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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      What Is A Sponsorship?


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      Different Ways To Get A Sponsorship


    • 4.

      My Experience and Pricing Yourself


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      Choose Sponsorships Wisely


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      Make or Break Your Career


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      How To Pitch Yourself


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      Final Words and Class Project


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About This Class

Are you a small online content creator?
I guarantee you've seen your favourite creators say 'this is sponsored by' before. It's very easy to think you need hundreds of thousands of followers to get a sponsorship, be it paid or gifted but that is absolutely not true! This class is all about teaching you have to get a sponsorship no matter how small your following is.

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Coralie Campbell

Content Creator and Media Maker


Hello! My name is Coralie and I’m a YouTuber from Australia. I’m extremely passionate about all things cameras, be it photography, videography or just filming/editing a fun little YouTube video!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Carly, and this class is all about teaching. You have to get a sponsorship. Sorry. Sponsorships everywhere. I guarantee you clicked on you to be here. And you see your creative say this video is sponsored by someone because influence of marketing is huge in this day and age, a friend with much rather spend money on influence to then spread that message to thousands of people, then by a TV ad. And I think that is really cool, which is huge for anybody because you don't need tohave a 1,000,000 subscribers on YouTube to get a sponsorship. And these video is going to teach you exactly how to do that. They have a great friends and how to get your facts sponsorship and start your Karina. 2. What Is A Sponsorship?: so to stop me, and I want to talk about what is a sponsorship. Like I said, I'm sure you've seen your favorite creators be sponsored before, and sponsorships can come in a few different ways. They can come in the form of payment, or it can come in the form of free product. So sponsorship is basically a brand reaching out to a beta to spread the message. So let's take an example yet say, this green tree native to responsive on the maker of this fake plants said, Hey, currently, I want you Teoh, talk about my green tree and I think you know what? That's great. I want to be sponsored by this green tree. What could happen is that this friend could say, I'm gonna give you $50 to talk about how great it's trees to your audience. Also, that's a sponsorship. Another way. This good work is they could say, I'm gonna send you this tree for free, and you can talk about to your a lot of the times, the beginning, the wise and creating people get money for a sponsorship. But if you are small creator, you generally get free product so I have had both. Andi. They always pretty cool. So in regards of numbers, I'm small YouTube. I have 18,000 subscribers, which does seem with a lot but little. My videos are get a couple of 100 bees. I am a very small creator, and I have had pay sponsorships and give sponsorships. And I want to tell you exactly how I achieved that and how you can is well. 3. Different Ways To Get A Sponsorship: sorry. There are a few different ways that you can apply for a sponsorship, and that is in terms of their websites. There is you being able to contact the brand yourself on. Then there is the brand contacting you. So the 1st 1 is brands contacting you. So when you start to get you a ship, like, for example, I get a couple of views of my eyes in my description of the year, I have my email address completely viewable to anyone for business enquiries. Sorry, I did a few emails from brands wanting to work with me, but a lot of the times, the brands that contact may I'm not interested in, to be honest. So a lot of brands that I've been contacted by lately hair extension brands, I have extremely long hair as it ISS I'm not gonna advertise hair extension. That would just be silly. And that makes me think that brand has never actually really watched my videos, just reaching out to as many people as they can to try and get that brand out there, which is totally fine. But I know gonna advertise hair extensions because I mean, if my hand was any longer, I'd be Rapunzel. I do get quite a few emails from companies like that offering free products, or we will give you $50 to told about hair extensions. It's not with it. I'm not going, Teoh said. $50 cause, um, hair extensions that I'm never going to use. So you the next way is that you contact the brand. You find a brand that alliance, leave your values, your beliefs that you believe your view is would really relate. Teoh and you picked yourself to a brand so light in this class I will tell you a little amount template that I need in terms of pitching yourself to a brand. But the end of the day, the less they do is they say no, and that's no big deal, and a lot of the time they really kind about it. So I've had a few declines in sponsorships where they said something like, You know, I'm sorry we're not looking for more promoters at the moment, but we will keep you in mind the next time. So although I didn't get a sponsorship out of that email, I got on that brands right up on. That is really cool. So sometimes you just need to put yourself out there on and email bread. You never know. What's the West doing? Same. So you're the last way to get a sponsorship on what I think is the easiest way is through websites. So I am a member of fainting, and this is actually how I got my first paid. So to be a part of family, I believe you need to have 5000 subscribers on YouTube. And then what you do is you scroll through all these different advertises. So brands put what they want promoted on the right side and use pro free. And if you see something that you wanna advertise, you won't teach yourself to that brand. So I person gonna sponsorship by and when you and Waas a program looking Teoh bread awareness about the importance of group exercise and my personal YouTube channel is helping fitness. So I pitched myself to this brand said, Hey, I'd love to make a video showing importance of having a workout. Buddy like this is what I would do with video. You mentioned the he let's with the south from the brand back said. That sounds great. Let's do it. Sorry I got paid. I don't know. I could drop exact numbers Somewhere between 102 $100 to make that video on. I wouldn't have found that's going to shit if it wasn't through with this. I think so. Same bit off stuff you much every type of creative gaming stuff. Beauty stuff, fitness stuff, animal stuff, baby stuff. Whatever type of channel and content you create. There will be something for you. I'm fine bit, but you do need a base. You wish it to get, but they other three main ways of getting sponsorships directly contacting the brand, having a brand find and contact you well, finding someone for your website like fame. But now they are a few different websites. Just do some research there somewhere. You don't need a minimum subscribe number or anything like that. Just jump in and start emailing brands. And yet that is some of the few ways to get a sponsorship 4. My Experience and Pricing Yourself: So I'm going about my first paid sponsorships and like I said, I didn't get it through thing it on How I achieved that was that I pitched myself. The brand said exactly what they wanted and what they were looking for, and I replied and told them, This is what I can do for you That's all the stuff on. I got approved. So what you do is then the old video. Andi uploaded it unlisted YouTube and then sent the link to the brand, and they were able to watch the video before it went live on bread. Even approved here will say, Oh, no, please make changes here. We know that is not what we're looking for. Andi. I was lucky enough that the brand said We love this city. I just wholesome set up line. So I did, and then my payment came three. That's super exciting. So in terms of pricing, this is always a tricky talking because it is hot to price yourself. So at the end of the day, pressing it's all about the views and subscribers. But we'll get into that in a second. So I've heard that sponsorship pricing it tends to work by removing a series. That's not right. Hold on, let me do some math real quick. 20 is who? So I have 10,000 subscribers and I get rid of 20 is that's 100 so I can charge around $100 . If I have 20 thousands of grabs, I could probably charge around $200 on someone's are. As you can see, the mullahs subscribers you have, the more you can charge. But in saying that, he's more important, then subscribe. So I have 18,000. Subscribe is when I get a couple 100 views videos, whereas unfriend with another. YouTube has just over 20,000 describes, which is only a few more 1000. It's not that much in terms of subscriber difference, but she get a couple 1000 of use heavy so she will be able to charge a lot more for a sponsorship. Then I quit because her reach is much larger because she is reaching thousands of people per video. For I am are reaching hundreds of people per video so she is more valuable to a brand. Then I am because she can reach about what people so a brand would invest a little bit more money in her. They wouldn't made so insane that use more important than subscribe if you have 10,000 subscribers and getting 100 used in PET, if you have 1000 subscribers but getting 1000 views yes, 10,000 subscribers might look good, but in reality, the person with 1000 subscribe is is more valuable for the brand, and they will likely going to run away with that past. 5. Choose Sponsorships Wisely: so it is important to choose sponsorships back Dick into your branding. So I am a fitness and a lifestyle channel. So taking a sponsorship about the importance of group fitness, it's my channel, and it's my audience, and they will understand why I am doing a sponsorship like this. I also been gifted products from a Kombucha brand, which that fits my branding in my lifestyle and my YouTube channel. Because it's healthy. It's fitness. It's all that sort of stuff. But if I would take a sponsorship from a gaming company, that would be really cool. But my audience would be confused because it doesn't fit my branding and might happen because it's so. It is important, Teoh, not just take every single sponsorship you are offered and not just apply for every single sponsorship you can get. Because if I took a sponsorship about hair extensions, it doesn't fit my child. I'm not really a beauty channel on I'm never going away Hair extensions. Sorry my audience would be confused if I got a sponsorship from Fitbit. That would make sense because I want my Fitbit every single day, and it's something that I truly believe in and it would make sense for my audience because I have a health fitness, class style child. So it is important to keep your branding and be specific about the sponsorships that you take. So I know it's a sole creator. It is very exciting to just take and free often that you get because, like all this person wants to give me $100 it'll is that so exciting? Of course I'm gonna do that. But no, think about this could hurt your branding down the track. If you take every sponsorship you get, your audience is gonna get sick of that very quickly. And my stop trusting you on the things you have to say. Because if I'm getting you're a teeth whitening companies sponsoring me. And I'm talking about how great this company is because giving me $100 to do sorry and my audience goes out purchases back teeth whitening product from cells. And it doesn't look it'll and it hurts that t they don't trust. My next sponsors should be here, and that eventually might lead to them stopping watching my video. So be careful and really picky about the sponsorships that you do take when you start getting sponsorship office because it could make or break your channel 6. Make or Break Your Career: So in saying this, sponsorships can really make or break you China or any form of online creation. However, you're making money, whether it's sponsorships through YouTube, instagram, anything like that, because I'm gonna talk in terms of future because that is what I'm familiar with. But essence doesn't pay brilliantly. Sposa Huma Abedin could pay the creator Mullah. Then they AdSense money. So if your favorite creator wasn't getting any sponsorships, they may not be able to continue doing you time in saying this. If you create it didn't get a sponsorship. They might have to pick up an extra shift at another job because they're not making enough money to pay the rent. And then because they're picking up an extra shift that job, they don't have enough time to film in you to be here. So I don't get a video that week, and then you was the audience. Don't get a video from a favorite created, so it's really important to understand the importance of a sponsorship and how that can medical break you choose is six sex. So, for example, my AdSense money might only be $100 a month, which is no much money at all. Let's say I get a sponsorship from you, which is also $100 suddenly making $100 off video. And that is a heck of a lot of money compared to how much I made for a with absense. Combine so support your creators and be happy for them when they explosion. At the end of the day, it's probably a 32nd part of the video with Street is talking about that product that brand you can always escape. It would just be like, Yes, get that coin. 7. How To Pitch Yourself: So I personally have been recently trying to up my sponsorship game because my biggest goal in life is to be a full time YouTube and to be able to teach you. But I need to make more money on mine on the way to do that is very Scottish. It's so I've been upping my style to ship game, and this doesn't necessarily made have been getting more sponsorships because in all honesty, I haven't I already had one paid sponsorship, which is really cool. I mean, I was small channel. That's really fun. But I have been emailing friends on reaching out. People think it and putting myself out there trying to get a sponsorship. So this is what I want to talk about. A little bit of an email. So when I am l brands, I tend to say something like, Hi, money is Carly and I am a fitness last Eugene. So immediately the brand knows what time did you guys create? And when I would feed the with a friend. So I said that to a gaming company. They're probably not gonna be interested. If I sent that to fit, they might be interested because they are interested in people who are into fitness, and what they do is, I would say, why I would like with his friend and what type of video I would create. So, for example, I'm not email a Australian active companies. What a fitness YouTube from Australia. I couldn't get it related video eyes I am wearing different actors wear in my videos. I would love to be able to show a little brand to my audience. See, you might say something along the lines off. This is live with your company because you know, you make incredible after I want to show this off to my audience. I want promote you guys. I would be on it to represent on a strengthening brand. The way I would like to do this is free this type of video and that sort of stuff and just pitch yourself to the brand. Say who, Uh, what you do, what I wanna wear with them and what you will create for them on. And they might say, No, that's totally fun. They might say Yes, and all of a sudden you have yourself a sponsorship 8. Final Words and Class Project: at the end of the day, sponsorships aren't they grow to being a full time content creator. Sponsorships can be the difference between being able to do beautiful time for being able to do you a hobby whilst working full time on the side, so supportive. And don't be afraid to reach out for a sponsorship. It's easy to believe that you need to have millions of followers to get a sponsorship, that that is absolutely not true. Anybody is going to get a sponsorship if you have a dedicated brilliance and have a great personality that just gets in with the brand influence. A marketing is insanely huge on and brands understanding that are reaching out to influences and want to give out sponsorships. Brands are actively looking for influences toe work with, and you might just be a perfect fit. Sorry, don't be shy to reach outs and try and get a sponsorship. Like I said, the West that happens, I say no. Okay, that's fine. Removed to another brand Friday light, I keep growing and improving your image, and eventually they just go a little way with in terms of a project for this class. I want you to practice how you pitch yourself. What type of content do you create? What can you offer this brand? And you know what? Pitch it. Send five females toe five friends that you would love to work with. You know what? If you got 1000 subscribers and you want to work with Nike picked yourself anyway, see what happens. Naki so big they probably won't even respond. But you've been able to practice pitching yourself and you do it, the better you will get on, get at being accepted. Sorry. Anyone can get sponsorship, especially you. You don't need a million's of scrap. Just be confident in yourself and what you have to offer unless that friend, how good you are and what a perfect team you will be together. Thank you so much for shooting into the execution class. I hope it inspired you. I hope it made you realize how important sponsorships are. You are a lot of creative or small creator. I hope that got you excited about the future of marketing like it's absolutely insane. It's so exciting direction. That influence of marketing is going and how anybody can jump on board and be sponsored. So get out that picture south and get a sponsorship