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How to Get Backlinks (without Being Annoying)

teacher avatar Maddy Osman, SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      #1: How My Experience Can Help You Get Backlinks


    • 2.

      #2: An Introduction to Backlinks & How They Fit into SEO Strategy


    • 3.

      #3: 11 Strategies to Get Backlinks


    • 4.

      #4: How to Build Relationships to Get Backlinks


    • 5.

      #5: A Customizable Backlink Request Email Template


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About This Class

As the result of building a high-authority website for my business, The Blogsmith, I've unintentionally become the recipient of dozens of backlink requests each week — many that are so annoying and self-serving that I never bother to respond.

After going through hundreds of backlink requests (and making dozens of my own), I'm sharing the secrets for what makes a successful backlink request and several tactics to get backlinks that you can personalize for your own use. After going through this class, you'll have an actionable framework for earning backlinks as part of a bigger SEO strategy — even if you're a complete beginner!

In this class, you'll learn:

  • Why backlinks are so important for SEO
  • 11 tactics to build high-quality backlinks (from easy opportunities to advanced ideas)
  • How to build relationships to increase success with your backlink requests
  • How to customize my backlink request template for your needs

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maddy Osman

SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith


Hey all! I'm Maddy Osman, or as my clients know me, The Blogsmith. I write for high-authority publications like Search Engine Journal, GoDaddy, WPMU Dev, and Sprout Social.

Check out my new book, Writing for Humans and Robots: The New Rules of Content Style. It's an essential reference for online content creators and a modern-day homage to The Elements of Style.

It's hard for me to sit still, and I'm the co-organizer of WordCamp Denver and the Denver chapter of Freelancers Union. I'm also on the board for BMA Colorado in charge of social media.

After a few years in sales, I was feeling unfulfilled and decided to go out on my own. Thanks to many years of blogging and web development (and networking!), I started my freelance career off with a bang, and ... See full profile

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1. #1: How My Experience Can Help You Get Backlinks: What's up Skill share. My name is Maddie Osmond and this is my dog Lola, and we are here today to introduce my latest class, which is called How to Get Back links without being annoying. As you might be able to tell from the title. This class is based on a lot of personal experience, both in building a High Authority website and then dealing with the people who want to capitalize off of it, but not do a good job of actually pitching me to do that. So, at any rate, I created this class based on my own efforts to build back limbs for my website. So I'm going to give you a little bit over a dozen different tactics that you can use, and I've ranked them even from beginner to advanced. So if this is something that's new for you, you can kind of start easy. And then, you know there's additional things you can look into once you master the basics as part of this class, I'll also be sharing with you the same template that I use depending on the specific type of battling requests, but a template that you can use and then adapt for your own purposes. We also get into one of my favorite tactics for getting back links, and it's one of like the easiest, like, low hanging fruit things. And it's called Haro. Help a reporter out, so I'll share a little bit more about how to use that specific tactic will go into some other need to know information regarding how to be successful and how to scale this over time and also share a couple tools that I'd recommend for tracking your efficiency with building back links and all sorts of other miscellaneous stuff along the way. So without further ado, um, that's all I have to say, and I hope you enjoy the class. 2. #2: An Introduction to Backlinks & How They Fit into SEO Strategy: Welcome to the first lesson of the class. We're going to start by just kind of scaling back a little bit and talking about what back links even are. So for you, they might be kind of like an S e o buzzword. It might not have a lot of meaning to you, but I'm assuming that you landed on this class because you want to learn more about them and how they fit into the bigger picture of S CEO. And I'm here to tell you that they're definitely an important use of your time to be trying to get back links. A complete ASIO strategy is not going to function without them. But before we get into kind of how back links buttons that picture, I want to share a little bit of personal experience that I kind of hinted at in that intro video. And that's the fact that I get a ton of back link requests, you know, several on a daily basis, most of them pretty annoying. Um, reasoning why? I think that I personally get a lot of these requests A because I've built out a website for my brand over the past several years that gets linked to by nature, of me. Being a freelance writer on a lot of high authority websites between that and also creating content on my own website just kind of naturally has inspired a lot of links. Thes two things are not the only ways that I get back links and, um, in the next lesson after this, when we're gonna talk about very specific tactics that I've used that you can use to get back links. So that's that's kind of the first reason why I think I get a lot of these requests. And if you're curious, my website is the dash blacksmith dot com, which you'll also find out my author profile here on skill share. But the other reason is because I write a lot of content for different people. And so when they're looking Teoh, you know, create back links in terms of working with my clients than oftentimes those same requests go through me because I'm the author on the listed author of the content on those websites , and so between the two, I just get so many requests every day, and I really learned a lot by going through these requests what makes me act and what makes me really annoyed. So we'll get to that Probably in the lesson after the next one will talk about sort of like the subtle, like annoyances that you'll want to avoid. But before we do that, let's talk about how back links fit into this bigger picture of s CEO and having a well rounded A CEO plan. So to me, I see through distinct pillars of S E O. Some might add onto this or break these into smaller pieces. But for the sake of this class, let's talk about these three and how they fit together. Um, the first is the technical structure of your website. I actually do have another skills. Your class that goes into technical CEO. We're not gonna talk about it in detail here other than to say that it's usually factors that impact the user experience such as deism website look good on mobile. Does it load? You know, the page speed in a reasonable amount of time. Are you using https to encrypt information on your website? And so again, this this is kind of a more advanced aspect of S. E O s So if you want to learn more about it and the user friendly, beginner friendly way, I'd highly recommend checking out my technical odysseo class onside. ASIO is an area that I focus on most both for my own brands and then also for the client work I do. So this has to do with specifically content that you create for your website think e word research that fuels that content and helps to inform how Teoh, um you know, like mark up and Tad that content on your content management system, things like that's the strategy around how you're using content, Teoh, bring in relevant people for Messi. Oh on So then finally we have off site s CEO which involves back wings. So kind of those 1st 2 pillars of S E O that I talked about technical structure of your website and on site s CEO. In terms of the content, these are things that you have perhaps the most control over these air things that if you know how to do them right and do them on your website, you don't really need an outside person to contribute to those things or an outside website as you do with back links because the way that back links work is essentially, um, back links help your website to rank higher and relevant surge. Because by having back links from other high authority interest industry websites, Google is able to understand that your website is a trusted resource. And so, essentially the more high quality back links you have butter. But of course, by getting those back links, you have Teoh interact with another human being. You have Teoh strike up partnerships, you know, with other websites with other companies. Eso It is a little bit harder of a tactic in many ways, then dealing with technical structure or on site s CEO. But like any of these other things, there is a strategy and we're going to go through that. But let's talk a little bit more about back links so as we get there. So I kind of already went over this. But just to give you sort of a definition or a reason for why you should focus on back links, it's because they help you rank higher and relevant search by damage demonstrating your industry authority. Um and then this is a screenshot from my favorite ASIO tool. It's called eight Refs, which is H R E F s. It is a paid tool, and it's not a cheap tool, I will tell you that right now it's about 99 bucks a month, even if you have an annual subscription plan. But H traps makes it really easy to monitor a lot of different aspects of S E O around your website for doing competitors research. I actually initially went with this tool because I think it's the best keyword research tool out there. So it informs all these different aspects of S E o, even technical structure, because there is a website auditing feature that you can use Teoh sort of see if there are any major SDO issues on your website with some direction for how to fix them. So like I said, it's a really good tool. But I understand if you wouldn't want to use it if you're not dealing with content and S CEO on a daily basis, because it is expensive, so I'm going to give you some alternatives to use later in this presentation. But a lot of the screenshots that I'm using are from a trust. So, um, basically, in terms of what we're talking about right now, a trusted text back links. Um, and as you can see on the screen shot, it shows. You know how many I have, How many new ones I have. How many domains? Different websites are referring to me, you know, versus how many links I'm getting from each of those domains. And it even gives me what's called a domain rating for a tres. Other websites might refer to it as domain authority. So this is essentially the measure of how much authority your website has in your niche based on your back link profile. So it's measured as a direct result of the authority of these other websites that are ranking to you. And, um, it's measured on a scale from 1 to 100 where essentially the closer you get to 100 it becomes exponentially harder to increase that number. So right now I'm doing pretty well, which is I get all these annoying back link requests. Um, and so with that, now that you know, sort of the basics of why you would even want to bother with back links and the basics of how you go about measuring, you know, incoming back links by using a tool like a dress. Let's talk more specifically about the specific tactics you can use to get back links. 3. #3: 11 Strategies to Get Backlinks: In my interview video, I talked about having over a dozen different ways to get back links, but of sense gone back on that a little bit. I combined a few of them to be a little bit more broad, but either way I'm going to give you 11 11 different ways to get back links with tactics cent range from, like really easy to get started on to a little bit more advanced in a little bit more involved. The first tactic isn't a back link tactic per se, but something that's going to help your website with index ability on Google. By having really Index Herbal website, you're increasing Google's trust in your website. You're, um, helping people to understand both people and Google to understand relationships between but content on your website. You're also creating the opportunity for them. Teoh explore more of your website by suggesting relevant content Teoh whatever it is that they are currently exploring on your website. So internal links are great from sort of that on site content s CEO perspective, and you're going to want to be proactively adding internal links between your own black posts and other internal pages like your service pages about Paige and so on. So the screenshot here is from one of my favorite plug ins, which, if you use WordPress, you're probably familiar with it's called yos Desio. I use the premium version of us Tesio, which gives you access to these in line suggestions of content that you could use for internal linking. So it's kind of a great reminder if you have a lot of content. Or, you know, if you don't work on your block all the time, you might forget what content is even available. So having this future is a good sort of kick in the butt to remember Teoh use those internal links, and it's very helpful because it suggests the things that it thinks are most related to whatever content you're currently looking at we're working on. Rather, the next tactic is to create Link. Herbal Resource is so the exact ideas that I give here are some sort of like pricing calculators. So, for example, if, um, let's say that you are like a wedding caterer or something like that, so you might create a calculator that helps people crude a budget based on what type of entree that they want Teoh share with their guests. How many people are gonna be there? Um, you know, if they want to add in appetizers or desserts, this is especially top of mind for me during this classes. I am currently planning a wedding, and it's insane. But having some sort of useful calculator? Um, you know, if even if it's specific to your offerings, it might be useful Teoh other similar businesses Or, you know, businesses that do complimentary things perhaps and, you know, create taking the time to create that, um, makes it more likely that somebody's going to link to you as opposed to just like creating a black post. That explains how to set a budget because it's an interactive tool. People kind of like playing around with these things online. Infographics is another really excellent example of a link herbal resource and something that can also help you not just with a CEO but also on a visual social network like Pinterest. Info graphics tend to perform really well on Pinterest, and so it's kind of one of those extra things, um, that can take your content to the next level. Another great example is some sort of inject study that you conduct, you know, maybe based on a survey that you send out to your audience. Ah, One of my favorite examples is orbit Media Does ah, blogger study every year where they involve about 2000 bloggers and ask about their habits . And then they published their findings, and they compare them year over year because now they have all this data, and it's constantly linked to from other high authority industry publications. I see it come up like, all over the place online in the places where I hang out because, you know, that's what my industry is content Blogging s CEO. So, um, you know, kind of broad ideas, but you can really make them your own, Um, and just sort of a final thought for infographics. I use the service right now called easily E a s E l y. That's the infographic that you actually see here is a screenshot from one that they made me from my website and at least as of me recording this right now, they offer infographic designs with unlimited changes for a flat rate of $49 which is insane and I expect them fully to change that soon, but something to take advantage of. In the meantime, you know, you could certainly cobble something together. But if you're not a graphic designer, it's nice to just outsource that to somebody who knows what's up. And at that price point, it's really hard to be. And I've been very happy with everything they've made for me so far. So the next thing that you would want to consider when you are looking at different strategies to create back links is to create some sort of mega resource page. Um, the example that I shared here is from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. If you're not familiar with him, he's like the guy who has had perhaps the most success with affiliate marketing, which is just like making money off of recommending products through trackable links that you know. Then you get commissions on whatever cells, as a result of him, recommended products like here. We have blue hosts, for example, which has really great affiliate program, um, so like and have also included an email here from somebody who got in touch with me regarding wanting Teoh Place link on my resource is page, which I had initially created not for the purpose of attracting people who wanted Teoh, um, trade back links. But it has become kind of a useful piece for me to reach businesses that relate Teoh what I do on my website, which is mostly recommending things to freelancers, for example. So So this particular person got in touch with me about a tool called Viz may, which is like a graph of design tool, kind of like can va and, you know, asked for me to place a link in exchange for access to a premium account, which is really cool, because I like playing around with tools and we'll talk about different ways that you can incentivize people Teoh want to trade links with you. But for me offering free access to a tool that would otherwise be you know, 50 bucks air Maura month, for example, is something that incentivizes me. I want to clarify something when I say trade links. Reciprocal back links is like when I leg Teoh one of your pages and then on that same page you linked to that same page that I just linked to you from that's not ideal. It's easy for Google to pick up on that sort of activity. So t kind of get out of that potential problem area. If you are gonna trade links, make sure that they're for completely different pages, you know? And even that is sort of a gray area situation. But it's definitely better than both of you linking to the same pages and making that link super clear. I might even suggest going as far as to wait like a short period of time between when you place a link for someone and then they place a link for you. But so anyway, this is just 11 of the ways. Let's look at the next one, which is to create it. A best of list featuring industry influencers. This isn't just great for us CEO. This is great for engagement on social, um, you know, across different online mediums. So the two to better in the middle, the one that's in the middle and the screenshot that's at the far right are to us that I was featured on and that I now linked you from my about page on my website. So both of those websites are in the back. Ling for me, just by including me on these lists and then another one is just another example. This one specifically talks about people to follow on Twitter. But another thing that you know these people might want to link to from there about pages, you know, being a part of one of these, like 100 best 100 top list is a badge of honor. Even if you have a smaller website. If you're featuring people that, um, really eat up, the publicity's bill will still likely place the back wing for you and at worst will probably still share it with their audience regardless. So, you know, depending on how big your website issue may or may not have success with this tactic. But it's an easy way to increase engagement for the future, especially if we spend a lot of time making it a really good resource. So a tool that I really love both were helping me with back links and for making sure that I am on top of where I mentioned in social media. Does this tool called a war a war? Eo? It's kind of like mention It's just like a different version of that. But they have a lot of ways that you can customize different alerts that you might set. Teoh find what's going on with the U Online that you know people are mentioning you, but you're not necessarily finding that information because they're not tagging you, for example, or on a website. You know, it's a little harder to figure out when you're being mentioned, unless you have some sort of alert set up. So the specific alert that you see here and the way that it's set up in terms of like these different operators symbols is specifically to find instances where my name is mentioned. But my website is not linked with that mentioned. So maybe, you know, somebody talked about an article that I wrote for for one of my publications that I write for, for example, and maybe they link. They did link to that article, but maybe they didn't link to my website. So having this data in front of me having a list of alerts where this is happening where people aren't linking to, my brand is an excellent jumping off point to have a conversation about you know, would you be willing to add that length? Maybe there's something that I can do for you. Um, but again, just it's kind of one of those low hanging fruit opportunities to create a link where somebody is already saying good things about you that, you know, the relationship is already started without your input. It all, um, another really popular way to build back links, which some people are saying is maybe not the best way to do it now because Google has said or hinted at some things regarding the spam. Eunice, I guess of guest Post. Um, but let me just get out. It's so guest posts or having contributor bylines where they have a link to your website on other high authority publications. In this case, I have a screenshot to search engine journal really is a great way to build links. Um, I think that what Google doesn't like is, if you're only publishing, you know, one article on one's website and then moving on to the next, it's a little bit better and, it seemed, is less family. If you have multiple articles that your publishing as a guest doctor on those websites. So, you know, in general it's better to find consistency than to be trying to get back links everywhere on the Internet. So you're gonna have Teoh consider these opportunities to be publishing on high authority bloods in terms of you know, what is your available time? What's your available interest to do these things? You know, Do you have a relationship with these editors on these publications? Can you build a relationship? So this is more of an intermediate technique, especially if you do want to get on those bigger, more, um, high authority websites like Search Engine Journal. It was a process for me to start writing for them, but now it's one of the best refers of traffic in terms of social and S e o for my website , so definitely worth looking into. You know, you can search on Google like guest blogger opportunities for whatever your industry is, and there's a lot of content out there that can help guide you in the right direction in terms of how to find success with this tactic. So I also hinted at this during my intro video, one of my favorite tools for building back links and first sort of generating a buzz around . What I do is called Haro, which is helping reporter out. This is a tool provided by Alexa, which is an S e o sort of tool company that's powered by Amazon. Or that's a part of the Amazon family of brands, I should say and, um, are actually, is it electors decision? I think that's Alexa. Don't quote me on that either way, Um, if you go to help a reporter dot net, you can sign up to receive, I think it's thrice daily emails, and it's a digest of all these queries from journalists, and most of the time we'll see what their name is. We'll see what publication they're writing for. Sometimes it says anonymous, and I wouldn't say that those air worth ignoring because sometimes they just want to keep stuff under wraps. But it ends up being a big publication. You kind of gotta consider everything, and it definitely takes a few minutes to go through these queries to find different opportunities where journalists are looking for expert opinions that you can contribute to , and it definitely takes time to write a pitch to them, including you know your expert contribution, but it's it's a good use of time. I probably have about a 70% success rate by you know, the act of knowing what people want by reading through their query and trying to provide a really high quality answer. You'll probably have a smaller success rate to be getting with. But if you just keep working at it and you start to notice what things work and you know what sort of, um, you know, aspects What? What industries seem to be responding best to that? Your pitches because it's broken down by things like technology business. Um, you know, travel and stuff like that, Um, you'll start to figure out how to find success with this tactic. But honestly, easiest way that I've gotten back links. Yes, it takes time, but it's also like the least. It's the way to do it with the least friction, because these people are asking for your help, and you know they have deadlines. They might have a bunch of other people who are emailing them with, like, really stupid answers that were quickly written without any thought. So this is an easy way to shine that if you take away one thing from this class, this is what I take away from it. Sign up today. Get those emails, start pitching these journalists So and then you know there's other sort of situations where you can contribute your expert opinion. If you notice different blacks that you like that tend to have these, like roundups, ballistic ALS, where they have a bunch of influencers, you chime in on a topic, get in touch with the editors and asked to be included in the future. There's usually a pretty low barrier to entry. You don't necessarily have to be a big name. These people are just looking to create a list, honestly. So use that to your advantage. Okay, so the next tactic is by being featured on podcaster. They're sort of interviews, you know, whether it's audio or not, Clients from hell was a big one for me. And as you can see in the screenshot that link to my website So easy way to build the back link. Um, usually with podcasts, you have Teoh, you have to be kind of an authority of sorts in order for people to want to feature you on their podcasts. But even if you're kind of new to business, I would encourage you to look for podcasts where you don't have to be a big name to be a guess. You can start Teoh, build out your portfolio and show people that you are a good podcast guest. Um, you know, for people who are nervous about, you know, being on the spot for 30 minutes or whatever it may be, it's honestly, a lot easier than you think. Usually the interviewer comes prepared with a lot of questions, and, you know, it's I feel like it's really easy to talk about myself in my project. So, you know, just share your story in a way that helps other people and keep that in mind, and it will help you get through it. But at any rate, you know. So as you build authority, you can get on better podcasts and then get better links. And so that's why I'm saying this is like my number eight tactic. It's higher and difficulty to be effective with, but something that you convene building to, even if you're a beginner or view to business or whatever. Um, writing testimonials for products or services. That you up is another way to get great high quality back links. And to be honest with you, this specific testimonial that I wrote doesn't have a back link on it. But, um, you know, still gives me notoriety because it associates me with a really popular A. C. O Toole was his some rush. And, um, you know, just it's just like one of the few ways writing testimonials is one of the few ways that your business is going to get, ah, high quality back link from a high authority industry or, you know, high authority website, I guess, is what I'm trying to say. So, um, you know, consider reaching out to brands that you love and offering to write a testimonial and including your link in that testimonial. Ultimately, it's going to be up to them if they're going to include it or not. And again, this is a more advanced tactic, because you're gonna have to have a little bit of thought leadership in your industry for them to want to publicly display this on their website. Um, and this one maybe isn't difficult so much as it's probably going to require your business toe, have some capital in order to be effective with. So, you know, new business owners. It's It's going to be less easy for them to do this, but sponsoring a charity or a conference that you know is a great way to get it back. Ling, because it's usually part of being a sponsor. You know, they share your local this year, a link to your website. You know, depending on the nature of the conference or charity, their website made not be worse. Getting a back link from, you know, like for example, this the screenshot I included here is for word Camp Denver In any word, camp event gets a new website every year. So it's like, you know, 2019 dot denver dot word camper WordPress or whatever dot com or something like that. Um, so if it's if it's a situation where it's a new conference or it's like word camp where the website changes every year, this may or may not be useful to you, but something to consider and again something that you want to build up to as you build your business. So we are almost done. Guys and I've saved the hardest one for last, but it's something that if I could do it, you can totally do it dot EU links are kind of considered to be like the gold standard in terms of earning back Ling's um, Google recognizes thes is having a high authority than like a dot com, because, you know, they're sort of protected in terms of educational purposes. I think dot org's are like a close second, but I feel like anybody can get a dot org's. So maybe Google has realized that. But that used to be the advice in the back link world. Getting dotty to use, you know, dot org's and things like that were something worth going after, I'm going to say it's just that you'd used for now. So what I did to get a die et you link for a black that I started a while ago, I was asked a professor that I was friends with to post about me on his blag. Obviously, this is a long time ago if you're looking at the screen shot, but I basically said like Hey, I will write this for you so you don't have to do any work, you know, and I'll try to match your voice so that you don't have to do a lot of editing on it. And then, you know, I also positioned it as this is something interesting that I'm doing as an alumni. And also, if somebody in a similar situation is looking for help or, you know, needs mentorship, I would like to also, you know, offer that to any readers of your blag. So, you know, trying to make it something where it's going. Teoh benefit this person in terms of having content to post and also by saying I would like to be a resource I would like to show, like how I took my education to do something that's really great way to get a dot et you link that I've found. So anyway, I just filled your filled your ears with a lot about how Teoh specifically go about getting back links. And next we'll talk a little bit more about how to do it without being super annoying 4. #4: How to Build Relationships to Get Backlinks: At this point, we've covered a lot of sort of tactics and strategy around how to go about getting back links. But now we're going to talk about some of the finer points of making that ask and making sure that you're doing everything you can to make sure that it lands and so that you don't , you know, get on their bad side in the process. So one of my first pieces of advice that might sound counterintuitive, or maybe not, but don't just copy and paste from a template. I'm actually going to provide you a template later, but it has a lot of areas for you to customize so that it becomes more personal. And really, the message that I'm trying to get across here is that you're going to need to do your research research. Excuse me in order for it to be effective because, like I've been hinting at here, I get a lot of back link requests, asks every day and honestly, if it doesn't look personal, I don't respond to it at all. If it does look personal even if I'm not going to grant the ask, I still at least respond to that person and let them know, like why I'm not going to grant it. But if it's if it looks like they just copied and pasted it and there are, you know, pieces of evidence that showed that they're not even really considering my content and you know, my website and what makes it unique, then I'm not gonna waste my time, quite frankly. So here's an example of an awesome maybe my favorite email that I've ever gotten asking for a back link. It starts with high name, just kidding, which, you know, immediately made me laugh. Even the subject line is funny. Just another outreach email asking for a back link. But then, um, you know the person who got in touch with me. He shares a little bit about why he's getting in touch. You know why we are why this conversations relevant? He talks about saying, As you probably guessed, I'm going to beg for her back link in this email. He's upfront. He's straightforward, and I appreciate that because a lot of people sort of dance around it, and that annoys me. He even like formats, the email nicely asking, you know, here's what I want from you is years. What? The link That I want a place in this specific block article and even offers me several ways that I'm convinced if it from this, which is awesome. So, um, I granted his request. Just going Teoh, you know, be forthcoming with that right now, if you want to get it back link from me. If you structure it like this and add a little bit of humor up, probably also grant your request unless you have a super spammy website. But, um, you know, another thing that you want to keep in mind or that you want to be proactively doing is keeping track of who you've been emailing. Whether that involves some sort of like CRM customer relationship management tool Tuesday, on top of follow ups and things like that, or even just like a simple spread, She, um I don't care what she is, but I never want to get another email like this, which I'm like, definitely publishing publicly shaming this company a little bit because I'm annoyed that they had actually applied to write for them and they had me write an unpaid test article which at the time, um I didn't know better than to say no to, but then there's kind of a misunderstanding in terms of the topic where I had misinterpreted it slightly, but it could have easily been interpreted either way. And they basically just shut me down after that without even considering, like, the time that I had spent to write this. I'm absolutely mad at them, and I'm sort of taking it out on them by including them here. But, um, either way, they they sent me kind of like a duplicate request. One of them was for something on my website. And then one of them was for something on a website or a blag, rather that I had written for a client. And, you know, the fact that they, like, didn't keep track of my past relationship with, um, this isn't just about keeping track of back link requests, which, you know, they still sent me two in a row, which is annoying. But they also didn't keep in mind like this previous relationship that I had with them, and that really turned me off. So, as you can see, a kind of kind of went off on them with this email and I'm going off on them again here. But the lesson the important take away is that you know, keep track of stuff because it's only going to make somebody matter if you have, like, slight with them in the past and then you're asking them for a favor, Like I would have never included them here. But they literally did so many things wrong that I just had to call them out. So anyway, um, we talked earlier about using ASIO tools to track your efforts, and I mentioned a trusts as my favorite. But if you're looking for a lower cost alternative, I'm also a huge fan of SC ranking or service that both of them have plans that start, I think at like 20 bucks a month. You could probably even go lower than that just by limiting different features because they're both pretty flexible. They both also been on AB Sumo, which is a marketplace for finding, um, excuse me, lifetime software deals. And so you might even want to keep track on absolute Both you signed up for their email newsletter keep track of If they come back. I think both of them have you know, been on the marketplace for a second time. The thing is, they just do limited time deals, so, you know, maybe they'll feature them for a week or two, and then you can't buy the deal anymore. But it is a great way to lock in one time pricing. Um, there's also there are other tools, like rank, watch or cinema. Russia also mentioned that can be used to track, um, you know, rankings and back links and things like that. But again, the gold standard really is a trash that provides the most data as best databases. It's the most up to date in terms of things that just happened. You really can't get better than that. Maybe ECM rush for some rush. But, um, they're both very comparable. Here's a screenshot from a dress on, and it's just what I see when I clean click into the back links section and take a look at some of like the newer ones that have just recently been added, Um, and it just gives you some details about like what page it comes from. What's the exact link? What's the domain rating of that page or of that website and then there's like a girl rating for that specific page, which is slightly different. I wouldn't worry about it too much as you're learning about back links, but, you know, some pages themselves have more authority than other pages on that same website because of all the links that are pointing to that specific page. Um, so yeah, this this stash word, as you can see on the left hand side, there are a lot of different ways to explore it in terms of you know, what our new back links that just happen. What are bad things that maybe you lost over time? You know what specific domains are referring to you? What's the anchor text that they used to like the specific way that they're linking to your website, that words that they're linking It can be important for understanding how Google Caesar website and sometimes you even wanted make suggestions for what that anchor text is. But that's kind of a more advanced tactic, is really more important to focus on being effective with these strategies and sort of like the relationship building side of back links. But again, So this is what it looks like in a traps and probably pretty similar in some rush. And, um, probably less detailed information on the tools that I mentioned. Like SC ranking and serves out and so on. Uh, one thing to keep in mind is you don't want to get caught paying for back links, because if you do a Google, if they, you know, somehow get that information, perhaps they would get it by noticing patterns on other websites And maybe, you know, catching one of those other websites doing it. That could be a penalty. And that could eventually lead to de indexation on Google, where you don't show up for anything. So this is just, you know, my, uh, Sheffield Teoh, uh, focus on building relationships and finding mutually beneficial situations instead of trying to buy back Ling's. Because the other thing is it can it can become very expensive if this is the way that you're going to do it. And if you're new to the scene and you're just experimenting with how to be effective on a CEO, it's just not worth it. 5. #5: A Customizable Backlink Request Email Template: congratulations. You've made it to the final lesson for the skill share class and hopefully it will be the shortest one yet so that you can get out there and start building back legs and improving the US CEO on your website. So here is my basic back links requests, template that you could send out as an email and let me walk you through it here. So, um you know, I mentioned earlier It's not a good idea to copy and paste stuff, but you can certainly take this template and make it your own. And each time you fill it out for different people, it will become unique. So, you know, first person foremost do what you can to get the name of whoever is in charge of content on that website for a big website. This could be a bunch of different people. You know, if you really don't have the name, that's ok, but at least make an effort to try to get it. So then we go into it. I recently came across your article, you know, listen, title probably linked to it as well, and I loved it. It's a great resource for you know whatever shared audience you have. I would mention that here. So, like, if I was pitching, for example, search engine Journal to include a language that probably wouldn't accept because they're very strict about that. But let's just say that we're talking about search engine journal here. You know, it's a great resource for industry SDO professionals about, you know, let's say that the article is about creating a content calendar so about creating a content calendar, which also makes it a great fit for, um, your company. So, like the blacksmith social channels, I've shared it on the blacksmiths, Twitter and Facebook. Or maybe, you know, you could. Seven was like Clinton or Pinterest accounts, and I also mention, If you really did share it out, you should add a link to like that specific post. Definitely don't lie and say that you shared it if you didn't because it's really easy to see through, Um, and it'll ruin whatever trust you're trying to build with this person. So here's where you could say, You know, we've recently published a complimentary resource. Here's a link years entitle, and I was wondering if it would make sense to reference in your post. Perhaps in this sentence it's important to talk about a very specific place that you would add it in because that shows that you're paying attention, and it also makes the other person's job a little bit easier. So, um, you know, insert that relevant text here and you know specifically like what the anchor text should be what specific text would link to that page. Um, you know, here's link again, Whatever. Ah, and then you can Nine was saying, Put a lot of time enough for into making this the best resource on whatever topic it is editorial calendars and would appreciate any help you're willing to give Teoh Give it out in front of more people. And then one added, I would make here and servicing. Please let me know if there's anything that my company the blocks with can help you with. Make some specific suggestions as to what your offer would be. Um, you know, are you willing to shared on your social channels after the update it Do you have a huge social following that would make that useful if you have some sort of tool? Um, can you grant access to that. You know, Are you willing to place it back, link for them on some other page on your website? Just make some sort of offer that makes it worth third time. Because even though it might seem like a small thing to ask somebody to place the back link , you're still taking time out of their day that they could be spending doing literally anything else. Um, so you want to make it worth it to them. Otherwise, this is just going to get deleted, you know, with all those other back link requests that annoy them. So, you know, make this template your own. But at the end of the day, just don't be annoying. Provide value, connect the dots for somebody. And, um, you know, aim to build a relationship as opposed to just asking someone for a favor. And if you keep that in mind alongside all these other tactics that I've already shared, you'll be on the right track