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How to get cells with acrylic pouring! (+ acrylic pour recipe!)

teacher avatar Poppy Koning, Artist, fluid artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      The supplies you need


    • 3.

      Mixing your paint: adding pouring medium


    • 4.

      Mixing the paint: adding water


    • 5.

      Mixing your paint: adding silicone


    • 6.

      Creating the first painting


    • 7.

      Creating the second painting


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About This Class

We all know how frustrated it can get when things aren't going the way as they should be, especially when it comes to acrylic pouring. Due to the fluidity you never know what you are gonna get, but creating cells isn't always easy. Don't worry, because today I'll be by your side to help you through the process of creating cells!

I'll share my own recipe with you from what I use to how much I use of every single ingredient including pour two gorgeous paintings with you, so you can see the recipe in action and of course some pouring action. 

Let's do this!

x Poppy

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Meet Your Teacher

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Poppy Koning

Artist, fluid artist


Hi, my name is Poppy! Fluid artist and dark art artist based in the Netherlands, also blood artist because I adore blood and sometimes paint with my own blood but mainly inspired blood paintings with my Poppy signature also known as the red fade in my blood works.

I love sunsets, I'm great at finding lucky clovers, gyoza is my fav, for a snack I love salted popcorn, also cheese popcorn but that one is very exclusive here in the Netherlands. I should make it myself. Speaking of that, I love to cook and bake, I meditate multiple times a day, I love to work on myself and my consciousness, always working with the Universe and the Law of Assumption. My favorite color is soft pink with a pearly shimmer, my favorite holiday is Christmas and listening to Christmas music all year round is... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hello and welcome by what online cores, money with poppy and I'm from the Netherlands today it is about how to create cells when it comes to acrylic pouring and no, it can be so frustrating gums to creating the cells. But today that is going to change because I'm going to show you how I create my formula, how much our use of the silicone and deploring medium and don't worry, I will be explaining every single thing step-by-step in material. Why don't we get started? 2. The supplies you need: first thing first, and that will be our supplies. They saw all the things that we will be using for today. I'm gonna show you step by step of what is laying over here. But you can also screenshot it and grab your stuff or posit and angry your items so we can get this to do. You going off course, You can also watches ethereal first and then get started first. I'm gonna put on my gloves. I like to wear a glass when it comes to creating art, especially because I am also a blogger on. But I am filming my makeup tutorials and I have pain there. Need my nails. It isn't noise, so I like to prefer raring glass. I do have the smallest size and its small size s and these are the black Ted. You artist glass there so thin that you can feel the product almost in your hands under there isn't any layer off latex in between. These are latex gloves, powder free right away. If you don't like wearing last, skip the part, just Gresh your hands. Afterwards. The next thing will be the campus. But you have all these different sizes I prefer when it comes to trying out new things. New products, new back next, I like to work on the smallest one that I have thes air around 12 12. Interest not cheered. Oh, I already prepped the back. Take them down. So the sites will be nice after you have your pouring action. And, of course, a fresh change because these are amazing to get the can for us from your death so the paint can leak off. You don't have any plane that is sticking to the sides off. It is a nice and especially rent your leaf. You can first laying on a flat surface and there isn't any space between them and the paint dries up. It just stays all over the place. The next thing is the pain cuffs. I'm gonna mix my paint in here. I also have some Popsicle sticks to mix my paint. Or sometimes when one of your cups is empty, I mean your tubes off paying. You can scrape them down and get all the excess off paint out of there. I have some water over here. Doesn't matter if it's hot off cold. It's just water stood in the paint down 1/2 a bit off pouring medium. You have all kinds of pouring medium. You have flu troll. You have liquid X one of my favorites. But you also have fun. I This is a Dutch. I think it is a Dutch Brando, cause I think he waas Dutch just like mango and tango has his own painting stuff and fun like Also, this is Silver's medium, Also known just just pouring medium half a bit off the medic own. This is the silicone that we will be using up for today. You cannot really see it anymore, but I'm gonna use a straw to get some off the silicone out of there. I also have my pain that I will be pigging out for today's painting. I have a bright yellow and orange rev in all that stuff over there. I'm gonna show you up close, which cause we will be using in a sec. I also have a torch. I had different kind of tortures. I do prefer the smallest one where you just have to. I'm going to block this sound out, by the way, but or you can just have control over it, so you don't have to work with all these kind of screws and all that scary stuff. When your thumb is on the end and you just push it down, you get the flame. When you just lift your time up, the flame goes down and I prefer that more or otherwise I will be setting my house on fire , and I don't want that. This is a dollar store one. I bought these at the extra in, and that is one off our target or WalMart. If you're from the USA, I'm so jealous that you guys have that. We don't have them. I still hope that opening one of the target or WalMart or maybe a Home Depot in the Nettles or Michael's, but unfortunately, we don't have any of those. I got this for two euros, which is around maybe a dollar and 1/2. Not sure, though. It was a really cheap one, but it does get the job done, and I got all these kinds off different friends off paint. This is also from the action. It is a painter's, maybe $2. It is slightly thinner than the normal acrylics that we have just like the Amsterdam pains because I like the paint off. Answer them. The brand is first pretty cheap, but I prefer these kind of colors. I like the bright colors, the unique wands, and Amsterdam is amazing when it comes to picking out your extraordinary shades. But this one this, of course, with blue colors. They're always slightly thinner when they're in the cup. You're kind of getting tricked over there because the car looks pretty sick, but it isn't so. Don't tend them down too much, because when they hit the campus, they will become thinner when you just have an organ. She ate. It doesn't really medic. I don't makes my friends. And I know people say if you shouldn't be doing Dad, cause sometimes the brands doesn't mix and all that kind of stuff and never really had it. I'm gonna knock home food for that because about what anything to happen I don't also with makeup and because when it is expensive, it doesn't mean it is good. It just goes about your technique, give the way you're using, need how you're using it and all that kind of stuff. So don't let anyone tell you that you can't use any inexpensive pain because it doesn't really matter if it's cheap or not. It just goes how the product is, how you're using it and all that kind of stuff. So don't let them fool you. I have to use blue one because I will be used in the corner. But I'm also gonna mix it with some threat to get this gorgeous royal purple. I have flex orange is a new on orange from answer them. I also have this red shade. It is called Khar mean it's fairly in thins. One of my favorite wreck, Shay doesn't during pink, of course, A bright color again. And this is a left flex yellow. Also, by answer them I have reflects Green, New York again, Dirk Royce, And this is built from marrying four elect Just a purple shit. Maybe Love vendor. Of course. Some black also like to use some black in there to get the police effort. Gonna tell you all about it pretty soon. A bit of pink again. The cheap shake their slightly thinner than a normal one to just keep that in mind when you're adding water. I have this yellow. It's a bit of a son yellow, a darker yellow one. And this is by rinse or and new son, it's called. It Doesn't Everyday, only has a number and there's 120 of which yellow. Oh my God. The name is over here. I have no anyone says this yellow Believe everything been a description box for more information about the thing last but not least. And it is. There's purple Juan. It's by daler. Roni, Seriously, I love this Cool. It's so rich and so unique And ever have any pain that matches this shades I found a couple months ago and I saw this one. I just fell in love with this negotiated I will be using. I'm gonna prep everything. I'm gonna grab the cups and I will be back in just a minute because this will create a lot of noise 3. Mixing your paint: adding pouring medium: I'm gonna lay down a cup. I'm gonna use pretty march all of the polish your showed you guys. I'm gonna grab a paint. I'm gonna sit next to its or know how many cups I need to prepare it. And sometimes I don't use the color that makes Doesn't matter. You can keep them in a darker storage. And maybe you can make any gorgeous skins out of there or use it and not a fine I'm not sure. Sure. I used this 11 2 shades. Maybe not today. I'm gonna also use the blue. And then I have a mixture off pink, no blue and that I shake always the boil for sometimes they paint can shift and it will become a bit rare when you shake them. You just know everything is mixed Well, in there. I don't use much off it because I have a smaller canvas for today. I'm gonna add some blue, also in another couple for the mixture for gorgeous purple rain color. Sometimes when you add the paint into the cup, you can see that some of them are slightly thicker. Some of them are just a bit thinner. It's normal. I'm gonna put effort signal caller in a cup, and I'm gonna fastest forward because it isn't any interesting. And I'm gonna make sure that we pouring made him to every single color. And, of course, a big border. And Domenico, So stay tuned. Come. So mixing your colors, I'm gonna make this one. You can just makes it into the cup, adding a bit off the shapes that, like over you prefer. You know, when you add blue with that, you can get a couple shape. But when you add a little bit off the red color to abe, you she I'm not to mix it to get another color. The blue turns out to be much richer. I'm just mixing the colors together, and sometimes we cannot see it. We're going to just make a swatch over that. No, it's still too blue, so I need a bit off in. So it's a gorgeous purple shaker. You see them? It doesn't mix well enough yet. Doesn't really matter, cause now we gonna at the pouring media. I have any smaller one over here. I'm gonna at that one on. I also have a bigger package on this side, but I know what you're thinking. No. There are lots of different paint all over the place. Different brands and the can give you so many confusion. Hold it right there. Grab one of your cups. You also have near space is, by the way, totally forgot to tell you guys that represents is running. Don't run with scissors, though. Just pause it again. Grab your sisters. And now I'm gonna check it out. Maybe I need It's just the bottom off it. I'm going to cut it. Go make a little bit of noise, but don't vote. Edit it out. Maybe I'm gonna do it with me. I'm going a around it. Now you have this. This is your measuring cup. I'm gonna pour it in E. That is enough. Then you can see. I don't know. You cannot see it from the side. Of course it is around. Maybe a little bit more. Yes. Felt until the mid organ. So a cut around the middle of the cup and now I'm gonna fill it up to the middle again. I'm gonna pour this strain to the grain. Run. This will be enough. I'm gonna mix it. Just Teoh, check out If I have enough off the pouring medium sometimes you don't need to add all of it . I'm just gonna makes it take your time for this. Some people mix maybe unease, Ning or I was gonna pour it all in a day before a couple of hours. It really depends, though, how many callers you will be using. I'm gonna show you a trick How you can make sure coolers a fair respect. So this is quite thin. Don't already it isn't 10 down enough. I'm gonna pour every single cup with pouring medium. Let's see some off the yellow. Fill it up to the half again pouring down. Sometimes you can see it comes over time, though the first time it is very overwhelming. But bring You have been pouring for a while. You will notice how much every single color needs bidding pink. But keep in mind the Pincus woman different Bruns. And also this one this purple one Um, the thickness will be different thickness from this one. The gorgeous purple that I showed you in the beginning is quite thick than the pain that I am using. So keep in mind that the pink And of course, every single blue that is gonna fool you. Keep in mind that they will become slightly tenant. So don't add too much. It doesn't really matter that comes pouring medium but don't have too much off water to because every single color has pouring millions in. Then yes, they do. Off course. You can add all the ingredients together. I found out through a very ugly way that if you add pouring medium and water, it kind of starts to crumble. You don't want to have any lumps in your pain, so I'm gonna makes every single color on and then I'm gonna add the water. But first I'm gonna mix it and making sure they scrape down the sides So you makes a free thing together. I like how this looks ready. Oh, so stunning. I like to switch hands when it comes to stirring that, because my right hand, because I'm right handed, is tired but trained of muscles on my left hand On arm off course, You don't have to be worried if the colors are changing. They wound the pouring medium Gerace transparent, so it doesn't change any off your colors. I left you had too much 4. Mixing the paint: adding water: Okay, Every single color is mixed, making sure that I can see what is, um, mixed What? Iss Grabbing the water now. And, of course, back to the measuring cup. I'm gonna food up 25%. I don't know if I I'm not good with that. It's better to add a not a cut off water than to get it out of there because I don't use glue. We don't have the Elmer's glue in the Netherlands. Well, sometimes we do, but not at the moment. Be careful. The pink one is slightly thinner. So don't add to my charge. Maybe a bit more Keep in mind the blues gonna fool you Now we can mix all again But this is thing that I do this miss secret the kind of stir roughly true it so the pains gets lumpy A weird I'm gonna do it is to all my colors unless one and that's really did. So you kind of mixing it already together. But due to the water that is getting stir true it it kind of start breaking down and already mixing it with the pain. Because now I'm gonna mix that collect together. You will notice that mixing it straight like what I am doing now you will see that it takes a lot longer unless you're doing it like this. This is a mixed. So start the timer, please. It's a fairly easy shade. Makes totally forgot about it. Like Europe It can you not a color like this one or the yellow one over here? Because I know that this one has a thing for good and clumpy. I couldn't see It's gorgeous. Now I'm gonna mix this one you concedes a lot easier because you broke down the product and now you're brooding and pick up again. I think down the black a big, more alike when it comes to the black that you just have it in there when it comes to the painting that I'm going to create. By the way, there's just a detailed car, so it will be a thick 5. Mixing your paint: adding silicone: we mix everything together. The water is in the poor medium was in Stein foot d medico own. This is the silicone. A creative, more cells and more laced. I prefer the medic own twee honest. This is a liquid silicone. And you also have the sprays, all the kind of things. But if you're working in the paint industry and you're working basilico you hate it as much as you can hate it. It is your enemy. If you're working with tens and your spray painting something and the race silicone in the area or you accidental spill it on there, it doesn't get any paint on it because it creates the cells that were going for. I'm going to grab my straw, going to stick it in there with my finger on it. I'm going to let it go, and I'm gonna add two drops. Yeah, maybe three pretty small. Don't add to my chili comb or otherwise it will mess up your paintings, especially on the sides. Next time. To make the colors for the last time is making sure the silicone is all true. The pain. Okay, looking good. I kind of made being that the four. I'm so excited. I'm always excited. Man. Start anything. Doesn't matter what I'm going to create 6. Creating the first painting: I grew up it to campuses late them down, making sure that everything is stable enough. Grabbing two cups. I'm just gonna set them on there. And these are empty. Now we can get this poor. Gave a going, I think I'm going to start off way pink. You can see it looks take, but it isn't. It's fooling you. Cut. It is the thing. Our paint this, um orange. Oh, cells are happening, baby. You know. Oh, I love the yellow. I am gonna go to, uh, no, I'm gonna use him green first. Oh, goodness for Corey's. Oh, so bright. I am gonna go for blue Breck to purple. There's one of my favorite chase Oh, hello, gorgeous. So breath in there some real purple The one that we made ourself who are making a mess can happen isn't a bad scene. I'm gonna at some more green. Oh, I would look for good ages. I'm gonna know. Yes, I did at some, but not much. A little bit more. A bit of being a little bit off the yellow again. And before you know it, weaken, Grab the black. I'm gonna pour. Had one from pre up high. I'm gonna grab the cup a week. I'm going to show you a trick. I have some agile is happening over there. I'm grabbing the storage. I'm gonna show you some magic. I look at these I'll have to do it is, though I'm wearing the cub, I'm flipping it and flipping. Also the campus, making sure to stay. But enough and then I'm gonna let it on there. I make sure everything aid out of the way So I don't spill any pain on grabbing a cop. They're slow directing down, and Oh, it's a beauty. I'm gonna leave some in the cup. I'm gonna torch it already. Who sells, baby? I'm gonna move it away. Okay. Up. What? Sorry. Wow, Look at those cells I offered. When they're kind and getting stretched, I want to keep the bride paints. I'm gonna till it a big back. Oh, yes. Uh, okay. Yes, this is it. This how wanted making sure that the sites that code it I'm gonna work my hands. I have a tower next to me. So I don't rip any paint on the painting itself and then got a torch it again. Oh, there's a good uses, and I know some size on coverage, but I want to keep this storage game going, so Oh, wow. So I'm gonna moving a bit. So I have more room on that. I can be working on the auto One look at a painting. A cup, though. Gorgeous. So good. Oh, wait. Maybe not so gorgeous. It was gorgeous with your minutes ago. I'm gonna let it set on the robi Arab bubbles popping up. But first I'm going to the next painting. 7. Creating the second painting: grabbing the empty cup, setting it in the middle, kicking off. Wait purple. No, but you're gonna Let's look, take a look at the other ones. Okay? Now I'm gonna start with Terrible, followed by some pink so orange pouring from up high. So you kind of Mexico is already green. How high are you? Poor? How bad? It gets mixed And how gorgeous the cells will becoming some years ago. So artsy, of course. More orange Steny More in green. So purple. You know, the favorite shade of mine Vector Gerets the really have little off course. And to top it all off the song Black. But here you can see it on the ah decide everything. Use much, but you can see the detailed color. I was talking about the lace affect on there. I'm torching you again just to show it off. No, just you making sure I have enough room putting it all on the sides. I do. Oh, first look, it is I'm gonna grab the campus and a cup, Flip it over, making sure it's steady and stable. Grabbing the cup, poring through the top, keeping someone left. I was in makeup, torching it again. Oh, you can see them pop up who? Don't go to pour it all the way up. So yeah. Oh, wow. Look at the So I didn't want Sometimes when you are pouring the paint gang flow off the Kansas and I want to keep us much of it on a campus, so I tilted a bit. Okay. Pouring it down, do the size to stop. Mm. Look so different. Who? I need to keep it like this. Offering the edges, wiping them hands. You can see I used the exact same color, but it looks so different torching it again just to see some cells pop up or Oh, wow. I turned up pretty awesome. I do. Torch decides, but moving some of the Arab horrible's creating more cells heating up the product, build up the same. They're kind of a deal, but they also the opposite of each other. 8. Outro: I am so stoked how they turned out. You have a measure of GAAP. So now you can get this boring game going. You're going to see cells over here. I love how the layers are on top of each other and how you can still see almost every single shade that we add in the cup. Sled diary for a couple, I go for our own, may be ten days. Sometimes. It really depends though, on a thickness of the layer of paint on there, but I do prefer to let it dry for maybe over a week before you start foreign aging. So happy how it turned out though. I do hope this really helps you with acrylic pouring and creating sales. I want to thank you so much for spending time with me. I do have an Instagram, so the pitfall in the unsold your media. I also have a Patreon and a patron is more for background information about paintings. I do go more into depth on there. Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day and keep boring. But I