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How To Get 12 Months Of Work Done, In Just 12 Weeks

teacher avatar Mark Dhamma, High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction: How We'll Do it


    • 2.

      The One Question You Must Answer....


    • 3.

      Creating Your Strategy


    • 4.

      Creating Your Project Plan


    • 5.

      How To Take Focused Action Everyday


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      The 7 Powerful Productivity Hacks


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About This Class

In this productivity and time management class, High Performance Coach to Entrepreneurs, Mark Dhamma, that will teach you his easy, all in one, 5 step productivity system that can potentially help you get 12 months worth of work done, in just 12 weeks.

Through his popular website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Channel, Mark shares advice on how to increase your energy, focus and results with over 38,000 entrepreneurs in over 20 countries.

This class is for you if you’re a business owner, want to start your own business, student or if you're in a career where you manage your own time. *No prior knowledge or experience is required.

You will learn:

  • The One Question That Zeroes In On The Goal That Will Progress Your Business Or Your Career The Fastest Right Now. Hint: You may have thought that it would take you a year to do.
  • The Simple 5 Step Formula That Will Allow You To Create A Foolproof Strategy To Complete Your Most Important Goal Within 12 Weeks.
  • How To Turn Your Strategy Into A Project Management Plan
  • How To Take Consistent Focused Action Each & Everyday Using A Proven Daily Schedule
  • The 7 Powerful Hacks To Avoid Overwhelm & Procrastination

If you would like more free time and to progress more quickly in your business or career. Take this class now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mark Dhamma

High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs


Mark Dhamma, MA is a High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs. Through his popular Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Channel Mark shares advice on how to look, feel and perform at your best with over 38,000 entrepreneurs in over 20 countries.

Mark focuses on helping entrepreneurs look, feel and perform at their best by optimizing their energy, focus and results. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients including 20 years of experience in optimal health, including being a Men's fitness model and health coach to A-List celebrities and Executives.

Mark has a Masters Degree in Positive Psychology under the famous, 'Flow' Professor, Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to teach his clients the science backed proven techniques to feel happier, be more productive, focused an... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: How We'll Do it: you know, going to need this. I'm gonna teach you how to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks. Now, this is a system that I've created with the past seven years, working with hundreds of entrepreneurs who were feeling stressed, overwhelmed, had too much to do, didn't know what to focus on, was struggling with procrastination and just overall frustration because they had so much to do with businesses and they weren't progressing as fast as possible. If that's any of that, sounds like you ever in your business, your career or maybe in school or in college. Whatever you're doing, if you want to learn a proven system has worked for over 90 entrepreneurs on how to get a whole years worth of work dunk in just 12 weeks. And this is what I'm gonna teach you through this course. Now my name is Mark Drama on the high performance coach for Entrepreneurs. I've been working with entrepreneurs internationally for the last seven years, and it is my job to help entrepreneurs improve their energy, their focus and results. So I created a system this simple yet very effective five step system that anybody can use . You don't even need prior experience. You don't have to be a project management wizard or being trained in anything. Productivity before. No, you could be an absolute beginner, and I'll take you through five simple steps on how to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks. Entrepreneurs like Sean usually system Sean had a small car business after using made system. Within the 1st 3 months of 2017 he had sold more than more than the whole years, more than all of 2016 work in just 12 weeks. Entrepreneurs like James, you didn't have a business. He's actually want someone else. And with three months following this system that you're going to learn in this cause, he managed to not only self his own business balls to generate $3000 in driving you to you . See, this system will help you have a progress in your business or what lot faster or in your career because I take you by step. The first step is identifying leverage. You're gonna learn the one question which will allow you to get hyper focused on the one thing in your business in your career at school or what is going to allow you to progress faster than ever before the whole system Really realizing this first pick. Finding out what that one thing is, if you got it done in 12 weeks would be equivalent to 12 months worth of work. That's what we're gonna find out in step two. You're gonna love grows model, which is a way to create an effective strategy to not just propel you towards your goal but compel you towards this goal towards getting 12 months worth of what? In 12 weeks at the end of section two, you will have a strategy which would be completely confident that will get allow you to create the results that you want, which would be amazing if you got a running 12 months so you can do it in 12 weeks. In step three, you don't learn project management skills. And again, this is don't have been to college. You don't have to go to college for project management. You do not need an MBA. This is simple stuff that anybody can use. I often tell my wife, You know this stuff. 12 year old canoes my door will be able to use this soon enough is very, very simple yet effective, extremely effective. You're gonna have a plan, project management system, appliances that you will know exactly what to do every single day. To really forward to this one goal. No longer will you have a feel like, what should I do with my time? No longer be feeling for straight over. Well, because you have so many things to do you know, you will know exactly what to do and exactly what time you plan a plan of action. Four focus. I'm gonna teach you how to stay hyper spoke. A unique, specific scheduling system that I created again. Very simple. You'll know how to schedule your day. So you're hyper focused on the things that gonna move you towards the 12 month gold so you can get it done in just 12 weeks and finally protect. I'm gonna teach you how to avoid procrastination, how to avoid Theo extractions. Because, let's face it, it doesn't matter how clear you are what you're going after. It doesn't matter how amazing your strategy is. How well, for Ellen planned your planet's If you're getting distracted on the things of taking away your attention from what matters, We're not gonna get it done in just 12 weeks. You might get it done in 12 months, but you will not get it done in 12 weeks. So in this course, you're gonna learn this proven system that has worked for myself and over 90 other entrepreneurs and professionals and students, and you can take all of it if you want. If you want to get 12 months of work done in just 12 weeks off, you can just take a portion of it and use it for your benefit so that you will, no matter walk, get more done in a lot. Last time. My name's my Dhamma. Please check out profile. Check out the reviews of this course to see if this is something that you wanna dio and join me. Let's do this together so that you can no longer deal with. Have to deal with frustration, overwhelm or procrastination in. In fact, you get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks so you can spend more time with friends, family and doing the other things that you love. 2. The One Question You Must Answer....: hello and welcome to help to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks. I'm Mark Dhamma, and I'm here to help you make this a reality. I'm here to help you banish procrastination, destroy, overwhelm and allow you to get more done. Then you ever fought possible in such a short amount of time. Now, in order for me to teach you the sister so that you can indeed get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks and spend more time with your family. Travel the world, do more work. Are you investing your hobbies? Do whatever whatever you want to do. It's absolutely mission critical that you give me your attention. That means most social media. No emails open, no text messaging, No day in APS. None of that. Just give me your attention for these short 55 to 10 minutes. Lessons lesson. 10 minutes, Usually 55 minute lessons. I need your full attention so I can transfer the system to you. And you can indeed get more done in a hell of a lot. Last time. All right, So saying that run Step one now, this is absolutely vital you can identify the leverage in your life. You can identify what? One thing that if you get a complete would be equivalent of getting 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks, I'm gonna help you do that. So it's getting to this. Okay, now, the truth of the matter is, the main reason you procrastinate is because you lacked clarity. Okay? Clarity is the enemy of procrastination. Once you have clarity and you know exactly what to do, it's easy to execute. Often times people feel overwhelmed and procrastinate when they're not entirely sure what they should be putting their time into the new entirely. Sure what we should be focusing on at this current moments. We're gonna help you do that. So here it is. Now this is the question. And I've adapted this question from from actually a billionaire Gary Kello billionaire Gary Keller offer of the book, The one thing which is actually recommended reason reading to go with this course. He built his empire by asking himself each day What's the one thing I could do that would make everything else easier or necessary? What's the one thing I could do which would make everything else easier or unnecessary. So I won't ask you that question in a slightly different fashion. What's the one goal that, if you accomplished it within 12 weeks, would make everything else easier or necessary? So while we just go for the rest, it's less. And I'm gonna get you clear this up for you so you can identify what that is for you. I just want you to be asking yourself what's a one goal? If you complete accomplished it within 12 weeks, would will make everything else easier or unnecessary for you. Now, when we get on with this 12 weeks small goal. It's vitally important. The ex smart. Okay, yes, that's an acronym s one stand for specific and sound for measurable. A sense of auction action orientated are realistic and tea time bound. When we identify a leverage and you get clear on what that one thing is for you and again, I'm gonna help you do that in a moment. We got to make sure that it's smart, goal specific, measurable, action oriented, realistic and time bound. So what a specific, mean, easy way to know what specific means. It means that if you told your grandma or your best friends. Grandma. What the goal, Waas. It should be that specific that you grandma knows exactly what you're talking about. So here's something that's not specific. If you said okay in 12 weeks, I want to get ahead in my career. Well, it's not really specific because, like, what does get ahead in your career? Mean you, Grandma Mabel, I Okay, that sounds good. But she wouldn't know exactly what it means if you said well, within 12 weeks, I want to get a promotion. Okay, We grow my knows what that means. That's very specific. Okay, Isn't measurable? Yes. Get a promotion is measurable. Well, we would know if you got promotion or not. If you didn't get promotion, you Boston give you one? If he did, he did. That's measurable. Can measure. That is the action oriented action Orantes means Well, yeah, the certain things that you could do to increase the likelihood the problem with the goal of getting a promotion is actually some of that is out of your control. You could do everything which would warrant a promotion, but it's not in your control. 100%. So he wouldn't really be action or into you. Is it realistic? Maybe, Maybe not. And time bound. While everything's gonna be time bound here because you're gonna get it done within 12 weeks, it's actually time frame that deadline. Italian bounties, like, has it got a deadline? We're gonna get it done within 12 weeks. So I'm just giving you the overview here and now we're gonna get into the specifics to give me all of your attention, because in this short lasted, if you allow it to, this will transform your life. This will help you get what you want from your career. Get what you want out your business, get what you want out of school if you're in college or get you where you want to be by following this system if you allow it to. So let's get into this. So, for example, if you're a professional who wants advancing in Korea, ask yourself right now, what's the one goal? If I accomplished it within 12 weeks, would get me closer to where I want to be in my career. What's the one girl? If I accomplished it within 12 weeks, would get me closer toe I want to be in my career. You can see the lady there in the photo on it looks like she's at Wits End who stressed out she's overwhelmed. And finally, she's asked herself, Wait a minute. What's a long goal? That if I take accomplish it within 12 weeks, would get me closer to our want to be in my careers? Ask yourself that if you're a professional natural goal now, you might find I'll give you a couple of examples here, which are specific, measurable action, Orantes realistic and time bound. So these are smart examples. You may find that well, if I write a book on my field of expertise, even though I'm an employee, if I write a book on my field of expertise, well, other company that would make me a lot more attractive to other companies. And my current employees may take me a lot more seriously, and that would get me closer to one of being by correct. That's just an example I came up with for you. You must come up with your own one goal because unfortunately I wish I could, unfortunately, can't come up with this goal for you because I don't know where you're at in your career. I wish I could. I could help you one of one. Right now. I can't. And no one knows your life. Your career as well as you do to this question is best being answered by you. What's the one? Gold, if I accomplish it within 12 weeks, will get me closer to where I want to be. My career. I've come up with the right book. Example. Well, maybe you could create a specific system that solves a specific problem for your employer. Now, this is where the heavy lifting takes place. This is actually the most difficult bit of the whole entire course to be on this. It's figuring out what that one goal is where you can get leverage. One gold, if you accomplish it within 12 weeks, will get you close to where you want to be in your career. Okay, Now, once you've come up with the goal to take some time, make sure specific, measurable action, Orantes realistic and time bound. Now, if you're college student, you would want when you want to get to the grad school of your choice or if you're in high school. When you get into the college of your choice, whatever. If you shoot and ask yourself what's the one goal? If I accomplish it within 12 weeks, would like me get into the school of my choice. Or maybe you want to get A's. And you can ask yourself, What's what's the one thing that, if I accomplish it within 12 weeks, would like me to get aid? Okay, I give you another example here. If you want to get into grad school of your choice. Well, maybe if you published one paper related to your field of study that would increase your likelihood of getting it. And maybe it's something else now, is it? Is it specific? Publish one people, really? To my focus. It'll yes is immeasurable. Yeah, we know. If you published it or not, is action oriented it will? Yes, mainly into your control. Is it really stick? Well, maybe No. Maybe it's not realistic because to publish a paper, you need the publishers to agree to anything. Take a long time for that to happen. So maybe it is too creating experiment. Do the experiment, complete the write up and submit it for publishing. That would be a better smart goal to submit won't paper elite to my field of study for publishing because all of that is under your control. Does that make sense? Are you with me here now? Obviously, I can't come up with the right example for you. You must come up with yourself. I'm giving you some examples. It if you're not trip a knob like James here, who's part my Chiefs Club, which I run, and I take them through the system. If you're entrepreneur, ask yourself what's a one goal? If you accomplished it within 12 minutes, weeks will make everything else easier or unnecessary in your business. For James used to increases your revenue bionic for 30,000 in 12 weeks. But by X date was a certain day, which was 12 weeks in the future. Where James is grandma, Know what that means? Increase revenue by an extra 30,000. Yes, it's specific. Is immeasurable. Yes. Is it totally measurable? Is it action orientated? Yes, that's under James's control. Is it realistic? Well, some might say no. However, James accomplished that. So I guess it is realistic. And is it time bound? Yes, it's 12 weeks. So that's answer. First lesson is finding leverage for you, whatever that is in your business, your career in school, you gotta find leverage. Could ask yourself, What's the one thing that if you complete it, make everything else easier, unnecessary? We'll take you closer to where you want to pay in just 12 weeks. So I want to remind you strategy is plotting the route before taking off. Okay, Every plane that you get on has a group that is plenty before you get off, and I live in L. A. And from London, original Next from Manchester. Want to fly from L. A. To Manchester UK? The plane or is it already has the route has a strategy, plugged a, and then he takes all funny moves and adapts as as it goes on. Elevate knows where it's going. Doesn't end up in Timbuktu because he knows where it's going. That's what you must do. You must know where you're going before we implement this sister and invested time up front to reap the rewards. This is, as I said, this is actually the most difficult part of the whole system. Everything else is easy. After this. So for your project first part of your project, you must write down what the one thing will make everything else easier or necessary, or the one thing that would take you to where you want to be faster. If you got this one goal accomplished within 12 weeks, we get you to where you want to be faster. You must record it. Write it down in the project, notes in the comments. Make sure it's smart, specific, measurable action or interfered, realistic and time bound. If you can see anybody else's work, let make sure it's smart. A smart goal. Okay, I'll see you. One lesson to and listen to is where we get into the Negri. We're gonna create your strategy ceasing 3. Creating Your Strategy: Okay. Welcome to lessen to again. Give me your full attention. This is what we gonna come with? Strategy. How? Indeed. You're going to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks. Let's get into it immediately. Okay. So is importantly. Get clear on the 12 week strategy. And I like to use something called the grows model. Another acronym for you grows model Decent for gold. Our reality. Oh, options. W will s security. I'm gonna break this down now. Originally, I was actually handed over the grow model. It was called the groom model by a man called Sir John Whitmore in London UK. And Sir John Whitmore is known as a modern being founder of executive coaching. So I was lucky enough to train under Sir John Whitmore, and he taught me the grow model. After working for entrepreneurs, we've entrepreneurs for seven years, I decided to adapt that to the grows model. And this is what you're gonna learn today. And this is going to be the strategy of how you're gonna get to the goal as fast as possible. So let's get clear on the 90 strategy. 90 days, 12 weeks. I use both of them independently because it's around about the same. Now we've already come up with you. Go. Remember you came up with one thing that would make everything else easier are necessary. Or the one goal. The one thing. The one goal to get you towards where you want to be as fast as possible in just 12 weeks. You did that in the last lesson. That was part of you. Project work, Project Milestone. To get that complete for you to get the smart goal written down for you. And so if you haven't done that, go back to lesson one. Complete it because you're not gonna get anything out of these lessons. If you haven't completely that it's absolutely mission critical that you've complete that because I'm gonna use that to create a strategy. You need to know where you're going before you can create a strategy. A plan to get there. OK, so assuming that you have 12 weeks, Markel, this is what we need to figure out. He took about the reality of your situation right now. So if you want to be somewhere, gonna figure out where are you right now? In order to get there If I want to fly to Manchester, England, where I'm from and I live here in Los Angeles. Well, I need to know I'm in Los Angeles before I get flying out to Manchester, England. I need to know where I am so I can create an effective strategy to get where I wanna be. That makes sense. Okay, Good. So in the reality section, you're gonna look at your current situation. You ask yourself what obstacles can I see coming up? That could stop me from pain. My 12 week go. You'd identify the challenges that you must overcome. And this is a simple just writing down everything that comes from a and give yourself, say 15 20 minutes, writing down everything that comes to Maine like Okay, what obstacles could stop me from hitting my ago? What challenges do I see right now that bin, after overcome, in order to hit my goal? That's the reality. By getting clear on the challenges obstacles of things that could stop you, it will allow you to come up with an effective strategy to overcome all of these. Does that make sense? Can you see where we're going? here. Yeah. Okay. Great. Oh, stands for options and options is the fun part. Options is a brainstorming phase. See, once you have you gold and then you know the reality of the situation, the challenges you're facing then I recommend you take 20 to 30 minutes just to write down all of the ideas you have all of the things that you could do all of the projects that you could undertake. Everything you could possibly think off that would get you towards you go in just 12 weeks . It's brainstorming case of For example, if you want to improve guest, get improve your career, they come the next step in your career than it go the ladder. But I think all the ideas you could, which would help you do that in just 12 weeks. Maybe you would simply apply for a new job. Maybe you come with an idea of You know what was going to speak to my boss? Maybe you come up with an idea off creating you, sister and you current business. Maybe you'll create a new team. Maybe your spare had a new project. You just come up with every single idea you can possibly come up with all the good, all the bad, all the ugly, everything, all the ideas. And I'll explain why you must come up with all the good ideas, bad ideas on newly ideas and write them all down just in a moment. But this is brain something. Just write down everything you could possibly come up with. That would help me achieve that goal within just 12 weeks of something to help you to ask yourself, What's the one thing I could do, which would make everything else easier or unnecessary in accomplishing this goal? You see how we're bringing back that one question again. This in a different version this time. Now that you know your goal, you will ask yourself, What's the one thing I could do, which would make everything else easier or unnecessary in accomplishing this goal? So I make it recommend you write this question down, and you ask yourself that over and over again, literally, for 2030 minutes, so that you can come up with better ideas and how to get to your goal as fast as possible. So project my milestone to give yourself 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to brainstorm and come up with all the options you can think off of how you could achieve. You go within just 12 weeks, write down all your best and worst ideas. You can see I've written no judgments allowed. That's because during the brainstorming process, if your judging whether this is a good idea or bad idea, well, it's just going to stop you. Creativity. It's just going to shut down your creative processes. Saying psychological research has shown this. We're going to save the judgment for the next stage, the world stage. In the option stage, you're just gonna call of all the good bad ideas. Anything that pops up in your head, you're gonna write it down. Even if it's unrelated, you're just gonna write it down? Write down as many options as possible in 20 minutes 20 to 30 minutes. And with that, remember, in the reality stage, you come up with any challenges that you forsee to write all those down to. Now get clear on the 90 day, the 12 week strategy, the next stages will, and this is what you will actually do. So now you should have a big list of options of how you could achieve that most important goal within 12 weeks. And I'm gonna pick 2 to 5 projects or 2 to 5 of your ideas that you will do. These are the best ones. These are things that you think will be most likely allow you to hit your goal within 12 weeks. Pick 2 to 5 of them circling T. OK, these the ones I will do. This is what I'm committed to doing over the next 12 weeks. So here's a couple of tips on that. A project, his work that requires more than one specific action to complete. So, for example, emailing My boss isn't a project that's just one that's one specific action and complete. However, if you're going to say you know what, I'm going to Publisher Buck within 12 weeks. Well, that's a project, you know, if the right the buck. If we're gonna do get someone to design the cover or you design it, you have to find a publisher. Archie's work to self publish it. There's a lot of steps in there, so that's defined as a project. Does that make sense? Yep. In my experience, a fan having more than five projects maybe too many to complete in just 90 days. So limit to 2 to 5 projects these projects are going to have to take you to achieve. You go in just 12 weeks, so pick the projects you believe are the most likely to produce the results you want. So you project milestone is to go through the grooves model and write down. You can upload this right down the five projects the 2 to 5 projects that you'll commit into the ones that are gonna allow you to achieve your goal in just 12 weeks to write them down. That's a project milestone can upload it, put it in the comments, upload it on here where you need to. That's a project molester having a clear 2 to 5 projects on what you gonna do to achieve a goal in just 12 weeks. Remember, projects of flexible respond to the rally reality of the situation. So always in groups plan could have these projects and always go to plan over the 12 weeks . If it doesn't adapt very simple adapt. Maybe you need to do a new project. Maybe you need to adapt your project. This is this is real life here. Okay, adapt toe. What works for you Now that s in the grows model is securing accountability. Like Steven Covey says account billy breed responsibility, meaning that in order to complete 12 months worth of work in just 12 weeks, you're going to need some type of account believe trying to do on yourself. He's tough, is unlikely to happen. So I recommend that you get an accountability partner or you hire a coach, use a carrot and stick formula. That means that when you do do the actions, or so you're gonna do, you get rewarded. When you don't do the actions you see you going to do you get punished, whatever that may be. To join an accountability group accountability partner, find someone off some people to keep you accountable and check in with them every day. Trust me, I've been coaching entrepreneurs of encroaching people long enough to know that every day check in his veil to success trying to do this on your own. This is project suicide. Pretty much these were getting 12 months worth of work done here in just 12 weeks. You're going to need help. You gonna beat Need support. Unfortunately, I can't help you through here, so get someone else who can. All right, Go through this process and in as part of your project. Milestone. Write down. Who you gonna use? His accountability partner? This is Key is absolutely vital. Say you're going to use as an accountability partner which court you're gonna hire. Get clearing you made and rightly down as part of Project Monster. I'll see you on the next lesson. 4. Creating Your Project Plan: All right. Great. Now, welcome to lesson number three. This is whether Rubber really hits the road. Now, we're going to take your strategy and turn it into a project plan. We're gonna take your strategy of how to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks . I'm gonna write it down day by day. So you know exactly what you're doing every single day without fail. So here's an example. So I don't know what your goal is. I do not know what your leverage is. I don't know what you want complete in just 12 weeks. So, as an example, I'm going to just assume let's say you want to get a booked up. Your goal is to have a book completed. Actually, put it here to get your book cup self published with 100 sales to get your buck self published with the 100 sales. Okay, so this is an example. Obviously your goal would be in here, and then let's say you go wants to get your book complete with 100 sales. The four projects the 2 to 5 projects that I identified was complete the book design the book cover 700 bucks. Get the book published Now you've come up with the projects that you will complete. Came up with them by using the grows model. Remember? So you should already have your 2 to 5 projects. This is just an example. As you can see at the bottom here I have a tap for each one of the projects that identified and you're going to do the same. One show you how to do this is extremely simple, very, very simple. Very, very tab. Each one of the projects. Now each project at home has its own tap and it has its own. This little table again. I'll show you exactly how to do this. It's very easy. And in the table have headings. Arctic names complete the book for this particular project. Then he's completed. Yes. Honor the task. A name, a specific task name and these tasks you probably gonna do just one per day. Each task your grandmother, if you know a specific. If your grandmother knows what you're talking about, write a book outlining right. The outline of the book. You grab. Mom shouldn't know what that means. Audio record. Chapter one, is it specific. Elise Air. All smart goals. Every task is a smart goal. Is it specific? Audio record. Chapter one? Yes. Is it measurable? Well, yeah. You'll move Is done on. Is action oriented under your control? Absolutely. Is it realistic? Yeah. You could do that in a day. Audio recorded chapter you gotta do is talk. I'm gonna write this talk may not be pretty. Might not be amazing, but you'll get it done that that's all that matters at this point. Time bound? Yes. Give yourself a day. You can see another column here with the person responsible for all of these. All of these tax the person responsible is may. However, you might have some tasks I designed. Choosing the bet. Best cover. Are working with the designer to get it right to get out. Simply write it. Maybe you and the designer or it might be one of your employees. All someone from your team. The person responsible may not always be you. You probably could probably leverage you time and need other people to help you out. Then you have a deadline for each one. I only have filled this out. She's in an example, but Ideally, you would write out all of the deadlines for everything. Now, the deadlines might change. The deadlines might change because you may find that you doing chapter three and you plan to do it on this day and you completed it. And for whatever reason, it didn't say so. Then the following day on the seventh, you had to do it all again. Yes, sir. Repeat, Chopped 23 again. Okay. On eight. He had to do it again. So the deadlines may change. However, I encourage you to fill them all out at the outset. That makes sense. Design the book, cover again, deadlines and any notes you write any notes that come up now, the third tap third projects would be to sell 100 copies. And again, I just made this up to use an example. You know what your projects are, and you will know the tasks that you need to do in order to get it done. So I said, Okay. I want to sell 100 copies. Well, first of all, ask all family members to buy pre order a copy of the book and get at least one friend two by two my grandma would know what that means is very specific, measurable action orientated. Really second time about Ask all of my work employees to preorder copy as my employees it email all employees about pre ordering book Sponge stick. There you get the idea. Create a simple one page website describing my book with a check out. Okay, these are the tax I've identified. Will help me achieve this project as fast as possible. Get the book. Publish tax themes. Three. Tax, I believe will help me get that personal responsible will be me. Then you'll write the deadline what time you want to get it done, Obviously all of it within 12 weeks. Now this is just a rough example. OK, it's very simple, However, don't let the simplicity of this fool you simple for a reason. It's simple because it works on anything complicated. We just want to know every single day you want to know exactly what you're working on, and you do that by investing the time up front by taking you grows model of breaking down each project into the individual tasks that you will need to do in order to complete your project as fast as possible. So the heavy lifting the thinking goes in. It's like, OK, first project is complete in the book. Well, what are the specific tax I can take which will get me there as fast as possible? Okay. And then write each tossed out, then put person responsible down. Then write down the deadline. Of course, after each task, every time you complete it, right? Yes. You don't completely write that day. You right? No. Yes, yes. And so on. This is all gonna tie in to the daily schedule which will be doing in the next lesson. You'll see how all tie it, right? For now, he may be thinking, OK, Michael, how do I use? How do I use this brain? This sheet? What is this? OK, I'm using Google. She's which is free to use for anyone. I'm actually going to share this example with you. Okay, So what will happen is I'll give you a link will be a view only link and you'll see this when you click on the view only link. This will open up. Okay. Once this has opened up, you will not be able to tape in it. So What you'll need to do is go to fail, make a coffee, call it whatever you want and then hit. Okay, Now you have an edit herbal template so you can go in here and it however you want, change the name, add your five projects, right. You project in here and right out the task of names. Remember the task named or what you gonna be doing on a daily basis? They must be smart, specific, measurable action or indeed realistic and time bound deadline is when it's gonna be time bound, fit them all in here and make sure it's within 12 weeks or the next lesson that when I show you how to tie all of this and into daily action planner, we're gonna be doing every single day. Now I'm using Google cheats. You can use Excel. Whatever Mission critical thing is that you print this out, print out all of your projects on paper, and I actually prefer that you write with you completely that yes or no on a physical handout rather than digitally the reason why I ask you to print these out. They said that when you have a physical, tangible project management sheet. When you can see every day, it serves the remainder to do the tasks When it's purely digital like this. Well, you might not log in to Google sheets or excel or whatever. You might not look it. You might just forget, however, if it's tangible. If you can see if you can feel it. It serves as a reminder to get it done, so I recommend print in the out. So this is it. Very simple. Why? I love simple core, simple works. That's why I have taught you this. Anyone can do this, and you can do it too. So filling out. Use a bit of brain power in the task needy to a complete each project. And I'll see you on the next lesson. Remember for this. Your project milestone is to create your own project management system like this. You can use this template, but you need to fill out the tasks you need to fill out the project names and have everything completed. That is the project male stone. Have this completed, you can use it to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 5. How To Take Focused Action Everyday: Okay. One lesson for this is how you stay focused every single day on your most important task, which is going to move you to what's completely project, which is gonna move you towards complete in your goal so you can get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks. Okay, so this is it again, This is a template that I've created for you. And you're gonna have access to this template, and you can make it how you want. So let me just tell you first how you get access. Well, I'm gonna give you a link which will see in the comment in this class it in this class or seeing the notes of this class. And then once you click the link, it will bring you here. This is a Google doc. Google docks are free for anyone to use. If you want to use a word doc and could use that use whatever you want. I want to give you a free link so you can click on this and will open up this template. Now the template will not be edit Herbal. You won't be about to change it and make it your your own until you to file and you click. Make a copy. Call it whatever you want. Hit. Okay. Now you have an edit herbal template. We can change the name of it. Call it whatever you want. This is yours. Okay, so let's see, you've got this. We'll call Mark's daily action planner. This is no longer a template because you made your own bed. So here's what you do. You use this document every single day for the next 12 weeks and don't rely on yourself just to do that. Like I said, part of the gurus model Waas s s security. Get accountability, partner, or get a coach. We'll get accountability group, get someone or some people to make sure that you do this every single day. So when you finish your work day, the last thing you should do is this. It's gonna plan your day for tomorrow the following day. So I'm on Wednesday, 31st January. Right now. So tomorrow would bay Thursday. So you gonna take in the date Thursday? It's gonna be a, um, first of February zero to their award 2018. And then you will write down your 12 week. 12 week Smart goal. Your 12 week smart goal. Now you already know you smart goal. We've already done it. You can go back to your project. Planning example. Let's call it a goal achievement plan. This is It's well week smart goal that we're using it as an example. However, you will use yours. So you put that in here. Bam! Get it nice and big so you can see it. Bold lives. Let's see. Know what it is? Okay, get you booked public. That's what we working on. And then you will write in here Your five do all your 2 to 5 projects that you must complete within the 12 weeks you will write them each project in here again. We've already done the work here. We just plug in and play. So continuing the buck example No one would be complete book to be designed but cover so you can just copy and paste this stuff into the daily schedule. Look, cover. So 100 bucks just copying pace. Okay, you get the idea was showing you how to do this and contain me up. Make it make it look pretty. Okay? Make it look nice. now, in my example of getting the book published with 100 sales is actually four was only four projects that needed need to become plate with yours. With whatever your smart goal is, you might have two projects or you might have five projects, case or just right in, as many is you need. So I don't need the number five, So I'm gonna delete that now. This is the key. What's the one thing I can do today? So this is the following day. They will bring me closer to my goal, right? Your one thing here. So this is where we take the project plan and put it into a daily action plan on a daily plan. So I say you just started. We just getting started on this complete but goal, the first project complete is this one, and the task that needs to be done is write book outlined. So let's see, That's the first task I need to do in the one thing that I'm doing on this particular day. As you can see, the deadlines don't actually match up with the actual date your dad lightened should match up with the actual date can't misusing this an example, but not letting Let's be proper here should be 0604 So is there were six. For whatever it is, I'm gonna write down the one thing the one thing is right. Book outline. So you will write down the one tax that you must complete following that. Okay, he will write it down in his daily planner. Then you will use this to fill in everything going to do that day, hour by hour as much as you can. So I've already filled pre filled a couple of things in for you movement Walk, excise, wash, dress Breakfast on about Dominate you day But walk which is a dominate you days a program They morning routine entrepreneurs You can change that to whatever you want. Maybe meditate, which I recommend. Remember, meditate nine until 12 with one thing. This is your one. Think you must book out the time in your day to focus on that one task, Book it out and put it in your calendar. Put it in your schedule for whenever you can do it. 12 30 Lunch. Let's say you do 12 foot. It'll three PM Whatever else you've got to do. Perhaps you she got that done. And perhaps you are doing, um you know, you're admin work. I don't know what your day looks like. The plant. The idea is you fill this out as much as possible. You fill it out as much as possible with as much detail as as possible. Okay. So you might go. It would actually I'd encourage you to write it out all the way through to go to bed. Everything. Everything. Step by step. Everything you're gonna do all your days planned, all the way through to you Go to bed, Have in the day. You can ask yourself, Did you complete the one thing if you did great, keep yes. And delete. No. If you didn't delete. Yes. And Kelly keep No. Once you've filled out this, you're going to print it out. Print it out, keep it in your pocket the whole day to Thursday. I will print this out and I'll keep it in my pocket. Keep it with you because it's a remainder. Remember? I promise you that you would never feel overwhelmed again. You will never feel overwhelmed because you can always just look at your daily action plan . I look at your plan and know exactly what you must focus on in the moment because you've already done the hard work. You've already planned it out already. Thought it through. Never again will you be thinking, What should I do with my time? You have already thought it through its only dearly action planner. So you absolutely must print this out the night before and then carry it with you in your pocket the whole day. The next day. Once you finish the day and it's time to do another or you go do is go to fail, make a copy, call it whatever you want. Yesterday was Thursday. Now, on Friday update the date that is update the date, but date the one thing you check back there, the audio record, Chateau one. Or do you record chapter World Tight Dunny and then update your agenda as much detail as possible. Minute, hour by hour, minute by minute. What are you working on? Making sure that you have a block of time, a realistic block of time to complete the one thing to complete that one task. Here's a rule of thumb It always takes 1.5 times longer than what you think. At least takes minimum 1.5 times longer than what you think. So give yourself 1.5 times longer block out 1.5 times longer than what you think. It will take you to get a dog. Okay, this is a daily action planner for the next 12 weeks. Could be printing it off every day and keeping it in your pocket, you know, updating it, printing the elf. So make sure that you accountability, partner, you coach noses and go and get it. I'll see you in the next lesson. 6. The 7 Powerful Productivity Hacks: congratulations. Run to less and five. Now you've got you go. You come up with strategy and you have a plan in place. You've also come up with an accountability partner and a coach or a coach, haven't you? Because that's what you're going to need in order to stay on course. If you really are gonna get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks now we're going to talk about seven powerful hacks avoiding distractions and procrastination. Because, let's face it, even the best plan, the best strategy you can easily be thrown off course by distractions and procrastination. So here the hacks, your project milestone is going to be to implement at least one of these hacks. So let's go now. The first step is to know how much time is worth and the reason we want to find out how much time is worth. He said that you only spend time on the tasks on the actions. They're actually worth your time. Okay, if you're getting paid, let's say 50 bucks an hour or even 40 bucks an hour doesn't make much sense to be doing the $10 an hour work or the $15 an hour work? Maybe? No. And I used to originally do this calculation with entrepreneurs I have worked with, but found that actually, it also applies to career professionals and two students to because in this day and age, you can leverage you can out souls so much work that you really have no excuse it. I'm just rather than to focus on the work that really will get you ahead. The word that's really high leverage of work that is really going to get you the results that you want and the work that isn't gonna get you. The results that you want or the busy work the admin work. Let's say a lot of that stuff can ever be Hi it out, Let's say, by using artwork or fiver these days up, worked at com or fiver or delegated to someone else. Perhaps someone else in your work team, perhaps someone else who's a friend of yours, perhaps a brother and sister if you don't do it, okay? Or actually just forgot about and left put aside, pressuring me to do it at all. So you gonna learn whether you should be hiring out delegate in partnering out not doing at all. However, you should be the one to do the work. Does that make sense? We getting clear on how much your time is worth, So you only focus and put your time on the activities that's actually worth your time. And this may seem really simple, and you may be thinking about Mark. This is a really apply to me because I'm just a student. Well, this doesn't really apply to me because you're at work. I've got to do these things. This does apply to you. It's absolutely a place you could is going to start making you think like a business owner on how to leverage your time. Even if you're not currently a business owner, you know, learn how to get a lot more done in less time because you need to get a lot more done in less time if you get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks, so here we go first off final, either what you currently yearly income. It's so you can do to calculations one, which is your current yearly income. You want to start with that all your ideal yearly income 12 months from them. It's gonna take your current Gillian car or your ideal yearly income 12 months from now and divide that by 220. Now, 220 represent works days, and I know you're gonna say Mark, but more than 220 days, you know what, 300 or whatever. You can use another number if you want. If you know exactly how many workdays you work, you can use that I like 220 because, well, issues that you get in a lot more work in less time. So you have a way more time off, right? So it's up to you. You choose whatever you want, even way. Take your yearly income or future yearly income about 12 months from now. Divide it by the days that you intend to work or 220 if you want to use mine, and that will give you a daily rate. How much money you make, you know, will make each day, Then take your daily rate and divided by 2.5 hours. Now you might like Mark. I want more than 2.5 hours a day Of course, you do what we're gonna use 2.5 hours because these are effective hours these hours where you really focus on the main thing and you're really moving your business forward. Moving your career forward are really moving forward as a student to get what you want. A lot of our time is taken up by busy work, right? Is that true? People were admin stuff, blah busy workers and no actually moving us towards our goals. So we want to use 2.5 hours just so that we're knowing what billable hourly rate is. So even the yearly income divided by 2 20 It's going daily rate. When you got your daily rate divided to an hour, let's give you a billable hourly rate. Once you know that number, I want to write it down somewhere that you can see every day because if you're doing work that you could get someone which is less than your hourly rate. If you're doing work which say, let's say you're doing running errands at work and you know you could get someone to do that for 10 bucks an hour, but you're $40 an hour when you're doing it. Well, maybe you'd be best hiring them out. Maybe you'd be best paying someone $10 an hour out of your pocket to do that busy work so you can focus on the thing. That goal. The goal is gonna help you move ahead in your career. The 12 week goal that you've already didn't identify so you can move ahead in your career. What? What I'm asking you to do here is getting clear on how much time how much money your time is worth. So you can get rid off the tasks of the actions that are not going to get you to your goal within 12 weeks, there's gonna be a lot of stuff that you need to stop doing and get other people to do it. Get someone else on the team to do it. Hiring out, hire someone, delegate it. I'll just simply get rid of it completely or even negotiate. Negotiate with your boss, negotiate with these teachers, negotiate with your employees so that you don't have to do it so you can focus on that one thing that's gonna progress you toward a goal of fastest that one goal in just 12 weeks. Does that make sense? Find out this number right everywhere. Stick it up on the wall tattoo across, tattooed across your forehead so you can see every day. Anything less than that. You really shouldn't be doing okay to get extreme results. 12 months of work done in just 12 weeks, you're gonna have to take extreme measures. This is one of them second batch tasks, anything and everything that cannot be automated. So anything on everything that cannot be or Mead e mails, calls, responding to text messages, any of those things, any type of repetitive action. It's times a bachelor. What I mean is, it's time to set specific time blocks on your calendar where you get them all done at once . There's nothing more inefficient then waking up, going to work and then spending five minutes entering emails, getting into something. And then when another email pops opinion box, you respond to that. And then when another call comes through, you enter that and then you checking something else instead of batch ing time aside and say OK for e mails, I'm just spending one hour at the end of the day to clear all of them. Or, if you spend two hours to clear all of them, whatever you should be. Batch ing tasks doing any repetitively thing that cannot be ought Mead. Batch them in calendar calendar. Boxley doing the all at the same time. Rather having to change your attention because swapping your attention is tiring and it cause it is a distraction. And it causes procrastination, Sepp time, blocks to do anything and everything that cannot be. Or may it delegate it. Hi it out or eliminated. Okay, Does that make sense? Batch tasks never into the food again. I want to get extreme results. Would have to take extreme actions. If you're focusing on working on the 12 week old when your phone rings, that is a distraction that's taking you out of your flow state. That's taking you out of the zone, and it's distracting you. I recommend that you never answer the phone unless it's for scheduled calls. And if you have a job but say you have a job and that's just not possible, negotiate away that you answer all your phone calls or responsible your phone calls in a batch time and a certain time on a good sheet that he comes to somebody else. If that's absolutely impossible for you, do whatever you can to avoid the phone distracting you when you're working on your 12 week goal again. In order to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks, you're gonna have to do things differently. And I'm just giving you the blueprint. I'm just telling you what works how you can do it if it doesn't apply to you. Well, I'm sorry. However, I ask you to really think it through. How could this apply to you? How could you make it apply to you? Because we've got big gold here and it's worth doing. Turn off notifications. This is for your laptop computer, the desktop, and you phone any notification from social media, you know, from your slack channel. Whatever any notification, anything that distracts you from the task at hand is a distraction. So by going into your foot cell phone sentence, turn off all of you notifications, all of them so they cannot distract you. If they sounds like I'm asking a lot here and being real tough, well, I am. I am asking a lot, and I'm being real tough. But I'm doing it for you because I seriously want you to hit this goal of really dealing with have more time off, going to get you to get where you want faster. And in order to do that good after avoid distractions, distractions, and turn off notifications is one the best thing you can do to avoid that minimize meetings . If you're a business of, you know, if your student if you're an employee, you may get asked to do a lot of meetings. The majority if not all, of these meetings are not going to get you t 12 we go minimize of get out of them. If we're entrepreneur, don't arrange them if you're working. If you got a job, get out of them. Tell them that you worked on a big project and you don't have the time. Do whatever do whatever except lie or cheat to get out of the meetings. Okay, get out of the meetings that 30 minute that one hour that now and half whatever you want to focus on doing that. One goal. The one goal you focused on. Get out as many meetings as can be creative and a lot of time just honest with people who say, Hey, look, I'm working on this one goal, which is gonna be huge for my career. Of the organization I can't get It usually means they just don't have time working on a big project. Do it. Get out of the meetings, block your time out to do the batch in test and block time out in your calendar to focus on your one thing to focus on the thing. There's gonna make you progress faster in your business in shoot life in your job. Okay, block that out. And by using the scheduler that we created in the other class, you should have already done that. So this is just a reminder to block your time out so that you're focusing on the most important things. Don't let anybody else steal your time away from you blocking time out. Make it fixed in stone like it was a doctor's appointment or something like that. Don't let anyone else steal your focused time going from you in the seventies. Meditate because the truth is the biggest distraction is actually your own mind. It's true, right? If you think about it, how many times have you been focusing on doing some work? And then all of a sudden you found yourself responding to a text message or you found yourself logging into Facebook or you found yourself thinking about something totally unrelated to the work that you just focusing on? That's because your mind is a big distraction machine. He punched you to focus on other things. It will actually be distracted or make you you think about yesterday's dinner instead of today's work. The focus. Okay, so meditation is key to training. You make brain to be more focused on to get in. So if you have a meditation practice, great, make sure you keep it up throughout these 12 weeks. If you know how to meditate, start. If you don't know how to meditate. I've got free guide free download. You could go to make my website McDonough dot com. Forward slash Meditate. It will teach you if you want to do it. Any other meditation. That's fine. You can do any type of focused meditation you want. I recommend you do it for at least 20 minutes a day if you want to download the guy I've got for you can use the meditation I recommend or any meditation, however, stopped meditating. You're gonna need it. You have to train your brain to be able to focus for longer periods of time so you can get this stuff. So that's it. That is, how did the seven powerful hacks to avoid distractions and procrastination for a project mile Soon pick one of them, one of them, at least one of them, and implement it immediately. This is mission critical to getting in toward your goals. 7. Conclusion: So there you have it is how to get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks. Now, will you get 12 months well, for work done in just 12 weeks, while assuming that you've got the right gold, you've gone for evac yourself with one question. What goal? What one thing if I accomplish it within 12 weeks, make things easier or unnecessary in business or would take me to the next level in my career or would get me into the school that I want from a student? Whichever, If you've got clear on that one goal, that one thing. Your focus for the next 12 weeks, that's equivalent again. 12 months worth of work done, and then you've done the growth model you brought written our strategy, and you've got a coach and accountability partner account. Billy group someone off some people to hold you accountable to make sure that you do take action every single day. Towards you go and you've got the plan. You can't with a project plan of what you must do each and every day for the next 12 months to get this gold complete, and then you create a schedule. Everyday you create a daily schedule hour by hour. What you working on with one thing bold eating red. The one task you must complete that day. You're clear on that and it's in your schedule. And you blocked out time so that you can get that one thing done. The one thing that's gonna move you towards 12 we go. And on top of that, you've implemented the productivity hacks. You've used one or maybe views all seven of the productivity hacks. You have less distractions in new procrastination. You can get more work done in less time. If you've done every single step in these calls, are you guaranteed to get 12 months worth work done in just 12 weeks? No, you know, guaranteed that I hate, say, but, you know, because you're gonna remember that not everything's under your control. Things can go wrong. Things change. Things happen in life that you might know actually get you gold done in just 12 weeks. However, you will get a lot more done in a lot last time. And remember, if you don't get it done and you did your best, that's fine. You've learned how to be way more productive, way more efficient. And if you do get it done, congratulations. I'd love to hear about it. Please write down in the test to give me a testimonial. Let me know. And if you didn't get it done or if you did get it done, whatever. I'd really appreciate your feedback on the course. Please review the course this because that helps other people know if they should do the course or not. And it helps me know how I can make it better for you because I'm here to serve you. I'm here to help you get what you want. That's what I've been doing with entrepreneurs the last 78 years. That's why I'm unskilled share to help you so by you re just leaving an honest review that helps me meet my content better. That helps me be a better teacher, which is one of the highest values in life. So I wish you all the best, all the best of luck in achieving your most important goal. Remember, you can use this system over and over again for whatever it is in your life of its work personal life, any hint you can always go back to this sister, and hopefully you will get 12 months worth of work done in just 12 weeks. My name's Mark Dhamma. Please leave a review right now for this course that other people know about it. We give being honest review and let me know how it could make it better. And if you're an entrepreneur and you want to know how you can increase your energy focus of results or if you're not you just interested how you can increase your performance and check me out, check me out on skill share and check me out. See you again. I'll see you soon.