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How to find your natural Voice

teacher avatar Emerelle, Singer & Video Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Strengthen your Voice & Self:

Whether you're an amateur or professional, singer or speaker, musician or not.. this approach can turboboost all your efforts immediately!

The insights & techniques I'm sharing will help you to come back in alignment with your natural Self.

Wether you feel a lack of self-confidence or a disconnection from your power, body & voice - we'll cure the root cause of it all!

>> The most important thing to master as a singer (and in life) is your INNER GAME <<


PS: We'll NOT do any specific singing or voice exercises here, but rather work on a meta level - it's subtle yet has a huge impact! What I'm sharing comes from my own experience, a book called "The Inner Game of Music" and the Alexander Technique. 

PS: I'm aware of and very sorry for the bad audio quality. 
It's better when you listen without headphones!

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Singer & Video Creator


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1. Trailer: while I started classical singing, I realized one thing best moments when my white sounded free and powerful and when it would also feel good Internet. These were all Western moments when I didn't do anything, I would also always say to my teacher, But this time it barely did anything and she would reply, Yes, because that's it. It should always be natural. So I felt I really was onto something and I tried to find out more. And that's what I did. Because, as you can imagine, just doing nothing isn't the easiest kind of instruction. How to repeat it and watch do in front of the big audience. It's like saying to someone before a date, just be yourself. I mean, it's the best wives you can get. It really is. But it's easier said than done, especially if you don't have any further help or instructions on how to do it. And that's what I want to do today. I want to share with you how to find your true natural voice. And so because those two go together, no matter if you're a singer, a musician, a speaker or just want to enhance your speaking voice or even just increase euro self confidence. Your first and foremost have to master this in a game yourself. 2. Introduction: in this cast, we're not going to do any classical singing exercises to strengthen the wards or something like that. Yes, theory and technique are important. That's why I've created a resource list where you can find the best places online to go. For that. It's in the project section. Under this video. Just go there and download it. But today I want to talk to you about something else, something that's mostly overlooked but can tour a boost. All your efforts, no matter where you're at. Right now, it's simple strategies both for your mind and body that aimed at allowing your natural strength to flow again. Imagine your clock. Actually, I have one here right now. This little thing, when you squeeze it together, it will be quite small and deformed. So now if you want to get it back and you would pull, it won't really help. However, if you just leave it on your hand like that and and wait just for a few minutes, it will by itself come back to its natural form without you doing anything. Actually, you doing nothing is the thing that allows it to come back. So, just like that, We also have inherent strength and a natural voice that's free by itself. And as soon as we stop interfering with it so much both mentally and physically, it will be able to express its full potential again. Look, now it's almost back to its natural state. So I myself and more an introverted person by nature. I'm not shy, but I just don't like being the centre of attention so much. However, I've always been singing, so as you can imagine, that's quite difficult combination. And actually, as a teenager, I stopped singing completely cold turkey. I lost my voice. I wanted to be invisible and became really insecure. It took me quite a few years, Onda lot of self development and growing my comfort zone to get back in it again and even on stage. I managed to study it Music University for a few years and started to YouTube channel and just now even recorded my first album. So all that is within just a few short years. So and no whole scale from being a total beginner to a bit more professional. So I know how it feels to be totally unseen and unheard and not being able to make a sound in front of other people. I also know that the disappointment and pain off, knowing you have a gift but not being able to share it. I also came to know what it takes to fight for what's in your heart and to proceed and make it in a more professional environment. I mean, I'm not a superstar, but I've been in the classical music world for a few years and came in contact with a lot of singers who are, and I know the pressure it. So having said that, I believed that what I'm about to share with you can benefit you no matter where you were at in your chain. You right now, because I also came to know the thrill and joy off being able to share your gift and when it truly shines, how healing it is for others and yourself as well. You ought to medically have self confidence and a strong appearance that way, and I believe that this is possible for anybody. You see, I believe there's a place for everybody on this earth, and you have unique gift and strength that are needed for exactly those people and places and situations you come in contact with. You are equipped with the exact essence you need on your life's journey. So don't worry. If you think you haven't figured it out yet, you can't really go wrong. Your gifts are the things that come naturally to you. So don't compare yourself to others and what they are doing. You and your life are unique. For example, I could have saved myself years, stress and worries. If I just realized earlier on that I simply wasn't made for the big stage. Just because that's what most singers seem to do doesn't mean it's the only way my natural gifts and fold when I'm by myself. If I knew that something like YouTube existed or that you could also be a recording artist , if it just allowed myself to be me, that would have been grades. So always go in the direction off what feels natural and what comes easy to you and allow yourself that no matter what, because you're one and only chart. Really, After all, it's being yourself. So I've also created an exercise sheet that you can download where you'll find all the exercises I will talk about including how to find out what your strengths are. So be sure to check their because if you don't really know who you are, everything else gets out of. Tune it as well. You know yourself and your voice. They go together. They're intertwined. My very first teacher, when I was a child, I used to say that singing is like striptease, and I came to noted she was right, because singing can be one off the most intimate things you can do. You express yourself mainly with your voice and your body is the instrument. No, the moment you grab another instrument like a while, it or trumpet you have something to rely on, brought when you yourself already instrument. There's no protecting shield. It's immediate. It's direct. That's why when I stopped thinking, I launched the food instead because at least I had some piece of metal in front of my mouth to hide behind. Only years later, when I came to know myself, was I able to sing again? So how to find your true self? Well, there's many different ways, and for now I want to let you know about another course that I did here in Scripture, you can find it in my profile. It's called How to Find Your True Self. And if you feel like you are a bit lost on don't really know who you are, you might want to check that out to have a foundation before we start with this course. But I have to warn you that this is the super super short cut that I'm sharing their what took me years off spiritually and internal search can be found within a very short time with the right kind of instructions. So if you're open to dead, you're more than welcome to join. So, yeah, that's it for the instruction. I hope you're on board and let's get right to it with the first part your mind. 3. YOUR MIND: So in this lesson, we'll talk about the difference between one and two. And I'll give you seven exercises to gain access to Self two, which is where all the magic happens. So your mind is the single most important factor when it comes to succeeding at anything. It is the place where every experience, everything you do gets filtered from, and by that extend its limited. So I really want you to be open now and really listen. And don't let your mind tell you that you already know that or that this isn't for you. This isn't gonna work. That's bullshit, basically. So if you have those kinds of thoughts, maybe ask yourself, How can this work for me and how to find ways that I can benefit from this? So basically you have two Selves. And to make it easy, let's just call themselves one and two and simply put itself one interferes with your potential and self to expresses your potential. So self one is the voice in your head talking to you all the time. It's the thoughts about what you should and shouldn't do, what your teacher told you and how to do it. what your parents say. It provides you with the best worst case narratives and future Horrow scenes and what happened in the past and stuff like that. You know, it's always talking. It's always occupying space in your heads. And like that, you're never fully present with the task at hand. For example, singing or music. It's kind of on the run, and it's just commenting on what's actually happening. Like it's talking about the things that happen. But it's not really present with them because it has no access to self, too, which is just there. It's the more quiet one. It's the one actually experiencing things without interference. You could also call. It's a consciousness to place the old information and knowledge is stored. You know, everything you've ever learned about music. For example, all the previous experience use you have. You know how you can't always think about everything you've learned consciously like. Sometimes it's even too hard to remember the things that the teacher tells you in one lesson. No to remember all of them. So it's impossible to consciously think about all the things you have ever learned. But that's how modern human brain tries to learn stuff just through thoughts. However, this is not how we learned the best look at Children and how they are learning. They are mostly observing, and they learn quicker than anyone else because they are in the state of consciousness, which I would describe itself to now. Have you ever experienced a boost of inspiration and skill? Also, when you are near or in contact with a great artist or great teacher and you don't necessarily field it because of the things to tell you in birds, it may be part of it. But I tell you that most of it comes from you subconsciously picking up the stuff that they embody that they percent but just being themselves and being the masters off their art that they are their expertise, you could say So you also get some off, the just being you're observing something like that. So our goal is to tap into this power source off self too. So we have access to this resource off great information, knowledge and power to discover our true self and express our whole capabilities there. To be honest, you could also say that self one is your ego ends of two is your true self. It shines as soon as we stop thinking, and that doesn't just apply to singing or music. Tapping into the power shows really effects and enhances every aspect of your life. I do one of those people who give the world most famous concerts in the shower or in the car. Or have you ever experienced that when you retired in the evening? For before you go to bed or even in the morning after waking up that somehow you are in a more relaxed state and you can deliver the best results in those times? This is because you let go in thes states. You just don't care. You're in the flow. Miraculous, Lee. That's also when you have the most fun and deliver the best results. So that is what we're looking forward to consciously access and be in all the time. But let me give you a quote with quick here, so self to is an unthinking state, one in which we are relaxed yet where and are letting our true ability and musicality express itself without trying to control and manipulate it. So this is from a book called the in a game of music from very green. I will also have that in the resource list. So if you want to learn more about this approach, you can checked it out. I highly recommend it. You know, I didn't just make all of that up myself. Many authors, teachers and scientists even are speaking about it and also on a top much level. So, yeah, it's really worth having a look there. So remember what I said in the beginning that whenever it was really, really good that I felt I didn't do anything in our That's the reason it's because I was relaxed and I didn't care. I wasn't thinking, but in touch with the wisdom off south to I just let it happen and let the body do its thing, because by nature it knows how to function in a harmonious way automatically. It will utilize everything you've learned and without you telling it how to do it, you know. But for dead you have to let go. As I said, my course on how to find your true self will give you powerful tools to access that in your personal and day to day life. and now we're going to look into how to do it in your singing practice and with your voice . I'm going to give you some tools now, and I want you to try out what works for you and just leave the rest. I will. Many mainly use examples from singing and music, but really, you can apply this to anything that you are doing. You'll also find the exercises on the exercise sheet, and I urge you to downloading afterwards and try some of them. So number one just ignore it. It's the most simple and obvious one, but truly powerful if you give it a shot. You know we have a choice in this. We don't have to talk back to self one. We can choose where to put our intention and what to listen to. Just ignored it. Nagging voice like you would ignore a screaming child when it has a bad temper. Let it ramble on, but you focus on whatever it is you're doing and put your full attention. They're singing, for example. At first it might be a little bit difficult, but don't give up. And just whenever you remember, put your attention back on your voice. Don't beat yourself up if you failed because that would just be self one again. In the book, the author talks about relaxed awareness as to master school off in a game. So this is point to, and it's the state I talked about before, and I'm sure you know it. It's when you're in the shower or when you lose track, track of time, doing something like being involved in an inspiring discussion with a good friend. Or maybe you know it from charging or meditating or even being absorbed in a good book or movie. You are alert and awake, yet focused and relaxed, responsive and it ease with yourself. We all experienced the state quite often during the day, but without really knowing it is something special. But indeed it is. It is quite distinct from our normal self talk state. This is where your true power lies. This is your true self, so you can just try meditating before you start any singing practice or whatever it is that you do. If you ever watched a professional performance off the singer, no pressing of, for example, that touched you so much. Did you maybe even had to cry. It's quite likely that this person waas in this state of consciousness and pulled you in. And why did you? In as well. So that's how powerful it is. Number three. Choose a focus for your attention. It takes some trust and willingness. But the next time you practice speech or song, just switch off the commentator in your head. Really? Just focus on one thing. This could be your site, sound feelings or your body So you could just focus on the sheet music every single note as you play or sing it, or even just looking out of the window watching whatever is there, you can listen to the sound your voice is making, but without charging it. This is important. You could also listen to the silence between two notes. Then you could choose to really focus on your feelings. What is this song about? How am I feeling when I'm singing what happens internally and really let yourself fall into those feelings and last but not least, the body. Try and feel your body from within. Be aware of the pulsing of the warmth of it. Focus on your whole body as you're seeing, Where do you feel the high notes and no one's? Do the wide, bright and resonate in your head or in your belly. So right now I want you to choose a song and sing it as you usually would and then repeated . But this time, try one of those focus points. Don't listen to your thoughts, but Onley. Bring your attention to whatever it is that you choose to try. How is it different? Do you feel better on a scale from 1 to 10 where, where you before and after. So if all those things don't really work for you, the next two would be the simplest that number four. Just accepting how it is. It's the simple things, allowing yourself to be where you're at right now, meaning your skill or lack off skill as you perceive it. Allow it. Get a bit more space between you and how things are. Just watch it from a distance. Everything's OK, even if it's not coming back. After this change of perception, you might find that it's easier now and that you now can access into the self to state. Also, a simple is number five bring awareness to it. If there is a particular problem like you never get the high notes or you don't like the broad doing your voice or you feel you're always too quiet. Just try and bring your awareness to that particular problem while it's happening. Don't just think about it afterwards and beat yourself up. Allow a neutral perception off it because chances are you have never really done it before and see what happens. Don't expect miracles, but just perceive what happens when you bring awareness to particular problem. Oh, and have the next one. It's number six. Stop trying. You know, the harder we tried and more confused things become. Why is it that we sound perfectly well in the practice room but assume s other people? Listen, we we fail. We can't make a sound. That's a least how I experienced it for quite a while. Of course, they're different reasons, but one of them, for sure, is because we try too hard suddenly remind what I'll people think and try to be good. We're not relaxed when we're trying an anxious and 1st 8 frustrated way we re tends up. We tighten up on the source off. All that is out. We doubt our own abilities. If we were sure about ourselves and our ability to perform, we wouldn't need to try You also don't try to pick up a piece of paper. You know you can do it. So we need to keep cellphone occupied to not let it out us in those situations and really access to power. Self too last but certainly not pleased is number seven. Permission to fail leads to success. This goes hand in hand with what I just talked about in order to be more relaxed and I try so hard, give yourself permission to fail. There's always second chance. So don't be too afraid about the 1st 1 especially when you're just practicing something while I try and do this bad as you can give yourself permission to make us many mistakes as you want. Do it as if you had the explicit prompt to fail. Say, this time I really let myself make all the mistakes. Imagine you were in the shower or in the car and just look what happens. Let me share with you how one student in the book experienced it, she said. When I tried to succeed, I failed when I'm given permission to fail as succeed even when I tried to fail. I can't do that. It seems that if I tried all it, it doesn't work. Why is that? So it's simple. It's because you have released yourself off the fear of failure and are able to focus your attention 100% on the music. Okay, to wrap this up, let me give you one last example when you're in the movies and person next to you starts talking about the characters and how he thinks the scene might end. That's pretty annoying, right, because you have to listen and Mr Part and you can't get it back in the same way when we were listening to a concert and are only really thinking about the quality of the performer , we Mr music and when you sing and simultaneously chat yourself, the quality and fun suffers by that extend. You listen to talk in your head, so I know this was a lot, but really it comes back down to just one thing awareness. I suggest you grab the download sheet now and just try one. A tree exercises that spoke to you and see how it works. Because as long as it just stays information in your head, you won't see any results. So do it right now before we move on to the bodily part of the equation. Hope to see you then. 4. YOUR BODY: awesome that you've made it so far in this part. We're gonna talk about the importance of your body and ways of getting rid off muscle tension. We will also finds the most important spot in your whole body to gain ultimate control over your whole coordination. So, as we've discussed, the most important things go down in your head. However, body and mind go together. So all those negative spots and motions end up as tensions in the body. You might not be aware of it, but it is there, and it affect your voice. So of course, the best thing would be to get rid off the origin off these things, which is the lack off awareness of your own thoughts. But how to get rid off the tension that's already stored in your body and how to get back to freedom of voice. This is what we're gonna explore now. Of course, the most obvious thing to do would be to loosen up your body like jumping, shaking, stretching, breathing, anything that gets rid off metal tensions. That's also one of the first things you learn in any singing lessons. And for good reason, because it's the quickest and easiest way to loosen and free up the body. However, it does act more like a quick fix, but implementing it in a daily routine would be a great first move, taking a step further and gets to know your own body. Most people are quite disconnected from feeling themselves, so there's many things you can do. You can find a sport that you like. This could be yoga or dance classes, running or walking or even just working out from home. You can book yourself a few massages. This is a very effective way to get rid off deep and chronic tensions. You may also consider seeing a physiotherapist forgetting a spine and feet and stuffed checked. Most people have some sort of imbalance without knowing, and they're often are easy ways to fix it. Learn to feel your inner body. This is awesome because it's awareness and body training. At once, I cut Tola, a well known spiritual teacher, is the one to thank for that exercise. So just google it or find it on the exercise sheet. But basically it's just feeling your whole body from within. Next up, we're getting into something called the Alexander technique. Maybe you've heard of it before. It's an awesome body awareness training. Have a great research for that as well. So if you want to learn more, go and check out the resource list. But for now, I'm going to share the most important things of it with you. Start by standing in front of a mirror while you sing or speak and see if you can spot your habits. Most people have some sort off movement they tend to do that interferes with the natural flow off things. For example, mine was always tightening one hand really stiff. Whenever I sang, others would be leaning the head on one side a bit or four words or back. You can also see if your choice relaxed. Do you always put all your weight on one foot on one side? Are you standing upright or do you have a bad posture? Easier weight spread evenly upon your feet. And are you standing properly in both of them? You know, just stuff like that. You will find all of those things on your exercise. Ch'tis Well, and speaking of which, I forgot to mention that I also want to invite you to create a class project and share all your findings with me. You know, it's always good to be held accountable, and I will for sure get back to you when you share your cost project. So why is it even important to find those habits? Well, as soon as you get aware of them, you can change it, and it might just be a small thing. But don't underestimate the limiting effect it can have on your body, which ultimately is your instrument. The sound of your voice is to resonate in it, but if there's tension, it can't do that. It's like with the glass. When you want to do that, you have to hold it. They're because as soon as you put your fingers somewhere on the glass, it can't bring. It can't shine. And this brings us to the fundamental understanding of the Alexander technique, which is that your instrument is all of you. It's your body, your mind, your spirit, your voice. It's all connected into one hole. You can't change one thing without it having an effect on everything else. This can both be applied to negative and positive influences. If your feet aren't standing or right. This might ultimately result in a waste problem like in Alexandra's case founder off this technique. Or if you solve one physical problem like a bad posture, you all. You might also be able to finally get rid of an emotional attachment you've had for a long time. So this is about understanding that everything in us works together and can be isolated in part. Plateau said something about this, He said. The cure off the parts should never be attempted without treatment off the whole. So, in other words, don't just get rid of symptoms, find the root and cure debt. If I may say this, the ultimate root problem off everything really is the lack off awareness and that we don't really know who we are. So if you just find out this, you've basically solved it all. I'm aware that this might not be appealing or the way for every everybody right now, but still, I had to say it. So what Alexander found out is that there's one point in the body that coordinates the whole system. It's about the relationship between head and spine. He called it the primary control. So when the head pulls down our body orders pressure in this area. It throws the alignment off the whole body out of function. So this is a really important point to look it. You could possibly free up your voice in just a matter of a few minutes. Start by finding the balance point off your head on your spine. It's probably further backed, and you'd expect it. It's inside your head in between your ear lobes at the level off your cheekbones. This is where old balance takes place. If there's a natural movement or pressure, you interfere with bodies naturally sign, which in turn can cause all kinds of problems. So now that you know where it is, trying to feel it internally, be aware of it and immediately you gain more freedom and then try this. Scrunch your head down into your body and make it really stiff and then try to sing or speak phrase. Then freed from this tension, let it move up just natural and free, then speak and sing again. I notice a difference. The whole body alliance itself from that point downwards. So from now on, always keep this point in mind. and let your head moves likely upward. I mean, not like this. Not in an unnatural way, but also not like this, as we tend to do when we don't pay attention. So always and especially if you do some sort of body movement, like sports or singing free up your head, take out the pressure and by that can ultimate control over your whole system like this. Everything else naturally isn't ease balanced and free as well. And it will quickly become automatic if you remind yourself off it a few times during the day. You know what I found out instead? For some reason, whenever I become aware of myself as off myself to automatically my posture corrects itself . So I don't know exactly why this is. But I suggest that you combine those two things as well because you are already training yourself to new have it anyway, So you might as well just throw those two together. So whenever you focus themselves to also let you had move up and wise versa well, uh, there you have it. The perfect recipe for free voice and a freedom life. Let me end this with a quote from Marjorie Bar stuff who? Waas, a master teacher. Off the Alexander technique, she said, The longer I teach, the more I realize how very simple Alexander's work actually is. Its simplicity and sudden illness seems almost beyond comprehension. Strangely, the learning process seems to go on forever. There's nothing to get. There's only something to lose. You're all trying to do something that something is your habit. All I want is to show you a little bit of nothing. I wonder what would happen if ever so delicately, you let your whole had moved ever so slightly away from your body and immediately let your whole body follow up. It's not a position. Can you leave yourself alone? So I really, really loved it cold, because I feel that this is not just about your body. This is really how we should go about our lives. It's It's about self, too, so thank yourself. What, Drinking in all that information. Don't forget to download your exercise sheet and share it in your class project 5. Outro: thank you so much for listening. So far, you're almost done and you're doing great. We have discovered what's the difference between 71 and two and why it's so important to be himself to and seven ways to do that. Then we took a look at our body and how to spot and get rid of tensions. We discovered the Alexander technique and learned how the primary control governs all movement in the whole body. Now I just want to add a few closing notes on self confidence. The most important thing is stay true to yourself. Find your true self. Everything else will follow and fall in place. When you know who you are, you're naturally stronger. Insecurity really only comes from the mind from self one. There is a way to just observe those thoughts and don't identify and follow them. Because true confidence comes from having your own mind on the control and staying as self , too. It has less to do with other people, like your peers and neighbors or your teacher and audience or even a Suri. It's really all about how you are within your own self. Being natural is the best thing you can do in any situation because you know people on a ground instinct. If level all function the same way, we all respond to someone who's authentic, open and true. That's when you communicate in a powerful way when you reach the listener and get attention . Your voice even has a healing effect on yourself and others. When it is imbued with truth with the power that comes from live in, that's the best. I took a very interesting class at Union, where we talked about the fear off public performances, and the teacher said that it really all comes down to fear of being charged, which is deeply rooted in our family lives. How we related to our family as a child tells us a lot about how we are afraid of being judged later on. Do we always need to prove your good or not good? Are we afraid of outshining others or feel were never good enough? Basically, it all comes down to we all want to feel laughed and accepted by others. However, these fears and needs really have to go on stage. That's not the right place for those kinds of things because they hinder you to express yourself. Now there's many ways to working that. But for now I want to tell you that just forget about yourself. That's the fastest way to get rid of all that stuff. Like Forget about your edu Bia's neutral and impersonal as you can be like that, all your worries will just fade away because really you have the gift of your waist to share, and that should be your main focus and nothing else. One other thing. Generally, they're up people who have less energy and more relaxed now when they have the performance and go on stage to get this boost of energy and perform better than anytime else. And then there's those kinds of people who, when practicing already give 100%. They have more energy, and when they have a gig and get disposed of adrenaline day before, weaker because it's basically too much. So it's all about balancing out your energy levels during the day. You want to find it gold medal. The easiest way to do this is sports and breathing exercises to either increase energy or reduce stress. If you find that you have too much anxiety and stress before any kind of we went. The quickest fix is really to breathe. Written in Kailua four seconds in six seconds out you force your breath to slow down and the body has to follow. This really works. You know, the best performance ever where I could show and express my full potential waas when I did this before the entrance. However, this has only been a short summary now because we have running out of time here. But I want to leave you with these nuggets of wisdom. When thoughts don't have power over you anymore, you're free. Free to express yourself and forget about yourself. What's going on around you don't think about past or future? I don't think it all just where Be there overall, spontaneous always wins. No matter if you're singing or speaking or expressing yourself in any other way, when you are spontaneous, you are always appropriate to the moment and to the situation you're in. However, this is only so if you come for himself too, where you have access to this universe off knowledge and information and without the thoughts interfering, you will always have the best and truest results. You win. Thank you so much for listening. You are awesome. Now I really would like to get to know us. Well, create your class project and share your attorney What exercises you did and what he discovered about your waist today. What's your biggest fear or frustration in this area? And did anything you learned today? Help. You know that without taking action, everything will remain as it is. So go and do it. Least one thing right now I'm looking forward to reading from you. Thanks again. And lots of love, Maria.