are more likely to interact with your content because it's small, you are more likely to end up on the first page of the search, you 70% of this hashtags, medium hashtags are still a good size and you're likely to end up on the first page of this search. Don't neglect them, use 20% of them. Large hashtags are the most popular and most use hashtags. You don't have to exclude them completely. You can win some quick legs, but you won't get much engagement for them. Use a maximum of 10%. You can modify these percentages as your account. Remember, always to check that the hashtag you're going to use is what people do is expecting. But the hashtag in the histogram searcher and look for the results. Do they look like your image? Do you think that whoever follows this hashtag will be interested in yours? If not, there is no point in using it. It is always good to check them because sometimes you think they mean one thing and they are something completely different. It is important not to use the same hashtag for every post. Rotate them, create different list, an alternate them. You can create this distant any node application I use Apple native app because it's easily synchronize with all my devices. But you can use any app or even an Excel sheet or Word document, whatever you're most comfortable with. So this was it for captioning and hashtags. And let's move to the next chapter. So to summarize the Guardian captions, remember to use the headland strategically, telling your story and close with a call to action. For hashtags, use only relevant ones, use a mix of popular in niche. Remember my room 70-20-10 and rotate to them. And that was it for today. See you in the next chapter where we will learn everything about planning RP. 6. Planning your content: Hi, welcome back. So we are really clear about our niche. How to make her bio, How to make beautiful images and captions stand out enough. We need to know when to publish in how to interact with our polymers. Ready, cities May 6 seem baryons. In fact they are, but they will save you time and stress, increase your engagement and attract new followers. Instagram insights is the analytic of incipient. With this analytic tool, it is easy to follow your numbers. Yes, if I'm insight, it's very easy to use with very, very simple, understandable tables that show you all the information you need about your art. In this chapter, we will see how Instagram insights work and how to plan your content. Instagram Insights is a super useful tool. It offers plenty of metrics to monitor the recently updated how it looks. So now you will find a landing page with a summary of the last seven days where you can see your accounts rich content interaction, total follower count, and a summary of the content you shared. Accounts reach will show you the details about the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your post stories or HGTV videos at least once. You can see information from the last seven or 30 days, clicking on the graphic will show you the number of accounts reached by day. If you scroll down, you will find your toe post organized by which you can filter your posts by photo video or photo carousel. Then if you move forward and you can select the metric between comments follows, likes post interaction and it's O one. You can also select the period of time for the numbers you want to see. It goes from seven days to two years. If you then go and click on opposed, you will see the insights for that particular image. Very useful to see how much engagement inactions you got out of it. Like profile, visits, website clicks, how your hashtags worked, the impressions, the reach, and even the follows. Content interaction is the second metric. You will see. This inside meshes. You post story and I do TV videos, content interaction you in the last seven or 30 days. Next, you will see a summary of the top post stories of videos based on interactions. This is a great way to see what posts are working well, including videos, stories, and promotions. All this data is very helpful for shaping your future content. Lastly, you will see total followers, which is, as its name suggests, your total number of followers. But he chose a breakdown of the most valuable information filtered by week or month. Now you can see as with the creator profile, your daily following gain follow minus m follows. Click on the graph intensity breakdown. You can also filter the information by top location, country and city, the age range of your following and gender. And most importantly, this happens statistics. Allows you to see the average time, as well as the days of the week when your followers are on Instagram. Click on the Graphics receipt exact number. This is very important as it will determine your posting time. So remember, try focusing on one set of analytics at a time because yes, that's a lot of numbers to digest. And think about your goal. Maybe you want to drive more website visitors or perhaps you want to push sales. Knowing what you're looking for when using Instagram insights will refine your focus on the key stats and you don't need to constantly look at the data. I look at them at the end of the week and I'm good to go. Let's see how the content plan works. Having a content plan makes all the difference in created a wooden feet. There is no exact answer to how many times you should post. In my experience, posting daily brings more followers and more engagement. Some studies prove me wrong, but everyone agrees on consistency. Ideally, you should start by setting up a very clear emphasis in posts escaped and made sure to keep it up at all times. If you're not consistent, it can hurt your photo in and engagement BY this, much better to post less frequently but consistent. So before committing to posting daily, Think about how much time can you invest in your institute, man, I'd go into manage their kind alone. Are you creating the content? And because it is a lot of work. So before Newton, be realistic how much content you can create and post, specially counting the fact that you also need to engage with your followers as search for user-generated content, as well as managing your Instagram profile daily by for a week and adjust it necessary. Once you had said to schedule, you need a planner up. There are plenty of Instagram plenary apps out there like preview, later planner, early, very simple list and resource section. I use buffer because it's super easy to edit infant with Lightroom. But as my professor likes to say, there are many ways to skin a cat. Always wonder what was wrong with him. But back to the point, there's a planning tool for everyone, whether you're building a brand or on your person on account, you will find the combination of apps that meet your needs. Over time, you will develop the most efficient workflow. So try different apps and programs to find out the best combination for you. Ok, so now there are content is Can we need to engage with others? You must consider this time as work ten, and depending on the size of your account, it would be at least one hour a day more. If you're new to Instagram, spend time every day like imposts, BU in stories, in videos, and commenting. Be thoughtful on your comments. Emojis want work, of course, engage with your followers. Always, always, always reply to the comments and go visit their profile to spread some love. Likewise, engage with those who comment even if they're not following you, but to their profiles like three to six post, take the time to look at their feet and comment. This will start a conversation that will eventually lead to a relation and will finally bring arts engagement, welcome your new followers. This is easier when you have a small account, but even if you have an archer can do it anyway, selective, maybe ten a day or two there profile, like comment and send a personal message of latitude. If you're there with a voice message, that would be perfect. User stories, ask questions, use the Paul feature, then review the stat and engage with those who participate. Also checked regularly with relevant, influencing your niche and the followers. Amines are a great way to engage with them regularly. Look for new users who might be interested in your brand and interact with them. Photo hashtags for this purpose and interact with users. As you will find lots of people that are really share a common interest. As I said, photo when HashSet that are related to your knees is the easiest way to engage with the community outside of the people your current follow when you engage with other people's posts, it will increase your reach and give opportunities for people to find you and following you. Because I follow hashtags relevant to magnesia, setup them will automatically show on my feet, making it easier for me to find new people with shared interests that are not already following me. So in short, you seen a planning tool minister, you can plan your content draft captions, scattered post, discover killer HashSets, and review your analytics. It would save you hours and will level up your instrumental game. And you know, what's coming. Showing up consistently is key to your success. There is nothing worse than coming across an Instagram account full of quote content only to see the last post was three weeks ago. By sticking to a posting schedule as part of your content plan, your followers will come to trust you, engage and follow. I say Stay in every class, I notice a lot of information to take in. So please print three bit comments to Australia dance and ideas. I hope you're having fun and learning or not. I can't wait to see your projects. In the next chapter, we would see an introduction to stories, HGTV, and we'll see you in the next class. 7. STORIES | IGTV | REELS: Hi everyone. We're almost reached the end of the class. And although I cannot cover in depth all of the three types of content, I will do my best to give you a good introduction so you can start to use them right away. In this unit, we will see how stories, HGTV, and wheels work. Even if you only post photos, you should occasionally 3D video and you should definitely post-college regularly. As it is one of Instagram most popular features you can use your story is to show you a less punish contents such as behind this in photos, anecdote for videos of daily routines, mood boards, shopping ideas, et cetera. From there, remember to use story of speeches like stickers and poles to encourage your audience to interact. You can also read gram content of your followers interests, which helps create variety in your stories and building engagement. As always, there's no magic formula. Trial and error is your best friend when creating a story be created, they recently updated the features and now you can try different funds. You can also play with the colors. If you keep pressing in a corner, it will open the full color palate. Remember that when you hit 10 thousand followers, you can add a link, and this opens a new world of opportunities. Instagram doesn't give many chances to add links. So make the most of this one. Link to your blog, your shop, or your video, always use it. Instagram has many filters and effects for stories and they keep adding more. However, you can use some design apps. As always, camber has a lot of templates you can use. I personally use mojo because I like its simplicity and design, but you can use the one that fits best for you. And last but not least, remember to save your stories. Use the Highlight button. I do. T0 is Instagram's television and it's a space to watch 50 seconds to one hour video content. It was born with the idea of competing with YouTube. In fact, in May, Instagram finally announced that it's rolling out updates to allow creators to earn money directly on HGTV. This updates into new ads on HGTV videos, patches that mirrors can purchase it in a video. And an expansion of brand colleagues manager, which is essentially Facebooks on influencer marketing platform. So although HGTV is still far from YouTube numbers given in screen popularity, and the fact that you now can monetize the content makes IGV a great way to reach a new audience, booster engagement, and even capture some leads. I did TV videos miss being between 15 seconds and ten minutes long. Note, the larger accounts and verified accounts can upload long-form video content up to 60 minutes long, but they must be uploaded from the computer. Videos must be in MP4 file format. They should be vertical, not landscape with the minimum aspect ratio of 45 and a maximum of 916. Users can watch landscape videos by rotating the phone still, Ideally you should post vertical ones, just like many elements of Instagram, it's worth putting effort into IGV. Maybe it's too much if you're starting out, but keep in mind for the future, you can even create your own series. And this is it, explore it, get creative and have fun. Instagram reals. It's a content for Monday, allows you to create and share 15-second videos with others in a new dedicated feed on the Explore page. It's Facebook attempt to compete with TED talk. Much like tick tock, rails offers you a set of creative tools like audio, text, special effects, and stickers to create fun and engaging video content. So isn't this like stories? While yes, but they have some differences. Reels offers more editing tools. They can be shared to explore and stories. And you can also choose to post it in your feed. All the reads you create will also appear in a dedicated section of your profile, similar to HGTV. And if you include the original audio, it will be attributed to you and other users can use it. Your Rails will be seen by non followers, which makes it a great tool to reach a bigger audience. So let's see how it works. To access it, click on the icon, tap to select your Rails length from 15 to 13 seconds. Then tap audio to select music from the library and add it to your video. You can even choose to only the favorite part of your son. When you're done. Tap speed to change the speed of your video up to four times faster. And finally, moved to effects to selective filter you'd like to apply. As we said, you can find lots of different filters and affect to make your content pop. When you're ready, tap and hold the record button to record a clip. And now you're recording your first 3M. When you have the recording, if you want to watch it, trim it, or deleted, tap the clip and just edit it. Once you're happy with the recording, press next, and then be able to add stickers, drawings, and text to editorial before posting. And this is it. Now you know how to create a video with Instagram reals. You can share the real two stories, explore feed and the new rails app on your profile. Remember that Instagram legacy to play with its new toys. So use them whenever a new function appears to be the first to use it, it will surely have the platform give more visibility to your content. Let's move to the last chapter, a quick reminder of the do's and don'ts and this force almost. See you in the next chapter. We will recede into do's and don'ts of instrument will talk about the projects. See you in the next class. 8. DO'S & DON'TS: Hi everyone, welcome to the last class of the course. So this was it. We've come to the end. I don't want to finish the course without doing a brief review of the do's and don'ts and also take the opportunity to talk about the project. So the most important six doors, the first fun, you know, which one is it? Be consistent, engage with your followers. Showcase your unique brand style tag. Always tag. If you're not creative, you stories in reals and any new toy. And, and above all, have fun. And these are the three big don'ts. Don't take his sponsor posts. If it doesn't fully represent your audience, don't photo and then follow, please. It doesn't work. And third and most important, don't ever, ever buy followers or legs or violate Instagram community guidance. At the beginning of my Instagram adventure, I had an app that will tell me who wasn't following me. In fact, I didn't understand why people would do that. There was this simple app that will immediately tell me what it turned out the app was not legal. That's how did a ne knew about Instagram at the time for three weeks? I was shadow band and yes, it's a thing none of my half sex were working and my posts were only seen if you came to my proclaim loudly, it didn't close by accounting, which they could have done. This was three years ago and my father was fired from by an engagement or followers still Instagram new and punish me accordingly. Instagram and can, of course, detect bots. It's naive to think they can't. Plus boats don't generate engagement. And this is why we're here. So please, please never used them. I hope you like the class. It was a lot of fun to create it. And finally, before we close the classroom, I want to talk to the final project. For the project, I want you to create a profile and Institute using everything we have learned. You should choose niche, create an attractive profile and example of caption with its hashtags and a four by three. Great. Thank you very much for joining me. See you in the next course.