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How To Fall In Love With Etsy SEO - Nerdy But Fun Etsy SEO

teacher avatar Tara Jacobsen, Nerdy but fun marketing tips & tricks!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Just A Quick Bit About Me


    • 3.

      How Search Engines Work (What The Heck Are Algorithms?)


    • 4.

      Make Sure You Get The Worksheet


    • 5.

      Figuring Out The Trends - What Keywords Might They Be Using In The Real World?


    • 6.

      Amazon and Ebay... An Amazing Source of Selling Keywords!


    • 7.

      I'm A Total Etsy Fangirl... How They Help Us Find Keywords That Are Poplar On Etsy Now!


    • 8.

      Three Tools I Couldn't Live WIthout


    • 9.

      Why You Will Never Have To Worry About Etsy Updates Again


    • 10.

      BONUS - Behind The Scenes


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About This Class

Doing Etsy SEO can sometimes seem like performing black magic instead of just doing a business function. If you have ever banged your head on the desk or screamed silently while loading a listing, this class is for you!

You will learn how to understand Etsy SEO, find profitable keywords and finally start getting found in search!

This class includes a handy-dandy worksheet that will help to walk you through the steps to find your best keywords for your Etsy SEO efforts!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tara Jacobsen

Nerdy but fun marketing tips & tricks!


If you are looking for amazing marketing speaker with a wealth of marketing knowledge and a great attitude, you have picked the right gal. Tara is a sought after marketing presenter known for her "tell it like it is style" and giving 100 miles-an-hour presentations that will keep you engaged and taking notes the entire time. No boring old rehashed marketing ideas from years past, Tara is actively working with entrepreneur, Etsy, real estate agent and writer clients on a day-to-day basis, implementing the latest cutting edge marketing tactics that work today. She will give you concrete strategies that can be implemented immediately!

Tara is the founder of Marketing Artfully, a seventeen year old marketing company that creates cutting edge marketing strategies for small businesses.... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Sarah Jacobson marketing artfully. I am so excited that we're gonna be talking today about at CSCO because it's one of my favorite things to talk about for a couple reasons. It helps your shops get found better. It helps you rank in the right search terms, cause you could rank perfectly for the wrong search terms and still wind up with no sales, right and last. But not least, if you know this solid skill, you will be able Teoh. Just easily. Sit down, start your listings. Do those get a good idea for what your target keywords are, how to do your tags and all the things we have to do while we're doing our etc. Work. I'm good. Cover three things in this nerdy first how search engines work in general because I think one of the things that is such a mystery to so many Etsy sellers is functionally how it works. So it seems like everything is black magic or voodoo, and you go on the board, go on your Facebook and people have a trick or or something like that. Well, I have no tricks. I just know how search engines work and you will, too. After this class, The next thing that we're going to talk about is how to functionally find keywords that are going to help you rank for the search terms that you want your shop to rank for. And last but not least, we're gonna talk about how to do this in a systematic way so that every time etc. Changes. And this is a, uh, little secret they're going to change again. You'll be ready for it. You won't have to keep scrambling all the time, so hope you come join the course. I try to keep it really, really simple. It's gonna be a combination of these talky talk videos as well as some on screen. I know we said spend most of our time in front of the computer, but I do want to be able to show you exactly how to do things. And I'll try to keep it short because this should be something you learn quickly and not have to take, you know, a college level course to get and understand. So hope you take the course. Talk to you soon. Carry Jacobson marketing our fleet 2. Just A Quick Bit About Me: Terry get upset and marketing artfully. So I wanted to take one minute and tell you a little bit about why I started my Etsy store and let you know what my credentials are, because I think that's super important. If you're gonna listen to somebody, make sure they know what they're doing. Oh, I have two XY stores. One is so glamorously vintage, which has vintage products in it, and it's a newer store and my 2nd 1 is paper Lee People. I've had that since 2000 and 15. I have, I think, close to 1500 sales on it, and it is definitely more of a part time gig than a full time gig. So it's amazing how easy it is to sell on Etsy. They have the buyers for us already, and as long as we're presenting our items in the correct way, we will be able to get found in search, and we will be able to make money. If it's your full time business, that's awesome. I really respect the the men and women who are doing this full time. If it's a part time gig or you're trying to work your way out to where it's a full time gig . All the tips in here will help you do that so I can't wait to get going. Carrie Jacobson marketing our plea. Oh, and just a quick word about the animals. There's a good chance you'll see a fluffy dog, a beagle, a motley cat or a fluffy cat. Thank goodness the lizard doesn't look her in the house in these videos. They like when I talk and they come over. And if you're selling etc. Physical goods and have pets, you know how often they get interested in our work. So I edit out any time that they caused a ruckus, but if they're just roaming around, I leave him in. 3. How Search Engines Work (What The Heck Are Algorithms?): Terry dig up sand marketing artfully. So now let's talk about search engines. Because I think one of the things that that is such a mystery to so many Etsy sellers is how does their keywords work? How do the other keywords work, how to search engines, work and etc? Search engine is based on computers and works. That's how every search engine work. So what they're saying is we're gonna take a key word and we're going to make sure that if somebody searches for that keyword, they find what they want. But think about it. There are so many ways to put a set of keywords together. So when I lived in Colorado, I was always looking for hats, right, like woolly hats. And then I would do those hat band and thank the Lord. Now they have messy bun hats, which is where you can stick your ponytail at the top of it, and you could say messy bun hat. You could say Messi hat. You could say knitted Mezey cap. You could say bun cap knitted bun, Capt. Patrick Crowe shade bun cap. There are a lot of different ways to do that. Now we get so many characters in our title, and so first thing, use all of them are as many as you can if I have 45 at the end, I don't try to make up a word to get that to the very end of the amount I can use. But I try to use as many as I can. And then we also want to think about your tags because one of the things that they that etc itself has said, is that if you have your tags in the exact same order as you have them in your title, So if you have messy bun hat, put mess, even hat in your tags exactly that way. So how does that to use those keywords while they have what's called an algorithm and an algorithm means that computer programmers have sat down in a room and said, This is how we're going to rank the different listings and etc. And the one that we can control is how we do our titles and text. Now there's other ones that we can sort of control and ones we can't control it all. So recency is another etc item that they look at and Recency means that you have renewed that listing in the near nearer past. So that's one of the things. So a lot of people will say, Go ahead and renew your listings Do all that. I don't always agree with that. In my shops that have static listings like that don't renew constantly. I renew at least one every day in my vintage shop, where I'm constantly putting new products in and things were getting sold. I just list products, right. I don't need to renew its not the act of renewing that does it. It's the recency of that renewal or that addition of a listing. Another thing that's important in their search engine is the conversion rate. And what conversion rate means is that if somebody comes to your listing and they see it and they leave, that's bad, right? There was no conversion. Nothing happened because of that visit. Another thing that could happen is somebody could favorite it and save it for later, and that is a good thing, right? They could always come back. They're going to see your shop updates. Lots of the things happen within etc. For that, but it does count as a conversion, and then in the algorithm, it probably has some weight. Nobody knows exactly what happens, but we can make some pretty good guesses. Last but not least, they could purchase. So that's the perfect conversion, right? They came to your shop, they saw your listing they bought. And what is very clear when you look at how etc Raikes things is that having lots of views with no conversions is bad. And when I talked about, you could rank well for key words that don't matter. But it's not a good thing. This is what I'm talking about. Let's go back to our messy bun hat lead. So say she sees on a message board that stocking caps are the thing. And she's like, OK, I'm gonna I'm gonna do all my listings for stocking caps and then come to find out that stocking caps don't have a hole in the top right? Or their men stocking caps. They're not man bun stocking caps there. Men's caps. She could get a lot of views. She could change her picture, so it's not so obvious that hair pulls out of the top. But she won't get sales because that conversion won't happen. Nobody will buy those. We want to make sure as we go through this and I'm gonna show you how to do these things, how to do this research To make sure that your listings air done correctly. You're going to make sure that you are targeting the exact keywords that a buyer of that product would want to see. So that's the nerdy part. That's the worst part. There's no math. I'm in marketing, but that will show you how to go ahead and start to do your Etsy CEO and help you understand it a little bit, cause that's kind of confusing. Terror Jacobson marketing artfully. 4. Make Sure You Get The Worksheet: So one of the class projects for this course is a worksheet. And what you're gonna do is you want to go, gonna make sure you go to the class project section and download that PdF And what I've done is I've set out each area that we're gonna be talking about things to research keywords to look for, and you're going to start making notes about your keywords and you're going to do this on a listing basis. So as you see the worksheet, you'll see that it's for each listing. Now, if you're a handmade cellar, that's really easy, right? So you're gonna have a necklace you're gonna dio all those necklace keywords. You may have different styles or different kinds of necklaces that you would do each different kind. If you are selling digital products also pretty easy. Now, if you're a vintage seller, what I tend to do is I find tend to find the high level keywords. So you may say brass candlesticks. And then you may have all the different kinds of styles traditional Edwardian, modern art deco, anything like that. So it's all gonna be about the items that you have in your shops who go ahead and download that right now and print it out and then get back to the class because we're gonna be talking about things that are gonna be able to You can fill it in, carry Jacobson marketing artfully. 5. Figuring Out The Trends - What Keywords Might They Be Using In The Real World?: the first thing I want to talk about in how to figure out which keywords to use is using things that are around you. You probably watch TV. I don't watch much TV. But if you are selling something, you want to start really watching TV to figure out what kind of styles people are aware how they're decorating their homes. If they're certain trends, you could go to trend watch shows. I know there's like, Uh oh, shoot the red carpet one. The fashion police Things like that and you can start to get ideas about fashion. Watch the home shows. See what's hot like right now. Probably date this video, cause next year it'll be different, but coppers hot. So if you're selling vintage or you're selling hit home goods, you can't go wrong with copper. You're gonna want to check other sites. Like Pantone, Pantone has a color of the year, so one year was rose gold, and it hasn't really faded from Rose Gold. One year it was this kind of really fresh green, and what you want to do is it's so cool as Etsy sellers that we can react to trends in ways that other people that that big companies can't. So if they decide, Pantone decides next year that copper, the color copper, is going to be the hot color in your homes on your body, everywhere we can make products or source products or fine products that air that color a lot faster than a big ship like Wal Mart can get their whole line to that color. So that's one of the real benefits that we have. I also love on my iPad. I have an app called texture T e x t u r e. It allows me to see gosh, like 30 magazines. So since I sell vintage, I have Architectural Digest and Country, Home and Coastal Living. If you are selling fashion, you would have all the fashion magazines, all the, um, the rags that like people that show what everybody's wearing and how it goes. There's men's magazines so you can see what's going on there. So it doesn't really baby magazines, kid magazines, brides. I mean, they have everything on there, So if you are and it's ridiculously inexpensive, I think it's $10 a month for every magazine that human beings would want or and This is a trick from my dad. You can go to most farms and nobles that are that have Starbucks grab a cup of Joe and then sit and from something the thumb easy for me to say through the magazines and really start to get a feeling for what's going on in the big, wide world I know is that See Sellers. It's really easy to get stuck in our homes and really start thinking about what we do as being in a bubble. But the more you can get out there and the more that you can create source, get things that people are interested in right now, the more chance you have of selling. For example, I was at a estate sale the other day and there was I only have so much money, right, and there were some amazing copper pieces that were more expensive. And then there were a whole bunch of silver pieces that were cheaper, but I knew that they would not sell as quickly or for as much money. So instead of going with a whole bunch of cheap stuff, I bit the bullet. I spent a little bit more and I actually got those copper pieces. One of them sold already. And then I don't know that I've listed the other ones. So those are things you're gonna wanna look at now, hang in here with me because I'm going to show you some online things that you can do to 6. Amazon and Ebay... An Amazing Source of Selling Keywords!: So now let's get into the nitty gritty of how we're gonna find some good key works, right? Because this is all about finding keywords that you're gonna be able to use to sell your products. So one of the things that I am looking to get in my life are boxes. I have total storage issues. I love buying boxes. So what I might do is I might start with looking up boxes, right? And then I'm going to start to see Oh, these air box, it isn't right. I love boxes I want. And then let's go through here and see how, um, Amazon is categorizing things. So I actually want to get boxes. Decorative Kraft paper might be OK, but I really wanted in, like, home on and who had made. Okay. Okay, cool. So this is awesome. So I would want to start to look here and see what kinds of words people are using. So this is a rustic box. Ah, wedding chest. Right now, all of these won't work for you. I love this box wedding card box. That's very cute. Um, so these are all kind of wedding boxes. I don't want a wedding box I want at Home de Corps box. Let's try that. Ah, here we go. Mason jar Centerpiece. Right. That's handmade. I'm getting a lot of Handmaid's. I think I may be still in that handmade category, which is excellent, because that is kind of where I wanna be. Okay, So what you want to do is Oh, here we go. Rustic planters with box. Okay, that would be a really good box word. Male holder, Male organizer. So that one is really cool Because you're talking about what? The function of a box. This one could also be the function of a box. So let's go to etc. And see what some of these words bring up So rustic. And that was meal holder box, right? Because what you want to start to understand, And there she is that ladies doing really good. But what do you want to understand? That's really cute, too, is that people are trying desperately to find something interesting. Now, see, this is exactly what I would like to have in my office. I love little compartments. I think they did a really good job of doing that. Let's see, Is this a handmade item, limited quality. Large male organizer We'll order today before the best price for the holiday rush. Now, considering it's April, I think I'm good. So you made wanna pop into your listings, especially for top sellers every once in a while. And make sure that it is, um, good. You got the dimensions. I love how this is. Let's see what her pictures are. Think about it. I didn't actually wind up with a box right if I was the shopper. This isn't a box, it is a male holder. But that's the way you want to start. To think about the intent of your buyer is what could your product do now? Another place to look that's really good is eBay. So let's say that we're looking for something cool. Okay, some lights. So I would look up vintage lamps that honestly, doing my searches on eBay gives me a lot of good seed words like like ways to generate keywords that I might be looking at. So piano light, Baker's desk Life Office. Those are all really good words that people are going to be using, um, boudoir lamps, right? So let's go back to SC and see what? Boudoir lamps. Let's copy this because I am not your world's best type. Pissed. And then we would go to boudoir layups and see all these air. Beautiful. That's really nice. Now I don't have food. War lamps, right? I don't. I have a lamp almost exactly like that. So I named mine White hop nail lamp. So maybe I want to think about putting in boudoir as you're doing your s CEO. Yes. You want to do it when you do your listing, But you also want to continue to update that listing, to finesse it, to see if you can find any more keywords that would go with it. 7. I'm A Total Etsy Fangirl... How They Help Us Find Keywords That Are Poplar On Etsy Now!: I just want to start this section out by telling you that I am a total etc fan girl. I have never sold for a company and I sold for all on all different platforms. Over the years I've sold on Amazon e books on Amazon. I've sold on Shopify. I have sold all different kinds of places over the years and the amount of support and the information that etc gives us while sometimes it can seem overwhelming is actually really telling. And so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go through a couple of the ways that they give us information and really show you how you can use that in your shop to help get your keywords ready. And hopefully yours Cross takes more money. The first thing that they send that I really love is this community news and what they'll do is they'll highlight one of the sellers and then they usually have some kind of raw thing, and then they'll tell us about top tips. And there's a lot of good tips in there, but this is what I love. This is Etsy Sellers in the news and they'll find the big stories that have etc. Shops listed in that Max where we're going to start to be able to find some new keywords that we want to rank for. So these air, the three beauty products shops on etc. That you'll wish you know about. But what we want is mermaid inspired highlighter Who knew mermaid highlighter would be a word? Now you probably if you're in skin care, you know, makeup in skin care. But now we have, like, acai berry facial cream mermaid highlighter. Now, do you want to just copy this lady and say, Oh, I'm going to make a mermaid highlighter? No, you want to try to figure out? Is there a way you can work whimsical keywords in? Just so you know, the way the buzzfeed finds shops to target is they need a ton of content and so they're always looking for amazing new products. They're looking for things to feature. My guess is they probably have an affiliate link on there, and they're probably going to make some money for that click through. But that is really, really neat. Here we have lips stained organic bath and beauty Herb crafting. Never heard of that one of figure out if these air actually keywords that people are using insect repellent. Natural insect repo. I know that that's really important because the bug community loves me, and so I use natural bug repellent. Go ahead and try to figure out a couple things. Why they liked these items. And then, if there's any keywords that you confined now another one of the shops that they are another one of the articles that they recommend it waas this one. Men's health so funny that they picked the girl Leah's picture for that men's health article. But it's all about these different things that are selling on Etsy for men. I kind of feel like they should have called it neon light if you're selling two men. A good thing to know is that they like these different words, like men really like bacon. That's a thing. They would feel really good hustle they like. Pigs cause pigs bring bacon. They like sporting. They like shoes. Those are all things that you could start to think about when you're sourcing or making products based on what's really in the universe being very well received. The next thing that etc does is they send out this every day email that's defying. I understand it can start to feel overwhelming when they're sending a monthly newsletter about this and a daily newsletter about that. And I'm not talking about you spending hours a day doing this, but I'm talking about you having a little no pat by your side. And when you see some words, you go ahead and write them down. This is based on what I like. So I'm a little obsessed with Alison Wonderland right now. Those air, your own obsession. So you know what you could do? You could go actually, favorite. Something's in the niches that you're thinking about going into. But then now we want to look at what is going on with the easy home update. This is not a shocker. It's copper. Then you want to kind of take a peek and see what they're talking about. And it always surprises me because it hardly ever feels to me like when I click through to it that what the home essentials are is the same as what they have in the picture. But you want to look at design trend, bring entertaining what colors air. They use their anything that you could home. You know it's spring, so it's home organizing Bar cart for us vintage sellers If we were going to pick up a little, we might call it a side table, but darn well. Call it a bar. Kurt, go into some of year old listings and name these some of these things that people are actually doing to whom gallery fiber are vintage art. Minimalist Start. All those things are things that you can do back, bedroom or dick or those are all things that you can start to look for. Now let's go with these copper mugs because those aren't necessarily vintage. Those could be your regular handmade seller. This is what's really good. This is probably my favorite way for finding really strong keywords and etc. Visit copper jewelry, copper ring muck So copper mug, not copper mud. Let's do this real quick. So we did a search for copper mug and let's take a real quick look. So he got Lyme Slim's live Let's do copper mugs and they moved around. They didn't necessarily go away, but they totally moved around in their order. Simple things like I would go with copper mug early in my listing title and then, yeah, I would have copper mugs at the end or I would have copper months in my tag. But that's what you want to do is you want to, especially if you're thinking about making something new today. You were doing Let's go back to our friends the wedding rings wedding. Okay, so wedding ring sat wedding robes, which we got from the oh reading Ring box Women wedding rings, women his in her dish. So then you start to really look at those and just see what happens. Wedding ring Zip women. That's funny because handsome hands reading rig. What you can do is you can go in and you can look at the people that are ranking the top for wedding rings. Women. So wedding bands, women, wedding rings, women right there. They have this in their title. Now I'm not I and I think people should do whatever they feel like. This person has really squished everything together. There's no spaces between the commas. There's no information, but I would be surprised there's wedding rings, women. So that's where she did. You can kind of Go and see Now I don't copy anybody else's stuff to Now. We want to see other reasons why she could be ranking well, so she's had three, 832 sales. She has quite a few favorites, I guess. Obvious a man. Let's stop calling her Sheikh. He's in Jerusalem those air the ways that you can use the search tool bar up here to really find some neat ideas for your keywords. 8. Three Tools I Couldn't Live WIthout: Kraft count is one of my favorite sites to check. When I'm doing research on new products or different product lines, I might want to get into maybe some category things. I click on this top sellers by category, and then I went to handmade and then candles. And as you can see here, Frost Beard has the most sales ever by eat times, their next competitors our four times their next competitors. So what I would do is if I was making candles, I would not copy them, right. They're doing a really good job, so they would be very hard to copy. But what I would do is I would take a look and see what they're doing. So they kind of it looks like book lovers is a thing that they do. So I candles reading at the cafe. So this is bookstores, old books. So maybe they're selling to. Maybe they're doing wholesale. The bookstores, these air really cute. And so I like wax Tarts. So then you might also want to see what they have their things split up into. And as we go through here. So Sherlock study divination, classroom divination, classrooms Cute. That's for Harry Potter. And that is, it only works if you know Harry Potter, if you don't know Harry Potter than you would be like, OK, and they have not broken that. You know, Harry Potter trademark all of that, so I would have to think that they're okay. They're now the one thing that I think they could do a little bit better is they could merge these keywords so they could have Bibliofind Book book. Clever gift, but clever gift scented tart wax melt. Do they have wax melts? They're soy candle melt, but they don't have those words in that order. So soy wax tarts. So now let's go look and see if they show up. So I wax tarts and they are not trying to keep what kind of both ways. So I don't bore you, but they're not showing up on the front. So, depending on their business model, they may sell mostly wholesale. But it looks like they should be able to rank really highly for that kind of keyword if they were to get a little bit more specific with their titles and their tags. So that's how you can use craft count and then fresh beards. Awesome, because they do have their sales open. Sometimes you'll you'll find a store that has closed their sales and then you just can't click that link. Just go find another store that allows you to see it because we want to see information about things that actually sell, not necessarily what they have listed as there their products. So one of the things that's really fun to check as you start doing your S CEO is where your listings actually rank in search and this would be for a certain keyword and etc. Gadget is really good for doing this. What you do is you put in your shop name so I type this into you wouldn't have to wait while I typed, and then red toolbox and then the number of pages. So now we're gonna hit submit, and it's gonna think for a second about what my listing rank is for that. And a lot of times when I'm going to make some changes to a a key word or to try to take over a key word. But one of the things that I try to do is before I really start to try toe, take over a key word. I want to know where I rank currently, so I would definitely do this search to see where I met, not the search red toolbox on the 1st 5 pages of etc. One of my products was found there, and these were the tags that I'm currently using. And here's the best tags. So that's really excellent. And I'm positioned five on page one. That's very good. What you could do with this is actually, So let's go back to at sea and let's look for those Frost Beard saying we were going to try to do a little research on them. We would come here, we would put their shop name in and we would see how they ranked for soy wax melt. So we're sort of trying to just reverse engineer how somebody did in their rankings, especially if we figure out that they're doing well now. Could you do all of this in Etc. Absolutely, You could do soy wax melts, search, right, so I wax, melts and then do a search and then just go down through him and just look for it. So especially when you're doing yours or you're doing a lot of this kind of research. Having a little too like this does help, so they have no products, so they have not used that search term at least to rank in the 1st 5 pages of etc. At all. Now this is where it's really cool. So here's a bunch of different keywords that they that you can use in trying to find out how to rank higher for your search terms or what search terms air possible. Now I will say that this data and I'm going to show you a more tool. But this data shows how many times the Etsy sellers have used that in their listing. This isn't necessarily based on the number of sales from those key work. Okay, it's very important to know the difference, and it doesn't mean that it's right or wrong. You just need to know that that is something that is going on. I will hear a lot of people say, Well, it doesn't matter what the sellers are using, and I do think that there's a little bit of validity to that, but you have to start somewhere and then you start finessing your keywords. This is Marma lead and I would not want to do, etc. Without it I promoted on my website. I tell every Etsy seller I've ever met about it. It's an amazing tool that does have a free version that you can use to track your keywords . Find new keywords, find new tags. Okay, so let's go. Let's say with our chandelier crystals, if I could type, I would be unstoppable. And what they do is they go out and they search the topless things for chandelier crystals . I believe it was set up to do the 500 listings. So what they're saying is the engagement for that keyword is very low. The competition is very low and the risk of a category pages high. That means that lamp parts is going to kind of show up. Oh, it was the top 100 listings, and there are 100 and 30 total results out of the 100 pages analyzed and 78 shops competing . And so we'll start to see this is what it's what it's looking like. And this is actually another one of my listings. I spell it right. Chand can every year. Okay, so I spelled it wrong, but now I know one of my one of my key words is spelled wrong. So if I want that other one to rank, I probably need to go in and check and make sure it's not there. So here's the right search, right? We've seen this before, but it shows up and and shows us exactly how much it iss. The thing I love is the price spread. So when I'm getting ready to price my products, I would say the ones up here, I promise you are more than one Chandler crystal. These are the shops that have them. So the nice thing about it is you can click on that and go right to it. And look, you don't have to keep going back and forth and back. And for this is what I use the most. So these air, the other words, just like we saw over here, right? These these tags, I find this way to be so much easier to figure it out, and it shows you kind of how maney they've used. And then this is where I find it amazing what the average rank is, how maney favorites per week. How many views per week on each item? How many people are people are favoring it? So if we were to look at this so chandelier prisms, which is one of the key words I use lower favorites per week than chandelier crystals. It has, ah, higher view parade. Um, so not all of the people are using that keyword, But that keyword is actually pretty good, and the average price is a little bit lower. So I wouldn't you know, I would think that that's probably some suppliers. There's probably something going on there, so that's really neat. Now this storm feature is super cool. This is my favorite search I ever did. So I'm from Pennsylvania and we call those things around your light switches, switch plate covers. And I was sitting there one day and I was like, What else would you call it? Of course it's a switch plate. Cover will come to find out so birch trees isn't right. Great mates gives the right coastal necklace. Nope. No, no light switch. Okay, light, switch, cover. Holy sh Nikki's. There are other words for it. And then once you do a little more deeper research. I will tell you that light switch cover is used a lot more than switchblade cover is. And so I have sold. I don't have a ton of them in my store right now because I've sold out of them. But I have sold 20 or 30 light switch covers. Where if I had been using my own words, I would have sold considerably less because the search volume for switch plate covers is so much lower than it is for light switch covers. You can do comparisons if you're out here, we go switch plate covers and then light switch covers, and we'll just get that going. So this is a really good tool if you're trying to do that exact thing, Okay, this is what I think. So the results are higher. They analyzed 100. The price is considerably more. The faves is more. The views is more so all around, I would have really been shooting myself in the foot by using switch plate covers very low , like nobody searches for it. So this is really where you can long term track the number of shops competing with me on vintage storage. The average price it's going down a little bit the average use per week. Now, this got really high, and I would try to figure out what the heck happened. Um, Okay, So Buzzfeed had a huge story, or Martha Stewart in her magazine did something that's always so interesting to look. So I love that. And then this last one is so cool. It takes the items in your shop and gives them a ranking. Okay, so let's look for my switch plate cover. Can we see it? I only have a couple of them left. You may not be easy to find. All right, let's look at a good one. So I tend to do really well sometimes. So this heavy silver loath plan. So if they would like me to renew it again relatively quickly, that is one of it. They'd like me to have a few more sentences. I'm a little iffy on the words. It gets really dark green when it's on the words. And then vintage kitchen is really good, but the Silver loaf pan isn't really that strong, a keyword and so you can go through. So as you go through him, you're gonna find ones that and they do by color. So you can really just smack yourself in the face and be able to see this is a really old listing. Maybe because it's not good and find Silver Plate Bell, silver plate, great tone. So I really It was back when I was starting and I was putting more descriptive words in it , and I will probably clean this up before Christmas. I don't sell a whole ton of my bells, really any other time of the year. But that has something that I could really clean up and they will tell me. Okay, vintage decor. They'll give me vintage Christmas. They'll show me some of the things that could have could be much better on it. And the first time you pulled this up, I promise you, if you have a lot of listings, you'll be like, Oh, and then what happens is you'll get better and better at it, right? You'll get So this is when I just did. I didn't have a lot of the tags in the title because this is gonna sell. I've already had a ton of favorites on it, and it's back. I find out strike is very easy to sell, but that will let you look through him and see it. So that's Marma lead. I'll make sure to put a link to the description of what I what I did, how it took one of my paper Lee people listings. I went from like number 84 to the first page in in one change of the keywords. So I'm Muchas I'm a fan girl of etc. I'm a fan girl Mom Marma lead So hopefully that helps. 9. Why You Will Never Have To Worry About Etsy Updates Again: last but not least, I want to talk to you about why you shouldn't be sad and it is so hard for me to watch. And it's heartbreaking to watch the people, the sellers on the forums on the Facebook pages who hear that there's a change to the algorithm and you can hear the tears in their voice their like Oh my gosh, I just got this figured out. I did all this work and now everything is changing again. So one of the things I want to assure you is because we're not using strategies and tactics , right? We're not. We're not doing anything creepy. Were just using good solid S CEO at CSCO Strategies. We're not going to get hit as much by those little changes. For example, they just change the attributes, and I get I have. I have 350 items in my vintage store, and I was like seriously, but I sat my butt down and I did it while the kids were watching TV over a few nights and it was a pain in the ass, and I thought, Gosh, this is terrible, but if it helps in search, then I'm fine with it, and I didn't have to do it in two nights. I could do it over time or I could pick my top keywords. Or I could pick my top sellers. I could pick whichever listing sell the most. I could pick the popular things like copper and go through and fix those ones and then save the rest for later. So whenever there's a change, please make your first thought. Which is mine is Oh, good. I'm gonna figure this out and I'm gonna succeed with it and get it all done before anybody else figures about that gives you a really unfair advantage while everybody else is spending their 10 time on Facebook moaning and groaning. You could be getting in there and doing the work and I think a little bit of this. Um then, like place I've come. Teoh is from Google, right? I've been working with Google for 17 years and they have changed everything over and over and over again. At one time, links were good. The Onley thing at one time you could copy your article a 1,000,000 times and that was better than having one good article. There was a period of time where 300 word articles were better than 700 word articles. And it's just all about the algorithms, right? And we talked about that at the very beginning. What etc. Is trying to do, and what their only goal is, is to make the buyer's happy. And to do that, they need to make sure that the search items that come up are what the buyers want to buy. That goes back to our commercial intent. So all of this is coming together now, and what you need to do is make sure that you are using solid at CSCO practices, that you have thought them out, that you've targeted the correct key words that you are updating your shop, that you are renewing listings. If you don't have different kinds of listings going up all the time and you'll do great, I promise. And what I want to do is if you put a link to your shop in the projects and let me know one listing, or if you'd like me to take a quick peek at your shop, I'll be more than happy to. But I'd love for you to put a listing in that you think is either amazing. Yea or is I don't know what to do with this thing, and I'll be more than happy to take a peek and give you some ideas of how you could fix that. So go ahead in the bottom in the projects. Ah, show me one of your listings. You can either do a screen capture of it or if that's kind of a pain, just put a link to that listing. Even if it doesn't show up as an HTML link, I'll be more than happy to just copy and paste. And I've really enjoyed talking to you If you think that this video was helpful or if if you think it would be helpful to other Etsy sellers, I would so appreciate if you would leave a review. It's one of the algorithms that skill share uses to help rank videos. And so doing that one little thing for me, I know it's a big ass because it's kind of a pain to do, but I would so appreciate it, and it'll let me make more videos that could help you. So last time. Sarah Jacobson, marketing artfully 10. BONUS - Behind The Scenes : So we've talked a lot about how to find keywords, and it's really easy to think. OK, that's all well and good, but I really want to see some behind the scenes how this really works in practice. So what I did was I went ahead and did a search for chandelier crystals. And this is on Etsy itself and there's 31,000 results. And these air my chandelier crystals, large chandelier crystals. Now, one of the reasons why they show up on that first pages cause I've s CEO them for chandelier crystals and also because they have a good conversion, right? I get a lot of use and I get a lot of people who buy them. And so there's a lot of really good things happening with those chandelier crystals. I had bought a huge bowl of them and they all match and so it was really cool. I also had some littler ones that actually ranked better. I was sad when they also, but these ones kind of slid into its place. But this is where it gets kind of good. So this is on Google chandelier crystals. Now, if you go to the all they're not really there, right? This is mine, right? Ah, I don't really see it. You might find chandelier prisms. You're going to do that. But most people who are shopping, we'll click on the shopping tab and then the thing about etc. One of the reasons why I'm such a fan girl is this one's etc. This one's at sea, that one's etc. And then this is mine. And the way that I know that it's it's such a good keyword is I wanted to take you behind the scenes in my shop and I did a search for my shop stats. And here is my shop stats for this year. Chandelier crystals, air getting 172 views. Right now, let's look at Google shopping and what you can do is you can click in here and you can see 351 times Google has sent people to these shop crystals, so that's really, really cool. Now why do they rank the way they dio? Right? So chandelier crystals air very near the front of this. I also have vintage chandelier crystals, right? I'm not spamming it. I don't have it. 1000 times, but I do have it where it's appropriate. Teardrop crystals is they're all the other names that people dio Ah, for those items, I used vintage chandelier crystals in my materials. Now I have started and of course I don't have it on here. I'll show you another listing before we go how I've started doing it. But one of the things that you need to remember is that in the mobile search, this is all that they see. They have to click another button. So when somebody asks you what you think is a stupid question like, can you tell me the dimensions? And you're like, Oh, my gosh, the dimensions air right in the details. They don't really see the dimension. So I've started putting them right here in this area in the materials area. I know it's not exactly a materials, and then I have chandeliers, pendants and lights. That's the category, right? So I have it in the correct category, and then I have chandelier crystals here. I can't do vented chandelier crystals cause it's too all but I have vintage crystals and things like that. So that's how you get it to rank. Using your keywords in an actual listing. And then this is where I think I did it last night, almost 10 inches long. So what I've started doing is in those materials. If there's any question about what the size of something is, I just did it again over here. Ah, Now the attributes are putting it in there, which is glorious. So I guess I could take this up. But I did want to say the whole size is 13 by eight. Um, I do love those attributes. I think that they're really gonna help people with shopping with being able to find things with us, getting fewer questions. But that is a little peek behind the scenes in the one of my most favorite products that I sell. Terry Jacobson Marketing Art Fleet.